Tonight On ‘Big Brother 19’: Temptation Competition & Nominations – Update: Delayed

Tonight on Big Brother 19 at 8/7c on CBS the Houseguests are faced with the final round of the latest twist this season, the Temptation Competition. HGs will have an extra shot at safety with their target trying to out run his competition.

Update: CBS announced Big Brother will start at 8:18 PM ET tonight due to sports delays.

Big Brother 19 Episode 16 - Temptation Competition

Jessica is gone but Cody remains the top target and after his loss in Thursday’s HoH competition he’s only got one more solid shot to avoid the majority’s plans for a Backdoor. Everyone ended up competing besides the incapacitated Christmas the Alex as HoH, so there should be lots of content to see there.

Once we get through the competition it’ll be time for nominations so get ready to see the back and forth there as HoH works to settle on her picks for the week.

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  1. When is the actual Veto Meeting? Which actual day of week? Approx. time like 10 am, 2 pm or 6 pm?

      • I’m confused AGAIN, lol . I thought Matt won the veto? How is that possible if the veto comp isn’t until tomorrow ?

      • My question was wondering when the ‘actual’ Veto Meeting is in real clock time. When whoever wins the veto, says if veto medallion is going to be used or not to take someone off the block to leave the house.

        Matt was just shown on network TV tonight that he lost the Temptation thing and he is to be placed as the 3rd nomination on the block to vote out.
        Mark won the temptation competition they just showed (on network TV): that means he is safe from being placed on the block to vote out.

        Remember: This chat thread line is typed and shown in real clock time. The comps and meetings we write about are on BB19 Time. There is a lag time between the real/actual time things take place in the house and what’s being shown on network TV. (not to be confused with the BB19 feeds of video & audio on various sites.)

        Completely confused?????????????

      • They played the comp yesterday (Sat.) they do the ceremony tomorrow then it all airs on Wednesday.

      • It’s hard if you don’t have feeds to figure out because Thursday is the only live show and the others are taped. What we saw tonight they did on Friday. They do nominations on Friday that airs Sunday. Play for veto on Saturday and Veto ceremony on Monday and that airs Wednesday then the live show on Thursday for eviction and HOH comp. Hope this helps.

      • Oh , it helps ! The funny thing is, I LOVE BB & thought I knew EVERYTHING about it,lol. Not the first time this has happened in my life, thinking I knew it ALL,lol. Next year, I’m paying for the live feeds!! Thanks again…

  2. So Cody did compete in the Temptation Comp? Some posters told me earlier that he didn’t which didn’t make sense. I would have thought he would try for safety.

    • I was confused on that one, too. I read something on Jokers that made me think he did and then something that made me think he didn’t. But from what is written here, seems he did. Unless he didn’t and they are confused too, which would mean he didn’t. But I’m sure he did, didn’t he?

      • Hmm. It must have been something that you couldn’t time out on, like the last one he won and Jessica just took the allotted time so she would come in last.

      • Well they wanted Matt to throw it, so whatever he did must have canceled out whatever Cody was trying

      • Wow, if I wasn’t confused before, I am now LOL with all the dids and didn’ts and the whatevers etc. Should I worry that I understand it?

    • He did and lost, but did not compete in the veto. He should have tried harder to win. Production is not giving him a hand, they are still Paul’s fan.

  3. I hope Cody leaves soon. So that way the HGs can actually feel free to be themselves. Right now, nobody is acting like the were in their pre-season interviews. And the reason is Cody. He had made the whole house tense, and awkward. He nominated Megan for no reason at all. Only bc he “didn’t like her.” Look at week 1, before Cody nominated Paul, and how it changed after that. Cody is really giving off bad vibes, and it’s bringing out the worst in people. Imagine someone like Natalie last season. She was so much fun, and brought positive vibes. This season she would be walking on eggshells, and wouldn’t free to be herself. The same is true about Paul. He tried to ease tensions with his tomfoolery, and it didn’t work. And he has had to act more laid back than his usual self. This has forced people like whistlenit, and alex, who in their preseason interviews were all about fun, to not be their true fun selfs. I hope Cody leaves asap. He is toxic, and he needs to go, so we can salvage this season. Why did production do this to us? Paul already evicted him, and we saw how much fun they were all having without Cody. Then once he re-entered the game, it became awkward again.

