Tonight On Big Brother 19: Veto Competition & Ceremony

Big Brother 19 is back tonight at 8/7c with the Power of Veto episode as the show picks back up with the house trying to figure out what to make of Jessica’s nomination despite her claims of safety for several weeks. Oh, and there’s a few crazy fights to go along with it.

Mark and Josh face off on Big Brother 19

Sunday’s episode ended with Paul sending Cody and Jessica up to the Block but inside the house that was just the start of things going haywire. We should pick up then with a fight between Cody and Paul which was soon followed by some serious stress between Josh and Mark that even lead to Feeds cutting away from a very tense situation.

Along with all that excitement we’ll have to get in the Veto Competition and Paul’s big plan for the week to convince Jessica not to put her Halting Hex in to play. Just try to guess how well all that goes over. With both Jessica and Cody now on the Block there’s no way for them to both get down which means her only way to insure they survive this week is to throw in her Temptation power.

Thursday is going to be a good live show, but let’s get there first. Don’t miss tonight’s episode on CBS and streaming live on CBS All Access. See you then!

Can’t wait for the spoilers? Check out what happened at the Veto comp & ceremony this week.

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Don't miss tonight's new episode of #BB19. Lots of drama, including this little pots & pans number by Josh & Mark: []

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  1. This has been one weird week. I’m so ready for it to be over. After this, I hope no more twist! Just let them play the game without production interfering. Just let them play for crying out loud!!! If you suck, you get evicted period! No coming back, no saving anybody, so safety comps, nothing!! You’re out, beat it, adiΓ³s, scram, kick rocks!!! This drawn out Cody saga is ridiculous! He doesn’t even know how to play! Hes too simple mind! Lets move on! He’s not worth production protecting. Find a new enemy for Paul, anything, just let them play!

    • I’m with you mg but unfortunately the twists will still keep coming. We’ve got all those keys in the HoH room that have to unlock something and they will probably stick us with someone coming back from the Jury house. Those are the predictable ones, who knows what else they’ll try?

      • I don’t mind the twist… actually this season they pretty interesting…Its the bringing back of evicted HGs that annoys me..Like mg said let em go..they had their chance and blew it…..

      • Do you hate bringing in failed players or do you hate paul? I mean be honest. Was nicole better?

      • Just read your comments & your are anti paul. More pro cody so….has nothing to do with past “failed” players.

      • Ok. It is Paul. I hate him. He is so disgusting. Walking around without a shirt….ugh. He just looks dirty. Gross. And a jerk on top of all that. And that stupid ugly ass beard. Is he trying to play terrorist….I know he acts like one but dang.

      • Well,Nicole being likable is a matter of opinion. Frankly,she made my skin crawl & that voice… Regardless the game should be based on who plays the game better-not who is more personable.

      • Aha, it’s my new best friend Bob. Hey Bob, I’m sure you have a wall full of ribbons!!!! GO PAUL!!!!

      • Ribbons are for failed players–like Paul and Nicole–who need to be brought back after losing and then given massive protection by Production like the 3-week safety Paul received.

        Without that, he’d be gone. With it, he was able to ingratiate himself with the star struck players.

      • Can you squeeze in a few more bigoted, asinine, and witless comments into another paragraph?

      • Bigoted…lol. Well that is an old dried out work when you have no possible defense. You are an idiot. No wonder you are lusting over Paul…..Ugly assed man that he is.

      • Don’t remind me.…smh Cody’s life in the game is solely from twist….he’s a bad player, he doesn’t deserve to be there and here he is back in the house and safe again. Its not fun for me to watch. I taped Sundays episode and stilk havnt watched it. Smh and prob same tonight. I’ll peak back in on Thursday.

      • A person evicted from the BB house was evicted by a jury of his or her peers…They were evicted for a “reason” and it is a slap in the face to the remaining HGs that they have an opportunity to come back..I don’t care which HG it is or how much the person might be loved (mostly hated) …..

      • I cant stand that. It’s not fair! Here you get a comp beast out, then they come right back and can easily gain leverage in the game again. Smh it drives me up the wall! I skipped 7 seasons of this show and again, I’m being reminded of why I quit watching.

      • I’m not sure of the exact number, but I think a house guest has returned every season for the past ten or so (no doubt someone will correct me if I’m wrong). You appear to be suggesting that this is a “slap in the face” because … because that means the house guests aren’t in control of the game’s twists? (Which they aren’t.) Because they’re unaware that this happens every single season? Because they’re too stupid to figure out that the well-known slogan of the game, “Expect the unexpected,” applies to this season too? Because they’re pretentious drama queens who think that production’s attempts to make good television are aimed at them personally?
        The suggestion that they were evicted by a “jury of their peers” is a false analogy. Jurors are not selected from people who have a stake in the outcome of the trial. These people were evicted by their fellow game players under the rules of the game, and were brought back under the rules of the game. Let’s not get hysterical.

      • I was speaking about a group of housebound people that make a choice as to eviction. If u didn’t like the way I worded the post that was enough said….But to imply that I am “hysterical”…Are u for real???

      • You hit the nail on the head there. Sadly though, those that loved, people will complain that they need to come back. It wasn’t that long ago everyone on here was screaming for Cameron to come back.

      • I’m with you on people coming back but you know I did enjoy Victor last year. Other than that No Battle Backs or anyone from Jury House returning.

      • Totally agree littlefly. I don’t mind a vet coming back, and don’t think it is necessarily an advantage. It really has taken some skill as a vet for Paul to keep the target off his back, especially since he had no other vets to align with. What I hate is returning players in the same season. It takes away basic premise of the game. Jmo

      • Paul doesn’t deserve to be there. He played before and should get a second chance. To many people wanting to be on the show. He already has his chance.

      • Without 3 weeks of protection that Production clearly gave Paul, he’d be gone and Cody’s game play would look much better. After that, he had no chance.

      • Again, i don’t know what show you’re watching but I’m watching bb19. And what took place was a terrible not well thought out bone head of a decision made to take out the person that EVERY SINGLE PERSON in his alliance wanted to work with. Did you forget VOTES are needed to get someone evicted?? Answer this: how many votes did Cody have to get Paul out?? Flashback and get back with me.;-)

      • I’m watching Big Brother. What I didn’t realize is that I’m really watching professional wrestling, because this is about as real as that.

      • We’ll never know how many votes Cody had to evict Paul. A lot changes between nomination day/veto ceremony and the day of eviction. It is entirely possible that Cody could’ve lobbied to get Paul out, but we’ll never know because Production gave Paul 3 weeks of immunity.

      • Well don’t you ever play big brother because you’d be in the same position as Cody. You may want to lobby votes from your OWN allience FIRST BEFORE you put an enormous target on the block. This way you wont end up looking like a gigantic horse’s azz like Cody and get evicted the following week. That’s just a little tip for you. AGAIN, in case you haven’t been watching, we’re talking about Cody here, he couldn’t sell an ice cream cone at a summer carnival. The kid can barely construct a sentence. He sounds like he’s chewing his face yet you think he can rally votes with 0 social game. Smh Anyway I digress. I’m not oblivious to whats right before my eyes. I have the ability to
        form an astute opinion based off logistics. Fact remains, Cody got evicted, not Paul. Count those votes.

      • Oh, I’d never play BB. The producers would never pick me to be the winner.

        Prior to putting Paul up, he was tight with his alliance. He had a social game…probably one of the stronger ones in the house at that point. Without production giving Paul 3 weeks of safety, he’d be gone. It’s a simple as that.

        I understand why Cody didn’t want to let his alliance know about Paul. They were obviously all star struck. Paul’s going to go on to win this season and Cody will be there to tell everyone “I told you so”.

        I won’t be there to see it. I stand by my original assertion that watching BB is no different than watching professional wrestling.

      • Those keys maybe just for show to be used in a future unnamed comp yet to be played.

      • Like i said last week, I dont mind a few twist here and there but all this is over kill.

    • Good Lord mg, you just said what me and I’m sure alot of other people were thinking, hats off to ya!!!

    • I kind of agree. Let’s move on to playing. Although I do like some of the twists because it makes in interesting. I think there’s just too many saves this season.

    • Well unfortunately for you, it looks like there’ll probably be a Jury battle back soon. After the first battle back, it’s bound to happen.

    • They should never have let Paul back in the house this year and he should never have gotten three weeks free of eviction. He’s just too much. I couldn’t stand him last year and he’s even worse this year.

