Big Brother 19 Eviction Prediction: Who Is Going Home Week 10?

Jason Dent and Kevin Schlehuber on the BB19 Block

There are four votes this week in the first of two eliminations on Big Brother and little doubt over who will be off to Jury after Round 1 of tonight’s Double Eviction. Jason and Kevin face off for a looming tie-breaker and it’s easy to see who will be voted off Big Brother 19 tonight.

Christmas will be standing by as the tie-breaker and Paul’s plan to put her in to play hasn’t shifted. He’s looking to vote alongside Alex to go against Kevin while Josh and Raven vote against Jason. That’ll tee us up for 2-2 and put the decision on Christmas.

Christmas is prepared to take the blame and vote out Jason leading us in to the F5. Her actions along with Josh being posed as the flip vote will put the blame on the two of them for Jason’s departure while Paul will try to position himself with Alex as her last ally.

I do not see any likely chance of a flip here even though it wouldn’t take much. Josh has been getting misty-eye’d over the idea of blindsiding Jason to the point that you almost wonder if he’s considering a surprise shift. It just doesn’t make sense for his game though. If Alex was still up there then maybe Josh would flip and send her out over Jason, but Josh is not going to evict Kevin, the weaker competitor, and keep Jason+Alex in the game. Won’t happen. He knows better.

From there we’ll head in to the second round of the Double Eviction. With Jason gone and Christmas as the outgoing HoH there are just a few possible scenarios.

Alex, Josh, Paul, Kevin, and Raven will all be eligible to win HoH. Paul doesn’t want to win this so he can go blame free in his play-all-sides game. Maybe he would if he had to, but I don’t really think he has to. Paul is insulated in all directions from getting nominated much less evicted tonight. He won’t be going to Jury this round (or probably at all, really).

The biggest target of the second round is obviously Alex. Josh, Kevin, and Raven would all target her. Again, so would Paul but we’ve been over that. If any of those three get HoH then Alex would probably go right up, but Paul has been making the case to use two pawns, likely the remaining two in that group of three, so Alex isn’t tipped off that she’d be the target. With everyone playing Veto in the second round it doesn’t particularly matter if Alex is nominated upfront or not, but that’s just more of Paul playing the mindgames here.

Paul is going to try to convince Alex to throw the HoH comp saying that he wants to get the win and avenge Jason for the two of them, but once/if Alex is out then watch for Paul to “oops!” drop right out so one of his minions can do the dirty work.

Top pick for me in the second eviction will be Alex. After that I’d say either Raven or Kevin would go. Those two are interchangeable and disposable to the group. Josh isn’t disposable for Paul and Christmas so I don’t think he’s a likely evictee.

There will be only three votes to evict in the second round which means if Paul and Christmas are together in the voting gallery then they control the eviction. Since both of them want to keep Josh as their F2 goat, he won’t be going anywhere and they’ll send out one of the other three instead. That should cover all the most-likely’s for tonight.

Join us here tonight at 9PM ET to watch, but while we wait share your thoughts on what you expect.


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  1. I’m still buying the fact that Kevin would be a F4 pick. He can hardly win anything. If they end up sending Kevin home this DE, then that would further prove that either HGs are really only playing for their short term game. The two people that SHOULD be the second one out the door tonight are Alex OR Raven. If both are safe somehow, then Paul should go. This might not actually happen, but Paul would be a much bigger threat long term than Kevin.

  2. If Alex wins HoH and noms Kevin, the only way I could see Kevin stay is if he’s up against Raven. In almost any other HoH scenario I think Alex goes.

      • That’s true! And he does have a reinvigorated sense to play for himself (if yesterday’s episode is any indication).

        I do think his chances in a veto really depend on what the veto comp is. He did well in the “haunted house” veto comp, so maybe if the Veto is one of those ones where you have to dig and retrieve something (like it was for bb16 and bb18) he could be fine. If it’s one of those skills ones (like the ball rolling POV form BB17) he could be in trouble.

        To answer your edited question, I think Alex would nominate Kevin and someone from the Christmas/Josh duo to go OTB. In the event Kevin takes himself off, she’d nominate the remaining person from the duo, and Josh would go home.

      • Raven goes. That would make me very happy. She’s annoying. But if Paul went (which will never happen) that now would make me extremely happy. :-).

  3. Why are Kevin and Raven interchangeable? Raven is willing to follow Paul’s lead and Kevin is not, or so he said. Raven seems safer than Josh for him now doesn’t she?

