Big Brother 19 Eviction Prediction: Who Is Going Home Week 7?

Last week one half of “Jody” was evicted and this week the HGs are ready to wrap up the package with the other half heading out the door. Unfortunately for the divided showmance, they’ll be heading in opposite directions as the Big Brother 19 Jury starts tonight.

We’ve got seven votes and three nominees which means there could still be a tiebreaker situation even with an odd number of votes. I don’t see it coming to that though. Instead we should expect a landslide vote to kick off our Double Eviction night.

Cody, Elena, and Matthew await the HGs decision, but they all know what’s coming. Cody’s game is done. Now it’s really just a matter of whether or not HGs throw some votes at Elena to rattle her ahead of the next Head of Household competition.

There’s been some talk of giving her a vote or two but there’s no secret plan in the works to pair up with any hinky votes to swap the eviction outcome. If they decide to stick together than it’ll be 7-0 and Cody will be out the door and off to Jury where he’s hoping for a nice quiet week but that won’t happen. Instead someone will soon be out the door and following in his footsteps.

As for who could end up the second eviction of the night? I’ve already run through the most likely DE targets but the short of it is Mark and Elena are probably going to need to win HoH to save both of them or Veto to get one or the other of them off the Block.

Of course if one of them does win HoH then we’ve got some potential surprises in store. If they don’t, then Mark would be my top expectation to join Cody next in Jury.

Join us back tonight at 9/8c to find out, but while we wait share your thoughts on what you expect.



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  1. I think Mark is probably the one person Cody wouldn’t mind having at jury. Josh or Paul would be a nightmare.

    • You don’t think he would be OK with Paul on a personal level, outside of the game?

      • I think if it was just Paul and Cody, Paul would ask about the military, listen to Codys stories. If Cody is willing to be social, he and Paul will be fine. Paul isn’t mean face to face, he has others do his bullying and dirty work.

      • Not sure. Paul said when you don’t have the social skills inside the house to contain yourself, you more or less won’t out of it. Paul’s a very sociable creature as we well know by now!

      • Yes. His social game is nearly perfect, however, he has made some mistakes and if these HG talked more and compared notes he’d be exposed, but…with these people… smh… they just don’t want to win I guess. Not sure.

      • He’s calmer I think this season than he was last…but he can get annoying on the feeds because he just cannot be quiet for any long length of time. I like him most when he strategizes and game talks than any other time.

      • Sorry I actually laughed. I don’t advocate violence. So as badly as I’m ready for Josh to stop talking I don’t think that would work

    • I think that Cody & Paul would be ok with each other if Cody would finally realize that “he” was in reality game show…BB is not real life and anything done against a HG is a game move…Its only personal if one makes so.. As did he & Jessica..If its one thing that Paul despises/hates it is being backstabbed…And Cody did just that…

  2. Christmas, you are making Raleigh North Carolina look bad. Get off of Pauls sack and make some moves. Right now you are PATHETIC!!!!!

    • I don’t think so…she has a big “handicap” and I think her game would have been dynamite had that accident not happened.

      • Nonsense. During Josh’s HOH, Christmas told him that this was his HOH and not Paul’s. Mark and Jason are the only people in the house other than Cody that 100% realize that they gotta get rid of Paul in order for anyone to win. I highly doubt it will happen but if Christmas were to form a secret alliance with them as well as Elena via association with Mark and Kevin out of his recent troubles with Paul’s side of the house, evicting Paul could possibly happen with a tie-breaker.

  3. I basically just need Alex to be the other person to go in the double eviction, because you KNOW Jessica will have a meltdown thinking Alex/Cody are alone in the Jury house

  4. Say Mark and Elena are nominated, Mark wins veto and takes himself down, do you think his replacement will go home or Elena?

  5. I think Elena will go. If Mark wins HOH that would be three weeks in and four evictions he has been safe. That will def get Josh out the house.

