Adam Poch’s Big Brother 19 Player Rankings – Week 09

Adam Poch tries to burn down the Big Brother house

Another week – and another 1001 fights. This has been a very toxic week both inside & outside the Big Brother house. It’s never good when Big Brother is in the mainstream media. For the most part, they leave our summer addiction alone, unless something “EXTREME” happens.

Sadly for Jason his idea of a bad joke went WAY over the line. He will have to pay for this when he gets out, so as fans, we should let him see the error of his ways and give him the chance to right his wrong. The “Witch Hunt” & things being said about him and to his family are just as bad if not worse than what he said, but that’s Big Brother for you. This whole season has crossed the line several times, but I always say – BAD Big Brother is better than NO Big Brother.

We still have 6 more evictions before we crown the winner and put this season behind us and look forward to BBCAN6 & BB20. BUT FIRST – lets hand out some Bacon & tofu – and don’t worry, no one reading will get a penalty vote for eating this column up!

Paul Abrahamian – 5 strips of Bacon – this week worked out pretty well for Paul, AGAIN… No one in this house sees how he is playing every angle possible, and should just be able to walk his way to the end. Throwing the HoH was easy, I question if he threw the Veto too. I think the only hiccup to his end game would be if he won anything before the final Veto.

Paul has got everyone willing to go to war for him, and take out anyone else in the house not named Paul. So kudos to him for being the pot stirrer and taking the target off himself for another few weeks. I still do not like how he’s doing it – but cannot deny it’s effectiveness.

Christmas Abbott – 3 strips of Bacon – this late in the game, being the outgoing HoH is sometimes a risky place to be – but Christmas came out of last week with no blood on her hands. She kept her social game on full throttle and maintained a strong bond with Josh & Paul. Jason not “following through” on putting Kevin up as a replacement gave Christmas ammo to get Raven back on her side and will help push her further in the game. She did have a little blow up with Kevin which may or may not have been planned. Like Paul, she is doing a great job keeping the target off herself and every week is one week closer to her being able to actually compete in physical comps, which she will need to do if she wants to win the game.

Jason Dent – 2.5 strips of Bacon – Jason won both HoH & Veto this week and had the opportunity to do what the house wanted – which was tun on his 2nd best friend in the house Kevin. Jason did not do that, and went with his gut to take the first shot at Matt & Raven. While this is a good move on paper, unfortunately it got his allies (both real ones & fake ones) to question him even more and the target on his back got much much bigger.

Even Alex his “Ride or Die” is starting to turn on him. Jason does not realize how he’s being setup, and he actually needs Kevin more than ever to win an HoH to protect him this upcoming week, or he can win his unprecedented 3rd Veto in a row. (As far as I know – no one ever won Veto 3 weeks in a row – I am sure if I am wrong someone will point this out to me!)

Josh Martinez – 1 strip of Bacon – for once the house fights were not started or egged on by Josh this week. He is still being dragged along by both Paul & Christmas and they are hoping his previous viciousness will leave a bad taste in the jury’s mouths to get them the win over him. Josh has been so desperate to be liked this summer, and thinks his actions are “good game” when they are just making him look like a buffoon. However, he does play his role very well & does not have a target on him thanks to the actions by others this week.

Kevin Schlehuber – 1 strip of Tofu – well, it finally happened, Kevin snapped! The house has so much negative energy, it was only a matter of time before it took a hold of Kevin’s soul and twisted it around a pole. The questions of his loyalty have been unfounded, but Paul recognized how loved Kevin is/was – so the plan to torture him was put into overdrive. Kevin had spats with everyone the last few days – and has seemingly been the bigger man each time and apologized to most. His old school manners have no place in this house, and unless he can find a way to win the upcoming HoH or Veto – he’s the easy target.

Alex Ow – 3 strips of Tofu – last week’s Tofurkey of the week moved up the food chain slightly this week because the next 2 people were much worse. This week should have been a breeze for Alex, her BFF is HoH & won Veto. She was never in any danger of going up as a pawn or target. So what if Jason did not take a shot at Kevin like you wanted, you still need to split up Matt & Raven. This was not good enough for her though – she wanted to bury Kevin at any cost and has moved up the vicious chain as well. I honestly think Alex wants to torture people more than Josh has this season. Her cockiness has blinded her – and that is going to be her downfall.

Alex also thinks she is in a great position with everyone except Kevin, but the rest of the house knows she needs to go. Counting jury votes out loud this early (or ever) is not a smart move. You keep those conversations to yourself, or MAYBE 1 other person. The fact that everyone knows she is counting makes that target grow! How bitter will she be when she sees how badly she got played by Paul this season???

Raven Walton – 5 strips of Tofu – while I never expect people to go down without a fight in the BB house, Raven has been playing victim so long both inside & outside the house she does not know how to do anything but. This week definitely has not gone her way, and she is going to be split up from her showmance partner Matt come Thursday. All season she has been on the majority side of the votes, and blindsided / lied when it was convenient for her. Now that is happened TO her, she cannot believe anyone would do that. Cmon Raven – you know this is Big Brother right? I hate hypocrites in the game – and Raven is as hypocritical as they come.

Speaking of hypocrites…

That brings me to this week’s Tofurkey of the Week – and that honor goes to Mr. “I dont wanna play by the rules” Matthew Clines. For someone who kept saying all he wanted to do was get to jury – and then he could be voted out sure does not seem like he’s grateful once he gets his wish. The disrespect he has shown the sanctity of Big Brother is beyond comprehension. The penalty vote he will receive for eating while a Have-Not is just a slap on the wrist compared to the punishment he should get.

