Big Brother 19 Live Feeds Week 9: Tuesday Night Highlights

Things continued to get uglier in the Big Brother 19 house Tuesday night as there was another big blowup, this time between Matthew, Kevin, Raven and Alex. The feeds cut during the argument, but we pieced it together from later talks among the HGs. Read on for those details and the latest tasteless attacks Alex has been spewing onto Kevin.

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Big Brother 19 Live Feed Highlights – Tuesday, August 29, 2017:

4:05 PM BBT – Josh tells Christmas that Jason complained how Alex is saying she’s responsible for getting all of them this far in the game. Christmas working to convince Josh he should throw the HoH to her so she can take a shot at Jason. Josh suggests they just put both Alex and Jason up together.

4:25 PM BBT – Kevin tells Jason that viewers aren’t going to like watching the HGs act like a bunch of babies.

4:35 PM BBT – Alex warns Christmas and Josh that Matt told her if they don’t go after Kevin next then their whole routine this week isn’t believable. Alex wonders if Kevin warned Matthew that Raven would be targeted next. Josh is upset that their efforts yesterday to keep Kevin quiet didn’t work.

4:45 PM BBT – Alex and Josh discuss whether to get out Raven or Kevin next. They want to find out what Kevin has been saying to Matthew to decide.

4:45 PM BBT – Raven tells Matthew she wants to give her eviction speech aimed at Alex and Jason that she won’t stab them in the back but will come right for them.

4:50 PM BBT – Raven says her ideal F3 is with Paul and Christmas. Matthew warns she’d lose to Paul. Raven agrees and says she’s okay with that. She says she’d probably still even pick Paul to go to F2 even though she thinks she’s lose to him. He thinks she could beat Christmas.

4:55 PM BBT – Alex worries that Kevin is telling Matthew that the house is coming for Raven. If so, she wants Kevin out next.

5:20 PM BBT – Alex is concerned about what she might have said this season and how she’ll react when she watches it back.

5:21 PM BBT – Alex notes how Matthew is suddenly acting like he’s got a backbone. Jason counters that he just wants to be remembered as a tough guy on his way out.

6:35 PM BBT – Alex wants Josh to call Kevin a follower next time he fights with him. Josh says he won’t do that and is done fighting with Kevin. Alex says she isn’t.

6:40 PM BBT – Matthew lets Paul and Josh know that Kevin said this situation was to be blamed on Alex, not Jason. He called Alex the puppet master.

6:44 PM BBT – Kevin starts to shout at Matthew telling him to get out of his face and that he’s not one of these kids. Matthew asks him if he’s threatening again and asks if he should go grab him a glass. Kevin says he didn’t threaten him. Kevin tells him not to make things up about him.

6:45 PM BBT – Kevin tells Paul and Josh that he didn’t threaten Matt. Kevin denies having told Matthew anything and says it’s lies. (It’s not. Kevin didn’t expect Matthew to retell it all.)

6:45 PM BBT – Feeds cut.

8:30 PM BBT – Feeds return. Everyone is still there. Sounds like there was a fight, though.

8:31 PM BBT – Kevin and Christmas talking. Kevin asks her about people messing with his stuff and he says it shouldn’t be OK. Christmas tells him that production told her that people can hide stuff and throw food out but they can’t do anything that can cause harm. She explains to Kevin about someone (Shannon, Season 2) cleaning the toilet with a HG’s toothbrush, and how that wasn’t OK and that they shut that down.

8:33 PM BBT – Christmas tells Kevin that “I got you.” She says “read between the lines… you’re not alone.” She tells him that he can’t say anything about that. Kevin says he wants production to take a bag of his things so Alex doesn’t bother it. Kevin says this is an awful way to live.

8:34 PM BBT – Kevin says the only thing he’s said about Alex is that she’s petty. Christmas says well, she wears it on her hat.

8:40 PM BBT – Alex talking about the blowup that happened while feeds were out. She says “All I did was tell someone they looked old, their skin looks leathery and to make their own food. They wigged the f**k out.” Josh says they’ve said some pretty bad stuff this season. Alex says no way and that it could be worse.

8:44 PM BBT – Jason realizes he’s said some pretty bad things in the house. Alex says that’s why she and Paul are always telling him to shut up. Josh asks Jason if he thinks people like this season. Jason says he doesn’t know because it’s getting to be pretty petty.

8:56 PM BBT – Alex is wondering what people are saying about them on the outside. She says someone is probably telling her to leave Kevin alone.

9:01 PM BBT – Kevin is talking to Paul about how nasty Alex is being. He says he’s going to win this next HOH. Paul tells him not to win this one. Kevin asks if he wants to win and Paul says yes. Kevin asks  if he’d put Alex up and Paul shakes his head yes. Kevin thanks him and says he feels better.

9:05 PM BBT – Kevin says he’s going to tell Alex to stay away from him and that she’s the biggest bully in the house. Paul tells Kevin to just go to bed. Kevin says he’s going to go read the Bible.

10:01 PM BBT – Josh and Christmas talking about Alex always listening in on everything. They say she’s so arrogant and Josh says he doesn’t care anymore and he’s taking a shot at her next week.

10:06 PM BBT – Kevin cam talks to production, telling them to take his clothes because if Alex touches his stuff he will tear apart the house and destroy everyone else’s things. He says she’s not going to push him around the next 10 days.

10:14 PM BBT – Paul got whacked in the face by a weight pole. Raven is making sure he’s OK. She asks if his vision is blurry. Paul then tells Raven that Kevin wants to take a shot at Alex so she’ll be fine next week.

10:16 PM BBT – Raven tells Matthew that Kevin wants to go after Alex.

10:28 PM BBT – Raven discusses the fight that happened while the feeds were out. She says she asked Kevin where his class is and that he’s setting some example for his kids.

10:39 PM BBT – Kevin is trying to understand why Alex is treating him so awful. Josh tells Kevin just to own up to things and to relax. Talk turns to the $25,000. Josh says Kevin told him night one he got the money. Kevin tells Josh he told him the same thing. Josh said he didn’t because he didn’t even push the button.

10:35 PM BBT – Matthew giving Raven a pep talk on what to do when he’s gone. He says to just stick with Paul and hang out with Christmas.

10:41 PM BBT – Josh tells Kevin if he owns up to some of the things he’s said and done, things could improve for him. Kevin says he didn’t say anything and they’re making things up against him.

10:45 PM BBT – Josh relays the whole conversation he just had with Kevin to Paul, Alex and Jason.

10:50 PM BBT – Alex tells Jason, Paul and Josh she hopes one of the four of them wins America’s Favorite Player. She says it just can’t be Kevin and if he wins it she says she’ll kick him in the balls right on the stage and say “F you, old man.”

10:55 PM BBT – Paul continues to agitate the group telling them Kevin is telling him they’re all expendable.

11:00 PM BBT – Alex tells Jason to “go cowboy” on Kevin and cuss him out.

11:05 PM BBT – Raven says she’ll start cooking meals once Matt is gone. She says Jessica underestimated her strength in the game.

11:07 PM BBT – Paul checks in with Kevin and advises him to lay low. He reminds Kevin not to tell anyone about them together.

11:10 PM BBT – Alex asks who they should target if it’s a DE. Paul says Kevin and Raven should go up.

11:15 PM BBT – Paul claims he won AFP last season but since he was in F2 it went to the next person, Victor.

11:20 PM BBT – Matthew discusses how during the casting process he was questioned about doing a showmance. Big Brother tells him to stop. He tells them no because he doesn’t consider it to be about production. Cameras change. (Guess we know how/why he got picked to be on the show.)

11:40 PM BBT – Paul has been doing impersonations of most the HGs.

12:05 AM BBT – HGs discussing whether or not they find the “Maven” showmance annoying. Christmas suspects Matthew isn’t in to Raven.

12:10 AM BBT – Paul tells Matthew and Raven that Kevin wants to go after Jason and Alex instead of Raven. Matthew is sorry that he won’t get to see Christmas putting up those two.

12:40 AM BBT – HoH crew hanging around and talking about their impressions of other HGs at the start of the season.

1:25 AM BBT – Matthew eats ice cream as Big Brother shouts at him to stop. He does not stop.

2:05 AM BBT – Paul, Christmas, and Josh discuss how to handle going after Jason and Alex. They agree that Jason needs to go before Alex.

2:15 AM BBT – Paul believes endurance competitions are over for the season and they could beat Alex in anything that’s left at this point.

2:45 AM BBT – HGs are goofing around trying to scare each other.

3:00 AM BBT – Everyone is off to sleep.

Another heated day in the house and whatever happened in the evening was hidden from the Feeds for no apparent reason other than to hide the action. Watch for these arguments to continue as all sides of the house believe they’re in control while we wait to find out who will control the power next.

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  1. New twist: on tomorrow’s live show, evict every last one of them. (There’s a simple elegance to it.)

  2. While i hate the mob gang up mentality theme that paul has created this season i think he deserves to win if hes in the end hands down. He is covered on every single angle and they fail to see it. At this point when jalex is put up on the block next week i hope the house sees pauls true colors when he tries to backtrack and as a result targets him. Like if josh wins and puts jalex up and then he sees paul trying to do damage control and backdoors him instead lol. Once can only hop but im prepared for the worst.

    • i don’t see these HG’s using a brain, mostly because none of them have one! To think that they blindly follow Paul…STILL….it’s nuts. but then again, look what kind of low life people they are. I hope they are ALL booed (the least the audience can do) the night of the eviction. Disgusting people!!!

      • we thought it was bad when Derrick led everyone around by their noses. at least Derrick didn’t turn the house in to a lynch mob.

    • Nobody is going to have the votes to evict Paul next week. It could have been possible this week.

    • I sort of agree with you. But Paul isn’t really doing anything. It’s the morons who are blindly following him that are making it way too easy. He’s not even manipulating anyone. So in a sense, he’s really not earning it. Hell, they are giving it to him.

  3. Alex is so disgusting. Lets starts our own Poll for most hated House Guest I am sure she would win in a landslide. She is vile….

    • Wouldn’t that be great on finale night we did two polls America’s favorite and most hated, Cody you win favorite Alex you are the most hated we want our money back. LMAO a girl can dream.

      • lol, maybe to you but he is my favorite, and don’t ask me why because honestly I don’t know.

      • Sometimes it does change our minds about a person if he strongly resembles someone we love. I get where you are coming from, and I just roll my eyes when someone posts an opposite opinion and people automatically start accusing you of being that person or someone who loves him. Sometimes we know the person is a jerk but still can’t help like him.

      • Not by a long shot was Cody just as bad……He tried to take out Paul (which was the smart thing to do ) – he had to nominate ??5??people in one week. He didn’t play childish games (don’t talk to them, etc)….He pretty much despised the other houseguests as would any normal person.

      • He was bad. He took ONE shot at Paul. When he didn’t get his way him and Jessica secluded themselves. When he returned to the game he really messed up Jessica’s progress. (She had her role too). Cody made nasty remarks about transgender people. He’s said he would lie about Josh when he got out of the house. No wonder he liked Alex. He’s a bad person just like rest of the house.

    • They’re all vile. And the President is Paul. He created all this animosity and hate.

  4. Wow,
    Don’t no what to say they are all scum!!!!
    Lead by “PAUL”
    He is encouraging every bit of it but since he isn’t really ” saying” it, I guess it’s ok!!;)
    Alex really is a ” blank”! Didn’t think she was this way but wow!!
    Matt- mmm breaking rules left and right.

  5. Is there any actual possibility that Matt will get the boot, if not from the show then from jury? I feel like so much bad stuff has happened this season that hoping Matt gets a just and fair punishment is wishful thinking and nothing more.

      • Why did they tell him to stop eating ice cream? I thought he already took penalty vote or was that just a one time thing?

