Big Brother 18: Potential Backdoor Revolt Building Against Paulie

While the Big Brother Houseguests have been recently folding to the will of Paulie Calafiore that may be coming to a close, at least temporarily, over his plans to target Da’Vonne Rogers for a Backdoor eviction this week.

James and Natalie talk votes on Big Brother 18

Earlier on Saturday Paulie was letting HGs know the plan was still for Da’Vonne to go up and out the door this week after the Veto Ceremony on Monday, but not everyone is as on board with his plan as initially appeared to be happening. At least some of them may be willing to do something about it.

After Paulie locked down the Veto win and knew there would for certain be a spot opening up on the Block he went to James and reaffirmed his plans to get Da’Vonne out. James didn’t seem to enthusiastic about this as he’s clearly been wanting Bridgette out and he’s not alone.

James spoke later with Natalie (Flashback to 10:00PM BBT 7/30) as she wanted to know what the plan was this week. He only let her know there was a BD plot on the move, but she didn’t need to know more than that right now. Natalie wondered if there were the votes to make a Backdoor happen. James says he’s going to try and make sure the votes flip back to evict Bridgette instead. Natalie lightly protests saying Bridgette wouldn’t be coming after him, but James doubts that and suggests Bridgette would at least use him as a pawn.

Jump ahead to 12:05 AM BBT 7/31 to find Paul and Zakiyah alone in the hammock. She tells Paul she wants Bridgette gone even though she knows Paulie is trying to get Da’Vonne up and out. Paul says he’s sure Bridgette will be going home but he’ll be putting up Da’Vonne. If the house votes her out then that’s on them and out of his hands. Well it won’t be if things come down to a tie considering there are eight votes out there this week.

Move ahead to 2:03 AM BBT as Zakiyah talks with Michelle over the possible renoms. Michelle is a little worried about what Paul might do but Zakiyah says she hasn’t a clue what Paul is going to do even though he told her just a few hours ago. Zakiyah says it could be Da’Vonne going up since she volunteered, which surprises Michelle, but even if Day goes up Zakiyah says it better be Bridgette going or she’ll be upset.

Zakiyah and Michelle say they’ll only need four votes to keep Da’Vonne around and mentions it’ll be up to those two out there, but I’m not sure who she’s referencing. James and Natalie are in the kitchen at the moment so it might be them. If it is then I think she’d have James on board but I’m not so sure Natalie will vote Bridgette out, but they’re going to need her vote if they want this to work.

With eight votes in the mix we could see Victor, Corey, Paulie, and Nicole voting against Da’Vonne. On the other side we’ve heard Michelle, Zakiyah, and James want Bridgette gone. That leaves Natalie in the middle. If she’s willing to cut her ally Bridgette and side with James in this choice then the decision would go to Paul. He’s said repeatedly he wants Bridgette out but then he’d have to tie-break against how all the other guys in his team just voted. Hmm.

I think we’ve got an interesting week ahead for this vote and Monday could get tense as everyone seems to know Da’Vonne is going up as the renom and the new target but no one is letting her know that. Ouch. Who needs enemies when you’ve got allies like this, huh?

What do you want to see happen this week? Should the house go against Da’Vonne or is it Bridgette’s time to go?


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  1. Can people not be stupid and stick with the plan. Frank went out last week and Day should leave this week. Then the other 2 noob vets the next 2 weeks.

    I would rather see Paulie continue to steam roll the competition then see and of these unworthy vets make final 2

    • Exactly! They’re going to get paid regardless, jury or not. I don’t think Natalie will go against what James wants so we might see Bridgette going home. However, I say we give her a hand with the second week care package.

    • That would be one boring show if paulie continued to steam roll. It will be like watching a bunch of lemmings getting orders from mafia lord wanna be Paulie.

      • So what? These slugs are not moving until you evict them! I hate the same
        BS the past 3 seasons! You cannot reward those not playing with $500,000.00! It will encourage more house guests to float! Let the viewers choose the nominations then, they will be forced to play!

    • The original plan was for Frank to leave last week and Bridgette this week. They should at least stick that plan this week but in doing so, will cause a severe crack in Paulie’s ego. Just as they did to Frank, they need to do to Paulie as well.

  2. I think I am starting to like Z now. If her plans work, I will like her even more. Z may have noticed how close Paulie is getting with Brigitte.

      • I feel exactly the same, but if she convinces Paulie or others to keep Da’vonne, I will start to like her.

      • She has no interest in playing the game. She’s just trying to keep Paulie from talking to other girls.

