‘Big Brother 18’ Live Feeds: House Divides With James As The Swing Vote

Only seven Houseguests remain in the game for Big Brother 18 and we’re about to see a new line drawn along the House when James prepares to flip the vote and change the plan.

James Huling decides the eviction on Big Brother 18

Since last week we saw a F5 group form to go against Paule, Nicole, and Corey but suddenly on Thursday night Natalie had concerns over Paul and things have been shifting ever since.

The original plan for the F5 (consisting of James, Natalie, Michelle, Victor, and Paul) was to knock out Paulie then go after Nicole and Corey. Then Natalie had a change of heart and decided Nicole and Corey were wonderful people and she couldn’t go against them while Paul was not to be trusted. He quickly became her new target and when she won HoH that solidified his danger.

Natalie and Michelle, the Co-HoH’s this week, soon sent Paul and Victor to the Block after Natalie convinced Michelle to abandon their previous plans to target the Nicole & Corey showmance. Then just a few short hours after the nominations ceremony both HoH’s decided it was a mistake and Corey needed to go. Well James didn’t like that.

Even as Natalie and Michelle swayed back to support keeping Paul and Victor it was obvious that James was doubtful and resisting this continued flip flopping. He began reminding the women that this wasn’t a good move for them and they needed to keep the more trustworthy Corey.

Now with Veto out of the way we know Paul will come down and Corey is scheduled to go up. Actually Michelle wants to renom Nicole, but she’s being pressured to go with Corey. Thing is, it doesn’t matter. Victor is now slated to be voted out no matter who sits next to him.

Flashback to 8:09 PM BBT 8/20 last night for two simultaneous and opposing conversations.

Upstairs we’ve got Natalie and James discussing their options. James warns Natalie that Victor and Paul are looking to get Corey out this week so they can get James out next week then barrel through the three remaining women and get to F2. Well, yeah, actually that appears to be accurate. Victor and Paul were discussing earlier that next week they need to try and get James out.

James tells Natalie they should try for a F4 with Nicole and Corey instead of letting them be picked off by the guys. Natalie says she actually trusts Victor but James says she can’t as long as Paul is in the house controlling him. Now with Paul safe from eviction this week there’s no way for them to get out Paul and hang on to Victor. They agree Victor has to go.

Downstairs at the same time we’re listening in on a conversation between Michelle, Paul, and Victor. Michelle is explaining how she wants Nicole gone this week but the guys are countering that Corey is the best option as the stronger competitor. They explain with Corey gone then only Victor and Paul are eligible for the next Care Package. If it’s a great power then they can use it to protect Michelle. We know it’s just going to be bribe money, but they don’t know that.

Michelle comes around and agrees to renom Corey instead of Nicole, but even after she makes that move the game won’t be in their hands. There will only be three votes this week and it all hinges on James.

With Corey and Victor on the Block then Michelle and Natalie on the HoH throne we know with near certainty how Nicole and Paul will vote. They won’t be going against their ally on the Block. Instead James will get to decide as effectively a tie-breaker between Victor and Corey. Considering James has been pushing passively and more recently actively to keep Corey I don’t see this changing. James will vote out Victor unless Natalie changes her mind and presses hard on James. Otherwise Victor will be evicted before having a shot to come right back in thanks to the Jury Battle Back twist.

There’s plenty of time for things to change, but considering James’s long running stance on not targeting Nicole and Corey it’s really going to take something big to sway him. Since we know Victor and Paul secretly want to get James out next it’s not a bad move on his part, but if he votes out Victor and then Victor comes right back, well, James better win that HoH or Veto because things could get ugly quick!

What do you think of James’s plan here? Good move to evict Victor or does it make more sense to split up Nicole and Corey?


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  1. Unfortunately for Natalie and James, both of them will have to choose sides and face the consequences. I hope they make the right choice and do what’s best for their own game and not what’s best for other people.

    • Yeah but is slays me that James is saying Corey is more trustworthy than Victor?? Corey is only loyal to Nic/Paulie.

      “Even as Natalie and Michelle swayed back to support keeping Paul and Victor it was obvious that James was doubtful and resisting this continued flip flopping. He began reminding the women that this wasn’t a good move for them and they needed to keep the more trustworthy Corey.”.

      • I wish Gnat was aware that James has been protecting Dingus all season. Pimp Paulie put a little hitch in the giddyup but since he left, James’s intentions, unbeknownst to Gnat, has been to ally with Dingus & Doofus at the opportune time. Hope Pimp Paulie doesn’t come back, but if he does, James will be thrown to the curb, deservedly.

      • I didn’t know about a secret alliance between James and Nicole so thanks for the info. Personally, I don’t mind seeing the 2 vets team up since nobody would suspect this is happening. James would probably take Nat to the end over Nic though. If he doesn’t I wouldn’t blame him.
        I imagine the 2 showmances would get Paulie out as quickly as possible if he does return. I don’t think Paulie can win this year – do you?

      • I never said there was an alliance. Dingus has been able to stay in bed all summer and memorize every bend, dimple, and wrinkle in all 3 inches of Doofus’s tallywhacker because she knows she is “protected”.
        Lol..Do I think Paulie can win. Of course, he could if he comes back in the game. But he’ll have to fight with DR to best Dingus.

      • Truthfully, I am very confused about that whole thing. I don’t get it and for sure don’t want it to happen under any circumstance.

      • I guess since Paul held the rt ticket, they had to find some way to add that extra week they wouldn’t have unless Paulie held it instead.

      • I couldn’t figure out when the return would be but someone explained it in a post somewhere and I think I have it straight now…I think.

      • I’m pretty sure Julie said there would be one last Thursday. How it will play out (HOH comp or rounds of competition, we don’t know.

      • Thanks, the reception went out in our vacation cottage right before she probably mentioned it. I was able to see Paulie walk out the door and not have the rt ticket. A great end to my evening.

      • Yes Julie did say there would be a Jury Buy Back. My guess is that it will happen this Thursday right after eviction. Victor will be evicted and join the previous jury members who may compete in the same HOH. Whoever wins including the evicted jury members will win the buyback and if they are higher than the regular HGs the can be the HOH as well.

      • I think it is going to be done before the show ends. If voting for the care package ends when it normally does (did Julie say that it will change like the start date? I don’t remember), they need to give viewers some time to vote.