      • Every time he breaks the have not rules they tell him stop that. When he takes a hot shower, when he sleeps in a regular bed and every time he eats they say stop that. He just laughs.

      • That’s like Paul from last season having a fit about making apple pie. It doesn’t affect houseguests only his relationship with production. What a slacker to the very end.

      • So next year just no rules then, because this is the precedent know ???? Show going so down hill ….. Kevin for America favorite player 😐

      • If there is no further action against Matt, they will have to write it into the rules for future seasons that continual breaking of the Have Not rules will result in additional penalties. Otherwise being a Have Not becomes decision for the house guests. Do I feel safe enough to accept a penalty vote? If I was a have not and the vote was going to unanimous (like against Cody), why wouldn’t I eat regular food and take hot showers and sleep in a comfortable bed? A penalty vote wouldn’t affect anything in that scenario.

      • Or if you were a have not and you weren’t on the block….what is done then, not votes at all.

      • They wouldn’t do it though. Josh ate two days in a row and nothing is being done. If we could see it on the feeds then production sure can.

      • Someone on this board had a great idea that maybe Thursday when he is evicted Julie tells him he will not be going to jury due to repeated rules violations. I thought that was a fair solution! But I think you are right, it is more likely that it would have happened by now.

      • They’ll never do that… I mean the casual viewers on CBS probably don’t even know they do the Have Not thing since it gets Zero airtime. They’d have to do a whole segment just explaining the rules and the violations. They haven’t mentioned HN’s on TV in weeks.

      • Great point. No Have-Not comps, the show doesn’t even have a segment showing off the HOH rooms like they used to. I think there have only been two all season. So odd.

      • Personally I think the HN thing is played out. It doesn’t even come into play on the TV shows. With all the twists they’ve added in recent years and lack of any HN comps I just don’t see the point of it anymore. It doesn’t add anything to the game really.

      • They should do away with that. OR get rid of other twists and bring back the food comp.

      • I think it would be cool if right before the live show, Matthew is called to the DR and doesn’t return. The show airs, Raven is sitting there with her mouth hanging open, Julie shows clips of Matt continually dissing the rules and says “because of his exceptional behavior, Matt has been escorted from the diary room and is no longer a part of Big Brother, and will not go to the jury house.”

      • That would be awsome.. but Production dosnt have the guts to do it!! Just like the lame players, haahaaaa

      • Remember the younger Hantz eviction on Survivor, when Jeff decided there was no need to go to tribal and had a hand vote right there at the immunity comp.

        Julie could says: “Ok, Matt you want to be evicted so badly. Any HGs won’t vote for Matt.” I’m convince nobody would raise their hand. “Then no need to vote, Matt you’ve been evicted from the BB house”.

        That would at least show that what he did was wrong by treating him differently.

      • This is SO disappointing. He’s making a mockery of the entire show, rules, production staff, and they’re just sitting there allowing it. I just can’t believe they aren’t doing more than “penalty votes” for someone who WANTS to be evicted anyway. Have to give it to him though – he went from “who?” to “what a piece of work.” At least he’s visible now.

    • The outcome is Matt will be persona non grata with CBS casting. The popular players with production get to run the race or play on candy crush. Matt gets to go home.

    • Unless he inflicts violence or destruction of property, I doubt it. Nobody has to like it but if he isn’t hurting property or people, I don’t see why they would mess up their jury count. They have a show to do, whether they like it or not.

  6. “10:50 PM BBT – Alex tells Jason, Paul and Josh she hopes one of the four of them wins America’s Favorite Player. She says it just can’t be Kevin and if he wins it she says she’ll kick him in the balls right on the stage and say “F you, old man.” – I’m voting for Kevin just so I can see her head explode.

    • Kevin is the Last Decent Person standing! He should get AFP … and it would be a nice slap in the face to the others. Jason is off my grid because he went off the grid talking about and laughing about rape. It’s on a TMZ video.

      • OK I just went to TMZ and watched the clip….Jason says he will go after(read into this a very descriptive word) Kevin’s wife while he makes his daughter’s watch while they are tied up. This is sick, deplorable and he needs to be evicted for such sadistic thoughts.

      • Just the thought of him attacking a senior citizen alone is enough to make me want to punch him in the face.

      • Oh God, am I a senior citizen..(a young 53)? Kevin is 57. Alex keeps calling him old man which is disrectful AF.

      • And Alex said that Kevin is like a child molester or murderer. They need to air that also.
        I don’t want any of this cast to win…except maybe Kevin. The best, least vile, were the first half of the cast that were evicted.

      • Production really needs to say something……they have Matt ignoring rules, Jason making vile threats(albeit probably just him thinking it is funny), Alex being very nasty……end the show now…no one deserves to win. As for Jason, and his laughing clowns with him……Rape is not a joke, and the fact that you tried to make it one, took you from a possible favorite to one of the most hated.

      • Ohhhhh my goshhh????? Thats gonna hurt him bad..and i dont like him now. He has no reason to be brutal to kevin.. hes been such a 2 face then, to kevin…that is going to hurt kevin sooo bad when he sees jason saying that… good gosh😢😢

      • I agree! I said something on here about it the day it happened. They need to stop this crude and disgusting behavior.

      • So disappointed in Jason, I was routing for him and his lovely family. I need for a miracle to happen for Kevin now, so he takes the win.

      • Alex is so disgusting. And such a hypocrite. She claims that her cousin was raped and killed so she doesn’t tolerate any jokes like that talking about Jessica innocently poking HGs yet she is sitting there laughing with Jason and Paul while they “joke” about violently attacking a man’s family… She makes me sick.

  7. I love how they’re all now wondering what people outside the house think of them and their season. lol

    • I think production said something to them about their behaviour in the house when the feeds went out during the fight.

  8. So disappointing to see how everyone’s behavior has deteriorated over the course of the season. There is not one person in that house who should not be embarrassed by some of their behavior. It started on a negative tone with Cody pushing Josh aside and calling him a loser in the first HoH comp, the insults and yelling that followed by Jody and Josh. But to me the worst behavior is from Paul. How my opinion of him has fallen this season. From his initiation of the treatment of Jody to all that has followed, it is sickening to watch how it escalated. Now it seems the strategy is for the house to target and ostracize Paul’s target of the week and Alex especially has bought in to that. Just get this over, lets’ see who is there at the end (can’t say wins) and move on, hopefully, to a better year next season

    • Yes, I am looking forward to the end of the season. It has become unbearable to watch also, I mostly read highlights here.

      • I haven’t watched feeds in weeks because of their behavior. I watched the last HoH play out, but turned them off soon after.

      • I stopped watching and DVRing. I haven’t even checked out this site in a week. Just like a lot of the reality shows, I just don’t find nasty and vile behavior and the gang mentality entertaining. I’m an RN who works at a state psych hospital. Some of these people’s horrific situations or upbrining are so sad and depressing. I watch TV to be entertained. It doesn’t all have to be unicorns shitting out glitter, but these shows have become unwatchable.

    • I agree with your sentiments. One great outcome from this season of Big Brother? The comments on this site. The show would be half as fun without being able to read fan comments.

    • Since most don’t have real jobs, what I would like to see happen is for the ones that do, lose their jobs once they get out.

      • I know a number of them are self employed and some quit their jobs but for the others? Wouldn’t be surprised if a few do lose their jobs, who’d want someone who behaved like Alex for example representing their company?

      • I know my butt would be in serious trouble at work if I behaved like that should I ever go on that show. One reason i wouldn’t do it. Also what I don’t understand is why Paul doesn’t want these HG’s to talk and treat everyone of his target’s nice. Oh yeah, that way he can do it and gain their jury vote instead.

      • What I don’t understand is why these hg’s don’t talk to each other and compare notes. I would not be taking his word when he’s my competitor!

      • LOL, I know but they’re playing for $500k! Why do they think the guy who lost that last season wants to help anyone who could beat him for that this season? ROFL

      • It isn’t worship. They might simply like him. Regardless, he’s actually playing the game whereas most of the rest are not or have not.

      • you’d call it “worshipping” because it helps your strange fascination with vilifying Paul. helping out a friend in the house, or even someone you look up to is not worship :D you guys crack me up

      • You crack me up. Coming here and dissecting everyone’s comments. Who’s the strange one? Yeah that’s what I thought.

      • I know Paul is playing the game but that doesn’t mean they do not worship him for it.

      • Jason comments to the camera that he knows Pauls game but doesn’t want to do anything about it. SMH.

    • I honestly find it fascinating that there have been death threats, racist comments, body shaming etc. from Jody, but you are obsessed with this idea that Paul ( who mostly avoids even personal insults) is the worst of the bunch.

      • Because Paul has asked every one of his minions to terrorize and charge up his targets from week to week without doing any of it himself. He’s a coward, and that’s despicable.

      • What does that make Alex now? She’s gone off on her own and is having fun attacking Kevin. Paul is playing a game that is based partially on this type of behavior, but Alex is taking it to another level.

      • Alex wouldn’t of been attacking Kevin if it wasn’t for Paul. Her, Jason and Kevin were close for weeks. They used to goof off every night in their bedroom. They were hilarious to watch. Then Paul kept going back to Alex and Jason making up lies about Kevin. And he did this continuously. After so much they start believing him. He does this with everyone. He put ideas in Josh’s head about Cody, Mark and look who fought. Josh and Cody, Josh and Mark and Paul sits back and watches. He even admitted he’s pitting everyone against each other. If he would of been gone week one I’ll bet you wouldn’t have seen half of the hateful comments and fights.

      • I think we need to reevaluate “hateful”. Hateful is the racist, homophobic and body shaming garbage that Jody relied on. What Alex and Josh do is mean and cruel, but hateful implies that they hate Kevin (and Mark) based on bigotry (see: hate crimes vs regular crimes). Lets take the hyperbolic talk out of this conversation

      • Oh, by all means comment what you want to. I’m just helping you understand some of the words you are using, in hopes we can have a more reasonable and adult discussion

      • You don’t have to help me. I have an education and I know exactly what words I’m using. And you commenting on everyone’s post that doesn’t agree with you very condescending is not acting like an adult in my opinion.

      • LMAO… And hating a guy you’ve never met for playing a game in a way you don’t approve of is acting grown up? I learn something new every day.

      • Where did I say hate? I seem to have read where you don’t like Alex who I assume you’ve never met. In fact you agreed with Evil Dick when he called her a c#nt. I’m the one laughing at how hypocritical you are.

      • Yeah… sorry. Acting like Paul is responsible for everyone else’s behavior is beyond reaching. He’s protecting himself, and if the other players are volatile, that’s on them and them alone. If you think social engineering is despicable,maybe BB is not for you, as it is a main component of the game

      • I agree with you 100%. The above poster has been a Paul hater since last season, so everything is Paul’s fault to them, lol.

      • Not all Paul’s fault but he creates 90% of it and then watches. Go back and watch the feeds and see for yourself.

      • Are you talking about me? Because I was actually rooting for Paul and Victor last season. Fake news.

      • Dictators don’t actually do their own work….but it doesn’t make them less despicable when they tell their minions to do it for them….

      • I’m fascinated with this idea of a “dictator”, as if that concept even makes sense in the Big Brother house. Human nature looks towards leaders in group settings, and Paul hasn’t forced anyone to listen to him. They simply just look to him for advice. Honest question: what was Paul supposed to do when people asked his opinion on things? You realize that a populist appointing of a “leader” based on the confidence of those around him is not akin to a communist dictatorship….right? Do you think George Washington was a dictator because people showed him support?

      • What are you talking about, Paul latches on to every HOH winner and tells them what to do. Jason didn’t ask for his input,neithter did Josh.

      • Congratulations for writing the most absurd comment I’ve read all day. Sure, a Big Brother player that has a lot of friends in the house is essentially Charles Manson. You must be proud of that one

      • Dictators tend to have the power to kill those not following their orders. Pretty sure that Paul isn’t going to have Josh bashing people’s faces in with the Pots and Pans in the middle of the night.

