‘Big Brother 18’ Live Feeds Week 10: Wednesday Highlights

After a relatively quite day (and week), the Big Brother 18 Live Feeds lit up in the evening as Corey and Nicole decided what to do with the BB Bribe and Michelle finally realized she might not be safe after all. Read on to find out of Michelle decided to campaign or lay down and die.

Victor puts on a smile for BB18

If you’ve got the Live Feeds (Free Trial) then you can watch all of these moments with the Flashback feature to go back and watch those important conversations or funny scenes you may have missed.

Big Brother 18 Live Feed Highlights – Wednesday, August 31, 2016:

11:00 AM BBT – Nicole is the first one up as she wanders the empty house. She stays up for a bit then goes back to bed.

12:45 PM BBT – Victor is up and about. He’s camtalking general chatter.

1:00 PM BBT – Corey joins Victor in the kitchen to commiserate over HN life.

1:10 PM BBT – Victor and Corey go upstairs and find Nicole who says she doesn’t feel well.

2:15 PM BBT – Few more HGs up and milling around.

2:30 PM BBT – Michelle appears annoyed by Victor and complains to herself about him talking.

2:40 PM BBT – Paul relays to Nicole about James and Michelle asking him if he knew how the votes were going. Paul says they’re worried because they have no idea what’s going on. Corey wonders if he can use the Bribe on James.

2:50 PM BBT – James went to check on Michelle and asks if she’s campaigned to Nicole or Corey yet. She hasn’t and says it’s hard to find them alone. James tells her to go talk to them so he can go seal the deal by talking to them after she does.

3:15 PM BBT – Paul and James chatting about life after Big Brother. Paul wonders how much people will actually be interested in them as past HGs.

3:30 PM BBT – Victor is studying with Nicole for the things he has counted around the house.

4:00 PM BBT – Natalie joins James in the HN room to cuddle in a bumper car. Natalie suggests Nicole and Corey are going to honor their F4 deal. James is worried about a DE coming up and thinks he’ll be evicted then. Natalie promises him Michelle will help keep him safe if there’s a DE.

4:05 PM BBT – Natalie says she will put up anyone except James and Michelle at this point.

6:04 PM BBT – Natalie repeats that she doesn’t care about anything anymore. She’s fed up with the game.

7:00 PM BBT – HGs discuss their casting interviews. Victor says his was mostly shirtless.

7:06 PM BBT – James is talking about being mean to Paul in his goodbye message. Natalie reminds him that Paul will be voting in jury.

7:20 PM BBT – James says his gut tells him Michelle is staying so he’s not even going to talk to Nicole about it. He tells Michelle that Nicole and Corey won’t blindside him with this.

7:25 PM BBT – Nicole and Corey talk about what to do with his BB Bribe. They’re leaning toward giving it to Victor to vote Michelle out and secure their alliance. They decide they should offer Victor the bribe in from of Paul so that he also feels safe this week. Nicole starts worrying they’ll tell James about the bribe so they flip-flop on what to do with it.

7:30 PM BBT – Corey is second guessing his bribe plans. He decides no matter what he does it’s going to screw him over some way.

7:38 PM BBT – Everyone still thinks there’s a Double Eviction Thursday so Nicole says if they give the bribe to Victor that Corey can’t leave James’ side during the DE (there’s no DE this week). Now they worry about James asking for the $5K bribe.

8:00 PM BBT – Natalie and James tell Michelle she needs to talk to Nicole and Corey. She says she doesn’t want to. She says they don’t even talk to her when she enters a room and that she feels there’s nothing she can do if they want her out. Michelle decides she has too much pride to talk to them.

8:12 PM BBT – James thinks talking to Nicole and Corey at this point about Michelle staying could make them change their mind and target her. OK.

8:16 PM BBT – Nicole and Corey talk about just not using the bribe but Corey says that would suck.

8:34 PM BBT – After much debate, Nicole and Corey decide to give Victor the $5,000. Corey has to go to the Diary Room first to let them know.

8:48 PM BBT – Nicole tells Paul and Victor that Michelle would never vote for her or Corey to win the game.

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  1. Wow. Cant believe that Nicole and Corey are really just giving the game away to Paul or Vic. BOTH will be voted for to win over Nicole or Corey at a final 2. They hve chance over James or Natalie, because they’ve playe a weak showmance game too. And Paul and Vic were such jerks to start the game, and they are being rewarded. Hard season to take, with all the remaining really hard to root for

  2. Well, hey now! James has went from being 98% right about everything this season to 99% sure that Michelle is not being evicted. And he’s still the most popular HG according the the BBN poll…29.35%…which is the percentage more akin to his accuracy about the season.

    • For the last 3 weeks James has been 100% wrong about everything.. I thought after his conversation with Michelle about Natalies lack of interest in a relationship that he appeared to wanna get back in game.. He seemed ready to play and wanted to talk to Nicole….. But Natalie went a fishing and James took the bait…His head is up her ass again…Got no sympathy for James when Natalie kicks him to the curb when shes done using him..

    • Hahaha! No doubt. He must be confusing “gut feeling” with indigestion because he’s been more wrong than right this season. :) I don’t understand his popularity. Makes me think voting is rigged!

  3. hmmmm hmmmm finally Thursday…according to Twittter comp tonite will be chicken coup and eggs..It would a good one for Natalie to win as her hands are small.. and I believe she could do it /win if she stayed focused
    We shall see…..I am not a fan of Natalie but her winning HOH at this point would be a big upset for the 4 amigos..

    • Ugh I see James being good at that. Natalie is too clumsy but James has the small hands and more focus. Corey will be bad probably too, hopefully Paul or Vic win it.

      • Its to much boredom for the coming week if Corey Paul or Victor become HOH.. Lets have some excitement, drama, shouting, arguments, backstabbing,lying moments that BB viewers/fans crave…If Natalie or James becomes HOH we should get some really good feeds..

      • Please, not James or Gnat, or Doofus. Although Paul drives me nuts sometimes when he talks too much, I’d like to see what he would do. He is the wild child of the bunch, imo, and the one that has the most potential to do something crazy off the wall. Vic can always try to reign him in.

