Tonight On ‘Big Brother 19’: Week 10 Double Eviction

Julie Chen hosts Big Brother 19 Double Eviction

Tonight on Big Brother 19 we’re back with the second Double Eviction of the season! These are great fun, but be warned, these rarely go “well” for most viewers. Either way though, it’s a rushed night of events with two Houseguests set to leave and we won’t have days to sit around expecting how it’ll end.

If you haven’t seen a Double Eviction yet then you’re in for a treat. We’ll rush in to the night’s first eviction, and that doesn’t look good for the rodeo clown, then we’ll get a rapid fire new HoH and a pair of nominees. After that, with just six HGs left in the game, everyone will race out to backyard to fight for Veto. After that we’ll have just three eviction votes with no tie-breaker and another HG will be off to Jury.

Paul and company are hoping to pull a one-two punch of “Jalex” and send them both out the door. The odds are in their favor here so best of luck to Alex if she wants to survive the night. Then we’ll leave off without a new HoH and be waiting for late night results from the Feeds for those spoilers.

Things kick off at 9/8c and we’ll be here at 9PM ET with our live coverage so be sure to join us then for the recap as it happens to find out who goes home, wins HoH next, and which HG ends up being the second out the door.

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Join us back here at 9PM ET as we live recap the eviction show to discover who was voted out and who is the new Head of Household. What do you want to see happen in each of those outcomes?



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  1. I predict that the person evicted will be the one Paul wants (Alex). Unless she wins HoH or veto. Yeah, I know, bold prediction.

  2. I would like to see Josh get bold and get out Paul, but the sad fact is Paul’s minions will fight for him no matter what. So, it’ll more than likely be Alex leaving with her boy tonight.

  3. In a dumb turn of events, I bet you Alex will win HoH and king of BB, Kevin, goes home.

    TBH, Not sure why they kept her over Jason. With only day quizzes, endurance comps and memory comps likely coming up, she’s a for more formidable threat than Jason. I get that they (Paul) were worried he’d team up with Kevin but Kevin can’t seem to win anything…

    • Paul has more control over Alex and her actions. He can steer her into his next target if she gets safety. Worse case he is confident he has enough comps to take her out before final 3. Jason he has no control over he uses Alex to do it. So if she is gone Jason thinks for himself which is worse for Paul.

    • She’s under the spell and Jason went against the house last week when he wouldn’t renom Kevin. He’s rouge so he’s gotta go

  4. I wonder how many HGs, at the moment the DE is announced, will turn toward Paul for a comforting glance…and maybe a hint of instruction? As Gomer says, “Surprise, surprise, surprise!! Shazam!

    • His people know what he wants,
      He locks next weeks outcome right after veto of the week and sometimes before. They will all gun for Alex and if not her Kevin or Raven. During commercials after Jason goes he will have to work quicker with Alex to not go for revenge on josh and xmas. He will need to direct it to raven and kevin.

      • It will actually be interesting to see how he works her during that small window. She’s the most miniony minion, but the fights he’s staging with Xmas/Josh might actually make her want to put both up together if she’s HOH. I’m sure she’ll just do whatever he tells her though.

      • Ya she always buys what he is selling. He will say its the two of them against the house with Jason gone. His vote will back that up. He has her built in hate for Kevin and he will say Raven and josh voted for jason. So raven needs to go up against kevin with josh as back up. If she mentions xmas he will say she is not a comp threat and can go later. Bam he gets what he wants. Only if she win hoh. If she wins Veto, he has the other two votes locked and will sway hers if necessary to it.

      • Yeah, I’ve been wondering that myself. Would she FINALLY break from Paul’s spell once Jason is voted out? I mean, it seems that anyone would go after the person that blatantly lied to them, in this case Christmas. I guess we’ll see how blinded Alex is by Paul.

      • My guess? Very very blinded. And I can’t even root for her to wake up and flip the script, since she’s my least favorite HG. Which in this season says a lot.

  5. Hoping when Alex realizes she is the only one who votes out Kevin she will gun for hoh and veto and puts up Paul and Xmas.

      • The only thing that can both screw up Paul’s plans and confuse him in the DE at the same time is for Josh to vote out Kevin. Will it happen, the chances are NO it won’t but for arguments sake, what if it did? Would it put Paul in place and then make him play the game different or will it make him get his hands dirty and expose his game plan to the other HG’s who to be honest will still not see what is happening to them.

