Adam Poch’s Big Brother 19 Player Rankings – Week 05

What a boring week in the Big Brother 19 house… we only had 2 house meetings, about 10 fights, an all night study session for VETO, bullies bullying bullies, and who knew there was a second clown in the house? As Ramses would say – this house is LIT!!

Adam Poch tries to burn down the Big Brother house

Honestly – we had more drama this week than we have had in any season in a long time! The best part of it all… this week probably wont even matter!! Come Thursday – we may be nowhere closer to having the 5th person evicted this season. The next HoH competition will decide how the rest of the season will play out.

BUT FIRST – lets hand out some treats to the HGs for their gameplay this week.

THE FANS – 5 strips of Bacon. We deserve it after these last few days. I am sure many of you out there were either glued to the feeds, or frantically looking for updates on Big Brother Network, Twitter, or wherever else you may go for your updates. (Not that you need to go anywhere sle besides BBN). We have sat through so many ho-hum seasons these past few years, so I will reward you all with 5 strips of hot, crispy, salty, delicious BACON

Paul Abrahamian – 4 strips of Bacon – OK, if you are following me on Twitter, you know I have been very Anti-Paul for the way he is acting. He is a walking contradiction, calls people out for lying, meanwhile he’s lied the most. The “psychological warfare” tactic is actually a great game move. We have seen it done by several people over the year in many different ways.

Paul did win HoH, he did nominate Jessica and Cody to snuff out the Temptation, he did win Veto – and most important he did get a few of his minions to literally fight for him. Yes, both of his HoH’s this season will have netted 0 evicted HGs – but at least he is playing.

Jason Dent – 3 strips of Bacon – back in the week 2 rankings, I quoted Jason “I suck at this game” and gave him tofu. While he still may not be GREAT at the game, he is probably/hopefully going to be the one to finally turn on Paul if Cody/Jessica do not get him first. Jason will need some help and that’s going to be the tough part as both of his biggest allies seem to be under Paul’s spell. While Alex may not be the one to take the first shot – Jason could call on Kevin for some help.

Kevin Schlehuber – 3 strips of Bacon – Kevin is also aware of how manipulative Paul is being, and has either finally started to figure out the game, or he knew it all along & fooled us. Sure, Kevin did spoil the blindside last week – but that was a GREAT game move for him. Kevin knows exactly how far under the radar to fly. But not too far where he is invisible, just enough to be in on everyone’s plans. IF Kevin turns on Paul and Paul tries to bring up the 25K – which he made such a big deal to pin on Ramses – Kevin is smart enough to blow that off as he has blown off all the hinkey votes this year. (I HOPE!!!!)

Maybe I can do the next person without talking about Paul’s game… probably not!

Matthew Clines – 2 strips of Bacon – YES, finally, Matt did something to separate himself from Raven – even if it was just for a few minutes. When the whole house temperature was rising on Monday – Matt was actually the voice of reason. No one listened to him, and eventually he just gave up trying to discourage it, but he did not join in the brouhaha. Still a blind member of the Paul Patrol (if you have kids, I know you are thinking of Paw Patrol) – Matt at least proved to us that he does have the ability to do something other than eat cereal.

Alex Ow – 1 strip of Bacon – even though Alex was a big part of the fighting on Monday – she still came away from it all in no better or worse position in the house. She is still one of the grittier players this season – and other than being completely engulfed up Paul’s ass, she will be the only person able to back up her game by winning a comp when she needs to. Her tighthold on Kevin, Jason, and Josh could be slipping – but they still adore her for now.

Mark Jansen – 1 strip of Bacon & 1 strip of Tofu – since Mark has been back and forth all season, I may as well give him Bacon & Tofu this week. He earns bacon for keeping himself safe this week by winning the first Temptation Challenge. Knowing he may not be in the good graces of “Paul’s Side” – he did not want to take a chance and played for his safety.

Mark gets tofu for pretty much everything else. The way he blubbers over Elena still even after her “I’m just not that into you” speech is pretty pathetic. He still says he is loyal to Cody & Jessica, and even made up with Josh (kinda / sorta) despite almost cracking him over the head with a frying pan. I picked him early on as a potential winner of this game, can I go back and change that???

Christmas Abbott – 1 strip of Tofu – no one really knows what’s going through Xmas’ head these days. She is so hopped up on pain meds and has been very moody of late. She got into a little tiff with Matt – and was actively feeding Paul & Josh ammo to go after Jessica & Cody. She still has the Veto temptation in her back pocket and has been able to compete in challenges recently – but no one knows what she will really do if she actually has some power in the house.

Elena Davies – 2 strips of Tofu – this girl has gone from bad to worse in my opinion. First she sat around all summer talking about everyone’s private parts (and trying to touch everyone’s private parts). Then she broke up with Mark – but still wants to work with him – and has been a flip flopper. One minute she is all in with Jess & Cody – then hangs all over Paul – then tells Jessica she loves her.

This season has shown a few different people having split / multiple personalities – Elena being one of them. Her game is going down the tubes quickly. She wants to win HoH to get off Slop – and tells people she would nom Jess & Cody if she does win – but we’ve seen her flip so many time, who knows what she would actually do.

