Big Brother 19 Eviction Prediction: Who Will Make Final 3?

Big Brother 19 Final 4 Houseguests

Well Final 4, we just met ya but now it’s time for you to go. The Big Brother 19 Houseguests are back tonight with the second to last live show of the season where we’ll see one of these few remaining Houseguests eliminated and sent off to Jury. Ready to find out who is going?

Last night we saw confirmation of Paul winning his coveted F4 HoH which means the man running the season won’t be going anywhere tonight and that leaves three options for us to consider. Either Christmas, Josh, or Kevin will be eliminated just shy of making it to finale night.

Aside from the HoH competition there was one more chance at safety with the Veto competition and when the Feeds returned late last night we soon discovered who had that privilege. Well wouldn’t you know it, Paul won the Veto. That means all three of the other HGs are still vulnerable and Paul will get to decide which one of the three stays off the Block and handles his dirty work again this week.

In a private conversation between Paul and Christmas, Flashback to 10:13 PM BBT 9/13, Paul confirms our expectations. He’ll be leaving his current nominations of Kevin and Josh as they are, giving Christmas the chance to be the sole deciding vote tonight. They also confirmed their plans to send Kevin out the door.

We know Christmas has been working on Josh for quite awhile now and expects him to drag her to the end, which we also know to be true for his plans, so there’s no surprise here that Christmas would want Kevin gone instead of Josh.

Given that we know Josh wants to take Christmas to the end and his recent suspicious behavior I would have expected Paul to at least consider wanting to keep Kevin, the easier win in these final rounds, but no Paul wants Josh to stay because he wants to take him to the end instead of either Christmas or Kevin. That was another tidbit Paul revealed last night.

With all that in mind it looks like a solid lock for Kevin Schlehuber to be evicted tonight from Big Brother 19 when Christmas casts the only vote of the F4 round.


  • Paul won Veto
  • Paul already nominated Kevin & Josh
  • Paul told Christmas she’d be the sole vote
  • Kevin expected to be evicted
  • F3: Christmas, Josh, & Paul

Join us here tonight at 9PM ET to watch, but while we wait share your thoughts on what you expect.


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  1. One reason why Paul would want to evict Kevin at this point is that he wasn’t privy to many of the decisions and moves Paul made, Xmas and Josh were.Those two could do more damage with the jury by revealing all to the others, Kevin has some idea but wasn’t included in the planning.

    • Good point. He has truly considered all of the angles throughout the entire season. I thought his monologue last night on BBAD was quite revealing. He was open and honest about not knowing how America will view him.

    • Totally agree. I think this is the best reason he could have. Looks like there is a 0% chance Josh would take Paul if the choice is his, and probably at least a 50% chance that Kevin would (maybe even more like 80%). So that seems like a bad trade for Paul. Your reason is the strongest scale-tipper the other way.

    • That is one reason…2nd reason Paul wants Kevins vote and in “Paul” not evicting Kevin he thinks he will receive it…

  2. I am so disgusted with letting Paul win everything hate vets coming in knowing in advance about comps how they are played so they know how to play. so now Big Brother can proudly say we let a bully win and as far as Americas vote instead of giving it to a deserving player everyone is voting Cody just to spite Paul he will not care he strutting with 500 grand I am voting Kevin the only nice person in the house who was bullied all season

    • BB did the same thing when Cody did the Battle Back – gave him a competition he had already played, so he knew how to work the ropes and pulleys, while the other two HGs did not. Looks like BB wanted it to be a Cody vs. Paul season. And that would have made for a far more interesting game than what we got.

      • It wasn’t crafted toward Cody. Had Dom, Jillian or Cameron won the buy back, they would have had the same advantage Cody did. Cody had to beat his three fellow evictees first.

      • if you ask me cody is completely irrelevant- he only played when circumstances were tipped in his favor and outside of that he sulked around

      • No, I mean it was Paul vs. Cody.

        Cody chose to isolate himself and blindside the entire house, while Paul recruited allies and made friends. Which strategy worked better??

    • Who is letting Paul win everything? If you want to call Paul a bully then he joins many a winner of BB that can also be called a bully. You have to realize always being Mr. Nice will not win BB. Don’t get me wrong, Paul has had his moments of negativity but he has also played strategically and it is not his fault that others did his dirty work, all part of his plan. You have to scheme, lie, build relationships and then eventually get rid of those relationships if you want to win BB.

