Adam Poch’s Big Brother 19 Player Rankings – Week 07

Apologies for this being a day late – but wow, it was an INSANE week once again inside the Big Brother 19 house. I cannot remember a season with this much drama week to week since perhaps Season 6. Unfortunately, there is no way the vote will flip and Cody is walking out the door. FORTUNATELY – we are seeing some major cracks forming in the “Paul Manson & the Friendship Family”

Adam Poch tries to burn down the Big Brother house

With the numbers dwindling, as soon as Cody walks out the Big Brother door, they will all start turning on each other. If there was this much drama over $5000, imagine how PETTY and XTREME they will fight and claw their way to the half million.

BUT FIRST, lets hand out some tasty Bacon for the players that had good weeks, and some nauseating tofu for the players who’s weeks were not so stellar.

Matthew Clines – 5 strips of Bacon – as many of you know, when you win Veto and you are on the block, you are very likely going to get much bacon awarded. If you don’t use the Veto on yourself however, you are very likely going to get the Tofurkey of the Week. Somehow The Cereal Killer himself Matt, is staying at the top spot.

Sure it was no secret that the whole house wanted to backdoor Cody, so him doing it this week was the right move. He did throw the Temptation Challenge perfectly to put himself in the nominee chair, and Veto competition, increasing the odds to get Cody out. So “at the end of the day” (one of thew most overused phrases in Big Brother) – Matt pulled off the perfect week to backdoor Cody. Sadly – this is probably the only time I will give Matt the top spot.

Mark Jansen – 5 strips of Bacon – part of Mark co-headlining this week is because he won himself safety for the third week in a row (2 Temptation challenges, 1 Veto). With the mayhem and chaos going on in that house the last few weeks, having safety is a blessing. HOWEVER, I am also givin Mark the top spot because of his ability to maintain his composure while constantly being berated by his on again, off again best friend Josh.

Sure, Mark’s name is in everyone’s mouth (and other parts of him are in Elena’s mouth) – but he can still go out there and win when his life is on the line. Mark also may benefit by the cracks forming around him, and Elena is the way bigger target in the Marlena showmance.

Paul Abrahamian – 4 strips of Bacon – Ok, ok, I know last week I was a bit harsh on Paul – but you have to understand that Paul was breeding the hate in the house last week (and most of the season). I was so offended by the way he handled the Josh/Mark non-issue and turn it into a huge thing, meanwhile calling Josh “The Blob” behind his back. BUT….his hypocritical attitude has been effective so far, and still has a few people willing to throw away their games for him.

As the cracks start to widen in his alliance, he is actually doing a great job turning these people against each other. Kevin was always going to be loyal to Paul, but Paul recognizes how much people were loving him, and now they are all starting to go against him. He kept Elena safe the last 2 weeks on the block, just to have another person for people to go after. He also did a great job turning Josh around to be the most loyal lapdog of them all when Christmas was trying to get him to think on his own last week.

The question now starts to become, when people get to jury & start comparing notes – will they recognize his game as genius, or all become bitter Bettys???

Alex Ow – 3 strips of Bacon – another HoH win for Alex, add to that her Veto win & any other season, people may have seen her as a threat. This season, its not even brought up by anyone other than Cody to Alex & Jason. By doing what “the house wanted” again, Alex is back to being protected by everyone and should be pretty safe for the next few weeks. Jason is already her Ride or Die and Paul needs another strong ally to win HoH’s and keep him safe. Alex keeps building that resume, and other than a few fake fights here and there, had been relatively low on the drama chart. This bodes well during a final plea to the jury for the big prize.

Jason Dent – 2 strips of Bacon – see Alex above – and add the fact that he was a successful pawn – which can sometimes be brownie points to the rest of the house (unless your name is Elena). Unlike Alex, he has not even had to be in any fights so far this season, and that too could be a good talking point if he gets to plead his case to the jury. Jason has also been a good sport this week with his 2nd punishment costume of the season. Very curious to see who Jason would actually nominate down the road, but if he wins HoH in the Double Eviction this week – he’ll just do whatever Alex tells him, which will be whatever Paul tells her.