    • The game would be so much better off without Paul who is a bully, who hazes and harasses people. He is a nasty person who is immature. No wonder he still lives with his parents. He couldn’t survive on his own. I bet his mother still does his laundry. Paul is pathetic and I hope he leaves next week. I hope Cody gets HOH. Production has carried Paul for weeks starting with that stupid 3 weeks free from being on the block.

      • That’s your opinion. I hate Cody so there! His existence in the game is do to production twist. So i guess you can say production is playing the game for Cody. Cody is the dumbest player I’ve seen since idk how long. No strategy, no personality, speaks like hes in the sixth grade, shittie attitude etc…listen, the only reason he’s there is because production wants the contrast to Paul, nearly all the houseguest like him, there wouldn’t be an enemy without Cody. He’s a loser and living off twists. He’s too stupid to have longevity in the game without help from production. Paul can play without twist. He got one but didn’t need it .you see how dumb the others are. He would have survived Cody’s hoh anyway, he didn’t have the numbers.

      • Ideally, Paul and Cody should both go and then hopefully people will FINALLY start playing

      • I agree. Cody is an unemotional dumb butt. Paul get rid of this loser once and for all. Then Jessica’s cocky attitude will once again go bye-bye

      • My new best friend Bob=NASTY PERSON!!!! Ahhh, poor, poor loser Bob! Someday you might get to join the winning circle……………..NOT

      • king paul is in charge of the house ,and i,m sick of him,but the other houseguests must bow to their king or face the consequences

    • Um I’m rooting for Cody and Jessica. There the only interesting people. That and josh with his pans. The rest are Paul puppets and are making the game boring.
      Battle back made things more interesting because there is a chance Paul could be eliminated next week.
      This season is so interesting, i like twist without the twist it would be the Paul show and that is boring.

    • If you want production to just let them play, then you can’t bring in a “ringer” like Paul. If you don’t want people coming back, then you can’t have Paul coming back after finishing second last year. Protecting someone? They have bent over backwards for Paul. I’ve always liked Big Brother, but this is The Paul Show. People seem to like it, so okay. Just me, but I’m only passing time until season 20.

  2. To me, the smartest thing for ANY HG to do starting tomorrow is formulate a plan to backdoor Paul. Obviously, whoever gets evicted next week should go home next week barring another twist. The only caveat to this is if Paul wins TC. Getting rid of Paul would dramatically shift the game for several reasons. First, it would probably shuffle allies because the captain would be out. Secondly, Paul has literally been in every HOH’s ear, telling them who to nominate, who to backdoor, etc. Thirdly, the only vet in BB would be gone. A jury battle back will not save Paul, so the only he can reenter the house would be yet another temptaion. While Paul isn’t my favorite or least favorite HG, I’m getting tired of the vet winning comps repeatedly and basically controlling most of the house. Even though it’s a good thing that you can’t win HOH back to back weeks, Paul still seems to win so many comps that he probably won’t get evicted anytime soon. He’s playing a great game, socially, physically, and mentally, but I’d really like to see an underdog win a comp for themselves like Kevin, Matt, Raven, or Mark (again). As I mentioned earlier, whoever gets HOH (as long as it’s not Josh or Kevin because they wouldn’t follow this idea) should backdoor Paul if he doesn’t play in TC so that it shakes up the game and makes the playing field a little more level. Can’t wait to see what happens!

  3. Who do you think of his group would pull the trigger first to evict Paul if they had a chance.

      • I dont think Kevin will as fast as Christmas. I don’t like her at all. I want her out. Fortunately no else likes her either. She’s on everyone’s radar.

      • nooo I meant 1st choice to boot Paul would be Christmas…2nd choice Kevin but he would require help…Both have voiced that Paul will at some point have to go…

    • I think Kevin he has been planting seeds but can’t do it himself because Paul know’s his secret and Jason will be the scapegoat I’m calling it

      • Kevin?? Kevin wants to be in f4 with Paul,…Christmas is the one doing that. I’d get her out before mark actually. She’s sneaky.

      • I see it different, Kevin keep’s bringing up to Jason to get Paul out and I do agree about Christmas

      • Really?? I haven’t heard him say that. The only thing I keep hearing him say is F4 and F5 with Paul. Could it be him suggesting that when they get to that point in the game?

    • Kevin, Jason, Christmas and Alex have brought up briefly about Paul winning, and how everyone listens to him. I think everyone is just afraid to take the first shot for fear they’ll miss. Alex told Jason a few weeks ago that they need him until the numbers get down then they can cut him. I think all 4 of them would vote him out. Also Mark would vote him out. Elena I’m not so sure even though I’ve heard her talking to Mark about Paul controlling everyone. This HOH Thursday will probably change the course of the game big time.

      • That’s why I’m ready for the Cody and Jessica saga to end. Then the knives will come out for Paul.

        I agree it’ll new one of those 4 to say it out loud. Alex seems like the one to win HoH but her clan – Kevin and Jason – will cosign it with Xmas’blessing.

      • Why? That is the best possible scenario. So sick of St. Paul getting a free pass. He was so ridiculous with his “going on the block”. Such a spoiled brat.

      • Well obviously we view Paul differently but aside from that, here you have Paul has worked hard twice, fair and squarely getting his enemy out of the house yet he’s still there as a result of productions twist. The thrill of the show is watching the player you are rooting for eliminate his or her enemies in the game. So, bob what’s the point of me watching when the player I’m rooting for gets taken out of the game by someone he has out played TWICE?? Where is the euphoria in that for me?? That’s WHY I would be done.

    • All four have been named, Christmas, Alex, Jason and Kevin. For me, I wouldn’t count Josh out either.

    • Just sayin…. Who thinks Paul looks like Eddy Munster?? Anyone remember him?

      • i think he looks like Ayatola Khomeini ,with a black beard instead of gray the man who overthrew the shah of iran in the 90,s,and a dictator.

  4. Hell, at least Victor wasn’t safe either time he returned. He had to totally reposition himself in the game. With Cody im so pissed because next week and the next he can plao for safety and stay in the game! I mean this is absurd! Its so obvious production is giving him a safety net. I mean are they trying to do here?? They cant think they’re fooling us? This is strictly rigged to support the Cody vs Paul show. It aint fair! Next time dont cast a dumbazz to rival a smart player. Maybe he would have given Paul an honest run for his money without the help of production if he wasn’t so dumb!

    • Hey, mg! It might not be so much for Cody as it is for Jeszibel. Seems she feels she needs him. That’s how delusional she is, not to have realized how much better her game was while he was gone. Her mistake.

      • Her mistake was letting Paul know she understood how he was playing his game, and how much control he had on HGs remember Derrick when Nichole compared him to Dan Adios Nichole by her telling Paul about the dog training the HGs Red Flag ..She will be next target HG realize Cody is but a box of rocks when it comes to strategy

      • Lol i remember that with Nicole lol. Derrick was a smooth operator. Paul’s problem, and i said this weeks ago is that Paul has to be in control. Derrick didn’t have to be in every decision in the game. Derrick would wait to be summoned by the hoh for advice, Paul is in everyone’s face. He’s too present. Eventually it will be his downfall. He may survive it but he will definitely be called out by his own allies soon.

      • You’re an astute observer as well, mg. Totally agree. Paul’s ego makes him want to be in control of every aspect & it’s gonna backfire on him. He’s too micromanage for BB!

      • That is one of her many mistakes, for sure. I still think Cody is her biggest mistake.

      • Okay! Smh. And if he was so sorry for ruining her game he’d self evict. He’s full of S. He will dump her a week or two after filming.

      • When she tries to take his clothes out of that garbage bag and put them in a dresser and turns the heat on if it gets a little chilly, he’ll be out of there. How much is she willing to change for him? He already said he won’t ever change. They’ll never make it.

      • Awe poor thing. Where in the hell did they find that kid?? Has he ever watched the show? I know he said he watched part of Paul’s season.

      • Jess said something about buying him a dresser for the apartment in LA and he said he didn’t need one that he would just use a garbage bag. I’m not sure if that’s what he entered the house with. Weirdo.

      • I have my doubts. But do you think she would live isolated out in the middle of no where? I don’t see these two making it in the real world. I think each other’s real world would be a relationship killer.

      • She looks so in love with him but i don’t see the reciprocation. He’s affectionate n all but, there’s something missing on his part.

      • a soul? There is something missing alright, but the swinging tallywhacker must make up for that. smh

      • Saw it somewhere referred to BigBrother love. We’ve seen that before, the kind that dissolves when exposed to the real world

      • Resend your answer to my question, “so he’s moving with her?” It disappeared as i hit something by accident.

