Big Brother 19 Live Feeds Week 10: Wednesday Highlights

The first signs of Big Brother 19 are popping up. Game talk is dropping off, HGs are sleeping late and laying in bed all day. Yeah, it’s winding down. We did get enough game talk today to let us know the plan is still to send Jason out this week and take a shot at Alex next week. There are some backup plans as well, so read on for those details.

Jason Dent's last night on Big Brother 19

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Big Brother 19 Live Feed Highlights – Wednesday, September 6, 2017:

10:30 AM BBT – HGs have had a few wakeup calls. Few are stirring. Most aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

11:00 AM BBT – Most HGs still down. Josh is up and doing a camtalk to his family saying hi. He speaks about the anxiety getting to him this close to the end of the season.

11:40 AM BBT – Kevin is up briefly. Slow, slow morning here.

12:15 PM BBT – HGs getting up for some food.

12:45 PM BBT – Jason is telling stories about his bull, Ole.

1:15 PM BBT – HGs in groups doing storytime. Kevin, Josh, and Jason in the Lounge. Rest of the HGs in the kitchen.

1:55 PM BBT – Jason, Josh, and Kevin discuss what could be going on for them outside after the game.

2:10 PM BBT – Paul tells Josh and Alex that Megan was trying to spread rumors that he and Raven were friends from before the game. He says Megan managed to hear about Raven before coming in. (Raven’s info was leaked while HGs were being collected up and her inclusion was well known.) Paul says it was all made up that he knew Raven from before. (Raven has a picture of her with Paul on her Instagram page.)

2:15 PM BBT – Kevin tells Jason that no matter who leaves, the other shouldn’t let the HG badmouth him.

2:25 PM BBT – Kevin tells Jason how no one is willing to take a shot at Paul even though he’s the big player. He suggests HGs are too insecure to challenge Paul.

2:35 PM BBT – Kevin says he has no idea how the votes will go and that he hasn’t asked anyone. Jason says it’s the same for him.

2:55 PM BBT – Jason and Kevin discuss who might get AFP. Jason knows it won’t be him. He says if Raven is telling the truth about her diseases then it’ll be her, but he’s pretty sure she’s full of it.

4:10 PM BBT – Raven is crying to HGs saying she’s afraid to see her mom on any videos from home because she’s sick.

4:35 PM BBT – Christmas says her foot feels like it’s healing really well now.

5:30 PM BBT – Paul tells Josh that he (P) needs to appear to split away and align with Alex so he has her if she wins HoH. Paul promises Josh that Alex will want to play it safe and get to the end instead of taking big risks. He thinks he can keep Alex from putting Josh and Christmas up.

5:35 PM BBT – Josh is very worried that Alex and Jason will be really upset over the betrayal, but Paul says it’s just a game and they’ll get over it. Josh seems to be pushing Paul to see how he reacts over the idea of Alex staying past the next round. Paul keeps telling Josh they will get her out.

5:37 PM BBT – Josh asks if they should talk to Jason tonight and let him know. Paul says they should wait for Thursday. Josh laments the way they went about taking Jason out. He wishes they had done it differently.

5:40 PM BBT – Paul talks with Raven to make sure she’s fighting for HoH so they can take Alex out. Raven promises she’s not afraid to put Alex up. Paul tells her and Josh he thinks he can get Alex to throw HoH to him.

5:45 PM BBT – Raven says Jason asked her how she’s voting and she just told him she knew how she’d vote without confirming either way. Paul tells her if Alex confronts her just say that Jason was the reason Matthew was evicted.

5:46 PM BBT – Paul reminds Josh that they’ll have a fake fight right before the HoH comp. He tells Raven to stay out of it.

5:50 PM BBT – Paul is trying to convince Raven that Kevin is a better competitor than Josh. She disagrees. Paul tells her that Josh hasn’t come close to beating either of them. She agrees. Paul suggests they should go after Kevin at F5.