      • It doesn’t mean we have to like it, everyone sees the game for its own entertainment, while you are very entertained others feel like they are not as much entertained by it, one person puppets everyone else, I personally want to see some back and forth and more players focused on winning not only one

      • Never said I was overly entertained. At one time Mark seemed to be catching on to Paul and then Josh, but neither had the chance or maybe the guts to go after him. I guess with those in the house being Paul’s puppets he continued to play them. I think what will hurt Paul is Josh’s good bye statement to Justin. Pretty sure Justin will share that message and there could very well be enough in the jury house to vote against him.

      • The previous winners who you may want to call a bully (ED and Wretchel are really the only two who come immediately to mind) did it themselves and in the face of the others, they didn’t have to hide behind other players and be disgusting and slimy. He played a gutless game with more production assistance received than anybody not named Rachel Reilly, against people who weren’t even willing to try to play against him.
        And it was not entertaining in the least. It was fucking cringeworthy.

      • Yes, I’d never make it on BB. Even if I was 22 yrs old. (I wish(
        I Won’t lie, cheat or have sex on live feeds.

    • Mark is a much nicer person than Kevin, in my opinion. He made idiotic game moves and has terrible taste in women, but he’s a sweet guy. Kevin drives me crazy with his stupid ramblings.

    • I actually don’t think it’s a cowardly move. I think it’s the riskiest move, since Josh won’t take him to final 2, and Kevin probably would. Not only that, Josh could beat Paul in the final HoH.

      • Hi Joli:
        Has He been in her ear about Kevin and might be confident that its not a risky move at all. 80% certain that Josh is safe? Paul has not done anything without thinking a few steps ahead. May already know exactly who she will pick.

      • Does Paul know that Josh would take Xmas over him? I can’t figure out if he does know. Sure, he’ll beat Josh round 1, but in round 3 which is pretty much luck, Josh wins, takes Xmas.

      • Jolima, I thought of that too. I can’t imagine Xmas did not tell Paul that Josh told her he would take her over Paul, so if Josh wins that last HOH, Paul might get Vanessa’d. Paul keeping Josh surprises me since Paul has been 2 steps ahead of these people all season, therefore, he has to know Josh is the ONLY HG left that will clip him at F3. He is almost assured a win over Kevin b/c Kev has been his biggest “yes” man all season, so why keep Josh? Myh only conclusion is maybe it’s for jury management. Perhaps Paul is afraid Josh will spill all his secrets to jury, causing even more bitterness, so he’d would rather roll the dice & try to beat Josh in a comp rather than set him loose on the jury? Just thinking out loud here… ;)

      • Interesting…I was only thinking that Paul thinks Josh is more hated in the jury house than himself. I’ve had the impression that Paul has NO clue that Josh has been contemplating turning on him, or that he blew up Paul’s game to Jason. Paul underestimates Josh in that way.

        The only thing that it seems might tip Paul off is when Josh has acted a little shady here and there (crying to Alex, voting out Kevin over Raven), etc.

      • But Josh *told* Xmas remember? He said I will take you over Paul. Do you think she didn’t tell Paul? I don’t. She is rabidly loyal to him, even told Josh she couldn’t solidify a F2 with him b/c of her loyalty to Paul. I just can’t imagine that Paul is going to keep the one and only Hg in this game that has a desire to see him clipped at F3!! Kevin is such a “yes” man he’d probably throw a final HOH comp to Paul, so why keep Josh?
        IDK. I will say this, if Paul gets Vanessa’d, he can look back and know the moment he decided to evict Kevin & keep Josh cost him the entire game…

      • I wish Josh could explain all the reasons fans are giving for his winning over Paul. He’s smart but so uncertain and doubts his words. Paul is just going to use this against him as well. Knows that even if Josh is in the final two. Paul can give a much better speech.

      • Paul set Josh up to be the biggest scape goat this season. He wants Josh because he think they will hate Josh more than Paul.

      • Yes, but Josh is still the only one of these HG that has said he would take Paul out if he won the final HOH. Kevin sure as hell wouldn’t do it, neither would Xmas. JS. If, by some miracle, Josh wins R3 of HOH, I think Paul might get Vanessa’d…

      • “so he’d would rather roll the dice & try to beat Josh in a comp….”