      • mg, you might have hit the little “-” icon at the upper right corner of every comment. It will collapse the comment. If you see it, try clicking on it again and the comment should reappear. If that doesn’t fix it, let me know.

      • I want to know where his daughter’s mom is. He’s never talked about her. Wonder how he got custody?

      • He said first episode he was a single father. Never mentioned the mom. He also has said he’s practically estranged from his family.

      • Hmm. I wonder if he meant he is unmarried, divorced, the mother of his daughter not even in the picture? Idk, but I hope his child has someone besides him to model her personality after.

      • Yea i guess that is a single father also. I may go back and look. Maybe I gathered he had custody by the way he worded it.

      • I’m pretty sure he just gets her in the summer and her mother has her the rest of the year.

      • Agree 100%. Also, he only thinks it’s necessary to own one plate, live in a camper and drive around, wants a big ole chunk of meat at meals – protein all the way, and he doesnt like social situations, etc. I’m not in any way judging Cody. He is being honest, and that’s who he is. It would never work. And now they are talking about baby names. Yikes! As soon as Cody is out of the house and sees her Instagram, Jessica Graf, he will be gone……or possibly a stalker.

      • Is her Instagram account as raunchy as she is? The guy seems to be almost completely closed off emotionally. It’s almost heart breaking if he indeed has sole custody of his daughter. Is it possible that he’s softer around a little girl? I don’t know, but I would surely hope so for her sake.

      • Heller! Its both of them actually. I should have said the Paul vs Jody show. They know Cody is a comp beast, this is why they came up with that DOT curse thing AFTER Cody came back. They are engineering this mess as they go. It’s for entertainment value, I get that but it’s irritating the F out of me.

  5. you say Cody shouldn’t be there. Wrong. Paul shouldn’t be there. He played another season and got 3 safeties. He had his turn in the other season. To many people want to play. They shouldn’t bring previous players in the game.

      • We will never know, but a highly doubt that BB and Paul made arrangements to take the entire summer off and packed his bags just in case someone took a temptation one that was flaunted the largest in history? I suspect he would have been in the game one way or another anyway. I doubt the friendship bracelets and forced convos. w/Paul were dreamt-up after he got in.

        I’m all for the twists, but BB planned for this guy to return and there was no way he wasn’t joining this group. The only issue I take is that Paul should have been just as any other forced convos., no bracelets., no special safety from the beginning. If he’s that good a player, he would have survived with no need to assure he remained. Paul is playing a good game based on what was dealt/given to him.

      • I agree, the BB crew knew Paul would come back and not because it’s rigged, but simply because they KNEW someone (Kevin) would take the 25k! That is a no brainer that (statistically speaking) BB production knew would happen. As far as the friendship bracelets…I think those were both a blessing and a curse for Paul considering as it made half the house friends with him…it also made half the house pi$$ed at him. It was Cody trying to make a big move too early in the game (without telling his alliance) that really shook the house and gave Paul the ammunition to build his army of minions. If Cody had watched BB, he should have known the vet would have some kind of safety the first few weeks…either by numbers or by twist, it has always been so!

      • Very true! If Kevin had not taken the money, no Paul. I have a feeling it would be a very boring season though. Say what you will about Paul, he is there and he is playing the game. Unlike some of the other HG who will float under the radar until they can’t hide and then actually have to PLAY the game.

      • Many others pressed that button besides Kevin. It was a total of almost 10 people. Paul would have been in the game no matter what.

  6. I’m hoping for a couple of double evictions to thin out this herd. Too many of these HGs have been in there too long because of the current game setup. This season feels stuck in neutral.

    • I agree! There are WAY to many protections, battle backs and twists that are keeping people(Cody/Jessica) in the game far longer than they should be going. I mean look at this week, Jessica will more than likely play the Hex and no one will go home, there needs to be people going out of the house. If they have a battle back in the jury…I’m done

  7. I’m from a long line of military Veterans. I’m married to a Marine. I work at MCRD, Marine Corps Recruit Depot, San Diego. It is one of only two Marine Corps boot camp training bases. It is Hell! Paul, Matt, and Josh would not make it even two hours on base. They would have a complete breakdown just standing on the yellow footprints waiting for their heads to be shaved! Bunch of losers. They are a waste of space, every last one of them. Porn movie with a bunch of foul mouthed bullies…..both male and female. Pathetic! I would pay big bucks to see the Marine Drill Instructors get ahold of these losers. It would be the greatest spectator event ever. I wish the same things for manly Christmas, Munhausen Raven, and abominable Alex. What a bunch of moronic bullies! I have watched every Big Brother season from the very beginning. This is the worst cast of people ever. Shame on the network for allowing such horrible things to take place. By the end of BB18, I was a fan of Paul. I detest him now. Dictator traits all the way. I wasn’t a fan of Cody and Jessica. I’m still not completely, but I hope they can pull off a big flip. I would love to see Cody take it all. Semper Fi, Marine Dickson. Thank you to all of our courageous military, and to their families. God bless the United States of America.

    • Wow! I counted 9 insults in that post.
      You do realize that you are simply watching a game?

      • Im sorry, I hate bullies. That’s my opinion. I’m not pushing it on anyone. It is a show, but this year is over-the-top obscene in so many ways. I blame all of it on production. It used to be fun entertainment. I have live feeds, so I see too much. Bring back the good ole days.

      • Good ole days? You mean like in BB11, where Russell would harass Ronnie or Jeff? Or Willie in 14, who went on a rampage and got kicked out? Or Evel Dick? Bullies have been part of Big Brother almost the entire time, its nothing new

      • Jeez Louise!
        Why does everyone call Evel Dick a bully? The only person he really bullied was Jen, who, let’s face it, bullied right back! Hello, does anyone remember her stealing and then tearing up 5-6 cartons of his cigarettes and pouring bleach on them??!!
        And as far as the infamous banging of the pots… Evel Dick banged the pots & pans in his season FOR A REASON–to get himself evicted before his daughter!! They were both OTB and, in fact, when ED won the POV, he saved Dani and not himself that week!! NOT a bully move. Jeez, ED was an a$$hole at times, and he could be rude and speak his mind, but he wasn’t a bully who harassed HG like what happened on Monday. C’mon!!

      • I said he bullied ONE person hon…and, Jen pushed him right back, believe you me! That girl was not afraid of Dick! haha ya too! hehe

      • I know, I wasn’t arguing or making fun. Don’t you find it funny that we’re rating these guys on a scale of bullyness?

      • lol! you didn’t comment on my Jen wasn’t afraid of Dick” double entendre there! hehe!

        Yeah, well some of my favorite Hg have been the “bad guys” of their season, (e.g., Will, Dan, Evel Dick) so… what can I say?? ;) Maybe I love myself a bad boy!

        I DO think Paul crossed a line on Monday, but he can turn it around if he’d just stop trying to make excuses for it and just say I did it as a game move that got out of hand. Just OWN it as strategy and move on. JS. In the words of Dr. Will…

      • Liked Dan, Derrick and Will, but honestly never had any respect for ED or his game play. I still want Paul in the house until Jody are both gone. Then I’d like to see the others take a stab at him, probably at at DE and see who comes out on top. Still rooting for Alex to win. Prefer Jason and Kevin to be there in F4. The others, want to see them fall one by one.

      • I am still holding out (getting fainter tho) hope that Alex is just playing Paul. I really, really loved her at first,but after her HOH and after Monday…ew, she didn’t even have Matt or Mark’s guts to say no Paul I won’t participate in this. Totally disappointed in her. Would love to see her turn it around tho. :)

      • I’m waiting to see if Kevin is really playing everyone. He acts like he knows nothing about Big Brother…but I thought that you have to have at least watched a season of BB to participate

      • That Kevin is a shady character. I do think that he has watched more BB than he lets on.

      • I think so. If he really is playing everyone and is biding his time for the right moment, its going to be brilliant. I’m rooting for him to win it all

      • I still have hope for her, she is smart and good at comps. She has maybe been a little too trusting of Paul but I think that Kevin and Jason are going to make her think hard about her loyalty to Paul and where that will get her. I actually think that when he does go it will be because of those 3 either pulling the plug or initiating the plan.

