Tonight On Big Brother 18: HoH Comp & Nominations

Big Brother is back tonight and we promise there won’t be any awkward montages over showmances like you sat through on Friday. Instead we’ll be staying busy with the HoH comp that sends six HGs in to… dun dun dun… the Black Box!

Black Box comp on BB18

Houseguests were shut away in darkness as they fought it out in rounds to become this week’s Head of Household and what was supposed to last just a couple of hours went for over five hours of down Feeds. Now we’ve got not only a new HoH but a pair of noms on the Block too. Oh, make that a pair of Big Brother 18 HoHs actually.

Yes, America’s Care Package landed in the backyard and gave one HG the power to become the second HoH this week with instant power and safety but no vote this week and no way to compete in the upcoming HoH comp. Ouch. Get those ACP spoilers here.

Of course the real “ouch” comes when these HoH’s reveal their nominees and it doesn’t go over too well at all but we get all the messy, fun fallout when it’s done. Looks like we’ve got a good week of Big Brother 18 ahead of us!

If you can’t wait until tonight’s Big Brother show then check out our spoilers with the HoH results, who was put on the block, and even who won the Power of Veto last night. Big moves ahead for the Houseguests this week.

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  1. This looks like a disgustingly slimy challenge, but congrats to Paul on doing what he had to do.

  2. I’m regretting that I wanted Nat to have the HOH experience that she desired. Then we have the CP delivered to namby-pamby Michelle, who is so easily manipulated into changing her target; the exact reason why I didn’t vote for her to get the CP. At least we can still say there is always next week. Just hope my worst nightmare doesn’t happen and Pimp Paulie comes back into the game with Doofus & Dingus bowing down to kiss his hand.

    • James made a huge mistake last season and I’m sure he watched himself make such stupid mistakes. This season, it seems he is making the exact game plays and stupidity. Paulie or Victor coming back will send James straight where he belongs.

      • He said because he lived it and didn’t want to relive it. But then hindsight is 20/20. Haha Sometimes we revisit past mistakes and try to react differently than we did the last time. Sometimes it’s just a repeat of the last time. Haha

      • We both know which category James falls into. ;) I wouldn’t have minded that logic if he didn’t go back in, because he is making the same mistakes as last season.

      • I think I remember him saying that he didn’t watch his season, but he experienced it. He could have used a reminder.

      • What stupidity. There are plenty of things he should have watched. He was not in the room with everyone 24 hours so he doesn’t know what they were saying about him and the DR sessions are private so he should have watched at least for that.

      • According to him he has her in his pocket because her parents love him. Dingus has really lucked out on being protected this season. Three guys and DR is a major accomplishment I would say.

      • He is actually doing the right thing voting victor out. How is this a bad game move getting rid of the strongest competitor ? I agree he has not played a good game thus far, but he seems to finally be Getting his head in the game and out of Natalie’s……

      • Paul and Corey will be going after him and so is Nicole. He will only have Natalie on his side. We know someone is coming back and he will be the target,unless is Da’vonne or Brigitte.

    • I really regret voting for Michelle for ACP, although I only did it once. I wish the voting window wasn’t so long. By the time you decide who you really want to get it, so many votes have already been cast that it doesn’t matter.

      That’s what I think is going to happen. Ugh!

  3. This is why I have had the live feeds for several years. You see what it is really like in the House. I am so happy that Paul has wone the POV. Now, I prefer the back door is given to Corey; then I want to see that whinny Nicole out the door. This would give Paulie a better chance to return to the Big Brother House. Then the excitement begins with the Paulie vs Victor game. Only those of strong wit and intestinal fortitude will win.