    • I think you’re giving Cody too much power, credit and blame. The person who needs to leave soon is Paul. Once he’s gone, the HGs can begin to act like their true selves and have some fun. Paul is all about game, and his presence is very intimidating to the other HGs.

  4. I was totally lost, sitting on a thread with not a single soul….. :(

  5. Someone needs to throw that stupid orange crop top of HOlena’s away, stat!

  6. Why does Cody run like a bat out of hell when he goes into the temptation room, it’s not like it’s a timed event, or is it?

    • Maybe it depends on where he is. If he’s coming from the other side of the house…

  7. There’s something cool about ‘the big alliance bulldozing the comp. Janelle’s/ season ‘chess Comp. was one I could remember.

  8. Oh, look, Alex – the HOH – makes a suggestion and tells it to the Dictator. Then the Dictator comes up with another plan, and the HOH’s reign comes to a crashing halt.

    Can’t wait to see their faces when Mark wins the Temptation Comp, lol.

  9. Kevin’s been hanging around these youngsters too long, lol. The millennial look does not agree with him.

  10. That’s his strategy? lol..So he got Elena..Elena’s target has been flashing for a long time. .It’s an effort, I’ll give him that..

  11. WTH! They are upset when he doesn’t talk to people BUT people are not allowed to talk to him!?!?!?

  12. Ugh, this is exactly why I hate this group. You can’t freaking have a conversation with anyone without permission from the rest of your alliance! WTH?

  13. Wow is this ever out of order. This conversation between Mark and Jason was during Joshs HOH not Alex’s.

  14. OMG! Seriously. Multiple house guests have stated that they have a problem with another house guest because they were talking to Cody or Jessica. Maybe they are being decent human beings and not treating someone like a leaper. People need to grow up!

      • I’m a junior high teacher now and would seriously talk to any of my students who treated anyone else like that. It’s ridiculous!

    • Cody and Jessica disliked 2.5 of the houseguests an because one decided that’s unacceptable, they all join in.

    • Cody doesn’t have much of a social game but on the flip side, how can he…you are immediately reprimanded when anyone speaks to him. Bunch of mean girls.

    • There is some truth ur post.. but its depending on circumstance and the HGs house status (best word)..Sometimes its best just to say nothing..

  15. Do they have someone come in and cut their hair. Codys hair looks shorter, same with mark.

    • Matt to get it right, he need to know the right answer so he can give the wrong answer.

  16. Wow, I LOVE this comp. This is super creative. Is this another one from BB Canada?

  17. How come they don’t play the snake hissing sound anymore when paul is on or just coming onto the screen? I misssssssssssss it.

    • Yeah, this wasn’t a great idea for him. But I’m thrilled Mark won it, so I don’t really care.

      • Mark’s growing on me too, so he’ll be the next to go. At least Cody will have a friend in jury.

      • That would definitely be the best scenario for Cody. But I’d still love to see Raven or Josh follow him to jury – someone who absolutely can’t stand to be in the same room as Cody.

  18. How did Cody not win the is comp? Wasn’t he in the HN with Jess all of last week?

  19. Wonder if one of those squares say Having Sex cos that would be the right answer for Cody

  20. They literally gave this comp to Cody so he’d win..because he stayed in basically the same room all week…and he decides to throw it…wow…

    • Exactly. But I guess not knowing what the comp was, she decide not to take the chance.

  21. Just a question – what would have happened if there HAD been a tie for last place?

    • But still incredible to see because it screws up Paul’s plan for Alex’s HOH. Oh, well.

      • Paul SUGGESTED Mark. It doesn’t matter who goes up cause the plan as a whole is to send Cody home

      • No, it doesn’t because they all want Cody out (with the possible exception of Mark and Elena, depending on what time of the day you ask them). But there’s no denying Paul’s involvement in Mark’s potential position on the block when Alex said someone entirely different and only changed her mind after he came up with another name.

      • Why would they not want Mark up though? Worst case scenario where Cody wins, they send someone home they can’t trust fully

      • The point is Mark is just the safe move for the alliance of the house, not just Paul

  22. Ha ha! Looks like Kevin’s alliance suggestion from last week is coming back to bite him and his alliance in the butt, as far as Elena’s concerned.