      • Right I missed that Jen and the Dick.
        Unrelated, I wonder if they have Cody’s name wrong. It’s not Cody Nickson, could it be Cody Dick-son cause that would be most appropriate

      • my favorite players are people like Evel Dick or Dan, or Will, they keep things interesting. If Paul & Josh left before Cody, its going to get really boring in there really fast

      • That’s funny, a friend gave me a little plaque last week for my kitchen. It says “I can only please one person per day, today I choose me’

      • Every season people say that BB has the worst cast. To me, there are good and bad in every season.

      • my daughter was bullied the school could not or did not do anything so I took matters in my hands I have no tolerance for such behaviour game or not and that is my opinion

    • Ann…seriously? Cody and Jessica do not have the numbers to flip the house. They have had multiple chances to fix their game, but they cannot stay off of each other long enough to talk to people and be social. Like or hate Paul he has his finger on the pulse of the house and talks to EVERYONE. Jessica and Cody are to wrapped up in themselves (Jessica doing her hair and Cody just sitting around glaring at everyone) to even try to flip. I do agree about the bullying, just not quite the way you phrased it.

  8. The season is just about halfway over and of the 17 houseguests, only 5 have been evicted. If there is no eviction this week due to the hex, there has got to be more than one double eviction week before the end because there’s still 12 houseguests left.

      • Hey tr8ppng! TY hon. How r ya my friend?? ;) As you can see I’m over my snit with BB and ready to participate in chatting again! haha

      • Aww… thanks hon. :) You’re making me blush. hehe
        No, I was just an angry little bee over Monday’s events and it took me a couple of days to get over being pi$$ed at Paul for not just owning up to his behavior that day and saying “yeah, I crossed a line, but look at how I’m running this house…” imo, he needs to stop trying to make excuses and just own the behavior coz he is totally running that house and that’s good BB playing.

      • He needs to relax a bit and not try to control every little thing. Most people rebel when they feel controlled or dictated to and some of his group are already talking about him going. It’s going to get interesting a few weeks from now which is good for us.

      • Btw hon…I missed ya too. Didn’t say it in my last post, buy I felt it. :)

        Now, on to Paul. Yeah, he needs to reign it in. I’ve said it before, his mouth will get him in all kinds of trouble. Monday was bad, but Paul could actually turn that into BB gold if he would just admit HE controlled it. He’s playing dirty this season and that’s okay tr8pping, but if he wants it to count for his resume, he has to actually OWN the fact that he instigated it and had his little “pups” carry out the heavy lifting for him. Just my opinion…if Paul wants to make his image better with the fans…apologize for Monday, but quit justifying it!! It was not cool what happened and if he keeps making excuses for Monday’s events, then the whole thing is not a strategic BB game move, instead it’s just bad behavior on Paul’s part, moreover, it just leaves him looking like a bully and/or an a$$.

      • Well mg, If you said it and I said it, gotta be right. Right? 😝😎😝

      • Well of course it does coz if it ain’t our opinion, then it must be wrong.. right?? ;) haha

      • Right now I’m torn with Paul truthfully. I love him, but I’m pi$$ed at him a bit still for Monday & the way he’s handling the aftermath of it all.
        However, even if I was A-okay with Paul…you don’t think this pic totally fits the way he’s running that house??

      • Honey, we are so on the same page! I was so disappointed in him Monday. He is skating on thin ice, I’m getting scared for him. I see faint traits of Paulie’s game last year. Hes over involving himself in to everything. I see it perhaps about to blow up in his face.

      • You know mg, if he’d just say “yeah, I crossed a line Monday” and reign himself in, but also, OWN his behavior & quit lying to me and all of us who have the feeds and watched the damned thing! Ya know what I mean?? It was like when he was camtalking after it happened I was like..Does he not know I watched the whole thing?? All excuses and justifying it… just a bunch of BS! Call it a BB gamer move and own it, then move the hell on.

        I still think he’s playing the best BB game, but he needs to stop showing how IN CONTROL he is or it WILL bite him in the you know what!!

      • You’re an astute observer! That’s absolutely what I think he’s doing, trying to convince us the audience. He’s playing a good game but I’m noticing some serious flaws. This week will cost him because he let the house see how he would behave when he when he’s not in control. He’s playing too many cards at once

      • Aw, thank mg. I’ve been watching BB for 18 seasons now…seen a lot of bad behavior! haha. This episode wasn’t the ALL TIME worst I’ve seen (The Nerd Herd of BB 6 were total A-holes! And, Justin & Krista playing with knives in BB 2 was way weird) but Monday was pretty darned bad and definitely up there with the worst of the worst of BB!

        Paul needs to stop trying to lie to us (the feedsters who watched this season) and just own his part in it…and move on by pointing out how good he is doing at running the house. Although, honestly, I think how efficiently he had everyone acting out…showed some of the minions how IN CONTROL Paul is. I mean for F*Ks sake, Raven is calling him freaking Master!!!!!!

      • Yea i get what you’re saying but that position in the game worries me. I appreciate a more subtle form of control, Monday was too much of an exhibition of power. It concerns me.

  9. Is anyone else tired of Paul and his manipulations? He is just one big bully this year. So tired of his antics. He and Josh both need to go. Not a fan of Jody either but don’t like how they are being harassed.

  10. Now cody is putting down soldiers & claiming pstd isnt a thing. Bragging about killing 10+ people-actually laughing about it. Where’s the outrage people?

  11. Looks like the HOH is going to be a “luck” one tomorrow. Golf comp. Anybody can win.

  12. How cute and classy is Jess rubbing her nipples and then patting them to make them stand to attention, I would guess, as the camera zooms in on it. That’s really thoughtful, sweetie. We wouldn’t want the viewers to have to strain to see them.

  13. I want Cody and Jessica gone once and for all. No hexes, curses, etc. Once you’re gone, you should stay gone. Cody looks like a zombie…so unemotional. Jess keeps getting cocky when she gets an advantage. Paul is a good player and deserves to be there. He plays strategic game. Please after the stupid haulting hex, let’s let them play the game..May the best man (Paul) win.

  14. Jess complaining that Paul did not deserve HoH because he has played the comp before (a year ago). Cody says nothing about the comp he played twice the same day to get back into the house. Geez Louise.

    • Hoh? Does she mean the veto? And they forgot about battle back just that fast huh? Regardless he still had to study. She’s an idiot! I hope they follow through with getting her out first.

  15. Severe thunderstorm warning in my area tonight. Looking bad outside. If you loose me, you’ll know why.

  16. He did called her bluff, that’s why Cody is can see it from his eyes. lol

    • Cody made it worse. Had it just been Paul and Jess talking, the whole fight could have been avoided.

      Plus, she kept offering Paul the chance to ask questions, but he never took her up on it. Would she have told him the truth? Who knows? But not finding out more about what the temptation was Paul’s blunder this week.

      • That was Paul’s own fault. He thought he would reveal it by nominating them, and since she wouldn’t give him clarity to begin with, he thought it was pointless to try and ask anymore

      • Paul invited Cody; Cody asked “what’s the point?” That could have been avoided if Paul did not invite Cody to talk.

      • well he is that but if he had succeeded to get Paul out when he was HOH we will be singing another tune just my opinion

      • That is ‘if’ I’m talking about what we see now, objectively. It’s never late (Dan G)

  17. Such a shame how Jessica can’t understand what’s ruining her game is around her 24/7

  18. Mark involving himself really wasn’t the best thing he could have done. He should have just laid low like everyone else

    • True – but Josh’s verbal assault was totally uncalled for. It went on for far longer than they just showed and they cut the worst parts.

    • And yet Josh escalated the entire thing because all Mark did was tell him to stop.

      • Mark told him to “shut the f*ck up” with an attitude, which set an already mad Josh off. Did no favors in the situation

      • Josh said he was going to sh*t on him – many times. And other verbal vulgarities. What was he supposed to say?

      • Everything that happens in the house can revolve around the game. Josh is annoying 24/7, thus people want him out

      • Yes!..I will repeat that. FOR HIS GAME (his position in the house) it’s a bad move. It’s not helping his game.

      • yes everything he said to him was exactly what he was doing and he is again please Josh go away my 87 year old mother is ready to shoot you she calls you the village idiot

  19. Is she upset with Cody or because she put them in this position? She yelled about the Hex, she told him not to play in the temptation competition?

      • Of course. How is it that no one else sees that? Granted they have a strong dislike for the guy but he shouldn’t be the scapegoat for her mistakes also.

    • The bottom line is She’s asking him to control his emotion. Explaining to him it’s a freaking’s frustrating her.