        That’s how the did it in 15 and 17. I thought they might have another battle back like earlier in the season, and that can still be the case. We’ll know Thursday.

      • I’m not sure what you mean. Are you saying the jury buyback is going to take place before the show ends? Like a separate comp and not part of the HOH? The care package voting starts on August 25 – 26 so it looks like only 2 days of voting this time – at least that’s what it says on the ACP page. I thought S15 the buyback was part of the HOH when Judd won the buyback among the jury members, but he didn’t win HOH.

      • Voting for the past care packages ended Friday at 10 am and they were delivered before noms. I don’t remember Julie saying the time voting ends changed, just when voting begins. So if the ending time for voting doesn’t change, and they did an endurance comp, not knowing when it ends, it would give us almost no time to vote. So yes, I think we will know the returning juror before Thursday’s show ends.

        Yeah, 15 and 17 did the buyback through the HOH comp, but in 16 it was a separate, more luck based comp.

      • I didn’t hear her say it either, but when I looked at the page where we vote it says it begins August 25th and then when you click on more info it says August 25-August 26. I checked the previous one which says August 14-August 19th so we had 5 days for that one. I have no idea why this one is so short unless they made a mistake. Guess we will find out Thursday how they will do it this season.

      • Yep, it’s been confirmed Joni. Likely will happen late next week following the next eviction.

      • Darn so Paulie could return yet still be struggling to keep his manhood in tact by making the women cry and putting them in a place only he believes they should be kept. HAHAHA

      • But that’s the beauty of Nicole’s game, she’s had so many meat shields (lol) protecting her all through the season and hasn’t even been up on the block yet.
        Once Corey leaves James will always be a bigger target than Nat or Nic.
        It Nat takes Nic to the finale Nat will probably win.
        I can understand that she hasn’t been exciting to watch but her strategy is a very viable one and seems to be working for her.
        Should she have played like Day or Tiffany with both guns blazing and promptly sent to the jury then?

      • Where you see beauty, I see the ugly truth, a Dingus in bed with a Doofus. I’d love to have a picture of them eating a box of Fruit Loops.Lol

      • I wish she hadn’t spent so much time in bed too but it certainly kept her out of trouble when all the plotting and planning was going on when she wasn’t involved.
        Remember she tried to work with Frank and how that turned out? Maybe it was the best move for her to play under the radar after she survived the Day and Frank assault.
        I do like Nicole personally and think she’s a good person. I’m also a nurse so I can connect to Nicole that way too.

      • That is one of the big reasons why I am disgusted with Dingus. I was a nurse for many years and see many things in Dingus that make me give pause to her nursing habits. After seeing her on the show for 2 seasons, I wouldn’t trust her near anyone I loved. Any nurse who makes a statement that she would never write another nurse up, is not professional and it makes me think she is hoping someone would return the favor if she needed it.

      • It would depend on the severity of the error I think before she would write another nurse up.
        Some nurses are real catty and write up someone that don’t like for the least little transgression like forgetting to give a patient an aspirin when they asked for one. Nice to know Nicole isn’t that type of nurse.
        I think Nicole would write up anyone that was a danger to anyone’s health just like you and I would.
        From what I’ve seen of Nicole she’s a sweet,nice girl and I would love to work with her.

      • All I have to go on is what she said, and she said she would NEVER do it. I obviously believe in the code of nursing and that ethics are a huge part of it. Never would I place the well being of a patient before a nurse being called on misbehavior. You put your spin on it because you like her, I understand. I’m just going by exactly what she said and not putting words in her mouth.

      • I don’t have the feeds and didn’t hear what she said. All I have to go on is what you told me. I wouldn’t spin your remarks even though I find it hard to believe she would do that.
        Did you see Lavender’s remarks to me just now.?
        What she heard Nicole say and what you heard Nicole say does not match up at all.
        I find it beyond belief that Nicole would harm a patient by not reporting another nurse’s mistakes.
        Most nurses are too intelligent to fail to report something and risk legal action by not telling the truth of an incident.

      • Nobody said she would harm a patient. I think I have expressed myself very clearly and there is absolutely no need to discuss it any further.

      • But you implied that Nicole is capable of harming a patient by not reporting another nurse’s serious mistakes and that is why you couldn’t respect her as a nurse or person.
        I think you got the wrong info from Jokers as I said above as I don’t believe you’re making anything up.

      • Did you get your info about Nicole on Jokers? Maybe they reported it unreliably is what I’m thinking because Lavendar gets the feeds and probably heard the entire remark, not an edited version.
        You have to admit that it would be stupid for any nurse to say this.

      • I wish I could remember word for word but she was talking in the bathroom with Bridgette and I think some people are taking her brief comment out of context. I don’t have the rewind feature on my iPad or iPhone.

      • So Nicole was talking to another nurse. at the time – I doubt that either one of them would say something like that and the remarks were probably taken out of context to make Nicole look like nurse Ratched or something.

      • Yes it was her and Bridgette talking about being a nurse. One if the things they had in common. That’s why I don’t understand them not working together.

      • That’s one of the biggest mysteries of the season. What happen to the girls working together and why were they fighting each other all the time? Bridgette and Nicole would’ve made a great duo.
        Tiffany was shunned because she tried to play the game.
        Right now Michelle is foaming at the mouth to get rid of Nicole – I just don’t get it at all.

      • Yep and her comment about that was she would never go against another nurse for petty things. If it came to a patient she would put the patient first. She could lose her license if she didn’t and I don’t think she would jeopardize that. She worked in ICU before resigning to come on BB. You have to know what your doing to work on one of those units. You wouldn’t believe some of the petty complaints I would get about other nurses. I would get this nurse was on break too long or this nurse is making personal phone calls. A bunch of petty crap.

      • Didn’t know you were also a nurse Lavendar :D
        I find what you heard the be more believable remark from Nicole since you heard it on the feeds.
        There seems to be a real Nicole bias at Jokers and they only report on negative things about Nicorey.

      • Yes I was a Nurse Manager on a critical care unit for over 35yrs. Retired now. I usually don’t bring up my personal life on here. So there’s a few people that know.

      • I don’t want to bring up my personal life on here either so I completely understand that.
        I worked in a small town hospital and we had many different cases admitted so I worked with many types of patients. After awhile my legs couldn’t take all the walking the wards anymore and I retired..