    • I felt this all along. Paul never made a firm plan to get rid of Raven, I’ve always felt she is his final 2. She is the one that will vote with Paul no matter what. Even Paul says Raven is the one that doesn’t think just parrots what I tell her even if she doesn’t understand it.

      • I don’t think he’d ever take her to F2 if he has the choice. He’s talked about with others that she would win. He thinks they all feel bad for her.

      • I feel like Paul might prefer Josh or Christmas in F2, because Josh & Christmas have at least played the game, but they can’t win against Paul. So Paul doesn’t look like a total douche bringing someone like Raven or Kevin along to F2 if he gets an option. Raven only got started talking strategy, etc., after Matt left. Kevin hasn’t won anything. Having said that, Paul got burned last year by taking Nicole to F2, because he couldn’t stand that James didn’t play the game. Might not make that mistake again, and will take his lamest duck (Raven) to the end.

      • The reason Paul gives for not taking James is just an excuse. James would have beat him worse in F2.

      • Not a fan of Lames, but I can easily see him getting the 5 or even 6 votes he would have needed to beat Paul in F2.

      • Maybe I’m not remembering right, but thought he was losing comps big time, no? And ‘lames’, lol.

      • Lames was losing comps and was/is a total pest. But Paul chose Nicole not because of that, but because he knew he had a better chance of beating her.

      • Paul talked so much during the game, about his disgust for James, throwing all the comps & openly saying he just wanted to be America’s Favorite. He got on Paul’s last nerve, big time. Constantly running around doing pranks on everyone. Paul couldn’t stand him, or the idea of bringing him to F2.

      • I’m sure Paul would have let all those negative emotions about Lames slide for an extra $450,000. He knew he wouldn’t beat Lames.

    • As much as that would make great tv , it won’t happen. Paul will not leave josh alone, plus josh unless it has been hidden has talked to no one about voting out Paul. If josh tries it wil be f4.

    • I would love to see someone’s balls drop and have them put Paul up. Just amazing how no one has figured out what Paul is doing or had the spine to put him up. Paul will walk away with the money this season. So far he is the only one that has earned it.

    • I hope so too, but my feeling is the ONLY way to Evict Paul is a scenario where both Josh and Christmas can cast a vote to evict. Because Alex and Raven will, in my opinion, always vote to keep him. So I think the only REAL scenario where he goes home is if Kevin wins HoH and Raven/Paul are OTB OR if Raven wins HoH and Paul/Kevin are OTB (which is extremely unlikely)

      • But, in reality, the only way to get him out is a scenario where the sole vote to evict is either Josh or Kevin.

      • I hear ya Coach, and I agree, I just hate when it is this far in the game and floaters have been carried for a snake run, just don’t like it. Next season I hope I never hear the words Minion, bullying, liar, I mean come on people, this is BIG BROTHER!

    • Shut. The. Front. Door. Surely she’s not talking about Paul! I would like to see what she said right before “…and my heart starts to flutter…”
      I think she was talking about her ex fiancé because she’s says that when she gets out, she’ll realize if she’s still heartbroken or if she’s healed. I think it is made to look like she’s talking about Paul because she sees him for a minute on the cam and just pauses to say “Paul makes me smile.” I think it was a combination of not hearing the beginning and the coincidence of Paul walking by that makes us think, hmmm, maybe she is talking about Paul? But probably not, IMO. Sigh…that would have been fun :)

    • She is just horny. Once she gets out she will be dry humping and scissoring with every woman in sight.

    • She’s engaged and postponed her wedding which was supposed to be Sept 3rd so she could be on BB. When I was watching this on the feeds at first she was talking about game and her heart all in it. I’m going to rewatch because I got something different from it. Need to watch from the very beginning. And she’s talked about her heart being broken but not by Paul by her fiancé. But google and see a pick of her fiancé. He looks just like Paul. Weird.

  4. Kevin winning and putting Alex & Paul OTB would be interesting. If
    noms stay the same Alex would go and Paul wouldn’t have to vote her out, which means even less blood on Paul’s hands. Its not likely to happen b/c Kevin would have to win something. If Alex wins Paul will tell her to put Raven & Kevin OTB, if one comes down then they would be replaced with Xmas or Josh, so that duo should be safe tonight

    • Hard to imagine Kevin starting to win anything now, but if he did, and put Alex & Paul up, that would be fun to see.

      • This is why Josh should have talked to Kevin. I think Kevin would be okay with Paul going if he only knew Jason, and josh were on board. The issue is these people don’t talk or master Paul forbids them to talk. He threatens them if they talk they are gone, what if 3 of them talked? Paul can’t get rid of 3 at once.