        Paul is just a guy that’s likable and charismatic. Its the HGs blindly following along that you should be mad at.

      • Apparently, since the fact that everyone in the house liking Paul (even Jess) is what made Cody into the main enemy. All you see is what’s on TV. Paul admits he’s a character when he’s on this show.

        Even when he’s the Puppetmaster… He’s still the most entertaining thing about this season.

        You’ve hated him since last season, I know… But he’s still a funny guy.

      • I watch the feeds. Don’t find him entertaining. And the things he’s saying in the DR are lines fed to him to make him look entertaining. I find him quite arrogant. And guess what I liked him last season.

      • Thats the thing about these rabid anti-Paul fans, they really want to push this idea of “dictator” Paul, when in reality he is in his position because people like him and confide in him. They elevated him themselves . He fell into this position, and he’s using the only tool he has at this point, which is the passive game of letting people self destruct around him

      • They are responsible for their own behavior but Paul is instigating that behavior. Every single fight was instigated by Paul from all the lies he’s told everyone about everyone else. Then he pushes them to go after each other while he watches. Just last night when Kevin was so mad at Alex. He’s telling Paul I should tell her how I feel and I don’t like her and several other things. Gee guess what Paul says. Go do it. Go on, go do it. Chief instigator.

      • In the case of Alex and Kevin though… Alex hasn’t liked Kevin from the beginning. Plus, she’s managed to make herself look so much worse than Paul right now. Even though I like Paul, I do wish somebody (besides Mark, the poor guy) would take a stand and compete for themselves.

        I liked last season more because Paul was working his butt off every week to stay in that house. This season, he’s just working to make sure everyone takes out each other. I admire that gamesmanship but so far the competition hasn’t been there.

      • Alex has liked Kevin until Paul got in her ear. Like I said the best part of the feeds was Kevin, Jason and Alex joking around every night. And the “nice” talks Alex and Kevin used to have.

      • That’s pretty by-the-book BB gameplay though… easy way to get heat off of yourself is to allow and maneuver around drama. Its been used by all successful players, but Paul is getting dragged for it

      • You don’t create fights and arguments. And it’s not used by all players. You don’t have to instigate fighting to get the heat off you. The way he pushed Josh to go after Mark when Mark was going anyway. The way he encourages everyone to blow up on Kevin when Kevin isn’t even after Paul. People aren’t even after him and he keeps instigating and then watches. He doesn’t have the balls to do it on his own. Sorry but he’s a little bitch.

      • Where did you read me ssying that he’s responsible for their behavior? I said he’s ASKED his minions to confront, belittle, and personally attack his targets to provoke a strong emotional reaction from them. This is fact and not up for discussion, and is cowardly in my opinion. They’re all pinheads for playing along if you ask me.

      • Well he is the leader and he has all of them eating out of his hand and he knows it. When he tells people to go off on others then he is inciting it. I’m not excusing the others by any means, they have a choice but he’s directing it.

      • Like I’ve said before; what’s the better solution? refuse to communicate with the house that looks up to him? He has a pretty easy path to win the game, based on the fact that the HGs all like him and want to make him the leader. It would be bad gameplay to do anything else

  9. These people are something else. I don’t understand the bullying and just being so mean to others. What gives them the right to act that way towards others??!!! I can’t believe BB is allowing this crap to go on.

    • oh come on now. Do you really think CBS would stop the drama? They don’t care if it’s good or bad publicity….as long as people are talking about BB!!

  10. BB19 is the season of Mean Girls and Sheep. Never thought Jess and Elena would be topped in the mean girl category by Alex, but she has far surpassed them. Torturing someone just because she can. Kevin for AFP!

    • I don’t watch the feeds but have watched a couple of youtube videos from the past couple of days. Kevin could say “the sky is blue” and Alex, Jason, Paul & Christmas would dissect the crap out of it for hours. They are ALL shameful in their treatment of him. And I include Christmas in that, even tho she privately hinted to him they are trying to throw Raven off by making her think he’s the next target. Alex is beyond disgusting. Jason is the worst disappointment because he can go for a morning walk with Kevin, then throw him under the bus all day for everything he says. He partnered with the bully Alex & never once told her to back off her nasty behavior towards Kevin. I was surprised to see that Jason’s foul mouth is worse than anyone else’s in the house, including Raven’s. And Paul did this last season, too. He may not do the dirty work himself, but he instigates mental torture. Shameful. Kevin for America’s Favorite!

      • Spot on. Kevin knows he can’t trust Alex. But he still thinks Jason and Paul are on his side. Both should be ashamed.
        I can’t figure out why Jason would stick his neck out to keep Kevin off the block, and then attack Kevin behind his back?

      • I don’t get it, either. I think he’s going batshit crazy in there. They all are. Kevin is being abused & he’s probably going overboard trying to vent & lean on his perceived friend, Jason. And Jason just turns around and uses Kevin’s words to add fuel to Alex & the others’ fire, in their mob mentality towards Kevin. Disgusting.

      • Excuse me, Josh doesn’t say anything foul.
        HE YELLS IT !!!!! :-) CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW ???

      • Spot on. Don’t like the way Jason is treating Kevin. When he stood up to Paul and said he was not going to go after Kevin, I thought he had some loyalty to him. Alex is vile, I expect that kind of behaviour from her;power has gone to her head.

  11. Petty. Trifling. Spiteful. Expect the expected. This season is giving season 15 a run for the money!

  12. Wow, surprised by the turnaround in Alex. Really didn’t think she would be such a b. Had respect for her at beginning, that’s out the window. Despicable what she’s saying to Kevin. I hope Jason and Paul are last two standing.

    • Paul will keep for a long time he knows she is hated by the jury he knows he can beat her at the end.

    • I would have agreed with your F2 of jason and paul but just read that Jason made a comment about rape that got on TMZ.

      • Yes, I actually saw that. He was trying to make a point by thinking of most outrageous comment and realized when it came out his mouth it was over the top. I wouldn’t defend that but he really didn’t mean it, he was mocking others who react with those kind of statements.

      • I deleted my other comment because I don’t think I saw whole thing. Don’t believe he is malicious but there is no defending that. Pure ignorance.

      • OMG I just watched it, he is beyond disgusting and they all laughed…no one is right in their head in that house….The last decent player is Kevin once he is gone so am I, I am not giving this trash anymore of my time with these pieces of $HIT…

      • I cannot imagine anyone even thinking something so horrible and then to say it out loud. Something needs to be done with this cast of horrible characters before they are released to the public. When Kevin watches the show he is going to be horrified.

      • To be fair, they didn’t all laugh. Josh actually seemed shocked, and Paul didn’t say anything

      • Ok, I couldn’t get myself to watch it knowing it would be cringeworthy, so I am just not voting for AFP, lol. Just hope Paul wins the thing.

      • Jason’s idiotic jokes make me wonder if his wife watches the live feeds.
        Or how he would feel if someone made those comments about his wife and kid.

    • You know, for all the things we didn’t like about Jessica… At least she put her personality out there right from the start. It was pretty much a case of “what you see is what you get” from her.

      Alex tried to make everyone think she was nice, and had a lot of fans at the beginning. Now as the weeks go by, she has slowly turned into a person that could give Jess a run for her money at being a witch.

      Seriously, while Paul might be egging people on in their desires to act badly and cause problems for other HGs…

      Alex has gone off the deep end somewhere. She is the one behind the attempts to get Josh to fight more with Kevin. She’s the one that… Well, I don’t like the word, but maybe Evel Dick’s tweet said it best.

      • I think Alex’s time in the house is growing short and she doesn’t even know it. I think the only person that isn’t plotting to get her out is Jason (not sure about Raven). Its only a matter of who wins HOH so we can figure out how much longer Alex is going to last.

        I would be all for Kevin winning an HOH though, just to see the fear in Alex’s eyes.

      • If kevin did win hoh, just watch how 2 faced everyone will become..and kiss ass. I would loveeeee to see him just get this next one sooooo BAD!!

      • Well, she’d know that Kevin would nom her (and probably Raven). There’s no point in secrecy or polite diplomacy. He can easily give his Noms one reason – they put themselves there with their behavior this past week. And everyone plays in the Veto, so again, no point in BD’ing.

  13. Well, more of the same, but it seems like perhaps MAYBE some reality is setting about how they will be perceived this season. Alex really isn’t what I thought she’d be (and I’m talking about up until like 3 weeks ago) and I’m surprised how unaware she seems to be about how people perceive her.
    I will say this about BB19, it made me post on here. I’ve being reading on here for years and watching BB since it started and never felt the need to comment. So, I guess in that sense it did something…😳

  14. One question: does anyone know if the ratings are up or down this year? I’m seriously asking, not insinuating anything.

    • I know that they were up earlier in the season, haven’t heard anything in the last few weeks.

    • I read somewhere that at the beginning of the season they were high (the ratings), but they have dropped down significantly each week since then. But that’s just what I read, and I can’t even remember the source, so don’t take this as factual. Although, it would seem about right considering how much this season has gone downhill. Hopefully someone can add more clarity and offer a reputable source to answer your question.

    • Sunday’s episode did better than the NFL on NBC. It was a preseason game, but Big Brother did a 1.8, football a 1.7.

    • To piggyback on your question: Has this site gone up in viewer/readership with the awful behaviour of the HGs? I for one rather read here than hear their voices.

      • I don’t know about the number of readers only, Matt probably has number on that. But the numbers of people that post comments on this site has gone significantly up in the last 3 years.

      BB19: 6.1 million viewers
      BB18: 5.81 million viewers
      BB17: 6.04 million viewers
      BB16: 6.22 million viewers

      BB19: 6.28 million viewers
      BB18: 5.95 million viewers
      BB17: 6.11 million viewers
      BB16: 6.32 million viewers

      BB19: 6.03 million viewers
      BB18: 5.93 million viewers
      BB17: 6.1 million viewers
      BB16: 6.13 million viewers

      BB19: 6.07 million viewers
      BB18: 5.6 million viewers
      BB17: 5.93 million viewers
      BB16: 6.22 million viewers

  15. “Kevin asks if he wants to win and Paul says yes. Kevin asks if he’d put
    Alex up and Paul shakes his head yes. Kevin thanks him and says he
    feels better.”

    Kevin just got played. Paul said nothing. A nod is the equivalent of holding 2 fingers behind your back. Not a real promise.

    • And Paul had the audacity to tell/suggest to Kevin to NOT try for HOH minutes before this statement. I hope Kevin gives it his all at the next HOH comp

      • I hope you’re right. Kevin throwing it and then being screwed over will be tough to watch.

      • I think they want Jason out next. Not Kevin. If someone shares what Jason said about Kevin’s wife and kids I’m sure Kevin will want Jason out as well

      • Then Alex is truly toast. Paul evicts her closest ally and she’s left with an enemy in Kevin when they should have been allies.

  16. If Paul, Josh or Alex win AFP I will vomit. I could tolerate Paul winning it, I suppose. But not Josh & Alex – I don’t want to see that behaviour rewarded.

    • Do you really think that Paul should be rewarded for his behavior? Without Paul, I don’t believe Alex and the others’ behavior would have sunk this low. He is the instigator and he sets them off on his target. They are all adults and responsible for their behavior, but no doubt about it, he intentionally stirs them up. That’s not my idea of an AFP

      • Spot on.
        Just from reading comments. Paul is the one who drove a wedge between Alex, Kevin and Jason. Someone mentioned how close they where a few weeks ago. Paul started whispering to Alex about Kevin lying.

      • Paul hasn’t been tellling them to ostracize him though and unlike the rest except for Jason, offers to help him cook and talks to him. I do wish he would tell Alex to knock it off but ultimately that is on her. IMO.

      • They have taken it to far. You’re right. The house would be pretty fun with Alex,Jason and Kevin running the show..together.

