Tonight On ‘Big Brother 19’: Week 7 Double Eviction – How It Works

It’s a big night for the Big Brother 19 Houseguests as the season’s first Double Eviction has arrived and we can’t wait to see what it delivers in a fast paced, crazy night of Big Brother action.

Big Brother host Julie Chen outside the Big Brother house

The final noms for the week are Cody, Elena, and Matthew after the latter made the trust-heavy, unconventional move to leave himself on the Block while freeing up a spot for Cody to join him. All the pieces have come together for the Cody Backdoor plan, but there’s still the one last step. Voting.

We’ll have to hurry through things at the beginning of tonight’s episode, kicking off at 9/8c on CBS because we’ve got a full night. If you’re not familiar with how this works, a Double Eviction show will run us through a full week’s worth of events in the one hour show.

Once HGs are hurried through the eviction vote, where I expect Cody Nickson to be voted off, the HGs will hurry to the backyard. There we’ll get a quick competition to decide the next HoH. That HoH will have a commercial break to decide on Noms before everyone runs out to the backyard again. Veto time! Quick comp & then race back inside. Yeah, it’s pretty much Clue.

After a fast Veto Ceremony decision we’ll have our final noms and the HGs will scurry in to the Diary Room for the second eviction of the night. The show will likely wrap up there as we’ll be left hanging without a new Head of Household. That’s how these tend to go.

Normally the HGs would hang around a few hours while production cleaned up the backyard and reset for the next HoH comp. That’ll probably be what the HGs practiced on Wednesday. BUT, instead of waiting for that to be over and getting the results our Live Feeds will be down until after Friday’s special episode (8/7c). Grrr.

We won’t get the results until Friday and by then we’ll probably have also missed the nominations fallout so the spoilers should pop up quickly for that as well. We’ll find out more during the show or when the Feeds return around 12AM ET (9PM PT). Grrr, again.

Starting tonight at 9/8c on CBS and streaming live on All Access we’ll watch as the final decisions are made, votes are cast, and the Double Eviction plays out. If you haven’t signed up yet, you can get a 1-month Free Trial with promo code BB19SALE. That’ll get you through the entire rest of the season’s Feeds for free! So yeah.

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  1. I’m glad to see Cody go. Cody and Jessica were just vile together. Really nasty people. My last straw was when they had the nerve to body shame Josh. Body shaming is a new level of low. How would Cody feel if someone called his daughter fat? I can’t wait to kiss goodbye for the season. My only hope is that Josh follows right behind him, and bring the circus with him.

    • Or Raven, she can annoy him all week and then tell the other jurors he came onto her. Like they’ll believe her. Well maybe Matt.

    • Don’t forget his “friends” call Josh ‘The Blob’. And they use him. Cody and Jess never lied to him or used him..

      • You’re right, they never lied: C & J just called him fat, stupid, disgusting, undeserving of being there, threatened him, and made fun of his English (which is his 2nd language).

        “The Blob” joking aside, Paul, Alex, and most of the others actually like Josh and he has been taken farther in the game (and farther than Cody and jessica) because of them.

        One of Jody’s game downfalls is their blind hatred of Josh. At least he gets the last laugh with them being split up before Jury and leaving before him.

      • I hope Josh employs his newfound confrontation skills back in the mean streets of Miami. I’m sure they will serve him well.

    • Because Josh is such a classy person. He should have been gone week 1 after he yelled at that young blonde girl for no reason at all, then cheated in a game of pool, and then continued on clanging pans together all while shoving his nose up greasy Paul’s ass since day one like Paul is some sort of celebrity. You must be retarded if you want Cody gone that badly and think Josh is some angel. Paul, Josh, and Alex are all trashbags and I commend Cody for being the only one to stand up to Paul and the other losers in the house.

    • The body shaming Josh and calling him fat I actually found hilarious. I found it so funny because Josh isn’t that fat. He looks like a normal guy to me. If he was actually super fat than I could see him being upset, but he is not so I found the whole Josh is fat exchanges to be pretty funny.