There have been other players over the years that have thought they were bigger than the game, and most of them got booted out for it. Zingbot was right, all Matt has done all season is Raven. Once he got played by Jason, he turned into the jackass I thought he would be at the beginning of the season. He got into it with Jason, then Kevin – and basically all that pent up frustration just exploded all over the house… kinda like he has done on Raven all summer (ZZZZZZING!). That being said – the worst part of the Hide & Seek Veto was seeing all the condoms (new & used) next to his bed.

My question of the week is – besides Paul, is there anyone from this season that you would like to see come back for another season?

There we go – another week of the rankings – let me know what you think by posting in the comments section below. I did predict correctly that the end of the game was going to get brutal. This season reminds me of Lord of the Flies – Mob-Mentality to go after people and crush them from the inside out.

Sadly no one realizes that Paul is setting them all up and using them to be his puppets until he wants them gone, then he turns the house on them. Actually one person sees that, Kevin, but he thinks it’s all Alex’s doing.

From outside the Big Brother House – I’m Adam Poch – have a great day!!

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  1. Wait, what did Jason say that’s so bad it’s being discussed in the “mainstream media”? I must’ve missed it…

    • He said he was going to rape Kevin’s wife while his daughters were tied up and forced to watch. Go to the TMZ website and you can watch it.

      • Follow-up question: if Jason & Kevin are so tight that he’d risk his whole game to save Kevin, why did he say that?

      • I think it was intended as a joke that wasn’t funny rather than a threat. I could be wrong, but either way it is something that certainly shouldn’t have been said.

      • I’m pretty sure that given the chance every one of these HG would take back a substantial percentage of everything they’ve said in the house.

      • I really hope so.
        They have behaving really badly and saying things no one should ever say to another person. Every one of them.

      • Agree with fixy2273….he was laughing when he said it and it looks like he meant it as a joke……but to even think something that vile and then say it is beyond okay. I think what he was doing was trying to bond with the other guys in the room(they were hysterical) and show that by not putting Kevin up, it didn’t mean that he was in with Kevin. Backfired regardless.

      • He better hope no one tells Kevin about that “joke” because I don’t think there’s any way he’s going to be okay with those words coming out of his mouth, joking or not.

      • He was joking and was trying to think of the most extreme thing. Wrong thing to say but he wasn’t serious. You know the saying “open mouth insert foot”. He sure did that big time.

      • I guess Jason forgot he was out of the Extreme-I-tard…But he is still being EXXXTREEEEME!!! LOL

      • I think he was trying to get back on the good side of Alex and the others who wanted him to back door Kevin.

      • he never said the R word… and the context was “whats the worst thing you can say to him to razzle him” BUT – the headlines just go to RAPE!

      • horrendous
        adjective US ​ /həˈren·dəs

        so bad as to be shocking; extremely unpleasant:

      • He wasn’t serious about it. He was saying what is the most extreme thing I could say to Kevin and that’s what he said. Wasn’t right for him to say it but he was saying it as a joke. They’ve all said some horrific things. Just last night Santa said she wanted to rip off Ravens head and put it in a garbage disposal.

      • this is one thing I just don’t get- every season on BB a house-guest(s) says such stupid inappropriate things- how do they forget where they are what they are doing and the amount of cameras pointed at them- so bizarre.

      • I agree. They seem to forget there’s cameras everywhere. Even Alex saying Kevin acts like a child molester the way he gets Jason to trust him. She knows he’s not but another open mouth insert foot. I wish production would call them in the DR when they say some of these things and let them know how awful it sounds.

      • I wonder if the DR did mention it cuz Alex did seem a lot calmer with her comments last night.

      • That remark was more that “a stupid off color joke.” Rape should never be talked about as a joke. When I was in my 20’s I was date raped. It was not funny. I didn’t think of it as a joke.

      • Well stop the world because of your bad experience. Jokes aren’t intent, talk isn’t action.

      • Think about that for a second. You are obviously obsessed with it but I’ve never known a two year old yet that even knows what rape is. I’m sorry you are so sensitive about it, but it remains just a stupid remark in bad taste. Humans will fail.

      • To see all of these posts about him supposedly threatening rape has been very disappointing and a little disgusting to me. I’m not condoning what Jason said and he needs a wake up call regarding that type of behavior, but for people to make it sound like he said he would seriously consider raping K’s wife is so ridiculous.

      • I know. I think we’ve all said something stupid that we’d like to take back and I’m sure he’ll feel that way about this comment. I don’t feel like it is something he’d ever in a million years act on so I hope people can be understanding. We all make mistakes and Jason has never struck me as one of the mean spirited people in the house.

      • Perfectly said, fixy. We need more people who don’t jump on the bandwagon and use logical reasoning.

      • I agree with you in that I really believe Jason was joking but being date rape I still don’t like the joking about rape.PERIOD. Mine was a date rape but for years when I thought about it I was so grateful that it was not a stranger. What could have happened to me then.

      • ‘ I have seen a lot of people and I can expect pretty much anything from pretty much anybody ‘ Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. Haha that fits in with the shows theme, what luck

      • Yea, but the point is, you don’t joke with stuff like that. Look at Clawson in BB15, that’s was a joke also, that cost him his job.

      • Evil Dick is really going off on him.
        This is the third time he has brought up rape. Besides the holding Raven down incident and this one, now he said something about going into an old folks home and raping the elderly women.

      • I agree it’s the wrong thing to joke about. But he didn’t mean it literally. It’s no excuse though.

      • Adam, just a side note: I’m originally from
        East Brunswick too! (EBHS Class of 1990)

        Proof? I know what a “ginker” is LOL

      • I rewound it over & OVER & OVER and I could not hear the would Rape either.