    • I think it’s more likely that Alex will get evicted than Josh.
      If Mark gets HOH, he’ll likely target 2 out of Paul, Alex, Josh. I think Josh will only get evicted if, after the POV, Paul and Josh remain OTB. Otoh, in the other 2 remaining posibilites, Alex and Paul, Alex and Josh, i think both would see Alex out of the house: Alex has been going after both showmances rather strongly, and accused Kevin of being shady, and Paul will surely campaing that way in order to keep his loyal and inoffensive Josh safe.

      • Mark won’t target Jason or Alex. He’s already told Elena that Alex’s word is good. So I’d be surprised if he put her up.

      • I thought so too at the beginning of the season, but lately… I don’t know. She seems to have given up all her free will to Paul just like the rest of them. smh. It’s disappointing. I really liked Alex at first, but it’s hard to respect a yes man. I would love to be proven wrong and see someone *anyone* make a move that Paul has not dictated to them, but I’m not sure it’s going to happen with this group.

      • Mark said the other night he’d like to start back with a clean slate with Alex and Jason after Cody leaves. Not sure if they said they would or not. They sort of deflected after that plea!

      • Not going to happen. Paul won’t go for it. He wants Mark out and unless Mark somehow wins HOH and grows a pair and nominates Paul…he’ll be following Cody to jury right quick!

        Mind you, those are a lot of ifs and ands… lol!!

      • Oh you and I know that, but Mark seems to think if he could team up with Alex and Jason, they’d help him get Paul out. He should know Paul will not let that happen when it comes to having enough votes. LOL

      • Yep, I know, and Alex will become the next Cody Calafiore, adding her name to the list of the stupidest moves in BB history if/when she takes Paul to F2!

      • She doesn’t seem to have the ability to make independent thoughts/decisions without getting told what to do by someone else.

    • At this point Alex Josh Christmas or even Paul…Mark has had a bad week with all 4 …

  6. Actually a bit surprised Christmas and Josh have lasted this long,she’s one breath away from a wheelchair and Josh loud mouth never stops,so both should count their lucky stars for making the jury,amazing.

  7. I wish these houseguest would get their sh-t together, and go against what Paul wants

    • Not before Cody gets evicted. Out of everyone in the house, he’s the only person who would win if he were sitting next to Paul in final 2 because the thought of Cody surviving the rest of the season would make for one heck of a comeback story that the jury wouldn’t ignore (except for Josh because he can’t stand Cody). Get Cody and then focus on the next biggest target: Paul.

  8. Christmas shouldn’t even be there. Cody will be eating and sleeping good at the jury house!!!

  9. Missing all of the fallout from the DE tonight does not make me a happy BB viewer and live feeder…this special episode better be something really special..but, I am sure it will be some singer in the BY again. Hey need to change that promo for the live feeds to “Watch 24/ Watch 24/7..with alot of interruptions included!

    • They weren’t wanting to charge for all-access for Big Brother alone. They’ll always have an answer as to why they are not on 24/7! LOL

  10. Viewers are fleeing the BB season, there’s no one else left to play the game. No one cares who wins. No cares for the Paul Show…… BB producers big mistake this season.

  11. It will be the Paul show as everyone says….unless Mark or Elena win the HOH…if that doesn’t happen then the grocery list comes into effect.

    • Get some balls peeps and stop doing Paul’s bidding and dirty work for him. OMG what a bunch of wimps this summer!

      • Exactly….my belief is that they are letting Paul do the manpulation amongst themselves thinking in the end that they can cut him loose or be F2 with him….but cutting him loose won’t be that easy as he has spun a very intricate web and F2 with him is basically ending up in second…no one is close in playing the game as he has….IMO

      • Have to give Paul props for the game he has played and how he has lead almost everyone around by the nose, but he did have a heads up from last season. Cody and Jessica tried ot get rid of him early and look where they are, although if Paul had not won that first temptation, he probably would have been gone when Cody put him up toward the beginning. I applaud Cody and Jessica for at least having some chutzpah and trying to get rid of him knowing what a threat he is. I just wish someone would make a big move because the predictability of Paul telling them everything to do (with the exception of when to take a crap!) is getting a little boring. Don’t they realize that he will eventually kick them to the curb unless they eliminate him first. You are there to win money, not be Paul’s BB BFF!

