Big Brother 19 Live Feeds Week 11: Wednesday Night Highlights

The Big Brother 19 Live Feeds returned to a quiet house after being down for Wednesday’s eviction episode. We did get to learn who won the Power of Veto and which player will be leaving us tonight, thus giving us our Final 3. Read on for those details.

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Big Brother 19 Live Feed Highlights – Wednesday, September 13, 2017:

9:01 PM BBT – Feeds return. Josh, Christmas, and Paul are asleep in the HoH room. Kevin is wandering around.

9:08 PM BBT – House is silent. Kevin wanders with a bowl of ice cream and offers some to the camera.

9:35 PM BBT – Kevin gets called to the DR. He says it must be some kind of a mistake, but gets up and goes.

9:48 PM BBT – Paul is up and goes to the Lounge for a “Friendship chat.” He reviews his season so far. Paul reaffirms his plans to take Josh to the Final 2 and hopes for a clean sweep with the Jury. He says that this season was super difficult but he likes that he had to play a different game than last season.

9:49 PM BBT – Paul says his best chance to win will be sitting next to Josh.

9:53 PM BBT – Paul says when he came into the game and saw he was the only vet, he thought it was over for him.

10:05 PM BBT – Christmas joins Paul. He talks to her about hard the game was for him being the only vet. She agrees.

10:09 PM BBT – Paul tells Christmas that this week played out exactly how they needed it to. They are happy that the final three they’ve always wanted is about to happen as soon as they cut Kevin.

10:12 PM BBT – Paul says Kevin hasn’t spoken much today but keeps mentioning America’s Favorite Player. Paul says he thinks Kevin has given up and knows he’s leaving. They discuss Christmas being the sole vote on Thursday.

10:20 PM BBT – Christmas talks about how high she was most of the season.

10:55 PM BBT – Josh and Christmas discuss how Christmas is going to cast the vote to evict Kevin. She says she will say that everyone left has won multiple competitions and had to nominate people and send them out while Kevin has no blood on his hands and could win the game because of that.

11:56 PM BBT – Paul says he’s happy he gets to be in the final 3 with people he wanted to be there with unlike last season.

12:00 AM BBT – Paul notes that without going to Jury he hasn’t had the full Big Brother experience.

12:20 AM BBT – Paul discusses R2 of the final HoH from last year. Josh suggests Big Brother will change it to make sure Christmas can compete.

12:25 AM BBT – Paul tells Josh and Christmas that he failed to repair things with the Jurors.

12:35 AM BBT – Paul is promising Josh and Christmas that they’ll have major social media followers when they get out this season.

12:40 AM BBT – Paul explains how he expected to be evicted before Jury and every week he thought he’d be gone.

1:10 AM BBT – Paul and Josh are wrestling around in the HoH room while Christmas watches and laughs. They’re just goofing around.

1:30 AM BBT – HGs are off to sleep.

Well that was an uneventful night for the most part, but we did get confirmations of the spoilers with Paul winning Veto, his fourth of the season, and now he’ll get to pick Christmas to cast the vote against Kevin at the F4 eviction. From there we also learned that Paul still plans to take Josh to the end, but he better not let Josh win R3 or Paul will join Jury and Christmas will be in the F2.

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Gallery: Live Feeds Highlights


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  1. What will Christmas say when she is cut at F3 by Paul after all her hard work helping him get to F3. I r4eally do hope Paul takes Josh or Josh gets to pick. But if Paul does and he takes Josh I hope the jury votes for Josh but he really did some damage (at Paul’s encouragement) with all the jury members.

      • My last hope for this season. Christmas foot heals a bit more for the finale. She wins the final HOH and takes Kevin to the end. Evicts a shocked and crying Paul. She let him eliminate the competition while She healed up. It’s a long shot but She’s an intelligent driven Business Women and hopefully will play the playa.

      • If production thinks it is a good idea, they will make it so, they are not even trying to hide their manipulations, or have you forgotten Christmas ‘ won ‘ the footrace ?