      • Yeah, I noticed that too so this is the perfect opportunity to start playing BB if she is so inclined.
        Very unlikely to happen I admit.

      • Don’t expect to. She thinks she’s better than James and Natalie and hates to see them floating to the end, unlike she’s basically doing, right? The gall of her saying stuff like that.

      • Especially since she’s riding Paulie’s coat tails to the end; or so she thinks :D

      • That’s a tough question – I like Natalie and she has a personality, which is something Z lacks. So, I would keep Natalie

      • Plus z comes across as a jealous hypocrite that said natalie is not playing the game because she can’t win anything what has zero won nothing and in most of the comps natalie actually has done better than z

  3. Whoever goes home, Day will obviously be p*ssed at being put up and, together with the growing sentiment against Paulie’s wishes this week, could mark the turning of the tide against Paulie’s so far unchallenged rule of the House.

    • All Paulie needs to say is that anyone who goes against the house will be in danger of eviction next week to squash the rebellion.

      • Hmm. I don’t know if it’s that simple. If Day stays, there will obviously be a majority of folks voting against Paulie. This means more anti-Paulie HGs competing against him for HoH next week than not. Even if he does win HoH, he can only get rid of one of them which will likely make him a HUGE target the following week.

      • Yeah, but while he talks game she talks marriage and having his children. She always gets so close to figuring out the truth then drops it as soon as she talks to Paulie.

      • She gonna turn Paulie into IRS like I did my ex-boyfriend? I doubt it! The worst she could do to him right now and mess with his aura! haha

      • HAHAHA! Joni that is so funny and what a great way to get revenge.
        Many moons ago I called the police and snitched on my ex-boyfriend for still driving after his license were taken away due to DUI hehehe.
        That’ll teach ’em :D

      • It’s so sad. She was even talking last night to either Michelle or Nicole saying she couldn’t wait to meet Paulie’s parents. This broke my heart and I’m not even one of her fans.

      • America needs to vote and eliminate Z and Michelle’s votes. Get Davonne out! She’s back stabbed toooo many!

      • I don’t think that’s a good idea at this stage of the game. If anything he needs to step back and not become an emotional player. His strategy is too visible, and we all know ‘dictators go down in the end.

      • After he gets rid of Day I’m hoping his dictatorship will get him on the block.

      • Yes, he’s playing way too strong. Way too strong. Even these very dumb and oblivious house guests will figure it out eventually.

      • The problem is the floaters do not want to make moves. Like last season, it will get pretty boring but, the lame ass, lazy bums should not get that $500,000.00. Paulie atleast, deserves those monies!

      • That’s assuming that he knows that a rebellion is taking place. Also, if he even thinks of talking like that to the house they are going to be on to him and they are going to double down their efforts to get rid of him.

      • And that should be the reason the majority should go against him. Who the he’ll does he think he is. Someone needs to stop his dictatorship and flip on him that would be great. This must end.

      • Really?!!! If that’s true it changes the whole dynamic! She will be playing right into Paulie’s plans and will only have herself to blame if the vote goes against her.
        Might as well just write that $500 cheque to Paulie now and get it over with.

      • From my understanding, she might have when they were first trying to decide who was going up with Bridgette but I guarantee you she didn’t mean as a renom.

      • Thx – yes that makes sense.
        If she is the renom, she could benefit from the general sentiment to oust Bridgette and help lead a turn against Paulie.
        Or, I could be completely off base as I just don’t have much faith in these HGs to play the game for themselves.

      • Correct. Day made it clear last night that she wants Vic on the block as renom. Meech/Z want Nat on block

      • When they were trying to decide who to go up against Bridgette she said no. She keeps pushing for Nicole.

      • You know that the jurors need to vote Paulie to win right? If there are so much resentment toward him, they still can choose to award whoever stands beside him in F2 to spite him.
        That’s why Paulie is bred 4 losing this at the moment. He’s strong but not smooth enough.

      • As much as I dislike Paulie I hope that wouldn’t happen just because they don’t like him. I hate bitter juries.

      • That’s why I said he’s not smooth enough. Can’t blame the jury for being bitter, they are all humans.

      • Most people are fair. In Rachel’s season which she won, Shelley voted for Rachel despite, Danielle Donato campaigning against Rachel Reilly.
        It was a very close 4-3 decision in Rachel Reilly’s favor.

      • you skipped a few zeros. I think is her fault anyway for not trying harder to win comps.