5:55 PM BBT – Paul tells Raven it’ll be him & her against Josh & Christmas if she can just win this next HoH comp. He makes a safety word for her to know if she should throw it to him. Paul says he’ll shout “this is gumpy” if he wants her to drop out.

6:10 PM BBT – Kevin and Jason are hanging out and chatting.

6:40 PM BBT – HGs hanging out and chatting. Kevin goes back to talk with Jason while he packs and gets ready for Thursday.

7:30 PM BBT – Josh and Raven going over how they’re going to explain how they’re voting to Jason and Alex. Josh is really nervous. Josh says all of jury hates him and now Alex and Jason are going to as well.

8:55 PM BBT – Josh says he’s cried in every DR session.

9:05 PM BBT – HGs laying around in the beds, telling stories, chatting.

9:38 PM BBT – Raven says she’s been playing piano for 10 years and can play songs by ear. Oh, and she has a rare grand piano.

9:43 PM BBT – Alex thinks Big Brother will open up a lot of doors for her. She says their fame won’t last long so they need to capitalize on it fast.

9:56 PM BBT – Paul tells the others after last season he saw YouTube clips of himself on the live feeds and he couldn’t believe some of the things he said.

10:25 PM BBT – Kevin tells Jason he doesn’t want to leave before Raven and Josh. He says that is just a bad feeling.

10:36 PM BBT – Paul tells Christmas that if Alex some how escapes the block next week they send Raven out. Paul says they might want to nominate Raven and Kevin and he can convince Alex to throw the veto so they can backdoor her (she’ll be playing in veto, so it won’t be a true backdoor).

10:43 PM BBT – Paul says if Josh continues to act angry at him and Alex is still here in F5 then he’s sure he can convince her to throw the HoH to him. He says he’ll just need time away from them (Christmas and Josh) to work Alex.

10:45 PM BBT – Paul tells Raven she’s got to try and win this HoH comp. She says she’s going for it 100%.

11:35 PM BBT – Kevin tells Jason that Paul will win this whole thing. Jason agrees that’s probably true. Kevin said the same goes for Alex if they’re up against either her or Paul. Kevin promises to talk to the Jury for Jason for a “Jalex” F2 scenario.

11:40 PM BBT – Kevin says he can’t possibly win now after Josh out’d his $25K win from the first night.

11:41 PM BBT – Kevin warns Jason, who are they more likely to want to keep, him (K) who can’t win anything or Jason who can win everything. Kevin says no one has told him anything, this is just his observation.

12:00 AM BBT – HGs are already getting in bed with the lights out, but they’re not asleep just yet.

12:10 AM BBT – Christmas camtalks that she thinks Josh is right about Paul and how he’s protecting Jury votes. She also mentions that her “heart” is getting involved in this season. Sounds like she’s talking about having feelings for Paul perhaps.

12:30 AM BBT – HGs goofing around, chatting, and Alex plotting more pranks while the night winds down.

12:40 AM BBT – Josh goes to Paul and tells him he feels bad about blindsiding Jason. Paul tells him that’s just how the game goes because this is the best way to do it. Paul tells Josh to keep it together for one more week.

12:48 AM BBT – Josh and Paul are still talking while Raven may or may not be asleep in the same room. They think she’s talking in her sleep about pizza.

1:10 AM BBT – Josh wandered around a bit then came back to bed. Alex was waiting for him under the covers and surprised him. He runs out of the rose room screaming.

1:15 AM BBT – Everyone is finally off to bed for some extra sleep ahead of Thursday’s big night.

There were no last night shifts in Jason’s benefit so he’s still slated to leave next and head off to Jury. Alex may not be far behind either, but all of Paul’s extra planning may be making Christmas nervous after her words to Josh that a move by Paul to keep Alex longer than F6 would be a betrayal. Lots of pressure on Thursday’s Double Eviction.