      • He is definitely my 2nd choice this week. I don’t see him putting either Doofus or Dingus otb. I think there is at least a possibility of Paul putting one of them up.

      • Boredom? No way, that would be a dream week. Am I the only person sick or watching James talk in circles and Natalie complain about trivial stuff?

      • Nope you aren’t the only one, Last night on the feeds Nat started screaming at a high pitch and it literally had my pets jumping off the bed in pain to get out of ear shot. Finally someone from production told her to stop. It was so annoying.

      • No, you are definitely not the only one. I am so sick of Natalie I am ready to tear my ears off every time she whines! Which is ALL the time!! ;)

      • There won’t be any back stabbing, regardless what would be said or done James or Natalie will nominate Paul and Vic. They’re the biggest competitors and hardest to beat in a finale.

      • Boredom? If Natalie and James are both OTB I think we might actually see the “real” Natalie come out and imo that should be filled with all kinds of drama!

      • The “real Natalie” would be fun to watch. I’m 100% positive she’d campaign against James. Then when James leaves she’s going to try to cozy up to Victor. Can’t wait to see her true colors unfold

      • She wanted to cozy up with Vic in the beginning of the season, but got all angry at him because he made a comment about her letting her sweat pants drag on the dirty floor of the house and she took that as a personal attack, as if he was calling her dirty! I don’t think Vic would be up for Nat trying to get up on his game. Now Nicole…it kind of seems like Vic might be crushing on her. Does anyone else see it or am I imagining things?

      • He is always trying to hug her. The other day she was sitting in the kitchen and he came up behind her hugged her and nuzzled her neck.

      • You’re not imagining things. Or, if you are, you’re not the only one! ;) Vic seems to be seriously crushing on Nic and after that chat he had with Corey in the hot tub the other night, seems to be a bit more affectionate with her. In front of Corey, too! Last night in HoH, he playfully tackled her onto the bed and planted loud kisses on her neck or cheek while Corey was in the room. While Corey was in the DR before proposing the Bribe, Vic was sitting on the couch next to Nic and had his arm around her. At the same time, she was playing with his hair/scratching his head (something she admittedly loves to do – she did it to Paulie, too).

      • Okay, so it’s not just me! I saw the convo in the hot tub with Corey. It’s pretty obvious Corey is not interested in carrying this thing with Nicole any further than the BB house, but Vic keeps trying to get them all to go on a vay-cay together. Nicole even said her sister, Mariah (Caleb had a crush on her in season 16) would probably like him and was it my imagination or did Vic seem just a tad disappointed?? lol! IDK, Vic has said over and over in the live feeds how much he *really* likes Nicole and Corey as people!! IMO it looks like he might be crushing a bit… haha! That’ll kill Natalie!

      • Not at all! Yeah, Vic really wants to take that trip with Corey, Nicole, & Mariah (Mariah is her best friend from college, Nic only has one brother, Jesse). The guys always like seeing Mariah – she’s beautiful! I didn’t see that interaction, but I really feel like Vic is seriously in like with Nicole – he loves her as a person, can’t believe she’s as sweet and innocent as she is, and I think they’d make the CUTEST couple, tbh!! Natalie is already eaten up with jealousy that the boys like Nicole more than her – that would be the final nail in the coffin, IMO.

      • She gives it to James pretty hard sometimes. He has taken it so far. Sometimes he thinks she’s just using him. I hope he doesn’t but once he said he would give up his game for her to continue on.

        Question: If you self-evict – would you go to Jury still?

    • Having long fingers would be an advantage, I would think. Also, knowing Paul plays around with a little magic and being aware of the dexterity it takes to perform certain magic tricks, might help him in the comp. idk about this one.

    • Maybe I’m being an optimist but I could see Paul winning this one. He’s an intelligent guy. I could see him finding a strategy to get the egg across faster. There’s always one person every year who drops a ton of eggs. My bet is on Nat or doofus for that one. James and Vic could be close behind Paul for the win but I think Vic’s big fingers might be his downfall.

      I think James would be the biggest threat in this comp, and considering he’s the target next week, I hope he doesn’t win

    • She said (her voice dripping with sarcasm), “Oh good! A new Comp!”
      When are we going to ‘Expect the Unexpected?’ I mean, I don’t mind having some comps over and over again…but season after season after season? Especially when you have players that have already PLAYED these comps?
      Sorry…I’m letting my personal life influence my comments today. But seriously, new comps, anyone?

  4. James is annoying. He did this last season. He just laid down and died. I understand it’s Michelle on the block, but you can’t allow your ppl to be picked off like that. How he’s America’s fav I will never understand. He’s a terrible game player. I voted for Johnny Mac last year for AFP and will be voting for Paul if he’s not in final 2. James is great as a person, but his game is painful to watch. He will be gone soon though. It just gets to me bc he has so much potential.

      • I can respect that. I try to leave out their personal life when voting though. He is a fun houseguest. I’ll give him that. I just can’t see giving the money to that terrible of a player. Plus he’s not my favorite.

      • Agreed. I usually try to keep their personal lives out of it. I was surprised about his life his original season. Who would have thunk he was a prison guard…? Also, I was happy he stood up to Clay. This season, he is just an awful player.

    • I’m shocked Johnny Mac didn’t win AFP last year. He was hilarious. I live very close to Scranton. I’ve been tempted to stop by his office just to meet him and tell him I’m a fan.

      I agree with you on James. Only thing is last year he really did have no hope. After Meg was evicted he was a lone wolf, and the twins were in power. This year he’s got more numbers, but he’s getting complacent.

      • Where do you live?!? I was born at CMC in Scranton! Although I moved out of the area when I was 7, I still have family in the area and visit now and then. :D

      • I live in a small town about 30 minutes from Scranton. I GPS’ed Johnny Mac’s office. He’s about 20 mins from where I work. Pretty cool that someone from around the area was on big brother.

      • Ha! No thanks! I’ll have to admit, he was entertaining some what as the agent, and there are times I have found him hilarious, but that is because I READ about it. I have a feeling that if I watched him much, he would be more annoying than likeable.

      • He really is annoying….. I couldn’t watch it last night. I had to fast forward thru it.