      • I don’t know if Christmas winning the footrace really counts since all the others intentionally threw the comp…it’s not like she won on her own.

      • But she was cleared for it !
        As soon as she was cleared I said ‘ if she wins ‘
        Maybe they had to get Jason out for some counselling at home
        Maybe why there are no jury feeds
        Just being a conspiracy theorist
        Along the same lines
        Kevin is sent to the DR to inform him of Jason’s comments :)

      • I never even thought about her being “cleared” for this one. HMMMM -definitely Production wanted that outcome.

      • If it we’re fixed then it would be real simple to tip Paul off about Josh’s plan to evict him if he gets the opportunity….if Paul flips around and decided to cut Josh I’m sending you cash to publish your conspiracy theories…lol

      • that’s not going to happen, She is just another lap dog of Paul’s. She is in love with him…she is going to be another ‘alex’.

      • Doesn’t matter what happened, but I can assure you that Christmas might say she loves Paul, but that is during the game. She is just too busy with her whole life to fit in a relationship.

    • Josh will take 2nd in the HoH comp and Paul can use that to say he had to cut one so he took Josh because he did better in the comps.

      • me to Georgia Paul will win because if the jurors are being honest with themselves they would see Paul was the only one who played any sort of game what so ever! He may not have played the way people wanted but he did play when no one else even tried!

      • Cody told Julie during his first eviction interview that 3 weeks of safety wasn’t fair. You never know how many jurors may be thinking that way. Some may realise their mistakes and think he played them instead of owning to it. While others may think he played the best game and Josh or whoever does not deserve the price either.

      • I am just saying that if they really looked at themselves hard they would realize they had so many opportunities to get paul out and they didnt! They should have but in my eyes they were played by the best and just didnt realize it!

      • Because they loaded the house with some of the dumbest (or naïve, if you want to be nice) people in BB history. It can’t be a coincidence that they were almost all so ignorant.

      • Oh they sure did i will admit I am a Paul fan and I loved watching him out do everyone! And that was because most of the house guests were not seeing him play people left and right and he got away with it!

  2. Paul reaffirms his plans to take Josh to the Final 2 and hopes for a clean sweep with the Jury.

    Paul is promising Josh and Christmas that they’ll have major social media followers when they get out this season.

    lol … wow.

    • It’s not because you dislike them that everyone does. Josh and Christmas have lots of fans out there. And don’t forget that some people only watch the tv show and not the feeds. Edit is usually in their favor. Like alex for example, she has been edited as a cute funny girl, on the feed we saw something else.

      So yes, they will have lots of fans.

  3. “Kevin wanders with a bowl of ice cream and offers some to the camera.”

    A lonely man. A guy who loves people and nothing more than a nice chat with friends. He may start spooning the inflatable pool toys next.

    • Yes. Poor guy!! He used to be entertained with a house full of teenagers and now he gets disrespected by a house full of teenagers.

      I really hope he gets AFP.

      He will be happy being back home where is lived!!!

      • I’m pretty sure he enjoyed earlier part of the season more. He was entertaining until he was cut off and continually pushed. I hope they just go ahead to evict without further having him worked up.

    • Kevin is not going to get Trejo off Paul, guess it is alright as long as there is a lot if chlorine in the pool lol

  4. Paul is making a mistake not cutting Josh before F3. First, Josh is a better competitor than Kevin. Then the last HoH comp is one I think Josh can win over Paul. Finally, if Josh wins he will cut Paul.

  5. Wouldn’t it just be fantastic if Christmas evicted Josh and then Paul had to take her to F2 because he has no chance of beating Kevin? Then Christmas would win (excuse me I just threw up in my mouth) the $500k…

      • She was my favorite in the house bacause her craziness. But no way she should get close to any money.

        But I still miss her. No one entertained me like her.

      • Those aliments are all in her head , or her mamas, but I do believe insanity is contagious so, passing on the Raven dance is the smart move :)

      • She’s on for a good reality check once out. But again, she’s in denial. On her exit interview with Julie, Julie is basically saying how she did nothing, and raven start to say how a good game she plays!!! I couldn’t stop laughing.

