Big Brother 19 Spoilers: Weekend Roundup – Week 7

Another weekend of events, competitions, and spoilers on Big Brother 19 is wrapping up as we’re close to being all set for this week’s final nominations for eviction on Thursday night. Read on to find out what all you may have missed since the last eviction.

Jason goes X-treme on Big Brother 19

Alex had just taken over as the new Head of Household on Thursday night while ignoring Raven’s pleading for her to throw the competition and share the power this week. Now it’s up to Alex to take the lead and execute the group’s plan to target Cody.

Big Brother 19 Spoilers – Weekend 7 – Roundup:

Temptation Competition:

Step one in getting Cody out was to make sure he didn’t win another week of safety. Everyone but Christmas and Alex participated in what should be an interesting one to watch as it sounds like a group effort was involved.

In the end Cody wasn’t able to pull off the win for safety though as that went to Mark, this week’s back up target. Coming in last place was Matthew who had previously wavered in his commitment to secure the last spot on the Block in case Cody went in that direction. Once Mark took himself off the options list that left Alex with a more complicated choice. Read More >>


Originally Alex wanted to get Mark and Elena on the Block but with Mark winning the Temptation safety she needed a new plan and that took her to Elena plus an alternate. Paul actually offered to go up but Jason declined and said he wanted to go instead because he was sure it’d be a physical comp and he could win it. Good grief. Well that made it easy for Alex.

Alex decided to go with Jason and Elena for her nominees. They soon joined Matthew, the week’s 3rd nominee, on the Block. Read More >>

Have Nots:

No Have-Nots this week and Elena ended her duty on Friday night. HGs were expecting Alex to have to pick someone to join Cody and Josh, who volunteered to share the HN room with Cody in hopes of tormenting him. Paul and Mark did a rock-paper-scissors game to decide which of them would take the last spot. I’ll let you guess who won, because it won’t be a surprised.

Update: HNs were finally delivered midday Sunday. Paul, Mark, Kevin, & Jason are the HNs this week for being the first ones out in the HoH comp. Since Christmas is attached to Paul, more on that below, she has to sleep in the HN room too until their time together is up.

Power of Veto:

Here was Cody’s last chance for safety, but unlike the Temptation comp he had to hope for a chance at playing. Only two spots were drawn to play and he failed to show up for either of them. Instead, Mark and Paul were selected to play.

It was a short run and we soon discovered that it was the prize swap competition. Matthew walked away with the Veto prize while Elena won but took $5K. Yes, she was on the Block but took cash instead. Mark won a trip for two to Colorado.

The rest were punishments with Paul getting a suit-for-two which he picked to share with Christmas. He has to stay attached to Christmas for 48-hours in a sky-diving tandem costume. Jason got a solo costume for X-Treme and has to react accordingly when Big Brother calls him. Alex got a bad one. She’s dressed up as a park ranger for the next week, carry camping gear the whole time, and set up camp including cooking hot dogs every time Big Brother plays a bugle call. Ouch. Read More >>

Gallery: Big Brother Punishments & Costumes

That should catch you up on everything since Thursday’s episode ended. The PoV Ceremony is coming up on Monday and we’ll get the latest results when it’s over.

What do you think of this weekend’s Big Brother spoilers? Are you happy with the results or did you want someone else to pull off the wins? If you have our Big Brother App then you received alert notifications as these results arrived. If you don’t have it, then be sure to download our app now!


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  1. Jason looks miserable, bless his heart.You know he has to be missing his cowboy hat. He’s been a good sport. He was a champ with the frog suit. Unlike Jess, who had hers undone down the front and didn’t wear the hat very often. I still can not understand how she got away with no penalties for that. I didn’t care for Jason at first, just thought he was a loud clown. He still is, lol, but he has grown on me.

    • Most men were distracted with the front down and her boobs almost somewhat being exposed (disclaimer, they really weren’t exposed). With that said, while she not only didn’t get a penalty, she pretty much got a lot of men and maybe some women checking her out. I would say this is just a game but for some reason Cody and maybe Jessica to a point thinks this is real life.

      PS. the disclaimer was put oin because I just know somewhere down the line someone would have said her boobs were not exposed.

      • I plead guilty on being a fan of Jessica’s because she is a Hottie. Hard pressed to still watch the rest of Paul and his “Gilligan’s Island” Castaways without her. It seems to me that during the broadcast shows that Alex is trying to show as much “Boobs” as anyone and of course Elena is a REDDIT Favorite with her stripping to topless in the house scenes.

      • And poor lil ole Ms. Munchausen tries to show off what little she has. Maybe she should check that they’re not swollen mosquito bites that need medical attention.

      • Ohhh she’s a stripper !! Ok, go it. Explains everything. Kinna an insult to strippers tho 😝

      • I have seen a lot of fake ones and they look like real ones on the HDTV.

      • If you zoom in it looks like her head has been photoshopped on the body 😂😂 although she doesn’t need to cause she has nice lil figure, boobs are fake tho . Nothing wrong with that . If that what u have to work with w no education then work it .. maybe she will get a spinoff for skanks of bb

      • I will give you that one. Your right that Jessica wasn’t the only one doing or doing it now.