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  1. 12:10 AM BBT – Christmas camtalks that she thinks Josh is right about Paul and how he’s protecting Jury votes.

    And the last horse passes the finish line. #toolittletoolate

      • Yeah, she doesn’t even have a clue. If she throws HOH again this week she’s got to have her name in the running as one of the worst BB players ever.

      • It’s amazing that that’s an actual possibility on the same night that her ride-or-die gets bounced.

        My favorite scenario for tonight: she throws HOH, ends up losing a vote against Kevin, and then walks out to a silent crowd. Or maybe an awkward smattering of 3 people clapping.

      • I would surely think that seeing him walk would make her reconsider any possibility of throwing it, but I’m not sure she is that smart at this point.

      • …because “Paul isn’t coming after ME. He’s coming after YOU and her and him and…but not ME.”

    • Too late to get Paul this time, but not too late to lay some serious strategic groundwork for a big change in the game, if she so desires. Not sure how it will help her personal game at this point to change things up, but it surely would make Paul sh*t a brick. I love that type of look on Paul’s face, like that second he thought Derrick was entering the house to be a HG…the look of sheer terror! lol

    • That just kills me… no $#!t Sherlock… Josh has only been trying to tell you that all freaking week!!!!

    • chrismas is lame, she can cam talk all she want…. so can Josh… both of them don’t have the sack to blow up pals game and I’m sick of it.. they are not even putting out feelers to see if paul is playing a final three deal with other people in the house… none of them are trying to feel each other out. its pathetic ! we are past the point in the game where you let the dumb players melt down and get themselves out, NOW is the time to PLAY the dam GAME !

  2. Snitchy is making very conflicting statements to Jason. First he makes a very astute observation about why evict Kevin who can’t win anything instead of Jason who can win. Then he says that he will talk to the jury for Jason for a Jalex F2 scenario. As Snitchy is planting seeds of doubt about Paul’s manipulating game for Jason to take into jury, he is also working it for the vote. Jason knows something is up. I’m anxious to see the convos that transpire today, I think we might be in for some action and DRAMA!

      • Morning, Alfie! I’m waiting to see their faces when Julie says it’s a DE. Those gears are going to start grinding and spinning.

      • Morning! Looks like Paul has already planned for that with his comments regarding Alex, fake fights, etc. The man is organized.

      • He has confused me a little about whether he thinks there will be a DE or not. He has talked about the possibility but then started trying to convince at least some of the others there wouldn’t be one. I’m thinking he is trying to keep them from planning for one so he will be the only one really prepared and they will all be looking to him saying, “What do I do, what do I do?”.

      • Not a Paul guy but what you said is impressive. Having to juggle and plan for so many scenarios and keep grown people in line.

      • Can you imagine him as a high school principal? He would have the gangs loving each other, free pot for all
        “Come on people now
        Smile on your brother
        Everbody get together
        Try to love one another
        Right now”

      • No he hasn’t planned on a DE. He keeps saying go after Alex next week, he has time to smooth things over with Alex, fans don’t want a DE this late in the game, it will be a Sunday special eviction. He has totally read this week wrong. I can’t wait to see his face when Julie says it’s a DE night. Priceless.

      • When does Julie usually break it to them it’s a DE? Does she tell them at the beginning of the live show, like before the 1st eviction? Or does she tell them after the 1st eviction?

        I guess it doesn’t matter either way. They still aren’t going to have enough time to strategize.

      • At the beginning of the night. Usually right after she says, “Good Evening Houseguests”!!!

      • After DE is announced, I’m not Joson will want to do the fake fight after first eviction. He may blow up on Paul if he (P) try to. Alex will fight for HoH and veto seriously.