      • I think what they meant was he is not fat so it should not have bothered him, they certainly did not ever say body shaming is funny, so not sure how you took that from what was said…

      • Body shaming is funny when it makes no sense. If someone calls someone who is not fat fat it is so rediculous that it is amusing

      • It was an insult, but one that doesn’t make sense. He is not fat, so calling him fat was pretty funny. It would be like if someone called Kevin fat or Jason fat. They are not. The stupidity of the insult makes it funny.

    • what`s the problem with being fat? Fat is just a body type. So if you are skinny and someone calls you skinny and that is not a problem…calling someone fat should not be a problem as well. Everyone is beautiful and great, we are all just different.

      • The problem is using it as an insult. Body shaming can work many ways. You can skinny shame someone too. And they might have an eating disorder you don’t know about, that they struggle with daily. But fat shaming is a much bigger problem in America. Shaming is not right, ever. And making somebody feel bad about their body for any reason is wrong.

      • Yes, but if you have self-esteem issues, it can be devastating. However, Josh has attacked Mark over & over and, if you look at Mark closely, you’ll see stretch marks on him…that tells me Mark was probably really overweight at one point, so Josh targeting him is just as bad as what Jody did to him.

        Imo, all of these HG have been truly awful to one another. This has been an angry, hateful cast…almost as bad as BB15!!

      • No where near as bad as BB15! 4-5 people lost their jobs over the racism and ignorant remarks made. Don’t forget bed flipping and pot & pan banging + harassment so bad that Elissa had to lock herself in her HoH room.

        I think Jessica actually would have fit in in that house. Cody I’m not sure (ironic he applied for that season but wasn’t chosen).

      • Not as bad, no, but some of the remarks made this season have been pretty bad. Plus, it has been a season of group bullying as well. Ugly, that. But yeah, not as bad as BB15. Amanda, Jeremy, Aaryn & Gina Marie were all horrible people!!

      • For sure…let’s not forget Spencer in that season either. He, too, was fired from his job.

      • Wish I could agree with you when comparing it to BB15, but I cannot. That season was much worse than this season by a long shot! But I still love ya girlie! :-)

      • There were ‘before and during’ picts of several of the HGs. Mark, was indeed, fluffy. And Mark did say that he was bullied when younger then he found the gym and that helped him.

      • Yes, I had a feeling. I did not see those pics, but he has stretch marks in areas where they occur if someone gains weight. I figured he’d been heavy & that was why he’d been bullied. I can’t imagine dealing with Josh has been easy on him.

      • Actually, you may be wrong about that. A good buddy of mine, zero body fat naturally, once told me skinny folks are just as self conscious of being called slim, as in, “whats up slim?”. That was news to me. I thanked him for letting me know. Easy adjustment on my part to add this particular sensitivity to interacting with folks. I was innocently enough wrong none the less to assume all skinny folks were happy to not contend with extra weight. Just something folks may wish to consider.

      • You are correct on this subject: I am 5ft 6in. I was so skinny I looked like a stick with skin stretched over me. On my wedding day I weighed 97 lbs.. I never had the proper food growing up and it still shows. No longer skinny. When I finally truly looked like a girl and not a skeleton I was past the time when it mattered………. I’m now a grandma and I’m totally fluffy :)

      • Agreed i was also thin & actually had people ask me “have you lost weight?” I wondered how they would feel if i walked up & asked “have you gained weight?” Completely 1 sided!

      • The hurt anyone feels when made fun of is horrible! When Cody started talking to Meg the way he did. He is lucky it wasn’t me. In the last 40 years I have learned how to defend myself. I would have chewed Cody up and spit that trash out of the house. I’ might be a Grama but, I will not put up with trash.

