‘Big Brother 18’ Live Feeds Week 9: Saturday Highlights

Veto Day came and went in the Big Brother 18 house but not before it uprooted plans to send out the majority’s target. Now the HGs are busy adjusting their next steps and quietly planning which side of the house will move forward together.

James cannot take anymore of these talks

With only seven Houseguests left it doesn’t take much to shift the game and this time around James is in the power position of deciding who will stay and who will go. We’ll have to see how well he can handling hiding the switchback ahead as he’s promised both sides his vote and their safety.

If you’ve got the Live Feeds (Free Trial) then you can watch all of these moments with the Flashback feature to go back and watch those important conversations or funny scenes you may have missed.

Big Brother 18 Live Feed Highlights – Saturday, August 20, 2016:

7:55 AM BBT – Feeds return from the Have-Not reveal. The HNs are eating pie since that was the theme of the carnival comp that decided who would be sleeping in bumper cars this week. James, Victor, and Michelle drew the short straws there but Michelle is exempted as the Co-HoH this week.

8:00 AM BBT – HGs go back to bed. Paul and Michelle continue to study and recite details from the overnight “storm warnings.”

9:30 AM BBT – Veto players were picked. James and Corey will join the others. Nicole will host.

11:30 AM BBT – Natalie is up and getting ready for the day. Other HGs are sleeping.

12:15 PM BBT – James is awake and chatting with Natalie. They’re annoyed with Paul for his dominating behavior last night.

12:25 PM BBT – James is talking up Corey. He says if Paul wins the Veto then that’ll be the end for Victor. James suggests Corey wouldn’t put them on the Block. Natalie is growing concerned over the idea of going after Corey instead of getting Paul out.

1:20 PM BBT – Natalie and James start up a long cycle of loops discussing whether or not to target Paul or Corey this week. Natalie is back to thinking Paul needs to go as James encourages this thinking. He does not wantn to vote Corey out.

1:40 PM BBT – Natalie tells James she’ll save Victor if she wins the Veto then adds it wouldn’t be so bad if Paul stayed.

1:50 PM BBT – James says Victor and Paul are a huge threat to their game. Natalie begins repeating “Paul needs to go” over and over. James says if Victor comes down and Corey goes up he’s still going to vote Paul out. I’d wager this has been James’s plan for awhile now.

2:23 PM BBT – Feeds cut as James and Natalie continue on seemingly endless loops saying the same thing over and over. Paul is their current pick to go. He’ll need to win this Veto himself if he hopes to stay this week.

7:04 PM BBT – Feeds return. Paul won the Veto!

7:10 PM BBT – Victor upstairs tells the HoH room this should be a smooth week now with Corey going. Downstairs Corey is telling Nicole this is great for them since Victor will be voted out over either of them.

7:15 PM BBT – Victor reminds James he is the pivot vote and will need to vote along with Paul to evict Corey. James looks anything but thrilled. (James is not planning to do that.)

7:20 PM BBT – James tells Natalie that with Victor gone Paul will be isolated since he won’t work with Corey and Nicole.

7:25 PM BBT – Michelle tells James, Natalie, and Paul that she really wants Nicole out this week. Natalie says they’ll do whatever she wants.

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  1. Why does James have to ruin all the fun? I hope Vic comes back and just takes a shot at James, Natalie, Nicole, and Corey. This showmance alliance is extremely annoying.

    • Yeah, I’m not liking James so much this season in general, not just ’cause of this situation, though it certainly doesn’t help.

      • And I guarantee you that if James sticks to evicting Victor..James will tell him minutes before the live show and ruin our chance of seeing a blindside. James has not made me a happy BB watcher this season!

      • I so wanted to see a Dustin face on Paulie when Z got evicted and when he got evicted!! James ruined both of them!! They should have made Paulie think he was staying. He could have done so much damage AND left them alone!! There would have been no way Corey ans Nicole would have teamed back up with him, if he came back. Blindside!

    • Ok. Not a Paul or Vic fan. Sorry.
      That out of the way, James is once again ruining a season from my perspective. I would love to see him go next week.

    • So James is playing what is best for his game and most don’t like it. I get all of the “My favorite HG” and all but each player has to do what they think will get them to the end for the win.