      • oh yes. Paul cooks for him and talks to him. And then goes and tells lies about him to his minions.

      • Paul set Kevin again…He told Kevin that he was gonna win HOH and put Jason & Alex up….Paul told Kevin not to say anything…which I do believe that Kevin will tell Jason.. Jason is gonna report what Kevin tells him of course and of course Paul is gonna lie and say he did not say it…

      • Big brother is ALL about getting others to believe lies. That is a separate topic from being mean and inappropriate (Alex, Jason, even Josh). They’re human beings too and you’d think they have the ability to think for themselves and not act like school children.

      • Not at all! The reason I could tolerate Paul winning it is that I’m aware he had an existing fan base before he came into this game, and that this will (irrespective of his behaviour) generate a lot of votes. I entirely agree that Paul has been the catalyst in all of this.

      • Rachels sister had the same issue. Didn’t she win a bunch of safeties or prizes because Rachels fan base voted in blocks and overwhelmed the voting in her favor?

      • Yes, she did! Although I suspect some fans also voted for her as the underdog (remember how awful Amanda was?)

      • I don’t really agree with that. I think its been inside Alex all the time, and Paul just gave her an excuse to let it out. For example…

        I mean, a person who’s been drinking a lot won’t do anything they normally wouldn’t want to do deep down. The alcohol just gets rid of the inhibitions and lets the bad behavior (or decisions) come straight to the surface.

        Its the same way with Alex. Paul may have made it easier for her to act this way, but I firmly believe she had this inside of her all along. I hope she makes it to F3 and then we get to see the look on her face when the HOH says they evict her! So close and yet she doesn’t get more than anyone else in jury (money-wise).

      • Marvin, I think we are actually saying the same thing. I’m not saying that Alex didn’t have it in her,this behavior comes from somewhere. I’m saying that Paul started the ball rolling and has been feeding it. I don’t think we would have seen this extreme behavior without Paul setting it up/encouraging it.

      • I don’t know when it comes to Alex. The behavior came out so easily when Elena took her $5K. I’m not saying Alex shouldn’t have been pissed, but good grief, lol.

        I’m saying is I think she would have started acting this way at some point even if Paul wasn’t in the house. At some point, somebody would have slighted her, and this behavior would have come out.

        I do agree with you that Paul has been instigating, but now Alex is running around trying to be the instigator. I think Paul has almost come to the idea that “enough is enough” for now, but Alex is running wild.

        So, the behavior of Alex (and Josh of course) was encouraged by Paul, but we would have seen it from Alex at some point even without Paul. Don’t forget that she was the one who called herself petty. She would have eventually gone off on people.

        I wonder if Alex and Amanda from BB15 would get along well?

      • I’m not sure we would have seen it if Cody hadn’t started it in week one. He was a complete jerk.

      • I agree Michael and said that earlier on this thread. A negative tone was set from the beginning of the season and has steamrolled since and so many have jumped on board.

      • Actually a conversation she had with Jason backs that up. He was saying how in rl he is a yes guy and helping others out without thought. Alex said she is nice in rl but only because she wants people to like her. She said here, (bb house), she doesn’t care. I thought that was odd thing to say since you would think it is of import there especially! But maybe it’s because what you said, she actually feels this way naturally and thinks because she is playing big brother she has permission to do so. Even be applauded for it given her delusional thought that maybe only a minority of viewers might think she is being out of line.

      • Yeah, it seems like a lot of recent players think that America just want to see people acting badly. Its true to an extent, but most people don’t want to watch the HGs acting like pricks just for the sake of being a prick. The thin line between being a good player who happens to be abrasive and just being a jerk for the fun of it, seems to have blurred for Alex.

      • I actually will argue opposite. He should be AFP just for the reason you stated. He has controlled this house from the beginning and let everyone do his work. The work has been dirty but everyone in there are adults and should be able to make informed decisions. If you just want to follow Paul like an idiot, act like an idiot because Paul told you so, you deserve AFP even less than he does. He should win by default.

      • So if he’s played such a good game he should get to F2 and win some cash, but that’s different than a favorite. A favorite by definition is the one you liked the best, so if you like the ‘dirty’ player as you described him, then vote for him by all means. I don’t think that is what most BB fans look for in a favorite otherwise Victor and Donny would not have been AFP’s

      • I guess so. Who are you voting for again. What exactly has this person done to deserve your vote?

      • At this point I have no idea, there isn’t much to choose from this year. Will have to see how the rest of the season plays out. I may not vote or I may vote Ramses as a protest

      • totally agree. And the blatant lies he tells. Like he can’t win because he is a vet. Like he won AFP last year but they gave it to victor.
        And so many other lies that aren’t just the ‘stretching the truth’ lies….

      • Again.. BB is all about lies. The majority of players in every season use lying as a way to advance.

      • Disclosure before I type my response: I do not agree with what HG’s are saying or how they are acting.

        But in Paul’s defense what do y’all want him to do this is a game where you are suppose to pit everyone against each other. He may be instigating the arguments but he is not telling them word for word what to say the HG are doing that themselves. I do believe if Paul was not in the game it still would be ugly because Cody and Jessica started the behavior that has escalated. Did we forget about Cody and Josh insults or Jessica and the comment about Alex. Paul didn’t tell Jody to do that. Again Paul is just trying to win a game for 500K.

  17. Does Alex think she is never going to age? I hope Karma comes one day and a mean spirited 20 year old makes her feel the way she has hurt Kevin during the show. It puzzles me, because I thought in her culture the elderly are respected not vilified for just being older. SHE DESERVES TO GO!!!!!!!

  18. Paul won AFP but it was given to Victor since Paul was second? Humph! Really? Really? I believe Victor won, hands down! Paul is so full of himself!

    • Victor did win himself the winner of Big Brother 18. Paul may have 50,000 but Victor got a gold American Express card, a boat and a girlfriend.

      • I could believe that America’s Favorite Player could have possibly gone to either of them. I think by the time the season end, both were very well liked. I’d give the AFP edge to Victor when it comes right down to it just because he kept battling his way back. Paul managed to save himself every time he was on the block, but there is something to be said for Victor continuously coming back.

      • Well said. I must add an edit. Thought Paul won AFV. Victor won; including Nicole. Paul gets some revenge this year with his 500,000 check.

      • And Victor was such a likable guy.Once the “messiah” was gone, Victor was much better. He fought hard AND his family was so sweet.

      • I think Victor would have won hands down. He was great at comps and had a good social game going. The difference between him and Paul is that he didn’t “rub anyone the wrong way” with his personality. So, while I still think Paul should have beaten Nicole… I definitely think Victor would have won the whole thing against Paul or Nicole.

        Plus, I think Paul would have genuinely been okay with losing to Vic. If that had happened, there would have been less of a chance at him coming back the very next season. Then again, Paul does love the game, lol.

  19. AFP-im voting for Kevin. I used to like Alex, but this #UndercoverMeanGirl is totally disgusting. Poor Kev, I mean… I know he has a big mouth, but hes such a sweet guy. I do love how he doesnt back down.

    Lets see if Alex will follow through. I doubt she will though cuz shes a coward.

    • Only thing is he doesn’t play really. I’m thinking maybe Jason since he has done well at comps, stuck by Kevin under pressure and, seems to genuinely have heart. And he tells great stories, haha. Hope Alex doesn’t wear him down tho…

      • No to the Jason for AFP. Jason was talking about performing rape on Kevin’s wife, maybe even have his kids watch. It’s reported on TMZ. Kevin for AFP – he’s the only decent human being left.

      • I’m still in shock over those comments. Just completely out of character unless…Big Brother has done a fantastic job of editing Jason. Hope he’s really a nice guy and good husband/father and not the guy who made that comment.

    • And his constant speech about being a nice guy (and not a liar, integrity and calling people out on their lies). Who is he trying to convince? The viewers or himself?

  20. Matthew discusses how during the casting process he was questioned about doing a showmance. Big Brother tells him to stop. He tells them no because he doesn’t consider it to be about production. Cameras change. (Guess we know how/why he got picked to be on the show.)

    jfc, this is what they are deliberately casting for? Thats why the show sucks for the most part since Grodner took over. Next time you interview her tell he she is awful and ruining this damn show. A bunch of famous social media people who have no idea about the show and are just on it to get famous and make jury so that they can make some money

    • Matt has cost himself any chance to make money with CBS. No Candy Crush, No race, no reality show recommendations on True TV, no phone calls from Alsion Grodner ever again. The price one pays for making an enemy of production.

  21. I don’t even know why I subscribed to the live feeds, they are always down and I’m wondering if it’s CBS desire to not have witnesses to the hateful things happening in there. There are supposed to be laws against harassment and production is just letting it happen, they are also allowing somebody to break every rule in the game and all they do is say “stop that”. I penalty vote, so what. They are setting the precedent that the “rules” don’t really matter and are opening up a can of worms for future seasons (if there are any). Worst cast ever, a game set up for Paul to win, I don’t see it being renewed after this year

    • I mean, I see your point, but the ratings have been really good and they have already renewed for next year.

  22. Would they change to Finale to a taped show, rather than a live show? With this group, you won’t know what the audiences reaction.

    • I’m sure that they’ll pack the audience with CBS employees. They’ve done it before. That way they can control the audience.

      • They should let the ppl speak… that’s the least they can do for the audience after this sh*t show of a season lol

  23. how will that affect jury if Matt is expelled? could be a tie America should get the tie breaker IMO

    • That would be great and fun for America to get to play a part in the show they invested in all summer!

      • We earn it imo we watch live feeds and see almost everything we should get a vote

      • That’s the thing I have a problem with. The feeders see a totally different game than the casual weekly viewer does. There are more casual viewers and feedsters.

    • I’m torn, I was thinking Cody but maybe Kevin….He was funny all season, played a good social game. And after all this crap he has to put up with maybe he deserves it…and it would piss off Alex

      • True but Cody endured soo much more they just starting on Kevin I’ll have to see how bad they get with him maybe change my mind

      • Definitely either one of them. I also liked Mark. The rest – if I never see one of their hateful faces again….I will be happy.

    • At the beginning of the game..who would have thought Cody would end up as less of a jerk than everyone else in the house? His behavior seems downright reasonable at this point!

      • No, his behavior was still aggressive and insulting. Time tends to soften memories. Don’t think that he would be getting any good behavior awards if he was still in the house.

      • no where near the behavior of josh brought on by Paul though Cody NEVER stooped that low

      • Yes he did. Evicting somebody with explanation that he just doesn’t like her. Verbally attacking Josh daily. He and Jessica just as bad. And it isn’t on Paul.

      • He didn’t like her because of what she said about the Marines. To him that was the same as saying she didn’t like him. Alex is doing the same/worse, chastising Kevin because she doesn’t like him.

        His words to Josh was to Josh and he didn’t ask for company to tell Josh how he felt. The others always need an audience and use the mob mentality to attack others and ostracize them…. bring them to their breaking point (their words and actions, not Cody’s). Yes, they stooped lower…

      • So in order to defend Cody you have to resort to saying that his behavior wasn’t as bad as anyone else’s? Still makes it bad.

      • I agree with Georgia“ to your reply the answer is a resounding YES Cody wasn’t half as bad as what is left in there now minus Kev of course

      • Responding the the above comments, it is the same as defending the others, their behavior is not as bad as Cody’s.

        Yes, Cody’s behavior was not as bad as the others. I have defended Cody even before this turn of events. I am not saying I agree with all that he has done/said. However, they are far more awful than what he has said to those he did not care for.

        It was one thing that they target him and Jessica and the lengths they went through to get them “to break” but they carried it through to others they target. Now, it’s onto Kevin. As he said, “no one should live like this”.

      • None of the houseguests are saints….except maybe Cameron because we never got to know him. But Cody isn’t on the same level as “raping your wife -or “he acts like a child molester”, etc., etc., etc.

