Big Brother 19: The Best And Worst Moments Of Week 7

It was double eviction week in the Big Brother 19 house and even though everything went pretty much as anyone with half a brain expected, it was still an exciting week filled with a lot of ups and downs. So let’s get to this week’s edition of the Ewws and Ahhs.

The Best and Worst Moments of Big Brother 19 Week 7

Eww. Cody Throws The Safety Ceremony: I don’t have any idea why Cody didn’t just try to win the compassion this week. Most people when I discuss this tell me it’s because he was too distracted by Jessica poised to be evicted while all the clues were played and he didn’t keep track of them. I guess he thought it would be easier to lose the game and ensure he would play in the veto. But then he didn’t even throw the competition correctly and got one correct by mistake, giving Matt the loss and the auto-nomination.

Ahh. Mark Wins Safety: It was looking good for a house flip this week if Mark was safe and Cody could get picked for Veto and win it and take Elena off the block. Then the other side would have to cannibalize each other and that’s the kind of Big Brother I live for.

Eww. Alex Continues to Follow Paul’s Rules: Alex is not playing her own game. She does everything Paul wants and it’s really frustrating. That kind of gameplay makes the season boring and predictable.

Cody isn't amused by your games on Big Brother 19

Eww. Cody Doesn’t Get Picked For Veto: When Alex (Paul) nominated Elena and Jason (Jason as the pawn), the only hope for an unpredictable week was Cody getting drawn for Veto. And that did not happen. So operation backdoor Cody is pretty much a go. Unless, Matthew, the third nominee wins the veto and uses it on himself.

Alex faces off with Cody on BB19

Ahh. Veto Drama: Elena decides to take $5,000 from Alex instead of taking the veto for herself. This also meant Matthew won the veto, so maybe there is a chance that Cody stays this week. Right? Wrong. Come on.

Eww. Matthew Uses the Veto On Jason: Sometimes, though rarely, people in the Big Brother game use the veto on an ally to further their game. Matthew believes that’s what he’s doing, but little does he know, he’s so low on his side’s totem pole, this would have been the perfect week to save himself and team up with Cody, Mark, Elena and Raven to make this a real game.

Eww/Ahh. Cody is Evicted: Since this had to end eventually, let’s just call it done. That storyline has run its course so let’s move on. Cody had the right kind of fight in him to keep the house on their toes, but he and his showmance made too many missteps along the way, so I’m just ready to move on from it at this point.

Eww. Jason wins HOH in the Double Eviction: Boring. Another Paul HOH, basically. And that’s exactly what happens. He nominates Mark and Elena, just like Paul wanted. No one is thinking for themselves in this game.

Ahh. Mark wins Veto: Well at least Mark gets to stick around another week to try to take out someone (ANYONE) from the other side.

Eww. Elena is Evicted: I’m actually kind of natural on this, but since it was predictable I’ll give it an Eww.

Julie Chen hosts Big Brother 19 Double Eviction night

Ahh. Paul Survives The DE: I know it sounds like I’m anti-Paul above, but I’m really not. I think Paul is clearly the only one playing the game now, so he deserves to stick around. Until someone takes him out, he’s the only person who deserves to keep moving forward. To Paul haters: Sorry not sorry. To Paul fans: You’re welcome.

What were your favorite moments from the week?


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  1. Elena evicted…not surprising. What was surprising was the lack of applause for Elena when she was talking to Julie, for Cody they clapped. Cody is just a bad loser and calling people idiots and psychopaths and stalking out the door without looking back is just weird. However, at least he wasn’t fake and nobody tried to say goodbye.

    • He is fake. He went in saying he hated showmances, and then ended up in one. And then he gave up once it was over. He never wanted to win. He only wanted to f Jessica. He’s as fake as they come.

      • Saying you hate showmances pre game then ending up in one doesn’t mean you are fake. Pre game you don’t know who you’ll meet, and you don’t know how interactions go. So, no, not fake.

    • Of what use was it for him to look back at all but haters? He was been real not to give room for fake greetings or goodbye if anyone had any.

  2. Wish Paul would get out, “Americas Favorite” Last season, more like he is a giant bully. Hope Kevin or Matt gets Favorite this season.