    • Probably no surprises today/tonight. Jason will go home by Xmas’ deciding vote, per Paul’s plan. Alex will be angry at Xmas/Josh/Raven, per Paul’s plan. Then Raven will win HOH and up goes Xmas/Josh…..AGAIN per Paul’s plan. Who knows after that? Either JOSH/Xmas go home or backdoor Alex. Either way…I don’t see how Paul can lose. SMH

      • “Alex will be angry at Xmas/Josh/Raven, per Paul’s plan.”

        Another brilliant game move from Paul. Has there been any more talk of Kevin self evicting and saving Jason?

      • I don’t think Paul can save Jason at this point. Raven and Josh will evict him. They know if Kevin gets evicted and Alex or Jason wins, guess who they’re putting on the block…either Raven, Josh or Christmas….their world is shrinking…

      • If Xmas were to flip the script and evict Kevin with her deciding vote, Josh and Xmas could reel in Jalex and go 4 vs 3 against Paul and 2 pieces of dead weight. But of course, no one will think of that.

      • Would be fun for us, but problem is, how would they convince Jalex to flip? Alex would never believe them over Paul, and since he’s voting Kevin too, there’s no “proof”. He’s covered his bases really well. Plus, you could argue they’re in a worse position with Jalex than with Paul + 1.

    • Tonight is the most important night of the year. That DE will have a huge impact on who has a chance to win. I hope someone take a stab at Paul. There will be only 3 votes for the second eviction. If Josh win HoH and put up Paul, and Paul doesn’t win veto, Christmas and Kevin might vote to evict Paul. It would be the best move they could make, but will they have the courage to do it. It’s probably their last chance.

      • I think in that scenario Kevin will vote out Alex instead, and Xmas too. Again, if Raven is on the block with Paul, Xmas will dread sending out Paul when Alex is still in the game. Alex again will vote to save Paul.
        Joshmas can plan better with Kevin after Alex is out of the house. All that is only if Paul does not win the veto. But how many of them can beat him in competition? Too late!

      • Totally agree x 2. It would have to happen post-Alex for it to be smart. Otherwise it actually hurts their spot in the game, imo. But now even if they target him, they have to hope he doesn’t win out in veto.

        They couldn’t really know this, but I think they would have been better off voting out Alex this week. She’s a Paul kool-aid addict. Jason would give them more options going forward, even if he and Kevin then became a risky new voting bloc.

      • Nothing would surprise me. Even if Paul makes it to F2, there is absolutely no guarantee he’ll win. Even Dr. Will might be tempted to use some manipulation tactics to taint the jury against Paul at the Jury Round Table debate. Is he hosting it again this year? You know he isn’t above being manipulative. haha

      • I was under the impression that Dr Will gave up his “round table” gig.

      • Hello gorgeous!! I can’t remember where I heard about it, I thought there was some kind of falling out with Will and CBS. Chances are I misunderstood something someone else has said? IDK, I guess at some point the question will be answered if Dr Will is still part of the “Round Table” jury discussions. Maybe I will try and tweet and ask him, see if I can get an answer.

      • Cool! Please let us know if you get a response. Have a great evening! I’ll be anxious to see the updates later tonight when I get home from the game. :)

      • I tweeted, just waiting for reply. Have fun at your game and a very Happy Birthday to your daughter! 💋💚

      • Not exactly. Christmas is still glued in with Paul thinking she could use him to make it to the end. However, Josh is really good at stirring up peoples games (I mean look at what he did with Jody and Kevin) this may end up in a tie forcing Christmas to be the deciding vote, then if Paul is up there with… idk Raven, then Paul is definitely donezo and we can finally enjoy the season. Also, who would’ve thought that Meatball of all people would be the one to figure it out before he was gone, Yea he’s a big baby but I may just root for him, the kid’s kinda growing on me.

      • My comment was based on something she said in DR in last night show. But that was before the latest blog from Matthew.

    • Kevin’s an idiot….On the one hand, he’s planting doubt about Paul, but then on the other hand he’s also telling Jason that it would be a good game move to get Jason out right now – which makes Jason less bitter if he realizes that Paul was behind the move to get him out.