        That’s gameplay I can root for. Let the best person win. Can’t wait to see how it plays out.

      • I could be totally off here, but I don’t think Paul wants Josh in that jury house so I think if he gets his wish, it will be Kevin leaving. Even though it would be Christmas that voted him out, nothing could convince Josh(and rightfully so) that it wasn’t Paul’s doing. I don’t think Paul wants a salty, big-mouthed, loose cannon like Josh in that jury house for one hour, much less a few days.

      • If Paul gets to choose F2, I don’t see it being a given that he wins. There is some reason why we have been shown very little of the jury house. Maybe they are saving it for the Friday special, I hope. Because if it is one of those memory lane shows, I won’t watch it. Just odd, though. The atmosphere of the house might have spilled over into the jury house leaving us with a very salty jury.

      • I’ve wondered why we haven’t seen much of the jury house or families this season. Interesting!

      • I agree. Kevin will still vote for Paul to win over Josh.
        Even Xmas will.
        Josh would blow it up. Like someone else wrote, #3 won’t join the Jury in the JH. They just join the others on stage so no time for him to rage with them in the JH. Josh is a BB fan so he might still vote for Paul to win; he keeps giving Paul credit for his game. He’s emotional but I think he would also vote for Paul to win.

      • Exactly! I think if Josh did go out F3, the less time he has to let other people get in his head the more apt he would be to vote for Paul to win. He is so easily swayed and played. Kevin has known for a long time who was in charge of the house. I think his vote easily goes to Paul and definitely Christmas would vote Paul. I’d have to lmbo if Christmas and Josh make F2.

      • Paul thinks everyone is taking him to F2; so he wants to cut his biggest threat. Kevin played a nice game and thinks he would get some jury votes so he wants Kev out. He thinks no one will vote for Josh; but Josh wants to cut him at F3 he just doesnt know it yet.

      • I think he suspects Josh wouldn’t take him, both because of the fact Paul will beat him in F2 and Josh has been closeto Xmas the entire game. I think it’s risky because of the chance of Josh winning final HoH

    • Completely agree. He is a sneaky snake. That snake costume he wanted to wear was because that is his true image. I was his biggest fan last year. I thought he was my boy. Wow he showed his true colours this year and don’t think that fake cry about sending Alex home was real. It came right after he started to worry on the feeds what America saw in him due to the toilet image on the comics. He is playing us too.

      I think he will take Xmas because someone who
      played zero competitions and isn’t likeable at all is a good person to bring and she had no allies too.

      • You are right but Kevin also loves Paul so he could go either way with vote. I suspect he’ll still vote for Paul

      • I feel the opposite. “Your Boy” got on my nerves last year. He was just as much of a snake last year. This year though, I routed for him (even though I cheered when he lost last year) because he was the only vet and felt bad for him. This year I am just impressed with the way his mind works. He is always 2-3 steps ahead and very thorough. I am fascinated.

    • Paul is the “best player” only because NO ONE ELSE REALLY PLAYED this season! So glad this travesty is over soon!!

    • I enjoyed his game play/strategy much, much more than watching Dingus Nicole playing with Corey’s tallywhacker all summer. ;)

    • Good morning, Alfie! Well, you know what I think of his tactics… ;) I agree he deserves the win among this sad cast of players, but do I think he really needed to be such a d-bag to do so, no.

  3. Sigh…I think that it was at this point last year that I just stopped watching altogether. And I don’t know that I am going to enjoy any of Josh coming to the same realization about his allies that Alex did over this past week. Maybe he realizes it earlier and knows he has to go full out on the competition and really focus on what he knows of the jury members because it is likely that is where Paul has an advantage.

    • Cody, Mark, Helena, raven, matt and Kevin would never vote for josh to win. I would be surprised if Jason and Alex vote josh to win.

    • I wish, but I think it will be Paul. Even after everyone knows what Paul did, the lies Paul told them, the double cross, they won’t vote for Josh. because Josh never actually did one thing on his own. Josh was 100% Paul’s puppet even down to when Paul put him up to bullying and harassing people and Josh did it, every time. I don’t like Paul, but I know he should win.

  4. Jason, Cody, Alex, Raven, Matt and Mark are not giving Paul $500,000.00. That money goes to Josh who NEVER roughed the waters except on Mark but 5 out of 6 counts anyways.