      • Hahaha, I’m totally fluffy. That’s so cute! :)

      • TGJ is looking for you on another thread! I, too, am totally fluffy. Love cuddling my granddaughter much more than I was able to cuddle my own children when they were babies. I was bony then and they had ultra heavy large heads and skinny little bodies making it awkward for me to hold them for long periods of time! LOLOL

      • I’m so in love with this term, I’m fluffy.
        I left her a reply, thanks Joni girl.😙

      • When I was ultra thin, people thought I had an eating disorder, which I did not…just a fast metabolism then. Then I acquired hypothyroidism and a slower metabolism and gained well over 50 pounds altogether over an 8 year period without ever drastically changing my diet to justify that weight gain. Most would say I’m not “fat” but I am very overweight for my height and bone structure now. I need to lose that 50lbs, which will be quite difficult with a slower metabolism and my age. I hated being called “anorexic” and now dislike people asking me if I’m pregnant (when it’s close to impossible of being so due to my age now and the fact my husband is fixed). Josh probably is overweight, but he carries it well. Fat shaming or even skinny shaming should be outlawed I tell ya! Some take it well, others do not. Josh did not like being called those names when it was unnecessary. It’s more than a body image to some. Just saying.

      • I’ve always been skinny and everyone thinks it’s ok to poke fun at me and make hurtful remarks. Yet you do the same to a fat person and you are a horrible person. I don’t care what anyone says to me I have a thick skin. I’m skinny and I know it so tell me I am, over and over, I own it. A fat person is a fat person and they know it so they should be fair game as much as I am. This is a great example of double standards. African Americans can call each other the N word as much as they want. They are free to call white people Cracker, Honkey and a myriad of other derogatory names and no one ever condemns them for it. America is slowly but surley taking away our freedom one step at a time. It use to be fine for one group to hate another group and feel free to express it. Now only certain groups are allowed to express and others are held to a different standard. I agree that hatred of a group should not condone violence of any kind. Everyone should be free to dislike or hate anyone they want. The problem is the hypocrites that hate a group, of any kind, can’t take it if their group is hated and join in a group mentality to suppress the people that hate them. All along they have just as much hate for a group of some kind, as the group they are trying to suppress. It won’t be long before “political correctness” makes us all good little citizens and we do everything we are commanded to do. I don’t hate any group of anything. I go by the actions of individuals, but I respect the right to hate or love anything your heart desires. That’s what freedom is.
        Imagine if skinheads’ had a big rally and they were completely ignored by the media and the rest of us. They would have accomplished nothing. They do these things to provoke and we play right into their plans.
        America needs to once again let “Freedom Ring”!!!!

    • Had no use for Cody when he kicked Meg. while she was down,”I just don’t like you that much” at the veto meeting was just plain cruel,helped push her out of the house,that was so low class and if Meg. had been a model type and walked around the BB house hanging out all over,Cody would have never put her up that first week.

      • It’s ironic that Cody was laughing about how much weight female contestants tend to gain in the BB house…and now he’s the emotional eater noticeably gaining weight.

    • Singling out Cody & Jessica for body shaming is a moot point. This entire cast (with maybe the exception of Kevin & Matt) have, at some point in time, bullied, harassed and shamed each other! If you look at Mark, he has stretch marks on his body, it is obvious he used to be heavy and was probably picked on for that, but Josh has made Mark a target week after week… all of these HG have a serious issue with respect.

      You know, one thing I loved about Will Kirby, it was never personal with him. He was crafty and diabolical, but never personal, and if you outplayed him (like Janelle did in season 7) he gave props for it and respected the game play. He did not call her names or make derogatory remarks about her. These HG could learn a thing or two from him…maybe watching BB2 & BB7 should be a prerequisite before signing a cast!! hahaha

      • 100% with you here. Will had class and common sens. Those houseguests don’t have any of those thing. In the lady crowed raven and Alex are the worse. Cody is no angel but in my view he’s not the worst.

      • Agreed. He has serious social issues as far as making connections with people (and BB is the LAST place he should be!!), but he is not the worst of this group. No way. Josh & his little mate Jessica are both worse imo.

      • Yes, even tho Derrick was running that house, he never resorted to personal attacks or bullying to get the HG to do as he wanted.

        Will Kirby and Dan G. didn’t either… They used cunning and strategy, not personal attacks and bullying.

    • Me too, tired of people blaming others for Cody and Jess’s horrible game play. Cody is the only one to blame for turning on his alliance, having no social game etc.

  2. It will be an interesting night for sure. I feel bad for the person that wins the HOH for the second eviction. Do they ever get a basket or letter and pics since they don’t get the HOH room? Or do they get it long enough to have those things and then the next HOH moves in?

