Tonight On Big Brother 19: Veto Competition & Ceremony

Matthew ransacks the room on Big Brother 19

Get ready for a disaster zone on Big Brother 19 as the Houseguests ransack their summer home in search of safety for the latest Power of Veto Competition. Yep, it’s time for the Hide & Go Veto challenge this season and those are usually pretty fun to watch.

This week we’re rolling through with Jason calling the shots as HoH and the group is planning to take out Matthew, but wait, is that all about to change with tonight’s results? It’s been way more intense this week than I expected even knowing the majority would have to start eating their own by now.

Things have been very hot in the house the past few days and tonight you’ll get to see how it all built up to that, but most of this crazy drama will likely be saved until Thursday’s episode. They do sneak a quick bit in with the preview, but I don’t imagine we’ll see that tonight. This will still be a good episode, especially with all the mess so let’s see what happens with this PoV comp.

Can’t wait for the spoilers? Check out what happened at the Veto comp & ceremony this week.

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  1. Okay, so tonight we can just watch them destroy the house instead of each other 😤😜😤

    • What a relief. I can feel safe to watch now. ;) Hey did you see Victor sent out a tweet apologizing for the behaviors of the HG and all the negativity this season? He didn’t need to do that, but I thought it really showed a lot of class on his part. That or maybe he’s still trying to help clean up Paul’s messes! hehehe

      • He’s hinting that he’s sorry he didn’t throttle Paul in his sleep last season when he had multiple chances.

      • No I didn’t. Wonder why he did that, he has nothing to apologize for, he conducted himself well last season.
        How ya doin, little sis? How’s school going?

      • I just looked at Alex’s instagram account. The stuff people are saying to her is unbelievable.I may not like some of these people but I would never go to their personal pages and post horrible things.
        It seems the house guests and a lot of the fans have gone to extremes.

  2. that’s so funny!!!!!!!!!
    Last thing u see is Josh saying “guess what, you’re getting played”!!!
    Really Josh???? Don’t u realize “youre” getting played??
    Wow, these people are dumber than a box of rocks!!

      • That’s what others were saying the other day on the thread after the comp took place, so you might just be right.

    • Raven- Self destructive
      Josh- Destroy-able
      Matt- Used User
      Kevin- Will have his family to help him.
      Alex-Will be fine, knows how to handle herself.
      Jason- Will realize life is precious and find a different use for Whistle Nut
      Christmas- Will be the one to parry this show into a payday.
      Paul- Win, Lose or Draw he will be the most stable after this game, because he is the only one that knows he is in a game.

      • So who do you think did most of the damage: Paul, Jason, Kevin, Raven, Matt or Josh…that was all of them, right?

      • Sorry, I edited my post, I realized what you were saying after I responded. I think Alex, she is a feral wombat and Raven could do a bit of damage herself as well. They both exhibit serious anger issues which lends itself to destruction. Who do you think?

      • If Alex had been in that comp, I would definitely have picked her.
        feral wombat..lmbo…Where do you come up with these?

      • Hahaha, Alex didn’t participate? Show’s how much I’m paying attention! I originally came up with feral wombat to describe RaMoron from RHONY but it also applies to Alex. LOL

    • I might have to go with Matt. He knows he is leaving so does not care about what is destroyed.

      • I’m anxious to see. I know Alex was upset about some of her stuff. I doubt BB will show us if someone specifically targeted anyone’s personal property, but it is always interesting to watch to see who got down and dirty.