Cody Nickson – 3 strips of Tofu – Cody has done a great job of keeping his cool despite all the shenanigans being thrown at him this week. But he still has put himself in this position with his cold exterior and inability to have a normal conversation. While the abuse he is getting (or got – depending if Josh, Paul, Raven keep it up) is 100% worse than what he dished out – he has done nothing to try and diffuse it. I know it’s tough for someone like him to succumb to others – but that is something that needs to be done if you plan on getting far in a social game like Big Brother.

Jessica Graf – 4 strips of Tofu – similar to her boyfriend Cody – Jessica is in this situation because of her own doings. How much better would this week have been for her had she listened to her gut last week and put up a better pawn next to Josh – or dare I say… put up Paul in Ramses place? She will use the Hex this week and kept herself & Cody safe another week – but she moved up the target list leapfrogging Cody. Poetic justice would have her win HoH this coming week – and if she does, hopefully does a better job this time around.

Raven Walton – 5 strips of Tofu – Raven is another one that I had high hopes for this season. I thought she was going to be whimsical, and funny – but she has been a bore most of the season. Talking only about her condition (which we are finding out out here may not be as sever as she claims), and snuggling with Matt up til this week.

Well, we saw a whole new side of Raven this week when a simple misunderstanding by Jessica thinking she was talking about her turned into the fuel that started the big house fire. While the tormenting of Jessica & Cody was going on Raven became the voice of unreason and started attacking them for doing everything that she was doing… lying, cheating, being shady, etc… at least when Paul was doing this – it was his gameplay. Raven is so far out of her mind that she actually thinks these people are the devil.

That brings us to this week’s Tofurkey – and not only does Josh Martinez get the Tofurkey – but I will throw a dozen Tofu Meatballs his way too. Part of me wants to think that this is all an act by Josh – that he thinks he is this season’s Zach Rance and going over the top for entertainment value only. But that’s only part of me… the rest of me is pretty damn sure this kid is cukoo for cocoa puffs!

Josh talks about how horrible it was when he felt alone in the game, how horrible it felt when he was shunned by people & / or attacked personally. But the way he treated Mark – then Jessica & Cody is far beyond game. He really has some screws loose. I lost all respect for him when he said to Jessica he would abuse Cody but he really likes her. She said – “don’t you see that attacking him, is attacking me?” (logical right?)

If Josh really liked Jessica as a person in/out of the game – he would have eased up. But he was having so much fun being the bad guy – he could not even comprehend how this was a contradiction. Jessica told him (and the rest of the house) how Paul was using them – so what does Josh do with that info – continues to get used by Paul. It was not all bad – Josh made up with Mark… for now.

My question of the week is – do you think the fights this week crossed the line of gameplay? I mentioned in Paul’s recap how we have seen “psychological warfare” in the game before – and it comes in many forms – but this time seemed to get way more personal and heated than anytime in the past.

Wow – we are 43 days in – and if the Hex is used – we would be at Day 51 with only 4 evictions & 1 player quitting. That means in the last 41 days we need to have 10 evictions. That means the drama is going to be pedal to the metal – and we need to brew a lot of coffee to keep up with these Houseguests. Let’s just hope no one swaps your coffee with Decaf!

Let me know what you think of my rankings this week – as well as answer my Question of the Week in the comments section below.

From outside the Big Brother House – I’m Adam Poch – have a great day!!

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  1. Once again I think you are spot on, although I have lost respect for Paul and feel he crossed a line with his antics, he is running this house. Even Jessica said that if she were in Jury and Paul was in final two she would vote for him because he is running this game and everyone is running behind him. I felt bad when they were shunning Dominique but Monday made my stomach turn. I am so happy you added that Raven was making no sense calling Jessica out for everything she has done.

  2. Adam, great summary. I am also surprised at how my estimation of Jason has changed over the season. He has started to impress me, he has figured out that Paul needs to be a target and has voiced this to Kevin. He’s still not the smartest person but he’s growing on me

    • I love Jason! It took him awhile to fit in with this lying, scheming bunch because he is just not like that in his real life. Every time he expressed his concerns about someone, like Paul, Alex would shut him down because it was too soon. Or he would freely share all he knew until Alex trained him not to do that. I hope he goes far.

  3. Jessica and Cody played the cards they had as best as they could. How could you not recognize her attempt to bluff Paul and secure an extra week off the Halting Hex? That said, where she messed up is not competing for the Temptation competition which she and Cody should have entered. She should have known that she and Cody would be in the block and competing will not have changed that fact! However, if she or Cody won it and won VETO then, they could have extended the life of the Halting Hex by one extra week. That is where Jessica messed up. However, neutralizing Paul’s HOH and making it a non-eviction week, she gave herself and Cody one more week at a minimum to fight and win that next HOH. Anything can happen in this and they might be able to create damage before they are evicted atleast!

    • I actually think it worked out better mark and elena are cody and jess best hope for an alliance and had they not been on the block and won the temptation than mark or elena would for sure be gone. The power only saves you so long you need an alliance they lost that hope with ramses now all they have hope in is mark and elena.

      • Some in the house are catching on to Elena playing both sides. Raven and Christmas have both noticed on the HOH camera that she will be in a room alone with Jess, standing close and in conversation but when someone comes along Elena scurries a distance away. Shady.