      • For me it is that a strong player and a nice guy (Vic) is going while floaters get further in the game. I like people that play the game by winning comps (physical & mental) AND social aspect in the F2.

      • yepp agree… looks like the only comp Nicole will win is if its something she can do laying flat of her back in bed..

      • Haha. That cracked me up. You’re kinda salty arent you. I enjoy posters that are witty and kinda sarcastic. it makes the boards enjoyable.

      • appreciate that u appreciate…lol….I do not have a favorite .. Was partial to James till he screwed himself.. I have commented good and bad on all HGs as it has been such a sad season with such a sad group of players…Just let it be over soon…

      • Corey only really won those 2 on double eviction. They handed him that one and he strutted around like a peacock!

      • In a perfect world that is the way it should be. Unfortunately, this is not a perfect world. I liked James last season and voted for him to win AFP. This year, his game play (or lack of it) is off. As much as Victor and Paul have played the game this year by winning comps and getting Paulie out of the house, that only put a big target on them. James has gotten further this year than last year I think and a lot of it has been because he laid low and only played when it was needed for him to play. Should Victor get evicted (still unsure of that), I would bet he tells Paulie that it was Paul who wanted Paulie out therefore taking the next target off James and putting it on Paul should Paulie win the buyback. If Victor wins the buyback, then the target should be on James and Natalie no questions asked.

      • I’m with you. I have liked the way he has handled himself since returning — winning comps, getting rid of Paulie and not insulting others.

      • I just don’t get why he’s still at the top for AFP. What is it that keeps everyone voting for him? His charm has grown much dimmer for me this season.

      • lol….James was following the advice Derrick gave him “lay low and don’t win a lot of comps”…At least till now James was playing as Derrick suggested and he might just be OTB by not continuing to heed that advice….Just look at Paulie and what a mess he made and I would guess that Derrick gave him the same speech..

      • If either one of them two followed Derricks advice I would be surprised. But out of the two, James seems to have listened better to what Derrick said. On the other hand, Derrick had a 8 person alliance that pretty much stuck together unlike the 8 person alliance this year. Derrick also had a way of making the other HG’s that who they put up was their idea and not his. to top it off, he made every person going to jury feel good about themselves to secure their vote to win. Neither James nor Paulie has done any of those things.

      • Derrick has put out a statement he has not coached James or told him how to play the game. He has not coached him or Ratcole!

      • I did not say that JAMES was “coached” by Derrick… James and Paulie were having a conversation as to game play. James said Derrick told him to lay low and not win comps..Derrick could have made the comment in a short conversation.. when James asked him for advice.. Derricks father is so I heard James PR manager but I don’t know that to be true…I only related a conversation between James and Paulie..

      • Or Paulie either. Paulie had just studied his brother’s season more thoroughly than other seasons as I’m sure James has.

      • That is part of the game. Frank was evicted because he was deemed a strong player and a huge threat when he had only Bridgette as an ally. That was a huge waste! Floaters have gone far because you have the big threats targeting each other! That said, James in this season is finally playing the game. This is a big move comparable to evicting Paulie who is a tough player as far as HOH and VETO. In this season, Paulie, Victor and Paul have dominated HOH and VETO so, common sense will dictate that you target all three to make it to the Final 2!

      • It’ll be great then to see Vic return once again. Poor guy. He’ll definitely go down in BB history as the first hg to play three times in the same season!!!

      • Exactly. That is the way it should be played! Hard and out to win it like in Survivor! This season was disappointing before Victor made the big move to evict Paulie, James is trying to make a big move for the first time and that should be encouraged because it makes the game play better! How will allowing Victor and Paul to steamroll then, pick off James, Natalie and Michelle be any good? I am talking about the game play which is why I watch Big Brother!

      • James is the swing vote this week and Natalie cannot even vote! No, this is all James to take credit for and it is a wise move to evict Victor! Paul or Victor (via Battle Back) can still win Big Brother but, it is good to see other house guests atleast, trying to play a decent game out of it! After all, $500,000 is at stake. Why not use your head and try to win it?