      • Paul asking her to lower her already lowered voice was stupid. Paul was very childish in that argument, every step of the way. You tell someone to leave and then follow them?

      • ..but how do you improve Cody’s game? Let’s talk about that. What do you suggest?

      • Seriously? it’s pretty well hopeless. It pains him to socially interact with others. And his ego makes him unpleasant to be around. He can’t win every comp.

      • I think they expected a storyline of the noble vet playing BB and instead they got Cody who with his attitude and treatment of others does not fill that bill

      • Talking about storyline..From a different perspective, Cody could be a good ‘character too. Typically a ‘Reality TV show, Two players have sort of ‘blood feud, One goes out. It doesn’t linger for many weeks.

      • Yeah as a character, he played his role in spades in the first few weeks but he doesn’t wear well in the long run. He’s more suited for a cameo role than a starring role lol

      • Right..I can’t even see him as winner . lol seriously..I’m not casting that guy..I..think it’s his eyes…the way he stare at people. .

      • nothing when you have a bunch of mindless ships following the big liar bully they will loose and hand Paul the money

      • So he’s not salvageable. He can’t handle adversities in the game of Big Brother.

      • no but he is dealing with a mob mentality the only way will be if they (Cody and/or/Jessica wins hoh every week

      • OK..Aren’t you proud of him for controlling his emotions during the onslaught? lol..I mean..that’s an improvement right? Don’t you agree he should listen to Jess more?

  20. Ok honestly, I think everyone in this house should always believe they can win the game. When they say “I’m not winning anyways”, it just makes them sound like they don’t care anymore

    • Might also convince the Minions to be in constant gameplay mode and not follow Paul so much.

      • I think it’s obvious people like Matt and Raven are waiting to strike. Do I think they will? I don’t see Raven doing it…but I can totally see Matt turning on the alliance when the oppurtunity comes

      • There are still 12 people in the game. I know it feels longer, but we have to remember this is still the point of the game where numbers matter more than getting out good players does. If Matt tries now, they’ll easily turn against him and Raven, and they can’t do anything cause there’s too many of them to fight against

      • Yeah, but I really don’t think Matt is going to do anything. More likely be Kevin, Jason, Christmas or Alex

      • Kevin won’t win anything. Jason may, Christmas I don’t think is gonna win anything, and Alex is Paul’s ride or die

      • Matt I think is holding off until the competitions matter, like Steve did in BB17

      • I see it, do you see how jacked Matt is? He even made it to the final 3 of the last quiz comp

      • I had high hopes for Matt at the beginning of the season. I thought that he could go far. He has just really disappointed me so far.

      • I think he just is not good at them. Steve was an intelligent guy – Matt doesn’t fit that mold. Cam was this year’s Steve

  21. Paul is right when he says Cody is dragging down Jessica’s game. She has a much better chance of winning without him here

    • Cody does drag her down. But not much – Maven, Christmas, & Alex hate her. If Cody was gone, she still would be targeted by Paul’s posse

      • Not saying she is right, but basically everyone in this house (except maybe Kevin) has said very nasty things – with Josh in the “worst” class by himself

      • Kevin has agreed with many things everyone has said about Jessica and Cody, he even asked why America thinks she deserves the temptation

      • Exactly. Cody or no Cody, she was their next target. They only switched to Dominque last week because their leader decided he wanted D gone first.

      • That was Alex! Alex wanted that! Alex wanted to lessen the numbers on the other side! It was EXACTLY what she said in her first DR session as HOH

      • Yep Paul actually wanted Ramses gone that week. But had to wait a week to get him out.

      • Not to mention it was Cody who started the concerns over Dominque and Mark. Just because Paul calls himself the “puppet master” doesn’t mean he is influencing every aspect of the game

    • Disappointed in BB production letting Josh stay in the house & letting him get away with his bullying on Mark, Cody & whoever he feels like bullying on. He’s immature and not a good example to be aired on TV if children are watching. He dishes it out constantly but can’t take the heat when someone tries to tell him to settle down. And Paul loves it b/c he thinks he’s God in that house & is running the rest of the floaters & non-game players in that house. Paul is just as immature as Josh because yes Cody is a better player than Paul & Paul knows it & that’s what is pissing Paul off !!!!!

      • I agree about Josh. But Paul wants him there to do his dirty work and make people want him out before Paul.

      • Which will make Cody flip out. Did you see his reaction when Jessica accidentally flashed a boob for a mere milla second?

      • He literally threw his arm out in disgust, starting at her like she just commited a life sin

      • Do you think perhaps again you are looking at it in a different ‘light’ because you dislike him?
        Do you think it is possible he was just trying to protect her from flashing America? Because it does end up all over the Internet!
        I don’t know, obviously I didn’t see how it went down so I can’t say for sure but, if he is OK with having sex (I don’t know how that went down either!?) with her then, I would think again he’s just trying to protect her from having her boob all over the Internet!?!
        So if having sex under the covers? For everyone tuning in to see is fine with him but her flashing her boobs by accident isn’t, then that’s a little strange! Although Cody is a little strange so it’s hard to say LOL πŸ˜‚
        Thoughts? Maybe he was just being protective? Or did he give her crap?

      • Concierge (as a noun)

        1. (especially in France) a person who has charge of the entrance of a building and is often the owner’s representative; doorkeeper.

        2. a member of a hotel staff in charge of special services for guests, as arranging for theater tickets or tours.

        3. an employee stationed in an apartment house lobby who screens visitors, controls operation of elevators, accepts deliveries to the tenants, etc.

  22. This speech of hers cracks me up. You have sex on TV and your worried about what Cody does. Give me a break

    • Jess would be a very high maintenance girl. Don’t know how Cody (or anyone) could put up with her.

      • It just depends on your definition of high maintenance LOL
        High maintenance – takes care of herself, likes to look nice, but is a nice person or
        High maintenance – all the above (minus the nice person) but with an attitude! Thinking she is better than everyone else!?

      • Yes several times and she talks about it when she knows people have live feeds. SMH

      • Yikes! Not a good look for sure, especially when she’s worried about her family and her job! Well, in all fairness she is a grown adult. Not a classy thing to do for sure!

      • Nope, not even close! And she won’t be the last
        And just curious why Jessica is being slammed for slamming Cody ha ha Ha but Raven does the same thing and it’s OK…….And what about Cody & Matt! Double standards much
        LOL not directed at you of course

      • Right, “Sweet little innocent, America’s sweetheart” that is 100% certain she is going to get “America’s favourite HG” because she wants money money money from everyone for her fake fatal (not fatal) disease also had sex with Matt correct?
        & I truly don’t mean to sound rude regarding her disease! But several people who have the exact same disease have messaged me & I just had a conversation with a lady that has it and she assured me it is really nothing more than just having a strict diet!) and/or commented in the blogs that this is not a fatal disease and in fact, the only big issue with this disease is not enough neurologist or specialists and they are on a unique diet all the time.
        If that is the case, Raven is more disgusting than I thought she was already!
        I don’t want to say things without 100% having the fax but, several people have said it to me, and I have read online all the above. So, Raven is a disgusting human being! She has everyone’s sympathy in the house & everyone keeps telling her they are going to help raise money for her, Paul is going to make shirts for her, Cody even said he would get a second job for her! How does she not think these HG’s are not going to find out the second the game is over!!?
        A really nice lady I was talking to earlier who also has this disease is very disgusted with the raven making it all about her! Not drawing attention to this in curable disease and all the issues surrounding it but is instead just using it as a poor me!!
        I truly can’t think of someone/Raven doing something that horrendous! But, if it’s true and she is full of crap and she is making it out to be way worse than it is, I will be repulsed with her behavior! I get that you have to lie in this game but come on, that’s crossing the line!
        She is always saying “I am living my life to the fullest b/c I never know when the day is going to come when the pacemaker in my stomach no longer works!”
        If I have been misinformed than I do truly apologize! But I did Google it at the beginning of the season because I wanted to know what it was, and I didn’t read anything about it being a fatal disease. Yes it’s in curable but if you follow the diet properly or you won’t get sick etc.
        Don’t get me wrong, of course having any disease or anything that makes you not 100% healthy is terrible! But to use that to your advantage and lie about it, manipulate people’s hearts, get everyone’s sympathy because of it, is just so wrong in so many ways!
        Anyway sorry LOL rant and rave! My bad πŸ€—
        & again, if I am wrong then I am very sorry to Raven, her family and friends! But she has to stop being so phoney and stop making everyone feel sorry for her!
        OK sorry, I will shut up now LOL stupid talk to type

  23. I am disappointed withPaul he is a bad man. Cody is not a bad guy. I really dislike Josh and the bullying that is going on in the house. Not happy with the show right now.

