Tonight On ‘Big Brother 19’: Week 9 Live Eviction & HoH Comp

Big Brother host Julie Chen outside the Big Brother house

Update: Results from tonight’s show! Get the spoilers on who was evicted.

Tonight on Big Brother 19 we’re set for a live eviction show to break up the final showmance of the season and add another member to the Jury. We’ll soon be down to seven Houseguests and less than three weeks left in the season with the Sept. 20th finale event.

After a week of deception by the rest of the house, an effort led by Jason, Raven and Matthew finally realized they weren’t the pawns after all. Now HGs are planning to send out Matthew and let him finish his summer of cereal somewhere off-camera for a change.

Starting tonight at 9/8c on CBS and streaming live on All Access we’ll watch as the final decisions are made, votes are cast, and either Raven or Matthew will be walking out the door to join the Jury. Then we’ll head to the backyard to watch as HGs battle it out for control as the next Head of Household.

When all of that is over we’ll be ready to get back on our Live Feeds and watch what’s happening in the game. Thursday nights are big for planning ahead for Friday’s nominations so we’ll quickly learn just what’s coming up for the Houseguests and we’ll have those spoilers for you then.

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Join us back here at 9/8c as we live recap the eviction show to discover who was voted out and who is the new Head of Household. What do you want to see happen in each of those outcomes?


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  1. I saw the whole brouhaha on the feeds, but I can’t wait to see how they will edit that for the live show. Can’t wait to see what Julie will say to Matt and how the eviction will be handle.

    • I wanna see Matts face when he finds out that Paul was a factor in getting him evicted….That will be priceless…

      • On BBOTT, when it first aired on the computer, Julie actually said a “bad” word. She could say it because the FCC wasn’t involved. Go Julie!!!!

      • Funny you would want to jump to the conclusion I was hoping she would be mean. Julie can be “as a matter of fact” without been mean.

      • I really hope so. It makes me so mad that Matt is still in the game. Showing future hg’s that they can really following the rules or not. It is up to them. I hate that thought.

      • She is a very nice, lovely woman but don’t forget she is a professional host, journalist and newscaster.

    • For the last couple of seasons her interviews have been direct, to the point and in the face…Gonna be interesting…

      • Until Julie started on The Talk she was very quiet and didn’t say much of anything except what she was reading off the cards. When she first started on The Talk she also said very little and very seldom. Now I have notice that on The Talk she talks a lot more and on BB she talks a lot more. I didn’t really like her at first but since I have seen her open up on The Talk and Big Brother I like her a lot more. I hope she gets tough with Mark.

  2. I think CBS has been trying to salvage all these people’s reputations all summer to the tv viewing audience. They have conviently left out the private talks to gang up on people and mostly Paul convincing them to do it. To the tv audience alot of it looks like blowing off steam. I hope I am right in my post from a few days ago that Matt is told by Julie he is going home and not to jury cause of his actions.

    • I wouldn’t hold my breath on that one. If they haven’t thrown him out yet (and they haven’t), then they probably won’t. It would screw up the jury by creating an even number of votes and might make problems in the finale.

      • That’s exactly correct. All of them have said stupid things. Not making excuses for them, but living cooped up in a house with others is not as easy as people might think.

      • A houseguests’s remark is up to his image as a person. Breaking the rules of the game is an act of violation to the show the participant signed up for.

      • America’s vote or invent something like survivor has would solve an even vote. At this point only Raven vs Josh would get an even vote, the rest would all hedge the others out by 2 or 3 votes, CBS can probably risk it.

  3. From Fox News this morning:
    The current season of CBS’ “Big Brother” has been plagued with controversy and fans want the network to do something about it.

    Contestants have come under fire for inappropriate behavior this season. The final straw for fans, however, was when contestant Jason Dent made a rape joke during the show’s 24-hour live stream Monday. Dent and his fellow contestant Alex Ow laughed as Dent joked he was going to rape contestant Kevin Schlehuber’s wife and force Schlehuber’s kids to watch.

    “I’m going to tie all your daughters up and make them f–king watch,” Dent said through laughter. Ow laughed along with him. Dent previously made a joke about raping a female housemate earlier this season. Despite laughing at Dent’s joke, Ow became very emotional earlier in August after her housemate Jessica Graf poked her behind. Graf and multiple other competitors have pulled the same move on other housemates throughout this season.