    • I know this is a game and your right about your theory. However, this is still a game and guarantee that Jessica or Cody would have won the Temp Comp or VETO. Just like there is no guarantee that Paul or any of his Minions will win the next HOH, Temp Comp or VETO. Too many variables to consider someone can win.

      • There are no guarantees and it could be very well that Jessica and Cody lost it but, they would be on the block either way so, what do they have to lose? It is all upside if they manage to snag safety for one of them. Anyway, it does not matter anymore. Use the Halting Hex and try win HOH next!

    • I disagree that they played the cards the best they could. Jess played a pretty decent game when she wasn’t with Cody, and all the dumb decisions she made (minus not competing in the comp) are traced back to him. She made a dumb move by not only nominating Ramses but also not using the veto on him. I can get why she was trying to bluff Paul with the hex but even if she was upset about being nominated, she shouldn’t have shown it. But like I said, her stupid game moves all lead back to Cody. He went off on Paul about being nominated which is why jess was unable to play it cool, and the reason they’re targets in the first place is cus Cody blindsided his alliance week one.

      Cody has played a straight up awful hand. Had jess not listened to him I would agree with you that she played the cards she was delt the best she could. But she basically gave Cody all her cards then let him show her deck to everyone.

  4. Excellent rankings and pretty much spot on, although I may have been a bit more gracious to Jessica. Yes, she’s disliked by many and yes, she can be a bully at times but her poor choice of not using the Veto was because of Cody’s influence. Yes, she’s a grown adult and should’ve gone with her gut but sometimes the heart influences the head and I think she fell victim to that. So rather than 4 strips of tofu I may have given her 2 strips. But, that’s why you’re the ranking official and I’m on the other side of the screen :)

    Your comment, “and other than being completely engulfed up Paul’s ass” regarding Alex is spot on. I had high hopes for her from the get-go, what with her talking about this not being The Bachelor and being there to win, only to get caught up in the whirlwind of Paul’s arse. That was/is highly disappointing.

    Lastly, your ranking of Josh, as well as your comments about him, are spot on! I think he’s a toad and he reminds me of the big dumb animals you see in cartoons that can’t do anything without being told to do so and he’ll do so without question, regardless of where it gets him in the game. But, it has worked out for him so far, other than being detestable in sight of the fans of this show.

      • I see two major sides in the making. Question now is who will follow the power in the house from week to week?

    • Really you want to give her less strips of Tofu for letting Cody overrule her instinct to use the Veto and because she’s listening to her heart? Oh my. This is a game where the object is to win $500k. She’s only known this guy for weeks and she’s giving up her game for him? That to me is not a reason to give her less strips of Tofu.

  5. To me the screaming was nothing. It fell flat after awhile, since there was no reaction from the other party. One way screaming. It was loud though..I like the Pots and Pans. lol

    • Hey, my west coast friend, how are you doing this morning ?

      I thought Josh little routine was both disturbing and entertaining at the same time. He is more of a clown than Jason.

      • Morning Capt. I guess you’re right about Josh, but he’s just like a toy, that you wind. lol

      • I agree. I do think that Josh is doing what Paul coached him to do and I don’t believe this is his actual personality outside the house.

      • I’m convinced Josh is like that in his real life. He is a coward and a bully! And Paul is a jerk! Most of these people are here for summer camp!! I Love Kevin’s game!

      • Agreed. Josh is an AH in real life. Look at how Josh behaved in the very first competition – no sense of team, grabbed the golden apple because he “knew” everyone was out to get him. Unfairly screamed and intimidated Megan due to his warped sense of reality when she’d done NOTHING to target him. He is a JERK and also seems mentally ill to me. Kudos to Megan for getting out while the getting was good. That house is insane this season and would sure drive me over the edge.

      • hence my quote – ” and who knew there was a second clown in the house? “

      • I will be honest here, if someone coached me into doing something like what Josh did, I would do it but in a different way. Trust me, after many years as a blue collar worker in a factory, you learn how to get under peoples skin really fast. I could have cracked Cody with no problem.

      • What time is it there? It’s only 8am here. I forgot to take out the trash last night…I think I’m going back to bed. ha!

    • My favorite part was no reaction from Jess and Cody and Raven looking stupid. Cody kept his cool because his outside way of doing things is violent and he knows the consequences of that in the game.

      • It’s a good test for them, particularly Cody. He was able to control his emotion, thanks to Jess re-enforcing him, it’s a game, and they’re playing Big Brother. Good for him. They didn’t get any reaction. He’s learning the game…see how long it will last. lol

    • I hated the pots and pans. Had to turn down the volume and then I couldn’t hear the others talking. I really hate when Josh yells or bangs

  6. I agree with what you said about Paul, he is PLAYING the game. He does have a good social game because he has people willing to fight for him. I really agree that “psychological warfare” is a way that this game has been played however they have taken next level and gone straight to being bullies. I also think your right that they really can’t see how hypocritical they are in their actions to Cody and Jessica. I myself am not a fan of Jess and Cody but they are still human beings with feelings and deserve at least respectful game play. This house has been the craziest one since the nerd herd and the foolishness that happened after Cappie’s eviction. On a side note…Josh is crazy and I would have ripped those pans out of his hands just like Mark did! That was beyond ridiculous behavior and even worse was that the rest of the house was egging him on.