    • They usually get a small basket, letter and pictures put in the storage room. Don’t know if they’ll do that this season.

    • Why feel bad about it? They escaped the DE, and live to fight another week in the BB house for a chance at winning $500K.

      • True but part of the excitement for winning is to get the letter, pics and treats. You hear that time and again when HGs make deals during comps….they need that contact from home.

      • Not to mention spend time in a bigger bed than the one they might have to share with another on a smaller bed.

  3. Jessica and Cody are nasty couple and the rest idiots! PS Julie you should drop the yellow mini dress-it made your knees huge

    • So what if it made her knees look huge. Why can’t you and other people refrain from making disparaging remarks about someone’s look? Treat everyone with respect? You may be a “10” to some but to me your character is a “0” when you stoop to making disparaging remarks about someone’s looks.

  4. I’m going to need Alex to be the person to go home in the DE, because Alex + Cody + a week alone in the Jury House would be fuel for an AMAZING Jessica Instagram Live meltdown

  5. I’m anxiously awaiting tonight’s HOH. Can’t wait to see who wins and who goes. TEAM ALEX.

    • Sorry to disagree with you on this one. But Alex really lost me this week. The way she was fighting with Cody was disgusting. What was her problem to question if he has a daughter or not? What does it change for her if he’s really in love with jess or not? What is that gameplay ? She wasn’t even able to keep her face straight since she was so ridiculously stupid. All that over cereal! And she also got power drunk !! I’m done with her and Cody gain points for staying as calm as he did!

      • Watch the feeds. He treated her like crap and it was more then him eating her cereal. He started that entire fight. TEAM ALEX.

      • I did watch the feed. They are all very bad. But Alex is losing it over cereal SHE told him he could have. And to be honest Cody as been nice (as Cody standard) to her the most. They all gang up on him (and Jessica) since weeks!!

        But Alex really showed her colors as a mean girl. Also, if she wanted the POV this week she should had take it from Matt! Her bad. Matt was. On the block and if he used it on him she couldn’t rename Cody. Elena was just smarter.

      • Elena smarter? Hahaha she’s on the block and doesn’t take the POV okay. And if you watch the feeds then you need to rewind and pay attention. He asked Alex for a bowl and she said yes then he ate it all while laughing saying FU Alex I’m eating your last bowl of cereal. That’s why she was mad. Not that her cereal was gone but how he was acting. And while you’re rewinding go all the way back to week one and watch how Cody and Jess treated people and all Codys racist comments.

      • Well, Elena is not going out this week and she’s 5k richer. She was already the next target, nothing change.

        As I said in another conversation, Cody is no angel at all and I’m not a fan, I’m not trying to defend him. I’m just saying Alex is not who I thought she was.

        But please lanvendargirl, don’t take this personal, we just disagree on that. Most of the time I agree with your take on the game and the houseguests, but not this time.

      • Oh hey no I don’t take anything personal unless someone starts name calling or not debating the game. We all have are opinions and favorites. But back to the game you have to admit it was stupid for Elena not to take the veto when she’s on the block. She got lucky this time because everyone wants Cody out. But I think if people would of said to Alex let’s get Elena out and she had the votes she would of went after her.

      • As I mentioned to TGJ, she’s not smart enough to think trough that. ;). But in the end it worked well for her.

      • What time stamp do you have for the him asking Alex for a bowl conversation because I went back to 1:40 and they didn’t show the beginning of that fight… It was on Josh & Mark, Raven & Matt and the kitchen being shown on the HOH cam until it suddenly bursts in with Alex screaming “That’s F’d up!!” so we really don’t know what was said, only that he ate her cereal and she was pi$$ed.

      • WTH is Nope! talking about??? Elena was taking the $5,000 regardless of who had it and Alex figured that Elena would just have taken it anyway, which would have been the smart thing to do being in Elena’s situation. So why would Alex give up the $5K? Oh yeah, Elena is not that smart, and has no common sense…that’s right, I completely forgot…

      • It wasn’t from those feeds they didn’t show the start of it. It was from a conversation later in the evening in fact several conversations between her and Jason, her and Paul and Josh and her and Cody. Cody even said he was a real jerk and he was sorry. So just from all those conversations it was over her saying he could have some, he ate the entire box, and he was saying FU and laughing I’m eating your last bowl of cereal. He even admitted he was trying to be a jerk.