      • Didn’t you see his comments to Jason last night? He said no one has the balls to go after him b/c they’re too insecure. I’m thinking Kevin could win the math comp; they usually have it in the DE

  5. Best time to evict Paul is this week at DE so he doesn’t have a lot of time to strategize. This week may be their last hope.

    • Correct, but Paul has already put plans in place and talked to everyone about his plans. No one like josh has talked to anyone else about votes if Paul goes up. No way josh will chance it now, his on,y shot is f4 and Xmas is the vote.

  6. with the way the puppets have volunteered to be pawns on the block this season……you would think one of them might notice that Paul has not been on the block yet nor has he volunteered to be in a pawn position. Put him up and vote him out. Oh, no that can’t happen…..he would have to tell them to.

    • He tells them that he volunteered ( he told maven, that Jason was considering him a pawn ) and wasn’t chosen or says sneaky stuff like I’ll go on the block but they might vote me out and the. You guys will be without me, so should I go Up? Or should someone else.

    • In Christmas’s nomination speech last night she specifically stated that ONLY Kevin has not been on the block! I don’t know if she said that because she just didn’t want to say, “Only two of you have never been on the block so I choose you, Kevin” or what but it sounded to me like she didn’t realize Paul hasn’t been on the block. That’s just one more way Paul will win, with his ability to say he’s never been on the block. These people are ignorant.

      • yeah, right after that it shows paul commenting about ‘not being on the block’, like nobody’s paying attention to him

      • Since he won veto, he wasn’t eligible to be nominated, so maybe that’s why she only mentioned Kevin.

  7. Anyone think Kevin might still throw it all away & self-evict tonight, as he told Jason he wanted to do?

  8. Do you think they will tell Josh about Hurricane Irma since it could impact his family ….

    • No I don’t think they will, if after the storm hits there is some family emergency like injury they will tell him and he can choose to leave or stay.

  9. THe rest of bb 19 will go down exactly has Paul has scripted. Boring when you know what is going to happen. What drew me to BB initially and made me a fan was that is was unpredictable, hasn’t been this year at all and I am loosing interest sad to say.

  10. Doesn’t really matter. This show is fixed to go along with what americas comments are and to get the best ratings. Why do you think most of the house is dumb enough to trust Paul so much!!!!!!! It’s all fixed!

    • I agree it is probably fixed, but no based on our, or America’s, comments. Otherwise, Paul would be gone.

  11. An hour or more ago they cut to fish, dog pound on now. Says “BB filming something that will be awesome.” WHAT would they be filming now on evict night?
    1:25 pm Chicago time (central)

      • There were 3-4 in kitchen, Jason, Christmas, Paul was making coffee. Jason was talking. One thing Jason said was that he would make coffee tomorrow morning. (hehe Thursday morning, he may be gone).

  12. cant wait for Alex to get evicted in the 2nd eviction. i hope she gets booed by the audience

  13. I don’t think after Alex gets blindsided with Jason going she throws HOH. And if she’s not HOH and does get put up I guarantee she fights for the veto. Hopefully Raven goes next. I can’t stomach watching her on the feeds anymore.

    • I speculated the same thing in another post. Alex will be stunned that Kevin (the guy she hates is still there and angry about Jadon getting BD’d) … It really should make her go for the HOH … unfortunately, Paul may get to her between the Lvng Rm & BY and tell her the plan can still work – just throw the comp.

  14. After Jason is gone, I would love to see Kevin, Josh and Alex compare notes on douchenozzle Paul. One of them win HOH and then put up Paul and 12/25. Send him home. All a pipe dream…

  15. Unless someone turns on Paul, he is going to win it. With that being said these guys are stupid to allow Paul to run their HOH’s. He deserves to win, non of the others have proven they deserve it.

  16. I have this weird feeling Josh may go rogue tonight. Therefore, Kevin ends up going home instead of Jason and no tie-breaker is required. I hope that after Kevin, then it will be Paul that’s sent to jury. No time for Paul to even counterattack. Best blindside ever! Josh could very well win this season if he can pull this off.

    • That would be epic and could make tonight one of the best DE’s ever.

      But I’m not going to hold my breath. I’ve pretty much lost all faith in this group making a big move.

      • The DR has been planting seeds in Josh lately…and Josh has been talking to Christmas about it. That’s a start. I cannot wait to see this unfold even though most of this plan was hush hush since Paul cannot know anything. Loose lips sink ships and since Paul’s constantly butting in here and there, not much can transpire all at once. Pieces do!