    • What BB were you watching? Lol! Josh personally attacked Cody, Elena, and mark and acted like a 3 year old throwing tempter tantrums all the time? He also blew up their games? I really think paul is right and the jury hates josh more than paul. They don’t respect or like josh at all. Even if all that fails, as long as they’re not as bitter as they were initially, and if they’re giving it for best game play, even Cody said he would give paul the win because he’s the only one playing the game…

    • All of the above except Jason and maybe Alex will be votes for Paul. Josh actually voted to keep Raven over Kevin, but as she left he told her how sorry he was, making it seem like the 1 vote to keep her was Paul. She even said in her exit interview (the one seen on the feeds in the BB studio) that Paul was loyal to her the entire game, and the most loyal to her and Matt.

  5. As excited as I was for this season to begin, I am Just as excited for it to be over. This is the worst season EVER!

    • That explain why some people can vote as many time as they want, their vote is just not counted. As for me, as a CBS All Access subscriber, my vote are counted and I’m limited to 20 votes per day.

      They have change this probably because of what happen with the halting hex, and so many people friend of Jessica voted, even if they never watch the show.

      • Wow..that’s shady they would do the vote like that – But I’m not mad! That’s great if they’re able to stop random votes, like you said.I never considered that that is how Jessica got the halting hex.

      • Yea, the story came out a few days after. Seems like Jess has a she friend that work with her and that has 1 millions followers on Instagram.

      • I guess the fact that people that aren’t connected with their accès can vote it’s a bug. It need to be fix.

    • Wow! What a rip for America. I do have feeds, but my mom who lives on SS and can’t afford them doesn’t. My mom loves BB, she got me watching it. She hated this season. I will tell her don’t waste her time voting.

    • It might be a good thing. By law, if you have to pay for voting, it’s then goes under the lottery ruling. So it cannot be rig. In previous seasons when people needed to vote by text, it was all accounted and verified by external firms. Maybe since only access users can votes, it will go back under those regulations.

    • I couldn’t even get past the account creation page. I entered all of my info, and when I clicked continue it would just go back to the top of the page. Good y’all because I was trying to vote for Cody

  6. Pau hates Kevin more than he ever did Cody the looks he gives Kevin is pure Hatred if Kevin were to win Americas favorite you would see a very Ticked off Paul sure he was throwing Cody’s name around just like he got the whole house to hate Kevin he wants America to vote Cody so lets all make Paul cry vote Kevin

  7. well guess there is no reason to vote anymore don’t know why at the end of the show they say cast your vote America when we cant so CBS has fixed the whole season including the votes. so how does the rest of America know maybe we should all talk to TMZ they are the one that boke the news when Jason said he wanted to rape Kevins wife

    • Your not able to vote? It works for me but unlimited amount of time (more than the 10 they say they allow)

      • Yes, just read that. I cancelled them 3 weeks again. With that few hg it wasn’t worthed. Oh well, that’s ok!!

      • I don’t know why they’re doing that this year. They didn’t do this last year. Yet another unprecedented decision this year… *sighs* smh

      • I didn’t know that they were doing that either (until today), and that they only started that rule this year. Someone said it was because of Jessica’s people getting her votes, despite them not watching the show. Like that’s how she got the Hex (the rule wasn’t in effect then).

      • Yes, I saw that too, but they didn’t change that at all due to America’s Care Packages last year, or any other year where twists were in the game with America voting…so why this one? IDK. This season just keeps getting shadier & shadier. It’s too bad for Paul too, coz this taint of shadiness is going to stick, he won’t get the credit for his win this year from a lot of BB fans. Just like Nicole last year.

      • Good point – I don’t know. Someone said something about this being because Jessica is having anyone she knows vote, regardless if they watch BB.

  8. I wonder if there’s a chance that Xmas wins the 1st HoH round, Paul wins the 2nd against Josh, and then Xmas and Paul face off in the final round.

    Although…it would probably have to be a miracle for Xmas to beat Paul in that 1st round, since he wants to take Josh over her.

    • Anyone can win the final HOH.

      I hope it’s not Paul.

      Xmas or Josh will probably vote him out.

      I have no doubt he’s laying every possible guilt trip he can on Josh.

      • Not anyone, unless you mean either competitor has a shot of winning. Only the winner of the 1st and 2nd rounds can compete in the 3rd.

        I was saying it would be a miracle for Xmas to beat Paul in the FIRST round (the endurance comp).

