Tonight On Big Brother 18: HoH Comp & Nominations

Big Brother 18 is back tonight with the cliffhanger results from last week’s HoH competition that had HGs working to roll a ball for the highest score and the power to control this week’s nominations.

Update: CBS says Sunday’s episode will be delayed 40 mins for east coast broadcast due to sports.

Natalie competes for HoH on BB18

Frank was just sent out the door (read our eviction interview with Frank) and Da’Vonne was thrilled, but she better keep an eye on her fellow HGs or they may try to pull the same move on her just when she’s feeling good about her position in the game.

It’s been a busy weekend on the Feeds with the new HoH setting up the nominations but yielding to a lot of pressure to do what others want in the game. These Houseguests are going to need to figure out whose game they want to play or we’ll soon be at the finale watching them hand over the big check.

If you can’t wait until tonight’s Big Brother show then check out our spoilers with the HoH results, who was put on the block, and even who won the Power of Veto last night. This could end up a heated week by the time we get to Thursday night.

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  1. DAY may still go up but I would not be so sure she will get evicted. It could be the first tie this season.

  2. I could gain a tiny bit of respect for Paulie and his,, alliances, if they WOULD take this opportunity to take down Da’. Cody and the House of BB16 waited far too long to get rid of Glitter Boy. He was no fun to watch, and Da’ is becoming just as tiresome.

  3. I’d like to see Da get whiplash walking out the door then turning around and running back in. I wanted her out, but now I’d rather see her start a new alliance against Paulie

  4. Again tonight, because of golf, BB wil be delayed tonight. No official time yet.

  5. I honestly thought Michelle was HOH. Good thing I didn’t read spoilers over the weekend.

    Yey for friendship….or so it seems.

      • I can’t stand it either, but it was pretty funny last night when Victor was asked what the password was when he was trying to get in the HOH room and they showed him flipping the bird saying friendship.

  6. Big Beetch, fishing for compliments all the time, I’m to fat, I’m to pale, my hair looks gross, American’s going to think l look like a homeless person, because of the way i dress. She should work on her personality, because she can change that.

  7. BRIDGET #2 Care Package, they are using her as a pawn each week, she has no friends in that house and she needs a lil assurance , help, and love. Da won’t be able to use it bcz it ends after eviction!!!!

      • Change to Michelle. Bridgette is doing the dirty work for the Pauls, they will use her 2 eviction votes for their cause and not hers.

    • Damage Control: Bridgette is now being a snake working for the Paul’s getting all t he girls out, for Paulie and Paul to make final 2 she does not deserve care package. Care package now goes to Michelle.

  8. Why can’t I find the voting? When I go to CBS all access it’s not there. So I tried just and signed in to my account and still can’t find it.

  9. We still have fifteen minutes left on the Canadian broadcast. What’s there to show at this point after nominations?

  10. That’s why Paulie is so determined to get Day out. He promise Frank to protect Bridgett.

  11. Paul is too scared to be hoh when he was so excited???? Why didn’t he throw it?

    • She did. How soon she forgot when a cute guy got around her. I love Nicole and want her to make it to F2 but Corey needs to go so she can get her head back in the game. Maybe they can continue when they get out.

  12. BB started really late today, but I’m really bored anyway. Nicole’s face gets on my nerves and volunteering just to be up Paulie’s behind. Corey should have gone up. I hope Paul leaves next week.

  13. Everytime Day walks into a room she has an attitude. Wow she sure hasn’t changed one bit. And to think I was rooting for her the first week.

  14. James just told me that Mr. Glitter-Ejaculater is on Celebrity BB UK. Get the freak out!!

  15. I knew Paul was very handsome under all that hair. Looks as if he’s anti-establishment now

  16. Right before the show started on the feeds Paul hinted to Day she was going up as a pawn. Hopefully the feeds will be exciting tonight because she is already freaking out.

  17. Are you listening to Paul? What a trip–yeah, Dude–everyone wants to be like YOU—Pizza Rat.

  18. Nicole is the worst. Shes only with that dumb stupid idiot doofus moron corey bc of his looks.

  19. Don’t get too excited Natalie. We’re saving the better ones for people we want in the game.

    • Um, can you please stop. It is likely that she will probably go far in this game because she is with James and James is good at comps and I know that whenever James or Natalie win a comp, they will do their best to keep them both safe.

      • You do realize everyone is free to express their opinions here don’t you? If you don’t like it then go somewhere else.

      • Yes I am aware that people are allowed to express their opinions. I just feel that she might go far in the game as she is with James.

  20. BB is giving Paul wayyyyy to much air time. It’s Big Brother not the Paul show.

  21. What else are they going to show tonight? Must have been a boring week with Corey’s dog and Paulie and Paul’s ridiculous montage.

    • I would give him the “super safety”. He would be safe for that week, but he would have to wear a Super Safe Custome for the whole week. That would be perfect for Corey.

      • No safety for Nicole or any other package so she can see that America doesn’t like her. Michelle not getting one will make her self esteem drop to the floor.

      • I’m having a hard time believing that. Is it confirmed? I know Christine put that out on her twitter or one of those type media, but I’m not buying it.

      • I don’t know why. I’m probably wrong. I’m sure we’ll hear more about it if it’s true.

  22. So, this new package isn’t available until after Thursday’s eviction? No use voting for Day or Bridgette. One of them will be gone. I’m going to wait until next HOH.

    • I saw that at the end, but why is she acting like she doesn’t know anything and not trying to get people on her side.

      • Because, to me, she’s plotting and planning, like any good snake, I mean BB pro does. Lol

  23. Well, I’m out. Here’s hoping Paulie The House can work with ‘His Boy, Paul’ and get Mother of the Year, Da’ outta there come Thursday. Have a great week my friends—hope to see you Wednesday. In memory of an old friend, I say to you all, ‘Namaste’…which means, ‘I bow to the divine in all of you.’ I now bid adieu to my BB family. Goodnight!

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