      • Yeah…. and instead Josh just cried and second guessed himself as he followed right along with Paul… SMH

    • Sure, Josh could keep Jason and piss off Paul. And then, because Paul voted to keep Alex, he stays in good graces with Jalex and teams up with the 2 of them to win the next HoH. Now Josh will have the 3 strongest competitors of the season coming after him, and competing in the veto ceremony today.

      Then, all they need is 2 votes to evict Josh, which the 3 of them can pull off since only the HoH and noms don’t vote, and Josh is sent packing with Kevie tonight.

      • But think about this. Cody said in jury that whoever takes Paul out and is in F2 deserves to win. That could very well be Josh. Josh needs to make this move tonight , win HoH and put Paul and Alex on the block as they’ll be too dumbfounded to even think Josh had the cojones of pulling something like this off. Everyone has underestimated Josh’s power for too long. He just needed the right numbers to strike. I’m saying it could happen. It’s even baffling me to thinking he might take that shot.

      • If Alex and Paul are on the block, one of them are winning veto (competing against Josh, Xmas, Raven and Kevin).

        And Josh won’t have the votes to get out Paul. I think all 3 would vote to keep Paul over Alex.

      • I felt bad for Jason when Josh said “I feel alone,” and Jason was like “me too.”

        Meanwhile, Alex is blissfully ignorant and unaware her ride-or-die is getting the boot in 2 hours.

      • It is…I was 24 and engaged to be married at that time (been married to the same feller now for 30 some odd years). A professional photographer took them while I waited on my friend getting dressed in different outfits as she put her modelling portfolio together. He offered to take a few of me for free, so gave me a mink stole to wear around my neck for the head shot! LOL

      • Why thank you ma’am! I still look somewhat the same today…just a few more age spots on my face is all..but no grays (or whites) showing enough to stand out over the red hairs! LOL

  17. For the DE, I’m guessing…

    If Raven (i.e. Paul) wins: Alex & Kevin go up, Alex goes home unless she wins veto. Paul votes….probably for Alex, Xmas and Josh vote against her.

    If Josh or Kevin wins: Alex & Raven go up, Alex goes home unless she wins veto. Paul votes for Alex, Xmas and Kevin/ Josh vote Alex out.

    If Paul wins: Kevin and Raven or Alex go up, Alex goes home.

    If Alex wins: Kevin and Josh go up, if either win veto then Xmas goes up and Kevin is voted out.

    • Paul will throw the HOH. No reason for him to win. Even if someone were to nominate him, they wouldn’t have the votes to evict him.

      • Paul doesn’t stand a chance to win this HoH anyways, didn’t you hear? Josh says that he’s going to “gun for it and win it !” LOL

  18. 1st – Sorry for the length – I’m excited! For all your BB vets, let me say: #SCENARIOS :)
    No way Alex throws HoH. I would be surprised if Paul pulls THAT off. She’s going to be steamed & scared about Jason. But will still (say it with me) #TRUSTPAUL.

    I think Alex wins HOH but the girl hates Kevin, will be #P!SSED at Joshmas & will still cling to her buoy, Paul (pun intended).

    Maybe (let’s get freaky here) since Josh is making Paul nervous…
    Paul lays the lion’s share of the blame (Jason getting the boot) on Josh (the logic is that he is the stronger competitor of Joshmas)…

    Paul has her nominate Kevin (target) and Raven (yawn – pun intended). No eyebrows raised.
    Josh has no horse in the race – Everyone knows Alex hates Kevin and Alex can sell it that she is gunning for him without a doubt. “Sit up there & suffer all week!” (though Alex’s words won’t be as kind).

    Everyone plays POV but they throw it to Paul who may or may not throw it to Alex or her little spunky self may just outright win it.

    Paul talks Alex into saving Raven and putting up Josh so that Kevin and Josh are OTB.
    This way, she gets to make Josh suffer some, too, for taking out her cowboy buddy.
    Xmas & Josh be #PISSED at your boy but he can say he’s still working on Alex…that she told him she despises Kevin but she wants Josh to feel the heat…that Kevin is her target for sure….She wanted to go to the end with Jason but Paul will do….

    Kevin gets to sweat – to Alex’s delight.
    But for Josh to be renom’d – Josh will know the gig is up, regardless of what smoke Paul shotguns him. Xmas will #TRUSTPAUL.
    On the bright side, Josh’s DRs will be simply delightful. No #fakefight now, buddy.