Christmas Abbott – 1 strip of Bacon – Christmas was nominated night 1, and week 1 – but has not seen the block since then. Heck, she is rarely even been discussed by anyone as a target, a pawn, a threat, nothing. That sympathy scooter she is wheeling around is doing the job both physically & game-wise. Meanwhile people are still confiding in her. Until she can actually compete & win challenges however – she cannot be in the conversation as a potential winner.

Kevin Schlehuber – 1 strip of Tofu – Kevin is getting tofu this week mostly because of the house’s perception of him. In a lot of ways, their perception is right but for the wrong reasons. Kevin has always been the one to soften the blow on the exiting houseguest – and especially now that they are in jury, Kevin knows the importance of jury maintenance. Paul knows nothing about this – and is doing the same crappy job this year as last – so subliminally maybe this is why Paul is so against Kevin right now.

I am still pretty amazed Kevin has lasted this long under the radar – but now that he is on the radar, how will he react? He still may have a few weeks left in him, or he could be an easy out during this upcoming Double Eviction.

Raven Walton – 2 strips of Tofu – other than complaining about her many injuries/diseases, and food poisoning stories from Outback steakhouse – what else has Raven done this week? She did one thing pretty well, discovered she is not being called into the Diary Room at all. She did one thing bad though – did not realize this means she is not getting the type of airtime her mother she wanted.

Cody Nickson – 3 strips of Tofu – Cody was a lot more open this week with Jessica gone for good – and we actually saw more of his personality showing through. At times he was even fraternizing with the rest of the house and sharing laughs. Who knew he was such a fan of the show It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia?? But Cody knew his life in the game was coming down to 2 competitions. He could have either won the Temptation Comp or Veto and he would be safe. Instead he tried to lose the Temptation Comp to ensure he played for Veto. He blew that by actually getting a question right – and he never did end up playing for Veto.

There was still a sliver of hope and he tried to get the target on Elena bigger to get people to vote her out instead of him. He did have some progress in that area – but he had to know that it was not going to work by using logic on this group of people. He says he will blow up other people’s games on his way out the door to try and protect Mark & Elena – but again, he is using logic with illogical people. Good news is he will have the rest of the summer to chill out and hopefully do some soul searching to figure out how he wants to proceed in life.

Josh Martinez – 4 strips of Tofu – I just cant with this kid anymore… one second he says he wants to stop fighting, and is afraid of how he is coming off on the show to his “familia.” The next second, he is jumping down someone’s throat and getting told to stop being a jack*** by production. The fact that he cannot see how contradictory he is being goes a long way to say how great of a job Paul is doing pulling Josh’s strings. Anything other than turning on Paul, this kid has no shot of winning the game.

We have come to the Tofurkey of the Week – and this week’s honors go to Elena Davies. Her MO all season is how badly she needs money. She quit her job to be there, she cannot afford her rent when she gets out – so the stipend will help. In this week’s VETO comp she promised Alex not to give her a punishment. So when it came time for her to decide which prize / punishment she wanted GREED took over and she gave Alex, the HoH, a punishment for $5000.

If she had time to really think about this move, she should have traded with Mark, take his vacation & cash it in. i always say living in the Big Brother House – you are also living with the 7 Deadly Sins – and how you are able to control them will determine how your game will go. Greed definitely got the best of her – and now she has $5K (after taxes probably about $3K) & her whole stipend, but her chance for $500K went bye bye!

Only now she is starting to realize how that just screwed up her game and put the nail in her coffin. Sure, she was already near the bottom of the totem pole, but this move removed her from the pole entirely and unless Mark & her can steamroll through the rest of the HoH’s – she will be joining Cody in the jury house sooner rather than later.

That brings me to the question of the week – if you were Elena, which prize/punishment would you have taken?