      • I agree I think this is a good move. Break up the strong duo. Paul and Victor were even saying they want James out next because they can beat the girls. So Paul is just feeding James a bunch of BS like he’s done to everyone this entire season. I think he’s the biggest dirty player in the house.

      • Never liked Paul because I found him nasty to an extreme! When Frank was on the block and about to be evicted, Paul called him out for campaigning? Seriously, that was foul. Frank told him that he was the one on the block and what was he supposed to do? Paul was just a total jerk!

      • I agree, I just hate the way he plays it! He’s annoying and he stumbles over his words, acts tough behind their backs and not to their faces, his pranks are annoying too. I am sick of 2 summers of feeds hearing “jaaaaammmmeeessssssssaaaahhhhh”

    • Vic and Paul are a showmance for intents and purposes. Victor made a fatal flaw when he looked them all in the face and said he would take Paul to the finals and not them. He doesn’t know the game well enough. He said he’s not using strategy. He’s just winning. That isn’t winning. You have to use both! He’s got too much of Paulie’s mentality in him, although he’s a much better human!

  2. I don’t want Victor to gooooo. I initially didn’t like him, but he’s somehow won me over and I’d like for a strong player to make it to the end. If he is evicted, I hope he ends up back in.

    • The ONLY reason why I hope Victor goes, is that hopefully he’ll come back AND….James will realize what a mistake he made (same as Meech not saving Frank)…But, if they do evict Nat or Corey, they could end up having Paulie back….Interesting…

      • That’s a good silver lining. At least it will make good TV. Not as good as Corey going and battling Paulie & Bridgette for buy-back

      • Paul and Victor are easily the strongest pair in the house. How is evicting half of the duo bad for James’s game? James is finally playing the game and making a big move, and now people are upset about it?

    • I want him to go, so he can crush the buy back comp, which will leave Paulie in the jury house, where he belongs. With a 3rd entry into BB house, Victor would have a great chance of winning this game!

      • Why are we all so sure that he would crush the buy back comp? I know he has a great track record with comps, but anything can happen. Corey, of all people, won back-to-back comps. But, if Vic is evicted, I do hope he makes it back in.

    • Can you imagine how NASTY that house will be? Victor is the one that cleans and does most of the cooking. The Nic/Nat need to burn some calories and pick up that place vs laying in bed with the boys. YUK

  3. Jeez,very happy for Paul but sick to death of Nicole & her voice.Please make her go to jury next. Want to see how Corey plays after getting his hip cancer removed.

  4. NOW now folks. Lets look at this another way. The plan was for Paul to go all along. So if your Paul and you hear Plan B, your thinking Victor (which we know will more than likely be James plan).

    OPK now lets back up a minute or two. Paul and Victor WERE the targets this week. Paul basically made both Natalie and Michelle feel bad so they would change their minds and it worked. Paul was the main target this week. Somehow after talking to Paul, the girls decided to go after Corey as a Back Door option.

    Now that Paul won the VETO, Michelle AGAIN changed her mind and went back to wanting Nicole out. James doesn’t want to evict Nicole or Corey because he says they can beat them in a comp (this is somewhat true). Victor is/was and always have been the best choice for eviction this week. More so if the comp for a jury buy back is physical. All James has to do now to avoid suspicion is start saying that PLAN B is to evict Nicole since really Plan A was to evict Paul. Plan B was to evict Corey originally. So maybe to evict Nicole is more like Plan C.

    • Imo, there is not a chance in hades that James or Nat would allow Dingus to be evicted. James has been protecting Dingus all along, unbeknownst to Nat, and Nat is emphatic about a female not being evicted. Now if Michelle renomd Doofus, I think the odds of Nat changing her mind and not voting out Vic increase along with the possibly of her being able to convince James to vote out Doofus instead.

  5. If two showmances, especially these two, make it to final four this IMO will be the worst and most unwatchable ending of a season yet.

    • Yes, we can watch four people in two beds lying around and Michelle lying in another bed probably eating. Yawn!

    • Victor and Paul is a sort of a couple too! Call it the Bro Alliance like the Paul and Paulie Bro Alliance. Doubly dangerous because both Paul and Victor would dominate HOH and VETO if they remain in the game. James, Natalie and Michelle would have a hard time competing. With Nicole and Corey in, they can take out Paul and remove one other big threat after Victor! The smart move for James, Natalie, Michelle. They can beat Nicole and Corey and have a better chance against those two!

