‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: HoH Putt Putt Comp Practice Round [PICS]

Houseguests received their own sneak peek spoilers at the upcoming Head of Household competition on Big Brother 19 when they were released in to the backyard and handed an over sized putter.

HGs practice the next BB19 HoH competition

A few times a season we’ll see the HGs get an advance preview of the HoH comp so they’re not completely caught off guard during the live show. It’s fairly common with the skill slash chance comps.

It’s not entirely chance because you’ve got to aim and get your hit right, but sometimes there’s a spinning wheel and bouncing at the end that takes away a lot of control. We won’t know what the HGs truly face until Thursday’s live show.

Flashback on your Live Feeds to 6:23 PM BBT 8/2 all cams (get the Free Trial) as the HGs have arrived in the previously locked down backyard. They’re standing on a large, angled platform as Paul reads the instructions. All Houseguests are instructed to practice, but that’s standard fare and we already know from EP Allison Grodner that Paul won’t be competing even if the Halting Hex is used (and it will be).

HGs each get ten practice swings to hit a large ball down the ramp aiming to hit the milk carton at the bottom. There are blocks along the way that they can move around to suit the fancy. HGs are encouraged to try straight shots, banked shots, leaping aerial shots, and all that.

You can skip through and see how they all did, but it’s hard to compare this to the final product. Mark mentioned Raven got 3 of her shots, Cody might have had 2, and a few other HGs got 1 each. There may have been more to go at that point, so don’t get too worked up about who could win just yet.

Who do you think can pull off a putting comp like this? Share your thoughts below after you check out the pics from the BB19 Feeds:

Gallery: Housguests Practice Golf HoH Comp:


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      • Very true, however as someone that has known a former military friend that had issues post return to civilian life, this guy may truly have issues he needs some help for.

      • There’s no doubt Cody needs help. Not sure if his military duty is the reason or it’s a personality thing but I know guys like him. They’re wife-beaters. They go off on their loved-ones and then say sorry and make up for it… ’til the next time. I worry for Jessica and I do sincerely wish Cody would get help. He seems to have some insight that he’s a hothead but I’m not sure his ego would allow him to admit he needs help. I think it might be easier for him to just say F it. So what if people don’t like me. I don’t like people either. He’s estranged from his family. That’s a huge tell-tell sign.

      • Exactly what I am thinking. If Jess stays with him after the show, her life will be in danger the whole time. While he is saying he is sorry, but he is not really sorry. He is basically take it or leave it. He is not saying he will make an effort to be a better person. He is saying this is it. People like that beat their wives, or even kill accidentally. I feel sorry for her parents. They must be going crazy about her relationship with him. Dr. Phil to the rescue. BB should bring Dr. Phil to BB house to open her eyes.

      • I’m sure glad that Dr. Phil doesn’t diagnose based on a game of BB like some of you do. Sheesh! He’s showed ZERO signs that he’d lay a hand on Jessica. In fact, it’s been the opposite. He’s been willing to practically fight FOR her. He’s made ZERO threats to her, even after she’s cussed him out and basically said they shouldn’t be together. Yeah, he’s aware that he’s on camera but there still have been ZERO signs that he’d be abusive. You all are just trying to make him into something worse than he is. So he’s not a “people person”. I’m not that much of one either but I’ve damn sure never struck a woman or anyone that couldn’t defend themselves.

        Some would say I’ve always had a temper but I have ways of working through it without violence in any form.

      • Thank you!! I just commented something towards what you just said. I am all Paul here, not a Cody fan at all but, I will defend him in this conversation. I 100% agree that he cannot be a woman beater. Just because, you are not close to your family does not mean anything. I left my mother when I was 15 for personal reasons. I am not very close to her or that side of the family. I am not a psycho for it. We do not know why he isn’t close to his family. Doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with him.

      • I totally agree with you steven. It’s a game, and he clearly doesn’t know how to play the game. I think he might genuinely be a good guy. He could use a bit more personality, but he seems perfectly normal. That’s my two cents.