      • Worse still, production will call it intimidation if those pans are ripped out of his hands even without as fight. That is the more annoying part for me. If such metals are not considered as weapons, then the other party could as well collect kitchen knives and swipe it across the face of an opposing HG without necessarily making contact while using it.

    • Yes, Jess has feelings of wanting to grab Alex by the hair, drag her to the hot tub and drown her. Just because only Cody, Mark and Live Feeds heard her does not make her a good human.

  7. Lol. Not only did I Immediately think Paw Patrol when I read Paul Patrol, but I always say cukoo for cocoa puffs around my kids.
    Jason is my favorite player this season along with Kevin. Kevin has been up Paul’s behind all season but he is starting to open his eyes about him. My only hope as a fan of the show and hatred for Paul is Jason. Jason and Kevin are really tight, but if he mentions anything negative about Paul it may go back to him. Kevin is a snitch and he always includes Paul as one of his allies along with Alex and Jason. Kevin and Christmas are tight so she may be another number for him.
    Christmas is very high and tired and I think she should just exit the show. I am not even hopeful that Alex will ever make that move and Jason should keep her out of it until Paul is on the block.
    Jessica was too low in the ranking since she is the only one who knows exactly what Paul is doing to the HGs and had the guts to say it to his face. I guess her game play was horrible, but I’m hoping she wins HOH and puts him up.
    This week was boring as usual, but I did enjoy watching the stupid argument in the house and made me side with Jessica whom I dislike and still hate Paul and Raven even more.

      • Come on, there is still 6 or 7 weeks to go and at least 2 DE thru that. Could happen, but I doubt Paul would take Alex to F2. He would have vision of Nicole all over again.

      • Josh, or Matt, or Raven would all be safe bets to take. Unless they wake up and start playing for themselves and make some serious moves.

      • Although I don’t disagree with you, please say it ain’t so! I cannot deal with Josh and Raven for much longer! And I certainly do not want them to get second place !!!
        I just don’t see Paul making it that far unless he wins comps when he needs to!

      • Ok, I just check, finale is Sept 20th. So we have 7 weeks left after Thursday. We still have 12 HGs, so 10 HGs to evict in 7 weeks.

      • OK lets do some math. 7 weeks, 10 to evict. Starting next week correct? DE will take out two leaving 8 to go. Out of that 8, there is only 6 weeks to go with number 8 being evicted on Sept. 20th. That is two weeks out of the 7 accounted for, leaving 5 weeks worth of evictions 7 people to evict. A second double eviction would have to take place plus no jury member will be able to re-enter the game unless they add a third DE or extend the game by a week or two.

      • Let run this down:

        Aug 10: down to 11
        Aug 17: down to 10 – 1st member of jury
        Aug 24: usually a DE – down to 8 – 2nd and 3rd to jury
        Aug 31: down to 7 – 4th to jury
        Sept 7: maybe DE – down to 5 – 5th and 6th to jury
        Sept 14: down to 4 – 7th to jury
        Sept 17: down to 3 – 8th to jury
        Sept 20: finale – down to 2 – 9th to jury

        Sept 17th is the last sunday, they usually have an eviction on last sunday.

        The second DE will probably be on the 7th Sept, make more sense than 14th and wouldn’t do 2 weeks in a row.

        Ok, what do you think ?

      • Only way to have a returning jury member at this point is for Jessica to not use her HEX and one gets sent home tomorrow. That would still set us up for a second DE.

      • Didn’t they do a TAPED eviction but didn’t show it until right before the live eviction one year? If so, this is where the second DE could come into play if they do it again.

      • I can’t wait for it! We are already halfway through the game and 97% of the house isn’t playing! Hopefully we get a big change For the last half of the game! It better be good! Really really good

  8. not just jody has been on to paul, everyone is. it just suits them now for their common purpose (evict jody). it’s just the eviction process has been dragged out, so everyone is just “stuck” with paul for now. they are all getting fatigued because they know when it starts up, it’s gonna be lit!

  9. You remember how we all finally gave up on the luxury comp questions, I almost wonder if there is some thought behind the scenes that like once everyone has served their time as a HN that they phase it out and actually introduce a couple lux comp, even if its just CBS cross over stuff. Just to try and diffuse the house a little. Just hope that like a lack of dietary variety is causing some of this.

    I also know lots of people are throwing around Nerd Herd, but, well, some people really don’t remember that at all. But my issue is that contrary to that there is no like Kaysar and Janelle on the other side to root for, Howie and James could be a big of jerks as Paul, Raven and Josh are being (while I know Alex was in the fight, that was a fair argument between her and Jessica about the game and Alex just was not handling it correctly because she could have easily said, everyone wanted you out and expected me to put you up, I didn’t want you out and I made sure I had the votes to keep you without rocking the boat with everyone, yes, Dom blew up and that got the unanimous vote, but she was going anyway, I don’t expect gratitude from you, I don’t want to talk to you ever again, we hate each other, that is fine) but I just don’t know about outright rooting for Jessica and Cody. Cody, just being kind of a jerk, and Jessica I guess I could but she doesn’t seem to plan for contingencies. I was really upset when Kaysar was evicted and you were just rooting hard for Janelle to beat Maggie, et al. I’m not sure I will feel much of anything when either of them leave.