    Paul & Raven VTE Josh (not tie). Josh tries to blow up Paul’s game on the way out the door.
    He goes into the Jury House hot.

    Yes, Xmas will be mad/upset but Alex can’t win the next HoH – so “girl power” (against Paul) won’t be in play yet, if ever.
    Paul will tell some b.s. to Xmas that Josh told Alex and Raven and Kevin and Paul “just found out before the show” so he couldn’t tell her. He’ll pet her and assure her that she is his ride-or-die to the end. He will carry them both to the end and Kevin and Raven will be the rest of their F4, he promises. #TRUSTPAUL

    However, Paul & Raven can win next HoH… Alex will be in danger.
    Raven “wins” (or whatever you call what Xmas did) and nominates Kevin & Alex, since Alex is likely to win POV anyway.

    This way, if Alex wins POV, she can only save herself (not herself & Xmas, were she nominated next to Kevin instead). If she saves herself, Xmas goes up. Paul & Raven decide who goes home between Xmas and Kevin. [And if Alex wins next HoH, she takes out Kevin.]

    If Paul wins POV, he saves Kevin, if he uses it, and Xmas goes up.
    Kevin & Raven VTE Alex. Paul VTE Xmas and tells Xmas he is doing that for the sake of optics, so the others won’t know that she is his ride-or-die. He may have to pinch her nose to make her swallow but she will, whether or not she likes the taste. Meanwhile, Alex knows Paul did all he could do for her and goes to the jury hoping Paul wins it all!

    That leaves Paul, Raven and 2 of the following: Xmas, Kevin, Alex.

    If Meatball leaves, I don’t think Paul wants to risk Xmas trying to hitch a ride with Alex. Remember, Xmas needs 2 solids to take her to F3/F2. She has been grooming Josh to take her to F2 so thanks, Paul! Lol

    • First of all, did you get ‘talk to text app? lol I read it all, it’s a good read as always…thank you, Nostradamus.

    • The funny thing is, even if Josh tries to “blow up” Paul’s game (like he for some reason thinks he did to Elena), I don’t think it will work.

      Paul has told ALL of his allies that he is going to make the other people in the house feel like they are allies with him. He tells Raven he’s going make Alex feel like she’s an ally of his, then tells Xmas he’s going to make Raven feel like his ally, and tells Alex he going to make Kevin feel like an ally, etc….he has kind of bullet-proofed any “blow-up.”

      • I agree. And if Josh goes to Jury heated, oh well. Paul may not get his vote but if that is the only one he doesn’t get, he’s good. I’d rather lose a jury vote than land in jury myself.
        Josh says he’s a super fan and says Paul is playing a great game and Paul has made himself look like a good buddy to have IRL so maybe Josh gets over himself and votes for Paul to win anyway. If he tells everyone what he knows about Paul’s orchestrations, they’ll probably give him a slow clap with their mouths agape.
        I think he’ll simmer down.

      • I agree – I think Josh also likes to think he’s extra smart and above things, so he could vote for Paul thinking he’s being a “big man.”

      • If Josh was the super fan he claims to be He would not be riding behind Christmas on the scooter and hanging on to Pauls floatie…The only way Josh is a true superfan is to break away from them and play his own game…

      • The problem is that Josh would need the votes and everyone else seems to be under Paul’s spell.

    • I’m thinking that Paul will pull a fast one if possible and get Josh out on the #2 DE…Josh is on to Pauls game which makes Josh a threat and somebody that can blow up all Pauls upcoming plans…We will see…

    • If Josh gets sent to jury does Paul need to worry that all that effort he put in to be in good favor with jury will be undone? Also, Christmas talking to camera last night saying she has gotten close to Alex and enjoying their time together but has to target her. If Josh tries to switch sides any chance Christmas would? Too late and she’s loyal to Paul, right?

    • So what if Josh goes rogue tonight and chooses to upset the plans Paul and Xmas want and Kevin goes instead of Jason. Then what? Don’t say it’s not a possibility. It could happen.

  19. Do Alex/Jason know that Jason’s going home yet or do they still think Kevin’s going home? If you’re Christmas/Josh/Raven, you know you’re the bad guy/girls since Paul essentially hung you out to dry and there’s nothing you can do about it. Do you just let them know now or wait until the eviction and tick them off?

    • Alex & Jason don’t know.

      Josh wants to tell Jason, but Paul told him not to say anything until right before the eviction.

      Xmas doesn’t care about getting heat, and as someone here said, might want to use this as an opportunity to say she made a big game move.