  6. Will James and Nat have a romance after the showmance?
    Is Pimp Paulie pimping Z in the jury house?
    Will Victor be evicted Thursday?
    Does Paul receive the next CP?
    Will Pablo make it to the end intact?
    Is Michelle REALLY Christine’s cousin and has been gunning for Dingus since day 1?
    Will DR’s manipulation to further Doofus & Dingus’s game propel them to the finals?

    Tune in to the next episode of “Days of our BB Lives”.

    James, SHUT UP!

    • – Will James and Nat have a romance after the showmance? James: YES! Natalie: probably not.
      – Is Pimp Paulie pimping Z in the jury house? Depends. If Da’Vonne stays attached to Z and continues to ream Paulie, then no. If Paulie can get into Z’s head with a bunch of mea culpas, then probably. Besides, what else is there for Paulie to do in the jury house?
      – Will Victor be evicted Thursday? Yep.
      – Does Paul receive the next CP? Nope. It goes to Corey.
      – Will Pablo make it to the end intact? Yep.
      – Is Michelle REALLY Christine’s cousin and has been gunning for Dingus since day 1? Who knows. Probably not. I think Julie would have told us.
      – Will DR’s manipulation to further Doofus & Dingus’s game propel them to the finals? Can’t speak for DR, but I hope Vic wins the $500K.
      Heh. So many good questions. I thought I’d answer them … ;-)

      • And I thank you for taking the time. The one that surprises me most is Doofus getting the CP. I really hope not and will do all I can to prevent it. Since I have no idea what is going to happen this next week, I’m not able to process how this CP will make much of a difference in the outcome. Need more info! Thanks, Grace!

      • Im voting Paul for ACP5. Cant stomach giving Corey $5k for laying in bed convincing Nic to do something.
        Paul was entertaining and a good sport during his SecurityPunishment that he will make this one fun to watch!

      • If Paul get the ACP and convinces Nicole to vote out Corey, then it will be money well spent. Convincing any other HG to vote someone else out is a waste of time, money and space continuim or however you spell that dang word.

      • You may be right on this one. I might have read it wrong the first time I read it. I thought the winner of the CP would get the money if they could convince someone to vote a certain way. Now with that said, I just don’t see this as a game changer now. Paul wins the CP who could he bribe to vote a certain person out unless he bribes Natalie to vote out James.

      • I’m wondering about the rules. There has to be something we don’t know. I’m wondering if the CP recipient can use the money to bribe the person with, could he share it? I need more info.

      • The ACP holder gets nothing.. The $5000 will be paid to the person that accepts the “bribe”. Info read on CBS Promo for CP games.. EXAMPLE>>> For instance if Corey is on the block and he is ACP he can offer Michelle the money to vote for him.. Corey gets a vote and Michelle gets money..

      • I know, well, I think I know you aren’t serious. Paul can’t stand Dingus and I think the feeling is mutual.

      • It would be one for the records. There isn’t much I would put past Paul. It would be hilarious to watch.

      • Ha! I remember that one. I never watched it, though. Years ago, I watched Dark Shadows, Another World, and Days of my Life … many moons ago.

  7. The only reason I hope Vic goes this week is so Paulie isn’t pretty much garaunteed to win the jury buyback. Vic is one of my favorites but I also love James and Natalie so I’m torn because I’d like to see any of those three win, especially if Vic wins jury buyback. Getting evicted twice and still winning big brother would be something for the books.

      • I agree, Vic fought hard to get back in the house, and he took out arguably the biggest target in the game which made me love him even more. Only reason I want him to go to jury is because I depsise Paulie and don’t want him back in the house. Vic seems to be the only person with a shot at beating him. None of those three girls can win comps. I just think it would be cool to see him fight his way back into the house AGAIN and then end up walking away with $500K, because he’s earned it more than anyone IMO. He’s playing an excellent game!