      • I would of loved to work in a small town. I worked in a large major trauma hospital. And sometimes it was a nightmare. When they bought up smaller hospitals I was debating transferring but decided to stick it out since I was so close to retiring. I agree there’s a lot of walking.

      • I loved it too but the pay wasn’t good at all.
        I moved to another town a little bit larger not too far away and worked in the newborn nursery. Now that was a fun job – I loved it except for having to work the night shift.
        The nursing shortage sure did improve our salary finally.

      • They only report what is said by the hg. Sometimes not the whole conversation though which can cause things to be taken out of context by the reader; thus start rumors. Ha

      • Nicole does not know alot about nursing, she don’t know the basics and she use to ask and look to Bridgette for answers.

      • I’m with you again KSJB. Nicole has said a few different things that make me say I sure wouldn’t want to have to go to the ER and have her for my nurse. Maybe it’s because she is from a very small hospital although that’s no excuse. She did say she only works 2 days a week which I found surprising. I have friends who are nurses and they always talk about the long shifts and having to work holidays and that sort of thing. I also heard her say she one day that she really didn’t like her job, but didn’t really say much more about why that was. I liked Nicole her first season. I find her very different this season because she doesn’t mingle like she previously did. It seems like her and Corey are always in bed except when they are eating. jmo

      • Yep I like Nicole too. I too am a retired RN. And she is a kind and caring person. And everytime there was drama she tried to stay away from it. Actually when I watch the feeds during the day they are all in bed. In the late afternoon and evening there outside or in other parts of the house. If there on lockdown most of them lay around in the beds so it’s not just them it’s everyone. In fact it’s a joke in the house that all Big Leech does is sleep.

      • Too bad that Day turned most of the remaining gals against Nicole while trying to get rid of Nic.
        I definitely don’t want to see Day return now either.

      • And the sad thing is Nicole had her back until Day started that entire blow up with Frank and Tiffany based on a lie. They could of worked good together. Once again Day blew up her own game.

      • It did seem that once Day decided to target the couples she could think of nothing else blowing up her own game in the process. Too bad they couldn’t work together..

      • That’s why I’m kind of hoping James/Natalie and Corey/Nicole will work together until F4. Nicole had his back until he turned on her and I think this week could win back his loyalty. And one thing Nicole will be is loyal. Look how her loyalty to Frank got her in trouble. And she gave him several chances while he continuously threw her under the bus. Once they make F4 everyone for themselves.

      • I wanted to throttle Frank when he started blowing up Nicole’s game…for no reason. She really wanted to work with him and somehow he believed everything Day said to him about her.
        Frank was a huge disappointment for me this year to put it mildly.
        Nicole has been very loyal and it will be difficult for her to have to backstab someone when the time comes.

      • idk…Nicole is an ER Nurse but she was talking last night about how clumsy she is ..kept dumping drink over. Hope she’s steadier at work lol

      • Believe it or not, before I was accepted into nursing school I had to pass several tests; one of which was a task moving pegs quickly around a board which would indicate whether the applicant had good or bad manual dexterity and good eye/hand coordination. The test was so easy for me that I couldn’t keep from laughing when taking it but one of the instructors told me that some people couldn’t pass this test, as easy as it was.
        I hope they’re still giving that test now :D

      • Yep Nicole is doing something right to never of been nominated. And she can win comps she did it on her season so I hope she wins when she really needs to.

      • It’s definitely time for Nicole to start winning comps and I think she’s very capable of doing so. The good news is that nobody else thinks she can win comps as she continues to play under the radar and they could be in for a big surprise. I hope so anyway :D

      • Vets did say “lets stick together” broadcast week one. Since the vets and siblings knew each other prior to bb18, could alliances or deals been formed or agreed upon prior to sequester? Maybe nothing to consider, but what if?

      • I thought I heard James say that he knew Nicole out of the house and he thought well of her family.
        Another reason for James to prefer Nicorey over other options.

      • According to Jokers, what he said was that he had Dingus in his pocket, that her parents love him.

      • Thanks Karen. I hope he does have her in his pocket, it’s a very safe place for Nicole to be.

      • OMG I love it – someone who thinks the same way I do about Nicorey. In the beginning of the game James and Nicole made a F2 deal with Nicole and another one with Da.

      • Yes, I believe you are correct about that. James even said the other day that Nicole’s parents love him.

      • Pimp Paulie will still be pimping from the estrogen jury house, just not benefiting as much. LOL

      • Joni! I’ve missed you so much this season…I know you’ve been busy, but it just hasn’t been the same without you!

      • Awww. I’m in and out still. On road right now heading home. This is the first year having a smartphone to use to check in where there’s cell service or WiFi while on vacation, this being one of those times. Not the same as from my desktop, but I’m managing as best as I can.

      • I’d love to know the truth about what is going on in that house and what happened when they saw the douchebag.

      • After thinking about it, the last week in the jury house, I am sure Paulie is so “DRAINED” from his recent “WORKOUT”. I doubt he will have the strength to fight hard to win back no matter who goes to Jury this week.

      • You can also look at it from the aspect that he might be getting a lot of stress relief. It’s just according to how he was received.

      • I agree KSJB. I can’t stand Nicorey who imo have done nothing in this entire game except cuddle. They were protected not only by Paulie, but also by James. I doubt that Nat knows James has a F2 with Nicole. Of course Nicole made a F2 with just about everybody and then just denied all of them. I don’t want Pimp Paulie back and hope Victor comes back. Either one will go after James. What I hate is I don’t usually say Production gets involved, but this time it sure was fishy. We all know that Nat never liked Nicole and Nicole never liked Nat, but after Nat won HOH she talks with Nicole asking what she thought of Paul? I was shocked as I wondered what the heck happened to the F5 that everyone was on board with. I heard Nat say the DR told her she should work with Nicorey and then shortly after she took it back. Something fishy happened all right and I quickly realized why she flipped all at once.

      • I didn’t realize that she took it back. Truly, I couldn’t imagine her saying such a thing to begin with had it not been true. Yes, something happened, but it will all be swept under the rug. I know this is a game, but that is cheating in my eyes, and makes it unfair to others who are having to actually play to stay.

      • Yes, she said it and then took it back. I agree it will be swept under the rug and totally unfair to the other HGs. I wonder if that part was edited out of the feeds. I haven’t checked, but I heard it live while watching the feeds. It didn’t make sense that she would approach Nicole so quickly asking “So what do you think about Paul?” I was dumbfounded because she always voiced her opinion about not liking Nicole even though she had tried several times to be friendly with her. Now this morning when her and Meech was in bed she was back to saying she didn’t trust Nicole one bit. The things that make you go hmm!!!