      • What are most evictions about? true love gone awry? Cody and co. don’t hold a handle to the others on bad behavior

      • Insult this group? Yep, I think that a normal person would do that….He didn’t do anything anywhere near as awful as they are.

      • Me! I see Cody’s “issue” was being direct, what you see is what you get. He didn’t need an audience or a gang to confront/speak to anyone.

        Oh, and Paul couldn’t stand the fact that Cody wouldn’t drink the friendship juice.

      • I never really disliked Cody, but then I didn’t actively like him either. His personality was almost non-existent, and I just didn’t have any feelings either way.

        That being said, I have several HGs that I don’t like now so Cody is rapidly moving up the list (toward the few I actually like) by default, lol.

      • In the beginning my picks were Jason, Alex, Cmas and Kevin all of them have left a real bad taste in mouth the last few weeks except Kevin

      • Yeah, I still like Kevin too. I’m on the fence now about Christmas. The fights I’ve seen her have don’t bother me that much, because its BB and most HGs are going to get in a fight at some point. She seems a bit mean now though, but then we see her crying while she’s alone like she feels bad about it. Not sure about her.

      • I feel like she is instigating almost as much as Paul lately her whole demeanor changed and NO it is the pain meds. I live on them and I’m not a cruel person“` People saying the meds make her do it are so oblivious to what pain meds do

      • Yeah, the pain meds accounted for how she seemed a bit silly and out of it earlier in the season. They definitely are not causing the “mean girl” to come out of her. Not sure if its her attempt to fit in with Paul, or if it was in her all along, but I’m suspecting it was there all along.

      • You would think so, but there are people who go off in the heat of the moment and feel bad immediately after. In this particular case… Well, I actually have no idea when it comes to Xmas, lol.

      • If that was the first time she did it, I’d agree, but if I’m correct, this isn’t the first. I could be wrong though, I stopped paying attention to the feeds, except for this site, a while ago.

    • Cody was a horrible player and him and his girlfriend made some nasty comments themselves. My vote is for Kevin or Mark.

  24. BB should do a after the season special (not social media but CBS)… Big Brother Aftermath – What Happened to Houseguests After the Show.

    The special would show them six months after their season ends. It will also be a lesson for the upcoming houseguests. No, you may not get that porn star position you were seeking. No, you are not America’s sweetheart, being cute will only take you so far. No, America will not GoFundYou. No, no modeling jobs. No, the guy/girl wasn’t that into you. No, that’s it, no more 15 minutes…..

  25. I hope and pray America BOOs very loudly as Paul, Alex, Jason, Christmas and Josh exit the house.

  26. They should expel him from jury, he’s been extremely disrespectful to the game. Not only has he defied the rules, after targeting the two strongest players that also happen to be a showmance, Jody, and Maven being hypocrites whereby Matt is not only giving up his game, he’s coasted by all season just to have the most ridiculous showmance with Raven. Raven continues to have sideline comments about Jessica as though she’s STILL jealous, and clearly, Jessica and Cody remain relevant and the strongest until today if they continue to be a topic of conversation with each houseguest.

    Christmas needs to get over the week she had been nominated, there’s been so much that has happened since then, that she needs to learn to take it like a champ and simply be grateful she’s still there!

    Back to Maven though, with as obsessed as Matt appears to be with sports, one lesson is to take your losses as gracefully as your wins, a concept he’s been defiant with and continues to lack in demonstrating. It would be a great twist since they still need someone to go to Jury this week that they put Jessica in there as the last housemate cast out before jury began, and expel Matt and his antics from the game. Let’s be honest here, did they really think, if they truly were fans, that being put up as pawns wouldn’t eventually turn into the real thing? How powerfully did they think they were aligned? For someone who never played in the first place to be as upset as he is and to basically throw his game to Raven who still likely won’t win to him may appear as though he’s handing out charity but in reality, it’s outright disrespectful and all this after each person that targetted Jody for doing the same with each other. The biggest difference with Jody is they fought together, for themselves and each other while maintaining integrity with their conduct as it related specifically to the rules! If production does shock everyone with putting Jessica in jury instead, not only will they likely gain more viewership, but the house will be in even more panic recognizing the difference where Matt chose to screw himself and by default affected their game, whereas we all know that while production appeared to really favour Paul by making the prize more lucrative than any other prize they’ve offered since as well as the three week safety, he’s been the mastermind behind all of this chaos, and even still, regardless of their personal feelings, because they’re true competitors, Jessica and Cody managed to still remain objective and both have mentioned that if he’s there in the end, their vote will likely go to Paul! I agree that there are others that are deserving, everyone has played differently and we can all make assessments. The point isn’t that I’m vouching for Paul, I’m not actually a fan based on his character that he’s chosen to play in the game, but in the end, with Cody being the only one to actually take a shot at him recognizing the risk in allowing Paul to further penetrate the game, Cody proved to be right with his foresight, while everyone played Paul’s game and fought battles for him after he riled them up.

    I can honestly say, this is the most disappointing season I’ve ever watched! It seems as though there is much more production influence than they try to expose to the general public. Of the thousands of applications they received, we know that some were actually recruited to play the game. As fans we only become privy when production fails to catch the tid-bits of information conveyed by the house guests on live feeds while in conversation in real time to block out the feeds.

    All that aside, Matt has shown disrespect to all of the people that have been rooting for him, sacrificing time to watch for his sake, be it friends, family, coworkers, fans (although you have to actually play the game to have a long lasting impression on them) and for those who may have tried out and never got on the show (before you ask, I haven’t tried, nor do I intend to, but those that have, you know who you are and the disappointment you’re feeling for the lack of play and outright disrespect, defeat and hypocrasy Maven stand for).

  27. Please y’all don’t vote for Cody because there is nobody else. Just don’t vote 🙏🏻

    • Exactly, he needs to go now… he doesn’t respect this game at all! Doc his pay and release him now!

    • He’s a strange one. He’s passive about all things important, like winning the money, but he defies production rules. Strange indeed.

  28. Mark for AVP.

    I have only watched since season 12, but I can think of only a very small handful of HGs off the top of my head that were as genuinely nice as Mark (Elissa, Jordan, and Victor come to mind).

    The guy got caught up in a showmance with someone that wasn’t deserving. He tried to remain friends with Cody who he actually seemed to like, and got called a “flip flopper” for it.

    I give the guy credit though, and its possibly his strongest argument for winning AVP. He was able to figure out what was going on in the house (while nobody else has still managed to), in that Paul was leading everyone. He knew Paul had to go for anyone to have a shot at winning.

    I like Paul, and he is playing the game hard (probably too hard this time around), but I definitely give credit to Mark!

      • Josh deserved that, sorry!!! Josh is hilarious at times though. I think back to Sunday’s show where he was “dancing to his own beat” in front of the mirror. Hilarious!!!

      • He dances every day, that’s my favorite part of the feeds. No nastiness, no backstabbing — just someone enjoying themselves, dancing away

      • Love it!!! He is annoying almost all of the rest of the time. You gotta’ love the big meatball though… lol

      • I like him. Josh may be the only one Production asks back. His personality is perfect on a reality show…minus the pots and pans and staring at Elenas chest.

      • Just give him a pair of sunglasses and he will be ok. It won’t be as creepy if you can’t see his eyes.

      • oh please….The guy can’t talk without tripping over his tongue and yelling.. nobody from BB 19 should be allowed to return…

      • I wossss only keeeeding….

        That’s my best Tony Montana(latin) impression I could do…lol

      • Me too. After blowing up a Megan..for really no apparent reason other than he overheard her make a blanket statement about something I can’t even remember now. I do know that it wasn’t even directed at Josh. I was really confused!?!?!?

      • Well, we’ll never know because the first broadcast was really the second week they were in the house so who knows what was said prior to that. Really they should start the feeds as soon as they enter the house instead of delaying a week, why not?

      • He was very quick to anger. Someone suggested earlier on if it was ‘roid rage’ and I do wonder about that.

      • The pickle juice incident is one thing. I think Mark actually showed some real remorse about that, or at least he acknowledged that it was wrong.

        The pots and pans incident… I think Mark showed amazing restraint in that situation. I know several people (myself included, I must regretfully say) that would have hit Josh upside the head with them and been booted from the game.

        So, the Pots and Pans are a plus for why Mark should win in my book.

      • I am right with you on that one CM. I would have sandwiched Josh’s head between the pans, using them like symbols!!! BOOM!!! Expelled, on the spot!!! Bye…bye…

      • I’m glad I am not the only one here, DJ. Then the house would have had Xmas in a cast, and Josh with bandages on his head.

      • Raven has a gift for making everything about her. Jason finding out he’s having a baby, only to hear Raven crying and talking about not being able to have kids.

        Raven just needs to go sit on her head and relax.

        I mean, isn’t that what someone with an inverted spine (as she claimed to Paul to have) would do?

      • I KNOW THAT’S RIGHT! you’re speaking my language! That boy is pure nut job but gues what, i can go nuts too!

      • I said the same thing. I would never make it in a house full or nasty morons like this group is. Let someone take my shi@ or throw out my food supply and

      • Mark still deserves it cuz it were me, there would be a “pan upside the head” incident! Mark’s a good guy.

      • He went to take the pans from Josh, but the pickle juice thing was uncalled for. Still he seems to be genuine and nice.

    • I agree. Mark really got a raw deal. He seems to be like a great guy. He goes to church, reads the Bible, and seems to be genuinely just a good person.

      • Everyone reads the Bible there don’t they? Alex does her rosary thing then gets up and tells Kevin to F off basically.

      • For most of them it is a show. For Mark it isn’t. He really is heavily involved in his church in real life.

      • I liked him better at very end but drove me nuts when he would wine about being a pawn and going back and forth between alliances. Just didn’t seem like strong player. But that seems like small stuff at this point!

      • Yeah. He was too much of a softy. I think he didn’t want anyone mad at him. He really wasn’t meant for this game. Especially this season, with these HGs!!!

  29. At this point in the season, I wish they would speed things up so these people aren’t sitting around talking and going crazy. There’s less people, start having 2 evictions a week (not DE) and keep them busy

  30. i think on the live show this coming thursday before the eviction vote julie should say” due to the constant rule breaking, Matt you will not be going to jury. You will be going home and will not be able to participate in the finale. He should exit through the DR room. However there will be an eviction ceremony tonight. The way it will works is everyone will either vote raven to stay or go”.

    • Lol. I said that yesterday. At the time I was kidding but now, after all this, I think it may happen.

      • really??? i’m thinking so too because if they do it on the live show it will embarrass him and make a solid point to everyone!

      • paul told him that there is a certain number of penalty votes he can rack up before anything serious can happen. How many is that?

      • Seemed like he could only get one penalty vote a day. But Matt keeps on doing stuff he’s been told NOT to: eating reg food, sleeping w/Raven and not in the HN room, taking warm water showers, etc. etc.

      • They prod could re-edit Wednesday’s show and have him shown walking out OUT at the end of it. Out the diary room’s back door.

    • Something quantifiable needs to be done to Matt. If AG doesn’t do anything it will screw all subsequent eviction proceedings as any evictees who know that they are going out, and are HNs, will just do the same thing because they know that BB will only give them a penalty vote. They are leaving anyway, so who cares. Then they can go to jury and party the rest of the summer, and get paid…so, why not!!!

      • that’s why i have suggested to go down this way….could you imagine if it did? All Matt wanted was to make it to Jury lol and he’d have to go home with nothing. :)

      • I agree that something needs to be done in regards to Matt. They can’t keep him out of the Jury House though. Having 8 jurors would be a nightmare for CBS in the event that they tied. What would they do then, sequester the Jury? During the season premiere of Survivor, they would break in during a commercial break to announce they finally had a winner and it would be announced live on the CBS feeds.

        Maybe they could take his $25K away from him and just not tell him until he’d voted at the finale, lol.