  23. I love how Elena is baffled that the house is turning against her when she couldn’t stay calm last week and the week before she was getting closer to Cody and Jessica…

    • Hey, she’s not exactly wrong. Josh keeps throwing her name out there. Unfortunately, you’re right about her reaction. Staying calm and in complete control of your emotions is the key to this game.

  24. They didn’t show the scene where Jason basically tells Paul he’s gonna go up to protect him

    • He’s moved to the top of my list. If he’s doesn’t win HOH on the DE though, he’s gone.

    • Yes, he has moved up on my list that’s for sure! It’s not a difficult list to move up and down on though LOL but he has proven to be a physical competitor that’s for sure.

      • Funny how he sees whats needs to be done but has no idea how to execute it. He waited too long to start playing.

      • Probably but, maybe once Cody is gone these mindless morons will start working together to get Paul out! Jason and Mark seem to be close, and if Kevin finds out Paul is talking about him, Kevin will likely start to make moves. I think he’s just sitting back enjoying the free ride but, he is also not the type to be backstabbed and be OK with it. He’ll be out for blood! Hopefully just figuratively not literally LOL

      • Pauls not the only one looking at kevin so not sure what he could pull off. And he cant win comps so hes always at someones mercy.

    • Right now if Mark win HOH and has the cojo to nominate Paul, I will root for him, but can’t stand watching him eat.

    • I’ve liked Mark from the beginning…when Josh was crying about missing his parents & Mark reminded him that he (Mark) would NEVER be able to go home to his parents because they had both passed away. I think Mark is a genuinely good person with a good heart…maybe these are not the qualities to have to win BB, but he’s the kind of friend I’d want in the real world.

  25. I’m over the gang mentality of this season. It’s like none of these people have figured out that at the end of the day, it’s an individual game. How dare Cody, Mark, and Elena talk game! Geez!

    • Smart! Alex should not use her HOH to get rid of Cody. Whether people trust him or not, he IS someone that would take her to the end or at the very least protect her for as long as he could, so I see it as a waste of her!
      HOH. It’s only good for Paul really!
      I understand it’s hard for her to trust him, but it’s just as bad to allow Paul to remain in the game and hand him over the $500,000!
      Would Paul make the same mistake twice and bring Alex to the end? I don’t think so.

  26. I liked Paul last year… this year I find myself flipping the tv off and yelling at him to go f*ck himself everytime he opens is mouth !!

    • Lots of people agree with you here. I’m not a fan of Paul. I really think he will go out in one of the Double Eviction (DE) we will get. There’s one next thursday. He could go right after Cody. Then the game will completely change.

      • I hope so. Either that or get out Mark, Cody and Elena then we will at least get to see them fight and or battle with each other. It has basically just been the same targets for weeks now.

      • I hope you are right but, those strange HG’s seem to have bigger targets in their heads then Paul! Sure they talk about him from time to time but they quickly shut it down. It’s like they are all afraid of him!
        When did BB become a game of making it to jury!? Unreal

  27. This is by far the worst season…EVER!!! In bb16 even if they were dumb, at least they were playing for themselves…they were trying… poor Cody just pitch himself to Alex (a really good pitch by the way… somethings to think about…etc…) and the first thing she does is go around blabering to everyone, not giving ANY credit to what he said, not even considering what he had to say, not even strategizing in her head…no-thing !!!….they are just unable to think for themselves… and it’s not even because Paul is a ”master manipulator”…he’s an idiot who needed friendship bracelets, first HOH safe, 3 weeks safety, every competion he played AND WON last year to be thrown at him this year… any more help and they would validate is round trip ticket he won last year but never got to use…..I would’nt be surprised if by some miracle he gets evicted that they would do it with the ticket since there’s not jury buy back this year !!! They are just profoundly stupid !! I’ve never seen anything like this in allllll the seasons !!!!! All most of them want is ”exposure”… well they’ve got it !!! Life will be hell for most of them once they’re out because they are so hated !!! Good luck to them… social media is the new Karma… …aaahhhh that felt good to get off my chest !! I’ll shut up now !!! ;) :P

    • That’s all on EP Grodner and Kassting. They’ve gotten away from the formula we like better (before BB15). I thought with the age of some the HGs this year that we would get a better crew. But you are right, bringing Paul in screwed the whole game.