      Josh and Xmas will have the bulk of blood on their hands by voting him out, and have 2 votes against them in jury (Jason & Alex).

      Kevin just spouts off random sh*t, and doesn’t really cover his tracks (thinking that people automatically respect him and would never snitch on him).

      • Lol…my first thought was WHY a waste? Oh…you think he’s going to win? :)

        I feel like it’s a huge toss up this year…Although Jessica is campaigning for Cody to win, to spite Paul (like he cares).

      • Good heavens, I hope Cody doesn’t win, because I think Jezebel has intentions of that money being used for that big ring she expects. If she gets it, it won’t stay on her finger but for a short season. What a waste!

  3. “Paul tells Josh and Alex that Megan was trying to spread rumors that he and Raven were friends from before the game”

    just one more reason why Paul should win. Four steps ahead of everyone else. He’s already planting seeds to the future jury members about his planned final two pairing. Raven.

    • Anyone that has endured weeks of Raven lunacy deserves a bonus for their time…and the noise-induced hearing loss.

      • Pauls Magnus Opus will end with his greatest moment. His Coup de grace is convincing the entire jury that Raven masterminded everything and Paul tried to help them all. They will thank him with a 500,000 check.

      • I still have to say that I’m shocked he has made it this far and will be surprised if he actually does win the game.

      • Taking my daughter out to lunch for her 42nd BD and attending a middle school football game tonight. Not much BBNing today so I’ll miss your entertainment. Hope something exciting happens in that house while I’m gone that will greatly entertain me when I get home. Josh might be the precipitating factor in that. :)

      • So you’re teaching cons to be smarter at it? Just kidding, Philly, but I think I’ll “pass” this time. ;)

      • Never thought I would say it….but come on Josh!! Make the biggest move ever! It would be a game winning move

      • Oh man!!! That would suck!!! Lol……. Christmas surely doesn’t deserve to win.

      • The way the season has gone (bad to worse) and people realizing much toooo late that they were played by Paul he may not be getting the votes he expects……I have doubts …Karma served up if Paul is in final 2 and gets 2nd again…If that happens all his lies bullying belittling and threatening people was for naught…I hope somebody getas a really good screenshot of his face if that happens…Then again we are not down to 2 yet and it remains to be seen…

      • On top of that, I would be almost certain that Cody will be working to convince everyone in jury about Paul. I know Cody has said Paul deserves to win if he makes F2 but I also think he’ll be telling/showing the evicted HGs the error of their ways, i.e. falling in line behind Paul.

      • After they get to jury they don’t need much convincing that Paul is the # 1 reason they are there and then their own stupidity is a factor as well….

      • Paul making it to the final 2 again and losing again. That would be very interesting! Karma as you mentioned!

      • Would be nice but I don’t see it happening. They are all so enamored with Paul that I still see all of them giving him their votes. They will say he deserves it.

    • Not too bad….been an excellent lesson on masterminding and almost hypnotic ga.e play by Paul

  4. Paul is going to freak out when he finds out it’s DE night. He has no time to plan. I can’t wait to see the look on his face.

    • What’s to plan?

      He’ll just command his drones to do what he wants anyway … and they’ll comply.

      Alex is so dense she’ll probably vote for herself if Paul tells her.

      • Perhaps.

        I’ll be shocked if any of these people take the initiative. More than likely whoever wins HOH will simply do what Paul says.

      • If she wins…the plan is to get Kevin or Raven out…which will happen….cause they have a understood F2.

      • That is EXACTLY what I’m thinking (and hoping). I hope someone wins HoH that will put up Paul and Alex, ha!

      • paul’s supposed to say something about ‘gumpy’ to let Alex know or to remind Alex to throw HOH to paul.

      • paul has some fite planned that supposed to bring someone closer to him (p). I think Alex closer to p.
        ??? Maybe fite between paul & Josh??? to being Ales to p. or something like that.