      • Well of course Paul wants that, it makes Josh and Xmas look worse. Josh should just tell them now. I mean Xmas already said Jason was her target during the nomination ceremony it shouldn’t be that much a surprise.

      • Wasn’t it just last week that Paul was saying to Josh that Kevin was being nice to Matt on his way out to get jury votes and that Josh should call him out on it? Now Paul’s essentially doing the same thing with Jason!

      • The problem is why won’t Christmas even listen? I think Josh would be willing to give Christmas a half million dollars (assuming he knows no one will vote for him to win) if she would let him). I think Josh is literally going to have to shove the half million in Christmas’s mouth to get her to take it.

      • Because her head is shoved so far up Paul’s butt…it wasn’t always, though…and that’s what has been frustrating Josh to no end.

      • But Paul’s doing it this time :)

        In reality, Josh can try to call out Paul – but the difference between Paul and Kevin is that Kevin had NO contact with Matt until then, therefore everyone could see what Kevin was doing.

        Paul on the other hand has a relationship/ apparent friendship with Alex and Jason (and an alliance unknown to everyone else), and everyone else in the house is now kind of on their own (lost their ride-or-die and have no other alliance than with Paul).

      • Well, Kevin suspects that’s the plan, but no one has told him exactly what’s going on. He’s trusting Paul.

      • Kevin don’t trust Paul or he wouldn’t be throwing hints to Jason…And he has throwed Pauls name around..

  20. It’s pretty incredible that one of the weakest, most worthless and delusional – not to mention mentally unstable – players in the history of BB (Josh) is the only person questioning Paul’s motives/ trying to challenge him
    ….WHILE the 2 strongest players of the season besides Paul want to go to final 3 with him, and have said they’re ok losing to him at F2.

    AND, the ride-or-die (Xmas) of the person questioning Paul is shutting down any talk of going against Paul.

    • I can see Xmas shutting it down. Paul is her easy ride to F2 (as is Josh).
      She’s trying to keep the family together.
      She has been grooming Josh to take her over Paul to F2 and he would, I’m sure.
      She has reason to believe that Paul, too, would take her to F2 – at least F3.
      Who else in the house will carry her (physically) to the end? If she stages a coup somehow, and Paul gets sent packing to Jury…what next? In physical comps, everyone beats Xmas. Kevin might want to work with her and Josh but he’s playing for F3 only. They already are taking out Jason so doubt Alex will want to trust Xmas enough to work with Joshmas now (before maybe).
      Paul is their ride, too (Raven and Alex). If Joshmas did out Paul someway, Raven doesn’t want F3 with Joshmas – it pays the same as Jury without the nookie.
      Anyone who partners with Joshmas would be playing for F3 and would have to beat Josh to advance to F2.
      Not saying it’s “right”. But I can see why she sees keeping Paul as necessary.
      I think she knows she’s playing for 2nd place. The others – no idea why they are like that. None.

      • Ehhh….I agree that Paul is her easy ride to F2, but Josh, bless his heart, would be like trying to skateboard up a mountain. He can’t win ANYthing (unless by luck).

        Paul’s an Uber driver inviting her into the passenger seat of his Porche

      • Trying to get everyone to throw the comp:
        Paul: “Raven, you drop first. Kevin, you drop after her. Then you drop, Xmas, and I’ll win.”
        Josh: “What about me? I should throw it, too, right?”
        Paul: “Josh, you just play.”

  21. Interesting to watch for tonight: Paul has everyone convinced he’s only really working with them and he’s been amazing at having isolated conversations with everyone to build that lie (and they’ve been too stupid to have conversations with each other to check his story.)

    But DEs are chaotic with all the huddle ups and side chats. If Paul wasn’t anticipating a DE and hadn’t handed out everyone’s assignments yet, can he get caught tonight? If the HOH or veto winner immediately look to Paul for their orders, and he has to go talk to them, won’t that make the others think “What’s that about?”.

    LOL I just typed “won’t that make the others think…”. Nevermind.

  22. Josh better stop banging those pots & pans,
    and instead, start cooking up a plan
    …to cook Paul’s goose!
    #meatballstew #getorgetgot

    • I think he just might make the biggest move of the season tonight. Vote out Kevin and then win HoH and put Paul and Alex on the block. Jason or Josh win veto and get Paul voted out in second DE! I can see this go down since Christmas acknowledges Josh’s plan but her head is elsewhere right now.