      • I took a day off on here most of yesterday. About 1.5 days and actually watched a lot of YouTube live feeds videos.
        I learnt a lot watching the feeds for myself instead of just reading about them. I ended up watching them all day & night.
        I initially was just going to watch the ravenexposedparty YouTube video but then it just kept feeding me more and more and more LOL
        I was so lucky (NOT) enough to watch over 10 minutes of Matt and Raven getting “down and dirty” with Christmas in the room!

        And I FINALLY found out what the #towelgate was all about 🤢 I would also call it #cupgate 🤢
        Matt used the other side of the towel to dry Cups & he did NOT wash his hands after using his fingers to pick his “slim” off his belly & proceeded to dry cups etc. and put them away using those same fingers he had just used to pick his DNA off of his belly! Gag

        HG “what’s this crusty stuff all over the Cups” 😆
        Some of them deserve it ha ha I’m so evil!

        So I haven’t read most of the blogs or conversations!
        Where with that Convo be??

      • I was happy to see the hgs were a bit older this year. Sadly hasnt made much difference though.

      • It hasn’t. 32, 35, 38, and 56 year olds are allowing a puny 24 year old to treat them like puppets.

      • Yup! Sad but true.
        I know Paul’s fans are saying he’s playing a great game and I don’t completely disagree ONLY b/c Paul is 1% of the 2% (Paul & Cody) that was 3% (Paul, Jessica & Cody) of the HGs truly playing this game to win!
        However, this is a very easy game for him to play! These Hgs just want their “15 minutes of fame” and the closer they are to Paul, the more fame they think they will receive! It’s pathetic!
        They follow Paul around like “Paul’s well-trained lost puppy dogs!” They run to him to “tell him everything” or to “ask him what to do.” They “can NOT think for themselves!”

        So, yes Paul is playing a “decent” game but it’s “not a difficult” game for Paul to play! He has 99% of the HGs “wrapped tightly around his finger” & Paul has “the best showmance in BB history!
        ❤️Paul & BB Pro❤️

        It could not be easier for the guy!
        How many times has Paul been on slop/a have not? One time? And the one time (I could be wrong) he used the right key & was no longer a have not, has anyone else picked the correct key? Not anyone that I know of! (I again could be wrong.)

        This season is unreal! Nothing I have EVER seen in 19 seasons of BB & 5 seasons of BBC!
        And don’t get me started on Raven…….!
        CBS should have pulled her from the game a long time ago!
        She is “conning America” (& Canada) out of their “hard earned money!” b/c good hearted people believe she has “2 terminal illnesses!”
        Why are they (CBS) allowing this to continue knowing Raven is NOTHING but a “scam artist!?” With a National TV Platform to help her & her Mother scam more innocent people!! SICK!! SMH
        I am all for lying cheating stealing in this game but this is way beyond that! This is now about Americans (who do not know any better) giving this girl the sympathy she does NOT deserve! & opening up their wallets for her!
        CBS needs to do the right thing and take Raven out of this game! IMMEDIATELY!!!!

        Sorry Jello ❤️
        Vent Over hee hee 😜 XO 😘

      • Absolutely! Most people would’ve destroyed him!! People would’ve never have listen to him and let him control them/the house the way he does so that’s what is so mind-boggling!! How was/is it possible for Paul to make 99% of the house listen to his every word!?
        I do not get it at all!
        I think for the past year Paul has learnt how to “hypnotize people” and that’s what he’s done! LOL 😂
        What other logical explanation is there for Paul to be controlling the house the way he is!? Every single person but Cody! & this season there are quite a few older people then other seasons. How is he able to control these people that have way more life experience than he does!?
        It just makes no sense to me! I don’t understand it! Maybe my theory is right LOL

      • yeah no doubt! One with think if they were older they would be less likely to be manipulated or fazed simply because Paul is “a vet!”
        BIG deal, the dude played last season! He had 15 minutes of fame.
        It’s not like the guy is a “BB legend” or a “movie star!!” Sure, if he was “Channing Tatum” or some (other famous guy!) then I would completely understand why the girls listened to his every word 😋 and the guys followed him around because he’s cool! 😎 LOL
        Or even the guy from Celebrity Big Brother and Famously Single…… Calum Best! 🤤
        Bring him into the house with me and for sure I would be a “Calum Minion”without a doubt! LOL
        But come on people it’s just Paul! A nobody that is NOT any better than any of the other HGs! In another month he will be equal to them because they will be considered vets!