      • No she volunteered as a pawn for the initial block, not the renom. This is where P/P made their mistake if they truly wanted to wash their hands. They could have put her up as initial pawn and kept her there saying Bridge was still target. Its totally different now. If everyone is so against Bridgette in her eyes why is there a reason to change who is on the block? It should be signed, sealed and delivered. If Paulie uses the veto and then Paul puts Day on the block, that would be a total back stab and shows they are not loyal to her.

      • If I were OTB and won veto, you’d better believe I would be using it on myself. Da would, too, no matter how much assurance she had of not being evicted. Any renom would be very suspicious and feel vulnerable.

      • Exactly, there’s no way a back door plan would have worked without lots of blood being spilled. Man, I hate that expression but it is the one that everybody uses. Anyway, putting her up originally as upon telling her that Bridgette was the target but then voting her out instead in a blindside would have been the way to go. If they didn’t want drama, that is. Now, putting her up in a renom is going to be ugly.

      • Agree ,1000%. Shouldn’t count on back doors! Just put her up initially with Bridget

      • I didn’t see that on the feeds. If she did it must of been a quick if you need me to go up. But I’m wondering if the guys lied about that.

      • No she did say it, I remember seeing it I just don’t remember exactly when it was so I wouldn’t know where to tell you to rewind. But she did say it.

    • I hope she does! I dont like Day much (I dont like anybody left so it doesnt matter LOL) but if she can flip the house like she did with Frank… lets do this! I would rather not have a boring season with Paulie running the house til September

  4. Don’t forget that we have some say in all of this! Tonight we Vote for the 2nd Week of America’s Care Package.. “Eliminate 2 Eviction Votes.”

    How Awesome is that?!

      • Dang it.. That would be right after an HOH battle. That could mean we waste the two votes on possibly the HOH or player’s on the block

      • We get 20 votes each day from today through Friday. I’m not sure if I will vote at all untii after the HOH comp. I’d hate for my earlier votes to cancel out my final ones, which will be the only ones cast with knowledge needed to possibly result in the intended outcome.

      • Not really. It means instead of 7 votes there’ll be 5 votes. James will probably get it anyway, since Z and Nat could end up on the block (providing Day leaves this week and James is not HoH) so James can prevent 2 people from voting to evict Nat (probably Mich and Nic).

      • The jealous ones. Natalie is prettier than they are so of course there has to be envy for reasons to vote someone out. I see Natalie as a sweet person who is not interested in all of that nonsense.

      • I like him as a person (like how he wouldn’t ignore Tiffany when she was about to be evicted), but you are right, he is not a good player.

      • Never liked James in his season back stabbing Becky and blowing up all their games in the process! He is a weak player and should be evicted next! This season, he wastes his HoH on Frank instead, of aligning with Frank. He is a floater and will be among the targets after Bridgette is gone. Can’t wait for them to evict his ass!

      • I like him too but he’s not playing a good game. He’s playing “The House” game.

      • He is finally starting to catch on to the fact that he is low on the totem pole. Hopefully it isn’t too late, like last season.

      • You’re psychic! I just so happen to have a big bowl of it sitting in front of me and I’m stuffing my face as I post. Honest!!!

      • No. Way!!! I show up at the most uncanny times! I swear! I was on earlier just as you had posted, but you had left…then I left. And I just now came back. I’ll be leaving soon to sit on my hands. ;)

      • Believe me, if I can do it, anyone can, because admittedly, I am computer illiterate. I went to and open an account, which was easy, not much info required. Then I clicked on something that said Big Brother which took me to the BB link. On that link, look closely and you will see the words America’s Care Package. Click on that and you are there. Is that as clear as mud? I hope it helps.

      • Why is it that dirty dishes and mud seem crank you engine? Are you a dirty ole man, Luki?

      • I don’t understand how mud and dirty dishes can crank an engine. You should know better I guess since you dirty up yourself changing the oil on the truck and probably get muddy as well.
        Guess you are a dirty ole woman, yourself huh, K? Hehehe.

      • Knowing you, a little means a lot of, right?
        Yeah, your secret stays safe with me.

  5. BBAD , Is there an actual human involved with the direction of this show?… it seems likely that a randomness generating program is making camera switching decisions.

    • I know. The conversations between James and Natalie are cute, but bring and thank goodness they don’t spend too much time with Z and Paulie. I would really like to watch the whole house rather than focus on just the boring and fake showmances.

      • First season can’t watch bbad. Boring and the language. Not a prude but don’t want to hear ” f words” constantly. Haven’t watched more than ten minutes at a time.

