Tonight On ‘Big Brother 19’: F4 Veto & Live Eviction

Big Brother host Julie Chen outside the Big Brother house

Tonight on Big Brother 19 the last handful of Houseguests will face one more competition before another live eviction vote to reveal this season’s Final 3 HGs. It’s a milestone for sure but one of them won’t make it through the night. Ready to meet your F3?

Christmas, Josh, Kevin, and Paul were busy behind the Live Feeds Blackout this week and now it’s time for us to catch up. We’ll be watching as Paul makes his nominations official and they head out in to the backyard to compete for the Veto. Once that’s secured we’ll be ready for the night’s events with a special live Veto Ceremony and then the fastest eviction vote yet this season with just one HG making the VTE.

There will be only one vote and we’re anxiously awaiting who will come out on the losing side of this cut. Think you know who it’ll be? Share your guess below while we wait for the live show to begin! Want to know the spoilers? We’ve got Veto results here and have already heard from Paul on who he expects to go next.

Starting tonight at 9/8c on CBS and streaming live on All Access we’ll watch as the Final Four becomes the Final 3 and they prepare for the first round of the last HoH competition of the season. In past seasons we’ve been able to watch this first part of the final HoH since these are endurance battles and perfectly suited for the Feeds, but last year that did not happen. I do not know yet if we’ll be able to watch, but we’ll be ready with our live coverage if it’s available.

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Join us back here at 9/8c as we live recap the eviction show to discover who was voted out and who makes the F3 this year. What do you want to see happen?


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  1. Since Paul’s already told everyone still watching he wants to take Josh to F2, the VTE should be easy – Christmas will (at Paul’s command), vote to evict Kevin. But Paul’s comments last night were cringe worthy: Pobrecito told Christmas how hard the game was for him being the only vet. Well, gee, now, if he hadn’t insisted on playing everyone’s game for them, it might not have been quite as hard. Sympathy is in the dictionary under sy. Please Paul, take your money and go away.

  2. Paul should get an automatic bye for the first round if it’s endurance. Production didn’t follow through with bringing any Xmas games, and having seen the previous part 1 HOH comps, I don’t think we’ll see any of those. I don’t know what they’d do for part 1 anyway, but I’m thinking she’ll under-perform in part 2 if that’s physical again. I’m hoping they’ll change it up to something like the HOH egg comp last season. Paul’s going to win another comp regardless of what happens, so I just think that there should only be two parts to the final HOH.

    • If Christmas is even cleared to play in that final 2 part of the completion. I don’t know what a bye is, but I am certain that Paul is going to win the first part of the comp because Christmas and Josh aren’t capable of winning anything not thrown to them, and we all know Paul is through throwing comps. No need to anymore With the second part HOH usually being physical and very physical at that, I don’t even know if Christmas will be cleared by her doctors to play. So Josh will easily win that. Josh and Paul playing for the final HOH. I am pretty sure that I read Christmas was telling Josh to choose Paul over her so, bye Felicia and Josh and Paul final 2. With that crapshoot of a competition anyone can win it.

  3. Since this was a joke of a season, production should tell the F2 that the winner is to say, I’m not taking the money. Donate it to the hurricane Harvey & Irma victims instead!!! IMO

  4. I really believe Paul will tell 12/25 today to put Josh out tonight. The first part of the final HOH is usually a physical comp, which would mean 12/25 wouldn’t be medically cleared so it would only be Paul vs Kevin heads up for a spot I. The final 3. Paul can’t risk losing a physical comp to Josh, as Josh has already told 12/25 that he would take her to the final 2.

    • Did 12/25 tell Paul that Josh was planning on taking her to the finals, if so then bye Felecia aka Josh.

    • Paul was pretty clear last night he is keeping Josh. He doesn’t want to deviate from his plan. If Paul were smart he would cut Christmas. She is walking without crutches and has better upper body strength then Paul, she is the one that could beat Paul , more then Kevin or josh in the endurance.