    I am honestly hoping that Alex is just coasting for awhile and will join up with her boys to take over because they could so easily do that. I think after Monday, Jason and Kevin might be trying to get over their distaste for Matthew and might be pulling him in and Josh is somewhat devoted to the AJK threesome more than he is to Paul.

  10. When the rest of players get a chance to look at how Paul played them, they will feel so stupid and used. If Cody or Jess win HOH, Paul and Raven should go up.

  11. Jason is really starting to endear himself with me and the house. he’s the kind of guy you’d like to be close friends with.
    he’s an all American boy.

    • He’s like an all Canadian boy also LOL HEEHEE

      I personally have never not liked Jason. I know a lot of people dislike him especially in the beginning of the game but I always thought he was funny, harmless & the most “real” person in the house

  12. Matt being “the voice of reason” is fully debatable.

    Matt argued that X & Paul’s pre-planned attack on Cody should not happen because, Matt’s reasoning here, is that Cody has killed people and is violent and Josh could get punched in the face by Cody.

    That is not the “voice of reason” as Cody has not been violent and Cody’s language is far less violent than Paul’s daily use of language.

    Matt attacked, on camera, Cody’s service to the country in saying that. Our Marines kill the enemy overseas. We train and pay them to do that. If they refused to do that, they would not be our Marines.

    Matt has no evidence that Cody is more likely to be violent to anyone in the house than anyone else is. Matt’s argument about Cody’s military career is despicable, but goes unnoticed by many observers. Paul says the same things about Cody frequently. Paul equates Cody’s military service with being a violent person and a physical danger to the house. Paul has done this many times. Paul has also said he thanks Cody for his service. One statement does not nullify the other statements.

    Matt is wrong, not “reasonable.”

    • I thought the same thing. With Matt reasoning as to why not to provoke Cody however, do you think he really meant it? Or do you think he was just trying to defuse the situation and used that as and example?
      stupid example for sure! But again, I think Matt meant well and was just again trying to defuse the whole situation. Who knows

  13. So basically you are on Paul`s side . If you were in the house I know what you would be doing…u would just be kissing`s Paul ass and doing whatever he tells you to do.

    • me??? no way! Yes I kissed ass on BB13 – but that was different – 6 vets vs. 1.

      • Question for you, Adam…there have been a lot of comparisons to Paul’s behaviors this season and Evel Dick’s in season 8. If you read ED’s twitter you know how he feels about the comparisons (lol). But…that’s neither here nor there. My question is this, you were in the house with ED… Do you think he gave a crap what people thought about him or did he own his behavior and say what of it? Just curious, coz he doesn’t seem to care, but I know you actually were in the BB house with the guy and I’d be interested to hear your opinion. :)

      • a) Dick does not care what other people think – at all! In real life & in the game.
        b) Dick’s psychological warfare was pretty brutal – especially to Jen – but that was more of a back and forth on both sides. Plus he went into the DR ahead of time and found out what he could get away with. If you were watching on Monday – when Paul & Josh went over the line, DR called them both in separately and told them to cool it.

        regarding Paul – he has been on the offensive because Jess & Cody are calling out his actual gameplay and trying to get other people to realize he is using them. Paul is scared that they will finally realize and turn on him. That’s why he was so brutal to Dom as well. Dom didnt do as good of a job standing up for herself as she talked in riddles.

      • Thanks Adam! That’s what I figured.
        Yeah, Jen & Ed definitely did not get along, but she was picking on Dani b/c Nick liked Dani more than Jen & Dick retaliated. Plus the girl stole 5 or 6 cartons of his smokes and poured bleach on them!!! What did she think he was going to do after that? Smile & say thank you I wanted to quit anyhow?? hahahaha!! NOT!

        Anyhow, thanks again for your blog…I think you have a very decent pulse on the house & I always enjoy your comments on the HG.

      • Adam, you of all people should know that although Paul is running “the show,” the HG’s have made it VERY easy for him! These people are a bunch of mindless morons!
        If 97% of the house had a mind of their own, Paul would not be the leader he is. Sure, good for Paul for taking advantage of them all, but it was not a difficult thing for him to do therefore, he doesn’t deserve as much credit as he is getting.
        It is pretty pathetic when only 3% of the house is playing the game!
        Please correct me if I am wrong.

      • I’m not Adam, Tina, but I think you’re pretty spot on. This house is a bunch of mindless drones who don’t deserve to be on BB! Their only ambition is to get to jury…Lame! 500 thousand dollars is at stake here, people! C’mon!

        Paul is running the house, but I think he overplayed himself on Monday & now the idiots are finally getting a few braincells between them and realizing how in control he (Paul) really is. Talk of voting him out were going on quite a bit yesterday amongst the minions…

        Hell, if Dr. Will was in that house, he’d have those mindless brain trusts worshipping at his feet & tattooing “property of Will Kirby” on their bums! hahahahaha

      • Oops 🙊 Sorry did I reply to you by accident!?

        Yeah I have heard that his minions are talking about getting him out but let’s see some action. You know what I mean? If anyone but Jessica and Cody, possibly possibly Mark win the HOH then this week is just going to repeat. There’s no way any of those minions flip on Paul if Jessica and Cody are still there, especially Cody. I do hope I eat my words though! But I just don’t think so.
        Dr. will had so much skill! He had everyone eating out of the palm of his hands without them even noticing it. Paul’s puppies are not playing the game at all! On purpose! It’s pretty pathetic when only 3% of the house is playing the game!