      • I don’t know that he is a bad guy, but he is an emotional one and a bad BB player. He shouldn’t be in this game, he’s not cut out for it

      • That I agree. He has no patience for the game and very straight to the point. He wears his emotions on his sleeve.

      • Right. CBS sghould know anyone who has seen combat could have PTSD. That makes them a danger. Don’t get all upset I know everybody doesn’t get it. Many vets in my family.

      • I have several vets and actives in my family as well, every military branch and certain situations some should not be in, like BB.

  24. I love how Elana is trying to be the voice of reason when she’s going to work for Paul to get them out anyways

  25. You know what, at least Elana understands when to let go when a showmance gets in the way of her game

      • I hope so…can’t recall an episode of big brother where the Veto comp hasn’t even started yet at 8:40…

      • They must really have edited the thing down. Or maybe they just figure it doesn’t matter this week, since Jess is gonna use the Hex, so we’ll focus on the drama instead.

      • I actually think if Paul does make it to final 2, it’ll be with Alex, and she’ll win, like when Dan made it to final 2 again

      • I don’t see Paul making it to the final. People are already talking about getting him out.

    • …well this one is nowhere near as hard as last year’s…there’s only 4 possible answers…

      • And yet, they have time to waste on trying to fool the tv only audience that Paul’s gonna use the Veto on Jess (if this is that conversation).

      • That’s true..she just doesn’t verbalize it, but it’s obvious from her actions.

      • I think it was Christmas that told her Alex wanted to put her up but she knew Cody would be mad. Tht was early in the season.

      • Exactly! So I really wish all of these Jessica haters would stop saying Jessica dislikes Alex because her and Alex were once close. Yeah, in the beginning Jessica was not happy about it but I’m pretty sure Jessica is very comfortable in her own skin therefore, she was just pissed off that Cody wanted to work with Alex when she didn’t want to at all & then she was pissed off when she found out Alex wanted to nominate her! Makes perfect sense to me why Jessica doesn’t “like” Alex. I’m pretty sure if Alex went to Jessica and said let’s squash this, Jessica would be totally cool about it, however, if Jessica went up to Alex and tried to squash it, Alex would have no part of that because she has been ordered by Paul (along with everyone else) not to speak to Cody & Jessica! It’s repulsive behavior! & it’s even worse all these people are all listening to him! It blows me away!
        This season has been super weird and what not, but a lot of the people on here this season have been very narrowminded and can’t seem to look past Jessica, Cody & Paul’s “past mistakes” & just see things for what they are now!
        It’s super frustrating! There are times I have not liked any of them, and there are times I have liked all of them. But regardless, at least they’re playing the game! Sure Cody doesn’t have a social game but who cares! At least he’s playing it! You know what I mean?

        I don’t know, I’m just open minded and I respect all three of them for at least playing the game. I don’t like a lot of things all 3 of them have done at times but that doesn’t mean I am going to hold that against them for the rest of the season!! Well, that’s not completely true! If Paul continues being a bully, and continues getting other people to do his dirty work then, I will just keep losing more and more respect for him!
        I am not a huge fan of Paul’s and I strongly believe production is manipulating a lot of situations in Paul’s favour & I really really don’t like the way he is getting his mindless morons to do his dirty work for him and their mob like mentality however I can look past that and say yeah, that was a good move for Paul,(IF it does not involve the bullying he and his mutts did the other day) or good for Cody for doing blah blah blah (IF he is not being aggressive or mean on a personal level) or good for Jessica for saying blah blah blah… You know what I mean?
        Some/most of the people in here cannot look past their dislikes for either Paul or Cody/Jessica so they just bash them for anything they do.
        Anyway sorry blah blah blah I’m using talk to type so I’m just venting out loud to you LOL sorry πŸ’œ

      • But they will also have a lot of room to fill because no evection, no voting, no speaking to the evicted HG… You know what I’m saying?!?

      • But they can’t go assuming that because what if she change her idea at the last minute, they’re screwed.

      • I am pretty sure it is 99% guaranteed she uses it. And I would think/assume that production has had a talk with her before they did the edits for last night/Wednesday nights episode. Maybe!?

        I know you might unfriend me off of Facebook after I see this LOL πŸ˜‚ (Hope Not) ❀️ haha
        But at this point I think I want Jessica to go far. She has made some rookie mistakes, that’s for sure! But, she knows this game inside and out!
        I am just so tired of only 3% of the house playing! I don’t want Jessica to go next week. Cody fine! Although I would want her to keep him around which of course she will do if given the power but I really think people are going to start scrambling this week if Jessica/Cody win HOH. This might buy them some genuine side deals.
        Everyone is starting to wake up (although they are not doing anything differently) & realize that Paul is controlling them. And they will feel threatened if Jessica/Cody when the HOH so they could start flipping anytime now. They all wanted to make it to jury so, they are one person away from it &they are going to do everything in their power to stay safe this week! Even if it is throwing their master under the bus! We shall see! Truly hoping Cody/Jessica win the HOH! Plus if they don’t, it’s just going to be a repeat of this week basically! The only change will be Jessica and Cody fighting hard to stay. I don’t think either of them want to be in the jury house without the other. Especially Cody! If Jessica gets evicted before him, and he makes it to the jury house, it could be interesting cuz I don’t know if he would stay in the game or walk with her out the door!

      • Even 99% is not enough for them edit in the way you think. What is more likely to happen is if we would see the HoH comp or not.

      • Don’t you think they have something edited for Thursday night and then if Jessica did use the HH, don’t you think they would be prepared for that as well? True question :-)
        I hope it’s a individual HOH that is timed so they can manipulate it for Jessica or Cody to win :-) :-)
        AND I NEVER think like that!! I hate it very much when you can tell it’s scripted or manipulated. I think as you know I prefer a much more organic game however, I will make this exception because I am not thrilled with the house, and if anyone but Jessica/Cody and maybe Mark when the HOH then it’s just going to be another boring week in the BB 19 house.
        OK! LOL I don’t really want it to be thrown to them by BB production…… But I do want them to win :-)

      • Can you imagine if Jessica doesn’t use her HH this week, (something major happens and she decides to better her game and get rid of Cody) but then the house ends up evicting her! OUCH!
        & Cody will lose his sh*t! He knows that he has no shot at winning the game but he has high hopes for her.
        He would probably tell Julie ‘live’, “no no I am leaving! Jessica deserves to stay”
        Of course Julie will not allow that, Cody taking Jessica’s place so I most definitely think he would walk out the door with Jessica! Jessica would be shellshocked if she was blindsided!
        Even when she was thinking about getting Cody out this week because of her anger but also because Cody was talking about wanting to leave. I don’t think Jessica thinks “they might evict me so the HH is out of play!”
        I could be wrong and she might have said it/thought it!? But OMG, that would be crazy entertainment! And if Cody decided to stay….What might do!?
        If I were an HG, especially Paul & Jessica was blindsided, I would sleep with one eye open if Cody was still in the house!
        But that would be some great entertainment but I like Jessica and I don’t think there is ANY chance whatsoever she won’t use the HH tonight!
        Impossible my friend 😘

  26. Wow, how many years has it been since the Veto Meeting WASN’T on the same episode as the Veto Comp???

  27. This was the worst edited BB ever (imo). There was worse fighting after the veto ceremony.

      • At this point I am hoping production is setting Jessica/Cody up to win the HOH! This season is full of manipulation, favouritism towards Paul etc.
        So, give it to Cody or Jessica!

      • Exactly! So with anyone but them get the HOH then it’s just going to be a repeat of this week aside from one of them will likely be evicted.
        This way ifCody/Jess win the HOH, I think that SOME of the HG’s may start to open up their eyes and realize they are never going to get Cody and Jessica & they are just playing the game for Paul!!
        So they might as well try to get Paul out because if they lay down for Paul like they have all season, one of them is definitely going home before jury! SOME of them MIGHT start playing the game however, most of them are just happy they are making it to their second vacation at the “BB Jury House Retreat” LOL

      • You are so right Matt has said he has accomplished what he wanted and that was making it to jury.
        Did I read or hear it correct that Paul and Raven live and are friends in LA?