      • I have also run this scenerio, it may work out for Josh. Or if during the double eviction or before he tells Jason and Alex that Paul wants him to vote out Jason, and in the double they gun for Paul. The problem is they are all so brain washed nobody will believe them.

      • Josh vote has power but it will screw with him and xmas having an easy walk to final 3. Josh talking to Jalex about Pauls plan and the vote falls apart since Paul is voting for Kevin. Paul says Josh is blowing smoke and Jalex falls in line. Josh only hurts his game. Jalex needs to go before any of the 4 remaining should move on Paul.

      • Josh is already on Paul’s radar. Paul will take the path of least resistance to get to F2 and at the moment, Josh is in his way. Paul is seriously picking up speed here in the final couple of weeks but Josh is the sharp turn in his path. He will need Alex to take out Josh and then he can get Raven to win the following HOH (OK give it to her) to take out Alex. That will leave in F4 Kevin, Raven, Paul and Christmas. He will smooth things over with Christmas (not actually telling her that her and Josh was the last couple left who could derail his plans), that Josh was causing waves for them and needed to go. She will eat that up like a Cuban meatball. At F3 it will be Kevin, Paul and Christmas and I see Paul taking Christmas over Kevin but only because he is so well liked in jury.

      • I wonder if Paul won’t pull a fast one (if possible) during the DE and get Josh evicted…I can see Paul doing it…would not be surprised…

      • I already was thinking that. His excuse will be that Josh and Christmas is the last power couple left.

      • And he knows that Josh sees through him. Josh sees Paul double dealing behind his and Christmas back Josh is now a threat to Paul…

      • I think Alex being a comp beast puts her going before Josh in Pauls order. Josh will go to jury after she is gone, he needs Josh and himself to pull in wins to block Alex winning. If Alex win any power tonight Raven and Kevin will be targets with Kevin leaving. Otherwise its Alex out the door. Josh doesn’t have the votes to send Paul out even if he puts him up. If josh does anything to paul, paul can now use this against josh to get everyone back inline.

      • Yep. If Josh tried to tell Alex and Jason that they’d run to Paul quick as lightning. That’s how brainwashed Paul has all of them.

      • Josh has said to the camera that he is going to start playing his own game. No better time than the present.

      • Now you know all to well that Paul is already thinking that Christmas and Josh is the last power couple left after Jason leaves. He will target them sooner rather than later and Josh will be the main target if he doesn’t try to do something this week. If he doesn’t do it, Paul will steam roll on to the end as the winner. Josmas only saving grace now is for Josh to go rouge and vote out Kevin over Jason them team up with at least Jason.

    • Paul is putting his vote against Kevin. This will keep his influence over her and him in control of her. Xmas will break the tie.

  6. Sooo ya mean these fools have not conceded and thrown this season to Paul yet? Had to quit watching, this has ceased to be a game, it’s more of production scripting show!

  7. Josh is so close to playing his own game. Christmas may want to change her mind about Paul and it kind of like sounded that way last night.I think she will need at least Jason to help her and Josh to the end and it would be a major move to still break up Alex and Jason to pit them against each other at the same time.

  8. The time to tell Josh about the hurricane has come and gone, imo. The only reason to tell him would be if his family decided it was necessary and to give him the opportunity to go help.Too late to be going in there now and there is no need to upset him. He is such an emotional player. I can’t hep but think he is that way in real life. He would be tortured to know about it. I hope this monster of a storm starts moving northeast and keeps heading out to sea.

    • I was thinking the same thing. No need to tell him period unless a letter had came from home to ask them to tell him that. His family wants him to win and they won’t interfere with his dream.

      • I believe that 100%! Everyone is being totally compliant here in Fla (and some folks are a bit manical), but people are evacuating; hospital patients are being airlifted out of the Keys; I95 & I75 are nothing but bumper-to-bumper coming North (23 miles/hr). I’m certain his family must be compiling – the one advantage we have over folks in Tornado Alley is we have days to prepare and/or leave. Praying for everyone’s well-being here, Tx, Montana, the Carribean and anywhere disasters are occurring. 🙏

  9. With Jason voted out and hgs learning it’s a DE, Paul might not have time to convince Alex to throw it. If she wins, who would she put up? Kevin and Raven, Kevin and Josh? Or will a light go on and she guns for Paul? Now if Kevin by some small chance gets HOH he might be only one to put up Paul.

