Celebrity Big Brother: Ross Prepares Backdoor Plans In Round 2

Ross Mathews on Big Brother Celebrity edition

Nothing like a good blindside on Big Brother and after the last round’s fun of shaking up the vote we could be looking at another opportunity to surprise someone here on Celebrity Big Brother.

We’ve got a new Head of Household as Ross took control overnight Friday and while nominations were in the works we saw him developing a plan that would shift from the original obvious target of Omarosa. Instead of going for the expected eviction Ross had an idea that maybe it was time to evict a bigger threat: Shannon.

Actually, it looks like Brandi and Ari had the idea (Flashback 1:25PM BBT Saturday – hat tip @bigbrothrgossip) and passed it along to Ross. Then, talking with Marissa yesterday we saw Ross continue to develop a plan that would send Shannon out the backdoor given the chance. Ross would still go with nominating Omarosa and ally Keshia, but if either came down then he’d go for Shannon while she was vulnerable.

By the end of the night, Omarosa and Keshia were sent to the Block with this potential Backdoor there but unannounced in case they needed to pull the plug. No need to alert Shannon to their ideas.

Today the talks resurfaced and this time Ross was telling Marissa it just wasn’t the right time. Flashback to 12:40PM BBT. They’re alone in the LA bedroom agreeing that maybe they better not go after Shannon just yet. Hold that thought. In walks Mark and talks spin up to the idea of maybe they should take this chance to go after a bigger target than Omarosa. Well guess who love this idea? Mark, Mark, and Mark. He’s fully on board. Of course, that was also after Mark offered himself as a pawn in case someone came down, so yeah, BD’ing Shannon would obviously be way more appealing than having to go up as a pawn.

So now the three of them are all in agreement. Ross tells Mark and Marissa that if this can be done quickly and quietly he’ll go for it. Considering we’re expecting Veto and Eviction all in one swift event on Monday night that would be the situation Ross hopes to have.

Ross soon went upstairs (Flashback to 12:55 PM BBT) and let Brandi know that Mark was on board with the idea of targeting Shannon for a backdoor. Their concern now is if Mark will open his mouth to James. Both agree that they can’t leave Mark and James alone in a room for the next few days.

Alright, so there we have it. Ross is considering getting rid of Shannon with a Backdoor move this week. Veto is still coming up and HGs were told to prepare for drawing players this afternoon, but that still hasn’t happened yet so we don’t even know if Shannon would be playing or not. Julie Chen mentioned the Veto would play out live on Monday, but that could just be the Veto Ceremony portion, we don’t know for sure. Either way, we’ll be ready to see if this is even still a possibility or if Shannon will get to play and pull off another spectacular Veto victory.

What do you think of this plan? Is it a big mistake by Ross to go after Shannon or is this the chance he needs to take if the stars align? Share your thoughts!


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  1. How ironic it would be if Shannon doesn’t try to win veto this time when she might actually need it (thinking winning it might put a target on her), like she did the last time when she didn’t need it, and then gets evicted. Classic BB. I find it hard to believe she won’t catch wind of the potential plan in the making, though. Someone will blab. It happens ALMOST every time. Morosea would be shocked, yet again, like she was when Chuck went home. I like it when she is kept out of the loop. She thinks it’s because she’s black, but in reality, it’s because she’s wack…and morose.

      • The house turn on the 2 of them because obviously they had a different game plan then the rest of the alliance. So everyone sees it and turn the table to their benefit.

        The “drunk” like you said, is not making side alliance, why would they turn on her? The more she’s a fool, the less she’s a threat.

      • Shannon let Ross get into her head. Keisha and Omarosa had Shannon’s back when it came to the bags and they all made a plan and followed it. The group chose to shut the two of them out. THEY aren’t seen as trustworthy.

      • Sorry, I disagree. When they attack Shannon about the veto, she couldn’t say anything. As well, they make it a big deal that it was a group decision, it wasn’t, everyone was scared to talk after Ross was shut up.

        Keisha did as she wanted with the nominations after she opened her bag and didnt respected “the group” decision. Shannon was right to do what she wanted. Ross just open her eyes, he did not get to her head.

      • Let’s talk about Omarose game. Do you think her attitude, and the way she talks to people is good for her game? She already sucks on competition. How is she gonna go far in this game?