  6. Does anyone really think Paul can win? I just don’t see the people on the jury voting for him! Even if he does take Josh to the end.

      • I am hoping that everyone in the jury has taken time to really talk to each other and realizes how devious Paul has been and doesn’t vote for him. I really do not want him to win!!!!

      • it was all the bold faced lies that he told, that I don’t like. And the fact that he actively bullied people to bully other people. He has played such a low and dirty game, that he is not worthy to win, In my opinion.

    • If the jury tales everything into account, they may not vote for him. The jury is supposed to consider everything, not just “gameplay”.

      • Game play is huge in the decision though and if they were honest with themselves they are going to realize every single one of them on the jury got played by the best and would vote for Paul!

    • He has loyal followers, Raven, his number one dawg. She even has the bark. Matthew, who cannot breathe, eat, sleep, think, or talk without Paul’s permission. Alex, though bitter knows it’s a game. Kevin, who probably likes Paul more than the other two. If it’s between Paul and Josh, then Cody will vote for Paul because he cannot stand victim noises or followers. Jason will probably vote for Josh. Mark and Elena, maybe Josh.

    • If he doesn’t, that would be the shi++iest thing ever. Big Brother’s trademark is astute betrayal. The evictees didn’t know they were being screwed until it was too late, ( can’t get any cleaver than that) plus never touched the block. If Josh wins this game, this show should be cancelled immediately. There’s no point.

      • And his stats of veto/hoh are now making history above any other player of all time. He’s got to get this win. It was frustrating last year. Let’s hope he gets it now.

        It’s funny because I wasn’t his fan neither last year and this year. But credit is du. He got to win!!

      • That’s right Nope! Let’s get real here, if Josh wins, this game has become a complete mockery of any intelligence. EVERY viewer should be offended, whether you hate Paul or love him. Nicole last year and Josh this year??? No way, smh, just cancel the show. Uh uh

      • Yes. The difference is, I know a good player when I see one. I have the ability separate personal feelings and judge the game play. There’s the difference between you and I.

      • MG i am the same way i like Paul and I watched him outplay everyone in that house and they didnt realize they were getting played that takes some brains and guts and Paul had them! If everyone in that jury house took a look inside themselves they would realize that Paul played better then they did and vote for him!

      • Not to mention that Paul was always playing a week or two ahead. Everything he did and said was calculated down to a tee. EVERYONE in the house this season got played like a fiddle by Paul. Including the beloved Jody. Even when Paul could have been placed on the block by Jess, “Cody” told Jess not to nominate Paul…WHAT!!! Why?!?!? I still haven’t quite figured that one out….SMH????

      • Ding! Ding! Ding! We have a winner.

        So tired of the bitter, butt-hurt, whining of the “anti-Paul” contingent. If you don’t like this year’s outcome, maybe watching Big Brother isn’t really for you.

        The man played one of the BEST GAMES in the history of Big Brother.

        To all of you Paul haters, I am enjoying your misery!

      • I’m saying if the jury decides Josh has outplayed Paul, there’s no point in even trying to play a cleaver game of big brother anymore. Josh winning would be the complete antitheses of the premise of this game. I would never watch again. (Not that it matters, just my opinion).

      • My point is it’s not just being clever. It’s how you play. Your tactics.

        Any jury is perfectly within their rights to determine if anyone’s particular game play is acceptable to them.

        Instigating mob attacks on people may not sit well with the jury.

        If you’re saying a jury shouldn’t consider all aspects then there’s no point in having a jury. Make it last man standing wins.

      • Well good for you. You can continue to watch if Josh wins. As for me, I won’t insult my intelligence. This is a “no brainer” here,… not even worth debating in my opinion. I digress…

    • That’s a good question. I feel the same in a weird way. Like honestly I would vote for Josh. It takes me back to survivor they normally don’t vote for the dirtiest player, they vote the opposite. I do think it will be close, not a sweep like Paul thinks.