      • He went too far with the eggs and food. I would have gotten upset with him and insisted he clean it all up. And dare him to eat another egg that week if they were low on them. My problem is, I would do it while laughing. No one takes me very serious. :(

  3. I am Team Paul until the end and give him much credit for taking advantage of the weaknesses of the others to improve his odds of winning, which is the object of this God-forsaken game. Good heavens, there is an exit door. If someone feels “uncomfortable” with the atmosphere of the house and wants to leave, production might try to stop them from leaving, but can’t force them to stay. And please don’t make the sorry excuse that you don’t have a job because you quit to do BB and this IS your summer job. Welcome to the “real world” if this is your job. Sometimes work is he!!. If your 15 mins and stipend is worth putting up with being “tortured”, bless your heart, then that’s your choice. Paul is NOT responsible for the actions of others, just like no one is responsible for my actions but me. It is my decision how I react if I feel provoked; same with each of the HGs. Sometimes I don’t like Paul myself, but it is ridiculous to blame him for the behavior of anyone but himself. Not trying to provoke anyone here, lol, just saying my peace. :)

      • Actually, granny, I meant “peace”, due to the circumstances of the game. I come in peace. :)

      • We’re all grammatically challenged from time to time. It’s just annoying when someone types his/her opinion without putting down opposing ones, we’ll still see attack replies. It’s okay to disagree, and we can still have fun doing it. The only thing I disagree with your original post is that Paul really isn’t doing anything. Those morons are making it so easy that they are practically handing things to him. Of course he’s going to take advantage of that. That’s the game. I didn’t like Paul last season and I don’t like him this season either, but I do respect game play. I didn’t care for him stirring the pot to gang up on people. I thought that was low class. And even more so for the ones who followed him. It’s been hard to like most of these house mates the last few seasons.

      • Like last season, I went back and forth about Paul. As I said, there are times I don’t care for him or some of his tactics. For me, it would be a lot of work to go back and forth between 3 duos and keep my stories straight. He goes from one to the other so fluently that it’s mind boggling to me. Sure, these HGs might be more easily duped than others in past seasons, but Paul has still had to do a lot of manipulating and strategizing with perfect timing. He has been everywhere and has never been lax in his social “engineering”. I agree Paul has been stirring the pot much of the time and with an agenda that profited him. Still, what the other HGs say or do is not on him. He didn’t have a gun to their head or a knife to their back…..that I know of.

      • Why are you worried about provoking anybody? You aren’t responsible for the actions of others. That’s what you said anyway.

      • ” notice I said I wasn’t trying to provoke anyone and purposefully used the word “peace”, You made a special point of it is all. I don’t believe you are really worried about provoking anyone, hence the Paul worship..

      • Hey KSJB. Just wanted to apologize to you. These people (HGs) are not worth getting all worked up over. The rest of the season I am just going to laugh and have fun.

      • Not necessary at all. To tell the God’s honest truth, I don’t remember what was said. Did I say something to upset you? Maybe I should apologize. I try not to get too serious, but we all do at times. I’m truthful, everyday is a new day and a fresh start. :D

    • Amen to that. Even though I am not a huge Paul fan, he is my bet to win it all. I give credit where credit is due.

      • IF he wins, Paul will have set a historic low for methods, and could not have done it without the PRODUCERS backing him.

    • So true! I am also a Paul fan and although I don’t agree with everything he does I don’t blame him for the acts of others. The Paul haters blame him for anything that happens in the house. These house guests are all adults and know what this game is all about.

      • I’m sure there are many who don’t agree with my opinion and I am happy to respect their opinions. TY, my friend.

      • Barb, he might not win, but it won’t be from lack of working his patootie off for it. :)

  4. Why isn’t Mathew being removed not just from the house but from the entire game since he continually breaks all the rules? CBS needs to put an end to it or just do away with have nots all together since the one penalty vote thing sucks.

    • So does this mean Kevin could do whatever he wants and eat regular food and take hot showers? He’s not on the block so apparently vote one even affect him

    • If they’re not going to do anything to Matt then they should stop the endless ‘Stop That’ announcements. That makes BB look even more ineffectual

      • No kidding. The BB voice is a running gag now, so production needs to either handle him by getting rid of him or let it go completely & don’t make mention of his behavior any more.

      • My only hope is that they’re building up to sending him out the door….and not to jury. That would at least give them some legitimacy.

      • So true…its like threatening a kid with time out and not following through. He needs to go and take his disgustingly pathetic waste of human space with him.