      • I read somewhere that Michelle told her that earlier in the season, Dingus was purposefully spending time with James to keep him away from Nat. It riled Nat’s feathers a little, just as Michelle meant for it to.

      • Well it will be interesting because James along with Paul wants Meech to put Corey up, but when Meech and Nat were in bed this morning Nat and her talked and Nat said if you really want to put Nicole up do that because I’m sure James will listen to me. They went on discussing things back and forth. Unfortunately, Meech seems to want to do whatever Nat and everyone else wants. It ended with them going to bed and Nat saying wait until you wake up and go with your gut. I haven’t been back to the feeds to see if anything else happened.

      • Victor and Paul were the first to split up the guys alliance by getting rid of Paulie. Corey was always loyal to paulie and trustworthy. So, considering both of their actions I think I’d go with Corey instead of Victor.
        Maybe Victor and Paul split up the guys too soon? What do you think?
        I agree with James logic, they probably can not win against Paul or Victor so they need to go first and then they can take care of Nicorey.

      • My take is James/Vic/paul couldn’t take Paulies agression and the way he treated women. Each of them tried to calm Paulie down at diff points. Corey is stuck to Paulie and laughed at his crap so that put Paulie/Corey on the outs.

        It was Paulie that caused the end of his own demise with his own arrogance or the 5 guys would still be cruising.

        James cant win against Paul/victor/corey or Paulie so his plan is to stay in middle and ride with the numbers each week. Guess we will see how this goes. There is still the buyback and another DE to come.

      • Yeah, just like Frank running his mouth nonstop Paulie brought about his own demise and I don’t blame the guys for turning on him. In fact I enjoyed watching that immensely.
        But again, if they had held on a little bit longer they probably wouldn’t be in this mess right now.
        Anyway, I respect your opinion as always and I’m ok with you being a fan of Vic and Paulie. :D

      • Vic/Paul did not target paulie b/c he was ‘mean’ to women they targeted him bnecause he was a threat to win. His actions never bothered them until he they ‘realized he had to go. Paul wante Paulie gone because he wanted to cut Paulie’s girl and Paulie didn’t want that. On top of that, and Victor have said some nasty things themselves.

      • I still think Paulie should’ve let Paul have his way for once and let them vote out Zak.

      • Yup. Probably would have been the safer option for him. Zak was justa vote she couldn’t win any comps and wasn’t really playing the game anyways.

      • Now the guys will battle it out against each other to the end with only females left probably. That’s the way it’s looking to me. It was bound to happen I suppose but I think they should’ve waited a little longer before breaking up.

      • It was so ridiculous since he wanted Zak nominated in the first place. The power had gone to his head by this time and he kept insisting everybody do what’s best for Paulie’s game. He had to go.

      • Yep I think getting out Victor is the best move. I just hope he doesn’t come back for a 3rd chance. Once is enough. I think James and Natalie can trust Corey and Nicole. They have been loyal to people that have been loyal to them. Nicole trusted James 100% and had his back then when he turned on them she was hurt by it and doubted him. If they can repair this they could be F4. Then they fight it out from there.

      • I love the idea of that final 4. The forthcoming jury buy back battle between Victor and Paulie is going to be exciting to see that’s for sure.
        I know there are a lot of Vic/Paul fans here and that’s fine but I really don’t get it at all.

      • Corey was loyal to the all guy alliance too. He (and Nicole) have done nothining to hurt James/Nat Sure, they will target them dventually because you have to. Corey is definitely more loyal than Paul/Victor who are plotting to take out James next as you try to pretend James is dumb for wanting Victor out. L0L

      • I agree. Corey has been loyal to people that have been loyal to him. James is finally making a great move.

      • Never said James was dumb. Corey was never loyal to James Corey was blindly loyal to Paulie. James would have been next to go if Paulie was inthe house.

      • They haven’t done anything to help James or Natalie either, except agree to an F4 because they are desperate. To be fair, Corey hasn’t talked about taking out anyone because he never talks game. He’s just there. But yeah, James and Natalie have the opportunity to take the first shot, and that’s what they are doing. I never thought it was a dumb move, but thought James/Nat’s reasoning for doing it, at first, was dumb, believing something Nicole said Paulie said, Paul said.

      • After what happened to blabbermouths Frank and Paulie it’s probably a good idea for Corey and James to keep their mouths shut now.

      • Haha! That’s probably why the loudest guys keep going out the door while Corey and James remain.
        that would be the hardest thing to deal with if I were in the BB house and had to listen to a bunch of blowhard guys.

      • The thing is it was true. Paul did say that. He’s the biggest liar in the house.

      • i think James could win comps against Cory/Nic but against Vic/Paul? not a shot in hell..plus Vic has a way better case with the jury

      • This is way too obvious that the right move is to evict either Paul or Victor this week. You need to take out the bigger, stronger targets. Victor and Paul is a couple in themselves for those using the showmance couples as an excuse. Actually, a Victor and Paul combo is the strongest couple, a bro alliance similar to Paul and Paulie when they were together! James and Natalie will be the targets of Victor and Paul even if they went along and evicted both Corey and Nicole. In addition, James, Natalie and Michelle will face off Victor and Paul in HOH and VETO and chances are pretty good, those two will win! Against Corey and Nicole, James, Natalie and Michelle has a way better chance of winning HOH and VETO. Do not like James in his season or this season but, him playing for the first time and making a smart move of evicting Victor if he sticks to it, is a big move! He can use that argument that he made big moves if he ends up in Final 2! As a bonus, you waste votes for Victor in ACP if he gets the most votes and gets evicted and possibly tip it to Corey for the last ACP.

    • They definitely made bad decisions by putting Paul and Vic on the block rather than Nic and Corey.

      • Idk Joni, I wouldn’t want to be sitting next to either Paul or Victor on finale night. Why do you think they should want that to happen?

      • I agree, but I really didn’t want Nicole to go this far in the game. I can’t stand her.