OK – another week in the books – and the intensity of a Double Eviction is coming up – so who knows how the next few weeks will play out. I have seen a lot of people “quitting” Big Brother because of this season. I understand why, but don’t really know what they expect from this show. If you have been a fan for a long time, you either have to accept that it has become more soap opera & less of a true competition reality show – or move on. To the ones that say they are “never watching again” see ya! For the rest of us – sit back and enjoy these last few weeks!

From outside the Big Brother House – I’m Adam Poch – have a great day!!

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  1. If I were Elena I would have (pinches temples) (winces) (receives transmission) ASKED PAUL what to do. Paul is God, Paul is God, Paul is God, Paul is God…. (snaps out of it) Wait, where am I? How did I end up with this veto necklace?

      • No wonder Cody laughed when Elena did that! hahaha Yesterday morning he was talking to the camera and said “these people are nut jobs listening to everything Paul says”…so he decided to get back at them via Elena to some degree. Bravo Cody, but still one of the dumbest moves in BB history!

      • Elena says she did it b/c she needs the money, but she is getting the jury stipend as well as the $$ for being on the show at all. Idk, I guess she knows she has zero chance of winning this game, but whose fault is that?? If you ask me, it’s hers and the rest of these braintrust’s fault for letting Paul control their games.

      • hahahahaha!! Right!!
        Hey, I’d love to see her evicted for taking the cash. Imo, no one should ever feel so safe in the game of BB where you take money over veto when you are on the block!!

      • She said that wasn’t her car, that the company she’d worked for lent it to her. I call BS on that, since many radio personalities I know do actually own their own vehicles outright. If she has enough for a boob job, lip fillers and such, she has or had enough money to own an Audi!

      • Think it is her Insta on which she captions a photo of her and her mom, something to the effect of ‘You spoil me” – “I know I’m high maintenance”, etc. I doubt it was a loaner from the station, too, Joni, especially since in the one argument, someone said to Elena, “Tell everyone what kind of car you drive!” – knowing she had told them about the Audi.
        Maybe her mom is helping her??? Oh well. Like Cody said Week 1 – everyone has a sad story / everyone needs the money.

      • She told a different story or was about to before feeds cut her off…that her work lent her that car….so, have no clue why she would say that if it came from her mother the first time she talked about it.

      • No one was going to need that money more than Cody now that he has hooked up with Jessica!! Good luck with that.

      • That’s what she said later….but looked to Cody as to whether to take the money or exchange it for the veto. He said take the money, and that’s what she did. We already knew she needed the money to help pay rent and such, which she’ll get from her stipend, but 5k extra she hadn’t counted on til that moment while she’s also on the block. And by doing so, she gave up hopefully winning the 500k. Call it piss poor timing.

      • Cody said Jessica would luv to see Alex get that punishment. Another reason Cody had Elena take the money.

    • Ask Paul? He would have pressedher to use it on his target and have another return the blame to set her as a target. Paul always go for whoever has a power. Remember Jessica, Christmas, Josh, Matt.

  2. Agree with most of what you have written here Adam.

    However, I do have a big point of disagreement.

    Mark is without a doubt the bigger target of the Marlena duo. Unless he or Elena win HOH tonight, Mark will be the second player evicted this evening. Mark needed to do more than just win his safety this week. He NEEDED to find a way to build an alliance with Matt and Raven (not a great option, but his only option).

    Paul will see to it that Elena is safe tonight, he has plans for her once Mark leaves.

      • Does anyone BUT Matt really like Raven? I know Paul uses her as his rabid little doggy, but does he really like her?? ;)
        I know I can’t stand her & have to ff when she starts talking.

      • I know most of the viewers can’t stand her. On every single poll I see (here, BBonline, jokers…just to name a few) she is always, and I mean always, dead last, even behind evicted HG in many of them!

      • Many, including myself, disliked her to begin with, but when some did research on her “family” going ons and compared that to the things she’d said regarding her illness, it did not put her in a very favorable light at all and this will be something she will probably not come out of well, nor will her BB experience help her reestablish herself in the manner she’d hoped once BB is over. Now many wish she’d just be targeted and out sooner than later!