        All you missed was the F4 yapping in HOH room then they went down to eat. And the 3 amigos snuggled in bed not doing a thing about their game! Tsk tsk!

        WAKE UP & PLAY THE GAME!! Agghhhhh!

      • I always DVR it just in case I read something on Jokers the next morning that happened during the BBAD time frame that sounds interesting enough to watch. I think I have done that only twice the entire season and usually just delete the show the next AM. Kinda says a lot about this season.

      • I’ve got it on to PVR nightly but I barely watch them. I usually delete to free up more space. It’s such a chore to watch BBAD this season & I couldn’t agree more about this season!
        On a good note…. 18 days until Survivor! Yahhhhh! ??

      • I DVR it myself but so far this season, I have only watched one maybe two complete episodes in the beginning. All the 3 and 4 hour BBAD shows is way too much. I usually just delete it a day or two after the fact.

      • I can see how you would think that way….and I agree somewhat. But Paul is still obnoxiously annoying!

  5. I cannot believe the lack of game play from Michele. Why did she want to be on BB? I am glad Victor was given the bbribe from Corey. Victor was moved by the gesture. This move will help Corey get to F3. IMO!

    • Rumor has it that Michelle might be stealing from the other HGs to sell the items on eBay. Maybe that’s why she wanted to play. idk

      • She has stolen, not rumor, fact. She was confronted by one of the HG’s the other night and she just laughed it off. The sooner they get Michelle out, the better!

      • It was one of the guys, I don’t remember which one. I couldn’t believe her response, as if it was the funniest thing she had ever done. Also the fight that Meech and Paul had the other day/night (not sure the time of day) when Paul called her a c*nt was because Paul had found some of his stuff in her bags and she was pissed because he had touched “her” stuff. She also took one of Tiff’s shirts and actually wore it on one of the shows, so there is enough evidence there, I guess BB doesn’t care, IDK?

      • Wow, that is unbelievable! I remember the fight…I must have missed him confronting her about his stuff though. Well, that is just one more reason for her to go home. I have never liked her. The way she treated Bridgett (not that I cared for Bridge either) was obnoxious and she just came off as a jealous bully; I can’t stand bullies.

      • In the beginning I thought she might be a great player, she laid low and didn’t get too involved with anyone, but she has been the biggest disappointment this year for me. I was counting on her to bring some game.

      • Wow!!! OMG!!!!!Do you know what other stuff has gone “missing” from her? I have never really liked her. Her drama fake crying, her bashing of other hg, her irrational fears of everything lol It is amazing that she lasted this long on bb. She behaves and has a mentality of a middle schooler. As someone else said she bullied Bridget because of her jealousy of her and Frank’s friendship.

      • I guess Nicole has been complaining that all of her bikini bottoms have gone missing, which is uber creepy to me. Paul has had a pair of $300 sunglasses gone missing and I think there is a whole laundry list of things, I can’t bring them all to mind right now. Michelle was arrested for shoplifting when she was 19, so I don’t know if she is a klepto a freak, maybe both?

      • Where did you hear that she was arrested for shoplifting? That kind of sheds a different light on things, if true.

      • That is crazy!! She is probably both a klepto and a freak. I hope production, goes thru her bags, before she goes to the jury house! I would be pissed if all my bikini bottoms were missing and especially if I had expensive sunglasses missing!

  6. What is wrong with the “three stooges”? Michelle has too much pride to talk to Nicole, eh? Natalie and James are pretty sure Michelle is not going home? All they have to do is ask Nicole, not Paul, Nicole! This is so strange.

    • According to James, he doesn’t need to talk to Dingus because he and Dingus and Doofus are just that close. SMH

      • This is why none of those three should win. I was ok with anyone at this point, but after this week… I’ll be upset and shocked if one of them win.

    • Exactly, that’s why I’m so glad Michelle is gone! And James..don’t even get me started on him. I think he and Nat are just getting really lazy and they will be picked off next.

    • I think all 3 have figured out they are screwed & have mentally left the game. Maybe tried to find some hope options,came up empty so are doing some denial tricks & I just don’t care any more moping. Hard to watch but they all need to go.

  7. Funny, funny moment last night when Skippy (Button Boy) ROYALLY screwed up & tagged Paul with, “Paul! There is absolutely NO jumping in the pool!”!! Paul says, “Are you on drugs?!? Are you HIGH?!?” Someone else mentions that maybe they just missed hitting the “You are not allowed to talk about your Diary Room sessions with other HGs” button and Paul said, “There is NO WAY that the jumping in the pool button is next to the DR button! NO WAY.” Freaking hilarious!!!

    • I really didn’t like Paul at the beginning of the season, but I’m really liking him now. He kills me.

      • I would be pushing it to say that I really like him, but I like him more than I do most of the others.

      • I wasn’t a big fan of either him OR Vic at the beginning of the season, but I think that’s because Jozea’s obnoxiousness rubbed off on them and they became equally as intolerable. After he left, Paul grew on me gradually. Vic became MUCH more tolerable after he was humbled by his first eviction & had to battle his way back into the house. Now, I think they’re BOTH hilarious! Vic with his puppet shows had me laughing so hard my stomach hurt, their “Dating Show” video from the episode last night had me snorting, and Paul last night after the button screw-up had me rolling all over again!!

      • Heather, I totally agree with you about P/V. Paul mellowed after Josea was gone, but kind of fell back into bad behavior with Paulie, but once Vic was back…he started to grow on me. After that first eviction, Vic came back minus the ego and has since won me over completely. I love him! He is hilarious!! Has anyone seen his “Nature Watch” spiel on the live feeds the other day?? OMG! So freakin funny! He was looking at Michelle in the London room through the phone booth and saying how she is a nocturnal species who is very aggressive when confronted…et cetera… it was so funny!! Anyone who has the live feeds should use the flashback and go watch it! :)

      • I watched a Flashback of his “Nature Watch” yesterday and it was funny. Personally, I liked his puppet shows with Baldwin hassling James for the $500 better, though. I couldn’t stop howling at those!!!

      • LOL that was definitely funny. If we’re talking puppet shows the BB roast Paul did of all 16 HG’s was super funny. That was one of my top 5 funny moments for comedy on the feeds.