      • Does it make you feel better that Nicole probably can’t win this season even if she does make it to the finale? :D

      • Da is probably the only one not voting for Nicole, but Paulie will convince Z and I’m not sure if Brigitte will vote for her. I think most of the HGs will vote for Nicole over Natalie, Michelle and James. I don’t wish for her to get second place either. Regardless, all of the vets will get plenty of money from BB.
        Nicole has been hiding behind Corey the entire game. She came to the house to make out with a boy and spend the whole day up his…

      • I hope your calculations are correct then that Nicole could actually win it all. Like you I expect Day and Bridgette to be a little bitter still and that’s to be expected.
        Btw, I believe all the HG’s spend a lot of time in bed not just Nicorey :D

      • Actually Da might vote for Nicole because for some reason she thinks Nicole is playing a great game.

      • By the end of the show, most of the jury members will vote for the best player, but I’m sure there will be a couple of bitter ones. A lot of times they change their minds towards the end, and if Will interviews them all together this season again, then they have a chance to hear each other’s opinions on the remaining players. Someone said that they are not allowed to talk game in the jury house. I think it was James.

      • That’s why they should have put them up separately than together. Now the girls have only accomplished putting bigger targets on both their backs.

      • Why separately? With both of them being great at comps V/P would’ve taken each other off the block if they won Veto. I thought that was why they decided to put both of them up at the same time.
        Natalie and Mich and soon James have certainly put a big target on their backs I agree and that’s why they need Nicorey to help keep them in the game.
        That’s just the way I’m seeing in Joni, feel free to disagree.

      • Aww you’re right when looking at it from that angle. Guess any way you look at it, putting them up at all was a mistake as they would have helped lessened the load of getting others out before they’d have to all turn on each other.

      • They already had big targets on their backs. If Corey goes.. who are Paul/Vic going to target? Nicole? L0L

      • I hope James is able to make Nat understand that he’s the next to go once Corey leaves.

      • I agree with you. Perfect example if it was just Victor on the block Paul would of used veto to save him. Putting the two strongest guys up and getting one out this late in the game while they have the chance is a great move.

      • Well, that’s about to happen, even if the girls lucked out and got to take the long way around. It’ll soon be Vic and Corey OTB.

      • Bigger targets? There’s a handful of people left. They gonna be targeted soon anyways. better to strike than simply wait to be picked off. targeting Paul/Victor was the smartest choice the HGs. Paul winning Veto just proved that. Also, notice, even though the girls put them on, their planned targe next week (assuming Corey lol)is James. L0L

      • That is the right move for James and Natalie. What are their chances against Victor and Paul who are both comp beasts if they face them in HOH and VETO competitions? Probably, very slim. I would hazard a guess that Victor and Paul will dominate it the rest of the way if they are both left in the Big Brother House! Having Nicole and Corey in the Big Brother House allows them to target Paul for the next week! Remove Victor and Paul and James, Natalie and Michelle has more than a fair shot of winning over Corey and Nicole! They would have the numerical numbers too of 3 vs 2! We still have to see if James has the cojones to pull this big move of evicting Victor. A lot can still happen between now and Thursday and James has been wishy washy at times.

  2. James better be prepared for what ever happens this week…Its 4 days till eviction and we all know that Production creates twist just to mess up “the best laid plans”…..

    • I can’t believe they don’t expect a battle back or buy back. Not just because it normally happens for jury members but the RT ticket wasn’t used.

      • But they’ve also never had 2 chances of returning to the game in one season, so the RT was unprecedented. And then there was also the week in BB16 of the Reset Button, where they were forced to reset the entire week and nothing happened until the following week. So there’s no real reason for them to suspect a 3rd chance of a returning HG. Sure, they’ve speculated, but that’s all. The super fans and vets know there are other ways for BB to make the game last longer than a returning HG.

      • Exactly. And as it is now, the number of remaining HGs and total weeks of show left are equal…they’ll end up with three HG going into the final week as it is.

        So, not only would the HGs have to realize that there’s going to be two returning players, but that there would need to be two double evictions (which there will be when there’s still seven HGs at this time next week). Neither have ever happened in prior seasons.

      • True, it is unprecedented. I just think if I was in the house I would be wondering what would happen since the RT ticket wasn’t used.

  3. It would be great if Vic did get voted out n then battled back yet again. He’s the only one in the house I’m rooting for.

      • What isn’t fair is that Frank is the only one that didn’t get a chance to battle back.

      • I agree and disagree, having to give Victor props for making it this far after coming back.

      • Frank got voted out at the wrong time.. Its that simple. .There was no Jury return or DE ..Victor was one of 4 to fight to get back in the house and if evicted this week he will have to fight 4 to return…These situations are not being created for Victor by Production… it simply happens that he falls into the scenario ..If Victor gets evicted ‘again” and battles his way back again I say more power to him.. It would be a feat that has never been done in BB…I wish Victor the best of luck…

      • I’m aware, im just saying if it is unfair to anyone, it’s Frank. When did I ever say it was rigged for Victor? I hope he makes it back in, too. He’s going to be a real threat for Paulie.

      • It’s not Vics fault. Blame the producers of big brother. I think it’s awesome, and he’s the only one I really like anyway. It would be very cool to see him and Paulie compete n watch Paulie cry a little more when Vic wins.

    • Agree Joel, I prefer Vic coming back. And if production wants someone to comeback from jury why not Vic he deserves it. He’s a good player. And tbh he’s the only with a higher chance @ defeating Paulie. But if for some odd reason Paulie does come back it will be entertaining to see how James and nats plan backfires on them. Thanks to their plan nicorey and paulie might be together again.

      • Anne I can’t stand Paulie but for entertainment purposes yes it would be cool if he came back. If not Vic then Paulie. But I still don’t want him winning the game. Arrogant ass

  4. James is in trouble whether he votes for Vic now or later. Vic is coming for him regardless . So James should vote him now and take his chances with a jury buyback than give Vic a chance to just bulldoze through him to the F2

  5. Best move to evict Vic. But I’m laughing to myself that James will somehow screw this up, too. Prolly say the wrong name in voting in DR. Don’t trust James to do anything correct. JMO smh

  6. I wonder if Corey is kicking himself for getting rid of Bridgette during the DE instead of Vic/Paul.

      • Didn’t Corey say something about having a gf or ‘almost fiance’ outside the house? If so, that hardly speaks well to his sense of loyalty…

      • I rem that he recently ended a eight year relationship, that might have been what he was referring to. He’s been pretty clear that he has no interest in getting into another relationship anytime soon, Nic may not know that though.

