Tonight On Big Brother 19: Special Episode & Special Guest

Derrick Levasseur returns to Big Brother

Big Brother 19 is back tonight with a special episode when BB16’s Derrick Levasseur stops by the house to visit. And, um, well I hope that’s not all but maybe it is.

So far CBS has told us very little. We knew last week from our interview with Allison Grodner that there’d be a surprise visitor for the Houseguests but it wasn’t until last night that we learned from Julie Chen who it would be.

The Live Feeds have been down since Thursday afternoon because apparently what’s going on is so top secret that we can’t see anything. But we do know some of what’s been going on. There’s likely been the overnight HoH competition to put a new HG in charge and the nominations are probably coming up later today. It’s all going to be lost in space for us Feedsters.

Tonight’s episode of Big Brother airs at 8/7c on CBS and streaming live on CBS All Access. We’ll be watching in hopes of something interesting coming along. A visit from Derrick will be a nice treat for the HGs since he can give advice and be a fresh face, but I’m not sure how CBS plans to fills an hour for us.

We’ll find out soon enough so join us back here tonight for our live recap then settle in for the return of Live Feeds later in the night at 9PM PT (12AM ET). If you haven’t started watching the Feeds yet then today is your last day to sign up for a 1-MONTH Free Trial with Promo Code BB19SALE.

Big Brother Live Feeds - 1-Month Free Trial


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  1. You know it’s been a bad season when 3/4 of the HG celebrated when they found out it was DE night.

  2. This season sucks. Everybody just coasting along kissing butt, where is the intensity this game is known for. So predictable.

  3. I sort of wonder if he is going to tell them how he would have beaten himself if he wasn’t in the position he was in. It could just be as simple as how he identified Frankie as his biggest threat and worked on turning his allies against him but staying friendly and cordial with him.

  4. Maybe they will have a competition and the winner will get a one on one strategy session with Derreck. They did that one year on BB Canada.


    They will do like they did one year with Dan G. He spend the day in the house and had a one on one strategy session with every HGs.

    Maybe production way to try and inject some strategy into the the season.

  5. I can’t think of any good reason for these feeds to be down for 28+ hours. Derrick coming in the house..who cares? He better be doing something really special or I will be one pissed off live feeder!! I was hoping we would get a leak from Miss Cleo about who the HOH is.

  6. I would have rather had Brenchal come back! Derrick is just plain boring! Didn’t like him on his season and I am sure he will act the same.

  7. I guess even Big Brother bosses are bored. It was their fault tolerating the lack of game play. What they should do is make one random eviction. Only way to be safe is to compete and win safety for that week! So, you get designated for eviction, win or be sent to the jury house! That would eliminate those house guests treating this as a vacation and send them packing with that week’s evictee!

  8. It really is funny how we continue to see people posting on here that are not watching the show anymore but still know everything that is going on and still post their opinions. If you “hate” this season’s show, great, don’t watch it. Wait until next season and leave the ones on this discussion board alone to chat about what we “are” enjoying. It is entertaining to us. If it isn’t to you, great, that’s your opinion. But don’t CONSTANTLY complain about it here. I am so tired of hearing the same thing day after day…

    • I haven’t stopped watching, but I don’t doubt some people have. They still know everything thanks to websites like this one, Twitter and from people who ARE still watching. I may not like the predictability of this season, but I won’t claim to no longer be watching. I’ve watched since the beginning and I can’t quit now.

      I like reading what everyone has to say, even if I don’t agree with it. :)

      • Me too. Thanks for the comment. I love the show, the bad and the good, for all it’s worth. I may not like even one person in the house, but these others shouldn’t keep repeating the same things over and over and over. It’s just really annoying. You have an opinion, I get it, you are entitled to that. This is a game of manipulation, using your social skills and physical capabilities. Appreciate it for that.

  9. Julie said they will offer another temptation. imho, that’s what bogged the game down.
    also, why derrick? must I go to youtube to find out?
    please help with a short description of derrick

  10. This is the worse season of Big Brother. No excitement, no big moves. It these dummies do not start trying to get Alex and/or Paul out, they are going to be the final two. Paul is the biggest problem. He is a vet and knows how to manipulate the other “sheeple” into doing his dirty work. I really hope someone finally gets with the program.

  11. Get rid of the beard!
    He has to go!!
    Hopefully, Mark wins HOH, and has Paul voted out.
    Or else simply hand him the check for $500,000 right now!!!

    • Hand it to him right now. If he is there at the end, he wins, hands down. I don’t care who is with him, he wins.

      • You are sick of people’s opinions? Why are you still posting? I have 25 year olds who tell me it all at their viewing parties! They say it’s a boring season but they still watch to see if someone gets a clue! I agree!

  12. Really,really, really, hoping that Derrick is there long enough to hint to the house guests that they are basically handing the win to Paul. While I have enjoyed watching Paul on the feeds, I can’t believe that the rest of the house has let him control everything and not gotten him out yet. I feel like the rest of the house can’t wipe their own butts unless they get permission from Paul. I hope next season is nothing but newbies and no more veteran players.