    CBS did not return Fox News’ request for comment.
    Check out the tweets here: Google: CBS slammed over ‘Big Brother’ rape joke

    • This will be the talk for the rest of the season. I think Alex may have been the one assaulted and not her cousin as she previously had mentioned. Although she did say something to Jason after he made that joke, she did laugh. Paul also looked shocked.

      • Really, there’s not much left to say about this season and these houseguests. I hope next year CBS does a little more background checking into those cast and that they leave any previous cast members out of the mix. If they wanted to reward Paul for his performance last season, they should have done it in private and off camera.

      • Yep. Did you see all the different media that picked this up? Maybe CBS will be forced to address it now.

      • I certainly hope so! Now that this story has been broadcast, I will be shocked if Julie doesn’t say something at her intro. When BB15 got there nastiness aired, CBS started the BB program that night, and until the end of the season, with a black screen/white lettering saying something like: The views, opinions and/or statements made by the HGs are not those of CBS’ – or some PC nonsense like that. But, upon first seeing this announcement, Julie addressed the “bad press” and reason for that PBA.

      • Maybe CBS whispered this in the media’s ear. It’s good publicity for the show. A lot of people will be watching now.

    • Well, hallelujah! I’m thrilled their nastiness has been “aired” – especially to the general viewing public. Maybe this will turn around some AFP votes!

    • Wasn’t it Fox News who defended Trump’s ‘locker room talk’ during the campaign?

  4. I am tired of all the bulling poor Kevin when he looks back at the show he might go after Jason and who could blame him? as far as Jason’ wife she must be ashamed not only does she hav a small child to explain things too he could be bullied at school because of this I wouldn’t want my children or friends around him and as his job as a clown anyone ever read or seen the movie IT ?

    • I am sorry, but many have taken the comments (even though it is horrible) way to far. I mean look at what Paul told the HG to do to get Cody to fight to get him Evicted because he may have PTSD. I don’t know what Jess has done or not done, but when I was a kid. Kids use to goose each other. I am sure she meant no harm by it, and was just joking around. People now a days get so bent out of shape over one comment! Lets all just take a deep breath, relax and wait for their explanations. Mary Ann when I served on board a US Navy Ship I seen, witnessed and was victim of some very disturbing things. Some where just people being stupid, some jokes and some just down right wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But I always gave everyone the benefit of doubt and made them explain why they did what they did. That is what needs to be done here. None of us know these people personally, and we should not ruin ones reputation, just because of a comment or action they have done. We do not know why they did or said it, but I am sure we owe them the chance to explain. They have been locked up for awhile, and believe me when you are away from family and friends, it can take on toll on you physically and mentally.

      • I agree with you things do happen and things are said that shouldn’t be said by everyone

      • Please stop feeling sorry for these so-called adults and giving them the benefit of the doubt. Paul’s direction to his minions to do whatever necessary to “break” other contestants started in the beginning of the season, and he has not changed his attitude during the past seven weeks at all. We don’t owe them the chance to explain. These people were not dragged kicking and screaming into the Big Brother house, and to earn their right to stay there they should behave like the adults they are supposed to be. Adults are responsible for what they say and do. The houseguests don’t deserve concessions from anyone. This is not summer camp, and it certainly is not a babysitting service.

      • Grace, it’s not about feeling sorry for them, it’s realizing that they are human. Everyone, including myself, has made mistakes in this life. This whole scenario with Jason has completely been misconstrued and blown out of proportion. I personally feel he is a good man, and a good father and husband. He deserves to be given the opportunity to explain himself and to offer sincere apologies to all. He deserves to be forgiven.

      • OK. He has the opportunity to explain himself and ask forgiveness from Kevin and his family. Too bad he hasn’t felt the need to do that yet. And I’m still wondering: exactly how do you misconstrue a rape joke?

      • Because his intention was not evil!!!!! He didn’t mean what he said. I believe he was completely ignorant of the weight of his comment. He is not even thinking about it, none of them are. It was said in a fleeting moment. Again, I want to say that I do not condone what he said, but I also believe that he should not be publicly stoned or have his reputation and life destroyed by one asinine comment.