      • “Josh, stop singing”-Shut up BB, rules don’t matter
        “Paul, I said no napping”-Shut up BB, rules don’t matter
        Oh look a skywriter. “Houseguest this is a lockdow….” all together, Shut up BB, rules don’t matter
        “You are not allowed to talk about Production”-Shut up Allison, rules don’t matter
        “Alex you are not allowed to talk about your DR sessions”- Shut up BB, rules don’t matter

    • I wonder if they’re going to remove him, that they would do it sometime today or tomorrow, so they can just go to a live HOH competition tomorrow, instead of taping it

    • Maybe they will wait until he is evicted and then tell him because of all of his penalties he will not be going to Jury.

  5. would be the perfect show…..Matt and Raven up for eviction….Matt is told that he will be ejected/removed from the house and game for major rule breaking…No jury Matt…Then Raven is told..”With that being said as u are the second nom and u will be evicted to become a member of the jury.” Longshot I know but the scenario could happen….BOTH OF EM GONE NO MUSS NO FUSS NO BOTHER,,,

    • Woo-hoo! Wouldn’t that be fun … I almost can imagine it might give BB ratings a boost.

    • That’s my wish too. I know it won’t happen but it should. Production just can’t let this slide. Matt and Raven are basically telling them fu@k you and your rules, we will do what we want. This could snowball and soon we will see all the HouseGuests doing whatever they want regardless of the consequences. (They are already running amuck)! Matt has taught us all that you really can’t judge a book by its cover! As he floated along with his skanky Munchausen’s ho he seemed like a mellow guy. When the shiit hit the fan he turned into a raving lunatic. They really need to get control back and send Matt packing. The situation has gotten way out of hand.

    • I think many wish for this scenario but it’s too good to be true. BB doesn’t back up their rules and policies when it comes to to playing the game, which we have seen time and time again, why would they start now?

    • I wouldn’t place money on that. BB has turned into a free for all where the patients are running the asylum.

    • They haven’t shown most things on the shows. It is like the feeds, spoilers and the televised episodes are two different shows.

      • Yup, it really is! This is the first time I have been on these threads and had the feeds since the 18th of Aug, but not watch them much. The info I get from here and what I see on network are like 178 degrees different, not 180. Way so much different. :-( Miss about 98% of the ‘juicy stuff’ on the network compared with threads and feeds.

    • They will show Jason reading the penalty vote, and maybe a few clips of him eating. I expect that we get a Raven and Matt good bye love fest show. I’m not looking forward to it.

  6. Oh please just check out YT. Big Brother 19 The Saga Ep 7

    No drinks while watching, monitors and keyboards are hard to clean and Pepsi burns the nasal passages.
    Worth the warning if I get one.

  7. They all think Paul is with them when really he’s with everyone and they need to realize that he could be telling everyone to get them out.

    • If Dom, Jessica or Mark had a better speech then maybe they would have by now. Jessica tried calling him out, but it didn’t work. Raise your hand if you think Paul is taking you to the final three? How about you Jalex, you Maven or you Jmas?

    • Tornado warning north of Mobile so we will be joining late. Shouldnt last long because it’s from Harvey. They last few min. Do you see the new Survivor crew today?

  8. Tonight is the first episode in years that I am not going to watch! I switched to AGT. This BB season is so bad altogether.

    • I watched AGT last week. I saw that singer Evie Clair and thought she might be from my area. I found her moms blog and felt so sad(and angry because of all the lies I’ve been hearing from Raven). Evie said on the show her dad wasn’t feeling well enough to come see her sing, that was it. I guess he had been in before and has cancer. Her dad has been taking off of his feeding tube and in his last days. Evie is 12 or 13 and she didn’t say my daddy is about to die for sympathy votes. Then the blog says her dad was working full time at a prison , while vomiting everything he ate until a few weeks ago to try and provide for his family. Sorry for the long story, but after hearing Raven cry that she is in death door and needs free money and says she can’t eat, and I turn the channel and see a man on deaths door still trying to work that can’t eat and is not broadcasting it for sympathy, made me more pissed at Raven.