      • OMG yesss!! Vic as Baldwin the eagle was HILARIOUS!! “Where’s my money??!! I’m molting over here!” LOL! I was laughing so hard at those shows, I swear I nearly peed my pants! ;)

      • Me, too!!! Both of his Baldwin puppet shows were epically hilarious!!! My belly hurt from laughing. :D

      • He has become the most improved HG of BB for me. Couldn’t stand him for the first half of the game, but when he calmed down a little and he did his Secret Service stint, he won me over. Paul for the win!

      • Paul has got verbal diarrhea! I like to watch BBAD but it’s turned into the Paul show! He talks over everyone. He just can’t shut it! Can’t stNd that in a person.
        Self centred Paul! Go home already!! ??

      • But what would we watch if it wasn’t for Paul getting everyone started? Plus, Vic is pretty funny on BBAD too. As Heather pointed out earlier, Vic’s Baldwin the eagle puppet shows (where he harasses James for the return of his money) are pretty freaking hilarious! In addition, Paul’s Baldwin roasts of the other HG are LOL funny too.

        IMO, Paul (and Vic) make for some funny feeds and at least we’re not stuck with only watching Michelle wallow in self-pity or James being Natalie’s pathetic puppy dog in the feeds…

      • Paul Entertaining? Nooooo annoying? Yesssss….

        Victor reminds me of one of the Mario brothers like luigi or something…. I know he’s not Italian! Lol

        But Paul is so scetchy! A rat! I really hope he’s out first of the F4….

        He’s like a tattle-tale! A pip-squeeeek! I just find him obnoxious. But everyone certainly has their own opinions on this site. Lol

        Hope you enjoy the rest of the season. Are you a survivor fan as well?

      • Yes. Can’t wait for the old people versus the young people! I know it says millennials vs I can never remember the other name..haha but I just think of it as old versus young. We oldies are goodies and are going to kick some young people booties!! ;) hahahaha!

      • LOL! I usually don’t watch BBAD unless I can’t sleep—so maybe that’s why I’m still OK with him. I still have a problem with him in his DR sessions, though. Could he TALK ANY LOUDER?!

      • Really? See, I am the exact opposite. I could not stand Paul in the beginning. Ugh, when Josea was in the house…I detested Paul and I did not like him as the second P in PP either…but since Vic came back the first time, Paul has grown on me and it is only NOW that I actually appreciate his humor. IDK, that’s just my opinion. :)

    • I was watching when that happened!! I was actually in tears from laughing so hard. Once they left the hoh room Paul is like “if you’re talking about the pool of friendship I already dove in head first g.” I love Paul, he’s freaking hilarious.

      • I caught it live, too, and couldn’t stop laughing & quoting him!! How about Vic saying, “Fool’s swimming in the fish tank!”??? They both crack me up regularly. And yeah, I caught the Friendship pool comment, too. Too stinking funny!!

      • Yes! I remember Vic’s comment too! I’m so glad I caught that when it happened. I was like “damn I picked a good night to watch the feeds.” Those two men give me life.

      • Yeah, they are pretty entertaining. :) Makes for good live feeds too. At least they don’t just lay in bed all day crying!

    • Yeah, Paul is pretty freakin funny!! I did not care for him at all for a long time, but he has grown on me more & more in the last few weeks. :) I still want Vic for the win, but I can’t deny I don’t hate Paul anymore.

      • That doesn’t sound very humble and 90% of the feedback on this thread is pro Paul so you are in the minority haha. I respect your opinion though.

      • And yours too….
        While I do see some support for Paul I just don’t see it at 90% but there is a number for sure…

      • LOL yeah
        They are coming off as either arrogant or very dead set it their views…. Heh heh! ?

      • I have to respectfully disagree with you, Tink. Paul is playing a pretty good game. He’s been nominated 5 times, has survived both hurricane Josea, the Frank/Da’Vonne/Tiffany tornado, and even managed to avoid the great flood that was Paulie’s downfall…and all the while he has remained pretty loyal to his one first ally which is Victor. IMO, that makes his game pretty good.

      • I hear ya! I can see your point of view. Vic is starting to worm his way in on my opinions. But Paul is just an ewwweeyy, goooey, snivelling rat!!

        Good moves…. Ya there’s been some but he’s such a snake…. I’m pretty sure Nic sees thru that. The rest? Not so sure…. He will def go further but I don’t think to the end. Or I sure hope not to the end. I could see Vic at the end but I think with all the buzz about a girl winning – you never know until the fat lady sings….or the last veto I’d played! Lol

      • I really wanted a girl to win this season too since there hasn’t been one since RR won in season 13. However, do you really think any of these girls left deserve to win it over Vic or (and I know you don’t like him) but Paul either. Paul has been nominated 5 times and somehow survived because he has a great social game. He reminds me of a bearded and (okay not as charming) tattooed Dr. Will, playing behind the scenes rather than winning comps. :) IDK, I think he has managed to survive despite his stupid mistake of aligning himself with huge targets too. So…that says something don’t you think?

      • Ahhhggg no…. Lol I don’t think so. But it’s healthy to debate about opinions. Thanks for sharing! ??

  8. Paul is hilarious! I see him making the late night circuit talking about his experiences on BB. I would love to see him on the Bold and Beautiful.

    • Paul and Victor are great! Give them their own late night talk show… I’d watch that over anything that’s on tv late at night right now.

  9. I really hope James isnt given the heads up. He has ruined every true blindside this season. He deserves to get blindsided so we can see what we deserve on tv lol.

    • Agreed! James has the loosest lips in the entire cast. I really hope Nicole does not tell him anything. I would love to see the look on his face when Michelle goes home! :)

    • Nicole should have pulled Paul off the block and put up James and back-door’d his sorry ass!

  10. As a super fan and a relative of a past BB player (Christine), you would think Michelle would be a better player. I hope when she is on her way out “blowing up” Nicole’s game, Nicole responds with a “that’s why you are evicted”.