      • Evidently he changed his mind since making that comment as many change their minds about what they intended on doing until they’ve been in that house for awhile. Big Brother changes people.

      • Haha. She’s putting it all out there for him lije a free midnight buffet…
        What is it with these otherwise bright and attractive females that makes them so desperate and willing to just give it away??!!! Are there really that few decent straight men left in this world that they feel compelled to latch onto a guy in the bb house?! Or is a summer showmance the kind of perq to which they feel entitled and they’re just out for a quick fling?!
        I’s confused…someone pleez ‘splain…

      • And he said at some point that he wasn’t taking his medicine as frequently as he usually does since he’s been in the house, since they told him it would be an “advantage,” which doesn’t quite make sense to me, as other HGs with ADD in the past were allowed to take their meds, but maybe I misunderstood them. Either way, if he’s not taking his meds, then he would be very scattered and not focused.

      • I may be wrong, but I swear Natalie said recently on the feeds that she needed to go take her ADD meds. I absolutely may have misunderstood, but it kind of confused me why she could take them but Corey couldn’t.

      • I was wondering about the Adderall too and was hoping the producers would stop casting people that were on in since some of them taking it couldn’t stop talking game and it drove everyone else crazy.
        Plus, it did give them an advantage in the comps which I didn’t think was fair.
        I didn’t remember Frank being on Adderall before but he became such a motor mouth this season I wondered it he was taking it too.

      • Adderall is a drug for people who have ADD. It helps them focus and concentrate during comps which gives them an advantage over the others.

      • I know what it is. People are prescribed ADD medicine because they have a disorder that the medicine helps them compensate for. It does not make them concentrate “better” than other people with regular brains. In fact, certain situations can still be a struggle even while on the medicine, hence why many standardized tests offer accomodations for people diagnosed with ADD.

    • Probably. But he trusted the guys alliance. That’s what I mean about him being loyal.

  7. I would like to see James take a stand , be it against Natalie of Meech or Nicorey. For once James needs to decide what is best for his game and do that (he can decide wrong for all o care but that needs to be his thought process )

      • James has taken a stand. He is the reason why Zak went out cause he chose to use his power even though Paulie worked him huge to use it to HIS benefit.

  8. Getting Victor out simply the smart move for James and Cory/Paul convos just illustrate why. I’ve been annoyed by james all season but no matter your feelings on who you want to win, f James POV, Victor is the best choice.

  9. If Vic leaves and doesn’t win the battle back I’m genuinely done with this season. None of the remaining players are remotely worthy of winning $500k, it’s seriously a joke half of them are still there.

    • Victor doesn’t deserve a 3rd chance. To me anyone that gets voted out twice and is given a chance to get back in doesn’t deserve to win.

      • I believe Vic does deserve a chance. He got voted out bc he’s a good player and they know that anyone else next to him in the f2
        will loose.

      • One returning player per season is plenty and having another at this point in the game is just a bad idea IMO

      • I agree with that completely. In fact I wish they’d have no returning players. But just because it’s Vic’s third chance and everyone else’s second shouldn’t make a difference IMO. I just don’t think it’s unfair for him only. For the record I’m not a Vic fan.

      • Agree, Dan H. But since when has BB done anything people seem to agree with?

      • So Victor gets a 3rd chance but Frank got zero chances. Yep that sounds real fair to me. I hope Victor gets beat by one of the girls.

      • Take it up with BB. It’s their decision to do it this way. He deserves as many chances as they are willing to give him.

      • I hope Victor does come back. He’s the only person that gives a hoot about winning. He truly fought to come back and you have to give him credit. I know he’s probably leaving but things change like the weather in that house. I pray to God that Nicole goes up somehow instead of her lame brain boyfriend. She doesn’t have a chance against that womanizing jerk Paul the Pimp and superwoman Bridgette.

      • If he were anyone else I’d agree bc I usually hate when people get second chances, let alone third lol, he’s just too lovable.

  10. Michelle could try telling Natalie how strange it is that James keeps protecting Nicole. Ask her why she wants a ” boyfriend” who is really only loyal to another woman – who has done nothing all summer but “say mean things about Natalie.” Get into Natalie’s head and set her off, see if that works to demolish the couple’s foursome of the week. There’s already a weak link there, so tap it.

    • Great idea. The whole house knows Nat is insecure so why not use that to their advantage? After all, she’s being crying for weeks about her boobs.

  11. Sure, it would be personal gameplay, but I believe if James and Gnat had the picture in their minds that I do of Doofus and Pimp Paulie laughing and clapping after James and Gnat left the HOH room, I don’t think they would be supporting Doofus.

    • It’s so hurtful to the HG’s when they find out the things that have been said about them I agree, but it’s bound to happen at some time or another being cooped up in that house as they are.

      • Being cooped up in a house is absolutely no excuse for the behavior of Doofus and Pimp Paulie, and Dingus since she seemed to think some of their behavior was funny.

      • I’m sooo with you on this one. It is primary reason I dont care for Nicole or Corey. We all know girls and guys that blindly agree to bad behavior by their “friends”. and never say anything. Personally, Not the kind of people, I would want around bc I could never trust them. Just Sayin’

      • I don’t understand why you think Nicole is to blame for all the ugly behavior at all. Don’t you laugh at ugly things that are said about Nicole here? It’s only human nature to do that so I don’t expect perfection from Nicole or anybody else.

      • Nowhere did I say Dingus was “to blame for all the ugly behavior”. And, I never said I “expect perfection” from Dingus or anybody.

      • Of course you didn’t , I was the one who said that I didn’t expect perfection from anyone in the BB house.
        I’m talking about all the mean things in the BB house that are being said and no one gets called out about except Nicole.
        Nicole has done nothing of Paulie’s magnitude and yet she’s accused of almost everything while the other women get a free pass for their mean remarks.
        If people can make mean remarks about Nicole why can’t Nicole make an occasional mean remark in the BB house?

      • Right? Somehow, people have forgotten what was said in Week 1, when Bronte (and, yes, Paul, too, but this is about the women) made racist remarks about James, and the day when Michelle was seriously considering puling out Tiffany’s eyebrows, not to mention her entire attitude towards Bridgette before they started comparing notes about Paulie.