    • I agree with you, shannon should try to not win the veto competition and then she will go up as a replacement nommanie and she will be sent home

      • I love BB for reasons just like that scenario. When production starts their obvious interference, that’s when I dislike BB. Production needs to keep their nose in place and their mouths shut and let the game play out.

  2. Wonder if Shannon does gets put up as a backdoor if James would try and rally enough votes to try and get her to stay just as Shannon managed to get the house to flip last minute to keep him the week prior. I mean it would only seem fair right?

  3. Forgive me…I don’t watch the feeds so I could be way off base but it feels like (from reading the recap posts) Ross is telling everyone his plans. Am I wrong about that? (Apologies if so. I’m not super bright and get easily dis- SQUIRREL!!!)

    • I believe your assumption to be true. That’s my understanding, Ross is talking to most of the house about backdooring Shannon given she doesn’t win the veto comp! But again from my understanding, he has been flip-flopping that idea so who knows!

    • Your 100% accurate. Ross should shut up and play the game. Big mistake in case Shannon or James wins next competition, it will make him a target. In bb, trust no one.

  4. Why is this post at the top? I am not following the feeds and now here I am trying to watch the episode with yall and its like spoiler city all up in here…..

  5. The show is just a little more than half over, and I have seen the two biggest fakes to date in one episode … Oma & her breathing distress and Ross deserving the win!
    Go Team!

  6. I think it might be a mistake, I know this is moving faster than normal, but you shouldn’t get rid of someone who is devoted to you and your partner when there are still dangerous elements out there. The idea of pairs that are strong brings you and Marissa up to like a Keisha next week. And if Metta falls into one, he will follow instructions.

  7. I really like Ross, he has a great social game! But, I believe with all this flip-flopping, it could backfire in the next few days. People/houseguests stop trusting FLIP FLAPPERS!
    What I don’t understand is…….
    1. Marissa is close to Shannon so I see Shannon as Marissa‘s biggest asset in the game! I don’t understand why Marissa is on board and a big advocate on back dooring Shannon regardless if she is a threat!
    Shannon is a bigger threat therefore no one would likely target Marissa as long as Shannon is in the house. PLUS the same can be said for some of Shannon’s stronger alliance members.
    2. Why would they trust Omarosa!?!? UGH 😑 (production influence perhaps that’s with work?!) &
    3. I completely understand Shannon being a target and someone they want out of the house ASAP but, she is an asset to her alliance at the moment for multiple reasons, so why not just play it out another few days!? If Keisha, Mark, Metta, Omarosa….. get the next HOH and Shannon is already gone, people like Ross, Marissa, etc will become the NEXT target!
    Make sense?
    It’s difficult to say what the right thing to do is because it’s such a short game! (Too Short IMO) But, only one person has gone home thus far so, they should wait… in my opinion!
    I know sometimes you have to take a shot/back door the best player given the chance but……… 🤷‍♀️ …… they should trust Shannon wayyyyyy more than Omarosa! IMO

    & this concludes a typical very long comment by Christina! 😉 ♥️ 😚

    • 1. Agreed 2.agreed,3.agreed.

      It’s a short season but they start low number of people. Theirs no reason for Ross to go against Shannon. Neither Marissa. At this point she is your shield for next rounf(with James). Keep them close to you, don’t try bd.

  8. I hope Shannon wins the veto. I don’t want her going just yet and hate that Ross and Marissa are after her. Especially Marissa who is her friend. They could have kept that a secret and played together secretly. Just a BB plan to keep Omarosa.

    • I hate thinking bb arrange everything in order to get better number of viewers. But it’s a reality.

      I was hoping Marissa would had have a good DR to explain her strategy with Ross. But it didn’t happen. I’m sad if she let down Shannon. She seems to like the a$$ of hoh. I hope she proves me wrong.

  9. Ross, and Marissa (The Chubb Club) say there playing Shannon’s game, uh no duh, because they don’t have one!

    • I agree but Ross dr are priceless. Sad that the hoh get to his head. It’s sad to see that it’s always the case in big brother. But also in real life. Give a promotion to someone that becomes a new manager, and boom! They become someone else. Sad!

  10. I understand why Ross is targeting Shannon, but I’m not sure that is the best plan, if Shannon goes, then the next big target will be Ross.

  11. I honestly think they will back door shannon or get omarosa out which would be the better move instead of getting shannon out,

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