      • at least we know Jason was JOKING and coming up with things to RAZZLE Kevin but when Cody said he would ruin Josh life outside house by saying he was a sexual predator was worse cuz he meant it seriously and not as a joke!!!!

      • Sorry he never said the word RAPE, you really need to go back and listen to it. Most of it is very hard to hear. You people just say what you want to make someone look bad. And the tone he said what he said has been taken way out of context.

      • So far he has made comments about rape three times. First he said he would hold one of the women down for the rest to rape her, then the comments about Kevin”s wife, now he supposedly talked about going into an old folks home and raping the elderly women.
        One time – maybe a joke, twice – heard this before, three times – sounds like a pattern.

  2. Did anyone catch Kevin brush his teeth then brush his hair with his toothbrush and then put it back in his mouth and brush his teeth some more. Where did they get these HGs?

    • Not anymore disgusting then Matt after having sex with Raven using a dish towel to wipe his stomach off then putting it back in the counter. Gross

    • I saw that BUT, I think the camera tricked us into believing he did that. he brushed his teeth, camera then shows him brush the side of his head, then back to his teeth. I’m hoping he did the head thing after his teeth…….still gross though.

  3. For most of this season people have been ragging on these minions for doing what Paul wanted. Finally, one of them goes against Paul’s wishes and he’s being slammed for not being a smart game player. C’mon people what do you want? Give him credit for, at that point, doing what felt was right for him and not what Paul wanted. Note that he knew something was not right by the way Paul and Alex kept looking at each other. He has voiced concerns over Paul’s running them. He had a target on his back no matter what he did. I give Jason full credit for not putting up Kevin. Now, he has to play hard to stay in, not unlike the position Paul was in at this point last season.

    • True. He was going to be the target either way. If Kevin leaves, he’s still the target of Maven. So essentially, he guaranteed there’s one less person coming after him.

      • And at least 2 less jury votes if he even makes it to F2. He probably lost any chances he had of winning.

      • Yeah, but he said multiple times he didn’t feel like he’d have their votes anyway. It’s a tough call to make, but he had to feel pretty confident he’d have Kevin’s vote. I think it is more about survival than jury management and frankly his jury management is still better than Alex or Josh. lol

      • I am looking in terms of someone who wants to win outright and not through jury or fanagaling, I do not know what that word means exactly either.

    • Said it before and I’ll say it again. Jason should have vetoed Raven and put up Paul, that would have been a bold move. Not using the veto was a bad move but I do not think Alex actually supports Jason so it may have been Matthew out anyway. This move couldn’t have turned out worse than the situation now

      • This house of goons has had all season to try and get rid of Paul. No one had the balls to try except for Cody and he made a mess of it. Not even Jessica tried when she was both HOH and POV. (Yet some still proclaim what a great player she was)! Now its nearing the seasons end and people are still talking about throwing the HOH. I said way back that Alex will finally learn when she’s OTB. Based on game play, both social and competitive, who deserves to win other than Paul?

      • Maybe they will wake up and start to compete. You cannot fault Paul, he is asking than to roll over and they are all saying ‘ yes chooch did I do good ?’ like Josh. Paul is the alpha dog for sure . Should sometime start a gofund site to rescue Trejo, please please please save this poor bird from Pauls clutches

      • Jessica killed Cody’s game, she said he was being too aggressive so they did absolutely NOTHING , plus all that decaf Cody was drinking thinking it was coffee did not help his mood. Have to hand it to Paul for pulling that trick. Kind of mean but kind if funny too

      • If he wasn’t too lazy to make his own coffee (or at least take a turn making a pot), it wouldn’t have happened.

      • They were literally putting decaf in the caffeinated container lol he thought he WAS making regular coffee

      • Between Paul and Raven on the block, who was going home ? Raven obviously. And then Jason would be more than a target than he is right now. At least right now Alex is a bigger target than him.

      • Not Paul and Raven on block, Paul and Matthew on the block is what I said and with all this backbiting there may only be bad choices and worse ones

      • Right. But Alex isnt being the one considered to send out even though she should be over Jason. IMO.

      • You shouldn’t be too sure. Jason would only need one more vote to complement Kevin’s and Matt/Raven’s.
        For target, It would rather have been of a clear excuse than the target Jason already is now if “only” Paul had survived.
        Don’t forget by default, Kevin and Matt/Raven (whoever is in the game) will find themselves on the side of Jason by implication of their votes.
        Alex clearly aligning with Paul against Jason (if she do) may unsettle Josh who could think otherwise if he win HoH. Maybe!

      • True. His protection of Kevin guaranteed him a jury vote over any person. Maven who were going to target him after loosing a number would never have given him a jury vote either. He is not at a loss for that decision. However, further putting Paul in place of Matt would have been the best option. He will have Kevin’s vote. Engage Josh on strategic level. Matt would not vote against Raven and that put the showmance in hot spot if Paul survive.
        It would have been a bold move and it couldn’t have been in worse position than he is now. And if Paul was evicted, Jason would be better position in the house compelling Alex to embrace Kevin for strategic reasons.

      • If Paul was evicted Jason could have gotten the lap dogs under him, except Paul runs Alex so Matthew or Raven ( whichever ) goes and Paul stays and J loses, if Alex would have voted Paul out Jason would have the numbers with Kevin. Not using the veto did not turn out better so you are Every which way but loose, without Alex, Jason loses and that is how it stands

    • I’m glad he didn’t put Kevin up either. And Paul last night in the DR saying Jason just put a target on his back. WTF everyone was going to put Jason and Alex up anyway. He is the next target and was before any of that happened.

  4. Jason better win…(tho I know he won’t) because he is going to need that money for his divorce lawyer! He and Alex are spewing the most hurtful and sick things. He is her “Ole”…and that’s a bunch of bull. Hold onto your Whistlenuts, Jason!