      • He likes makin with the hanky panky with her well enough…but other than that, I can’t say. I see him cringing sometimes when she starts talking (lying) about all her diseases! hehe So he obviously knows she full of it!

    • Maybe. But he may have to give in to pressure as some followers may start falling apart. Josh, Alex, Raven, Christmas all have issues with Elena’s position in the alliance and may start seeing through Paul on personal grounds.

  3. I am still in shock that Elena didn’t take the VETO! What was she thinking???? The ultimate greedy act to take the money when veto was available and she threw Alex under the bus to boot. Total tofurkey move! She can’t leave soon enough for me.

    • I won this competition when I was on the block – and a very similar situation cause we wanted to backdoor Brendon. I took the Veto to make sure nothing could go wrong.

      • Which is exactly what any good BB player should do. BB101 if you are otb & have a chance to win POV…take it! Matt did the right thing because had he taken himself down, Cody would have been safe and Matt would have immediately become target number 2 right behind Cody…or maybe he even would have leapfrogged Cody with that move! Who knows with this house…

      • I really really really wish “the house” would have decided to let Matt use the veto on himself and vote out Elena.

      • I think this is pretty much the only season we haven’t seen these plans get flipped upside down. Pretty much whatever is decided by the bulk of the house on Friday plays out over the rest of the week.

        But in a normal season, that veto is worth more than its weight in gold. Most seasons you’d probably call Matt the Tofurkey, but this season it’s all about the bacon!

    • Elena knows she won’t be going home this week, and there was a small chance Alex would have changed her mind, but, it’s Paul who is in charge and she din’t give him the punishment.

  4. I believe if Mark, Matthew or God forbid Christmas wins HoH, Josh or Kevin will be going home soon, maybe Paul..we shall see. I know it’s a crapshoot, but I’m tossing it out there and see if one of them bites! :-)

  5. Lol. The Mark and Elena comment was hilarious.
    Perfect rankings. Although she deserves tofurkey every week, I do disagree with Elena making the wrong move. Cody selfishly told her to take the money so she did. Elena had no chance in staying in the game any longer so at least she will have some spare change for her trip to jury. She will not win or even getting second place. I love that she gave the HOH a punishment since the HGs think that winning makes them God in the house.

      • Does Elena know that she will have to pay taxes? She does live in Texas, rent may be cheaper over there.

      • Well yea, depend how much her rent cost. Depend also, Texas doesn’t have state tax, and depending how high her earning for the year is, she might not have much federal tax to pay. We just don’t know. Remember she said she’s unemployed.

        Plus we did find out from Richard Hatch that CBS give them the whole check and they are responsible to pay their taxes. So she won’t really have to pay her federal taxes until April next year.

  6. As always I enjoy reading your thoughts on the game and the HG, Adam. I might not have given Matt 5 strips of bacon, but I do agree he made the right move in using the veto to take Jason down in order for the backdoor plan of Cody to proceed after Elena (who is an orignial nom) chose to take 5 grand in cash over the POV!!!

    You know, Adam, on general principle alone I would love to see her voted out this week for that move! Not only did she jeopardize the plan to evict Cody, but after last week, Elena shouldn’t feel that safe. In fact, unless you are Will Kirby, no one should ever feel so safe they take cash over POV if they are otb!

    I know it won’t happen, and Cody is indeed going home, but boy would I like to see her get the boot for showing such an utter lack of respect for the game of BB and how easily a house can flip on someone! ;)

    • I’d still like to see the house flip today to take her out. Wouldn’t that be a SHOCK of a BIG move?

    • That was my thought too… she should be voted out simply for lack of respect for the game and her fellow houseguests.

  7. Disagree on Matt in regards to being “probably the only time” he’s on the top of the list … he’s playing a perfect social game, and saving the comp win for later. Mind you his flying under the radar days are ending, so he will have to wise up to Paul moving him up the eviction totem pole sooner than later. If he can take out an Alex and/or Paul, then give the man the whole pig.

    • Amen to that…but he’d have to ensure that the others won’t run to Paul with everything he discusses with them and he’ll have to ensure Paul isn’t glued to him in the HoH like he practically is with the previous HoH occupants.