    • Happy Paul won POv? He is gross. Create an award…MDP..most disgusting player. Hands down he wins. His actions, comments, and overall demeanor are all of putting. He has made racist remarks, talked about peeing on Michelle, masturbated on live feeds (gross), threatened to terrorize women or people that are on block. I LOVED WHEN HE TRIED IT WITH FRANK AND FRANK PUT THIS FAKE TOUGH GUY IN HIS PLACE. ..Also when confronted by Paulie, what does he say? NOTHING!!! I inderstand game strategy, but he is just a gross person. He needs to go. I actually am rooting for Paulie to come back and evict Paul. That would be epic to watch Paul’s face as Paulie explains that there is only room for one P in the house. And it ain’t pots and pans

  4. Watching Natalie and Michelle flip flop on the nominees and cry and whine and cry and whine some more drove me crazy! I hate that there is going to be a returning juror this week, there are only 28 days left and they are bringing someone back in…once you are gone, that should be it and this season has had two buy backs..hate them..just cast 18 people at the start..that would give them their two extra people..Nicole and Cory..I don’t even know what to say with these two..they have spent 95% of the season in the bed in the Tokyo room under the covers fondling each other..UGH!…they have done nothing…James..oh, James…you have ruined our fun with the call outs on the blindsides and you are about to do it again with Vic…I am sure you will tell him right before the live show once again and spoil our fun…tired of hearing him say “it’s just a game, guys.” NO AFP vote from me for James…if Vic comes back in..James will be gone next..or Paulie for that matter…I wish James would leave so Natalie can play her own game..I like the game Paul has been playing..he has lied, manipulated and schemed..that’s BB..he is doing it very well..I pick him for the win! That is my BB summary for today!!

    • I can’t believe this but you’re the first person I 110% agree with, I’m done with everyone on the show except Paul. Every time I see Nicole I dislike her more and James please BB no more returning players !!!!!!jeez

  5. As soon as ACP Michelle was announced, Natalie should have quietly restrategized her game plan. Not ‘separating’ but sharing her HOH nom choice with Michelle and taking control of the evening constant talking and manipulation by Paul sealed James’ fate. Why can’t they keep their mouths and strategy shut.

    • I wouldn’t be so sure just yet. For Shits and giggles here, let’s go off the far end and say that Paulie wins not only the Jury Buyback but also the HOH. Now here is where it get’s tricky. NiCorey convince’s Paulie (a long shot I know), that James helped save them and somehow that it was Paul and Michelle that targeted Paulie ( we know that Paul did). James could be safe in the first eviction but if he doesn’t win HOH in the Double then he could very well could go in the second eviction.

  6. It would be great if BB throw in a twist and Vic stays, Paulie comes back from jury and the battle continue! If Vic gets evicted and comes back in the house again from battle back jury this will go down in BB as one of the most greatest events!!

    • I wouldn’t call it the greatest but if Victor somehow got evicted, came back then went on to win the 500 thousand, then yeah that would be the greatest and biggest event’s in the house.

  7. Michelle won veto and let others make her decision to use it for their game. The she gets messed over and runs and cry. She wins acp CO-HOH and let a recruit take over her noms. Superfan my a**!!!

  8. Still can’t believe we got that whole extra episode with the same clips being played over and over again and that weird concert and STILL only got to see half of the HoH competition.

  9. Riddle me this why is James invincible, and no one else goes after him? The guy supposedly throws comp, he is a troll that collects money. Evicted Frank for no reason. Then there is Nichole. What has shown done? Besides say so annoying, and being scared in every DR session. Sheesh

  10. Okay, I’d hate to meet an angry Victor in a dark alleyway, lol!

    But seriously, I’ve never seen him lose it like that in the DR.

      • They really don’t tonight. They should show the nominations and the veto tonight. But we are stuck with the filler crap.

      • They needed the standard goofball moment for the end of the “Previously on BB” segment next episode.

      • Not much happened those nights. I mean, sure, they could’ve pulled something from the comp – like James falling down on his rear – but I guess they wanted to keep us guessing.

  11. This is pretty funny. Friendship times. Although he got upset when he was nominated.

    • The player that get it, has to convince somebody else to do something and can use the 5K to bribe that person to do it. We don’t know what yet or if it will be up to the winner to choose what he want to the other to do.

    • Here’s what it says on the CBS website: “The winner gets $5K to bribe one Houseguest! Bribes may influence voting, competitions, vetoes or nominations. The bribe can only be given to one Houseguest, for one action, within the week leading up to the next eviction.”

    • It’s basically what Van was trying to do last season with her poker winnings. The HG will be allowed to influence the vote, the veto, the nominations, and any competitions by offering money (which will be provided by BB). But they must choose wisely, because it can only be used once.