  14. Adam said it best – “Paul is a disgusting human. There is one thing to be a bully in the game (worked for @EvelDick) but Paul is an overprivileged ASSHOLE!”

    • Please provide timestamp on feeds of jess discussing being pregnant now or anything related to that. On feeds, not other people saying it.

      • She said she hasn’t had her period since she’s been in the house but that’s normal for her.She also said she doesn’t have any symptoms. Saw that on jokers.

      • Thanks for the info. So that’s stuff women say to each other. Someone else said there was a rumor that Jess started about being pregnant. This doesn’t add up to that. Thanks

      • Someone suggested that Jessica was pregnant and that is what they are responding to.

  15. Paul and Josh should be kicked out of the game for what they have pulled. Paul is a jerk and is like that in real life. You did a horrible job BB for picking such crap of people for the show. The only ones decent is Jessica, Cody, Mark, and (Jason)? for Jason. The rest of them are nothing but bullies and Kevin is just there.

    • I agree this is a crap cast all around, but really what did Paul do to need to be kicked off the show? I’m not in any way saying I agree with what he did, but kick him off the show? What about Jess who sticks her fingers in places they aren’t wanted, or Mark throwing hot sauce in peoples faces? It’s Big Brother. Awful behavior is what the show has been about for years now.

    • I don’t think they should be kicked off the show but Yup Pretty disgusting and the only reason Paul put the leashes back on his puppies is because they heard someone yell into the backyard
      “Jessica America loves you and Paul is a bully!”
      and because production specifically called Paul into the DR room and told him to tell his mutts off of Jessica and Cody.
      Paul wasn’t thinking of the repercussions he is going to get on social media after the game is over. He’s played the game before so, he knows exactly what it’s going to be like!
      and that is the only reason!

  16. I bet if anyone was HOH and they had wasted their HOH for not get anyone evicted due to the HEX ….Adam would not give them any Bacon.

  17. Agree with most of your rankings this time. But Matt bacon? Come on really who is Matt? And Alex and Paul are in a secret alliance. Alex has her own mind and isn’t up Paul’s ass. It’s called working together.

  18. I know Alex is up Paul’s ass but I still think he’ll get Paulie’d by her (as Paulie got Paulie’d by him last year). Wishful thinking? Sure, but I think she’s smarter than what we see.

  19. People are nuts! PAUL FREAKIN ROCKS! He’s killing it like he should!! Also grow up and too dang bad if you get bullied learn to stick up for yourself. I DID! These kids aren’t exactly grade school are they? Geez!

  20. I don’t know why everyone is so upset that Jody is getting what they have been giving since the first week. Jessica is allowed to say nasty things about Alex and Jason (actually stating that she wishes Alex was drowned and using derogatory names and that Jason is disrespecting his wife….for hanging out with Alex) I find them both shallow and rediculous but it just goes to show

  21. As usual, Adam, I find your analogy of the week and the house guests pretty spot on! Well, except for Raven. I think she should have gotten the Tofurkey this week simply because she called Paul her “Master”!! Josh is a total puppet, yes, but (yuck!) Raven actually gives Paul title of Master!! In my opinion, that alone makes her the biggest minion/loser of the entire group!

    That being said, I completely agree, Paul is (by far) playing the best BB game and that “psychological warfare” is both a successful and strategic game move; however, I think Paul & his gang took it too far on Monday. Moreover, I think Paul knows he crossed a line and is now worried at how is being perceived by America because he was doing a lot of justifying for the cameras regarding his behavior and the reasoning behind it. And maybe he should be worried because there are a huge number of people who think that pack-mentality bullying is wrong; I’m one of them and I am (or was…honestly, not sure now) a fan of Paul, but it’s done and what he should be doing instead of trying to justify himself is owning the behavior.

    There is a degree of separation between Real Life and the game of BB; behaviors that are looked upon as sociopathic in RL are qualities I think you have to have to be a good BB player. If you do something despicable in the BB house, own it as a game move, don’t try and justify it or make excuses for the behavior later on. If you’re going to play dirty, then say I’m playing dirty and embrace being a bad guy, e.g., Will Kirby, Dan G. & Evel Dick…everyone may not like you, but they will at least respect your game. If Paul owned more of his behaviors and didn’t lie or make excuses for them (while cam talking to us-not to HG) then I don’t think I’d be so disappointed in him right now. I still wouldn’t like what he & his gang did on Monday, but I’d accept (at least on his part) the entire episode was a BB game move designed to cause Cody to break. Didn’t work, but what it did showcase quite nicely was the utter control Paul has over that house right now. Paul IS running the house, and truthfully, this season is his to lose. Personally, I think Paul (and his mouth) is his own worst enemy…let’s see if (without Vic) he can reign himself in and not ruin it.

    All in all, Adam, like you, I think this is the best season (by far) of Big Brother we’ve had in a long, long time!!

    • Paul’s relatively young at just 24 years old. Compared to some of the others that we’ve come to love to love and love to hate over the course of the seasons – larger than life characters like Dan, Evel Dick and Dr. Will, Paul is somewhat lacking in their level of maturity and life experience. Right now he’s too immersed in the game and too close to the heat of battle to be able to take an objective step back and fully own his role as instigator and big boss of the events that went down in the BB house. He needs time and space for that step back, it will come but it will only come once he’s out of the heat and intensity of the game.