      • So they say. If they were at home watching themselves like we are, I think most of them would be embarassed how wimpy they are. And when they lose to Paul(unless they get him out soon) they will think back and realize how foolishly they played the game. And Paul will be laughing all the way to the bank and won’t be their BFF once the summer is over! At least Jody realized what needed to be done but got blindsighted when Paul got that first temptation and no one really knew how the temptations were going to work!

  12. I would like to see Alex and HOlena leave in the DE. I don’t think it will happen, maybe HOlena but Alex, no way, she still has her supporters. Rervin is another one I would like to see leave in the DE. Again, I don’t think it will happen, but I have to have hope that she will leave at some point. If she makes it anywhere close to F3, I will be so disappointed. I can’t take much more of her and her delusions. I read this on another site and got a good laugh out of it, thought I would share…..s

    The Trouble With Raven
    1. She is dying of two terminal diseases. She has been sick since she was 8 (or 15). One is Raven’s Disease, which is so rare only she and a family in Sweden have it. She is also dying of Gastroparesis. Whichever one gets her first, I guess.
    2. She, her brother and her mother need a new pacemaker every year. (Can’t they just replace the battery?)
    3. She can’t have children because her uterus is too small and one of her ovaries is fucked. She needs a hysterectomy, in fact her doctor was insisting she have one before she entered the BB house. She wants $25,000 so she can freeze her eggs. (We need, nay must freeze her eggs, STAT! We can’t let this stellar bloodline of disease ridden, pedosexual, scamming, grifting hillbillies die out!)
    4. She needs knee surgery
    5. She has arthritis.
    6. She has endometriosis, which she says is a rash all over her organs. (I hate when my internal organs get all itchy! Next month is Endometriosis Organ Rash Awareness Month, please buy my plastic bracelets to help pay for my new car, I mean find a cure.)
    7. She had to get four, I mean five stitches when she fell down the BB stairs. She was checked for a concussion, and hurt her elbow, butt, and head.
    7. She has one, I mean two years to live.
    8. Her mother’s gastro was activated when she gave birth to Raven, but her brother’s hasn’t been activated yet he has it, and will need a new pacemaker every year. (I know, it’s confusing.)
    9. She has a mutated chromosome 10. She also has the gene that will pass the disease on to her kids, but her brother doesn’t.
    10. She had to get 11 stitches when a pair of scissors got stuck in her leg when she was taking out some trash. Her friend who is an RN stitched her up at her house
    11. She has had 8 surgeries.
    12. She has died twice on the operating table.
    13. When her pacemaker stops working she will starve to death.
    14. She has had a concussion.
    15. Every nerve in her body will die, and her organs will die.
    16. Her leg muscles deteriorate every year, she can tell a difference in them just from last year. She hurts worse every day.
    17. An iphone will turn off her pacemaker if placed on her stomach.
    18. She (her pacemaker) will explode if she goes under 10 feet of water.
    19. Her mom has said both she and Raven have had their colons removed.
    20. She can’t eat steak or she will die. Well, she won’t die but she will scream for hours. But hamburger is okay. She can’t eat chicken. (Yet she does.) Thor doesn’t like milk. (Yet she drinks it all the time and eats ice cream like there is a famine.) She can’t eat hot dogs. I mean “I CAYUNT EAT HOT DOGS MATTHEW BILLY BOB CLINES“! Or whatever his middle name is.

    • As some that has GP as well as a vascular co-disease, Raven is a very healthy person with GP, forgetting her 25 other issues. I don’t consider myself severe but I can’t eat so much food like Raven and as fast, can’t fly , canT dance or sit in the sun, yet somehow I find other full filling stuff to do. I know the hospital I go to and the people in my support group are not too pleased with ravens misinformation about GP.
      Let’s say Raven is playing up her many problems for sympathy votes, why bring up her family so much, she must know people can google. I sure would never ever mention my brother if he did what Ravens brother did, if I was trying to be Americans sweetheart.
      I just ignore Raven on the feeds, or at least switch to the feed that doesn’t have her on it, maybe can still hear her screaming in the background. Luckily she has gotten little screen time.
      I just don’t want to see her win. I would rather see Paul win other Raven and I am not rooting for him.
      I’ve said from the beginning I feel like it will be a Raven Paul final 2.