      • Are you talking about the 1st or the 3rd round?

        1st round I’d put my money on Paul, 3rd round I’m not betting on anything.

      • I’m not sure how much of an endurance comp they’ll make it since that would give Josh and Paul an advantage over Xmas.

      • BB already said after Xmas came back in the house after breaking her foot that no competitions would be modified to make it easier for Xmas to compete (the BB comic competition was still in, for example. Had Xmas been in danger of going home this week, not being able to compete for veto would be the end of her game).

      • Do you seriously think those comp are decided on a weekly bases? Before the season starts all come are already been decided.

      • I thought she came about 6 years ago. Either way I know they receive the comments on the website because I received an answer several years ago. Didn’t change anything but at least they answered.

      • The only way they can get rid of Grodner would be to change production company because Grodner is part owner of Fly On The Wall, the production company that CBS hire to produce BB.

      • “Grodner is part owner of Fly On The Wall,…”

        One would think Alison would have more incentive to keep the show fresher and more exciting than its current state. Increased ad revenue and a bigger budget from CBS to work with. Send Jeff and Jordan around the country visiting families.

      • I don’t think she does it on purpose. She’s probably a bad judge of character. Should probably rely more on Kassting.

      • Well she needs to wake up and listen to complaints. They are going to start losing viewers if they don’t do something.

      • They don’t seem to listen despite continuously declining ratings. Did you know last season was the worst rated season of BB in BB history, including BB 15? And this season, although better than last, has not garnered the ratings that BB 16 did. Since BB 14, the ratings have dropped and dropped, but production just doesn’t seem to care. I don’t understand it. If ABC or NBC ever gets together a decent show in BB’s time slot, we may see the end of Big Brother if they don’t start changing things.

      • I totally agree. They started getting all these wannabes on there and its gone downhill ever since. They throw in a few fans of the show to make us happy.

      • Yes. I wish they’d stop “recruiting” players too and just pick from applicants who have actively sought to be on the show.

    • the casting of a lot of these shows is really questionable- even Survivor- they have popular contestants and then production tries to “remake” the cast for success and popularity in future seasons – it ends up being a formula of some type and becomes boring and predictable- they want another Ozzy, Parvati… and so forth

  9. Anybody even feel the need to follow this charade to it’s pathetic conclusion? They should just end this farce tonight and spare us, then show jury house clips next week so may at least have a chance of being entertained a little.

  10. This is for those who aren’t Paul fans. Sorry to those of you who are. But I feel like Paul got the good edit on last nights show crying tears that he sent Alex home. On after dark he’s been horrible to people all season encouraging bullying and gossip and nastiness then suddenly he sees the toilet comic and keeps asking people why he got the bad comic this season. He is suddenly saying he’s concerned how America sees him. And then comes tears for Alex leaving and tears to Xmas saying he’s tried so hard to keep them ect. When we all know it had nothing to do with them.

    Then last night we see this side of Paul crying over Alex as though he’s caring. And people I know who haven’t seen the feeds fell for it. They are like he’s nice and it’s just a game. Why couldn’t production show his evil side? Because they knew he would win as we all did and they wanted it to be a good experience for viewers. I hate that his true self was not shown. 😡

    • Nice. Why not? Every other fish swallowed this hook, line and sinker – Why not Kevin, too? Paul has that shocked/angry reaction face down by now.

    • He’s such a scumbag. I hope Jason is able to turn everyone in the jury into a vote against Paul.

      • How does that make him a scumbag? It’s Big Brother, just a game. Paul can’t act like he knows Kevin is going home because Kevin will think Paul told Xmas to vote him out.

        If it makes you feel better, Kevin replied: “Josh is going to be crying like a little baby before he even stands up to leave.”

        Funny actually..right now Josh (just came into the room) and said “I’m going to be crying as I get my bag.”

        Paul: “Has there been a day you haven’t cried?”
        Josh: “Nope”

      • Well at least he admits it. He must cry with his family a lot too because he’s not really embarrassed by it.

      • Because it’s embarrassing to cry all the time for not so good reason most of the time. To quote Julie to mark, your entitled to your emotions. But too much become annoying and embarrassing.

        The guy was crying day 2 he misses his family and compare it to Mark losing his parent at a young age!! That’s not normal.