      • Cool, I didn’t know that (or didn’t remember at any rate). I really need to watch the first 11 seasons at some point, lol.

        Out of the people who might realistically make the finale… Who would America vote for? I don’t see that working out really well this season with this particular cast.

      • At this point, I would think it would be between Alex, Paul, Josh, and Xmas. America seems to be souring on Alex, and a lot of people didn’t like Paul from the get go. It wouldn’t surprise me if Josh didn’t get America’s vote if he made F2 against anyone, lol.

      • Don’t forget that most voters don’t get the feeds. I think Jason would be there too. He’s won comps and he had a good edit on the broadcast last week.

      • I thought about including Jason, but he seems to be in front of Alex on people’s eviction order. Only reason, I didn’t include him. He could definitely get the votes if he was there though.

      • If it was me and I was Paul, I would want to go to F2 with either Christmas or Raven. It would solidify his win much easier than with Josh.

      • They did it when Chima was ejected, I think it was season 11? America cast what would have been her vote as they were already evicting jury members.

      • I’ve seen them for sell on various sites, but I think they are just fan made collections that aren’t technically legit. I know I’ve seen entire After Dark seasons for sell like that, but they are usually stupidly expensive.

      • The ones I’ve watched so far have been the full episodes. Apparently CBS has their official channel there too where you can watch all the episodes, but you have to subscribe. The others are free.

      • I decided I was going to watch the early seasons, but all I’ve managed to do is watch season 15 again. The season that makes me want to shower after watching it, lol

        Anyway, happy to help!

      • It was so much fun at times though! Gina Marie screaming at all the HGs that evicted “her man”. “They’re all scurrying when the lights come on like a bunch of COCK-A-ROACHES!” That spelling is the only way I could try and imitate the accent in type, lol.

      • I’ve seen about 10 full seasons, and I don’t think I’ve ever been that annoyed. But what made it all worth it was Amanda’s demise. I saw a poll recently and I think she ranked in at number 2 for the most hated or (something like that) in big brother history. I screenshot her face when Gina Marie put her on the block. Lol

      • My “Palm Face” moment of that season is McCrae’s HOH right after Amanda went home. He was technically in the driver’s seat. He had a decent shot at making it to the F3, and what did he do?

        He chose the wrong HG when it came down to figuring out why Amanda went home. He had Andy in his sites and figured it had been Elissa instead. His game was done as soon as he had her evicted.

      • Yep. You’ve refreshed my memory. McCrea could have had he not showmanced up. I’m surprised he hasn’t been back.

      • Yeah, if there was going to be an All Star season of recent HGs (like 13 and newer), I would think they would at least ask him to return. He was one of the better players that season even while in a showmance. It would be interesting to see how well he did without worrying about that aspect.

      • I was telling someone about a couple weeks ago here, they’d be intimidated by him and may vote him right out. I can’t remember his social skills prior to Amanda, post I just remember him behaving like a battered wife, very reclusive.

      • He was pretty good before they became a showmance. When he told her about the Moving Company alliance, she was honestly surprised. He was doing a good job at keeping things under wraps and was getting along with people.

        During the showmance, even though Amanda was the dominant half, I still think a lot of the strategy came from him. If it wasn’t for him, I don’t think Amanda could have gotten all those people allied together.

      • Did it come from him? I had forgotten that part. I just remember him looking depressed all the time. It seemed the amount of dominance they had in the game still didn’t perk him up. I heard som1 say he had bad hygiene too, didn’t shower for several days at a time. That’s a symptom of depression. He certainly looked it.

      • It was a joint effort, but a lot of how they presented ideas to others came from him. I’m not sure (one way or the other) about the potential depression. He seemed at the beginning that he was just going to lie low and let others come to him, so it might have been part of his plan.

        There were moments, when he did look genuinely unhappy though, so I’m not sure. If he did have signs of depression, that might possibly be why we haven’t seen him back on another season.

      • That makes sense… I’ve heard several of them describe the after effects of this show akin to being a veteran of war or something. It’s weird.

      • What can I say about Aaryn? She was such a racist stuck up witch, and then suddenly… She joined the other side of the house and it was like she slammed the door on that part of her personality and became a regular person.

        I would hope Mark was referring to the way Aaryn was after joining the other side. Then again, the real Aaryn is most likely somewhere in between the 2 extremes, and not necessarily the kind of gal you should look up to (or at least not the kind you bring home to meet the parents, lol).

      • Just typed big brother season 7 daily motion. 42 minute episodes. Looks like they are there.

        Edit:season 14 as well

      • Unless I am wrong, I think you can go back watch them if you have the live feeds. Not sure because I don’t have them. Can someone who has the feeds respond to confirm.

      • I’m not sure if its the feeds or not, but I mentioned below you can watch the old seasons on CBS’ Youtube channel if you have a subscription. So, that may be the subscription that they are talking about.

      • I have live feeds. U can watch all seasons on there. Actually I just watched season 7 again…with dr will and boogie…so funny and entertaining

      • The live feeds have all back BB seasons plus lots of other TV cbs programs and movies. I signed up when the free-month option was avaiable but haven’t had much time to enjoy it like I’d like to. :-(

      • Me, I’m keeping it this winter, I want to watch Star Trek:Discovery. It will be only on All Access.

      • Spend the extra 3-4 dollars to get commercial free. Won’t take near as long to watch and you won’t lose train of thot of what’s going on. The not-free commercial watching now is very time-consuming and boring.
        Just hit pause for food and bathroom breaks. :-)

      • Heck, give Julie a vote!

        Oh, and that has nothing to do with her saying the jury got it wrong last season and basically that Paul should have won. Yeah, nothing at all to do with that, lol.

      • And Steve Harvey. Wouldn’t it be great to see a bunch of comedian/ game show hosts roasting the cast and then casting a vote. Really have the winner earn that check of shame.

      • Yeah, that would be a lot of fun. Oh, Dennis Leary could be there! The HGs just thought Zingbot was mean, lol.

      • Someone should tell that to Xmas. I seem to remember her telling Josh how his followers skyrocketed while she was in the hospital. How would she know that?

      • I thought about Jess too. That would be guaranteeing 2 votes for Paul (fine by me since he’s the only one playing the game) unless Jess and Cody both lied about Paul getting their vote.

      • They can’t do that because they have all been out and had access to watch the entire show and would have unfair insight in the game that none of the other jurors had. That would never happen.

      • As easy as it sounds and yes Jessica was the last one before jury so it would make sense to bring her back, she has been able to watch the show since she left and her vote would be tainted as they say. The 9th vote would have to go to America if they were going to do that but only if there was a tie. In other words, once they see Matt wasn’t there on Finale night to vote, Julie can say that America has the 9th vote but only after they other 8 have voted.

      • Yeah, Julie could announce at the beginning of the show that America needs to vote for the winner, but make it clear that it only counts in the event of a tie. That way, they would have the results in plenty of time without delaying the end of the show.

        Its hard enough to get the normal 9 jurors to put personal stuff aside in order to pick a deserving winner. Hard to say what would happen if America had to vote.

      • As others have suggested, it’s probably time to retire the “have not” situation. They don’t even feature it much on the show. There should be monetary penalties for repeatedly breaking house rules, though.

      • They at least need to bring back a few alternate foods that the HGs could eat like they used to. Just having slop with nothing else to break up the monotony is pretty bad. I’m all for the beds, and the cold showers but give the people something else to choose from when it comes to food.

      • Production should be able to control shower temp and length of time. Only allow so many showers a day, like two (compared to Matt’s 20-30).
        They could physical or mental penalties- certain chores (the extra kind) , limited amounts an types of foods to eat.
        Have food comps to be able to obtain food or the food extras like more than one serving of cereal, ice cream, pop, candy, chips, etc.
        Have the HOH KEEP their own basket goodies and such that they get and not let other HGs partake and steal it.

      • They need to do something drastic to make an example of him, because he is setting a precedent that anybody can get away with this with little or no repercussions. Future HG can point to Matt and just ignore what they don’t like. Big Brother needs to crack the whip.

      • That’s what I’ve been saying too. If not, they are setting themselves up for a lot more of this kind of stuff in the future.

      • I can solve the issue, Carvin. :) All they (production) need to do is give Matt’s vote to America. It’s a win/win/win for BB production. They show HG you can’t flagrantly break the rules, they still have the needed votes and getting to vote in the finale might make some of the disappointed fans happier in regards to this season.

        Like I said, win/win/win. It seems real simple to me.

      • There were comments on threads Tues. about taking some of the stipend $$ away. hahaha . . Donate it to Gastroperesis (sp).

    • As much as I’d love to see that (watching Matt’s creepy grin wiped off his face would be awesome) I’d also like him to go annoy everyone in the jury house. BB can make sure there is no cereal in the house, and swipe his orange tank top before he goes in.

      • It would give a better exit interview than Matt will.

        “I just wanted to be WASHED! Is that so wrong, Julie?”

    • Great idea! This seasons guests are really picked from the bottom of the barrel of slop. Matt is a disgusting person and really should be ashamed of himself. If he acts this way during a game on TV, I can only imagine how he acts in real life. Raven is obviously mentally ill. Her hair is so greasy and unwashed that it looks as if she poured crisco oil on it. Her sexual romps with Matt, complete with sound, will one day come back to bite her in the ass. They actually think America is applauding the way Matt is defying production. Raven told Matt that she knows he’s going to get the hugest round of applause when he leaves. Its only too bad that booing is no longer allowed.

      • Not since Christine was badly booed. Its not allowed anymore. But….since he is breaking all the have not rules with barely a consequence than the audience should boo the shi@ out of him. What can they do????

      • Since Christine, when they expect an outgoing HG to be booed they fill the audience with CBS staff and families and pre-tape the eviction segment.

      • I heard something like that. What a shame though since some people really need to be booed.

    • That would not be a total surprise to see something like that happen. Otherwise … why have rules if you’re not going to enforce them?

  31. I can’t believe I liked Alex in the beginning. She’s turned into such a horrible person, or she was hiding it in the beginning. I hope Kevin gets American’s Favorite Player.

    • We must vote Kevin AFP – because of this little love note from Alex: 10:50 PM BBT – Alex tells Jason, Paul and Josh she hopes one of the four of them wins America’s Favorite Player. She says it just can’t be Kevin and if he wins it she says she’ll kick him in the balls right on the stage and say “F you, old man.” I’d love to see her try. Then police can yank her off to jail where she would justifiably belong.

  32. Everytime production prevents the houseguests from taking about “production” it makes it so obvious how much production interferes with the game.

    • Always surprised they don’t have a 3 second delay or every time a house guest mentions production. An air horn blasts throughout the house. Really teach them a lesson about mentioning Big Brother.

    • But production is only interfering with OUR watching the game by cutting off feeds.
      Production hasn’t seem to have done much on the rule breaking of the game, i.e. Matt.
      Oh, he got one point against him, BUT HE’S STILL DOING WHAT he’s not to be doing.

      • I’ve actually thought about subscribing to the feeds in the past but usually I realize I just wouldn’t have the time to watch them. And this year, as much as BB has been cutting the feeds, I’d be ticked if I’d have paid to watch them and had to miss some of the interesting/controversial stuff. Not that I’d want to see Jason being the despicable person he is, or Alex, lol.

      • Want to hear something funny. I cancelled my feeds the other day & then CBS offered me two free months just to resubscribe…now I get what’s left of BB for free and I get an extra month of CBS all access. Win/win for me b/c I also told CBS the reason I was cancelling was b/c of the terrible behavior of the HG so I got to put that on record with the show/network. Probably won’t matter, but still…it made me feel better. :)

      • Sept 24th -> Premiere of the new Star Trek:Discovery. That’s worth keeping your All Access.

      • Yep. I think the premiere will be on the network. But after that it is on All Access only.