      • If they need to show their boobs to have any attention from anybody then they are pretty empty-headed ’cause once a better pair of boobs comes along they are left to the lowest common denominator(cody).He would have preferred to play with Alex but she refused his attention and he settled for the bimbo, call-girl wanna-be,Jess. Losers all around.

      • Yup , just like the other talentless ones that use sec tapes and huge booties to get fame. It’s gross .

      • Yup she does, kinna thought that was gonna be a surprise and they were related, nope .. she a mean girl and has no talent besides showing her azz and sticking her finger in people’s butt and hoping the camera caught them having sex , she just wants to be another Kim K .. which she will never be . Once this season over she will he forgot about just like all the others. She’s a beautiful girl , yes … but she ugly ok the inside so that makes her ugly on the outside .. imo

      • Oh yeah, it is working for her except Arianna has such a picture perfect face and a voice that kills.

      • I wouldn’t go that far and say that about Arianna but that girl does have some serious vocal skills.

      • I saw that pic online and didn’t think it was her. It looks like her face on somebody else’s body.

      • I guess we all need to start using a disclaimer just in case we are accidentally or sarcastically or humorously starting a false rumor.
        Because we all now know that BB is real life. Is that a false rumor? I’m so confused.

      • I’m in the process of building a safe space from all of the people who need safe spaces.

      • Gotta go, already being paged to unload trailers and I don’t start till 4pm. Ain’t that a kick in the nuts on a Sunny Sunday afternoon.

      • I remember those days. Last time I got called in was when the temps went on strike and I had to go in to empty trailers of supplies and some of fiber for the pulpers, and fill trailers with product to ship. We all do what you have to and sometimes it just ain’t no fun.

    • I wish Cody had it .. elana on the block and choose to nix the veto and take the 5k . Gawd , she should go !

      • Hopefully, she’s next. I’m sick of her. I hate the way she teases Mark. It’s sickening. She’s sickening.

      • That is the truth. He will be mistreated by women all of his life if that is the kind of woman he desires.

      • Yup, his grandma and grandpa should have a chat with him, tell him that you should never have to beg someone to like you.

      • Hasidic Jew with Russian Hat. Well does anyone know if Paul is Jewish? His family is from Russia and he has a name with Abraham in it.

      • Paul family is Armenian. 98% of Armenian are Apostolic Christian. I would doubt they were jews.

      • My Amishian word was a play on Armenian. He has said, jokingly I think, that he is kin to the Kardashians and I know they are Armenian, also.

      • I doubt Paul belongs to any organized religion, but it is possible that his family is Christian since he is Armenian.

    • Let’s see a picture of u ? I’m sure u aren’t god’s gift to the world or u wouldn’t b spending your time obsessing on a game show. Come on ,what do u look like ?

      • Who cares what religion or race he is , that’s just racist to post pics and assume he’s something that he’s not . Just because u don’t like him doesn’t mean u need to attach his personal beliefs .
        You need to obsess over Cody and leave paul out , or ur obsessed with him 😂

      • Exactly and I was just curious. I have dated and many of my friends are Jewish.

      • Sounds like you don’t practice what you preach and are slinging serious personal insults. You said to play nice and ignore your posts. Please give me that courtesy also.

  2. If Matt the third nom takes Jason off the block, and gives it to Jason. Why would theyneed to replace Jason? They only need two noms? That would mean Matt would still be a nom because he did not take himself off the block. That’s leaves him and Elena for the two noms. they don’t replace a third. This would show the true meaning of the HEX!

    • Matt is OTB as a result of coming in last at the comp. Elena and Jason were nom’d by the HOH so they have to be replaced if removed from the block. It’s just the rules.

      • What kind of curse is that? Why would you leave yourself that vulnerable to even be chance of getting voted out

      • Matt knows the house wants Cody out. I have agreed in the past that you should always use the veto on yourself. But in this case, Matt would definitely be setting himself up to become a target after Cody’s eviction if he doesn’t use the veto to remove Jason so Cody can be backdoored. He is showing his trust for the house, which is always risky, but he is that sure that he is not in danger.

      • He’s in no danger , and they would toss Elena out before him, or raven . So pretty sure he’s safe and is bye bye Cody ! Yay! 🙌🙌

  3. I can’t really say I have a favorite hg this season. I like Jody but would have liked to see them play more game and less time in bed. But last week was so boring just waiting for Jess to leave. At least this week bb added costumes for entertainment. I am tired of the Paul Although at least he is playing. Don’t approve of how he is playing, but at least he is not sitting on thumb. It would be cool to see a miracle and Cody stay just to watch them all scramble…lol

    • I’m rethinking my being so happy that Cody didn’t play in that comp, especially if it resulted in he and Alex being tied together for 48 hours. That would have been hilarious.

      • Oh boy, can you imagine Princess Butthole watching that? She would be pulling what’s left of her hair out, she’d be clean bald by the time they were separated.

      • That would almost be worth Cody staying and kicking Elena to the curb….almost. Gotta get him while the gettins good and a sure thing.