      • A lot of people said Jeffrey Dalmer was just a normal guy, look how that turned out………..

      • I agree with 100% he’s even said he would leave the game so she could have better chance at the game but she won’t the HG are still going to gun for her they want her out too. He needs to stay and they both have a little more chance to go further.

      • Thank you. What is wrong with these people bashing Cody? Wife beater, really? I think the people bashing Cody needs help.

      • Or to help with the pshyc of all players! Remind them its ‘NOT REAL LIFE!!!’ Duh…,.
        But I imagine IRS hard to do

      • I know – I find that a worrying leap in ‘logic’. Just because someone is a) introverted b) has a military background and b) is estranged from his family does not mean we can assume he is potentially a wife beater. That is a syllogism. Especially as people are not going to behave normally in the big brother house – it’s a pretty extreme situation to be in.

      • So all people in the military are wife beaters! You seem to label Cody by saying that. He was in the military because he chose to serve. I thank him for that and he should not have a label as a wife beater..

      • Yea he’s got some anger issues but that’s a pretty big accusation. I would not take it that far

      • I wouldn’t go as far to say he might be a woman beater. I am not close to my family but, there are reasons for it. Doesn’t mean something is wrong with me. I am not a Cody fan and yes, he does need help but, I just feel the way he was trying to express hisself just means he cared a lot about Jessica. He just doesn’t know how to show it very well.

      • Just to clarify – Didn’t say he IS a wife-beater. He *appears* to have that type of personality though.

      • no doubt from your all knowing personal experience and masters degree in bs… stfu puh-leeze you know nothing

      • stfu back at ya. I’m certain I know way more than you do. My masters degree is in nursing, what’s yours?

      • This is a very stupid statement, if you think all Combat Veterans are “wife beaters” you are “fucking” stupid. I am a 6 year Navy Veteran and a Vietnam Combat Veteran.
        In 48 years I have never beat my wife, two daughters or 6 grandchildren. You people have no clue.
        Better to keep your mouth closed and thought to be a fool than to open it and leave no doubt!!!!!!

      • Ewww, boy. Sorry you misunderstood my comment. I wasn’t saying that Cody was a wife-beater, nor was I saying his behavior is related to his combat history. My husband (may he RIP) was a Lt. Commander of a Navy Medical Corp and he served overseas during Desert Storm and he was the sweetest, most level-headed man I’ve ever known in my long life.

        If you’d care to re-read my post, I said, I’ve known guys like Cody in my life, some quite intimately and THEY were “wife-beaters” and sadly, Cody exhibits the same kind of “wound-too-tight” passive-aggressive (mostly aggressive) behavior. I’m also an RN with 25 years experience and am able to assess people with personality disorders, but in no way was I making an assumption that his military experience caused him to behave the way he does. The reference “Not sure if his military duty is the reason” was in direct response to what Bulldog Fan posted.

      • PTSD has many avenues and one cannot just overcome it. It is like a person with an addiction. Jess needs to understand that she might help some, but something else is the “cure” so to speak. Cody does need companionship.

      • Cody is the only person in the Big Brother House that has any integrity. He’s an actual man and many are threatened by that in the feminized world we live in. Paul on the other hand is a sociopath.

      • I think Cody is just introverted and antisocial. These behaviors have nothing to do with joining the military. I don’t think there is anything wrong with him, but don’t get why he signed up to do a show where socializing is a huge part of the game.

      • I was just thinking the same thing tonight. Why would he sign up for a show like this? He’s definitely antisocial, but in a mental health disorder kind of way. Antisocial Personality Disorder. He exhibits classic symptoms. DISCLAIMER: I have not personally examined this person. I’m only providing my observations. ;-)

      • Like he said last night, If Paul never came back into the game then him and Jessica would be winning the house over. It be a whole different game. I feel Cody really thought he could win this game until he saw Paul’s face. Cody is not social at all but, I feel he might have done better if Paul was not in the house. I am glad Paul is back though. I wont lie there.