      • 20% chance of coming back in. I cant believe rat nicole got into Nats head. This is why I voted Vic for Co-hoh

      • She got into her head because what she said is true! Paul and Victor will win against Nat/James. They are better at comps and they are better socially!

      • I mean I can’t blame Corey and Nicole for trying to stay in the game. I wish Nat had suck to her guns though, but it’s big brother and it was a good strategic move considering Nicole and Corey probably won’t win. Only problem now is they’ll have a comp beast gunning for them. I voted victor for co-hoh too but I think america is rooting for a girl to win, plus I think a lot of people wanted to show meech we don’t hate her like she thinks we do

      • And James can use that as his excuse for voting Victor out: he was “pretty sure” there’d be another battle back competition, so he wanted someone participating who could beat Paulie and keep him from returning to the game.

      • I’m torn between voting for him and Bridgette, because I know Bridgette was bullied and I want her to know America loves her but on the other hand Vic has been playing the best game, and I’ve admittedly got a little bit of a crush on him

      • I think Frank just laid down this year to get rid of that Frank the Tank image. Sad part is Frank is the only one to be evicted that will not have a chance to renter the game through a buyback or battle back comp.

      • He has a chance. He had an envelope and his picture was on a segment of one of the shows…. I think.

      • He had a chance at the RT ticket but not the jury buy back. nor did he have a chance at the Battleback that Victor won.

      • Ok thanks! I thought I saw his picture with the jury HGs. But maybe my green eyes deceived me one more time…… Damn these old eyes…… Grrrrr!
        I guess i’ll just go get my eyelashes tinted so the eyes look good even if they aren’t very productive. Heh heh! ?

      • During the “Carnival” last Friday night, there was pictures of all the evictee’s minus Paulie because he was at the carnival that night. No your eyes did not deceive you.

      • I know but he’s incl in the battle back into the house…. Sucks they just can’t have jury.
        I predict Frank gets back in
        Not liking it but for some reason …..

      • No he won’t be. Just the first five jury members will be battling to get back into the house like last year. It’ll be Z, Da, Bridgette, Paulie, and from the looks of it Victor. If it’s an endurance comp the ladies might have a chance, but given comp track records, it’ll likely be Paulie or Victor getting back in

      • I love him as a person. I think he’s hilarious and an all around good person, but as a player I wish he’d play the game a little more like he did in his season, he hasn’t done much this season. I love Nat too, I think she’s adorable and a real dark horse in this game.

  8. Victor is evicted then loses to Paulie in jury buyback. Paulie wins HoH, puts up Big Meh and Paul on the block. Before veto comp, all HGs gang up to harass Paul so he can’t concentrate and lose the comp. Then he is sent to jury house to bone Vic.
    Revenge is sweet. And this site will be exploded. Good times ahead.

    • there is only like 28 days left of the season.. and it does suck that a they are bringing somebody back….

      • I understand the reasoning because this has been the longest season to date at 99 days, although it’s only 2 days longer than the 97-day duration of BB16 and 17 so they to plan things out in advance how the evictions will go down every week.

    • Cause at this point of the game he thinks he or Nat will win the game. Not a chance I hope he is next to go and Nat is kept to final3 then cut loose.

  9. If production sees another hum drum boring week ahead they might liven things up with another twist that will thwart James and Natalies plans to get Victor out.. The bribe pkg will not be till Friday.. and while the the Jury comp is Thursday nite its gonna be a long week of watching Corey and Nicole cuddle their way to at least final 5..

    • Yep, it’s odd: the timing on ACP5 is different than the other four; voting doesn’t begin till Friday (8/25) at 7 p.m. BBT, so there’s an extra week in there. The CP voting will only last two days – Aug. 25 and 26.

      • Possibly due to the returning HG who they’d want to make sure is eligible for the CP power.

        The 25th is Thursday and voting would start at the end of the live show ET. So that’d coincide with us finding out who is back so votes could include that option.

      • But will the returning player have been decided by then? Will they do an eviction and then a comp for the returnee on Thursday’s show?

      • Not if they come back with one week safety from eviction. I just question if there’s time on the live show.

      • That has never been done to my knowledge .. A returnee is put back in the game to try and avoid eviction “again”.. No perks…Ask Judd and Brandon..