      • Well I’m just stating what I saw on Twitter don’t really care if you believe it or not! BYE

      • Hey, Buford. :) I think littlefly was being sarcastic. I saw where someone posted that later Christine or someone said it was a joke, so I don’t know the truth about it, but if they are kin, they probably don’t like each other anyway. Lol

      • Michelle’s sister is on Twitter. No love lost there between those girls – ha! Wonder if she will confirm?

      • I wonder if those are step sister’s? I don’t think there will be a glass shoe that fits Michelle at the end of this story. ;)

      • lol…did not say u didn’t see on Twitter.. other people commented on seeing/reading it as well….Was not calling u a “liar” Comment was referring to Christine being a liar and backstabber during her season..

      • I realize that Twitter may have posted that & you’re just sharing, but you often come off so rude in your replies. IMO!

        And I don’t really care if you reply!


    • If its true that Michelle is Christines relative It will be the best kept secret and only secret kept in the house this season.. Love to see Nicoles face when she finds out..(if its true)

    • Meech is gonna be a mess going out the door and probably even worse in front of Julie.
      Her presence in the JH represents yet another bitter, scorned female HG to make Paulie’s life H@LL. LOL.
      Wonder if his testosterone levels have dropped off being surrounded by so much un-friendly estrogen:)

      • I wish most of the girls would have stuck together in secret and gotten rid of all the guys.
        Corey still being there is their fault.
        Paulie could always quit, but I don’t think he needs to worry about Michelle. She will just spend the whole day in bed and getting up just to open all the peanut butter jars and take them to her bedroom.

    • I don’t believe that they are related at all. They just look a little alike. I think Michelle is a lot prettier than Christine.

      • Only when she dolls herself up. There have been a lot of times that I thought she looked just like Christine. I can’t confirm this myself, but others have said Christine has confirmed that they are cousins on social media.

  11. Oh, James! WHY can’t you keep your yap shut? Blah blah blah-bitty-blah…no AFP for you! And Meech, go back to bed. It’s only Thursday.

    • I kinda think/wouldn’t be surprised if James is ok with Meech going:
      1. He threw her UTB last week to Nic to keep him/Nat safe. That would be exposed if she/Nat goes up there to talk to her.

      2. With Meech gone, he’ll maybe get Nat closer to him and calm her down some. Meech IMO has brought out the worst in Natalie and James has been frustrated by Natalie’s behavior of late. Even if her mood does not improve (she’ll be angry at first), at least he’ll have more of her attention and won’t have to divide it with Meech…she’ll lean on him more. I’m trying to see this from his perspective.

      3. He may think Jatalie < J/N/M targetwise. That NiCorey will trust them more for F4 with Meech gone. James told Natalie that Meech says stuff that makes people in the house mad. She's a lot of maintenance. Plus I think he's over her and her high maintenance ways. Natalie is enough for him.

  12. The BB Bribe card clearly stated that one houseguest can be bribed to do ONE action but Corey bribed Victor to do TWO actions: vote to evict Michelle and sodify/secure the F4 alliance. Does that sound unfair? I personally think Production bends the rules just for him to keep him stay in the game and the bribe itself is a watse. At least I am glad Vic, not James, got the money because he needs it.

    • No, because the F4 deal is something he can go back on if he wanted to but he can’t vote to keep Meech.

      • Yeah but Vic is a stand up guy who seemed really appreciative of the gift. Morally, I don’t he’d have it in him to backstab someone who just gave him $5K, especially when he could’ve easily given it to Nicole.

    • Not really. He bribed him to vote out Michelle to show Vic and Paul that they’re serious about the alliance. It was an act of trust. Vic and Paul don’t have to honor the F4 deal but Nicole and Corey are using the bribe to show them they’re serious about the alliance, and hope Paul and Vic will use that newfound trust to honor their F4 deal. It’s smart if you think about it. I’m glad to see Nicole finally playing the game.

    • He has a job and so does the rest of the HGs. I think any of them would have needed that money.
      Victor only has to vote out Michelle, but the alliance loyalty is only on Corey’s mind. Victor could choose to stay with them or not if he chooses.

    • IMO…it’s only one action…to vote Michele out… the other is a by-product of the first and isn’t the direct action.

  13. It was nice seeing Vic get the $5k last night. He was very appreciative and humble. Now Im glad that Corey got the ACP5 but Vic got the benefit from it. I really like a F4 of strong players. Woo Hoo!

    BTW: football games pre-empt tonights show. Remember to set DVR recording on local CBS sister station. 8pm CST Go Cowboys!!

  14. If Natalie wins she can put Nicole and Corey up, I think the guys will choose Corey and vote her out. James won’t do it, he’ll stick to Paul and Victor.
    The best thing will be Nicole and Paul and they can break the tie.

  15. Every time I read a live feed update I dislike Michelle more and more. You’ll never watch BB again if Nicole makes F2? Why? She’s played a better game than you (and that’s not even saying much). Ugh tonight’s eviction can’t come soon enough. Get her whiny, petty ass out of the house. She doesn’t deserve to be there.

    On side note, I think something might happen between Vic and Nic after the show. They seemed pretty cozy last night when Corey was in the DR.

    • I think Nicole should give him a chance if she is interested. I see her uncomfortable around him though.
      I read that Victor was rubbing her back and she jumped up and sat on Corey’s lap. Last night I think he went behind her to hug and kiss her in the head.
      She doesn’t really want to tell him anything, but it seems a bit awkward. Corey hasn’t said anything about it and she hasn’t mentioned it to him either.

      • I honestly think she’s worried about what Corey thinks but as we all know (and she doesn’t), Corey doesn’t want a relationship with her outside the house. As soon as I tuned into the feeds last night, Vic had just come up to the hoh room after talking to the other three (J/N/M) and he gave her a bear hug then asked her if she was alright. Shortly afterwards Paul entered then Vic and Nicole sat down on the couch together and he put his arm around her while she proceeded to stroke his hair. The whole time Corey was in the DR.

      • Remember when she was stroking Paulie’s hair that Z got really jealous. I don’t remember what Nicole told her, but it didn’t mean anything. She could be flirting her way to the top. I do want her out, but will love to see who she hooks up with after the show and if Corey will give it a chance.

      • I do remember her stroking Paulie’s hair. I don’t see her and Corey lasting. I think her and Vic would be cute together but that’s on them to decide after the show.