      • Yah….. I love the DISCLAIMER…… ppl in the house can be mean & bullish when talking about others or trying to get under their skin……. but ppl on this site can be worse! IMO

      • That’d be hard to do repeatedly though if there are three noms on the block and if he’s not HOH or one of the noms.

      • I agreed. Dunno why everyone is so quick in tying his personality with his military service.

      • I believe that the game show is completely rigged to have Paul win at the end, but I am too hoping Jess or Cody win and he gets evicted. I doubt that would happened since everyone besides those two are smeared in Paul’s poop since they are so deep up his behind.

      • Well I think if Mark wins HOH he’ll probably consider backdooring Paul. Following through on that is a different story though.

      • What I meant is that it doesn’t matter if Paul goes up on the block. The puppets won’t vote him out. Jessica and cody will be the only ones voting for him if Mark wins.

      • I honestly dont think these idiots would. LMAO! Dr Will and Mike Boogie are going nuts at home watching this Im betting…

      • Hoping the HGs would realize that there are 12 of them and only one Paul. I don’t think Kevin would ever vote out Paul, but if Maven, Jason, and Alex somehow look at things from a competition view, then maybe, just maybe, Paul would be walking out the door next week.

      • They can’t function without him. You haven’t heard a few of them saying that they need to ask Paul first to see what he thinks. I am hoping Jessica tells them exactly what she told Paul about his psychological hold on them.

      • Still, what does Mark have to lose? HGs know he’s playing both sides of the house, and chances are he and Elena are going to be on the block together soon.

      • The weirdest thing was when Paul called out “couple slayer”…..didn’t that make Matt and Raven thing….What? Of course the idiots probably didn’t pay attention but I sure did and thought that SHOULD have been a telling sign for the three couples (although Jody wasn’t there). Matt and Raven are to stupid to understand that they are eventually in jeopardy.

      • Seriously. Even Jessica flip flops about going against him. You can’t back door someone without the votes

      • It’s always amusing to read the many comments saying how the show is rigged, yet those same people are right here and watching. Why would anyone watch something they think is rigged?

      • Well for one they bring back comps from last season. Paul has played in some of those comps, so just based on that he already has an edge.

      • It seems some people just don’t like vets coming back. They probably got mad that Nicole won last season too.

      • Paul must go…. before jury.
        Just evict him cuz lots of us On this site want him gone so others play THEIR GAME!!!!

      • Me to would make a great show. Then Alex would be in charge of the sheep. There are really only 4 people playing the gfame. Cody, jess, Paul and Alex. If Cody wouldn’t have been the first HOH and had to put all those people on the block then he was ouldn’t be in this position now. The person that was HOH would be.

      • The sheep – I love that. I really can’t understand why almost the entire house is going along with Paul. They are a bunch of morons, with no individual thoughts or ideas. Both Paul and Josh are bullies. Once Jody is out of the game, it will be real fun to see the rest of them turn on each other! I can’t wait for that. And Josh…he needs some psychological help. His bullying is accepted by the sheep…no one will step in and stand up to him. Unbelievable!

      • I think they would stick with Paul to the end and he would win because they listen to everything he says. At the beginning I wanted Keven to win but he’s being a sheep to. If they don’t get out Paul and Alex they will probably be the last two standing. Can’t see Jessica or Cody winning because they would have to win every HOH. Although I think it would change the game if they could win at least 3

    • For this week, I would rather Jessica or Cody get HOH. Only because I think there is too much tribe mentality and it’s nasty. Getting rid of one especially Paul or Josh or Raven may make the house calm down.

      • It’s a game… Paul is playing it…. so is Alex. Cody and jess are too but that’s about it. The others are just fillers

      • Alex was playing it until she became another Paul follower, very disappointed in her. She brought her herd of Jason and Kevin with her. Matt and Raven all about Paul, so is Christmas. Same with Elena and lesser extent Mark. Honestly, everyone has Paul on their minds too much besides two people, Jess and Cody.