      • Other than being a sexual offender, grifter like the rest of the clan.

      • Her brother is Hayden. You can google about him to find a possible criminal record, no sister or mom would be proud of.

      • Molest little girls, both brothers are on the sexual predator list. One molested a female between 14-18. The other is her half brother and he molested a female between 1-12. The entire family is crazy.

      • The family must have thought money and didn’t think it through. I’m certain the felt Raven was going to be loved and favored by all and nobody would investigate them. Raven blew it because of her constant need for attention. If she just kept her mouth shut and didn’t constantly conjure up new injuries it may have worked. I’m only sorry the house guests aren’t aware of the scams.

      • They have to be catching on. She said in the beginning that she vomits 14-15 times a day yet she eats ALL the time.

      • That would actually be a smart move for Paul – he needs someone in F2 who cannot beat him. Raven, Matt and Josh come to mind.

    • OMG!!! What about her pacemaker and the microwave in the kitchen?…ROTFLMAO!!!!

      • That was less than half the list. I didn’t want to put up the whole thing at once. I felt 20 items were more than enough to make the point. 😁

      • Well in the serious side, who would want to bring a child in this world if it’s prognosis is death before 5

      • These are all fabricated lies. There is nothing wrong with Raven other than her Gasteoperisis, which isn’t terminal or anything else to which she claims it is.

      • yep I have read up on the illness and its not terminal.. its treatable…The pacemaker may not be FDA approved yet and still experimental… Shes a con artist along with her mother…

      • Oh she realizes it. She’s just hoping there are enough gullible people out there that will donate more money to her fraudulent gofundme account before she gets caught!

      • Being very upfront..I don’t like ur comment…It is likely in your making such a statement that you are not privy to understanding or associating with disabled children or adults….I have an adult “41” year old disabled daughter and I find your comment very offensive…

      • Cant always go by what the drs say. Usually they give you the worst scenario. My son was at deaths door many times. He ended up fine & became a marine. I almost died when he told me he wanted to be a marine after all we had been through. He made it through a term in iraq though.

      • Thank You to your son and the wonderful parents who raised him to a fine brave man

      • I’m Canadian & I think what your son did was wonderful. You must be very proud of him.
        Congrats…… but I do hear you! How frightening for you as parents!

      • You don’t have to like my comment that’s up to you,i have my opinion and that’s my right

      • Of course you took my comment out of context, but who cares, I have no problem with disabled children

      • Hey hey hey now…….
        they are “children” first!
        Children with disabilities or challenges.
        Not disabled kids or adults or students or whatever.
        People first!
        Please think of this & give them their dignity.
        Thank you for keeping this in mind in the future.
        Hope you all have a great weekend…..
        & that Mark is HOH!
        Or Kevin.
        Lololololol 🌻🎈🇨🇦

    • Had their colons removed???? Where’s her colostomy bag then? OMG..I’ve never heard of a hypochondriac even suffering from this many ailments.

      • It’s quite startling when you put it on paper, one after another.

      • I had no idea it amounted to all that…whenever I see her on the cams, I switch cams or mute it for awhile.

      • I do too. Can’t stand to look or listen to her.

      • Raven, Mensa member must not have passed biology? Does she even know the difference between a colon and intestines. I bet this lie or exaggeration is because they removed a tiny piece of her intestine while putting in the pacemaker or for some test or biopsy. I think this is how a lot of ravens tales start, a little truth into a jumbo tall tale.

      • She really must have! Endometriosis is NOT a “rash” on your organs. It is a condition where endometrial cells that are only supposed to grow *inside* the uterus statt growing outside of it for some reason. It CAN be painful, definitely affects periods & cramps, & often causes fertility issues. It is only diagnosed through laparoscopic surgery & can lead an OB-Gyn to suggest a hysterectomy if it’s a severe enough case. Raven, however, is way too young for an OB to likely push for a hyster, IMO.