    • Yes i agree it,s too bad the others in the house are just too damn stupid to realize that they are stupid.

  13. I’ve noticed with this cast, there’s no turning things back in your favor and integrating yourself back in the group once you’ve been made a target. I don’t know if I should credit Paul for this…. Or? Idk. It’s like the movie The Grudge, once you view the tape, you’re dead in 7days! Lol In this game, when you’re done, you’re done! Lol

    • IDK, I think it can happen, it’s just that no one has really made an effort. Obviously Cody went off on his own, didn’t really care to ingratiate himself with the others once he was on the outs. Elena…..she was some kind of mess imo. She couldn’t keep her mouth shut long enough to do proper damage control and Mark…..we will see. I think he has the humble factor, which is a good start but he doesn’t seem to be able to complete the sale. Also, I don’t like how “they”, mostly Alex/Paul/Christmas seem to have mandated that once you are declared the enemy, you are no longer worthy of human interaction, rubs me the wrong way.

      • He has these HG’s on lockdown. Did you catch Elena’s after interview, not with Julie, but on the feeds, not sure if it is up on YouTube yet. Very interesting what she said in regards to Paul controlling the game. She said everyone is well aware of it and are perfectly happy with the status quo, including herself. Sorry, after hearing this from an HG’S mouth, Paul absolutely deserves to win this game based on that statement alone.

      • No i didn’t click hers yet. I’ve been trying to make that point for the longest time that they are content with Paul’s position in the game. Now they heard from an actual houseguest.

  14. I haven’t even watched half of the Sunday & Weds, shows and instead of watching the feeds I have been mostly reading Jokers. I remember the days when I would take my laptop to bed and watch the feeds until I fell asleep. Not this year.

  15. I don’t think none of them no what to do now? there all looking to Paul as if they are waiting for him to guide them.

  16. I am so happy they invited Derrick back. He is one of my all time favorite BB houseguests. Along with Frankie, Paul, and Nicole.

  17. I really do not want to see Derrick again, he is associated with the one we shall not name. Although, I really would love to hear his take on this season so it is a double edged sword for me.

  18. Note to AG, here is how the dictionary defines special: unusual, uncommon, abnormal, atypical, extraordinary, out of the ordinary, rare, unprecedented, unexpected, surprising. I don’t see how Derrick fits any of those. He’s been on too many times to be considered special. Hopefully you actually have someone coming on who actually would be considered ‘special’

    • Feeds after the DE are one of the most important nights in the world of feedsters when it comes to BB. The only trade off that would make it right would be a direct deposit of $5,0000 in my bank acct.

  19. whete is Kevins name on that list of you should be voted out? Kevin and Josh have they played Hoh and veto, are the safe for tonight? And the is a 3rd eviction

  20. CBS shuts down feeds, right after a DE and all you have to say for it is Derrick will be making an appearance? Not a good enough trade off. Derrick is the human equivalent of Ambien, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  21. Nana10- First of all Paul lovers I am sorry but I don’t like him at all! I think bringing him back has ruined this season! Why can’t these HGs think for themselves? It is so boring to watch Paul run the show. Technically he has been HOH every week!! As someone else commented do the remaining HG really think Paul is going to take them all to the end? I am sorry but I am like Cody I seriously don’t like any of the HG this season. Paul, Josh,Alex and Jason are all at the top of that list. But the whole bunch have been skipped over when personalities were passed out! CBS must not have had anyone any better that auditioned for the show!! So sad!

    • Lets vote for cameron as afp show these people wjat we think of their lack of game play and just plain meaness

  22. I have been hoping all season they would do a comp with the theme based on Baldwin the Eagle and Victor.I still go back and watch that so darn funny now that was some funny live feeds

  23. I hope so badly Mark pulls out a win for HOH and takes down Paul and Alex. If one comes down and Jason goes in their place….. my dream! Big brother gods grant my wish!

  24. Julie was so excited last night announcing we’re having a special guest Derrick. I could care less about seeing him. I’d rather have the feeds.

    • I watched his season, he’s so good, but there’s something about his technique/manipulation that irritates the hell out of me…Plus his lack of ‘showmanship, it wasn’t enjoyable to watch him execute his plan…I hope he reads this. ha!

  25. Tonight’s episode was a complete waste of time, just a rerun of everything we’ve just seen, not sure why the network feels the need to add an extra night just to fill the time with a one hour rerun.

  26. On Day 38, Josh called someone a “baby”? What?

    While Josh bangs pots and pans, making a complete ass out of himself, Paul (wearing a tutu), Alex, Christmas, and Raven jump around like giggling 8-year-olds.

  27. Why do these people feel the need in the Diary Room to (1) yell as if viewers are hard of hearing, (2) excessively use exaggerated gestures, and (3) lean forward as if we have trouble seeing our screens?

    Worst offenders: Josh, Alex, Elena, Ramses, Cameron, Dominique, Paul (at least he’s been funny), Christmas.

    People in the Diary Room who talk like normal human beings: Jessica, Cody, Mark, Kevin, Matt, Jillian, Megan.

    Category of her own: Raven.

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