      • Exactly but how quickly people forget. What people didn’t like from the beginning was that Nicole was in a showmance. Who cares if she is. Maybe things will work out. Look at Jeff and Jordan and Brendon and Rachel. But she has not said any nasty, mean hateful remarks like Bronte, Paul, Jozea and Big Leech.

      • A lot of folks here are disappointed in her showmance but hasn’t it worked out well for her?

      • I didn’t like Nicole from Day 1 and she wasn’t in a showmance then. For me, that has absolutely nothing to do with it.

      • Nicole says occasional things? Nicole says stuff almost daily, or at least often enough that the rest of us catch it. The other girls said stuff at the beginning and haven’t said a lot of anything the last several weeks. Looking at the comments here, everyone states: remember when…because it was a while ago.

      • Well, now that most of the girls are gone the catty remarks should subside as well.
        A lot of people here say mean things about Nicole and yet you think that’s ok?

      • Not necessarily. But I see crude remarks about all of them HERE. Name calling seems to be the norm. For instance: Big Leech, Doofus, Dingus, Fruit Loop Dingus, Ratcole, etc. etc. etc. So why do only the Nicole supporters take offence when something is said about her?

      • Found a few more: Gnat, Pimp, and plenty more I can’t think of off of the top of my head. You get the picture.

      • Honestly, I just skip over those remarks so they don’t really bother me, I was just pointing out the irony of the situation.

      • LOL. I said there are a lot I couldn’t think of off of the top of my head. :) Heck, even the word ‘floater’ is meant in a somewhat derogatory way here. And please don’t get me wrong, I like the site, I was merely making an observation.

      • Yes, there’s a lot of name calling here I agree.
        But the same people making up new names for the cast are doing the exact same thing that they complain Nicole is doing
        Do you not see the irony here?

      • I skip over them, too. And I see the irony. I’m saying some of the ones pointing out the irony are also doing it against other players… Big Leech is LG’s favorite term I think, and LG is usually the one I see taking the most offense at Nicole remarks, yet she is doing it. Just an observation, and I wanted to get it off of my chest, I will shut up now.

      • I’ve always loved LG remarks – I find them absolutely hilarious. After you get to know her better you’ll probably feel the same way I hope.

      • yep Nicoles been in training all season for the up & coming “mattress challenge”…Shes spent 90% of the season in bed so she hadn’t talked a lot with anybody..

      • Like the rest of the house. There always in bed and Big Leech takes first prize for sleeping the most.

  12. I can’t wait for James to get taken out. No matter who comes back from the jury buyback, James will surely be their number 1 target as he’s screwed over way too many people. He turned the votes on Z with his care package, so Paulie dislikes him, he turned on his own alliance members Vic and Paul for “being an atheist”, and lying about a vote, and he turned on Bridgette AGAIN by voting her out the house.

    These flip flopping coasters don’t deserve to win the game. I’m still rooting for Victor and Paul.

    • Paul has flipped on everyone. Paul goes where the power is. He lies just to lie. He’s annoying as hell and I hope he goes soon. I can’t even watch the feeds. When he’s in a totally different room because he has such a big mouth I can’t hear what they’re saying on the feeds.

      • Paul has flipped on people for good reasons, such as finding out his alliance members are in several other alliances. That is a reason worthy of jumping ship imo. Throughout his time in the house, Paul has maintained loyalty to Victor, and he has said that he was truly invested in the F5 alliance of Michelle, Victor, James and Nat before they turned on him, and I think that it’s true. Paul wasn’t always my favorite as he acted as Paulie’s spy for a while, but I’ve been enjoying him these last few weeks, and he makes the feeds worth watching. The guy is hilarious.

      • Yeah I think his jokes are getting old. He acts like a 2yr old. Wearing that duck float around his waist all the time is so immature. How old are these people. And he wanted to target James a long time ago when he agreed to the 5 guys before Paulie left. He told Paulie he wanted to get James out. So loyal is the last thing he is. JMO

      • I don’t mind the duck floatie lol. I’m more interested in what he says rather than what he wears. Also, Paul was not loyal to James at that point in the game, and James wasn’t either. Paul maintained his loyalty to Paulie and Vic until Paulie gave him a reason to turn.

      • I luv that he is using Pablo as a prop and that Paul/vic had the puppet shows with Baldwin. I liked the interviews that James/Nat did with the wooden spoon too. You cant talk game 24/7.

      • To be honest, Pablo’s grown on me. At least he’s playing this game with integrity and has yet to lie to anyone. LMAO! ^o^

      • I have to admit that Paul is a natural born entertainer and should be a comedian after BB.

      • Nicole is a floater and flip flops; she is only loyal to Corey. If Corey and Nicole are final two who deserves to win!!! As much as I dislike her she will win.

      • James is a floater too. Big time. Nicole better win the next HOH or she will be gone.

      • Just wait, he’ll turn on Victor soon if Victor survives the eviction or returns to the house with the jury buyback. I don’t trust the guy at all. You’ll notice that Victor is his meat shield as well and that’s probably the only reason he’s still with him. Not a bad move for paul at all.
        Paul has no problem telling lies and backstabbing people – why would anybody want to align with someone like that? I wouldn’t.

      • Paul has been playing the ultimate floater game. Floater meaning that a player moves to the house power center as it shifts throughout the game.

      • Exactly Dan and he’s doing a very good job of that I might add.
        Paul is fun to watch at times but anyone that talks so much is probably making up half the things they say.

      • No doubt about it…no question that the stories he tells are hugely exaggerated. I cannot stand it.

      • Me too. He’d give my Feng Shui a shake down like it’s never experienced before. :-)

      • Hubby would invite him in for a beer. Haha. It’s best we not encourage this for my own sanity. :-)

      • At least Paul is entertaining to the HG and us. It has to be BORING as heck in there.

      • Victor is loyal to Paul before anyone else. I don’t think he’ll turn on him, vice versa, especially at this point in the game.

      • I can see Victor being loyal to Paul to the very end while I can’t see Paul doing the same thing.

      • I have come to like Paul too. Esp since he and Victor were targeted week1-3 when they were teamed with Jozea. He is a survivor for sure. I hope they stop this team concept o coach concept and let the game play more organically.

      • Same here. Both Victor and Paul are survivors. They enjoyable to watch this season. They are better than the rest of the idiotic nimrods such as the doofus and his fruit loop dingus.