      Jessica carries herself like a haughty and arrogant principessa gracing us all by her presence and Cody has endured far worse throughout his tenure as a United States Marine than anything Paul and his troop of stooges think they can dish out. Never surrender, never retreat, Cody will not be broken. A more mature and seasoned player probably would have recognized that. A more mature and seasoned player probably would have been content in the knowledge that Cody and Jess were already pariahs in the house and nothing further need be done outside of maintaining his side of the house in a stranglehold of obedient control.

      But he let it get personal and he let it get to him… and here we are.

      • Ah, thank you, they were both before my time. I only saw the Dan who held the fake funeral for himself, totally amazing what he was able to pull off, he was dead in the water so many times and just never gave up. It was almost poetic it was that incredible.

      • I always think of Dan as older, but he was actually only 28 at the time of his funeral. In terms of maturity though you can certainly say they were more mature. Dan had been teaching a couple years before he went on BB10 and Will had already gone through business school, law school, medical school, and was a doctor when BB2 started (it also helps that he is by far the smartest person to ever play), so although their ages were similar they were more mature.

    • I agree that he has to own it. I hate when players try to make it seem like they are not that evil. It is a game. We know that you are different in the house then you are in real life. You mentioned Will Kirby. Completely different person outside of the house then in it. Inside the house an evil ruthless person. Outside the house a very professional world renowned dermatologist. Be as evil and ruthless as you want in the house. Bullying personal attacks anything (other than physical violence). Just own that you are being evil and it is part of your game.

      • While I agree some BB house guests have used psychological warfare in the past, I still think what Paul did on Monday was wrong. That was nearly the *entire* house against two people who are basically alone in the house. The sole purpose to Monday was to ensure Paul’s HOH wasn’t a bust. I cannot think of one other season of BB where the house ganged up on one or two people. Not even the Friendship (AKA Nerd Herd) alliance of season 6 was that bad & they were terrible bullies! Which, btw, was one of the reason they were one of the most hated groups of all time. I don’t think Will or Dan were bullies. Will used charm and his cleverness to talk people until doing his bidding. I don’t recall him ever bullying anyone…Shannon, yes, but not Will. Dan too never really got into the house blow ups in season 10 as far as I can remember. He used underhanded tactics to move the Renegades to F2, much like Derrick did with the Hitmen in BB16.

        If I’m wrong, feel free to correct me, but I honestly cannot recall a season where this kind of gang bullying took place and I don’t think it should. If you want someone out, do it the old fashioned way…win HOH and nominate their butt. Don’t get an entire house to personally attack someone in hopes that they will eject themselves from the game. Where’s the game in that?

        Just my opinion of course, but I honestly think Paul blew his game up with that bit because now some of his minions are starting to see him as the puppetmaster and I can’t imagine that revelation is going to be good for Paul.

      • I guess it depends what you consider gang bullying. If you are talking about an entire house against someone I can’t remember a time it has happened (other than someone being caught in a lie or something like that), but a handful of people going after someone happens all the time. Howie and Janelle attacking April (Busto) and her family were pretty aggressive, but she was awful. I have no problem with it. It may look bad (as this incident/incidents did and may be uncomfortable for some to watch), but it is a strategy that can be used. Will it end up working out? Not sure. As long as they are not physically assaulting someone I don’t see a problem with it. I think what looks the worst for them is not a group attacking 2 people, but how uncreative they were. Banging pots and pans going (duh duh duh) and screaming woof woof and other nonsense. It was really pretty sad.

    • raven called Paul her master??? For real! OMG, she is pathetic! And I agree, even though I dislike Josh with a passion and have since day 2, raven quickly jumped up or I should say down on my rankings and she is now equal, if not worse than Josh! At least Josh has been consistent

      • Yeah, during the fight on Monday, Paul came into the kitchen & she said (quote) “Oh, there’s my Master!” No joke! Ugh! You should check out Evel Dick’s twitter account…he has this #Raven’sDiseaseParty going on that is hilarious!! People tweet him with ridiculous scenarios where they are dying from unnamed or outlandish diseases or ways to die! So freaking funny!

        ED cannot stand that girl & tweets the funniest crap about her.

      • good! Raven deserves nothing but hell when she walks out of that house! The lies she has told about her disease are disgusting! Mimi me!
        I should probably pay attention to Twitter more LOL

  22. God, I don’t envy you this week, Adam – having to separate out the drama from the actual gameplay this week must have been a daunting task.

    Did the personal attacks to too far? Absolutely, and I’ve given my reasoning on that on other articles, so I won’t go into it again. Psychological warfare is one thing, but what they did was downright despicable and unlike anything that has ever happened on BB before.

  23. Thank you Adam for seeing Paul’s mental warfare as a strategy that has been used many times. Some people seem shocked that house guests are sometimes mean to each other. I agree with you that it could be a good strategy. Personally I am a little disappointed that it has been aimed at Jessica and Cody. I would have preferred them to choose just Jessica (as I don’t think Cody will crack). I think them ganging up on 1 person would be far more ruthless than 2. Mix it up with some creative bullying, personal attacks, as well as just general stupid statements and childish insults (Josh can handle that). Really get the whole house involved and it should make her lose all will to continue.