      • I agree, I don’t want Paul to win but if the jury is voting on who “they think” deserves to win they won’t pick Josh, Xmas or Kevin. If they all agree Paul played them like a fiddle and basically coerced the win then they would vote against him but I don’t see that happening with this Jury crew :( I mean a rock could hit them in the face and fall in front of them and they wouldn’t believe it was the rock…smh

      • Christmas or Kevin may edge the votes, I am sure a lot of the jury hates paul regardless of “game” or whatever bullshit people would call it. The stupid behavior paul was able to trick josh into performing would probably rule him out.

    • I can see him yeah i can because if the jurors were honest with themselves they would vote for him because he played the game and they may not like how he played but he still outplayed them and they didnt even try so yeah i can see paul winning!

  7. Fantasy scenario:

    – Josh is evicted.

    – Kevin reveals he is a Jedi Master and wins final HOH … evicts Xmas.

    – Using Jedi mind control, he forces Paul to tell the truth to the jury.

    – Horrified, yet confirming deeply held suspicions … the jury votes unanimously for Kevin.

    – Paul runs out the BB house crying and is never heard from again.

  8. Little that Paul knows that Xmas has been keeping some big secrets about what Josh has said, and Josh and Xmas may not be taking him if they can help it, I guess Paul has to make it , no matter what,
    the fake excuse for letting Kevin go is so badly scripted even for Paul , he knows it is not who has no blood . but who wins comps and makes moves. it is like they think everyone is new to big brother and never watched before, these lame excuses and changes the one game play Paul has, suddenly changes. His deal with alex was set but he did not bother getting her out,
    Even those who have played the game before must be thinking ,Paul who is eager to win gets out the only person who would ensure him a spot in final two.
    Well it would have been boring if Kevin was saved , we would not have the rating boost that Josh gives by saying he is after Paul and he is going to get him, which he has been saying that for weeks and weeks , and even got slapped in the face to wake up. And paul takes him to final three knowing he is wishy washy and sometimes can not think straight, He is not bad in comps , he does and can win, but he is not a threat,
    I wonder why they have not shown the jury, they usually have something , but I am sure when they arrived all hell broke loose,

    • Doesn’t matter what Josh said, if Paul feels the best chance to win is against Josh then that’s what he’s going to do.

    • i have wondered why the jury hasn’t been shown. I’m sure that it is a lot more lively there and would much rather have seen that then the disgusting HG’s that were left (minus Kevin). Maybe production is trying to work on the jury, so they will for sure vote for Paul.

      • I really think all hell broke loose, We have very hateful people this season, and no way are they going to greeted with open arms and hugs, They said and did some really nasty things to each other, Things that are not easily forgiven,

  9. Don’t know if Christmas will have followers as mean as she’s been. I hope she doesn’t go off on Kevin today like she said she was going to.

  10. I don’t think Josh deserves even 2nd place let alone the win. He’s just a lap dog, trained to do tricks. There was more strategic planning on xmas’s part than Josh throughout the game

    • That’s the first I’ve heard of that too. I thought for sure he was going to convince Christmas that they needed to whack Josh. Whichever way it goes, they won’t be mad at him because they want him to win more than they want themselves to win. The honor of playing next to Paul is winning enough to them I feel

  11. It has been pointed out a few times now in comments but this is actually Paul’s fifth veto of the summer not fourth. He won Path of Least Resistance, Under the Weather, Punch, Slap, Kick, BB Comics and Final Veto. That’s five not four.

    • Maybe Jason had to go home for some damage control, just saying.
      Oh and Kevin got sent to the DR, maybe he started getting debriefed on Jason’s disturbed fantasies :)

    • Yeah it is very strange that it has been very quiet on the jury house front since Mark left. Not much time to give us any updates between now and finale. My feeling is that production wants to remain coy about how the votes will go and perhaps it would be quite obvious with any type of look-in on the jury.

      • they did the early surprise eviction deliberately so there was no chance to record farewell messages before hand.