      • Well technically she is doing the same thing in the house as she would be watching the season from home… The only difference would be at home, she would be sitting on her rear and eating while watching all the action unfold on television.

        Now that she’s actually in the game, she’s sitting on her rear, eating and watching the action unfold right in front of her.

    • I agree. I cannot stand when players get upset because someone else is playing the game. Michelle complains that Victor is brown-nosing Corey and Nicole. Duh! That’s how you stay safe.

      • She calls herself a superfan but has no idea how this game is played. Victor is off the block and $5K richer. Obviously the brown nosing worked. Meanwhile Michelle is the one walking out the door tonight. You’d think a “superfan” would know that being a snake and brown nosing is how you win. There’s no room for pride in the BB house. You have to kiss up to people you don’t like. If you don’t like that either don’t sign up or count on an early eviction.

    • Michelle needs to stop that. We have probably all seen winners we hated to see win sometimes. If you are a BB fan, you “wait til next year!”

  16. I don’t know why but I actually like this final 4 if it sticks. I keep getting this feeling though if its a tie vote tonight Nicole will vote out Paul rather than screw James over. I am not against the decision, except it would be a week too soon. Michelle is a 3rd vote over there so she needs to go. I just don’t understand why Nicole did not tell James she wants Michelle out right up front. After the things Michelle has said I think its pretty obvious why she would want this. And if James supported Michelle to Nicole, then Nicole would know where James and Nat stand.

    If Natalie or James make F2, I will puke. They are both clueless and are barely playing the game – and Natalie thinks way more of herself as a player than is deserved.

    • Corey just offered Vic $5k to keep Paul after Nicole expressed multiple concerns about him possibly flipping. It’s also not in Nicole’s best interest to vote Paul out. Michelle is the only one left that would take a swing at Nicole if she won. The other two duos would take shots at each other and Nicole and Corey would slide their way to final 5. If she votes out Paul, Vic would be gunning for her. It would just not be a smart game move on her part. Michelle is gone this week garaunteed.

      • I wouldn’t doubt Jatalie going for Nic. They’ve discussed it this week. They also said they think Meech is safe and hope Nicole honors their F4 so who knows?

        I think Jatalie are hoping to be F4 with whichever side wins next HOH.

  17. Meech, worst example of a “super fan” EVER. Or at least what I can think of off the top of my head at the moment. What kind of super fan doesn’t campaign and talk to the HOH to make sure they aren’t out of the running for 500k. I’m so disappointed that she even calls herself a super fan. Smh After laying around all week doing NOTHING to save her a$$, she deserves to hang out with the bitter girls and Paulie at the jury house for the rest of the summer. And she has no one to blame but herself. ??

    • According to Michelle, she has too much pride to campaign. That’s not pride, Michelle. That’s foolish, ignorant, stubborn, immature, arrogant laziness and that is a lot of the reason you are in this predicament. Call it fool’s pride if you like.

      • If it was anyone but Nicole as hoh her pride wouldn’t be an issue. She just hates that girl with a passion for some reason

      • Agreed. If it was ANYONE but Nicole… Meech would be “brown nosing” just like she keeps saying about Victor. Who is not brown nosing–he’s just hanging with his F4! ;)

      • Yep, agreed! Too bad cuz it seems that those 3 are on their way out now! Boo Hoo! James you’re breaking my ???

      • Here’s a theory…

        How about she doesn’t want to go upstairs and talk to Nicole, because it will leave her items (that she stole from other HGs) unguarded! There’s a reason she’s just hanging out next to her stuff a lot of the time!

        Yeah, that’s the ticket, lol.

      • Gnat was watching her pack last night. I wonder if she noticed anything unusual in Michelle’s bag? I just can’t wrap my head around anyone doing that, and if production knows about it or even thinks it’s a possibility, surely they would step in. smh

      • It seems we can’t really rely on production to do anything except tell them not to talk about production.

      • Somebody said last night that they were watching the live feeds and saw Michelle pack a pair of Paul’s pants. I don’t have the feeds, so I can’t vouch for it. Being said, I’m sure production would do something about it if they saw that happening. Unless its all staged or scripted to add drama to the season of course. Wow, I’m becoming so suspicious that you think I was in the house, lol.

      • I do remember reading something about her having a pair of Paul’s pants and saying Paul let her borrow them once. I’m just not sure where I read it because I have read a lot this AM.

      • Yeah, he had let her borrow a pair is also what I had read. I’m just taking a shot in the dark when I say he probably didn’t mean for her to take them home with her, lol.

      • Nat asked her whose sweatpants those were. Meech said Pauls. Nat asked if he knew she had them. Meech said that he told her she could have them to wear in the house.

      • OMG! That is funny, but so wrong… UGH! Can she just leave already? Hopefully, she will be frisked on the way out…
        I know, since BB has gone with the airline theme this year, Vic and Paul should set up a checkpoint where Meech’s bags get searched for contraband before she exits the house… hahaha!! :)

      • Yeah, as soon as Julie says that Michelle has been evicted, I want the Red Alert sounded and for Paul to frisk her one more time.

        Going through her luggage in a checkpoint style search would be even funnier!

    • She wants Nicole to come to her! I’m stunned at her laziness and lack of game play. Super fan? That’s laughable.

      • Right?!! What kind of super fan just lies in bed, demands that either one of her allies go and ask about the vote, or waits for the HOH come to her to talk game/eviction… :O What game is she playing b/c it is NOT BB!
        I mean seriously??!!! I am so so so ready for this girl to be gone!

    • Exactly. I liked Ian’s enthusiasm when he was on the show. He “wanted” to have the whole BB experience – slop/HN, etc. He even took Dan to the end because he wanted to “beat the best”. :)

      To me, that’s the epitome of a superfan.

      • I agree with you. I wasn’t a huge fan of Ian (I didn’t dislike him, just kinda neutral), but I did appreciate that he wanted to be there and go through everything. Of course, it didn’t hurt knowing that everyone took Dan’s game play personal. He had a pretty good idea he could win that one, but I still appreciate him taking Dan.