  33. If they take out Alex and Josh, I will be satisfied for the summer. One minute Josh is acting a complete fool and the next, he wants to go around giving sanctimonious lectures to everyone. Shut your stupid azz up!

    • Lol yeah, Josh, early on, was my most hated HG and Alex was one I really liked early on. Now, the roles have almost completely changed places with one another. I mean, I’m not a Josh fan by any stretch but I do like him better than that lowly Alex. All those left are dirtbags, with the exception of Kevin, unless he’s said/done things I’m not aware of. I just don’t like people being bullied and being ignored when they’re down.

      • I don’t approve of this but I think I know why Paul used shunning as part of his strategy, because last season, post nomination campaigning is what kept him in the game, and he wants to totally block that from his targets. It’s cruel but it has been affective this season. A friend shed light on Kevin may be being prepped to be Paul’s f2 so he turned the house against him to secure the votes in jury. Josh is kept around to dim the light on Paul being the puppet master. Very smart, but we’ll see if it gets him the win.

      • I like Josh a lot more now, than I did at the beginning. He definitely grew on me, I did wish he would have done as he said and not disrespect Kevin. That made me not like him much anymore. Alex and Raven leaving will make the rest of the few weeks tolerable.

      • I just wish Josh didn’t feel he has to yell every time he’s in the diary room. Sheesh!

  34. Omg i can’t wait to see the reaction when Alex and Jason up. I wonder if she really will throw the next hoh or is she telling them what they want to hear. There’s no way I’d throw an hoh in this point in the game.

    • I will LMAO at the shock on her face when she gets betrayed next week if she does that! In fact, that is one of the only things I am still looking forward to this season.

    • Kevin has agreed with Paul about throwing the HoH to Paul…smh. I sure hope he doesn’t do that. I would love, love, love to see Kevin win HoH.

      • Paul was still talking about throwing it to Xmas or Josh the last I heard. I think he’s envisioning a scenario where its possibly himself (Paul), Kevin and either Xmas or Josh left. Kevin will agree to throw it to Paul, while at the same time (or 1 round later depending on comp), Paul will throw it to either Xmas or Josh.

        Like if its a quiz comp, Kevin would answer incorrectly while Paul and Xmas (lets say its her) would answer correctly. Then Paul would answer incorrectly the next round and give it to Xmas. I think that’s his ideal situation.

      • Ooooh ok I got it now. Smart. Thanks for the clarification. That comment really confused me. I’m like, what the hell is going on now?? Lol

      • I’ve thought that a few times this season, lol. When Xmas “won” her HOH… You know, the one Paul tried to throw to her before having to make it blatantly obvious because she’s not that sharp?

        Sorry, I digressed there, lol. Anyway, when she said she was going to make a big move, I started worrying she was going to turn on Paul (I’d been worried about her at that point). Then suddenly, her big move was to get out the guy everyone wanted out in the first place. I was like “What the hell?” myself.

      • Ya know, I was wondering if she had originally planned on turning on Paul that night but then changed her mind. It scared the shi+ out of me! Lol I’m actually pleasantly surprised she’s stuck with him, although it would have been foolish for her to have done that. I’ve had one eye on her the whole season. Now, I don’t trust Josh, Paul needs to get him out. It should be Paul, Kevin and Raven f3. I wouldn’t take xmas or Josh to f3. No way. I hope Paul figures that out fast. I haven’t heard him camtalk that scenario.

      • Yeah, I honestly don’t really trust anyone 100% in terms of not taking a shot at Paul. I haven’t heard anything about him taking Kevin and Raven to F3 either.

        I know his plan to take Xmas and Josh is strictly based on his belief that neither can beat Paul in the Final HOH, so he isn’t worried about one of them not taking him to F2 because it will be all his decision.

        Now if something happens, and one of them manage a fluke HOH win… Yeah, Paul’s probably screwed at that point.

      • Neither can Kevin or Raven. I say those two because I’ve heard both of them say don’t mind losing to Paul and I actually believe that. Worst case scenario is they win and have to choose, neither Xmas or Josh will take Paul. When I over think it, I don’t trust any of them either. Viewers paranoia! Lol

      • Raven was hanging in there decently on that last HOH comp. I don’t know about Kevin. Part of me thinks he’s been throwing comps, and part of me thinks he just can’t compete. Doesn’t look like we’ll find out anytime soon if he does throw the next HOH to Paul.

      • I was about to ask what that final hoh comp was. It’s pitiful I watch this show every summer and can’t manage to remember stuff. Smh lol

    • Now that’s what I am talking about. I am losing what little respect I have left for AG and the rest of production quickly. They need to freaking do SOMETHING else already, anything!!!

      • Hey djammin, long time no chit-chat! ;)
        I agree production needs to step in because matt is setting up a terrible precedent here. If they let him get away with it, you bet your bottom dollar future HG will do the exact same thing.

      • Yep. Any HG on the block will do it either way. If they are certain they’re going home, big deal. If they feel certain they’re safe, big deal because it’s only one penalty vote. (Although it’s usually the poor losers panzies that break the rules like that. Pouting like stupid babies).

        Disclaimer: Babies aren’t stupid. The HGs are stupid babies.

    • Every time I see Matt eating real food, or hear people talking about his refusal to only eat slop, I think of Brittany.

      She was the ultimate “suck it up and get it done” kind of player. Heck, even Paulie finally gave in and did his punishment right before he was evicted.

      Pretty bad when Paulie has more respect for the game than Matt does.

      • Anytime anyone mentions, Paulie, I lol at him crying while waving his little flag and wearing his apron with a bare butt. What a jerk he was! But I agree, he did suck it up in the end and that makes him a bigger person than Matt.

      • Paulie was a character. I actually found his little pie tantrum funny, although nothing else about him was entertaining. Mattress, as Miss Fiddle calls him, lol, nothing about him has been funny or entertaining, imo. You doing ok, T? :)

      • I remember she kicked like 2000 goals even tho she knew she was probably going home! That shows respect for the game. What about Chicken George? He ate slop for half a season just to stay in the BB game! smh Matt does not deserve to be in that house nor does he deserve to go to jury.

      • I totally agree. Plus, Mark went on slop for 6 out of 8 weeks in a row
        (would have been 7 of 8, but Paul felt pity for him once) and never cheated. Heck, the man never really even complained.

        Matt is just a sore loser that’s trying to stick it to the game. He’s mad because he sat on his butt eating cereal the entire time and, SURPRISE, didn’t make it to F2. Grow up and act your age Matt!

      • Ikr! Production is setting up a bad example tho for letting him get away with this behavior. You know another Hg is going to do this in the future. They should just get rid of HN if this is how they enforce it.

    • Captain did you see Victor’s tweet where he apologizes to the families of the cast (most likely Kevin’s) for all the negativity this season?

    • Just clicked on her Twitter page. here is a quote from her

      “Home from work & was going to read up on #BB19 before bed but just don’t give a F! Lol. I already deal with enough petty sH%t at work.”.

  35. Matthew is still in the house after continually breaking the rules. The producers have shown absolutely no spine this season. He should have been kicked out by now.

  36. This show has turned into a joke…bullying, blatantly disregarding the rules and nothing is done! Shame on you CBS! You’ve made me not BB fan anymore. This was the last season I’ll watch.

      • That makes me sad. I’ve loved BB for a long time. It terrible that this season has turned so ugly. So many past HG are just ripping this cast… Production really needs to stop recruiting players & stop mixing vets with newbies too.

      • Maybe this is the way networks justify cancelling a once very enjoyable show – either write poor scripts or cast unlikeable players, and then blame low viewership as a reason to cancel. Kind of like a slow painful suicide.

  37. I’m actually really tired of everyone in the house. Production should actually enact some actual punishments for bullying no one wants to watch that! I want to watch some actual players PLAY the game and not just settle for jury! It’s like I go to play a basketball tournament and I’m just ok with 6th place as long as I’m not last! Who wants to watch a bunch of quitters??! and what is the purpose of being mean? there’s absolutely no game play in that! I used to like Alex until I saw hoe petty she can be, it’s gross. They’re all no better than Jody now. CBS STOP BRINGING BACK OLD PLAYERS…unless it’s an allstar season! So disappointing!

    • Unfortunately, bullying, to one degree or another, has been part of BB since the beginning. I started watching season 2.

  38. I love someone like Alex who doesn’t ever think she’s going to get older. It happens to everyone. Wait till she wakes up in25 years.

  39. Wait until Alex wakes up in 25 years and finds she’s gotten older. It happens to everyone. Is she in for a shock, lol.

  40. They all keep saying “it’s just a game, done take it so personal” but they all make it so personal…they need to follow their own advise. We have not seen many home clips, I can only think of Jason…I wonder if the families are too embarrassed to be on…

  41. Megan, Cameron and Jillian are so fortunate to have escaped living in a house with losers. Let them split the $500K.

    • Yeah, someone tweeted Ramses saying he was lucky to have gotten out of that house and Ramses tweeted back saying how horrible these HG were as people.

  42. BB needs to right the ship or I see this show going down in flames and I hate to say that because I have been watching since season one. Been a live feeder for years…Matt should be expelled..he does not deserve a spot on the jury and continue to be paid. What a shame..I keep thinking of the look on Cameron’s face that first night when he had to leave the game. Why can’t casting find people around the country who actually know how this game is to be played. Stop with the darn recruits..they ruin the game…stop bringing back vets…although Paul is truly the only one who has really played the game all season as far as strategy goes…but, vets..I see this show going maybe one more year…

      • She seems to be just a High school counselor. Not sure if she’s somebody famous or not outside of that.

      • It would be nice if she was more specific, maybe with an example, as to the comments she is referencing.

      • Well, there have been some disgusting comments made about Alison Grodner in our comments section. They made me cringe.

      • I’ve seen a few that mentioned AG, but I must have missed the ones you are referring to.

      • We say it like we see it. They hire a bunch of trash to come and make that type of show. I want a game show where the HGs play their own game and production stays out of their way. If there are rules and HGs break them, then they should immediately get kicked out.

      • That would be great and then she can read examples about those same things being allowed on the show. She could be related to one of the HGs. In that case who cares what she thinks.

      • No, she isn’t. Not sure why everyone is getting their undies in a bunch. She’s referring to CBS/BB, not the different sites who report on BB.

      • Great T! We’re starting to get some rain from Harvey, a few inches expected, but I am not complaining at all after watching this mess the past few days. Makes me grateful. :)

      • Oh my. Hopefully, you’re not too close. where r ya hon? If u don’t mind me asking… :)

      • I’m in Tennessee. It’s just hitting our area but we don’t have the potential for flooding like Texas and Louisiana and the forecast says we could get very few inches.

      • That’s good hon. The only thing I worry about here in California is earthquakes. I was here for the big one in 94 & it scared the bejesus out of me. I literally thought we were being bombed!!! The entire SFV where I live & where BB is filmed, was trashed. My heart goes out to those people in Texas right now. Glad you & yours are safe, my friend. :)

      • I still have pictures from the TV coverage of that devastating earthquake in my mind, I can’t imagine being present for it. I’ll admit that I would probably be a little panicky living in an earthquake prone area, T.

      • Ditto. My uncle got hit pretty bad with Katrina, so when this one hit I was like oh no…luckily he’s been okay so far. Lots of rain, but no where near as bad as Katrina in his neck of the woods (Mississippi).

      • It’s going across the southeast and up through Tn through the next couple of days. If you look at the weather channel radar, there will be areas of heavy rain with some tornadoes possible. Hoping the tornado threat dies down. The USA has enough to deal with.