      • says who? I mean he has emotions and he likes to express them in his own way- it was also entertaining- I don’t see the point of making it a negative and trashing him for it

      • I’m not trashing him. Just saying it’s embarrassing and annoying.

        But I guess for some people it’s ok. But not for me. It’s just too much. IMO.

      • My husband is a very manly man. In the 27 years I’ve known him, I’ve seen him cry one time. That was when his father passed suddenly and unexpectedly. My father is a gentle hearted soul. He cries when others hurt. Nothing wrong with a man crying at times. But Josh’s constant boohooing is ridiculous and probably the result of being babied all of his life. Maybe he’ll learn to use some self control at times if/when he matures a little.

      • that’s a bit condescending – as well from generation to generation things do change- which is good and bad. He is young and just because he is a large young man I see that people can put expectations on men like this to be the strong and mature type..

      • I don’t see it as condescending at all. He cries more than a 2 year old and blubbers like a child. He needs to mature, that’s all. He is very immature.

      • ok, so men are not allowed to cry because your husband does not and if they do they are immature- that’s great- maybe you are watching the wrong tv show because they have all cried including Kevin

      • I think josh’s crying is funny, but it was really obnoxious when Vanessa and Michelle were constantly crying when every little thing didn’t go their way. Something doesn’t seem right when any grown adult cries that much.

      • The people who attack Paul for his game play really shouldn’t watch this show. Everything he has done has worked to his advantage and is what you should do. Win at all costs.

      • He only has that power because of his reputation from last season as someone who is extremely loyal. Without that, everyone would be telling him to pound sand.

      • If you don’t like Paul’s game play you shouldn’t watch the show. He has played one of the most flawless games in BB history and if the jury had any respect for the game they would vote for him 9-0.

      • Why was he able to play that flawless game? Because he was able to leverage his reputation from last season as a stand-up, loyal player to his advantage. Nobody suspects him of anything because they all believe he’s the player who played last season…he’s not.

  11. Not bloody likely but “what if” – by some wild chance of imagination – Xmas wins Round 2 HOH:
    Does she cut Paul and take her chances against Josh in F2 to win?
    Does she cut Josh and settle for 2nd place because Paul assured her BB will definitely invite her back to play when she is healed?

    I’d cut Paul and take that credit and shove it down the Jury’s throat.

    I definitely think Josh would win against Xmas if he was the one who cut Paul at F3.
    I think the same would apply to Xmas, despite her casting the votes to evict Jason, Kevin, etc.
    I think Xmas beats Josh if she is the one who cuts Paul at F3.

  12. One thing I’m looking forward to with Kevin leaving is not hearing him do that sucking/ smacking noise with his mouth when he’s not talking. Like he’s cleaning his teeth with his tongue…it’s really annoying.

  13. Josh would have to win this next HoH to be able to take Paul down now. If he doesn’t then Paul wins. If he does, Josh wins!

  14. Paul wants Kevin gone … but what does Xmas want?

    Enquiring minds want to know … is Xmas really a “badass” or just another lemming?

    • yeah- hard to say with her- she seems all talk and has had wins handed to her to further other peoples game- but also hers…. Paul has a knack for feeding people ideas and then they seems to perceive the idea as their own- all season long that is what has taken place with Alex, c’mas, Josh… so on and so on

  15. Juries either decide on (a) best game play or (b) hurt feelings. Our first glimpse of Cody, Mark, and Elena showed their awareness of Paul’s successful personal game. If Jury decides on game play, Paul wins over Christmas, Josh, Kevin. If Jury decides on hurt feelings, Paul loses to Christmas, Kevin. Sorry Meatball, pots and pans don’t win jury votes.

    • Normally I agree but in this case It’s more than just good game play or hurt feelings, it’s can you really reward someone who was such an awful person and tried to instigate others to do his dirty work, can you really reward that behavior?

      • It is a game. Him being able to strategize and manipulate others into do his dirty work means he’s good. Certainly the best of the season.

        He certainly deserves to win more than Josh.

        If I was in the jury I would definitely vote for Paul.

      • Yes you can and you should. Instigating others to do your dirty work is good game play. Anyone who doesn’t think Paul should win this season really has no idea how this game is played.

    • Bitter juries have cost players before and could happen here. I hope not and I hope Will sets them straight when they discuss the season, but you never know. If Paul makes it to final 2 and they don’t vote for him it will really be a shame.