  12. “Ride or die”
    “No blood on my hands”

    These are phrases/words that I no longer want to hear spoken when this season is over. They join the ranks of:

    “Footloop Dingus”
    “Never cared”
    “But First”

  13. What do you guys bet Raven and her mom will be on Dr. Phill within a year or two either accepting or denying Munchausen by proxy syndrome in an effort to clean up her fraudulent public image.

    • I hope not, they need to be taken to task, quickly and disappear back into their real lives. I’m sure that won’t happen, meemaw mensa thrives on attention and will milk Rabies BB stint for all it’s worth.

      • LOL, I thought she couldn’t procreate, which is most likely a lie and we will hear that terminal tilly is knocked up in 6 months to a year and it will be touted as a miraracle!!!

      • Isn’t she wanting money to freeze her eggs? Of course, that’s after she travels and pays for a car. Got to get her priorities straight.

      • Ha haaa! Tgj told me they shut down her ” go fund me” page do to investigation so that’s why I predict that happening.

    • Raven bugged because i know someone who has gastropareisis legitimately and it is no joke! She made me sick trying to use that disease as a ploy for sympathy it is just way beyond! The disease is very harsh and if she truly had it makes me wonder how she could be in the Big Brother house!

      • There was a movie called Miracles From Heaven, it was based on the true story of a little girl who had that disease and made a miraculous recovery. That little girl was SICK! It was the only education I had about the disease. Raven’s symptoms were minor compared to hers!

  14. Only way I see Paul not winning is if Josh wins the final HOH and takes Christmas and not Paul. Kind of surprised Paul doesn’t want to keep Kevin because no chance of Kevin or Christmas beating him in the final HOH. Christmas is the person to take to the end because she hasn’t done anything. Still think she should have had to leave the game when she was injured and couldn’t compete in comps.

    • If Josh had the gonads to get rid of Paul he would be my hero. You are right about Xmas, we are down to the last week of the game and they are still playing comps she isn’t cleared for. She doesn’t belong there.

      • This is the first time I have ever seen them give someone that is injured the option to stay. If she can’t play the game then why was she allowed to stay? Josh waited too long and no one would have backed him to get rid of Paul. I can’t believe no one say that Paul was controlling them all sooner. Cody was the only one with the nuts to take a shot at Paul.

    • he had Josh bully everyone to the point that they all hate him that’s why Paul will take Josh. If he takes Christmas it wouldn’t be physical but easy for Christmas to play. but since all comps are something he has already played and won the final ones will be too this is why vets should not be brought in with new players

      • I totally agree about mixing vets and new players. I also hated the way they brought Paul back in and took away a new players chance. That was the start to what I consider a awful season. Like you said Paul has had a huge advantage in the comps having already played them. He knows little ins and outs and you could really see that last night in the veto. He was the only one that really had a social game this season. Still can’t believe everyone pretty much allowed him to control them. To me it all felt rigged especially the foot race HOH that Christmas won. Why didn’t anyone find it fishy that Kevin dropped out of that? I find it hard to believe these people are that stupid.

      • But they did and they got played it is that simple they let paul do that to them and i dont feel sorry for them at all! They had chances to get rid of Paul and no body did it so they get what they get!

      • Really wondering how much of this was production though. Everyone throwing the HOH was a bit hard for me to believe especially Kevin to go out first.

  15. It would be funny if Christmas gets wind that Paul wants to take Josh and she cuts Josh instead of Kevin(if she is the one in that position).

    • That would be euphoric for me, I hate Josh! Never seen a bully/crybaby, it’s counterproductive! Pick one or the other or have a seat.

  16. Wow. Paul has played all these comps before, particularly the comics and knows the strategy. This is like shooting fish in a barrel. The jury really needs to put a stop to this nonsense.

    • The jury should vote fairly between the F2, not by that, it’s sophomoric. If the jury were smart, Paul wouldn’t have gotten this far. So they should shelf any egotistical, petty reasoning and crown the more deserving winner of the F2. They have earned their premature demise to jury and Paul, (if he makes it) has earned his place in F2 and the win.