        Same reason I appreciate Nic and Corey wanting to beat the best. Granted, Paul and Vic would tend to come out on top more often than not, but it only takes one win at the right time in Big Brother. I give them kudos for wanting to compete against the best (even if I do hope Paul & Vic come out on top).

    • The only three that need to go away and never come back are James, Michelle and Natalie. If you want to just try and float your way through the game, you should never be allowed back on a later season. James played well last season, but he seems to just be in it for more fame at this point. As far as Paul goes… I’m a big fan but I understand that others aren’t. So, I’ll just go with the old standard of…

      Don’t hate the player. Hate the game.

      Or maybe just hate the players who refuse to play the game in my case, lol.

      • Oh yeah, I would never wish anything bad on them in real life. They could be totally different and be great human beings. I just know I don’t want to see production wasting 3 HG spots with them in a future season of BB.

        How many people that applied to be on BB (and got close) are sitting at home right now just absolutely irate with the 3 of them (James, Mooch, & Nat)?

      • exactly. Natalie says she’s over it and is ready to go to jury. Meech is resigned to leaving. Too late for James. His only hope is if Natalie leaves. Then he might try to work on Nic.

      • They just feel defeated and should try to win the next HOH to give each other a better chance. I am hoping Natalie or Victor to get it since I want them both as F2 if Michelle goes.

      • I say I hate or can’t stand that HG, but it is really them as a player and I don’t wish to see them in the house. This season, other than Paulie, Zakhya and Paul whom I wish to never know about in the future, I really have no problems with the rest of the HGs.

      • I’m the same way when I say that I can’t stand a HG. I agree on Paulie and Z but I would have to throw in Michelle (and James is getting close) as well.

      • I may be the only one here who likes Michelle. I want Paul to go. I am so sick of him and his constant talking. I think Corey will keep Victor in their alliance.

  18. Paul is made for reality TV. Tons of personality and a treasure trove of moments for editors to choose from. He went all-in on the Secret Service job, and is easily the show’s MVP. I also think he does 90% of the heavy lifting in terms of getting the other HGs in to conversation – and he has an uncanny ability to get HGs to spill beans. In short, he’s brilliant on the show and the live feeds and he’s easily elevated himself from annoying to entertaining. His reaction to the “no jumping in the pool” button error last night was priceless.

    • Totally. He’s a natural actor, and we can see Production has been giving him a lot of camera time, because not only he’s getting good at this game, but he brings life to the show. He says some funny stuff on feeds. lol

      • Paul is a natural like you said. For all the funny things he’s said (and there have been a lot), one of my favorite moments was just an expression.

        It was on a BBAD in the past week (can’t remember when exactly), and Nicole was talking about not being cross-eyed. Did anyone else catch the look on Paul’s face (and Corey’s too) when Nicole said that production wouldn’t have let her be on the show if she had been cross-eyed.

        The look said it all. You just know they were thinking about how Nicole is biased against cross-eyed people! You could see it in their faces, and then the conversation that followed had me laughing out loud!

  19. Paul needs to go now cuz he has verbal diarrhea & just can’t zip it! ???
    It’s all about him too. (Please before you comment; and I know there will be comments defending him; just watch last nights BBAD.)

    He interrupts, he’s loud, he always brings the convo back to him.. Me me me me me!

    I don’t know how much more I can watch him & that stupid beard, fluff or whatever that growth is?! It’s gross & im sure there must be critters growing in there. Ewww!

    • If you can’t stand to watch him any more, you can always turn off the television… Just saying

      • Hey, I understand that there will be people who don’t like Paul and I can respect your opinion. I am not trying to be a smart butt, and the only reason I said that is because he really seems to bother you. Sometimes, you just have to jump ship from a season. I gave up on Season 16 right after Nicole was evicted the 2nd time. It was way too obvious where it was heading.

      • I hear ya & thanks for your comments. It’s not that I don’t like Paul (I don’t know him so how can I dislike him)
        I don’t like his game & yes, I do find his game character to be annoying.
        For all I know the kid is quiet in the ‘real world?!’
        So you’re def a Nic fan, eh? Cool!

      • I can understand where you’re coming from. I’ll be honest, when I first saw him I thought he might be kind of cool/funny. Then, he sided with Josea and I just didn’t like the way their little alliance worked. So it was a couple of weeks before I came back around to liking him. Now, I just find him funny.

        Nicole… Where to start? I was rooting for her every step of the way in season 16 because she was so obviously the underdog (compared to Derrick and Cody). They played her a lot that season, and she caught on a little too late to save herself.

        I started with high hopes for her this time, but she really seemed to have lost the ability to compete. She seemed like she might have started her comeback right before the wall comp, but now she appears to be back in full game mode and I’m glad to see it. I like the thought of wanting to beat the best that she and Corey have adopted. While I’m still rooting for Paul and Vic, I am so glad to see Nicole back and trying to play the game.

      • Nicole has been slowly growing on me. I like her more that she’s finally playing the game. Plus the more meech hates her the more I seem to like her. I despise meech lol

      • I like that she was nice to Meech during POV and Meech did thank her for “not being mean to me” after. Meech will not return that favor though.

        Nic was practicing having to cast the VTE Meech and was taking care to “be nice about it”. She knows she will never get Meech’s jury vote.

      • Yeah, I can’t stand Meech (Mooch as I call her because she’s just there for the free food & to possibly steal HG’s items for profit on Ebay, lol).

        I’m just really glad that Nicole is playing again. I’m even more glad that she’s finally deciding to turn on James. I just hope she doesn’t tell him about Mooch leaving before hand. It would be perfect justice for the first blindside of the season to affect James since he’s been ruining them all season!

      • My daughters name is Michelle & we have several Nic-names for her but Meech & Mooch were never one of them.
        Miss Moo, Mitchey-poo, Smelley, Shelley, Mitch, mitchey-moo…. About 10 more but you get it… Lol

      • She’s been stepping up & im starting to root for her too. Pretty sure Michelle is out tonight. The kid can’t even go up & talk to Nic! Shame on this SUPER-FAN! My ars!

        James on the other hand….. I don’t understand why he hasn’t talked to Nic…. Just to confirm or chat or visit…that’s strange!

