Big Brother 19 Eviction Prediction: Who Is Going Home Week 9?

Raven and Matthew on the Block

Five Houseguests are voting tonight on Big Brother 19, but they won’t be alone. It’s time for production to get in on the eviction action this week after the season’s most useless Houseguest managed to finally put himself on the map for all the wrong reasons.

The house plan was to take out Matthew before they shifted to Kevin, but when Jason didn’t join them in this change there was even more turmoil than the cowboy expected. After an afternoon of screeching from Raven and foot-stomping shouting from Matthew for Jason to “uncross his legs and be a man!” Matthew went on to demonstrate the man-child he is.

Ignoring every Have-Not rule in the book, the orange-clad HG went on to eat regular food, take hot showers, and sleep in a regular bed. The body-less, and apparently powerless, Big Brother gave Matthew frequent reminders to stop which led to mockery of production from him, Raven, and even the other HGs at times. As a result, Matthew Clines earned a penalty vote this week. He doesn’t care.

All five Houseguests voting this week had already agreed to send the “he’s still here?” HG out the door so one more penalty vote meant nothing to the situation and despite his repeated infractions there would be no other consequences to his actions.

When the votes are revealed tonight Matthew will be out the door with a count of 6-0 over Raven. Kevin had mentioned he might do a vote against Raven, but I’m guessing he won’t want to rock the boat too much after the week he’s had.

While I’ll be glad to see this disrespectful joke of a Houseguest out the door it does mean Matthew will be sticking around as a member of the Jury and we’ll see him slurping out of bowls in each Jury segment and again on Finale night. Oh well.

Join us back tonight at 9/8c to find out, but while we wait share your thoughts on what you expect.


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  1. Matthew should be disqualified and sent home instead of to jury. Jason should have to pick another nominee on the spot for a vote.

  2. I hope Raven doesn’t keep Matt’s orange tank or blue tee to wear around the house or to sleep in. We don’t need any reminders of the jerk. Let her sleep with their stash of used condoms. OK, give him half to sleep with.

    • Were there really used ones left out? Ewwww. They should send Matt out the back door and not even let him go to live audience. Have Julie grill him in a pre taped interview and sequester him until show is over. No cereal and no jury. Maybe just give him everything that’s been said about him and Raven to read.

      • OMGosh, Barb, but you know it’s true. Matt will hit it until he finds out how much Raven is despised and that he won’t be getting any positive attention or free cereal by being around her.

      • I would love to be a fly on the wall when some well no I guess all of these cast members read social media!

      • I think Matt will “hit it” until he is in the real world. Matt just wants to get laid. He really doesn’t care who. He has let the world know that. I hope other women he meets will know who he is and not touch him with a ten foot pole. He doesn’t care who he mess around with. I would afraid I would catch something from him.

      • It’s always been kind of sad to me that anyone would have such low standards that they would have sex with cameras on them. Call me an old fogey all you want, but if that was my granddaughter or grandson, I’d whip their ass. I can truthfully say that my grandchildren have more respect for me than to embarrass me and more self respect than to act like that in front of America.

      • I so agree. Looking at Cody and Jess I made that same statement but got called VERY ugly names because I was not in tune with the world. I am really embarrassed for Cody, Jess, Alex and Matt’s family. My oldest daughter is 60 yrs old and she still doesn’t like talking sex with me. About anyone. You said exactly what I was trying to say. I don’t care what generation it is, if they don’t have respect for themselves at least have respect for your family.

      • You mean on this site? If so, I definitely didn’t see that convo, but it wouldn’t surprise me. Morality and integrity seem to be unnecessary standards any longer and are seldom practiced nor instilled in children these days. It’s going to get worse, I’m afraid. I have learned not to care what others say. You don’t know these people. Tell them to kiss it.

      • No not on this site. It was one that I don’t usually go on. It was one that was attached to Jokers. I wanted to read the article and made an opinion about Cody & Alex having sex on TV. You could tell they were doing each other. To me it was disgusting so I wrote a comment. Man there were two people that called me some names I wouldn’t say to anyone and I have called some people names in my life. After a few comments from me and several ugly names I just stop commenting. I, like you, don’t care what anyone says so yes I told them to kiss it where the sun don’t shine. I am so glad that my children are grown. I feel sorry for parents nowadays. It’s rough to raise decent children these days.

      • There are some of those kind of people everywhere. If you don’t agree with them, there is something wrong with you. It’s ridiculous. It sometimes makes it impossible to be nice because they will try to run all over you if they perceive you as weak. That is really sad.

  3. I think that they should send Matt home, NOT to jury, AND they should give America his vote!

  4. To Matt getting a vote 5-0 or 6-0 does not matter to him. He broke the rules of BB doesn’t mean a thing. Both Matt and Raven mocked BB production. Now Matt gets to party in the jury house!

    • Julie: Welcome and how do you feel about losing out on half a million?
      Matt: Do they have beer in the jury house?
      Julie No they don’t
      Matt: Can you buy me some?

  5. “While I’ll be glad to see this disrespectful joke of a Houseguest out the door…”

    Couldn’t agree more. Mat has made an enemy of production and will never get a dime from CBS again. No CIA Math sitcom with James and Bronte, no guest appearance on a soap opera ( Ozzie from Survivor), not even a corpse on an episode of Criminal Minds lying there while Penelope makes an awesome pun about the dead guys shirt. Nothing, nada.

    • I could agree. Someone mentioned about keeping Matt and his waking up. Becoming angry and trying to win comps. Raven has more courage and tries harder but just doesn’t have it.