    • yeah because attacking Jessica with a mob like mentality bullying her and personally insulting her so she cracks and selfie evicts is something to be proud of! Don’t just try and beat her fair and square! seems pretty cowardly to me! SMH

      As if Cody is going to sit back and watch/listen to the house attack her and not do anything! So, he ends up getting ejected from the game! That just makes them all a bunch of scared spineless coward’s who can’t just play the game and fight for the HOH on Thursday! SMH

      & before you tell me that’s not what you meant. You just mean get in their heads because it will throw them off their game, not so!
      Jessica and Cody have both said this is not fun for them anymore and I do not blame them! Being personally attacked and bullied is not something fun for anyone in any situation regardless if it is a game or not! They have said if it continues they will both walk together!! Paul and his minions know that so they would just be a bunch of cowards & I wouldn’t fault Jessica and Cody for walking! They don’t need to sit around and take this from a bunch of people they don’t even know!
      it blows my mind that people like you (thankfully few and far between) condone this behaviour from Paul and his puppies! I truly hope you do not have children!

      • Few and far between? Seems like a lot of people agree with me including Adam. If they choose to self evict then the strategy worked. Them saying the game is not fun for them anymore already means it is working. Now is when you really ramp it up. Nothing unfair about what they are doing. You look to eliminate the other competitors by any means possible. It is like you think it is not part of the game. Since BB2 this has been happening. If you think this year is bad I can’t even imagine what you would think about some of the past seasons.

      • well, I can’t debate with stupid! If you start off your statement with a lot of people agree with you including Adam then where do I go from there!? LOL
        I guess I must be completely wrong! SMH

  24. To be frank, Paul’s game revolves around psychological warfare.
    Remember when he was on the block after Paulie left? He lashed out at everyone minus Victor demanding them for answers and making aggressive accusations.

    So honestly is anyone surprised at Paul? That’s how he plays his game. Granted its an extreme way and yes he goes too far (not to mention he leads a cult) but honestly its Paul freaking Abrahamian. Is it any surprise?

  25. I totally disagree with your assessment of Paul. He did cross a line and others have already started whispering it. It’s like Jess said “No one that makes it personal ever wins.” Everyone got his number. They noted how Paul was telling people to do certain things and little bells were going off in their head. His days are numbered.
    He basically did the same thing that Cody did week one. He did not talk to everyone even though Jessica pulled him aside to talk. He should have known that she could not lie about the power but he kept saying “she is a liarer”. He didn’t do his homework before the nomination ceremony even though he knew their was a power out there.
    Paul is just upset that he has been HOH twice and has yet to get anyone out. Both his HOH’s have been a total bust.
    IMO, he screwed himself.

  26. For sure Paul is playing the Best game…………. the best game in the house!
    Not one of the best games of all times!
    Paul is only in the position he is in because he has a bunch of mindless morons following him around like a lost puppy dogs! It’s easy for him. If these HG’s were more competitive, had a mind of their own & there to play the game instead of enjoying their free summer vacation, Paul would not be in the position he is in! It was very easy for him to bring everyone in and make them listen to his every command!
    So, good for Paul for taking advantage but, with these houseguests it certainly isn’t something to brag about!
    ANY “Vet” could’ve walked into that house and taken over the minds of all of these spineless, boring, followers!
    It’s like BB specifically picked these people based on their personality! So Paul could get his three-week safety and take over their minds! & Control the house! It certainly was not difficult for him to do!!!

  27. I think Paul meant to use the psychological warfare tactic but let his personal issues with Cody get in the way which then prompted him to take it too far. Paul usually has really good control over his emotions in the game, but he has never really played with a personwho takes every game move to a personal level the way Cody does. Because of this Paul lost control of his emotions. Definitely doesn’t justify it but he did admit he took it too far and encouraged his “minions” not to gang up on them again. He heard mark out and admitted he (M) had a point regarding ganging up on Jess and Cody so I respect the fact that he realizes he overstepped. I still think Paul’s a great game player regardless.

  28. Something about Paul just irks me. That, said Jessica and Cody are not good together… the quicker she dumps him the better. She should take him up on his offer not to use the hex on him. He can’t control himself or his anger. She needs to cut him loose and play her own game and not listen to him anymore. He is the one who talked her out of using the POV on Ramse and look how that turned out.

  29. Actively inciting violence is where the push to get someone to self-evict really crosses the line, and it should not be permitted. Anyway, Team Pots & Pans is needlessly poisoning people, detestable as they are, that are not even much of a threat and completely on the wrong side of the numbers should they gain power next week. What I pray happens is Jessica last minute takes Cody’s offer to fall on his own douche bag sword and agrees to let Paul’s house evict him. Then Paul directs them to take Jessica out along with her Hex which she will never get to use. I will laugh my head off if that happens. Cody would surely explode! Jessica is one who has steadily made me not like and her pouting face over the weeks. She thinks she’s entitled, she thinks she’s a player, and she thinks her crap doesn’t stink (I imagine it has a waft of ammonia and piney diarrhea diapers).

  30. I believe the fights, bullying, and taunting went way beyond game play this week…and someone needs to be the voice of reason and step up to stop it, but I really don’t see that happening with this group.

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