  9. Wow I didnt watch last episode. Were they really that chill about it? No suspicions at all? They really think they are on vacation huh

    • Almost every night, on camera. Last night was a morning show and Paul walked in right at the end. And worse Matt jumps up and Paul gets in bed with Raven, like a minute after Matt finished. It was gross.

    • OH MY YES !!!
      Several of the HGs have found used condoms in the drawer at side of bed. Several days ago Jason during tonight’s shown, actually happened, about Monday sometime, Jason found some used condoms in drawer when looking for veto boards in veto comp. Eeeeeewwwwwwuuuuuuu !!!

  10. Seee….Jason never whispered in Raven’s ear that one of them was coming down! So Raven lied!

    • I love Kevin. He is a good looking man and love his hair cut. He is using his toothbrush to brush his hair, which is gross, but it is his own body.

  11. Alex, Kevin is a grown ass man. His kids are not as young as Jasons. Why would you be surprised his reaction about his kids isnt like Jason’s?

  12. I guessed that Raven was the one who did the most damage in the house. Seems like more people thought it was Josh. I’m probably wrong about this one.

  13. Raven has really only been given air time these past few episodes and omg she is annoying. Her voice is grating, her laugh is grating, her entire existence on this show angers me.

  14. Why has BB not evicted Matt! He is breaking the rules of this game! What a loser. He should be gone! No jury, no coming back to finale! Done with him!
    I do not understand why BB is letting him get away with this!?!

  15. I guess Matt wouldn’t care about throwing clothes all around the house, as long as he has that orange one.

  16. At least no cereal emptied on the floor this year, otherwise Matt would have gotten down on his knees and lapped it up.

  17. Just noticed something….Are the HGs not allowed to hide their veto card in the HOH room?

      • Yeah if I was ever in that house I would start thinking where to hide the veto from the first day

      • I’m thinking about applying to BB next season! And the season after if I’m not casted next season! LOL

      • Well, get to it!!! Hop to it!!! Get some recipes for slop to get used to it and different ways to fix it. Figure out which little twitch you’re going to have, like Matt’s cereal and orange holed shirt, Raven’s piggy tails, Jess and somebody’s extensions, oh, the possibilities are endless!!!
        Watch all the prior seasons, start conspiring now like paul did as he walked out the door last year, etc. etc. GO FOR IT !!! Good Luck!!!
        Will miss you here, tho. :-( Oh yeah,take some of that Green face stuff and your green robe!!!

      • Me too, just in case that will be one of the comps. That is why it is better to hire actual viewers rather than people who have never even heard of the show.

  18. Now open your brain a little wider so you can see that Paul and Alex will get rid of you as well. Win veto next week.

  19. Alex doesn’t want to deal with Matt and Ravens attitude all week, coming from the queen of attitude problems

  20. I am glad he didn’t use it and who cares if they are mad at you. Stick to your guns. Now he needs to win veto since he will be the target. or pick an apple.

  21. Alex’s rationale makes no sense. All they have been doing is breaking up the showmances, but now they cant because of jury votes?

      • I agree. Fire production and hire new people who will make the show better and a bit more realistic.

  22. This was so far the best moment of the entire season for me. 2 weeks left and this is the biggest move anyone has made.

  23. Well Jason only did what Maven was going to do to him if they would of won. Too bad so sad he got you first.

    Nothing changed. Literally. Everything is literally the same. There’s just one mad couple compared to one mad Kevin. In fact, I would say Paul is in an even better position to win the game now, so props to Jason for sticking to his guns and making his “own move”

    • Nothing’s going to change at this point. But Jason did give us feeds gold by not doing what Paul told him to do, which is a win in my book.

      • I agree! Jason is a winner and I am beginning to rethink my vote for America’s favourite player!

    • It was refreshing! Jason not only not listening to Paul but also not listening to Alex either! Incredible! Shocking!

  25. Oh Raven…If you needed the money so bad, why haven’t you played the game?
    Go cry a river!

      • Yes and has no problem that Matt is giving up his lame excuse of a game for her, such an entitled b**ch

      • Washington Post had nothing good to say about Raven or Matt. So you know it’s bad when it hits the news there.