      • Just an FYI: Jessica was poking her fingers into other people’s butt-hole area outside their clothes. Someone caught a freeze frame of it and posted it. Many folks on this forum have live feeds, and they SAW her doing this rude, inexcusable behavior many times. I do not believe the live feeders were having simultaneous, mass hallucinations. js (BTW: If you are a Vet, thank you for your service.)

      • Lmao…”We” don’t have to ruin their reputations ..They are doing a fantastic job of that all on their own…

      • The internet can be a beautiful thing, but contributing to destroy a young person’s reputation or life is not living your best life.

      • I agree awful things were said but some were taken out of context. People joke around and say some things that shouldn’t be said but they were joking and not serious. Is it Wrong? Absolutely but they don’t need to be hung at the stake. Production should make them aware of it when it happens. Just last night Christmas said she wanted to cut off Ravens head and put it down the garbage disposal. Disgusting. But I know she didn’t mean it. Same as all the other houseguests.

  5. how could Alex be upset over a rape comment earlier when she clearly went along with Jason including calling his poor wife every vulgar name she could think of while laughing her butt off

  6. Last weeks HOH competition was an endurance comp. and the week before that it was shuffle board or a “luck comp” if I’m remembering that right.

    I wonder what tonight’s competition will be, Q&A, counting, digging through a ball pit, or something else?

    • Maybe a memory comp. Something that gives everyone except the idiots a fair shot. Paul will win it, but he may not want to.

  7. Why watch??? BB does not enforce the RULES and send Matt out of the game, so he will go to Jury house and that phony Raven, who has done nothing but have Sex with Matt all summer, will still be in the game. And Paul will win it all!

    • I agree with it all and add Raven will be final 2 and happily lose and win 50k. I’ve felt all year Raven and Paul were the real final two deal.

      • I know, I don’t think I will watch the finale if it is Paul and Raven. I don’t want to hear her beg for money and say she has 2,000 conditions. I said after the first episodes and have posted all season that I think Paul and Raven were the predetermined final 2. Trust me Raven winning 50k would make me sick.

      • Letter from Mom; Hi dearest Raven. Miss you. Ask tv audience to send money. Great to see you on TV. Send money. Take care and ask the tv audience to send money. Love Mom. Did I say ask for money?

    • We do not know what CBS has in store for Matt. Perhaps in the BB contract it states if a houseguest does not follow the BB House Rules, they will be fined monetarily. Whether or not this happens, the world is surely not going to end. This is only a game, not life or death. Initially, I enjoyed BB and even the threads. But lately, it’s become such a hateful and judgemental place, it makes you wonder who is worse? The houseguests or the people that spew their judgemental hatred on these threads? It’s not fun, at least not anymore. When you see what’s going on in the world in places such as Texas and how so many people are suffering, I would think that would put what’s going on in the BB house in perspective…

      • Ron, you are right. There is so much going on in the world, Trumps crazy White house, Harvey, ect. I watch TV shows for ‘Entertainment”. This BB season has not been entertaining, so I will just have to find some other shows to watch.

  8. I think they should send Matthew home, NOT to jury, AND they should give America his vote!

  9. I believe Matt has had enough of the BB game and just wants to get out of the house. He hasn’t played much but be one of Paul’s minions.

  10. I wish I could watch tonight. The show is being preempted because of a football game and in their wisdom they won’t even air it late night tonight. They are airing it early Saturday morning.

    • Check your guide. There’s an NFL game preempting the show in the SF Bay Area but it’s still showing at normal time on a different channel. The regular CBS station will broadcast it around 1:30am tomorrow.

  11. Tonight on BB, nothing will be made of Mattress breaking the rules, people will clap for him and Julie will do her cutesy exit interview. BARF How about you give Mattress 300 penalty votes, kick him out of the BB and jury house, rip up his stipend and give him a swift kick in the ass. Good Lord, what does it take to wake BB/AG up? Will someone actually have to kill someone to receive a real penalty and would they have to wait to be arrested because BB wouldn’t care, they would leave them in the game until they were evicted by the HG’s.

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