    • His best chance is nominating Alex and Paul and trying his best to win veto. That sounds like a lot, but Mark seems to start playing and getting better at comps. Elena could miraculously win one of the two comps as well. She is on to Paul, but he is so great at manipulating people.

    • But will he wise up? And if he does will his social game be good enough to convince people to take out Paul? It’s possible, I just highly doubt it.

      • Agreed. I don’t think he’d have the gumption to do it. Plus he’d have to convince Raven to turn on her Master & I don’t see that happening…that girl is rabidly loyal to Paul. It’s like if Paul was Charles Manson…Raven would be his Susan Atkins!! hahahahaha!

      • So creepy, yet so accurate! Not just that his social game is just not that strong, he doesn’t have the game smarts to know where to begin to turn the tables.

      • Yeah, I do not see Matt making a big move all by himself. I’d love to be proven wrong here b/c I would really love to see someone *ANYONE* step up and shake the house up with a bold BB move, but… like you, I am not holding my breath. ;)

      • I would love to be proven wrong, too! But sadly for us, I don’t think anyone in that house could orchestrate a flip now.

      • Me neither. Maybe Mark if he actually grows a pair, but… *sigh* I’ll believe it when/if I actually see it.

      • Well that’s just it … we have to wait and see. The BB Canada 5 winner did exactly what Matt is doing so far (trying to refrain from spoilers, it was a very good season).

      • It’s not so much the position he’s in, it’s Matt as a player, or non-player, depending on the way you look at it. I just don’t think he has it in him. So we can wait and see, I’m just not holding my breath.

    • I think matt has a better understanding of the game than hes given credit for. Problem is he doesnt know that hes likely to go before hes ready to start playing. We ll see.

      • He may have a good understanding of the game, the question for me is he a good enough player and/or schemer to do anything about it. Can he mastermind a house flip? I just doubt it.

  8. I totally agree! Cody is using logic with illogical people. I think in any other season cody would succeed, but the motto of BB19 is “Agree with Paul or you’re evicted”. Will always be a BB fan though! & Elena should have taken that veto but because she didn’t she made more enemies.

  9. What is the worst overused phrase in Big Brother? Here are some nominees: “At the end of the day” “Blood on my hands” “100%”

      • My overused phrase candidate (at least recently) would be “ride or die”, and earlier in the season they were using “red flag” a lot, but that’s all but disappeared.

  10. Was Christmas the Tofukey of the week last week? For not saving that ring of replacement (since since this season has a hard on for the BD) for herself and just doing what Paul wanted to not raise flags with Paul?!?

    Elena was on high alert for Alex and Josh before this veto comp, her taking the money now gives them a legit reason to go after her so why not take the money right from Alex’s litte hands and punish her too for plotting. “they promised” please remember this GAME they’re playing and love to just call a game…what’s a promise when her only value is the handy dandy pawn? Beside Paul is low key protecting her, because he wants all the boys out (his plan: Mark, Matt, Kevin).

    I’m not upset at all they people run around there screaming about cereal! So if they’re already mad now they have a reason and she has a couple bucks now so maybe Elena will ease up with omg i quit my job to be here bit.




    • I thought Christmas made a good choice with the ring. It’s a pretty weak power, and that may end up being the best time for her to have used it. The only way it could be more useful is if they’re trying to backdoor Christmas. And if that’s the case, she would have had to use the ring AND win the competition, which has proven difficult on one leg so far this season. I think it was in her best interest to use it to prevent Cody from competing. That way she used it effectively without having to win the competition, and it put in some good will with her alliance.

      • I can understand that logic, but this season they BD (backdoor) everyone they can. I think the house will definitely try to backdoor Christmas and she could have had something useful for HERSELF. good faith with these people, once they make up their minds and Paul decrees it law, what is an act of good faith?

      • With her injury and lack of a target thus far, I don’t think they’ll see it necessary to backdoor her if they want her out.

      • Even if they do want to backdoor her, she probably wouldn’t have seen it coming to use her power at the right time anyway.