      • LOL!

        The crap that comes out of Jason and Alex’s mouth is now Paul’s fault! Paul has done enough in the house without ascribing special powers that allow Paul to control the house guests thoughts and words!

        You do realize that Paul didn’t FORCE Jason to talk about raping Kevin’s wife, right?

      • Unless Paul is now a ventriloquist and these other lunatics are his dummies he doesn’t force what comes out of their mouths. Paul really has gotten a bad rap this season because he is the only one really playing. Yes, he can be a real jerk at times and piss the viewers off. Can you imagine what a dull season it would have been without him there? Everyone would just be laying around eating and having sex.

      • A lot of Paul haters. He is playing one of the best games of BB that has been played in a while. I don’t agree with is tactics, but he is getting the results he wants. Even this week, when he didn’t get Jason to put up Kevin, he still comes out on top because now he has a huge target on three other HGs. Even when he doesn’t get what he wants, he still spins it to suit his game. I’m not saying it’s been that hard for Paul, but he is really pushing all of the right buttons and has been planning two-three weeks ahead and having contingency plans in case things don’t go according to plan A or B. Great game play Paul!!!

      • This Friday, I’m putting on a very special show for all the BB fans from here. Hope you can attend! Paul will be making a surprise guest appearance there since it’s being held in the Paris room! Raven wasn’t given an invite, so all should be pleased to hear that.

      • You know Paul is still going to be able to control those in the jury house with his mental abilities. That is the only explanation…

      • Got to laugh about all of these people who give Paul so, so much credit to be able to make these people speak at his command, even when he doesn’t verbalize it. It has to be his mental abilities. Amazing!

      • Last night was the kicker for me when Josh asked Paul if he could take a nap, and Paul told him “no”…Really josh…really???

      • Or when Raven asked Matt if they should go up to speak to Jason about whether he was using the veto. Matt told her to go ask Paul. SMH lol

      • No actually they would of played the game. Instead they worship Paul. And there wouldn’t of been 90% of the fights. Paul instigated just about all the fights. Having Josh go after Cody and Mark. Telling Josh to blow up on Kevin. Every week whoever Paul wants out he has someone start attacking them. Wonder what he’s going to do to Jason.

      • Yes I wonder…just going say….bro I looked after you till this point….now I have to worry about myself….sorry.

      • You’ve got that right we’ll never know. I just think it would of been totally different.

      • If Paul hadn’t come into the game, Jody and the showmances would’ve steamed rolled through the rest have it lots and lots of orgies on the way. I for one am glad that didn’t happen.

      • So him controlling the entire game and knowing everything that’s going to happen is exciting? Don’t think so.

      • Yeah, and now Alex have borrowed a leaf with a step further either asking Josh to fight or doing the dirty job for Paul herself and loosing out on jury in the process.
        Looking forward to who he will use in doing it to Jason with Alex watching, and Kevin on the counsel. He might make it a peaceful blindside though.

      • That might be the only thing to wake Matt up from whatever stupor/comma he has been in all season. Taking his money away might get a reaction.

      • We can only hope. I am really curious what, if anything, AG and production is going to do about Matt’s blatant disregard for the rules. If they don’t do anything, they are opening up a whole other can of worms for future seasons.

      • The only thing they can do IMO is never call him again. James from the last few seasons makes alot of money with CBS. Game Shows, autograph conventions, etc. Matt will get none of that. Production likes you and you make money. Make em an enemy and they shut off the spigot.

      • They expelled Chima for “repeatedly breaking the rules” no jury no stipend and no invite to finale. The same can be done to Matt, but they did nothing but a penalty vote. Which is exactly what he wanted, so really he did not suffer ANY consequences for breaking the rules. SMH

      • That is what I am looking forward to in today’s eviction. To see if Matt will be honorably evicted to join the jury like other jurors.
        What I would production do is to disqualify him to leave through the backdoor without an interview and no jury.
        While the live eviction vote will go on with HGs to voting to either “evict” or “save” Raven to leave or remain in the house.

      • Perfect! That suggestion, along with all the prize monies going to flood relief is the first thing I have been happy about in BB19 for a long time! They need to hire some of you, with your great ideas!!

  5. Always love this post every week Adam. Appreciate your take as a former HG.

    As for players I’d like to see return, I’ll go with Christmas. She was my pick before the injury. While I haven’t been overly impressed with her, I feel like she’s been affected by the injury and how she’s had to play. I’d love to see her come back 100% physically and see how she would do and hopefully, that might make her more willing to do something other than just try to stay under the radar like she’s done this season.

    I’d also like to see Mark get a chance. I feel like he’s really a good guy. He screwed up this season and I think he totally gets that. I’d like to see if he could adjust his gameplay and make something happen.

    • I wouldn’t mind if she learned from her mistakes after this season, if she comes back maybe she can look back and say that bullying is not tolerated.

  6. In Season 14, both Frank and Shane won 3 vetos in a row so I just wanted to let you know that. I hope Jason does win the veto and Alex gets sent out. She’s shown to be a terrible person. Someone needs to give her a wake-up call.

    • DAMN – I forgot about them!!! Thanks for catching this! I knew I could rely on the BB Community

    • That is the best thing that should happen to Jason at this point. He need it to happen to have a clear picture of his position in the game. Alex is a blind distraction to his game going forward.

  7. I love your posts Adam. However with that being said, “Besides Paul, who would you want to see come back?” No one, and especially not Paul. Just my humble opinion. Two seasons of Paul is about a season and a half too much.

    • I really see Josh coming back. I just see a bit of Rachel Reily in him. She was panned her first season and came back as a comp and game beast. Truly redeemed herself. Production has to love Josh and his potential.