      • I think Raven will be the more harmless one to keep. Whether Matt could actually wake up and compete or not, he’s certainly shown he can rage on the house and likely be more unpredictable. Raven would be annoying at worst… so you know, just another week with Raven.

  6. I haven’t been on the feeds today. Can someone tell me if Matt is going to be able to get to his goal of 1000 bowls of cereal before tonight?????

    He’s hit his goal of jury, I’d hate to see him fall short of this one.

  7. At this point I don’t want production to kick him out, but once he is being interviewed by Julie, her last words to him should be that he broke the rules and will not be able to go to jury. They should keep it a secret form the HGs.

  8. Is there any chance that production will halt the voting and announce that Matt is being evicted from the game instead?

  9. It truely angers me that production didn’t disqualify Matt because he wasn’t following the rules. They did it to Chima when she was doing the same thing. He should never go to the jury house at all. Raven needs to go tonight for being a partner in his crimes. This whole season is a HUGE DISSAPPOINTMENT !!!!! CBS has grown to the lowest of the low for ingnoring the horrible behavior go on by all the HG’s. It is a darn shame CBS has lowered themselves all for ratings….They make me sick

    • Chima was tossed out when she threw her expensive microphone in the pool, not simply for disrespecting the rules. Prior to that, she was not tossed. BB has it’s priorities…

      • Same with Joe (and his dad). It was good to see him on another season (not last season but…) but no more Survivor try another show. I was hoping to see them on Amazing Race.

  10. I hope that they send him home and ban him from Jury, why should he continue to get to participate when clearly he couldn’t follow the rules.

  11. I think it says a lot about this cast when a number of former players blast them. Not to mention how IMPOTENT the producers have been in response to Matt’s actions AND inactions.

  12. How I wish they’d flip the vote and get Raven out. Maybe Matt would self evict and we could get rid of both of them. But since that won’t happen I can’t wait to see his exit interview with Julie. I hope she’s not easy on him.

  13. They should sent matt in a special have not jury house. Only slop for food, cold shower and spike bed.

  14. Hopefully BB will have the biggest twist tonight… No Jury House for YOU!!! Straight to Redemption Island to redeem yourself. AND Raven will be joining you. (I don’t think he cares for her much and was going block her as soon as the game was over.)

  15. It sucks that Matt got away with breaking the rules and he won’t even be booed when he walks out because CBS don’t allow it 😩

    • Well it hasn’t happened yet, I am not saying it won’t but I will certainly look for it, or read about it after, I am easily distracted, then we can gripe

    • What do you think the HG’s reaction would be if they heard loud booing through the door, I think that would rattle me ! Not that it is going to happen

    • You win, you called it, I could not listen to it just watched the close caption. Thought the show might be staged but if it is, it is so off-script it does not really matter, sorry for questioning you V

  16. omg you have to be kidding…what are you doing BB…you are showing everyone that watched this that bullying and breaking all the rules are ok as long as you get the viewers you don’t care about your own rules being broken… unreal, he should have been kicked out…

  17. if I was production I would have removed all the cold cereal and replaced it with oatmeal … It would be funny to see matt spin out having to boil water lol ..

  18. Whoa…Kevin is questioning Pauls telling him to throw the HOH comp….Whoa…come on Kevin u can muster the stuff to stand up for urself…

    • Kevin in on an island, with little to no information with the exception of the few nuggets he’s been given by a kind HG or 2. I wouldn’t trust any of them if I was Kevin but I think Kevin really believes he is in a solid F2 with Paul to the end.

      • and he very well could be in a final 2 with Paul.. but If his common sense kicks in he will realize that its too late in the game to be throwing comps…but sadly common sense has by passed the bunch of jokers in the house..

      • I really feel badly for him. The house atmosphere also plays games with your mind and I’m sure he’s very confused. :(

  19. So let me get this straight In BB8, Jen got a penalty vote for eating an apple and some bread (I think). In BB 19, Matt ate, showered and slept in regular bed since Monday and he got the same one penalty vote??? Anyone else see a problem here?

    • I don’t think you can get more than 1 vote. I may be wrong, but I think it is if you break the have not rules you get 1 vote doesn’t matter how many times you break them.

      • More houseguest should use that strategy then. When you are sure not to get evicted, why not eat, sleep and take hot shower to be stronger the week after. Or why didn’t Paul stop being have not when he had the pendant?

        I know you don’t make the rule ;). I just find it ridiculous.

  20. Every person who ever applied to be on BB ought to be seething at these HGs this season. What a waste they all were and are. What a shame.

  21. Paul has told Raven to drop out of HOH after Kevin??? Ok I thought that Raven was supposed to win HOH so she could nominate Jason & Alex…Have the plans changed???

  22. With only one penalty vote, the vote could be split and Jason the deciding vote. And surprise the house and get Raven out.

    It would be hilarious to call Matt into the DR under the guise of a goodbye message to Raven and then not let him back in the house. And we get to see his reaction when production tells him he’s been evicted from the game all together.

  23. Matt wii make production annoying if he is not disqualified and sent through the back door without eviction interview. He should not be allowed to be in the jury.
    Then after, the live eviction should go ahead with the HGs voting to evict or save Raven this week.

  24. So now there will be no rules because hgs are not required to abide by them? Anyone that does not follow the rules should be expelled from the house with no stipend, no jury seat no anything. Play by the rules! That’s why they are there.

  25. I just went to settle in to watch BB and it not on until 207am est. The NY Jets are on. This sucks!!!

    • Tell me about it! My cable company doesn’t carry CBS’s sister station. When the show gets interrupted by football they should start airing eliminations on Wednesdays.

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