      • On Wednesday highlights, at 5:46 pm BBtime, paul reminds Josh of fake fight and before HOH competition.
        I think the fight/fite is supposed to be staged between the two to set up paul’s backing of someone, or why paul puts someone OTB or such. I just got info from reading the highlights cause too many posts that I got behind reading and living.

    • I think it actually works in Paul’s favor…no time for Alex to clear her head/ think that Paul is not working with her, and no time for Josh to rally against Paul with anyone else in the house

  5. Josh isn’t so dumb after all. I would live for him to step up and shake things up…. Paul’s good …but Josh could win this. Jury would vote him over Paul I think

    • Well at least some of what Josh has told Christmas has sunk into her head so maybe we’ll get some exciting moments from here on out.

    • Cody won’t vote Josh, neither will Elena, and Mark will do anything Elena tells him. Jason will probably believe Paul’s still on his side, Alex worships Paul.

      I don’t see Josh winning, but it would be great.

    • HA! No he wouldn’t…Cody, Mark, Elena, now Jason and Alex would definitely vote against him. And if he’s against Paul, Matt, Raven and Kevin would also vote against him lol

  6. Anybody that throws a HOH comp or Veto comp at this point deserves to be evicted…There will be 5 left tonite… Pauls lies and manipulation moves won’t be sooo easy to pull off…Is there a surprise eviction on 9/11/17??? Or is it the 18th???

  7. My dream scenario: Josh votes for Jason, Kevin is evicted. Jason wins HOH and puts up Christmas and Raven. Josh, Alex, or Jason wins POV. Take down Raven and renom Paul. Paul gets evicted!!!!!! :-)

    • That would make this whole season worth watching considering how BAD it was !! But in hindsight, it’s never gonna happen 😤

    • Josh really needs to shake things up by voting Kevin out to see this dream happen. Oh how amazing that would be to watch. The only thing is Alex might still be stupid enough to throw another comp for Paul. Boo.

    • One flaw…Paul will not get any votes. Alex thinks she is in an alliance with Paul. Jason and Josh will be shut down by Xmas and Alex (tho Xmas is on the block). If Kevin remains he is likely to take a shot at Paul more than most. Jason is still under the spell knowingly. Besides people being aware…everyone tone (even Cody in jury) is very scripted. Almost like they have no choice. Oh I forgot, Raven may have been recruited as a friend of Paul’s. Funny she don’t ever talk about that tho says all sorts of nonsense. Maybe what is not said from her…is the truth.

  8. Did anyone else think Christmas was downright nasty to Josh on last night’s episode? Wow! I bet she’s pure joy to be in a relationship with….NOT!

  9. I’m almost certain that Christmas has taken some sort of bribe from production to get Paul to the final 2. How she’s treating Josh and saying she’s “uncomfortable” with what he (Josh) was saying about Paul’s real plans to benefit himself. Hmm

    • Interesting….. who says that kind of thing, really. I have the theory that Paul knows her or has bribed her ahead of the show.

    • I’ve always felt Christmas was a plant in the house, brought in by BB/AG to make things go the way they want them to go, which seems to get Paul to the end. Kind of like America’s Player but without the title and playing under the table, so to speak.

      • Funny you said that. I thought the same about her and Matt. They never really played BB nor cared to ever want the 500k. It is like they were planted there for another purpose. Something is just not genuine about them. Even her DR sessions are lame and super not genuine. It is like poor acting. She is closer to Josh than Paul, yet she backs Paul and don’t heard Josh out? I have seen her hear him out before even if she didn’t agree with him and allowed him to hear her point of view….but with Paul it was a serious shut down. And I don’t give a crap on her having feelings for Paul. So if they attempt to spin to be that it will make me suspicious. And unlike Alex, who made it clear from the start that she was using this game to get on another game (useless, u are already on a game) is still playing BB albeit stupidly. Her assumed fame will die fast, just like Raven.