  11. We can only hope Mark wins the next HOH and has the cojones to put up both Paul and Alex on the hot seats! If one gets off, put Jason on the block as replacement. If Mark does that, he guarantees one of the strong allies of Paul goes “guaranteed”. The big alliance would finally have to eat one of their own!

      • By then there will only be 9 people left, so he’d have a good shot at playing veto and winning safety for himself yet again (especially after taking out a strong competitor in Paul, Alex, or Jason). Of course then Elena probably goes but oh well.

      • Mark has a big target on his back as it is! Going all out and trying to win HOH and VETO is the way to go! He creates maximum damage to the alliance while, increasing his stipend each week he lasts in the Big Brother House! A huge win for him! I would not count Elaina who is too dumb to play this game! She is still kissing Paul’s butt when they have been put on the block how many times?

      • I’d like to see Mark win the first HoH tonight, toss up Paul and Alex and have Jason ready for a renom (unless Jason wins and removes one of them, then you can easily renom Matthew or, better yet, Raven). But that last scenario pretty much assures Raven is gone, which is fine, but you still have strong players in the house.

        As for the 2nd HoH, I’d like to see it be Elena, or even Kevin. I’d be interested to see who Kevin would put up and get out. I assume Josh would be one nom.

        I wonder who Elena would put up? I wonder if she’d try and take out Alex.

  12. I think at this point, they HAVE to change up the way they cast…when the few superfans of the season are gone and you’re left with a bunch of fame-hungry zombies who think a 15K paycheck is neato! and Paul, it becomes one very slow ride to a foregone conclusion.

      • Saying the casting is racist is really off base. What you should be trying to do is form a mini America in the house. That is tough to do with only 16 people, but they do a pretty good job. This season they had 1 black man (ramses), 1 black woman (dom), an asian woman (alex), a hispanic man (josh), a hispanic woman (jessica), then 11 white people. That is basically the demographics of the US. 64% non hispanic white, 16% hispanic, 12% black, 5% asian, 3% other or mixed race. If you are going to throw out accusations of the production team being racist you have to be able to back it up. You can not.

      • Brazilians don’t even speak Spanish, they speak Portuguese. So she is Latina, not Hispanic.

      • Yes. However, when it comes to demographics of an area Hispanic is generally the term used and counts Latino people in that category.

      • True…my neighbors are Portuguese and said they are Latino, not Hispanic lol.

  13. From Tufurkey last week to 4 strips of Bacon this week. That’s a huge improvement. lol

  14. I would’ve taken the veto. She did ALL that complaining and BEGGING before the comp. and here she is with the victory and she chose the money. WHERE THEY DO THAT AT! Power is everything in Big Brother.

    • Yep, just like fixy said above you…She could’ve taken the Veto and still looked good in the house’s eyes because it still got Cody put up. Dum-dum move.

  15. Elena should have taken the Veto. No brainer. Secures her safety, no punishment and it is still somewhat along the lines of “what the house wanted.” And this whole season has been about “what the house wants.” And of course, by house, I mean Paul.

  16. I always look forward to Adam’s insights, but he completely missed the mark this week. It’s almost as though he didn’t watch the feeds/show at all.

    • Agreed.

      The Matthew ranking was the most absurd. Five strips of bacon for 100% not playing the game except winning 1 temptation challenge that Master Paul told you to throw?! And then using the Veto on another person because Paul told you to?! Have I mentioned absurd yet?

      Alex in no way deserved 3 strips of bacon. She’s nearly as bad as Matthew and Raven except she’s won a few comps. That’s it. Otherwise she obeys Master Paul’s every command.

      Christmas should never, ever have bacon. Only tofu and once in a while Tofurkey. All she does is wheel around and look for other peoples’ arguments and chime in and insult the underdogs. What class. Not.

      And no one, I repeat no one, should ever, ever, ever rank above Raven. Even Matthew should rank right above Raven and that’s only because he had the brains to pull off one measly win.

      • I guess he has to give the bacon to somebody, but they all deserve tofu this season.