      • Yep, I’m happy one of them woke up. Corey is actually playing as well. I think he would agree to take out Nic if he had to….. I just wish people drew lines earlier & grew a pair. This season has been a snooze-fest! ?????

        28.64% in favour of Paul leaving lol no 10% I just voted & thought you might be interested to know that. I really thought the number would be larger…..eh? ??

      • I kind of take the BB Network polls with a grain of salt. Its supposed to be who do you think will be evicted more than who do you want to see evicted.

        That being said, before Corey used the bribe on Victor, there was still a nagging part of me that thought Nicole might get up to break the tie and send Paul home. While she is back to playing the game, she’s not the most “make a decision and stick with it” HG ever, lol.

      • Thanks Linda, and I feel the same way towards you. I try to speak my mind and say what I think and feel, but there are times where I worry a bit about whether what I just typed would be taken in the wrong way.

      • I am so with you on that! Words without tone can be so easily misinterpreted. Also, my affection for the sarcastic type humor can certainly come off wrong, too! I try to give others as many breaks as I need and try not to dwell! I always enjoy your comments. Can’t wait for tonight!

      • You’re not alone in having affection for sarcastic humor. Its definitely easy to be misinterpreted too. Of course that doesn’t mean that I use it any less! I actually went as long as I could this season before I started posting, but I finally had to get involved. Thanks for the kind words and I always enjoy reading yours as well (and many others’ comments as well). I also try to give benefit of the doubt when needed.

        I really hope Nicole can keep the secret of Michelle’s eviction until she has to stand and break the tie.

      • Hello Carvin Marvin, sometimes people just need to vent here and get it out of their system. :D

  20. Michelle it’s a big drama queen, I can’t with her, I don’t think that she’s a superfan because her gameplay it’s bad.

  21. Odd question, around 10pm BBT last night or a few mins later, Paul, Victor and Corey were talking. Paul had mentioned about some comedian that was hilarious. Hubby didn’t catch the name of who it was and wanted to know who it was. We were watching it on BBAD. Thanks ?

    • If it’s the part I saw, it sounded like Louis CK. You can go on YouTube and find some videos of him doing that type stuff…about “She’s 4 – Tell her no – I’m not going to be a cat for Halloween!” and “If I hit my daughter, I’d destroy her skull – I don’t hit my daughter!” :)

  22. Hope Julie asks James/Natalie when they are evicted: So…What was your biggest mistake – Why are you sitting out HERE. What does your gut tell you? Lol

  23. So after watching last nights show I caught Nicole saying that A: she needs to make a big move and B: she put up the two biggest targets on the block this week.

    First off, a big move would be huge for her game. It might even secure some of those Jury votes that she doesn’t have by sending Paul to Jury. Second, when in the hell did Michelle ever become a big target and threat in this game? Yes, Michelle is wanting and targeting Nicole, Paul, Corey and Victor and I dare to say in that order. Michelle hasn’t done a thing in the game except run her mouth. A real threat to everyone’s game (NEWS SHOCKER HERE NICOLE), when the time comes, both Paul and Victor are gonna steam roller all over you then Corey.

    That is all good news for the Victor and Paul fans out there but the Nicole fans are probably screaming at the TV like she said her Mom was about getting Paul or Victor out this week. I just wonder if Nicole has even thought that far ahead because I am sure both Paul and Victor has.

    • I know its a game and that you should try to put yourself against weaker competition. However, there is something to be said for wanting to beat the best. If she can pull off making it to the end… Even if she’s there against Paul or Victor, it gives her a chance. The jury members (some of them anyway) would respect her for wanting to beat the best.

      Another thing is that (and I’ve said this a few times before), while Paul and Vic would win a majority of comps against Nicole… It only takes one win. In Season 16, Nicole was HOH 3 times, a battle of the block winner twice, and won the jury competition to re-enter the house. Plus, whether James threw the wall comp to her or not (I really think he was starting to slip), Nicole outlasted Victor and Paul. One thing is for sure, I wouldn’t overlook Nicole.

    • Unless Nicole is doing a lot behind all scenes and whispering more than I can imagine, I guess she really does think she has put up the two biggest targets. Doesn’t make sense to me that she really wants to “beat the best” … beat them now (at least of them). It’s going to be really good when Corey votes her out.

      • Dingus knows she is sending someone to jury that would never vote for her for F2 under any circumstance and that most likely Dingus could beat if they went to F2 together. I know Michelle is after her, but last week, Michelle had her chance to put Dingus otb. But I’m happy Paul will be staying.

  24. Wow, Nic must really like the idea of another female kissing her behind. Whether Meech knows or not isn’t what I’m talking about…Nicole knows, and still wants Meech up there begging for mercy. Not good game play on Nicole’s part either imo, but could create some great drama tonight. :)

    • I’m waiting for the staged drama to break out in the house before we get fished for the live show.

      • I am curious to know what Michelle will say since she seems to be defeated and oblivious to Nicole’s game at the moment. Unless they are sisters pretending to hate each other.

  25. I can’t even imagine this house without Victor right now. He makes everyone around him more likable and without him we’d just have the bitter 3 in bed, Corey and Nicole in bed, and Paul talking to himself.

    • I really agree with you, but I do think you could almost say the same about the house without Paul. I think Victor and Paul would be a little lost without each other right now.

      It would be kind of like McCrea trying to survive on his own at the end of Season 15. I say that because Vic or Paul could probably survive for a moment (like McCrae when he won that first veto after he was by himself), but there would just be too much to overcome.

      If Paul or Victor goes out, its probably game over for the other one. Unless, one goes out as part of the final three of course!

  26. What’s going to be more precious, is another woman entering jury and Paulie going even more insane. If he hasn’t left yet that is.

    • This is all speculation, but the BB psychiatrist has probably determined that he is special and needs to be kept in a separate facility than the other jurors. He probably doesn’t socialize with them. They will film them all together when a new juror enters, then he returns to his special place. I’m sure if this is true, it makes all involved very happy.

  27. I cannot believe it. A few days ago Natalie gave James a hard time about eating ice cream in front of her because she was on a diet. She is now sitting at the table with a pint of ice cream. What a hypocrite.

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