      • There will be time made for the Eviction & Jury comp… The HOH comp may start during the show but not be finished till later..

      • Years past was the buyback and HOH comp were one in the same. The last standing Juror wins the buyback and even has the chance to win HOH.

      • The jury comp is just for the jurors..it is not combined with HOH….HOH comp is held after the jury winner returns so they (winner) can be included.. I have never seen it done any other way..

      • Okay Mr. KNOW IT ALL u are right u don’t make mistakes u know everything…Just keep telling urself that ..During Judds battle back did u see any of the HGs on the wall with him???? During Brendons battle back did u see any of the HGs throwing the balls ??? I guess the current HGs in those games were edited out..

      • I guess since I do not agree with you that makes me a “KNOW IT ALL”. Yeah I am old and yeah I may not remember much but they have these things called VIDEO’s that you can go back to and rewatch time and time again. Try it sometime. Now as for Judd’s jury comp, yes he was eligible to play for HOH along with the other HG’s including those in Jury. The last standing Jury member won the Jury comp and was eligible to win HOH. Sadly Judd did not win HOH but he had the chance to win.

      • last year maybe not, there was an HOH comp with all HGs and jurors, that the top juror stayed, and was playing for HOH as well. Wish I could remember more details

      • You are right. I have every season on DVD and have watched several times in the winter when I need my BB fix. Lol

      • Yes they were. The last few seasons the jury and the houseguests compete together. If you remember correctly during Judds return the jury was at one end of the wall while the other houseguest were at the other end. It was where they had to catch balls shot at them while standing on a small platform that kept moving in and out with water pouring on them. Judd was the last one left out of the jury so he won his way back in. But Elissa was the overall winner and was HOH.

      • Yep. The last couple of seasons the jury competes in the same HOH as the other houseguests. The last jury member in the comp wins their way back in and if they are also the last one overall in the comp they also win HOH.

      • The comp wasn’t hanging on it was whoever filled up their tube with tennis balls that were shot at them while standing on a platform with water pouring on them. Remember Elissa won the HOH.

      • No Elissa and Judd teamed up that week. I forget who she got rid of. But I think Judd went the following week.

      • Amanda and what’s his name were running the house and neither Judd or Elissa had any idea what was going on in the house or who to trust. After Judd left I could care less who won, they were all horrible ; Andy, Spencer and ginamarie.

      • Exactly, if I am not mistaken, he was the juror who was just inside the line that seperated the HG’s from the Juror’s.

      • Yes, I can see it all now – most exciting HOH comp I’ve ever seen, would love to see another.

  10. I wasn’t a big fan of Victor at first but he’s definitely been growing on me.

    I can’t think of anyone from previous seasons who has, but has anyone else been evicted, won their way back into the house, and stayed for this long? And then, imagine how crazy it would be if Vic gets evicted twice, wins the buy back twice, and ends up winning the game… You’d have to give him credit for never quitting if that happens.

  11. Stupidity is James way of thinking…Victor and Paul would be great protection for Natalie and James…V&P can win comps where Nicole and Corey can’t get up the energy to get out of bed much less win a comp…instead of a 4th/3rd place evict James is looking at 6th possibly 5th… “Stupid is as stupid does”..

    • Taking out Victor is smart, he’s a competition beast, and Victor and Paul want to target James next as these highlight have stated. Unfortunately, because we know that someone’s returning, we also know that he’s likely to just come back in for a third chance if he goes, which is bad for James. Oh well, at least he’d deny Paulie a chance to re-enter.

      • either way go or stay James is next up to be OTB
        Only thing that would save James is if Davonne or Bridgette returned..

      • You know very well that things change in the house day to day. Should either Nicole or Corey win HOH, after James vote to evict Victor then I doubt they would put him up and evict too. Paul on the other hand, will be playing forhimself just as he did in the POV. But I have been wrong before.

      • Corey and Nicole (especially Nicole) have to get out of bed to win comps.. Maybe Production could come up with a “mattress challenge” of some kind…No doubt that Nicole would win that..

      • They need to win. I’m wondering if they are throwing them. I know with Corey’s ADD he has a hard time focusing. But Nicole won comps her season and she needs to start winning one now.