      • Still don’t know how they will pull this off especially since they have to read what is says on the ACP card.

  12. Well, that’s just quakers. I hope Victor dispose the the knife in Paul’s back. Good night, everybody.

  13. Well, I’m out for a while, guys. My computer keeps freezing, for some reason. I think I have to update my operating system.

    • Did you go for Windows 10 ? If yes, that’s your problem. Go back to whatever you had before.

      • No, I have a Macbook Pro from 2013. Haven’t updated the operating system since. The next update “recommended” is El Captain. Not sure how good it is, so I’m gonna have to do research first.

      • Ok, then, you’re good. All I’ve read about El Capitan were good. Check Macworld dot com for a review.

      • Cool. Thanks, Cap. I actually jumped onto my iPad for now, so I’ll check it out.

      • I own a computer store, my business in the repair shop has double in the last year. We keep having to reinstall people back to what they have. W10 is biggest pile of crap Microsoft has ever release on the market. Did you get it with a new PC or did you upgrade an old one ?

      • So you upgrade from Windows 8.1 ? It’s less of a shock for you. But personally I find 8,1 much faster than 10. W10 is better and more stable since the Redstones upgrade on new PC that came with it pre-installed.

        I have 4 PCs with W7 and I will never upgrade them to W10, they will died with W7 on them. I have one laptop with W8.1 that I use for streaming to the TV and I’m not upgrading that one either. I have another laptop that has W10 with the insiders program since the start (i.e. 2014) and that how I keep up to date with what MS does. But I don’t like where they are going.

      • I upgraded from windows 9 because I have auto update on. But windows 10 was better for me then windows 9. My computer is faster and less laggy with 10 then it was at 9

      • It’s always has been a habit mine to wait and read feedbacks/reviews/news when it comes to updating my OS, based from my experienced..they could be problematic.

      • Windows 10 is a joke and Microsoft is using it secretly to monitor users. Don’t download it.

      • 1. Its by far the best system update I have had so far and 2. Who cares if they are monitoring you? I don’t have anything to hide and if you don’t you should not care either

      • Where did you hear that? That sounds like some conspiracy theory.

        Do you use google? You know they literally have all the info you have ever typed on the internet? Your SS number, credit card number you name it. Thats why they have auto fill. Google protects you and no reason Microsoft would not.

      • That must be why everybody is suing them in court including the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

      • suing who? google? ROFL they practically are the internet. If google decided to power off for a few days/weeks everyone would freak out. Youtube Gmail and google search all gone. People need to be grateful.

      • EFF is suing Microsoft for forcing upgrade on users and not respecting privacy of users. There already a travel agency in California that won $10K against MS for a force upgrade that she didn’t want and able to prove in court that she lost $17K of business, because it took 4 days to recover her PCs.

        You can choose not to use Google and they won’t know anything about you. If you use Google, they only collect what you do in their application. And if you want you go on Google website and delete what they have collected about you.

        Microsoft collect everything you do with your PC. They know when you power on and they know when you power off. They collect everything you do including everything you type. And all of that even if you don’t want them to. What most of the lawsuit are about are because they don’t give the choice. You should educate yourself go read the EULA for W10. You will find out that MS reserve the right to download all your photos and documents if they have a warrant from the police.

    • very fair she can’t compete……Michelle is CO-HOH and it would not be fair to Natalie if Michelle could/did compete…Michelle has the same responsibilities and perks as regular HOH…so noooo Michelle should sit out the comp..

      • He will win every comp for the rest of the season if by some miracle Victor or Paulie fail to battle back.

      • James does throw comps, so he has a good chance if he wants it. On today’s show he slipped and fell, but he was actually winning.

  14. The only option Victor has is winning his way back and hopefully Michelle and Paul will get revenge on the fake showmances. After watching tonight, I think Natalie is just listening to people without thinking. Whatever they tell her is for their own benefit. Tonight i have decided that I hate Nicole and her annoying voice.

  15. Thank goodness for smartphones and BBN app. It’s saving me from getting carsick on the PA turnpike!!!

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