      • Cody made racist comments? I never heard them. Not terribly surprising, unfortunately.

      • Do you really think Elena taking cash over POV was smart?
        I swear, is it just me that finds that totally disrespectful of the game of Big Brother?? Imo, anytime you are on the block and you have a chance at the veto, you should take it. I don’t care if it’s evil incarnate sitting next to you otb, you should take the safety the veto offers.

        It really bugs me as a fan of the show that she did that. I wish she were going home this week on general principle and, more importantly, as a warning to other HG…ALWAYS take the veto! Unfortunately, Cody has simply played too poorly and pi$$ed off too many HG, so yes, Elena is safe, but I hate it that she is. I really do! Am I the only BB fan who sees it this way?

      • Also she had just made a deal with alex not to curse each other & looked to cody for what to do. Im mean whats up flycatcher?

      • I know right? Thank you! Also, by her taking the money and leaving the veto to Matt (who was not an original HOH nom) she could have really derailed the backdoor plan for Cody too! I’m sorry, but what she did was wrong as far as BB game play on so many levels it just frustrates me. It bugs me as a fan of the show because POV was created for a reason…people who do what Elena did should be evicted posthaste imo!

      • I wouldn’t say smart move. But it did not make her worst. What I’m saying is that Alex could had take it as well. I don’t think Elena though of anything other than the money. She didn’t even think if it could be bad for her. She just saw the money. She’s not dr Will

      • Lol! NO ONE is Dr. Will, but Will himself. He played BB before there even was a POV to save him! He had to survive week to week on his wits, charm and cunning alone. There is not another player in BB history that can say the same…that’s what makes Will Kirby the best ever imo. :)

      • That’s not entirely true. I have watched those feeds and they don’t actually cut to the kitchen until after the argument has started and Alex is yelling at him, so you can’t say Cody started it. Yes, he said some nasty things to her, but that doesn’t surprise me…he has no social skills whatsoever. But Alex had a part in that argument too. And really, Cody is out the door, so why keep messing with him??

        My real problem is this: Why can’t any of these HG be the bigger person and just walk away and stop the personal attacks??

      • Yes I can say that. By listening to all the different conversations that evening you can figure out what and how it happened. Cody even admitted he was a real jerk.

      • Nope. It was Honey Nut Cheerios!! lol! Never saw such an explosion over cereal…even the bees weren’t that pi$$ed when their honey was jacked from the hive to supply the honey that makes the damned cereal!! hahaha

      • Oh, I thought it was Honey Nut Cheerios… Was it Chex?? As if that makes the fight any more silly?? lol!

      • Chex. Sadly it wasn’t fruit loops !! That would had been to funny to comment on the fruit loops dingus.

      • I just saw Cody with a CHEX cereal box, didn’t know Alex had her Froot Loops in a storage container/bag.

      • And her fighting with Mark about pillows on the bed she wasn’t even sleeping in while she’s HOH. What nerve and entitlement. I really want her gone too.

    • cody is no worse than paul .paul is a back stabber and a lier .he is letting every one else do his dirty work just like he did last year.they need to take him out and josh..alex .paul and alex have been working together thru the game.

    • Some of them are studying. Alex and Jason are always doing it. I’ve never seen HOlena or Mark study, doesn’t mean they haven’t, I just haven’t seen them do it. Same with DoorMatt and Rervin. All they seem to do is cook, eat, hog the HOH room and eat everything that isn’t bolted down.

  6. Could we just have a fivefold eviction and send Paul, Josh, Alex, Christmas and Raven out of the door tonight?

  7. Praying cody goes. then mark or elena right after that.. since alex saw what elena was doing overnight with the ice and food! cant believe production lets her throw away good food. slop or not!

  8. Jason is such a coward. He could not even speak other than to try and repeat the few sentences that Paul gave him to say lol

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