  16. This is the worst season of Big Brother ever! Why did the house guest even bother signing up if they have relinquished the $500k to Paul? There is no strategy, Paul tells them what to do and these fools just do it! I thought Josh was on to his game; but he just like everyone else is scared of going against Paul – why? I’ve never seen such poor playing. Paul was a jerk this season. I hope he doesn’t get a single vote to win!

  17. I am beyond pissed that Americas votes are not counting towards Americas favorite Player unless you have the all access pass. Julie never explained that when she said to vote. This is pure BS just like this entire season….

  18. You know as I think about this, I can’t believe Paul is going to keep Josh. Out of the three, Kevin, Xmas and Josh, Josh poses the most serious threat to Paul with his BB resume. Xmas has had 2 HOH wins, both of which were handed to her and Kevin hasn’t won jack squat, but Josh has actually made some moves (at least where the other HG are concerned). He was the HOH that took out 2 of Paul’s most serious competitors, i.e., Jessica & Alex. He’s won 2 HOHs & a POV, never mind that we know he has been nothing but a minion, he could actually take credit for these actions in his speech b/c Paul has tried so hard not to get blood on his hands. Furthermore, Josh is the only HG remaining that has mentioned taking Paul out. IDK. I have heard people say this season is not a given for Paul, and maybe I am being optimistic, but if Josh were to (by some miracle) win F3 HOH, we could actually see Paul getting the Vanessa treatment!!

    • I am in total agreement with you here. Paul would sh** a brick if Josh really does end up taking Paul out for real.

    • I still think Josh has played as good a game as Paul. I know Paul has dictated all of his moves, but Josh made them and got his hands dirty, while the pu**y relaxed behind him. I truly hope that if Josh makes it to the end, that he is the winner and not Paul. Last season Paul deserved the win, but Nicole was set to get it and the jury had to do as they were told, and I don’t think this season will be any different. I still hope.

      • Josh following Paul’s orders and doing the dirty work work is exactly why Paul is a better player. Saying the puppet as good a player as the puppet master is ridiculous.

        Nobody in the jury house respects Josh at all. They think he is an idiot and a crybaby because he his.

        If he gets to the end, they will know that Paul dragged him.

        Hell, if not for Paul, Josh would be a pre jury evictee.

    • Paul needs to have Josh evicted. I assume Paul will win the final HOH, but if he doesn’t Josh will not take him and I don’t think Christmas will either. Not a smart move keeping Josh.

    • Still hoping Christmas is the smart, independent self made businessperson she seems to be. Tricks Paul at the end. Wins the fina HOH and takes Kevin to the end.

      • In order for her to do that, which I hope not since I can’t stand her is winning the last HOH on her own. Paul will never allow it or throw it to her. Christmas has never won any comps on her own.

      • I don’t have the feeds but very, very interested in info about her foot. Is it healing up enough to compete?

      • She seems to be somewhat walking on it,but with a little limp. She was not able to participate in the Comics comps, so maybe they will make accommodations for her in the last ones. They have done it before.

  19. I believe that Christmas jacked everyone’s game when she stayed. She should have left the game as she couldn’t compete in most challenges and the guilt trip she laid on Jason was wrong. She could have come back next season and had a chance to play a good game. But no she wanted to stay and that ruined everyone else’s game. She was a tool for Paul and he would never have gotten so far either. I hope the next time he says the word “friendship” outside of the house, someone clocks him. If he does win BB19 I hope we never have to hear or see that tiny man again. What a douche!!!!! I hope Paul takes Kevin to the end because I think the house would vote for Kevin before they would vote for tiny man.

  20. I like Kevin. Want Paul to win. But okay with Josh.
    So A Josh win 500,000 for meatball
    Paul 50,000 again. Kevin has 25,027. I’m glad. Wish kevin or Jason would win AFP. BUT fear the cheaters and haters will get Jody a vengence vote. You’d think they are playing. It’s a game.

    • Last night on BBAD they asked who will get your vote for AFP and Jason got the most response. Kevin or Jason is fine by me.

      • I’d rather Jason get it than Kevin. I think most of Kevin’s behavior has been specifically geared for winning AFP instead of playing the game. I don’t like or respect that.

      • Had I known people were voting for Jason I would’ve voted for him for sure! I thought because of his stupid BAD joke that people turned against him and would not vote for him.