      • I’m not a Paul hater… and remember that this is all for ratings and it’s entertainment…there aren’t a whole lot of personalities with this group. I wonder how Cody made it into the group. He rarely smiles or appears to be having ANY fun at all. I love Jessica… but she needs to shake him. Paul provides energy. Good or bad, he’s alive… which is more then some of the others.
        It’s a game… and paul is playing it. I don’t hate him for it…

      • Attacking cody’s military service isn’t playing the game anymore. You can play the game without getting personal.

      • I agree. I didn’t see that although I have seen it mentioned. Jessica was right in calling him out for his temper though. Cody wants to be the one running things. He’s had an issue with Paul from the minute he walked in. He has zero desire to enjoy the experience. I feel like he needs some help. He seems really sad all of the time..

    • Doesn’t really matter who wins HOH unless it’s Jess or Cody cause those two are going up if they don’t win. The other 10 house guests will do whatever Paul pleases, including Mark. All sheep in this house

      • I wouldn’t be so sure those will go up if they don’t win. Yes, I want to see Cody leave more than Jessica but I still think that the wed us everything ext two be harder? Longer? more enduring? Who will play? Even if one of them wins, there is no true plan other than Paul’s to get them out. Other’s talk about it but will they really act on it?

      • I think I read one night Elena talked to Mark about how hard it will be to nominate Jess and Cody. Suffice to say I don’t want to get my hopes up.

      • I’m saying she would just go with the flow and nominate Jess and Cody. There is no hope she’d backdoor Paul.

      • She like the rest of his minions 1) wouldnt go against him and 2) Cant think for themselves to actually come up with an original plan

      • And that would be 3 votes against Paul… not gonna happen even if he does loose the temptation comp

      • But if the HGs look at things from a game perspective, I’m sure Jason and Maven would flip or at least consider flipping, especially if Xmas and Paul are on the block after POV.

      • Jason’s with Alex and they aren’t flipping. Neither is maven. Why would they. What reason do they have to switch and vote out their strongest ally and keep their strongest opponent

      • It would help them in the long run. If Xmas made it to final three, she probably wouldn’t be able to compete. Sure, it might hurt their short term game, but my thinking is that if Maven realizes the long term impact, they’ll flip the script like last week and Paul will go 5-4. Besides, they’re not high on the target list, and chances are HGs would probably think Kevin and someone other than Maven switched sides.

      • Precisely. And besides, they cant even trust Cody to keep them informed of things. Jessica is just making it worse with her attitude.

      • This.

        I think Jason is ready to make a move on Paul. If they have Cody, Jess, and Mark, it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch for Elena to jump aboard the “get rid of Paul” train. And, I think Kevin sees Paul as sketchy and may be looking for an opp to take him out. Alex may make a move if Jason and/or Kevin do. It’s definitely not out of the realm of possibility.

    • Are you kidding? Paul’s still in denial about it. The feeds will be GLORIOUS on Thursday!

      • I think Paul either 1.) Still doesn’t believe Jess has the hex and/or 2.) Doesn’t believe she’ll use it.

        I seriously think Paul thinks that IF she actually has it that he’s convinced her to side with him and boot Cody.

      • There’s no way Paul thinks still thinks he has convinced her not to use the curse, he’s not dumb and clueless. I mean, it’s not like he’s Cody or something….smgh

      • Are you kidding?? Paul is not stupid. They’ve had four days to prepare for Jessica not using the halt. There wont be much to see. Dont get your hopes up nor hold your breath. Everyone knows Jessica’s a fool. It has sunken in by now.

  1. It is so unfair Cody is still in that house. I am so annoyed by that. Ooo I can strangle those producers! Paul out played him TWICE fair and square. He has earned the right for Cody to be gone. I’d be so pissed if I were Paul. I’d go in the diary room just to cuss them out. Smh

      • He also couldn’t be voted out first because he had safety. Remember the friendship bracelets?