  8. To answer the question, I would like to see Cody OR Jessica come back, but not both. I liked both of them during the week that the other was out of the house and they were forced to interact with the other players. I would also like to see Mark get another chance.

      • If we absolutely were forced to choose one over the other to return to the game, I’d choose Cody. He wouldn’t be there as long as Jezebel probably would.

      • Cody would probably quickly get frustrated with everyone again and get himself voted out. Jessica did have social skills that she could have used if she wasn’t isolated with Cody so she would last longer. So I agree, Jessica would probably last longer.

      • Cody would try to join forces with Alex for the 4th time only to have her refuse again. Those two could have run the game together especially with Jason as a 3.

      • In an interview he said he would never come back. He doesn’t think he’s suited to that kind of game where you have to be social with people you can’t stand.

      • I would love to see Cody come back only to get blindsided the very first week. Maybe then all the Cody lovers would stfu about what a good player he was!

      • Sorry, I would never, under any circumstance want to see him back. I think that the jury members should be allowed vote him out of the jury house!!!

  9. Josh,

    FYI the most consecutive Power of Veto wins is three. This record is held by James Zinkand (Big Brother 9), Shane Meaney and Frank Eudy (Big Brother 14); Ashleigh Wood (Big Brother Canada 3), and Kevin Martin (Big Brother Canada 5).

    You said someone would point this out to you and you were right!!!

  10. Adam,

    FYI the most consecutive Power of Veto wins is three. This record is held by James Zinkand (Big Brother 9), Shane Meaney and Frank Eudy (Big Brother 14); Ashleigh Wood (Big Brother Canada 3), and Kevin Martin (Big Brother Canada 5).

    You said someone would point this out to you and you were right!!!

  11. Jason shouldn’t have said that, joking, or not, it was wrong. I think Kevin is a cool dude, but the way he floated his way, & thinks he’s VIP where he doesn’t get to go on the block at all is rediculous. He already has 25 G’s—-send him to jury.

  12. The only person I would like to see come back is Cameron from this season! I was all for Paul in the beginning and he is playing a good game well the only one really playing haha.. but it was better last year because he had to fight for his spot each week last year this year he is walking to the end.. can’t stand most of the hg now they hurt my head with their thought process! (Especially raven!) I hope next year they do an All star season! Bring back all the best players that way they know the game and will fight to be the best! Tired of floaters.. also keVin looks like zoolander with his faces lol.. or maybe he is more like Hansell(Owen wilson)…

  13. “My question of the week is – besides Paul, is there anyone from this season that you would like to see come back for another season?”

    No, not Paul, don’t want to see him again. Bad enough we got to see him again this year. The only one this year I would like to see back again for another season is Cameron.

  14. I really had to force myself to watch the episode last night, just knowing what has gone on since the veto ceremony. If nothing else, it gets you thinking about the number of times you hear hateful things being talked about and even if you make a big show out of how you are ignoring it (I keep thinking of this study hall like my sophomore or junior year of high school, our teacher had basically done one of those, when she came in the first day of it, she took attendance in the order we were in and we were in assigned seating since, but I was diagonal from a friend of mine and next to this guy I knew she was friendly with but I didn’t really know or notice before, I kind of had my own stuff going on at the time as my father was dying and died around this time, but they were funny so it was entertaining to listen to them, then it would get to a little mean spirited complaining, still funny, but I had nothing to add, then it turned weirdly racist and I was still about six years from having any confidence in my opinion to tell him to shut up or whatever, so usually I would just slip a walkman on, or actually, you know, do homework – this might have been the stretch where I figured out I could do it all in study hall and never bring any books home – but this house has reminded me of that feeling) but you don’t say anything.

  15. My answer to date is no, as far as anyone returning to BB. Just no! They all have shown that BB is more than just a game when they hit below the belt several times, making BB this season despicable to watch. Although I’ll continue to watch, I really don’t see why there would be a reason to bring back any of the current household members residing there. Both Jason and Kevin have lost my votes for AFP. There’s really no one else I’d vote for to receive that accomplishment. They’d have to give an awesome, awe-inspiring speech to redeem themselves. Less than that, well…it won’t have my stamp of approval, that’s for sure!

    • I would vote for Mark as AFP. He seems to have a kind heart. He was not built for BB, and especially not for this season, or cast.

      • Mark – kind heart? Threw pickle juice in Josh’s face and said he liked Aaryn from BB15. Nope.

      • It was Josh…come on…tell me you wouldn’t have done that if Josh was being Josh in that circumstance. Mark snapped for a split second…at Josh…he endured a lot from Josh in the house…I don’t think one lapse in judgement should condemn an opinion of him, or anyone. Even with the pots and pans incident Mark showed incredible restraint. I probably would have smacked Josh on both sides of his head!!! Maybe it’s just me…I still have a high opinion of Mark. I read that he is really involved in his church and with his family too. Just my opinion…

      • Oh, so you feel that it is okay to throw something in someone’s face if you feel provoked? Go ahead and try that on the street. I’m sure everyone will say you are kind.

      • No, I’m not saying that at all. Just saying that Mark had a lapse of judgement, which he did apologize to Josh for. Which is more than I can say for Josh’s actions. So you’re saying that it’s ok for Josh to provoke and bully Mark, and everyone else. What if Josh did that to someone on the street? Not sure how this got started, but I guess my opinion of Mark is different from your’s, and that’s ok… ;-)

      • I did not say that it was ok for Josh to provoke Mark. Yes, we have a different opinion but don’t imply that I said something I didn’t

      • Sorry, but you implied that I thought it was ok to throw the pickle juice in Josh’s face too, which I didn’t. I didn’t mean to imply that you said something that you didn’t, sorry if that’s how you took it. All hypotheticals here, and all for fun. Just trying to have a bit of fun.