    • I appreciate your feedback – and this week was the first week I was not 100% invested as I was on vacation with my family. I went back and tried to catch up as much as possible. On a few of the rankings this week – I may have been a little too kind to compensate for how brutal I was last week. @Heatherstew913:disqus @steven_wolf:disqus @disqus_Jfm1eyYXQq:disqus – thank you for putting me in check. I guess I am the real Tofurkey of the Week?

      I do stand behind Matt getting 5 strips however. YES – this was a dumb dumb dumb move any other season – but this season it was the best move he could have done for his team.

      • I still think you generally kill it in your posts, bro. This is really the first one I’ve ever disagreed on a few :) Definitely can’t blame you for taking a vacation with the family. That’s needed periodically and BBN shouldn’t stand in the way.

  17. This season proves one thing. It’s time for the producers to QUIT recruiting people and get back to putting everyday fans of the show in the house. Why? Because fans of the show will PLAY the game and try to win, not settle for just being there because they now have exposure (as if that will get them anywhere…)

  18. “Mark’s name is in everyone’s mouth (and other parts of him are in Elena’s mouth)”- are you serious? maybe you should turn the blogging over to someone else.

  19. All Elena talks about is exposure so she should of took the unitard so she can get extreme exposure

  20. I think Elena should have taken the veto without question if she wanted to make some points with Paul and Alex ~ she pulls herself off the block, Cody goes up, simple! Instead she managed to piss Alex off for life and make Paul sweat Matt and whether he would use the veto to get Cody on the block. That’s what happened, but wow Elena, I already thought you a dumbbell and I hate your catty diary sessions where you act like you’re an intelligent player. She gets the FU in tofu see ya later bye………

  21. They should make a big brother that has all the winning people in them…This way we might actually see a game. Something I have missed.

    • That’s a great idea, but I don’t think all of them would want to play the game again. Maybe all the second placers? I’ve seen the suggestion that all the people who were voted off first should be asked back, but, man, many of them were incredibly annoying.

  22. What would I have done if I was in Elena’s spot? I would have taken the Veto. Is she daft?

    So what if she’s at the bottom of totem pole at that moment? Mark is still in front of her, she hadn’t p’d off anyone… Show some goodwill and savvy by taking the Veto and saving yourself so THE HOUSE can put up Cody to evict him. – Especially after she asked everyone to use the veto on her if they win. Goodness!

    This buys her time to turn things around. She can’t be everyone’s best friend but with a little luck added in, she could last longer, plant some seeds. The count dwindling down gives her more “exposure” on feeds, in comps and in the DR.

    If she kept the punishment, she could turn that into a fun thing (i.e. Exposure), win friends and influence people. Elena could tie up the uniform shirt and be sexy (“Sexy IS my nature!” {Wink}), and she’d get to bend over a lot, discuss poles and pitching tents, and handle everyone’s weiners and buns, hun, while spewing every double entendre there is.

    But if I was Elena, I’d probably do Elena things and go for money above all else.

    PS: love the PETTY and EXTREME call outs, Adam!

  23. Alex has been low on the drama chart? I must be watching another version of BB because that’s all Alex is, drama and picking stupid fights over pillows, cat ears, Coke and cereal. All life altering components to her life, apparently. Don’t care if the pillow fight was meant to make Mark uncomfortable, it was completely unnecessary to her game and did nothing for her other than make people hater her. And….last night when she had to just stick it to Cody, one more time, while he is clearly on his way out the door and then she bitched and moaned about it with anyone who would listen to her for about an hour. I’ll be so glad when she leaves.

    • As a few other people have pointed out – this week was not my best week of rankings. I admit it. Alex always comes out of these weeks with the least amount of blood on her hands – and that’s why she got bacon.

  24. Pretty good assessment this week, Adam. Not agreeing on every point, but hey, I’m always interested in hearing your thoughts.

  25. Adam Elena was correct in taking the 5K.
    Why ? She had No Chance of winning BB.
    She is my least favourite player but she stumbled ( greed)
    into a correct decision.

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