      • It was 3 weeks actually and its fair on the scale he was the only vet and also doesnt compare to a player with horrible game play such as Cody, evicted as a result of that, returns and is put back on the block as a result of that again, yet saved AGAIN by a twist…if it wasn’t for twist he’d be long gone and forgotten. I’ve made this point several times, Paul would have been fine without any twist, you’ve witnessed it yourself, Cody didn’t have the votes to get rid of Paul, they all loved him. Answer this: could Cody have survived without twist?? I dont think so…the proof is in the pudding. Flashback and see for yourself, then get back to me;-)

      • Jason didn’t have 3 weeks of safety in BBOTT handed to him by America. He had to fight for it every week.

      • Oh but wait, how about the obvious help he got in the BB competitions. Those games were tailored for someone like him, and then he got to pick which one to do, and might I add that last puzzle wasn’t much different from the one he completed when he beat Cameron.
        And I still think there was noooooo way Jessica won that last Hex. Alex was next in line, but JODY gets no help right>?

      • But Paul likely wouldn’t have survived but he did thanks to the twist (the temptation of three weeks safety). Cody’s downfall started, some could say, because of Paul’s unfair advantage. Cody was going after Paul and then couldn’t get him due to the advantage. Had he been able to get him then, the house would’ve likely been on board and Paul might’ve been gone really early on, and Cody might’ve kept his alliance intact. It wasn’t really until Cody nominated Christmas that his alliance left him (and for good reason, I’d say).

      • You make some valid points, but lets go back to that first HOH comp in which he made a “deal” w Paul, and quickly went against it. This was before the advantage was even revealed. He was already planting seeds of deception that quickly blew up in his face. He should’ve waited, or at the very least he should’ve included some of his alliance members in his decision, then he wouldn’t have been the ONLY person known to the house to go against Paul. He wouldn’t be as big of a target as he is now. A lot of it due to the fact that a lot of house guests know they cant trust him, and trust is crucial in the beginning weeks. You must trust in your alliance to get you further right? Thats where he messed up big time, IMO.

      • If it wasn’t for the twist. The house might see Cody differently. He had to put of 5 people to get evicted because of the twist if you remember. Paul put everyone against Cody because he put Paul up and Paul even said he was going to do that because Cody put him up

    • Oh please there is always a battle back. I mean Victor got it twice and ended up doing well. I hope Cody can go far. The other house guests are a bunch of nothings following Paul like he is godly….he’s not.

      • Oh please my azz. I hate all battle backs btw. Also, you’re right Victor did end up doing well, do you know why? I’ll answer for you, he’s not a dumb dick head like Cody and also, because he worked with Paul;-) thanks for reminding us. You can hope Cody can go far in one hand and $hit in the other and see which one fills up first. Dont hold your breath. One more thing; they are a bunch of nothings but be sure you don’t forget to put Cody on the top of that list.;-)

      • People hate Paul but its like give the guy credit. He switched up his game this time around and learned from his mistakes. Hes in control of his game, and has control over others whether they see it or not. Although this is not my other all time fave show Survivor, I believe their motto applies here. Outwit, Outlast, Outplay.

      • Yea Kelly people’s biasing blinds them to what’s playing out right before their faces. It blows my mind. The proof is right there in the face. Cody didn’t get evicted week TWO because he’s a smart strategic player.

      • THANK YOU KELLY! lol I don’t know what these people are watching. Maybe they’re watching season 16! Wrong Cody! Lol

      • I guess you approve of harasser, bullies and hazers. I do not. Paul is a nasty jerk and a liar as big as I have ever seen one. And his followers are idiots. He called himself a couple slayers and the idiots in the couples (Cody and Jessica were not there) didn’t even blink……Idiots. Paul has ruined the show and a super majority agree with me.

      • Sorry you’re having such a bad experience watching, it is difficult to watch. FYI i was one of the first to express my disgust at Paul’s behavior this week. However, this is big brother, things don’t always turn out the way we’d like it to. I still hate Cody and want him evicted asap. I may not agree with how he does it, but I’d be lying to you if i say, I didn’t want him to succeed in getting Cody out. I have a feeling if Cody were running the house it’d be a whole lot worse. The way you feel about Paul is the way I feel about Cody. I don’t want to watch him all summer, he ruins my viewing pleasure so we both are suffering.