      • I did not imply anything like that. To be clear. I said ‘if you feel provoked’, you assumed something that was neither said nor implied, just to be clear
        So, we disagree and we will both live to chat again.

      • Josh was wrong in denying that he lost the pool game. (cause he did) .Josh took it on himself to go get the pickle juice/hot sauce mixture…Josh was adamant that Mark drink it but instead Josh ended up wearing it…Josh was wrong and so was Mark

      • Provoked? Street? I wish people would choose to throw pickle juice in someone face on the street rather than shooting, punching, stabbing, etc.
        I think Mark handles that cheater perfectly in the moment…he reniged on a bet, in the street he would have been paralyzed or killed.

      • I’ve always said that I think Mark is most likely a nice guy in real life, unlike a lot of these HGs. He messed up his game by getting involved with Elena, imo, and his attachment to Cody didn’t help. All in all, Mark’s game play was not great and I think he will regret a lot about that. Otherwise, Mark is one of the good guys, imo.

      • The part that got me to remove my vote is when he admitted to liking Aaryn from Season 15…anyone that could like that vile creature does not have all his convictions properly aligned. Ha

      • Seriously, Mark said that? That surprises me. I know his favorite HG from past seasons was Brendon.

      • Mark was also kidding around, but Josh who is a goofball most of the time, didn’t think it was funny since it was done to him. If it had been somebody else, he would do that loud fake laughter of his.

      • Did he say he liked Aaryn? She probably shares the same views as him, but he was good friends with Dom and Ramses.

      • Josh deserved that pickle juice in the face!! For being a cheat, flaking on the bet and instead trying to put the loss on Mark and taking it from funny to serious, he is a poor loser, has been from the very first competition.

      • I was referring to those left in the house…should have made that clear. Yeh, I’m leaning towards voting for him!

    • Kevin has done nothing wrong. If my vote counted I would definitely give it to Kevin. he is the only decent person left in that house.

  16. There has got to be something Big Brother can do. I would love if Big Brother lets Matthew break the rules until he gets evicted. When he comes out to talk to Julie, they tell him live that he is not going to the jury house and his jury vote does not count. Then, when Julie comes back on to the house guests, she lets them know what just took place and that his jury vote is now America’s vote. If Matthew wants to embarrass Big Brother, give it right back to him. I am sure this will stop any other house guest from making the same mistake!!!!!

  17. Also, I am begging the audience to BOO when Matthew comes out to talk to Julie when he is evicted.

    • Production could give everyone in the audience a bowl of cereal and an orange shirt. Would be really funny.

    • I’ve often wondered if CBS has shut down boo’s from the audience since Amanda’s eviction. Anyone know if there has been other boo’ing! I don’t remember.

    • We don’t often agree…but I fully support ur views as stated above…’I don’t want to see any of them ever again”…They can go with the slime of BB15 and never be heard from again

  18. Matt should be expelled from the game! No way should he go to Jury house! and then VOTE Raven out! She is sooooo Phoney!

    • I hope Julie tells him that he can’t go to jury, but they will need a tie breaker and America should be the one.

  19. What is going on with BB this year to leave Matt in the house and not to immediately expel him?!?!?!

  20. almost all of these players are low iq, I’d like to see a house full of all mensa super fans.

      • Ah yes, Raven and her Mensa membership…

        Paul to Raven: “What was your G.P.A. upon graduation?”

        Raven’s answer: “Dance”


      • I laughed out loud when I saw that the first time. Plus, remember when Paul was lying down and Raven told him she had an inverted spine?

        Paul’s head raised off the bed so fast and he had a look between someone shocked and someone about to start laughing their butt off!

        Then, the DR session following that where Paul said, “What?! What does that even mean? Your legs would be where your head was supposed to be and your head… What?!”

        I know a lot of people don’t care for Paul, but I can always count on him to crack me up, lol.

      • That was another hysterical reaction and a great comment! I mean, when something is funny, it just is.

  21. I’d like to see Mark return for an All-Star season, but that’s the only one who deserves it honestly.

  22. I never wanna see any of these house guests again. And if any network has them on their show, I won’t watch. None of them should be rewarded for such bad behavior all season.

  23. Great rankings Adam as usual! I completely agree. I just hope cbs casts a better cast next year!

  24. I wish for every HGs that has ever played Big Brother to not be seen on TV again. These people had a great experience and now it is time to move on and live their lives far away.
    I agree with the rankings this week, but Alex should have gotten 4 instead of 3. Raven is a lost cause and I’m looking forward to the finale or their evictions. The audience should be allowed to demonstrate their true feelings for each HG evicted.

  25. There isn’t anyone I’d like to see return another season at this point.
    But, Adam, I’m not so sure Paul’s road to F2 will be that easy to walk.

    He seems to put in the work and cover his bases, for sure, but doesn’t it also take some luck?
    If he pulls a horseshoe out of his back pocket, great. Veto in his shirt, horseshoe in his pocket – Good for him.

    But I’m not so sure that someone like Josh might eye the prize at the end and the little voice in their head tell them that they are good enough and smart enough and doggone people really like me… I am sure Paul will not truly rest until the show is over and he shouldn’t.
    Greed/Insecurity/Strategy/Joshmas could cut him at F4 or F3.

  26. Alex deserve more tofu or having 2 tofukey this week. She’s been horrible. Come on alex!!! Kevin was never going after you and he was a number on your side. Don’t like him if you want. In any case jason deal with him. But being that mean with him is the most stupid game play of the season. Worst then Jessica not using the veto on Ramses.