    Go Matt with 1000 bowls of Cereal! YOU CAN DO IT

  3. I don’t like Paul; but he’s the only one truly playing the game at this point.

    I’m an episode behind, but I even thought that when the Outback Steakhouse dinner was on -> he gave up his spot to Christmas. Everyone thinks “wow, we’ve all been stuck here with crap food for so long and he’s so generous” – but it’s obviously a calculated move. Smart boy.

    As much as I dislike him, and how everyone is doing everything he says, he’s the only one who deserves to win at this point.

    • Yeah, that was definitely not a selfless move. I also loved how freaking excited Raven was about it. Calm down girl. He just wants to make sure no game is being talked about without him involved.

      • But Kevin was sooo funny. “I’ll wait for the girl to come back and get a hotdog “. Lol.

      • That made me LOL. And when Matt said not to kick him to the curb before he reaches his goal of 1,000 bowls of cereal…That was awesome!!!

      • In real life Paul does a lot of charity work, from what I understand too. Don’t knock him for playing a good game. He did do it for both of those reasons, to be nice to Christmas(to keep her on his side) and to make sure that he doesn’t miss any game talk inside while the others are having dinner. Not much chance of game talk outside during dinner.

      • Eh, doing charity work doesn’t make one a selfless person. I volunteer and I ain’t no saint ;)

        But yeah I think he gave up his spot knowing they weren’t going to talk game outside. He did know that it was a possibility inside though. I’m more surprised that neither he nor Christmas were disqualified from the treat because of their punishment. Then again, maybe I’m not surprised considering who it was…

      • I’m not saying Paul is a saint, no, who is? But he does have a heart and does do things that help people in reality. Look at what he is doing for Alex. IMO, he knows he has a steep hill to climb to make it to the end. So, he is helping Alex out as much as he can so that when/if he gets evicted that she would hopefully make it to the end and win. In my opinion… But at the same time, if it comes down to Paul, Alex and someone else at the final three, Paul would cut her loose because she is really the only one who would really have a shot at beating Paul at the end. And, I would hope, she would cut Paul loose too(that remains to be seen) at final three.

      • Alex was who I picked at the very beginning to win. She seemed like someone who could make it really far. Now? I just have less faith that she’s really looking out for herself instead of Paul. But, there’s still a lot of people left and so many things that could happen.

        I still really want a big shake up of the house and I just don’t have the feeling we’re going to get one any time soon.

      • I think Alex is taking advantage of Paul, letting him be the leader, taking in his knowledge and control of the game and will ride him out as long as she can to get further in the game, then cut him when she can. Hopefully she will get a chance before final three. And if it does get down to final three, and she has the choice, cut Paul. She can win handily against anyone other than Paul. She would have a harder time winning if she was in final two with Paul.

      • I agree completely. I’m obviously not a Paul fan, and I feel like she’s the only person left in that house who might take the shot. Maaaybe Christmas if she started fully thinking for herself, but the rest seem ready to hand him the win.

      • I think Mark would too, but he would have to only as a BD option. And watch out for Mark. If he keeps winning the comps, they may never get him out. The only problem is he can’t seem to win the one he needs to, the HOH.

      • Yeah, the BIG meatball. Better watch out for him. He is becoming a comp beast. That is the only thing keeping him in the game now. Paul and company are going to have to BD him to get him to jury.

      • That’s the thing. They can’t seem to get him out. Whoever of Paul’s crew wins the HOH(if Mark doesn’t) is going to have to nom two of their own, maybe Kevin and Josh, hopefully not let Mark win veto, then BD him. If Mark does get the veto, vote out Kevin. then start over next week.

      • I thought everyone said once Cody was out the real game would start. But now Mark is the new Cody? So if they do get Mark out, who do you think will be the new Mark (pun not intended, okay maybe a little)?

      • It will be Kevin. Then Maven, Matt first(since he can win comps). After that it gets a little more weird. Probably Christmas because she can’t compete in most of the physical comps. If any of them were smart they take Josh with them to the end, no matter what. But given the way this season is going, who knows???

      • I think Jason will push to have Maven evicted before Mark. Jason & Alex need Mark to vote out Paul.