    • I think Jason get evicted is gonna be a wake up call for Alex…hopefully her regret that Jason was evicted won’t cloud her judgement in finally seeing the truth…

      • Unless Josh speaks up, his hands and Xmas’ will be dirty and Alex will go for them instead of Paul.
        Unless Paul is forced to win, I predict Alex will win HOH tonight. Nobody except Xmas will be comfortable to throw it immediately after a controversial eviction with another eviction lurking.

      • And remember, Paul will have no time to do his “jury management” after Jason is booted. (Josh has reluctantly agreed to start a fight after the Veto results so Paul can put on this performance for Alex.) Buuuutttt, with the announcement that it’s a DE, Alex may go for the HOH win – being pissed Jason is gone and ‘Kevin-stuck-in-her-craw’ is still there! J/P/A have their plans in place for ALL the remaining HoHs and evictions, but those plans may not work since Paul uses the following days to soothe/manipulate people …. maybe this will be an exciting night!

      • Since this season has been so predictable with PAUL’s eviction plans being religiously followed by the sheep, I’d love to see something tonight that throws a major wrench in his plans!

    • I hate that Julie tells them early on, I wish she would only tell them it is DE when they go outside to compete.

      • I think the perfect time would be right after they have voted and before she announces the results of the vote. “Houseguests, before I announce the results, I have another announcement to make. There will be another eviction tonight. Yes, this is a DE.”

      • Yes, that will create the best drama. Imagine after the announcement Jason is evicted, then straight to the game.
        Josh might suddenly become Paul’s target.

      • Ugigi, for some reason, your posts never show up on the threads(for me anyway) unless I have reloaded my page. Odd.

      • Problem is once you have the votes at the very beginning the HGs would automatically know its a DE. Normally you have some of the votes, then a pause, then the rest and another pause. With DE it’s all the votes right away because you have to do another HOH, veto and eviction

      • Julie usually announces it to the house as early as the opening salvo, “Good evening house guests. Tonight is double eviction night. Let’s get things going.”

      • They would know right away anyway. Usually they vote at about 6:35 for a regular eviction, but vote at 6:10ish for a double. The early vote would give it away.

    • Everyone would have to have an open session and honestly tell each other Paul is taking them to the end for Paul to even go to Jury. With him eliminating couples he is everyones final 2, he has more friendship and loyalty built into each individual then the rest do with each other. Kevin or Josh dont have the votes to send Paul to jury yet at final 5 they could.

    • I don’t think Paul would let her be blindsided. He’s going to talk her up right before the eviction to be like “Jason is gonna go. The vote is gonna be split, and Christmas is going to vote to evict Jason”. He’s going to cover that base.

      I think if she wins HoH she returns the favor by nominating either Josh/Christmas and putting them up against Kevin. That’d be a win/win for her because in ANY scenario (even one where the veto takes Josh/Christmas out of contention where I think she’d put up Raven) one of her targets goes home. Either Josh, Christmas or Kevin goes.

  10. I really hope that Josh messes things up big time and votes to evict Kevin, then that blows up the tie that Paul so desires. Then if Josh can pull it off to get Alex and Jason on his side it will be those 3 against Paul, Xmas and Raven. That would be ba.

    • I don’t think Josh would go against Christmas, she would have to agree for him to do that. I don’t think at this point he cares about going against Paul but Christmas is another story

      • Josh is his own person,,, He does not have to answer to Christmas…that is the problem with the idiots still in the house they think they have to blab all thoughts and actions to a “shadow”…Josh needs to entertain the thought that he is capable of deciding his own fate…and then act on it..

      • Josh said last night that he is going to start playing his own game. Now would b the time to start.

    • How would Josh turn Alex and Jason against Paul? “Paul wanted Jason gone this week and as proof that Paul wanted Jason out, Paul pulled Alex down at veto and voted to evict Kevin.” I don’t think that argument turns them against Paul.

      • How so? Paul saved Alex at veto and she is loyal to Paul. Paul just voted to keep Jason and he is loyal to Alex. Raven will do whatever Paul tells her. Christmas has shut down Josh whenever he tried to talk against Paul. Kevin is voted out so he won’t be there. Whose vote would Josh have?