    • I don’t think you can say Paul out played him twice fair and square when Paul got that ridiculous first temptation making him untouchable for three weeks. Cody had him fair and square until he got that temptation.

      • Oh yes I ABSOLUTELY can say Paul out played him twice, heres why: 1. Look at Paul’s track record. Do you actually think Paul couldn’t talk himself out of Cody’s poorly constructed backdoor plan?? 2. No one wanted Paul out at the time. 3. Paul stole Cody’s closest allies right from under him in LESS THAN ONE DAY! 4. He won hoh AND VETO, AND SUCCESSFULLY backdoored him. Thanks to production’s twist, Cody re-ententered. 5! Paul wins HOH and veto AGAIN, fair and square and PUTS HIM BACK ON THE BLOCK, securing a whole house full of votes to get him out AGAIN! Thanks to production, we wont be seeing that this week.So you add all that up and tell me Paul didn’t out play Cody. You ppl need to learn how to watch big b before you come on this site trying to take someone on making points that have absolutely no validity to them whatsoever. Mg is not interested in your personal opinions, come with facts, then we can talk.

      • And perhaps you should learn that this is supposed to be a fun site where everyone can give their personal opinions and it’s not a site to come with the attitude that you are the be all, end all on every topic. That’d be a good start. Just because you think you know what all of the HGs are thinking at any given moment doesn’t make it likely that it’s the way things would’ve gone down. We all share what we THINK might’ve happened but you’re the only one that thinks your view is the definitive way things would’ve gone down. Steven isn’t remotely interested in what mg believes they know as fact.

      • It is fun for me until I read a dumb comment directed towards me with the premise of debating facts. Facts are not debatable. You can place your opinion anywhere on this site, just learn the difference between fact and an opinion when you decide you want to reply to mg. I don’t know what everyone in the house is thinking but i can tell you for a FACT 8 or 9 want Cody out of the house, that much i do Know. “Perhaps” you should read more comments on the site because I’m not the “only one” that shares this outlook. You replied mg, and you got a reply from mg in return. If you don’t like my outlook, scroll pass. :-)

    • Paul did not play him out fair and square. If you remember Paul got 3 weeks of safety and when Cody put him up Paul didn’t have to stay on the block because he had the safety. I don’t think they should bring vets back into the game. They had there chance the first time. There’s to many people in the US that would like to be on the show and they pick someone who has already been there n before.

  2. I cannot say how much I want Paul OUT. He pretty much wins a third of the HOH/POV comps, which may not be a lot when you first think of it. But considering about half the house has yet to win an HOH or POV comp, that’s a lot of comps for someone to win. If the production keeps bringing back comps from last season, then chances are Paul has an edge. I think the production should bring in a luck game like The Wall on NBC or even Deal or No Deal. I’m pretty sure the comps would be more enjoyed by the fans, especially those who are watching their 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, etc. season of BB. The slip wall and Storm Watch comp are starting to get boring anyways. Props to them for bringing the Candy Crush comp though, that was pretty entertaining even though Paul won (sigh).

    Basically, the guide to getting Paul out is as follows:
    1. Marlena, Xmas, or Jody wins HOH (the plan could still work if anyone else wins, but chances are they won’t follow through because Paul is too close to them)
    2. Paul does NOT win TC
    3. Paul does NOT get nominated at Nomination Ceremony
    3a. Potential nominees could be Mark or Josh (fake target) and Xmas or Raven (pawn)
    4. HOH (as long as it’s one of the 5 HGs mentioned in #1), one of the nominees, or Marlena, Xmas, or Jody wins POV

    I think after that things are self explanatory.

    • I don’t think anyone but Cody or Jessica would put up Paul. He has everyone catering to his whims.

      • I think that if they’re smart enough to see getting Paul out as a game move, then I think it’s probable that Marlena (who now seems to be playing both sides of the house), Xmas, or Jody would do something like that. So far though, only Dom and Cody have realized that. Too bad they had bad timing.

      • I still think they would do similar things in terms of noms, strategy, and stuff. I don’t have feeds, so it’s not as easy for me to see what’s going on minute by minute.