        Well shoot! I just wasted a bunch of votes! I’ve been voting for Kevin. No one has been playing to win, so in my opinion Kevin is one of the nicest people in the house & has been the entire season unlike 95% of all the HGs so I gave him my votes.
        But again, I like Jason more but I just didn’t think he was an option.

      • Oh, I don’t know that many people are voting for Jason. I’m just not fond of someone coming into the house and playing for AFP the entire game instead of playing the game. I don’t care how charming they are. For someone to be my favorite, they need to actually play, too.

      • Yeah that’s true and someone else just pointed out that Kevin has been playing for Paul. I never really looked at that angle so now my votes are going for Cody. That said I don’t even know if my votes are working because I can vote and vote and vote without it telling me I have “reached my maximum votes” like it has other years. And two people now have told me you can only vote if you have all access!? I’m so confused LOL

      • I’d be happy with Jason winning. I’m sure he could use the money more than anyone. Could be a nice finale moment seeing him win AFP and hugging his family.

  21. I finally got to vote for Kevin CBS was not counting votes last night or this morning now they are I think that gave a huge advantage to nut case Cody

    • I was able to vote over 50 votes before I lost track and gave up. I didn’t know if the votes were actually registering because it didn’t stop me at 20!?
      I tried again a couple hours ago and it still let me repeatedly vote.

  22. They need to get rid of the AFH. People are more concerned with that, than the actual game. Bitter ass people.

    • What game? LOL
      Who’s bitter? Fans/viewers? People who do not like Paul’s game play?

      I think he played a good (VERY EASY) game, but he could not have asked for a better group of morons to control!
      CLEARLY most of these HGs are just looking for their “15 minutes of fame” and think if they jump on the “Paul train” their 15 minutes will be extended! Paul himself is even promising them that! (What a loser! It’s pathetic!) But that’s on each HG that followed him around, not Paul! Paul simply played like a coward all season!
      Like I said, I think he has played a good (very easy) game but at the same time I have ZERO respect for the guy as a person! Rallying up the troops & declaring psychological warfare…… What a whimp!
      Trying to get people like Cody to self evict instead of beating him fair and square is a cowardly act! Paul has acted like a little baby all season when it comes to Cody and Jessica & he STILL talks about them!
      It’s hilarious watching Paul make himself look like a complete DIPSH*T the ENTIRE Season!!
      I was a fan of Paul’s last season but he has destroyed his reputation! I thought he was one of the good ones but clearly I was very wrong! I’m glad his true colours have come shining through and everyone can now see the true Paul or at least the “Fame whore he has become!
      Paul should’ve stayed home and kept the fans he had!

      So for me personally, I am WAYYYYYYY more interested to see who receives AFP then who wins the game, clearly Paul wins the game! Everyone knew Paul was going to win this game by week 2-ish….. It’s no surprise.
      It’s NOT hard to win a game when 97% of the HGs were/are playing for “second place, maybe AFP & their 15 minutes of fame!” A lot of them even said it out loud! LMAO UNREAL!!

      Paul should’ve never been brought back, he destroyed this season! Paul and his showmance with BB!
      Sure, the guy is going to win the game and rightfully so but he has absolutely NOTHING whatsoever to brag about! Paul thinks he is some mastermind and has played the best game in history LOL he’s in for a BIG surprise next week when the game is over! Paul could not have asked for an easier group of circus clowns 🤡 to control!
      If Paul was up against people like Dan, Dr. Will, Mike Boogie, Janelle, Britney, Danielle, Cody, Jessica etc. (or just people like them) he would’ve been DESTROYED, laugh at and been gone a very long time ago! !
      So, sure he got people to throw HOH comps etc. but paul’s “big moves” were ONLY achievable because again he was playing with a bunch of “Mindless Moron” who were/are just excited about their 15 minutes of fame! & hoping Paul will grant them 15 minutes more!

      So, yeah I am more “concerned about who receives AFP!” Because it will be the first (of MANY) slaps in Paul’s face for playing like a COWARD ALL season! The kid “THINKS” he is a Genius and a Superstar! And I’m loving every minute of this!
      That’s all! To each their own.

  23. I’m not of fan of bringing in vets, I feel they already had their chance. I am surprised that all the HG believe what Paul says. Even in the end he votes for Kevin and washes all the blood from his hands and lets Josh do the dirty work.

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