      • Au contraire. The jury should assert it’s authority and screw Paul to the wall. Why should Paul have the monopoly on egotistical, petty reasoning? He was absolutely cold blooded and the Jury should show him the same courtesy.

      • The jury if they are honest with themselves will realized they were outplayed by Paul and they should recognize his game play was better then theirs was and vote for him! They got played in the end and they just have to be honest with themselves!

      • There is no stipulation anywhere that requires the jury to reward who played the “better” game. If Paul created bitterness then the jury should vote that way.

      • Neither is there where bitterness should be considered. If that be the case, no winner should ever be crowned. Idk if you realize you’re making a moot point. We know it’s not a stipulation, and I understand your position, it just doesn’t hold much validity.

      • Paul outlined the parameters, anything goes. This wouldn’t be the first bitter jury and it wouldn’t be bitter if the HG felt they had been merely outplayed by Paul instead of humiliated, betrayed, and disrespected by a pampered megalomaniac. Paul’s argument doesn’t hold much validity.

      • Neither does yours so lets let the jury decide. If they swing your way, it would significantly cheapen the game so I hope that doesn’t happen.

      • True true! The way Paul played has been cowardly and disgusting but at the end of the day he played the game well. Granted he was given a handful of morons, But those morons are adults and they made their own choices.
        This is the season 19, not season one! They should’ve known better.
        I completely understand where you’re coming from, and it’s disgusting Paul will likely win but, he is truly the only one deserving. I don’t like a bitter jury so for me personally I hope that’s not how they vote! They can be pissed off for sure, they have every right to be but simply put, they got played & that is their own fault.
        Sidenote…… I am not a Paul cheerleader and have not been this entire season! He has disgusted me with many of his actions & mostly, his cowardly behind the scenes actions! He is just the best of the absolute worst.

      • Excellent points! There is nothing I dislike more (OK there is) but I hate a bitter Jury! They got played in a game!
        Paul definitely deserves it regardless of the way he went about playing, he always played it and quit it very well! Yes he is a coward & it was a very easy game for him to play but these people had no problems listening to Paul. This is not season one, this is season 19! These people should’ve known better and it really is just a simple as that.

      • So you do not like to see bitterness hmm ?
        Don’t look in the mirror then 😾
        It’s a joke !
        Or is it ?
        Hang loose haole 😸😸

      • Bein sur! In case you didn’t realize, this is Big Brother, not a sappy after school special with a lesson of morality or integrity nor shall it be reduced to a resolution of “tit for tatt”. Shall I remind you of it’s motto, “Play, or get played!”, seems being “cold blooded” is relative to the game right? It’s a term that’s cohesive with the motto. Let’s not hate but congratulate.;-)

      • People just don’t seem to understand BB, I will never understand it. All of this complaining about being underhanded, shady, lying, all of it. You are there to employ your wits, all of them, good and bad and win the damn game, not play bridge and drink tea!

      • They’re making a moot point. Smh It’s humorous to me! Lol whats the phrase, “drawing straws”? Lol

      • Not morality or integrity, but revenge. Since when has that not been a part of the game? It is time for Paul to reap the whirlwind.

      • Yea but that’s cheap. Certainly no rules against it however. That’s like going to the finest steakhouse and ordering pb&j. Lol

      • Yes Less! Season 1 didn’t have a jury, the winner was chosen by viewers. The point is, the jury isn’t a rubber stamp. They can do whatever they want, including denying the malignant gnome the win. Because it’s the game and the rules. For 18 seasons no less!

      • The jury should then decide what the hell they want just based on these comments for and against. The jury is not out of the game though ppl seem to think so. All they can’t do is win the top prize however, the person likely to win can still be screwed out of the money. That means you have to fight to the end and balance relationships in and out of jury. That being said, clearly Paul has skill for this game, however he chose to use that skill in the form of low class bullying and that is a problem. He could have instead use said skill in many other forms but did not. And as a result the jury, who are still in the game, has the right to exact revenge for that. Justifying Paul’s bully as game and then ridiculing revenge by the jury as cheap and sophomoric is a contradiction of point in itself.