    • Captain sent me a Facebook message and said I “would like you.” He’s right, I like you! You think like I do!
      You summed up what I’ve been saying for weeks and weeks and weeks now! Could not agree with you more! Very well said!

    Raven needs to be stopped!
    CBS needs to pull her from the game!! She is scamming people out of their hard earned money because they believe her lies that she has not one but two terminal illnesses!
    Why is CBS allowing this to continue!?
    Sure, lie cheat steal in the game but not to its viewers, (especially the viewers that do not go online etc.)
    I personally feel CBS is allowing a “con artist” to “con Americans” on “National TV!” It’s wrong! So wrong in my opinion! Am I wrong?

  29. Paul’s fans are saying he’s playing a “great game” and I “don’t completely disagree” b/c Paul is at least playing this game to win $500,000! Not just to make it to the jury house & receive his extra 15 minutes of fame
    However, this is by far the easiest game Paul could ever play!
    ONLY 2% (Paul & Cody) that was 3% (Paul, Cody & Jessica) of the HGs are TRULY PLAYING TO WIN $500,000!!!
    The rest of the HGs simply just want to “make it to the jury house” (as many have said “out loud!!!”) to receive “their 15 minutes of fame!” And they have clearly latched on to Paul (the ONLY Vet!) to help increase their chances of “more fame” then just their 15 minutes of fame!

    “The cherry on Top” is CBS allowing Raven to stay in the game & continue to “scam Americans out of their hard earned money” b/c many people are “kind hearted and sympathetic!” to her fake terminal diseases and illnesses!!
    CBS needs to end this NOW! Raven is NOTHING BUT A SCAM ARTIST! This goes way further than just a game! Unbelievable!

  30. I know people actually like Alex butt the more I watch her the less I like her. She is not very kind and very full of herself. She has a lot of arrogance.
    I know it is a game yet when people can come out of it with some integrity in tact it is a win in my book.
    In my opinion and as much as I hate to say it, the one that needs to win so far, is Paul. He has played them all and they are nothing butt his puppets.
    Do they still give out the 25K? I know he probably has no shot at winning it yet my vote for favorite house guest so far will be Mark.

    • Unfortunately I agree with you. Alex (I thought) was going to be one of my favourite HGs in the beginning but she has only proven to be one of Paul’s “Well trained puppies”
      & sadly ONLY 2% of the house is playing this game to WIN! (See my comments below.)
      Yes, they do still have America’s Favourite HG. In my opinion it should be Jessica! She was “playing to win,” it did take the house half the season to get her out and she is ONE of ONLY 2 people (Cody) who wasn’t afraid to say “NO” to Paul!!

      Just an FYI Butt means A$$. Just one “T” 😜

      • Oh I know about the t’s. It is just a running joke that I carried over from another site I post on.
        I actually tried to like Jessica and Cody when they were in the minority yet they still were jerks. They get what they deserve.

      • I am now watching Cody pitch to Alex an actually good plan yet she is yawning and blowing him off. Another Paul minion.

      • Are you actually talking to yourself? LOL 😂
        That is exactly the point I keep trying to explain to people, Cody should NOT be a target of Alex’s during her HOH, he is a zero threat to her game therefore she is just being a typical Paul minion and getting out Paul’s biggest threat but her smallest threat!
        That’s what blows me away! These people are not looking into the future, AT ALL! It’s like Paul has them ALL so brainwashed that when someone tries to talk game with them without Paul present, they just shut down!!
        It’s very bizarre behavior!

      • I understand in your observation of Jessica and Cody being jerks but, can you really blame them? Especially Jessica. She saw Paul controlling the entire house & tried to make the other hgs understand they are just throwing away their game to Paul but no one would listen! Plus being frustrated that Paul is controlling everybody etc. I would be a jerk as well! When is enough enough!?

        Just because people (HGs & some viewers) disliked Cody, that doesn’t mean they have to dislike Jessica as well. I do think Cody ruined her game unfortunately!!
        But Jessica is smart, she knows the game/is a super fan, she’s both mentally and physically good at competitions and she could’ve been an excellent social player as well.
        So I am not going to judge Jessica based on Cody and based on her reactions from the “psychological warfare” she received for weeks! I really hope to see her back next year (although I don’t like vets returning.)
        Have you watched any of her exit videos? Her question and answers online? She really has had nothing but good things to say about Paul’s game. She has been super mature about everything, even all the talk regarding Raven!
        I personally like her & I think she is a good person.