  23. Jason (to Kevin): “How do you think the votes will go?”
    Kevin: “I know Alex and Raven are voting against me, maybe Paul…”
    Jason: “What about Josh?”
    Kevin: “Josh has already gotten his orders on who to vote out, it doesn’t matter”


  24. YALL DO KNOW…If Jason and Alex are evicted back to back tonite…We have Paul Raven Christmas Josh and Kevin left to watch on the feeds….Kevin being the lesser of 5 evils is still not a great reason to keep watching the show or feeds….

    • Well let’s hope if those five are left, Paul let’s Kevin talk? At least Kevin’s stories are a bit of entertainment. Sick of seeing Paul telling Kevin to shut up and stay in a corner.

      • Or Josh and Jason. Jason feels really bad about everyone who’s bashed Kevin, including himself. He really needs to talk to Josh…if he’s ever going to have a chance at that 500k. He has more to lose if he doesn’t…especially with a new baby on the way.

      • If I were Josh , I would rather have Jason then Paul as a comp beast partner. Too bad they didn’t realize things sonner. It would have been even better if Mark was still around. When Mark was leaving I so hoped he would team up with Jason.

      • Oh, me too! If this does go through, my F4 prediction will be Josh, Xmas, Jason and Raven! Not thinking much past that as it could all go terribly wrong. Gotta get Paul and Alex out first though.

  25. Jason (to Josh): “Didn’t I pull Paul off the block on week 3?”
    Josh: “When was Paul on the block?”

    lololol, these people haven’t even noticed he hasn’t been on the block??

  26. Josh should just calm down he is in a good position and does not have the biggest target on his back, he can blame Christmas no matter how she votes he is golden, Paul did the move that benefited him, go figure, but it really did not hurt Josh.
    The veto comp was great could watch it again, first time I said that about BB19 for a bit lol

    • I know, right? They’ve been totally blacked out, not just down. You can’t even do flashbacks like I’ve been wanting to do since I missed watching the feeds after 10:00 p.m. ET. Lots I heard happened after that time in BB land.

      • They actually came back up about an hour ago…whyyyyyy??

        I guess they’re doing that “mock vote” thing.

      • Something big is about to happen. They’ve never been totally blacked out before…usually just down with fishes or pets. Maybe my prediction might be right. I’m hoping the biggest move ever is about to go down this season, if you’ve been reading my posts. Crossing fingers!!!

      • I got nothing. Rebooted twice…made sure my popup blocker is off. Oh wait…got one more thing to check. I turned off my firewall for a bit while installing software yesterday…LOL

      • I still have nothing after turning my firewall back on. Going to try rebooting now again and see if that fixes it. Daggone it! What a time for it to be totally out for me.

      • No, I’m signed section is working…just not even the puppies on my desktop that is. I got it up and working on my Kindle Fire, though. So I have no idea what’s going on with my desktop computer. Worked fine yesterday before I turned off the firewall to install updates to my printer/scanner.

  27. I’m excited about DE tonight. Just to see who’s out next. I’m even more excited about the season ending. This is one for the history books. Lol… I just look at it as, every year we love, or hate it. From production interfering too bad house guest. The good thing is, its always new drama. Something we can talk about. At this point for me, it doesn’t matter who wins. It is what it is, and will be. I… after watching so many years, don’t let my emotions get the best of me.

  28. Using fish and dog pound time to watch prior seasons. On episode 11 of season 8 now with EvelDick. I can read through these threads on one window and open another window and watch prior episodes. Mostly watching some and reading/writing here some. Didn’t sign up for commercial free so put o mute through commercials. Episodes are about 42 minutes long with the commercials (same after same ones).
    I have been enjoying the food comps, though. Just had Humpty Dumpty. Dressed in midevil clothes, 5 pairs to put together puzzle pieces of egg as Humpty. First pair set wins. They could choose 5 for slop for the week. No words about have nots, just slop.
    One food comp: paired up, go down a slide into large pot of pasta, sauce and meat balls. Meat balls are size of basketballs with names of food on. Each person of pair had to select same name of food on balls and run them over to a shelf, 5 minutes to pair food balls.
    Another food comp: 2 groups, losing group on slop. taste pies after a “I can name that pie in 5-4-3 bites.” “Name that pie!” Pies made of two ingredients that were listed on a wall they could choose from. Some pies: potato & peach, tuna & pineapple, strawberry & hamburger, etc. At least it seemed a fruit in each one. YYUUMMMMYY !!!!! not

    • Season 8 got me hooked on the feeds. I’m surprised I live in a conservative religious area how many people have watched season 8 and love EVel Dick. I miss the food comps too. This year has just been weird between picking by HOH or first off.
      Since there is no OTT, I’m going to watch a season after this one is over. I have 3 seasons BB Canada , UK, and Australia on DVD, just hopefully I pick a good one to make up for this lousy season.