      • And, yes, Miss Fiddle is a wise and clever lady, but WHEW!!!!, I don’t want her on my bad side. haha

      • Hehehehe! No doubt. She”s like Shar. Super sweet until you’ve hit that last nerve then watch out! ;) She’ll put you in your place…with grace. That takes a certain kind of touch, y’know what I mean? :)

      • Thankfully, I haven’t been on the receiving end of that. I’d probably feel like I swallowed my butthole. lol

      • Oh, is that what that was. I kind of figured b//c there are 1000’s of tweets all over twitter complaining about this season. ;)
        You have the answers once again, Em. ;) How are ya hon?

      • I am doing great today. Cancelled my feeds yesterday & guess what? CBS gave me 2 months free to resubscribe. Now I get the entire rest of this season for free!! :) :) Not sure how much I’ll still watch them, but heck…can’t beat that deal. :)

      • Say what?? Sounds like I need to cancel my feed too!! *going to CBS

      • Lol! Just saw this post. You should. Plus, I got to complain to CBS about the HG… it put me in a better mood. It won’t matter of course (my little ol complaint) but it did make me feel better to have it on record that their HG made me want to cancel my feeds! hehe

        Try it. I’m telling ya Em, if you call them on the phone you get 2 months free. If you do it online, you get 1 month! :) I know I’ll enjoy the rest of this season much more now that I am watching it free. :) :)

      • If she is involved in the BB production then someone should fire her. The show has become one of those VH1 and MTV trash fake reality.

      • One Google search later…

        “Mrs. Judy Nelson, School Counselor
        Mrs. Nelson received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Language Arts/Social Studies from Glassboro State College and her Master’s Degree in Student Personnel Services and Supervisory Certificate from Rowan University. Mrs. Nelson began her educational career at Washington Township in 1984 as a teacher of history for which she was selected as Teacher of the Year in 1992. Since 1993, Mrs. Nelson has been a member of the Counseling Department serving all the students at the end of the alphabet. Mrs. Nelson can be seen at many high school events in her capacity as former Varsity Cheer Coach for the fall and winter seasons. Mrs. Nelson herself is a graduate of WTHS, Class of ’78, and the proud parent of three TWP Graduates; Patrick ’05, Brett ’07, and Angelina ’09.”

        So yeah, she’s apparently a Counselor at Washington Township High School.

        Can’t be 100% sure, but the picture on the school website looks like her. Plus the school uses the TWP logo that’s on her Twitter handle.

      • It match with her twitter account.

        What I like to know is what post here she is referring to.

      • Probably just the fact that Matthew is telling us all about the “bullying” that is being used to win $500K. Sounds like she’s just trying to get an “attaboy” (attagirl”?) since she’s a counselor and bullying is the big topic right now.

        I imagine she is possibly thinking that Matthew and this site are officially linked with Big Brother and part of CBS.

      • I think that’s the mistake she made, and she has realize her error following answer from me, Matt and Branden. She has now deleted the tweet. She was not talking about us here.

      • judy should visit another site if she doesn’t like what she reads or just delete.

      • She’s referring to CBS/BB, not the site she is tweeting/responding to.

      • I just went to IMDB and dizzily read all the credits since 2000 and her name is nowhere to be seen. She is related to one of the HGs is my guess. No one who needs my attention any longer. I do hope that if I will be banned from this site, that Matt gives me a warning first.

      • LOL I say mean things too. I highly doubt what you have said is “bannable”. If it is, I’m right there with you too.

      • Nothing you’ve said that I’ve seen is even in the same league as the stuff that comes out of the mouths of the current BB houseguests.

      • All of the names of the big brother producers and 2 pages of writing team. The creators of the show.

    • I just went through her timeline, she’s not accusing them of bullying, she’s replying and saying she doesn’t understand why there is bullying happening in the house. Doesn’t pertain to bigbrothernet, it’s directed towards CBS/BB.

      • The one I posted was adressed to @BigBrotherNet. Says so just under her name “replying to”. I just went and check to copy the tweet here and the tweet was deleted. So it would be fair to assume she mistook Big Brother Network for CBS. She realize her error based on answer from me, Matt and Branden, so she deleted the tweet.

      • That tweet is no longer in her timeline either. I really think she is addressing CBS/BB and not the people who report on BB.

  43. They need to do a season with nothing but Super Fans who have studied the show, know the rules, and first and foremost are NOT a VET of the show. Some of the people commenting here ought to try out for #BB20. It would be the best ever! As a side note they need to fire the entire spineless production staff! LOL!

  44. Paul doesn’t even have to play the game anymore,he can sleep. All his bases are covered and he can slide through to the end in comfort. Alex is the biggest piece of sh–t ever.

  45. Paul did not win AFP and this season he won’t either.
    Hoping Jason wins veto so Alex can go. I still despise Raven and hope she goes as well.

    • Mark gets my vote for AFP. Outside of the people we didn’t even get a chance to know (Jillian, and Cameron), he’s the only person that seemed to be a decent guy. Plus, he knew that Paul needed to go for anyone else to have a realistic shot at winning.

      Also… I’m so ready for Alex to go and I hope they blindside her!

      • I like Kevin too. The way Mark handled 6 out of 8 weeks in a row as a Have Not, pushes him over the top for me. You’re right though… Production will change it if they don’t like who America chooses.

      • And then there’s this love note from Alex: 10:50 PM BBT – Alex tells Jason, Paul and Josh she hopes one of the four of them wins America’s Favorite Player. She says it just can’t be Kevin and if he wins it she says she’ll kick him in the balls right on the stage and say “F you, old man.”

      • She is all talk. If she does that after the show, Kevin will get one of his daughters to show her the difference between talk and action.

      • Looking at Joker’s rankings, Cody has AFP locked up. I can’t wait to see the remaining HGs react to that. They have no idea how disliked they are.

      • There are several sites that have Cody in the lead. In fact, almost every site that does HG popularity polls has only one current HG in the top 10 (Kevin). It’s crazy! I have never seen that ever.

    • Paul says he did win AFP last year but was then ineligible cause he was in the final 2.

      • I’m not sure if that is a rule, I think even if you win the prize you are still eligible to win AFP.

      • On Big Brother Wiki, the rule reads:
        “Since Big Brother 11, all houseguests have been eligible to win the prize (except those who have been expelled)”
        Ian Terry is the only finalist either to win or to be runner up for the award. That was Season 14.

      • That would be my interpretation of the rules. Either I am misunderstanding them or Paul is lying for some reason.

      • Hmmm. Let me see either you’re wrong or Paul’s lying… which one do I think is more likely. Well, you’re a pretty smart cookie, so I’m gonna have to go with Paul is lying. hehehe

      • No one in that house would evah lie, T. :)
        I don’t know if I’m right or not but the rules are there for all to read. It sounds simple, but sometimes it’s not the way it sounds.

      • A liar in BB? Say it isn’t so. haha. In fact, I have a Will gif and in that he’s wearing a shirt, K, that says “I’m probably lying”! LMAO! Love me some Will Kirby. hehe

      • Will is definitely one of a kind special liar. I would happy to personally watch and hear him lie to me. lol

      • I wouldn’t lie. Promise! Just stopped in to check my Disqus comments. How’re all my gals going’?

      • Hi sweetie! Nuthin.’ Just checkin’ my notifications, and thought I’d see if you were online. And you are! How you doing, darlin?’

      • Where are all the sistas when we need them to get a good convo going?!?! Man we used to could run the page. lol

      • Lol…I skeered ’em away! Just kidding. Oh, we had some fun, didn’t we?! I’m on my way out…but I had to see if you were online while I was here. I MISS YOU!!!!

      • Well, it looks like I just missed ya hon. I hope all is well with ya. I miss ya. Hopefully, soon we can catch each other at the same time & chat for a sec. :)

      • Aw thanks, K. I miss Sha…she is always fun.
        I swear chatting with that woman has become like trying to spot a unicorn! hehehe. ;) But I’m persistent I tell ya. I’ll catch up with her one of these days. LOLOL

      • You’re such a Sweetheart, TGIF. That’s what I told K to call you from now on….but I MEANT to say, TGIJ as in, Thank God It’s J.
        I’m not a Unicorn…just another mythical creature: someone who has no idea what the heck is going on with the show, so I can’t comment! I’ll email you soon…I promise. XOXO

      • I was always told I looked like Lauren Bacall; so, a photographer did a spread of me doing many of her most famous early photos. This is one of them.
        It’s one of her. lol. I don’t have this print any longer; but the ones I do have are freaking uncanny, I got a lot of modeling jobs because of
        ‘the look.’ And on that note, I’ll talk to you later, my dearest of friends!

      • Sorry, my hubby called from town. Hey, I’ve seen other pics of you. I swear I thought that was you. Goes to show you just how uncanny it is. Later doll!

      • Love the new avatar Sha! Lauren Bacall…one of my all time faves! I have all of her & Bogie’s movies on blu-ray. :)

      • Isn’t she lovely? She was my idol. I only have, “To Have and Have Not” and “Key Largo.” Those are my two fav Bogie and Ball films. I like them all, but those I can watch over and over—especially “TO Have and to Have Not.” Just pure, raw sex appeal going on in that movie.

      • Why hello to you my friend! Finally, I’m on at the same time as you. I was beginning to think you were avoiding me… hehe JK. How r ya, Sha?

      • I could eat him up. The Will from Season 2..or from Season 7—his Chill Town days….not the plastic Dr. Will from today. Yuck.

  46. Please Production let Kevin win H.O.H. he needs it to boost his morale. I would love to see all those a holes kissing his butt while he is proudly reading his letter and showing his family pictures. Alex thinks she has Americas favorite in the bag so come on every body vote for Kevin

    • Yes!! I am so sick of all of them. Especially Jason, Alex and Paul. Jason should have done been gone after his comments about what he would do to Kevin’s wife! CBS should have kicked him out!!

  47. Alex went from one of my favorite houseguests, to one of my most disliked in a matter of days.

    The bullying is insane.

  48. why are they letting Matt go to jury make him leave he is abusing his time in the house. Bulling should also not be allowed so Alex should get penalty as well. bet she would run and hide if someone were bulling her. come on Kevin win and get her ass out

  49. I’m sick of this whole bunch. Except Kevin. I feel so bad for him. They’re all acting like spoiled brats and I don’t blame him for what he does. For CBS to let the continue acting like this is pathetic! And for them to let Jason continue to even participate after the comments he made about Kevin’s wife and daughters is sickening. Shame on you CBS! SHAME ON YOU!!!!!

      • At one point Jason said he wanted to rape Kevin’s wife and tie up his daughters and make them watch. (I believe since then Jason has said he’s sorry he said that, but he has not admitted to Kevin that he made that comment.)

  50. Pulled a muscle jumping off the Alex bandwagon. Alex & Jason,s treatment of Kevin is despicable, they should be ashamed of themselves. Cant stand Paul, but he deserves the win for being the Puppet master of these chumps. Whoever at CBS does casting should be given a pink slip.

  51. Julie Chen will reveal tonight that there’s one more twist in the game. The door will open and a team of Marine drill Sgts will enter the house. Matt may try and climb out the window.

  52. What exactly did Jason say to Kevin? I know I’m late, got caught up with work plus I’m feedless. I can’t find it on YouTube anywhere.

    • it sounds like it’s what Jason said about Kevin’s wife and kids… I am trying to find it also, I am late to the site today.

      • Yea something about his wife or something. It’s the only thing haven’t been able to find on YouTube. I don’t what he said verbatim.

      • he said in a joking manner to alex that if kevin was screwing him over then he would rape his wife and make his daughters watch

      • Aint nothing about that is even remotely funny. That’s sick! He’s a sociopath, I always knew it.

      • Yeah, there is nothing funny about saying you are going to tie someone’s daughters up and rape a man’s wife! Granted he never used the word rape…but what else does that mean?? It was beyond stupid and vile!

      • You can find it on TMZ MG. It’s even made the Daily Mail in the UK!! Jason’s family has had to take his twitter account off public status b//c of his comments.

      • Get the blank outta here! Uh uh uh! If I wore a wig,it’d be on the floor chile! despicable!