      • Matt seriously said that!? Was he serious!? If so, what a huge disappointment! He was one of my top picks for doing well this season and being entertaining! He sure let me down! I was hoping for a big change to happen soon with him.

        Paul and Raven live in LA? Is that what you’re asking?
        & they are friends? As in they knew each other before they came into the BB house? If that’s the case then they accidentally “let the cat out of the bag!” Production clearly did not want anyone to know that!
        Just another reason why I think the best showmancea of all times goes to “Paul and productions showmance!”
        They’re so cute working so hard together! Lol πŸ˜‚ 😝 😜
        Worst kept secret, ever!

      • Yes Matt stated that in the HOH to Raven and I believe Paul. They were talking about Jody and he goes I don’t mind I have nothing to lose. I’ve meet my goal.

        Yes I believe I saw it in one of the posts that Raven is from Arkansas however she lives in LA and her and Paul are friends.

        I agree Paul is productions boy and the fact that Paul has an agent you know he had a contract with CBS on how long he is safe. Just the fact he was on their (CBS) new game show Candy Crush CBS is in love with Paul.

      • There could be a chance Matt was just saying that to Paul so Matt seems like less of a threat in the future. I would like to think that’s true anyway LOL I really really like Matt in the beginning! I thought he and Cody would team up and strong arm the house. Boy was I wrong!

        As for Paul and production, it was evident production wanted Paul around for as long as possible. Giving America the choice for the first temptation being “3 weeks safety” of course Paul was going to get it, production knew that and that’s why they did that! Who else would anyone vote for not knowing any of the HG’s yet, plus when vets come back most people like that and also most people root for the underdog and it was clear Paul was a target/underdog.
        Plus he got to hand out friendship bracelets and he was safe from the first eviction!
        I love Big Brother, I still love big brother & I don’t think I would ever not like big brother! It is my favourite reality show & has been since the very first season! but, I am disappointed at how scripted and manipulated it is now.
        I don’t like how certain HGs are Clearly favoured by production and I don’t like these twist and temptations. Some are OK because they don’t actually affect anyone’s game but the HG’s cannot go into the house/game anymore and play a “fair game” with no outside influences! It’s just not organic. They can’t fight man to man, woman to woman etc. & the Best person wins! For example Cody! When he tried to back door Paul the first week, that was a great move! But Paul had the safety and didn’t have to tell anyone (Which I still think is BS) during Cody’s first week as HOH he pretty much had to put up 1/3 of the house! That is clearly not a great way to start the game LOL
        I didn’t think it was fair for Cody, he had so many obstacles in his way and didn’t have a fair HOH like everyone else does! & if Cody didn’t get screwed during his HOH and was able to put up Paul or at least knew he wasn’t able to put up Paul then his game wouldn’t be so exposed that early on! Plus if he was able to put up Paul, his alliance would have understood and not been mad that he didn’t tell them. It just turned into a sh*t show because of Paul safety and Paul was able to flip that in his favour (which was super easy to do because clearly 97% of the house are a bunch of mindless morons!!) & that all ended up being the demise of Cody. So again, outside influences!
        That is a big reason why I continue to cheer for Cody and Jessica. I know I’m alone on that but, I can look past people’s imperfections and understand certain game moves. Cody was brilliant trying to backdoor Paul who was clearly (and still is) the biggest threat in the house!
        So because there is so much favouritism towards Paul, (just like you said because he has an agent so it’s obvious BB Pro is favouring him!) at this point I really hope someway somehow production manipulates this HOH and Jessica or Cody win it! I don’t even care if it was rigged at this point!
        OMG!! I am super super sorry LOL blah blah blah blah blah! I just paused and realized this is a very long reply! πŸ™ƒ (Nothing new for me) πŸ™„
        I use talk to type (clearly!) LOL and I just started venting away to you! This is so long! I’m sorry
        πŸ™Š ❀️

      • Yes I agree no one would be bashing on Cody had it not been for the fact he was put in a spot with Paul’s 3 free weeks. Had _Paul not had safety then Cody would have been the one to back door a vet right off the bat. Great tactical decision. He kept it quiet as lose lips sink ships and Raven was already tied in with Paul and all the googling over Paul being there quiet was his only chose when pulling that off.
        Then when it came down to him having to put up not two, not 3 but 4 house guest in the first night well what can you say. Paul would have not survived that even.

      • wasn’t it five people Cody had to put up in total including Paul? Unless you’re not counting Paul?
        That was total BS and big brother should have figured something else out! Cody didn’t stand a chance after that! No one would!

      • Right!!! From the sounds of it, (things I have read today and just as I suspected) most of the HG’s just wanted to make it to the jury house so who knows, once Cody and Jessica are gone, the entire house (for the most part) could just be volunteering to be evicted each week LOL
        I wouldn’t put it past some of them! It doesn’t help that a lot of them know regardless of if they win or lose, they will get their 15 minutes of fame! And they’re just happy with that! Lame πŸ˜’

  28. Did Jessica say she is giving her BB money to someone? I had trouble hearing the mumbling til she got fierce with Cody and turned off her indignant stance for a hug and all was well. Please do not think it wise to defend Jessica, I am honestly asking a question, not judging her.

    • I haven’t seen tonight’s episode yet, West Coast Canadian girl here but, I would suggest turning on close captioning. It helps me out a lot
      Especially for BB After Dark! Although whoever is doing the typing is god awful LOL

    • If so, I would liken it to Frankie Grande and his plan to donate his winnings to charity.

      • I don’t know if I heard it correctly…Tinalee…lemme know if you can hear what she’s saying. :-)

      • She said she was “playing for Xanax and possibly a straight jacket” LOL πŸ˜‚
        I don’t blame the poor girl! I think she would have done very very well had Paul’s agent not negotiated specific terms with BB keep Paul safe for a specific amount of weeks therefore BB giving “US” (US & Canada the vote to give one HG 3 weeks safety!! So, in other words give Paul the safety because he is of Vet, the only HG we knew (at the time), the underdog, not someone “we” wanted to see go home right away etc. BB production knew damn well the majority of “us” would have voted for Paul! That temptation was handed to Paul on a SilverPlatter!

        Sooooo, my whole point being, when Cody had the HOH week one and essentially had to put up 1/3 of the house including Paul who had the safety, shocker! This then destroyed Cody’s game! That’s destroying Jessica’s game! If Cody was able to put up Paul, his alliance would not have turned on him, he would have understood why he didn’t call them and they would have voted Paul out! For sure, no doubt in my mind aside from production per swing HG’s to keep him but, if this was real reality, no one would have kept Paul around! No way! So again, Paul would be gone, Cody & Jessica would be strong with their alliances, especially the two other showmanses & Jessica would be killing it! She is a super fan! She does understand the game, she’s no fool! She may make some stupid decisions i.e. not replacing Ramses with Paul or Christmas or Alex etc. but, she knew Mark & Elena were ‘tight’ with their alliance therefore she knew they would tell her if “that alliance” flipped and was keeping Josh. (We know what happened there!) So I don’t completely blame Jessica for that, she didn’t know what we know! She should have listened to her gut and not Cody & Elena!

        Blahhhh Blahhhh………….I was quickly (haha clearly not so quickly) just trying to say I don’t blame Jessica for needing a straight jacket LOL I like Jessica, and I understand her! I know I am a ‘minority’ but, I am not afraid to express how I feel, clearly! LOL πŸ˜‚
        I guess a lot of people do not like Jessica because of her relationship with Cody. & Cody is disliked (I guess) b/c he tried to backdoor Paul week 1 soooo Paul’s fans, the people who voted for him to receive the 3 weeks safety, Christmas’ fans & people who didn’t want “the vet” to leave the first week… were pissed that he tried to make a big move! Whatever! Cody saw a huge threat walk in the door and he thought he had the opportunity to take that big threat out right away so he took a shot, missed & the rest is history!
        A lot of people started disliking Cody because of that and then it spiralled to “he has no social game” & “doesn’t show emotion!” And I guess Cody has said things that were “not so nice!?!” IDK
        Once Paul revealed his safety and Cody could not backdoor him, it became a domino effect! This could’ve been a whole different game had Paul been evicted but, just like in life things could’ve been better or worse if you made a different decision. However, because only 3% of the house is playing a game, I think it would’ve been better if Paul was out week one!
        & to wrap this already way too long comment (that you didn’t even ask for,) up! (Sorry!)
        I think Jessica is one of the best HGs, possibly the best in that house if not for a bunch of mindless morons that Paul ‘easily’ pulled to his side and has easily manipulated I think Jessica would’ve have done really well! But, she is still in the house so there still is hope!
        I’m not ready for her to go!! I think if she does end up staying and is able to position herself with people willing to start making big moves, then I really think she could go far! She is good at comps both mentally and physically, plus she knows this game!