      • I hope they don’t get sidetracked on the Holena thing this week. Now is the chance to get Cody out, clean and simple. They wait any longer and he could take control of the game.

      • Yes! how often have we seen that in the past. A group has a plan to take out a key player and then they get sidetracked, go for some collateral damage and the original target lives on. Cody out Thursday!

      • Bingo! We see it time and time again. I know it will be discussed round and round this week, fair enough but the simple and clear cut solution for this week is get out Cody, then take out Holena. Her unlikability (not a word, I know) will always be present and ready for them to pounce on.

      • Think is a split decision between her or Mark , but most likely she will be next target then mark .

      • They won’t , he doesn’t wanna be there, but would be funny if they evicted Elena whe she could have had the veto ! Der . She that secure that she’s staying that it probably didn’t even cross her mind.

      • Wish they could get Julie to fake announce that Elena has been evicted, let her get all riled up and start to go to the door and Julie say, oops I misread. Cody your’re out.

      • I agree. I don’t foresee anything changing their minds at this point. Of course, Josh has been on a little get Elena out tangent, but that’s Josh, who people shoo out of rooms when he enters and they are talking game, bless his heart.

      • My one concern is Alex. She gets so wound up about certain things and can be very petty. She was pissed about Elena going back on her word, that’s where the hiccup is going to be imo. I hope Paul can soothe all of that over and make them see the road ahead.

      • LOL, even Joshie told her yesterday that it’s not what you want but what’s good for the team. Imagine, wisdom from the meatball.

      • Cody already tried playing her this AM early. She didn’t bite and went straight to Paul with the contents of the conversation. He patted her and said, “Good dog.”

      • She should have turned to him and said ‘no you’ve got me confused with your bi**h’

      • That’s good news, I hope she can stay focused, especially with her horrendous punishment. Maybe it’s good because her mind will be on the task at hand instead of over thinking things up in the HOH.

      • Yup, just to get her out and show her that it was a dumb move and with the DE could have gotten Cody then. It’s too much of a gamble tho and is the best scenario to get him out.

      • 😂😂 she really should have cut him out for her game , they could have got together after the game , and could have gotten a really good weave or wig or implants w the $$ she chose to blew off for a buthole

      • The whole purpose is to irritate Jezebel. I bet Cody would have been a fairly decent sport about the unitard with Jessica out of the way, but Cody having to sleep in the bed with Alex would have sent Jezebel into a meltdown. She hates Alex and she knows Cody likes Alex.

      • Haha ! Ohhhh , I didn’t even think of that , somehow she would have managed to squeeze herself in the middle.

      • If that would have happened, then he would get many chances to talk to her one on one. With Paul sending spies and always inserting himself up Alex’s a**, it is impossible.

    • He doesn’t have any allies and has isolated himself in the HN room. He could turn all of that around if he could at least TRY and mend fences and get the house on his side and maybe get Paul out . Not that I want that since want Paul to make it to t4 or t2 , but if he’s gonna just sit there , stare at the walls and isolate himself then he needs to go . He’s checked out already .

      • The house isolated him. Paul threatens anyone that talks to him. He (Paul) has done that to Mark and is considering using Kevin as an example. So nobody wants to associate with Cody even those thet may like him.

  4. This is the season of NFPs. I liked some at the beginning, then each week changed my mind and now I just want Raven and Paul out and the rest can fight it out. The winner takes it all. I really hated Josh and Cody and now I’m on their side, but still don’t like them much. I really liked Alex and hoped she was going to do something and now she is one of my least faves.

      • She gets on my nerves everyday, especially after getting that punishment yesterday. Alex being up Paul’s behind is what bugs me the most about her. I had hopes for her.

  5. No more returning players next season! If there is a next season, seeing as this season blows!

    • There will be another season, CBS announced it.

    • I think producers care much about ratings and not whether the millions of viewers like the show. The majority of viewers always come back each season regardless how horrible it is.

    • no more showmances. Ever since Rachel and Brandon, they’ve been trying to repeat it. Jeff and Jordan sealed the deal. Now all they cast is young horny singles.

      They need diversity to make it interesting.

      • This was actually one of the oldest skewing seasons in a while. More late 20s to mid 30s than is typical. Pre-show, it was a very interesting seeming cast. Production just had to shoot themselves in the foot by putting in a single vet to ruin the natural dynamic.

      • it’s not the age, it’s the contestants just wanting exposure. Get people in there that want to play the game.

    • Even if it hadn’t already been renewed, it still would be. It pretty much tops the broadcast ratings every night it’s on. It’s stayed incredibly consistent, too. As much as people like to trash this season, the viewership hasn’t gone down.

  6. Cody ruined this season. He was a bully. And made it so HGs couldn’t be comfortable to be themselves. Be brought so much tension into house. Imagine someone like Natalie not being able to be themself bc Cody made them feel uncomfortable. Even Paul has laid low on his usual tomfollery of last season, bc Cody really brought the mood down.

  7. Did Paul throw the last hoh? I’m rewatching Thursday night’s show and using good in those type comps.

  8. Another week of the same ol same ol trying to get Cody out so sick and tired of this crap Paul should have never been there to begin with

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