      • I don’t get feeds either but watch BBAD. Mark & Elena are not really on the same side anymore. Mark is with Cody ride or die. Elena, while friends with Jess, is Team Paul. Of course, that could change in a moment’s notice.

      • I also watch BBAD and have to go back and forth to the feeds because that is also an edited version of what really happens live.

    • A memory game is not an edge. Whoever remembers and then gives the correct answers wins. Paul did the best. Why do you hate on Paul so much? Is it because he’s such a good player?

      • He probably still knows how the formats though, the potential obstacles he’s going to face, etc. Paul reminds me of the Golden State Warriors; you’ll root for them to beat a team one year, but once they keep winning repeatedly (unless you’re like a diehard fan), you just get tired of them.

  3. I seriously though dont think I can recall a season in which there are THIS many floaters. Cmon guys grow a pair!!

  4. What a stupid show. The whole hour of Paul. What happened to the veto ceremony at the end. Thursday will be another boring night unless they let us watch the HOH comp live.

      • I watch the feeds so I already saw all of that and the editing was horrible with too much Paul. I was waiting for an interesting DR session and an exciting veto ceremony.

    • God knows they will have plenty of time for that, after she uses the hex and the ceremony is nixed…

    • How was that an entire hour of Paul…it was just about an entire hour of Jessica and Cody…it was nauseating!

      • I dont understand how BB hasn’t interfered yet with Jessicas disturbing comments she makes of Alex. Shes soooo jealous of her its almost reminding me of things I would see on a show called Snapped. First she says shed like to drown her, then in her diary session (something they all know can and will be used on the show for the world to see) she says she would like her head on a stick. Be mad at Cody hes the one that called you Alex in bed lol, and has an obvious attraction to her. Its sad.

      • Honey I thought the same thing when I saw that comment. Samsara needs to check her local listings cuz she wasn’t watching big brother last night. Honey I was watching “Jody And The Restless” in the big brother time slot.

    • Whole hour of Paul? What show were you watching?? You mean, “Jody And The Restless”! I wish I could add the theme music to this comment. Google The Young And The Restless theme music. That’s what was playing in my head as i was watching. Big brother should have SO played that in the background.

  5. WoW I thought this was a game show,” not as the world turns” or” bachlorette”!! “Gag”

  6. I think Paul like him or not is playing a great game. Hopefully, if he gets to the end of this it isn’t a bitter jury like Dan ( a returning Vet) although admittly Dan IS the better player

    • Dan would annihilate this cast! I agree, Paul is walking this…I hope Jody wins HoH to switch things up!

  7. Christmas, “Kevin, are you going to have a cocktail at the wrap party?’
    Kevin, “Are there going to be real rappers there?” This guy….

  8. I am sick, sick, of Paul and Josh. This is the worst show of all the seasons. I’m through with this bunch. They are a bunch of non thinkers and weak. Might as well give Paulthe money
    as the rest of them are idiots. Jessica is as dumb as a stick. Christmas should have left as soon as she injured herself. UGH!!!!

  9. I’m not a huge fan of Jody but I hope they win HOH or Mark because anyone else that wins will just do what paul says and everyone going after Jody again will be another boring week.

  10. So another recycled comp from OTT? Though it looks like production might have changed it up a bit.

  11. I am sorry, I have to say, I watch the live feeds, I am so disgusted, Jessica says she has an image to uphold but dies not care about the WHOLE world watching her starting to have sex with Cody in the rose room….. u have to say that about Mark and Raven, the floaters in the game and not wanting to Start drama, I mean, c’mon really, and Elana always looking and hoping the cameras watch her so she can flash or show whatever she has, this is the most boring season, and I am so tired of the feeds keep cutting out, I mean give me a break, they should not say 24hr access when most if the time they are cutting feeds so much…Kevin talks too damn much, he always has to talk over everyone and his stories are so damn boaring, Xmas thinks she us better than everyone…. so tired of it, I don’t pay to watch people making out for 6hrs, they said they added cameras, there is ALWAYS something else going in in a different room…. and Raven, using how sick she is all the time, I mean I do feel bad but stop during it as an excuse and if she does not like conflict she should stop beating on Matt and she is so damn loud, , ok rant over…..