      • Paul is a BB wannabe! He’s hamming it up & it’s so juvenile! Wearing a duck floaty….. Perfect dot the floater he’s been….
        Can you tell I’m not a fan?

    • James isn’t targeting Paul for being an atheist while at the same time swearing on God. That was Natalie’s thing, and apparently Michelle’s big reason for nominating him (because saying he’s a threat apparently isn’t a good enough reason?).

      • James agreed that those were valid reasons. James and Natalie are a couple and they talk over every decision before it’s made. Not once did James interject by saying that the reason Paul is on the block is because he’s a good competitor. Can’t say I’m surprised though..he let Paulie berate Natalie right in front of him but had nothing to say.

      • Yeah I was really disappointed in all of that. Religion shouldn’t have come up at all.

    • After reading your comments I’m starting to believe that James is playing a great game :D

      • I agree with you, he is playing a masterful game.

        I hate the game he’s playing, as I have zero respect for a flip-flopper who continues to swear on his word & then goes right back on it (2 seasons in a row) AND who lets his feeling for a girl that he has no chance with, sometimes cloud his judgment (2 seasons in a row).

        However, as disappointed as I am in his game play this year (he was without a doubt my fave player last year) I cannot deny, his game has been masterful up to this point.

    • Voting Zakiyah out was the best move for the house and Zakiyah herself…Zakiyah was a floater but 1st and foremost reason she needed to go was to get her away from Paulie….I should not have to say anymore than that..

      • Getting Frank out was the best move of the house. Next to Vic and Paul, he was a comp beast and no one was going to be beat him head to head. In terms of floaters, James and Nicole take the cake. Especially that blonde Toucan Sam rat. Zakiyah was frigid and nonchalant that did nothing either except ride Pimp Paulie in more ways than one.

    • One thing has been puzzling me… if James really wants Paul gone so badly, why didn’t he confirm to Michelle that Paul really DID know D’avonne was the target / leaving when he nominated her?

      Paul denied, denied, denied when he & Nicole were arguing about it, yet James knows the truth 100%. Why wouldn’t James let that bit of tea slip when he speaks to Michelle on his own?

      Do you think he’s saving it for later on down the line?

  13. So, has anyone else heard anything about Victor’s family? If I remember correctly, they live in Slidell, which I think was affected by the floods, but I haven’t heard anything else. Hope everyone’s okay.

    • Agreed & I hope that they’re all ok.

      I think if his family were affected, they’d probably inform him (like they did after 9/11).

    • I hope the production crew is keeping him up to date with that when he is in the DR. Like you said, I hope all is well in the Bayou with Vic’s family and the other families down there. The weather has been unforgiving in the south lately.

  14. My apologies in advance if this question has already been asked / answered, however can anyone confirm whether Corey REALLY did say that “Natalie is going to suck James off to the top & James was going to let her do it?”.

    I dunno, I just don’t see wide-eyed Corey being that crass.

    I can definitely see Paul saying that in a moment of desperation / anger / to be manipulate Natalie & James to get himself off the block OR just Paul saying it in general conversation, given his everyday crude verbiage.

    I can also imagine that conversation taking place between Paulie & Paul (and that being said by either of them) but not Corey not so much… to anyone.


    Thanks in advance!

    • I do think Corey said that. Honestly they way each HG will say “No__xx___ said that.” Its hard to keep track of the truth sometimes. Corey seems to be a huge follower. Whenever Paulie was nasty he would clap or laugh or agree.

      But then this is the frat boy that laughed when retelling the story about guys setting a live goat on fire at Texas A&M.

      • WHAT?!?!?

        Set a live goat on fire??? ?

        I never heard that story (I don’t ge the live feeds, I only read the postings).
        That is an awful thing to witness, let alone retell it & laugh about it (and not have the intelligence, compassion, maturity or intuitiveness to keep it to himself….grrr!). I’m glad I didn’t hear him tell that story… I’m a huge animal lover. :(

        God, he’s a tool…

        Thanks so much for the info, much appreciated!

      • That storey is what turned me off Corey forever. It shows lack of personal character in REAL life.

      • Well thank you very much for informing me… I’m still so disgusted just thinking about it.

  15. The only upside to this is Victor can beat Paulie in the battle back. That would be good tv. Even tho I would love to see Bridge.

  16. So tired of Natalie bouncing up and down, acting like a child. Tired of Nicole’s whine though her nose. So sorry they back stabbed Vic and Paul. Can’t wait to see Nat and James OTB. Want Vic to come back and put them both OTB.

  17. Okay, I really hate Nicole and Corey with a passion. However, that being said….
    Victor and Paul are the much stronger duo, Natalie making a move against them is actually a good move for her part. I am just kinda sad because Nicole and Corey suck. So if the showmances become a final four, Natalie better win out of those four otherwise we’ll be seeing a horrible winner.
    Paul, Victor, Natalie and I guess Michelle would be the best final four but I don’t see it happening.

  18. How much of a waste will this week be if Victor comes right back in, and big Meech and lil Nat Nat are on the block together?

  19. Once again, James will decide who gets evicted. The 2 originally put on the block were best for his game so kudos for that. Vic leaving now is good for him, too, and I do not see him being swayed; if so, it sure won’t be easy. Natalie pouts when she can’t sway him but as rare as it is, it happens. I don’t see him turning on Corey this week.

    If Nat thinks she needs to save Vic now, she’s nuts. He & Paul are both going to gun for her now more than ever. Friendship forgives but doesn’t forget. :) Her best bet is to push through and not let her nerves or emotions get the best of her.

    I see the returning juror as being either Paulie or Vic, though you never know. I would prefer Paulie over Vic if I were James because Paulie will first gun for Paul and Meech if he wins HoH. He will need allies and James will do in a pinch, though the trust may not be strong. If/Afterward, James/Nat/Nic/Corey could/should win HoH and take Paulie out.

    Vic returning would be more fierce than ever and prolly put up Nat and James if he gets next HoH. Then Nat should be prepared to go to Jury House and have Z be “mean to me”. Vomit. – Same type of vomit when she, Meech & Nic (I think) were “I’m scared” “It’s so scary” in the black box comp. Really? {eyeroll} What do you think BB would possibly put in there that you should fear??? Ladies please: Buck up for Comp Mode! GAME ON! >:(

    • Great comments again bb :D A lot of people are complaining about how stupid James is by trying to remove 2 big threats to his game which I find unbelievable.

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