        Hopefully future house guest aren’t so narrow minded to believe scandalous only comes in one form. You can bring the drama through all sorts of manners that will piss off fellow house guest and audience alike without driving a person into the ground. Here is to fans being able to note the difference. I am impressed by Paul’s skill, however I will not reward bullying and he will Not get my vote for AFP.

      • Good for you, thankfully you’re not apart of the jury. Anyways, I digress. I’ve debated my quota of venomous anti Paul rants for the season. Whether you, the jury or anyone agrees, Paul played the best game; Egotistical, sanctimonious, and bitter reasoning won’t change that, it may alter their votes but won’t change the fact, he outplayed them all. Hopefully the jury see’s things my way and not yours.

  17. I’m not a follower of the BB:US, but Christmas had contact with people outside the studio/house, so why was she allowed to return, when previous players weren’t?

    • She said on the feeds that she is blindfolded and has ear plugs in from the point she leaves the house for appointments until she gets to the doctor, and vice versa.

      • Except for my 2 months in a coma, I was aware of my surroundings and what people around me were saying and doing. Christmas had to have heard or seen something while in the hospital. Also, based on an actual incident that I witnessed while in the contestant pool of a game show, it’s VERY possible that she spoke to someone from the show. I wouldn’t put it past anyone from this season.

      • Does it matter at this point though? What could be said to her that would change the game? She isn’t acting funny or extra insightful, and she hasn’t changed any of her game play. The only thing that seems different is her getting closer to Paul and a little less close with Josh.

  18. This is all rigged for Paul to win! This is why they brought him back and he was given so many advantages! They wanted him to win!

  19. Christmas/Josh evict Paul…… In their speech they say “we wanted you (Paul) to have the full experience of big brother! You said you didn’t get the full experience because you never went to the jury house, now you can!” Ha ha

    • Hello tinalee, they said you have to be logged in to CBS for the vote to count, you are limited to 20 votes, they said you do not have to pay but you do have to sign in
      Unfortunately they asked for a birthday
      What year should I put with April 20 ???

      • Yesterday and the day before I voted at least 50 times before I got tired of it, lost count and stop voting. Today it’s start me at 20.

      • Yeah, I don’t know about that. I read all the fine print and it doesn’t say anywhere that we have to be signed in to our all access for our vote to count. I have voted every year, I live in Canada as you know and I have always been able to vote. I cannot sign up for all access anymore because I am Canadian therefore I cannot vote? Why would it allow me to vote then!? I don’t get it and I don’t believe it.

        Tons of past HGs have tweeted etc. to vote for Cody (or whomever) and none of them say “don’t forget to log into all access so your vote counts.” They would be damn sure to be saying that if that were the case.
        Jessica talks about it on her Instagram live feeds and she would definitely remind her fans to login and she hasn’t said a word about it. Maybe it’s true but I doubt it. Like I said, it’s letting me vote. Why would they just pretend my votes were accepted? And why wouldn’t Julie say to “log into your all access for your vote to count?”
        It just doesn’t make sense and if it doesn’t make sense then it’s probably not true. IMO

      • I am just the messenger, Big companies are run like a restaurant where 100 people prepare each dish, literally nobody knows what anyone else is doing . So if Raven does not make sense does that mean that she does not exist ??? Think Kevin will win Favorite and that BB will see to it that that happens no matter who votes what 😸

      • “If eaven does not make sense does that mean that she does not exist?” What do you mean by that?
        And you think Kevin will win America’s favourite HG regardless of the votes?
        I don’t agree. Because of social media, it’s difficult for BB to do things like that nowadays.

      • I had to look back to see what I meant 😾
        I was responding to your statement ” If it doesn’t make sense than it is probably not true “”
        Hmmmm Trump is POTUS which does not make sense yet unnervingly it is true . So we know at least, that there are exceptions to your rule TinaLee … So maybe Raven DOES exist 😸
        Please do not be harsh with me because, well I don’t like it ! 😸

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