      • Yep I think it’s a smart move to get a strong player out while you have the chance. You may not get another one. If it was early in the game it would be different but there’s not much time left.

    • Victor and Paul want to go after James. So IMO that’s not protection. I wouldn’t trust The snake Paul if you paid me. He has lied and made up lies to everyone in the house. All he does is run from room to room and vomit a bunch of lies.

  12. 7:30 PM BBT – Paul tells Victor they need to try and get James out next week. He thinks they’ll have an easy time taking out Natalie, Michelle, and Nicole in comps.

    This is all you need to know why Victor and Paul needs to be evicted if the others are to have a chance to win that $500,000. For the first time, James is actually playing the game! I just hope he has the cojones to vote to evict Victor! Victor and Paul is a couple of sorts, the bro kind! Like Paul and Paulie then! So, they are a huge threat with both of them able to win HOH and VETO easily over the others!

    • Look they all have to come for each other. Nat/James would be stupid to go to F5 with Victor/Paul since those dudes are a stronger duo than Nat/James. They shouldn’t trust Nicorey either but the difference is Nicorey aren’t as strong as Paul/Vic

  13. James is spineless. Always talk big macho around Natalie but soon as confronted don’t have anything to say. James has a lot of B*tchassness in him! He’s an all around loser and I hope, wish, and pray BB never ask him back again! Playing the same game and he is just a waste!!

  14. So the battle back is happening after the next eviction…
    I feel like if Victor won again they should just bow and hand him the 500k, it would be too hilarious!!

      • Didn’t think about it – but you’re right. Every evicted houseguest (so far) has had at least 1 chance to come back in – and Victor may get multiple. Frank was the only one who didn’t get a chance at all to come back. Doesn’t seem equitable.

  15. This bribe is a bit ridiculous. How’s it gonna possibly work when everyone in the house knows what’s going on? Do they get to keep whatever’s left of the $5k that’s not used on the bribe? Do they get the full $5k if they bribe someone? If you know someone has $5k to bribe you why would you settle for anything less than $5k. How can they be really sure that you were actually bribed and not doing what you had in mind from the beginning and fake being bribed just for the $?

  16. Ok… First I think the Natalie’s move is not bad at all, I’m not rooting for NiCorey -tbh actually I’m not rooting for anyone, maybe Victor, just a few, but bah, for me this season is a big meh!- and I would love see Corey being the next evicted houseguest, but hey, Victor and Paul are targeting James, the Natalie’s ally, and common’ Natalie or Mich have a better chance against Nicole or Corey in the F2 than take Victor or Paulie to the final.

  17. It’s hard for me to question James motivation to split the two strong competitors (Vic/Paul) They’re harder to beat in the end. We all know they’re planing to take him out next week, and he might not get another chance, so he’s taking the first shot. That’s playing the game….finally!

    At the same time I feel really bad for such a good competitor like Vic to go out just like that. I just wished he could take boring Christmas Corey along with him, who didn’t do sh*t to this show but stare at the wall or ceiling all season…and btw, I gave most of my ACP vote to Vic. I hope he makes it back, get his revenge and put James on the block. lol..I don’t mind that at all. Anything that makes the show exciting.

  18. Very smart move for James and Natalie. Getting One of the strongest players out. If he didn’t take a shot now he may not get another chance. Then it would be disgusting snake Paul and Victor sitting in the end. Victor already had his chance and was evicted. I don’t believe in second chances. And I sure hope he doesn’t win his way back again. How many chances are they going to give him. And what isn’t fair is every single person is getting a second chance (3rd for Victor) except Frank.

  19. How fair is it that you’ve potentially been in Jury for weeks and compared notes with everyone, know all the real lies and truths AND then get to come back?? As in Da’Vonne? She’s grilled them all, as anyone would! They’ve all compared notes!! I hope it’s Bridgette!! And then Nat evicted James and it’s Nat and Bridgette at the end!!!

  20. Crazy… No one thinking of possible jury buy back strategy… Get rid of Paulie’s strongest ally. Get Corey out..the remaining guests are going to be picked off one by one.. Vic was my fav to win it. Now I don’t care until I see what jury buy back brings.

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