      • Jessica was trying to play but lets face it most of her time was spent in bed/hammock with cody. Certainly dont agree with her getting AFP! What a waste. I like alex & dont judge her for being alligned with paul. Seems the only hate she gets is from paul haters/jody fans which seem to be one in the same.

      • To be honest with you I liked Alex in the beginning and I thought she was going to be my favourite HG but unfortunately she has just become another one of Paul’s minions.

        I do like Paul, I think he is playing a great game but also a VERY easy game! I do not fault him for having the easiest group to manipulate or having BB in his back pocket. I haven’t agreed with some of the things he has done this season but I also haven’t agreed with things Jessica or Cody have done as well as others. They are all just as guilty as the next.

        Alex is NOT using her HOH to target people she “wants out” like the showmances as she said in the DR. She is using “her HOH” to evict Cody who is “NOT someone she feels threatened by!”
        If Alex took the time to speak to Cody like a proper HOH should do (by speaking to every HG in the HOH room alone & finding out where their head is at & make deals) she would know she has no reason to fear Cody & that she is someone who is not his target at all! Alex is not stupid, so she would be able to speak to Cody without trust and still get a read on him! I mean shouldn’t these HGs want to talk to Cody and see if he is really worth getting rid of or if he is someone that they could possibly work with even if it’s just for a week!
        Whether she believes him or not, she has to know she would not be high up on Cody’s target list therefore instead of throwing her HOH away to “keep Paul safe,”
        Alex could try (at the very least) to convince her alliance/other HGs that “they” have bigger targets to get out before Cody because he is alone in this game!
        But, just like all the other Paul minions, she is afraid to speak to “certain HGs” alone without Paul there or without Paul’s permission first!
        Alex is just doing it for Paul. (Wasted HOH)
        Other HG’s would be happy to get rid of people like Matt, Raven or Elena but Cody is “Paul’s biggest threat” so, Alex is NOT doing what is BEST for her game ATM unfortunately & she is not using her HOH for long term!
        I did really, really want to like her!

        I am neither a Paul hater or huge Jody fan. Honestly for the first time in 19 seasons and 5 seasons of BBC, I do not have a favourite HG. It’s very strange LOL so all I can do for now is just look at each person’s game play & in doing so, I do not think Alex is playing a good game & really the only person left in the house who is playing a good game is Paul but that’s just because it’s super easy for him.
        The guy could not ask for an easier game!!

        Sadly these HG’s are just happy to make it to “jury & receive their 15 minutes of fame” and the added bonus is working with Paul to hopefully “increase their 15 minutes of fame by being in an alliance with a Vet!” They are all just “mindless morons” and it is truly a sad season!
        Paul says “jump” and everyone (but Cody) says “how high?”

        So ATM Jessica is the only HG that I would reward with AFP! She was 1% of the 3% (Paul Cody Jessica) that had been “playing this game called Big Brother” since the very beginning and she was only 2% of the house that was NOT afraid to say “NO” to Paul! Totally deserving!
        Who else should receive it at this current time?
        PS. Sorry if this is so long. I hope it made sense! And of course we can agree to disagree! ❤️

      • Wow! Sorry babe, I didn’t mean for my message to be as long as it was LOL mine are always long but I do not realize just how long until I post. My bad 🤗

      • ATM no one else deserves it for sure. I guess we will have to see how the rest of the season plays out although there’s not much time.

        I can’t remember if someone who did not make it to jury received AFP!??!? I am sure it’s happened before but I would love for Jessica to receive it. A huge slap in the face to Raven mainly (b/c she clearly thinks America is stupid enough to give it to her!) but also other HGs like Alex, Josh……
        I honestly never thought that I would not be a fan of Alex’s!! I wanted her to turn this game around but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen! She is ready to take Paul to the end if she gets a chance! SMH

      • Right! However the real reason I first lost all of my support, respect and sympathy for Raven was when I found out she was nothing but a con artist! A big big time con artist!
        CBS should do the right thing and pull her from the game so she can NOT continue to con innocent kind hearted viewers out of their hard earned cash! I can’t believe CBS is allowing this to continue! Sick!

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