    • I’m sure 12/25 told paul that josh would take her to final 2 as they’ve all probably been directed to tell paul everything.

    • Assuming these people are playing the game and it isn’t rigged, let’s look at Paul’s F2 scenarios:

      Paul wins HOH, he is in F2. I still believe he would take 12/25 because she was literally carried all season.
      12/25 wins HOH, she takes Paul to F2.
      Kevin wins HOH (lol), he takes Paul to F2.
      Josh wins HOH, he takes 12/25 to F2.

      So logically, 12/25 knows she has a great chance at F2 unless Kevin wins (lol), so it makes sense for her to vote him out tonight. However, Paul knows if Josh goes, then he is guaranteed F2. I can’t see him taking that risk. I expect sometime between now and eviction, he will convince her to send Josh home, thus ensuring he is in F2 against someone (12/25 or Kevin) who he can say just rode his coat tails all season.

  5. Omg they should change the name of this seasons big brother to The Paul show. I couldn’t stand Paul in his season, but it appear so as though his arrogance has grown and he has become even more unbearable I can’t even stand to watch now, oh well hopefully next season won’t have a ‘vet’ to run the show.

  6. Hope Paul wins the $500000000 I know that Paul is not a fan favorite to a lot , but I think that Paul has played an amazing game. Go Paul 😍

  7. Expect the unexpected???

    Rename show to, ‘Simon says’ or ‘How to loose a game in 3 months!’
    …….or ‘Say YES to giving Paul the game’
    ‘Beat Paul Amb-something’ (cooking show!)

  8. This is so funny and dumb Paul is thinking he can win against Josh and not Kevin, the rubber duck could win against kevin . anyone could win against Kevin,
    No one should be able to win against Paul, in game play , but if Josh goes to final two . and lets the Jury know that Paul was behind all the nastiness he could turn the Jury bitter against Paul. And make paul out to be a coward,who could not own up to what he was doing, but sneaking around using everyone to get to final two.and everyone else did the hard work, Xmas would be livid if she is cut, She thinks she is golden and will make it no matter if she can compete in comps or not. She thinks she is safe with paul and Josh,
    Paul is thinking that since Josh hounded and treated people nasty they will not vote for Josh, and the jury is stacked with bitter anti Josh people,
    will Josh take Paul, that is the question, or would Xmas, if they want to win ,no way. the way is sounds it has already been determined that it is up to paul on who to take to the final two.

    What will the first two comps be , the first two cannot be both physical All three comps may be easy no endurance, it would be a waste of time if she can not compete, they could just go to the final comp. between Josh and Paul. and be done with it, unless magic wonder wizard talks Josh into throwing a comp to her, so she can at least have one which makes for good showing,
    All in ALL Paul should win when he gets final two.

    • I think the jury all knows who is responsible. I don’t like Paul much either, and I really don’t like the bullying that he instigated and that they were ALL a part of, but I have to say he deserves it because he outplayed everyone, I know not hard with that group, however he was never once on the block and didn’t really win that many comps, unless he needed to. The same happened with Derrick, no one ever said his name to put up on the block, and he didn’t win comps until the end. The only thing different is he was not a bully and he ran the house without looking like it. Like him or hate him, Paul should win.

    • Kevin has a good following. If you think about it Kevin made it friends before they got voted out.

  9. Oh no, there’s a Friday episode! OK may be its final HOH comp special and NOT a walk down memory lane barfstravaganza like ” hey josh remember when i made u bully Jessica anniversary of fathers death….” + “remember when i tricked you into bullying so and so…..” and “Hey remember that time Mark threw pickle juice in your dumb ass face and made you look a proper p*ssy on national TV!”

    • You need a vacation, or someone to smack you.No reason for anyone to be that hatefull cheer up life can’t be that bad

  10. This is not a game to decide who is the best human, it’s a game to decide who plays the others the best and gets to the end and wins!! Hands down, that is Paul. He did what he needed to do and the others were too stupid to stop him-their loss, his gain.

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