  10. I think Xmas is petrified about getting to the F2. She knows that Paul is her ticket, and she will throw everyone under the bus for him. She is playing for second place, although she believes she can beat him.

  11. Okay, so I want J&C to wake up to Paul’s shenanigans. BUT can I stand to have Alex or Raven there longer than Paul? Hmm, toss-up. I want Alex and Raven out soon – both are so smug that they’re safe. So how to reconcile that? Go with Paul’s plan to get out Alex and Raven, team with Kevin to get out Paul, then Kevin, Josh and Christmas are Final 3!!! Please? Pretty please??

  12. Im so sick of this season… not one time this season has ANYONE had the sack to step up and say I’m going to blow up his or her game.. Josh is the only one that came close and then Christmas starts running her mouth.. I kid you not I went to bed last night and was dreaming about being in the game and telling Jason “its time to blow up pals game” … he kept delaying and delaying and I kept saying time is running out… These people are like shooting fish in a barrel .. worst season ever….

    • Not true. Cody tried to stop Paul in his tracks at the very beginning and everyone in the house turned on him because Paul told them too. Then about 50% of the people in the feeds turned on him also.

    • Actually, at least 5 people who were strongly against or went against Paul all went home one after the other. Cody, Jessica, Dom, Ramses, and Mark…and then Elena by her association with Mark.

      With all of the other HGs individually feeling like they are in a real alliance with Paul, and them not building any side alliances with other couples or groups, they have had no reason in their mind to attack Paul, especially after seeing what happened to anyone who tried.

  13. tell me one dam reason not to vote for paul if I were in jury !!! he is the ONLY one playing the GAME ! if one person would step up , and blow his game up they would get my jury vote hands down ..

  14. piss on jury votes ! they still haven’t figured out that he is playing all sides ! this is RETARDED !

  15. I stopped watching the show but watched the HOH comp episode Sunday and last nights. For some reason I like it better now that Paul is saying how stupid these people are in his DR sessions.

  16. “Alex was waiting for him under the covers and surprised him. He runs out of the rose room screaming.” This is hands down the funniest thing I’ve read this season.

  17. Don’t for one minute under estimate Cody. He’s sitting in the Jury house talking & while doing so making sure others dislike Paul just as he does. If Cody really wants to ruin Paul’s game….he truly can from the Jury House.

    • Cody can’t “ruin” Paul’s game from jury house lol…Everyone except Elena and Mark hate Cody, and aren’t going to listen to him. Not to mention, almost every HG has at one point SAID that they know Paul is running the game, playing a great game, etc.

      Also, last week it looked like Cody was actually unintentionally supporting Paul in the jury house by acknowledging to the other jury members that Paul is running the house and is the only one playing the game.

      • Could be you are right…..I agree Paul is playing the game at least but, don’t you feel others are catching on and are becoming sour? Cody, with decent conversation can plant little seeds. That’s what I was speaking of, it only takes one doubt and word of mouth to spoil anything. There’s 4 members of Jury who are there directly because of Paul * and they know it*? Easy to manipulate others who are sour they’ve left BB House with the right conversation of others * others being they left the same way, maybe it wasn’t Paul who sent them out directly but it was his plan*? Don’t you think the Jury speaks about game? Would a/Could a ?

        No Cody can’t ruin the game from the jury house for Paul or any other player but he can influence who gets the 500K which is what I thought I made clear in my post…..guess not.

  18. I honestly wish they would just vote Kevin out tonight; not because I don’t like the guy(despite his faults, he’s the only likeable person left in the house) but for his sanity.
    It’s gotta be soul crushing for Kevin (who seems like an old school kinda guy) to be bullied by a chick half his age, constantly emasculated by Napoleon wanna-be, and yelled at by Mrs. Claus and her annoying little helper. The jury house would be good for him right now; no amount of money is worth your dignity.

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