      • If Josh turned and voted for Kevin, he could likely get Alex and Jason on board by spilling his guts about their (C and Jo) alliance with Paul and tell them Paul’s plan to bounce Jason, followed by Alex. It wouldn’t take much convincing to get Jason on board, I don’t think. Once Jason was convinced, maybe Alex would be on board.

        Disclaimer: I hope they follow through and dump Jason followed by Alex because I cannot stand Evil Alex. But, if they somehow snagged Paul and got him booted, I’d be fine with it :)

      • I don’t see how that works. Josh tells Alex and Jason about their alliance (Jo,C,&P) and that it was Pauls plan to get rid of Jason. Paul denies it, points out that he pulled Alex down at veto, and voted to save Jason. Paul says that those are not moves of someone trying to get Jason out and that Josh is making up a really bad lie. Considering Paul can show his actions are saving Alex and Jason, why would they believe Josh? Since Xmas won’t listen to Josh when he tries to talk about Paul, I doubt that she would back Josh if it came to that. And Raven just says whatever Paul tells her.

      • What I can’t understand is why Christmas isn’t hearing what Josh is telling her about jury votes. Seems like all she is willing to settle for is to get to the 3, so she could care less about jury votes, now Josh on the other hand is playing to win it all. Paul’s focus for the past few weeks is making himself look innocent and good on those that are in the jury. (they haven’t really had much todo with the jury this season) lol
        Here is what my take away from last nights show, Paul and Alex are going to vote Kevin out, and Josh and Raven are suppose to vote out Jason, with the tie … Christmas will vote out Jason. If Josh changes his vote to Kevin, then Kevin is out. It is too bad it is DE it would be nice if Josh enough time to let Alex and Jason know what the grand plan was and how Josh spoiled it. Should Kevin be evicted as soon as it is announced Josh will be on Xmas and Paul’s hit list, all that Josh has to say to Jason and Alex is to look at Xmas and Paul’s face during the eviction announcement, they will not be able to hid their emotions. Josh is a smart cookie, since many of the folks that have posted similar ideas on this post, I firmly believe Josh is all over it. It is long shot, but it would be awesome if they could pull it off. I never thought I would be rooting for Josh. lol Sometimes I think that off camera some HG make deals, like bribing their way to the win. 500K is a lot of money, I will give you 10K if you help me win, etc.

  11. How has Paul done this?? I’ve never seen anything like it. The closest would be Derrick for me, because his cast was dumb too. The dumbest in that cast was Cody for the obvious reason.

    • The only dumb things Cody did was 1.) Try and put up Paul without involving his alliance (thanks in part by BB for allowing Paul to get such a huge advantage with the 3 weeks of safety), and 2.) Letting the relationship with Jess cloud his game.

      Cody is in no way the dumbest in the cast simply because you don’t like him. The followers of Paul were CLEARLY the dumbest of all time: Matt, Raven, Josh, Christmas, Alex and Jason, and even Kevin. Matt has already paid and Jason is next, likely followed by Alex and then the rest. He’ll be taking Raven with him to F2 given the chance.

      (Time will tell whether or not all the people in my “dumb” list will remain there)


  13. I’m ready for the finale and hoping for some real and honest interviews. Nothing interesting happening from now until then so double eviction this week and the next.

  14. Is BB on tonght because my guide shows football is on instead and i can’t find it on at a later time? Help please!!

  15. Well tonight will show if Josh is going to start playing his own game or if that was all an act encouraged by production. If he votes Kevin out and blames it on Raven then yes he’ll play his own game. Otherwise he’ll do whatever Paul says until he’s evicted.

  16. What will happen if Kevin ends up going? Will everyone see who’s enemy número uno? Si?
    Hahahahaha…………… or no comprendo?

    Stay tuned…….if you don’t have football on instead of Biiiiiigggg Brrroootther!

    Heh heh

  17. Anyone know the television schedule for NY City on Sept 7. Football on tonight on CBS and no listing for delayed broadcast or alternative channels.

  18. Get the hell rid of PAUL.
    That bully needs to go.
    The puppet master needs to go.
    Send Paul packing, by backdooring him with the second eviction!
    Please, Josh have the grapefruits and rid the house of Paul.

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