        Anyway, sorry again! I’m just using this talk to type and I answered your question but then went on to vent about Jessica getting the short end of the stick (for lack of better words!) LOL πŸ˜‚
        I am super sorry! It is so so long! I’m so sorry! It literally took me minutes to talk to type but ended up a mini novel about my feelings regarding Jessica’s game LOL πŸ˜† NOT AT ALL the question you asked! Oops πŸ™Š
        Hope you enjoyed it at least 😬 😳 😜 πŸ€— πŸ™„
        (Hopefully it made sense! I didn’t reread it to fix any of the talk to type AutoCorrect’s!) πŸ™Š

      • Longest post yet!! WHOO HOO!! new record!
        Tinalee I am far more likely to read your long post than 97% of the other posts on here because we all know that only 3% of all posters are really watching the game intently, I think most are just waiting for jury.
        Keep it up!!

      • Tom I just rewatched and she was joking. She said the money that she makes from the show is going for a Xanax prescription and possibly a strait jacket.

  29. So from the sounds of it, no need for me to rush and watch tonight’s episode?
    Lame πŸ˜’

      • I always like it too. They had probably 25 blanks because Paul got 22 and they were 1 point each. Would have liked to have seen more.

      • Oh I’m definitely kidding, I always watch every episode regardless.
        25 blanks? Not following……

      • Yeah, it was super funny! Even Cody made me laugh, he was almost laughing at himself

      • Always :-) regardless I would watch. I do not think I have missed a single episode since season one!
        I remember those seasons when I wasn’t able to watch them on TV at the time and of course we couldn’t just click a button and record it, we had to use a VHS cassette, turn it on to time it to record at the right time and pray it recorded! 50% of the time it wouldn’t record so I would just hope one of my sisters or friends still had thiers recorded/didn’t record over it so I could borrow theirs to watch! Of course when I was younger I was gone all the time in the summer camping or on vacation in Mexico or just out all the time but, I always had to watch BB! I couldn’t miss a single episode, ever!! Plus there wasn’t Internet so I couldn’t go online and watch or simply just read what happened. Worse case I would have to call my sister and she would tell me what happened LOL πŸ˜‚
        & every Thursday I would cross my fingers and hope the HOH comp was a quick one so I knew who got the HOH that night! When it was long comps and we had to wait until Sunday I would go crazy! LMAO πŸ˜† It was the worst! & back then I was a lot younger and had no patience whatsoever! None! It’s crazy to think what big brother will be like (if still airing) in 15+ years! Maybe it will be some futuristic virtual type reality where we actually feel like we are sitting in the house or better yet, every season if we wanted we could be an HG and put on our virtual glasses and play the entire game from the comfort of our couches LMAO too funny! 😁
        Sorry blah blah just thinking out loud

  30. Ok I have a question on the folks who are HN. When did they allow HN’s to lay down anywhere other than the HN room? Watching feeds I saw Xmas laying and resting in the HOH bed or laid out on the wave couch? Just asking.

    • Well, if you remember last season the HN’s would lay around in the regular beds during the day and then go to the HN room at night to sleep. I especially remember this with Corey and Nicole.

      • I thought I saw James staying in the bumper car when he was laying down. I also thought Corey did it and that was his biggest complaint during HN he could stretch out

    • I think they can lay on regular beds during the day, they just can’t sleep. Otherwise bb will wake them.

  31. He may be a little volatile but he is definitely better than Paul. And way better than Josh. This is suppose to be an entertaining reality show. It is getting very frightening to think a bully and an ego maniac are the fun part of this show. We should think twice about what this represents about human interaction.

  32. Fans of Big Brother have witnessed many yelling matches. Once upon a time, Renny and Dan yelled at each other and they made nice, Jordan and a house guest, Russell perhaps? Well that was one ugly fight in the back yard. Last years Paulie rant at Da Vonne was brutal and this year doesn’t have the racist moments of the past. It’s just sad that Mark is sensitive and upstanding while Josh has taunted him like he taunted Meghan. I think this show represents some of the best and worst of people.

  33. So, moving forward to the HOH!!
    If Cody/Jessica do not win it (I REALLY hope they win it!) then the best thing for Paul etc. would be to keep them both OFF the block. If neither of them win the temptation comp or even if one of them wins it then if either Cody or Jessica or both are picked to play in the Veto comp then Christmas can nix that with her DOT reward, either Cody or Jessica will not be able to play in the Veto!
    Again if they are picked by random draw. If they are both on the block then they both get to play in the veto comp and Christmas cannot take that away from them!
    Then the HOH can then backdoor Jessica or Cody and send them home. Make sense?

    On the flipside…… if Jessica/Cody do not win the HOH then at this point I think it is best if Jessica and Cody play in the temptation comp,(obviously) πŸ™„ & one wins then the other one should make sure they lose, therefore guaranteeing the loser (who will clearly be back doored anyway) a chance to still play in the veto comp without Christmas being able to take it away from either of them because regardless if Jessica or Cody are the third nominee, it doesn’t matter because they would’ve been the first and/or second nominee. It would be their best chance for them both to save themselves from being evicted!
    Although I don’t know if they know about Christmases power!? if they don’t, then that changes everything I just said LOL
    If what I said even make sense? It’s so freaking hot outside I can’t think or see straight LOL
    I think I could’ve worded this a lot differently! My bad πŸ€—
    But I’m not going back and fixing it now LOL πŸ˜‚

    • Hey girl Paul has even suggesting no one play in the temptation. Just let the two of them (jess cody) play then one would go on the block. To me, unless I am missing something,there would be two fighting hard for the veto. they would be playing to take one off the block. does my interpertation make sense?

      • Well, if Paul is suggesting it then great LOL let it happen because then Cody can throw it to Jessica & Cody would automatically go off as a third nominee and he is guaranteed to play in the video! Play hard and they are both safe.
        Sorry hon, I actually don’t know what you meant by “there Will be 2 fighting hard for the Veto, they would be playing to take one off the block”
        Which two? And who would be playing to take one off the block? Sorry I am trying to think about it at all different angles, and I just can’t make sense of it LOL sorry.
        Do you mean Cody and Jessica would be fighting hard for the veto but only one of them could win it and take themselves off the block? If that’s what you meant, I see what you’re saying but if one of them already wins safety then they would just have to fight for the other to be saved by the veto.
        Sorry, it’s probably just me and what you said makes complete sense! It is super super super hot here! Plus on top of that we have tons and tons of smog/smoke from the wildfires surrounding us so I think I might be losing a few brain cells LOL

  34. Again…… Just reading a lot of the comments regarding what happened when Paul and his “Pack of Morons” had a meeting discussing attacking Cody and then actually attacking Jessica/Cody!
    YES!!!!!! we have seen this on other seasons! Yes it does happen in the big brother house where things get personal HOWEVER from my recollection (and I could be wrong) but it has never been 90-ish% of the house attacking one or two people on a personal level. It has mostly been one on one arguments or a few people against a few people! It has never been a “Mob like Nentality” attacking a person/2 people!?
    That’s what I have a problem with! I have a problem with Paul (who knows he has full control over his “pack of mutts”) sending a group of them to do his dirty work, hit below the belt & it escalating the way it did! Not only did the Mutts take it to a personal level but it just went way way too far!
    That’s what my problem is with what happened!
    Jessica arguing with Paul was fine, then Alex jumping in and then Alex bringing Raven in, whatever, no big deal! (Raven simply made herself look like a complete idiot! She sounded like she was trying to be a little gangster & had just learned swearwords!) LOL πŸ˜‚
    It was just Paul rounding up the troops and firing them up to go outside and attack!
    It was immature, disgusting behavior!

  35. What chance does Josh have after the showmances break up to be in one himself? Has he said which one he would choose?

  36. Any bets going on how long it takes her to dump him out of the house. I’d take some action!

  37. The second time mark physically attacked Josh (The pickle juice is the first) I don’t care what any person says or does (as long as they don’t touch you) you do not have the right to touch any other person. he should be kicked out like Russells’ brother.

  38. I cant believe that not one person has commented on how much Josh is a bully. When he doesn’t get his way he yells and tortures people with words and pots and pans. He has got to leave.

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