  29. Josh questioning Jason about his ties to Paul could actually be good for Paul’s game. Josh is unintentionally making it look like he doesn’t have a close alliance with Paul (if he did, Josh would know about Paul’s “fake” alliance with Jalex, and Josh wouldn’t feel threatened enough to ask Jason). It also further helps it look like Paul has nothing to do with Jason being on the block.

    Hopefully Jason relays this conversation back to Alex/ Paul, so Paul knows not to trust Josh 100%

    • What???? Get outta here…We want Josh to have a conversation with Jason…We want Josh to spill his guts to Jason…Who gives a hairy rats ass about Paul at this point???

  30. Just heard Josh’s family had to be evacuated and didn’t want Josh to know. Maybe that’s why feeds could be down you think?

  31. Does anyone think it’s a little strange that Josh hasn’t questioned anything about Paul for 80 days, and now – as he’s in a F3 deal with him – he’s questioning everything?

    He’s never done anything in the house that he wasn’t told to do (everyone in the house has made comments about that), and now he wants to stir things up?

    Makes me wonder if production has been saying something to him to try to create some drama in the house

    • Yes…DR did plant seeds in his ear last week. He’s been watching Paul much more closely than anyone else ever since.

      • Ironic that either the DR only planted the seed with Josh (the weakest player in the game, yes even compared to Raven), or no one else took the bait if they were all clued in by production

      • Josh is so annoying…he never has an original idea, but once he gets an idea thrown his way, he latches onto it and tries to make it sound like it’s some groundbreaking stroke of genius that he came up with.

  32. Something is not working right on my feeds on my desktop computer, but I see feeds just fine on my Kindle Fire. I have the current version of Adobe Flash, disabled my pop-up blocker and am signed in. Firewall is working fine too. I installed new updates for my printer/scanner yesterday. And never checked feeds til recently to find out nobody is getting a totally blank screen. I don’t know what else to try to get it running again on this computer.

    • Oh I don’t think she’ll be throwing it unless it’s to Paul, and after she knows that everyone else has lost.

      And I think Paul would let her win

      • I don’t think Paul would want her to win because she’ll go straight for Christmas and Josh, and maybe Kevin. Josh and Christmas are too precious to Paul right now. (Sort of)

  33. Any guesses for what we’re going to see when the live show ends?

    My guess based on how Josh was acting/ what he was saying to Xmas:

    Jason v Kevin: Jason evicted on a tie-breaker with Xmas
    (Josh would be stupid to go against Xmas/ Paul’s plans right now…he has NO ONE else in the house. I can almost see Xmas cutting off game talk with Josh and aligning more closely with Paul if Josh betrays her. Keep in mind, Xmas also knows that she is a target of Jason).

    HoH #1: Alex wins, noms Kevin & Raven
    Veto: Alex wins, keeps noms the same (she wants Kevin out anyways)
    Sent to Jury: Kevin (3-0)

    HoH #2: Paul throws it to Josh, he noms Alex & Raven
    Veto: If Paul doesn’t win, he goes on the block with Raven (assuming Alex wins veto)
    Sent to Jury: Raven (2-0; Alex and Xmas….UNLESS one of those 2 turn (Alex) and force a tie vote, in which case Josh can vote out Paul).

    • Paul HAS to win that veto next week to make sure he doesn’t go on the block. If Paul goes home, Alex will steamroll her way to F2. All she has to do is win the following week’s HoH, nom Josh and Raven, Xmas votes out Raven

  34. Does anyone know if they agreed to tell Jason he’s going home before they go live tonight? Last I knew, they were deciding and Paul didn’t seem to fond of the idea.

    • A couple days back Josh said that he would tell him an hour before the live show. But now did he do it, I don’t know.

  35. someone tweeted on the screen for Josh to tell Alex what Paul did, I think that’s a good ideal

  36. As a fan of all the big brother season I really don’t feel it fare to bring former house guess into a new game each season. Here in bb19 Paul had been turning the screws on these newcomers to the games and I feel he’s not showing to us fans that he’s been playing a game that he had the advantage over the new players. I really think that former house guess shouldn’t be allowed to play in these games along side new contestants!
    BB choices I feel should be new contestant each season!

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