  27. I’d like to see Christmas come back and get a chance to actually play in all the physical comps, etc. The fact that she can’t because of her injury and has still made it this far is pretty remarkable, though. Easy target she’s not.

      • when you break certain rules even if after warnings, they give you one vote… Matt was a have not and ate regular food, took hot showers, slept with Raven out of the HN room etc… Many, including myself, think he should be tossed from the game and not even be on the jury, just like Chima before him in BB11

      • So this week, with 8 people, 5 vote. No tie. That means 3 votes to evict someone.

        Matt will have 1 eviction vote before the hgs vote. That means he only needs 2 votes from the hgs to be evicted instead of 3.

        Same number of votes to evict.
        But the first vote is the penalty vote.

  28. I don’t want to see the new It movie because Raven reminds me too much of Pennywise…ruined it. Paul should have been saved for an All Star season. This hasn’t been fair at all since he MKUltra-ed this house full of novices. There’s no way his tactics should have worked with seasoned players, but he’d still be a competitor, he’s just good at the game. This said, I don’t really want to see any of these people in BB again. I might not want to see BB again anyway unless they make some changes in the production interference and stick to the rules. Did Grodner forget about Chima and BB11 already? Get it together people…

  29. Does anyone else not find it incredibly ironic that ADAM POCH is doing these rankings? In his season he would literally get the tofurkey every week. He is the defenition of a floater ~ he just coasted his ass to the end and voted for the less deserving person since he was bitter… Probably one of the worst and most undeserving players of all time.

  30. Yes, Raven is a hypocrite and a hypochondriac! (Almost forgot to mention “America’s Sweetheart” 🤣 is a nose picker! Oops!)

  31. I would like to see a BB season where the first people voted out each season make it back or all 2nd place winners. I think the first voted out folks would give us a better season and more of what BB was originally. I really hate how they are treating Kevin, although I know it’s a game. It still sucks. Raven and Matt have not done anything all season, can’t even save themselves and are angry that they are now expendable. Alex is a really mean girl. I know she is young, but darn it, she is mean. Didn’t know anything about Jason’s rape joke , but that is unfortunate. I liked him and some of his integrity. Feel bad for his wife if it is in the media. She seemed really cool on tv. Sometimes these reality people get so caught up in the BS and culture of these houses, that they end up make life altering statements. Strange there is really no alcohol this year. Thank goodness!

    • I don’t like battle backs at all. Especially every year. I’d like to see them retire the battle back for a season; just cast fewer people.

      I sure don’t want to see an early evictee return after X weeks, not knowing the score (for their sake) and not having had to survive (like the others have, by luck or design or both).

    • They should split the contestants into 2 houses with 2 BB’s going on at the same time. Then when it gets down to 1/2 the people combine them and let the real fun begin! That would be drama. Think how this year would have flipped around if Paul had that many people to try to control half way through the game. He would flip out.

    • Not only is Jason’s rape joke in the media, his wife is getting hate mail and death threats. And she’s newly pregnant, so the stress can’t be helping.

  32. Sorry Raven haters but I do not think Raven was acting when she was put up on the block. That looked like real surprise to me and I do not believe she is THAT good of an actress, if it was acting then she belongs on the soaps. Now I do think she can act like a badger, but that is only because she has been sleeping with one

    • Who cares if she was acting or not, she deserves to be on the block, either way. Terminal tilly needs to grow the F up and realize she’s in BB, not Big Grifters.

      • In my view if she can win she can stay, like all the other players, if they allow Paul to talk them out of something, or into something then they don’t deserve to win, but not a game of chance like the Plinko, Josh stepped in good luck that day. Something skill and or memory, no endurance if you want to include Christmas, something like the haunted house or escape rooms yeah you are welcome

  33. So do they provide condoms for the houseguest or Matt just knew he was getting some? And idky he’s calling Jason a punk b*tch when he’s been every HOH’s b*tch whenever they needed him to be. Even volunteered at times smh

  34. They are a bunch of bullies, They think that they are going to make a lot of money after the game is over, Because they are famous ?? On the outside looking in, being a bully (Alex) wont get you jack, You are judged on your actions and how good you play the game !! Last i heard abuse is never a good look ! The producers should step in and stop the abuse !!( my opinion ) Jason did the right thing !!

    • Was with you up until the last line. No one has behaved well, Mark and Kevin handled themselves the best and they still got in fights. Bullies say something horrible and derogatory then say ‘ But I did not really mean it ‘ , sorry I do not consider that type of person affable

    • Always find it funny that people think being on BB will make them famous. You win. You go on The Talk. Then everyone forgets about you.

      • They do get to be on a daytime show (Bold and Beautiful?) if they are well liked. I’m not a fan of those shows, but that is cool. Then they are forgotten!(;

  35. I wonder if someone could read Josh the novel “Of Mice and Men” after this season so he can understand what he did…

    I still think Matthew should be kicked out of the game, forget about jury.

    Future seasons should include punishment bot that basically douses a houseguest like Matthew with slime when they are breaking the rules.

    I also wonder what the PTSD and veterans are going to do with Paul, Josh and Christmas who were trying to get a combat veteran to mentally snap to further their game once the season is over?

  36. Funny, they have not shown any recent footage from J’s hometown lately … Wonder why. Maybe the cameras cannot get through the wall of pitchforks and torches. Folks it is a joke even if it is not funny, clean up your own act before you start thinking about fixing someone else, there cannot be enough time to fix other peoples stupid, I take all my time trying to fix my own .

  37. in regard to Matthew: I think they should send him home, NOT to jury, AND they should give America his vote!

    • They should, but they won’t. It’s BB, where rules are meant to be broken.