      • That is what I said to myself when Mark won safety last night. I told myself that the only way to get out Mark was going to be to BD him.

      • Hopefully she’s making a good decision now and will cut him loose before final 2. I don’t see anyone winning against him in the end.

      • I agree. I don’t really think Alex is that stupid. At least I hope not. In my opinion if Paul makes it to final two he deserves the win.

      • She better. It will be tough to beat Paul this season if he is one of the final 2. not impossible, but very hard. it would be a “coward” move(the right move), but who cares, it’s for freaking $500K!!!

      • How is it a coward move to take someone you can beat easily?
        It’s common sense!
        If Steve took Vanessa, then he pretty much gave up the game.
        If Jon took Neda then he would have little amount of votes.

        Honestly evicting the Big Bad at final 3 is pretty much a blue shell in Mario Kart.

      • I totally agree. I always hated those who say that they want to go to the end with a real competitor. “F” that!!! I think I would rather win the $500K, yeah, I would take the money and deal with the “shame”???

      • I agree with everything you said. I liked Paul from last season and I hope Paul wins. I will be happy if either Paul or Alex wins. I think they are both playing a good game. A lot of people say that they can’t stand Paul. They are blaming him for everyone listening to him. Like Paul is holding a gun at their heads making them follow him. Why blame Paul?

    • I believe Paul did it to thank Christmas for using her Ring of Replacment and why not. Great way to say thank you imo.

  4. “this would have been the perfect week [for Matt] to save himself and team up with Cody, Mark, Elena and Raven to make this a real game.”
    If he saved himself, Elena would have been evicted first. So it would have just been Matt, Raven, Cody, and Mark. Still a steep climb to get past Paul, Christmas, Josh, Kevin, Alex, and Jason. Not to mention Cody or Mark would have still been evicted second (assuming Cody wouldn’t have won), giving them a 6-3 disadvantage. At least this way he hasn’t drawn a line to make himself a bigger target.

    • Yes, they would have tied, and Alex would have the tie-breaker vote. This kind of deal could only be done having Kevin with them.

    • Simmer down. It’s Big Brother. Disgusting? That’s probably too strong of a word given the subject matter. He even applauds Paul as the only one playing and said he’s not anti-Paul at all.

      • He’s not doing a very good job of it. It’s clear he’s a major Cody fan.

      • It’s always interesting to see how fans react to Branden’s articles, lol. If he sides with our favs, we praise him. If he sides against our favs, we blast him for being biased. I actually feel bad for the guy.

  5. Ahh Cody is evicted. Ahh Jason wins HOH. Ahh Elena is evicted. Ahh Alex and Paul the only two playing the game are safe for another week.

  6. I have to say that the punishments were the best I’ve ever seen! Alex as a camp councilor….having to set up a tent and cook dogs every time…hilarious!!! Jason’s Extreme Unitard and calling him every so often so he has to get up and yell! Also hilarious!!!

  7. Cody, you are disgraceful. Look at how you left the gouse. Walking on the furniture. Not hugging or giving handshake. You have a daughter. Look at the message you’re senfing to her.

  8. Don’t be sorry/not sorry, Branden. Because at the end of the day, it’s just a game and we’ll all be moving on to another aspect in our lives in 5 weeks.

    Great article. You definitely have these HGs nailed. No one is playing this game. I’d even argue Paul’s not playing it, as these people are just willing to hand it to him on a silver platter. Not the stuff of BB legend.

  9. Horrible article! Completely biased on what people regard as “big moves”!! It won’t happen w/out numbers at this point – it’s simple math. Don’t fight it, it will happen in due time!

  10. You can’t make a big move w/out NUMBERS!!! If someone throws Paul up he will not get evicted at this point!!!

  11. Why do I keep reading and hearing such negative things about BB19, so much hatred towards Paul? I also, have been a fan of BB since it began. I would think it to be quite amazing to people that a single person can manipulate and control so many people. Don’t blame Paul for playing a great game so far. The others have choices and they are Allowing themselves to be controlled! And Cody?????? I am supposed to believe he is so good when all he can do is make threats of violence or show his fist. Nope, no sympathy from me!

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