      • Yeah, I haven’t heard her once say to Matt to not give up his game for her!
        But of course she wouldn’t! She is psychotic!

      • Right!! She is a terrible con artist!
        She needs to pick a different career! And not dance either! She’s awful!

        Maybe with her Mensa GPA Dance life she can think of something else to do! LMAO

    • She actually thinks the whole house is buying her pathetic illness stories and want to give her the win.

    • No doubt eh! I don’t understand how this psychotic con artist actually thinks she can win the game when she hasn’t played it the entire season!
      It’s not like she’s been at least a good floater and has been secretly making moves all season.
      The only “moves” she has been making is her head bobbing up and down under a white sheet! 👻

  26. finally Jason grows a pair and stops listening to everyone else. its going to get excited this week.

    • that’s why Jessica and Cody were the targets for so long. Because they refused to bow down to Paul!
      Jason will now become a bigger target however, he has already been a target for two weeks. Had he not won HOH then he was likely going to be backdoored this week anyway.
      I just truly hope he wins the veto or Alex/ Kevin win HOH on Thursday. I don’t want Matt to have the satisfaction of seeing Jason walk into the jury house following Matt!

  27. Tomorrow the house will be quieter. i hope that raven is harassed as they do with Kevin. I won’t feel sorry at all.

    • Hello Jello………… 💜
      MEEEE TOOOOOO!!!!!!
      I would love love love for the house to do that to Raven! And Alex and Josh and Christmas! And even Paul because he is usually behind it all! (Although I do not think it will freeze him.)
      BUT YES!! Especially Raven!

      I don’t wanna burst your bubble but Unfortunately because raven is “fake dying in a year or two” the house won’t do it. There’s no way! Even though they are questioning all of her stories and some of them think she is a compulsive liar, they don’t know for sure so they don’t want to look like total jerks picking on a “dying girl!” You know what I mean?
      But don’t worry, 😉 she will get what’s coming to her after the game is over.
      Matt will dump her a$$ & the rest of the Hgs will likely never speak to her again.
      On top of that, she will also be ‘shunned’ by the whole “BB Community”! Many past hgs (as you know) have said on social media how they feel about Raven & it hasn’t been nice!
      No one will want anything to do with her in 3 weeks! And I can’t wait!!!!!!!
      Karma is a biatch! And I believe the universe will pay her back tenfold! She’s done! She will either have to go in hiding or she will hire a publicist & “come clean,” blame it on her mother and “Munchhausen syndrome!”
      Any good publicist will totally play the “Munchhausen card!!” It will be “poor Raven! She was abused by her ‘Momma’ her entire life!” Gag
      She will say she is seeking help due to all the abuse her mama put her through! Sick! People will fall for it! For sure! She will totally play everyone for sympathy! & this will probably give her more “publicity!!!”
      WHATEVER, I don’t care! She is what 23 years old? If she could’ve put a stop to it! Whatever now I’m annoyed LOL IT better NOT happen!
      Ugh 😑
      JUST GOOOOO AWAY RAVEN!!! Go back to your trailer park and hide! Stay away! Please!
      Sorry Jello! yada yada blah blah wawa

      • WHY????????????
        The viewers would be pissed! Why would they want that??? I just don’t get it! But, Paul and Raven as final two would just complete this season perfectly!

  28. OK, so I heard about what Jason said yesterday in regards to Kevin’s wife and daughters. Not cool Jason, not cool at all! But, I am not going to hold that against Jason because it’s my understanding it’s the one “super bad thing he has said/done! All season!?” I don’t believe Jason is a bad person. And from my knowledge, Jason hasn’t said or done anything terrible before or since!?
    Anyway, I just finished tonight’s episode and I wanted to reflect on a few things Jason said that showed me his true character and how good of a person he is!
    Again, huge mistake! Not funny! And Jason will pay the consequences! Jason owes Kevin, Kevin’s wife, Kevin’s daughters and son a huge genuine apology! That’s for them to figure out! None of my business.
    This message is already too long I will be posting another post regarding some insight into Jason’s character I noticed during tonight/Wednesday night episode in the message above.