    • I would like Matt to be expelled, but I am really against an America vote. I would like fans to have as little involvement as possible.

      • It would only count as 1 vote. Big Brother has to do better than just one penalty vote. If they don’t take a stronger stand now, they are opening themselves up to more house guests just like him in the future. Cutting off the money would be a stronger deterrent than a measly penalty vote.

      • it would only count as 1 vote. Big Brother needs to do better than a single penalty vote. If they don’t take a stronger stand now, they are opening themselves up to more house guests just like him in the future. I think cutting off the money is a stronger deterrent than a measly penalty vote.

  38. Adam – and anyone else –
    What do you think about the first comp of the season (a new season obvi) being based on pure luck?

    Some people throw the first comp as a strategy. What if it’s not so easy to throw, at least without being obvious?

    That way, instead of presumed nerds and weaklings and any other misfit toys being targeted first, anyone could win the first HoH?

    An “underdog” could win HOH just as easily as a physical competitor and maybe set a different tone out of the gate. Maybe not for long but…


  39. Great rankings, Adam. You were very kind to them, actually. But I absolutely agree – going after HGs families, under any circumstances, no matter who it is (HGs themselves or fans) is unacceptable. I never condone that behavior from anyone.

    Also, I can’t imagine how hard it must be for you to watch Matt continuously break the rules. If it’s hard for us to watch, it must be infuriating for former players.

    • I prefer house guests to go after families. Really be ruthless. Howie’s attacking of April’s fat hubby and her ugly dog was great back in season 6. These house guests are just not very funny when they do it. The attacks are very uncreative.

  40. I personally would like to see Jason and/or Kevin return. I think Jason would be himself the 2nd go around. I feel the house has really gotten to him this week. Let’s look at the whole season, if Jason were as nasty as the comment he said, we would have been hearing about it all season, not just this time. As for Jessica, yuck, I wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of the “goosings” but let’s put this in context of the “groupies” talking about sex, anal sex, oral sex, and more sex. They have shown one another their bodies over and over and turned me off to a couple of them early on. There is more to life.
    Really believe when Jason watches this all back, he will be ashamed and embarrassed for saying and doing things that he would not normally do.
    This house, being cut off from everything going on outside, would drive you crazy I am sure. On top of that….I am positive having your ride or die bullying you, hitting you, and seeing there is something up between her and Paul, on top of all the other crazy going on, made him snap too.

    • People have been a lot harder on Jason then they should be. I don’t think he is any good at the game, but seems to be a nice guy.

  41. Good assessment Adam, agree with all except Alex. I think she should have tied with Matt in last place. The vitriol that comes out of this feral wombats mouth blows me away and while I know it’s a game, her “game talk” is wholly unnecessary and uncalled for and in the end does her no favors, within the game and outside of them game. She’s another one, like Terminal Tilly who will be in for a rude awakening on the outside when she’s confronted with what she has done and said about others, mostly Kevin and her remarks about him being a murderer and acting like a pedophile, that will come back to haunt her.
    As to your question at the end Adam, HELL NO!!! I never want to see any of these a**holes ever again, not a single one of them.

  42. “My question of the week is – besides Paul, is there anyone from this season that you would like to see come back for another season?”

    No, not a single one!!!

    • Cameron. I would like to see him, Glenn, and Jodi all have another chance as they never really got a first one.

    • Please, if there’s any justice in the world – may we never see the likes of Paul Abrahamian again. Anywhere.

  43. Josh has figured out Paul’s game he did on August 29. But what’s he gonna do. Nothing it seems.

    • Right but as quickly as he figured it out, he forgot about it. He dismissed at all! What a moron

  44. No I don’t want to see any of these people again in my life. I don’t even want to see them now but I still tune in for some unknown reason. Maybe I am waiting for the day they all realize just how stupidly they played.

    • Yeah I agree with you! I have no idea why I continue watching the season! I guess because I have watched faithfully since season one so I just can’t pull away from it. Plus, just like you I am waiting each week to see each HG realize they have been played!
      I really wish I could walk away from this season though! It is beyond horrible!

  45. Some fans have the idea that the jury will see what
    Paul has done to them to get to the end and deny him the win. Oh contrare my friends. He will give his speech and tell them all to vote for him to win, and they will do exactly that and just give it to him like they have done all summer. Why does anyone think they are going to change their behavior now🙃🙃😼

  46. Why are people so quick to judge Kevin until they listen to the whole conversation. This is beyond silly. So much worse trash talk has gone on this summer to get upset about. The mob mentality expressed numerous times this season is so much more disgusting

  47. Adam is right. The witch hunt and intolerance displayed against Jason’s family is much more disturbing

  48. WELL SAID!!!!!!!
    Adam you literally took all my thoughts and wrote them out on here!
    As for Jason and his stupid comment regarding Kevin’s wife, I absolutely 1000% agree with you! Everyone needs to just let it be and Jason will have to write his wrongs after the game. Jason will be feeling terrible not only because of how this made people perceive him but also because I know he will feel extremely bad when he realizes just how much the joke went way too far! For sure!
    And as for Matt, I couldn’t have said it better! The guy has openly admitted for what over a month now? That his goal was to make it to Jury!! I honestly thought he was going to volunteer to be evicted, (well I guess he sort of did!) LOL and as for him blatantly disrespecting big brother by breaking all of the rules as a have not speaks volumes to his character! He has proven to be a huge loser! I couldn’t believe he was in a showmance with Raven but now it makes complete sense!
    The guy is a complete moron! And just by breaking the rules and completely disrespecting this game, that alone makes him a terrible person and I am glad he is gone! Thankfully we only had to deal with a few days of his behavior!
    Matt and Raven deserve each other!
    Again, well said!

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