      • I think Raven likes to pick diseases that aren’t seen visually. If it were not for the pacemaker, I’ve seen no real signs of illness or disability.
        With all her claims of she can’t have kids, freeze eggs, hormone issues, endometriosis etc, if I were Matt, I would be wearing 3 condoms or better yet not do anything that could result in pregnancy. With the way Raven scams, can you imagine if she miraculously got pregnant? The 7.5 months(you know she would have an early delivery), of selfies of her dying for her baby. Matt should use his hand to avoid a lifetime of Raven.

      • I’m thinking the same thing…… be carrrrreeeefullll Matt.

        If they had kids………….ewwweee!

      • Oh yeh, I’m reading her loud and clear now. Sick, sick I tell ya. Stopped listening to her on the feeds too when she’s alone with Matt mostly…can’t help it elsewhere, but then she’s not as loud when there’s no room to dance or run in the house.

      • I had a friend who had her colon removed due to early stage colon cancer. She used a colostomy bag briefly – only until the surgery healed – and then doctors created her a new colon constructed of intestines. But if this was the case with Raven we’d all know about it already.

      • We were told by my sons drs that if the colon was removed theyd just bring the intestines down & it would eventually react as a colon. Thankfully they didnt have to remove his colon though he did have an ostomy bag for abit.

      • Exactly. My father is a 25 year survivor of colon cancer but had the cancer spread 1/4 in more, he’d have had to wear one. Cancer never came back..they got it all in one shot. So since Raven never told us the details of that, then I cannot believe a word she says…especially having learned she’s doing everything she can to scam people just for the money more than needing it for medical reasons.

    • OMG!!! What about the microwave in the kitchen and her pacemaker?…ROTFLMAO!!!!!

    • There is a thread called I’m dying, I’m dying, I’m dying and its all about Raven and her family. Its 108 pages but some parts were so funny I couldn’t stop laughing!

      • Pretty sure Big Brother must be kinda freaked that Raven got into the house. Can’t imagine that she put all this terminal illness stuff on her application. Someone commented that Raven noticed she doesn’t get called into the Diary Room. Likely because the show is trying to give her as little airtime as possible. I’ll bet when they draw for Veto comp players, production doesn’t even put Raven’s name in the box to be drawn.

  13. For those of u interested I have tried calculating the probability of who the second evictee will be. If Marlena is not HOH then they are the nominees, Mark’s out if he doesn’t win veto, if he does, Elena walks out.
    If Marlena is HOH (PLZ! BB Gods!) I’m still not sure which set of nominations they’ll go with, I think they’ll go with either Alex and Paul or Josh and Paul. We know Paul will not be evicted no matter what. So we know whichever one of Alex or Josh will be evicted if they are sitting next to Paul. What’s interesting is, let’s say Marlena puts up Josh and Paul. If Josh wins veto and takes himself off, I think Alex will go up in his place and she will be out. Same way with a Alex and Paul initial nomination.
    Based off the above assumptions, the odds are as follows, from most to least likely to go home:

    1. Mark: around 65%
    2. Elena: around 13%
    3. Alex and Josh tied at third: around 11% each

    • I think there is a chance Kevin could go. If Mark comes down, Kevin goes up. I’m hoping Mark wins HOH, but I worry you are right 2/3 he goes. At least Cody will have Mark in jury for a week which is probably the best match.

    • The house will not vote Paul out so anyone going up against him will be gone. They all said they are happy with jury

  14. I would just laugh if a bunch of them tried to please thier master Paul and to work Elainas nerve by voting to evict her and ended up keeping Cody.and Paul could only blame hlmself for not telling each minon who to vote for I know never gonna happen to bad as it would rattle the little kings cage so bad he would blow the compition and Cody wins and puts him and Jason up Paul Will stay rattled right thru the veto comp they both lose it then Paul is off to jury and Jason is safe because Alex told the king she would protect him unless he was up against Jason cause thats her ride or die oh my kingdom for the perfect world :-)

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