  29. In follow-up to my previous comment…… Wednesday nights episode gave me some insight to Jason’s “true character” & reminded me why I like Jason and why I think he is a good person!
    Jason made a huge mistake on Tuesday Night that he will beat himself up over for a VERY long time!
    Noted from Wednesday nights episode regarding Jason being pressured by Paul and Alex to put up Kevin! Kevin is Jason’s friend and because of that, Jason is willing to risk $500,000 to do the right thing! He cannot just throw his friend under the bus easily!

    ••Jason in the DR room RE: putting Kevin up as a pawn!

    “So Kevin is NOT hip to the idea! I’m just not gonna use Kevin as a pawn because he is my pal! He is not comfortable so I am not comfortable! I’m not gonna do it! I don’t care about the blowback from Matt & Raven. I haven’t said 50 words to them in 68 days. I don’t wanna go against Paul and Alex because I’m with them but gosh dang I’m not doin it!”

    Well “gosh dang,” that’s a “good person” right there! How many of us could say we would do the same thing? His “pal” (Cute) doesn’t feel comfortable going up as a pawn so Jason is not going to do it even though it might cost him the game! (Matt & Raven’s jury votes!)
    We can all see Jason is struggling with it but in the end he did the right thing for him “personally!” Not the right thing game wise. But whatever! this is why “I think” Jason is a “good person” and why I don’t think people should continue to focus on one HUGE mistake Jason made! (Of course I am not telling anyone how to think or feel!) Simply My Opinion.
    WE HAVE ALL said or done things we have regretted! RIGHT?!? Each & Everyone of US! Are you thankful it wasn’t on National TV?!? I sure am!

    Third comment coming…… More reasons why I think Jason is a “good guy” and it shows his “true character.”

  30. & 3rd comment regarding quotes from Wednesday’s episode.

    “We do the mob tactic in this house, somebody points a finger and then stirs the pot, stirs the pot, stirs the pot. Then attack! (EXACTLY Jason!) Alex, I get it….. for some reason you really can’t stand Kevin (NO reason) so you are trying to razz everybody else to do your dirty work!” RIGHT Jaom!!
    Sooo TRUE!! Jason recognizes the houses behaviour ALL season! He has said it several times already. Yes Jason has been involved in some chatter but he has never (to my knowledge) seeked any body out to attack just for sh*ts and giggles!! Yes he plays along when they trash talk people like Jessica, Cody, Mark! Yes, Jason is not a saint! but, Jason is never a part of the mob like mentality attacks!
    Bad guy? Or a Good Guy? Playing the game? Or trying to play the game but also be as true to himself as possible in this crazy BB house/game?
    Last and shorter quote from Jason during the veto ceremony.
    “Whenever I have tough decisions to make, I always find that coming back to my ‘core believes’ and my ‘core thoughts will work the best in high intense situations!”
    Well said dude!
    & the meaning behind that is “incredible!” It really is!
    When he is faced with a tough decision, he remembers “who he is, what he values, what is really important to him, what he believes is right, & what he believes is wrong!!” & he applied that during the veto ceremony and leading up to the veto ceremony. Jason was like am I going to throw “my pal” up on the block as a pawn (likely put him in danger) all because if I don’t, I will make 2 people (that I haven’t even bonded with all season) mad and might not get there Jury votes! “Heck no golly gee! I ain’t doing it!”
    In my opinion Jason is a good person and I will be continuing to root for him! I certainly do not think he is perfect, but who is?! Will he make stupid mistakes again on BB? & in real life? Yes of course he will! Will he own his mistakes? Absolutely!! Without a doubt! He’s a good Man, husband and father!

    For those of you (if any) read any of my comments regarding this, Thank You! I hope you enjoyed it :-) (and I hope there were not too many errors!?!) 🙃

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