  12. Thought this was interesting about Cody and his military record:

    Rightfully so, it turns out, because according to Cody’s official military file … he served in the Marine Corps from December 2008 to December 2012, reaching the rank of E-4 Corporal with a specialty as a Rifleman. He previously served in the U.S. Air Force as well.

    Nickson received numerous honors … including campaign medals for his tours in Afghanistan and Iraq, 2 National Defense Service Medals, a Good Conduct Medal, a Global War on Terrorism Service Medal and 2 Navy Unit Commendations.

    Mad respect for this, Cody.

  13. Ok so if you watch the live feeds its really nothing like the show… I mean I know they have limited time but really?!?!? Josh was on Mark for while and he just took it, he said alot of nasty stuff and no one said a thing. The exact same thing with Paul n Cody. This has been going on for weeks. They should have backed doored Paul last week but Jess thought she could work with him. Cody knew they couldn’t but failed at getting him out the 1st time so was playing “her game” Jess was mad when she walked in the HOH room…and since this airing has had a heated fight ending with Her n Raven in each others face. Cody pulled her away. Lets get perspective… It’s big brother!!!! There’s going to be drama.. Cody to me is not what this episode is making him to be.

  14. Okay so Cody knew the first week Paul the snake was a threat. Smart. Cody stuck up for his woman. Man. Didn’t count on hero worship turning him to public enemy number one. He was saying PTSD is not something to be glorified. Jessica should have played her hoh instead of being played by who…. The snake. She is a liar per the house because she didn’t tell about her temptation, but did Paul or Christmas or anyone? Come on don’t fall for the snake too. Just watching as Paul the bully snake picks them off one by one. I mean if your willing to hand over the game to him you deserve to go home. Why does Paul attack Cody Mark and Cody because the are playing. I know Mark is a teddy bear but for Paul he is a threat to his game.

  15. I believe the game could really be freshened up by doing a few things differently. First, change up the competitions. The HGs often anticipate them. Second, enough with the battle backs and returning HGs and to a certain extent, double evictions. Again, the HGs often anticipate these things. It should no longer be “expect the unexpected.” Instead, it should be “anticipate the expected!” Finally, IMO, it would be a great game changer to simply announce the evicted HG but not reveal the vote count. Talk about an easy way to cast doubt on HGs …. everyone could vote his/her conscience and it would keep everyone guessing.

  16. Kevin not sure what game he is playing? Jason either? I seehear when they talk together and think maybe they might just wanna win…. Then ….. Back to Paul.

  17. Got a question?? Who took Alex’s stupid cat ears?? Mite be the same person who took her shirts… Since she seems to be never wearing one😂 Lol.. But really was it Raven??

  18. The person that marries Jessica better be willing to kiss her butt and be lead around by the nose.
    I for one wouldn’t give her the time of day.

    • She might not give you her time of day either! I think she’s a strong woman that knows her stuff! Good for her & any other female that can take the lead!

      • duh! I watch the show!

        She prob still would give you 2 sticks to rub together…..NADA!

        You’re prob not in her league anyway……. ??

      • Look here is your participation trophy 🏆 I guess you misunderstood my first comment. I wouldn’t give her the time of day.

      • I get what you said, bonehead!
        I can read English!

        And I said she wouldn’t ask you the time of day……

        You’re no one to her & like I stated before, you’re prob out of her league.
        Poor lonely Johnny Brown! 😪

  19. Cant WAIT for tonights HOH I’m hoping its Alex, Christmas, Josh or Jason for the win!! either way most exciting HOH yet and I feel like maybe now the game can start ( it feel like NO ONE has even been evicted from the game) Go PAUL!!

  20. I love how Paul acts all injured when Jess decides to use the hex! He was NEVER going to honor the deal anyway. What a JERK!

  21. The show is not even entertainment any more it is just a lesson to kids on how to be a bully

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