      • This is first season I stopped watching. They are all so boring. I don’t care about the 4 letter words – it comes with the show

  6. They are worried about Bridgette over Day?! Laughable…Bridgette is all alone. Plus, Vic and Paul, mark my words, will soon become a force if they don’t nix that soon. Remember how they were dooshes when they THOUGHT they controlled e game at the start?

    • And Corey, the dumb one, NOW is starting to “like” Paul. Lookout, the dooshes (Vic and Paul) will be in control again because they let them hang around, instead worrying about Frank and Brig, loners who everybody hated.

      • Corey only seems interested in which guy’s lap he can lay his head on.

  7. Wonder how long this line of thought will last, lol. Seriously, James is thinking of standing against the majority? JAMES?! Last time he did that, he was out the door the next week!

  8. This could be good. Regardless of who goes home the fact that there were HGs that went against Paulie’s wishes will shake things up. The ones who goes against him (if they’re smart) will likely make Paulie their next target. I mean who else will they pick if Bridgette is gone. I think Paulie knows this which is why he wants to keep Bridgette around.

    On another note, I think it will be smart for everyone to try to get Da’ out over Bridgette. I mean Bridgette isn’t really a threat to anyone in particular right now since she’s alone and she’s proven she can be loyal. The bottom people should be trying to recruit her over to their side so they can have someone else besides James who can win HOH. That way they’ll have more chances of getting Paulie out.

    • That’s all I want. I don’t care who goes and who stay’s. Don’t have any favorites….yet, to be honest. It’s been boring..I want war on BB, conflicts, meltdown, butt name it lol…that’s what i (feedsters) paid for.

      • Gosh if you want butt spanking you should invest your dollars on other online sites, you won’t be bored hahaha.

      • I still don’t think Paulie is gonna win this, since the jurors need to vote for him to win. That’s why Frank didn’t want Day in the jury. He should have listened to Frank, coz it might come to bite his lil nipples at the end.
        I am rooting for Bridge and Victorey to pull an upset win.

      • I can honestly see Victor pulling that off. He’s a strong competitor, he’s seems to have a good social game, and he’s laying low. He just has to keep his mouth shut and lay low while other targets become larger.

      • But he is dumber than a box of rocks otherwise, has already been evicted once and has a really stupid looking hat.

      • Victor won a cop b4 being evicted and won 3 comps to get back. He is actually very smart and lived in EU for a while. We just have group of nasty mean girls/guys that act like they are 8 yrs old and had no parents to Teach them the right way to act.

      • He has a bad social game. He’s always making disgusting comments to Nicole. He’s a pig and I hope he goes soon.

      • Well, BB Podcasters agree with you. They’re not betting on him. Could be out before F5. He can win comps, but he needs a lot of luck to go with it to succeed, because who wants to take him?

      • I do like it when there is one other person against the “dictator” of the house. It could just be James this week or the next and I hope he hears them talking about evicting Natalie.

      • Absolutely. It is supposed to be a game of backstabbing and betrayal and not, as Paul would put it, friendship.

    • Bridget is not trustworthy. That’s what’s important. Can you trust the person to not double-cross you.

  9. Where is Mickey? I hate it when he’s around but miss him when he’s not. Hahaha.

  10. When exactly do they show the family because I am dying to hear and see Corey’s family talk about his fake showmance with Nicole.

    • Last year they showed the potential AFP winners’ family and friends (Johnny Mac, Jamesy and Lil Stevie).
      This year they have showed us the siblings’ families and the vets’ friends. So I don’t think they will show their families and friends again.
      Who’s in the running for AFP this year? Natalie? Nicole? Jozea?

      • Lol, you’re funny! It will probably be James again. I was favoring Paulie, but since he’s became king I don’t think people love him as much anymore.

      • Yeah I mean beside James, since they can’t show his family and friends again, can they?

      • I think the most likable this year is Natalie and James is just an idiot. He was definitely my favorite last year. He stopped pranking people.

      • lol. I don’t even know why she denies getting implants. It is so obvious. James is the only other one who knows for sure. People say Nicole had a nose job, but it looks the same to me.

      • I would love it if Tiffany wins the AFP. Want to see the jaws of the mean girls drop on the floor. Big Meech probably would start howling that people are hating her. Mama Day just flips her hair back and forth in disgust. Z will stare Tiff to death and Nicole will sob her eyes out coz that’s what she does best.

      • You know I was really thinking about that..just to make a statement..I wanna see their reaction.

      • Tiffany deserves it honestly. She got bullied unfairly, she made the awesome cabbage patch kid speech too

      • Tiffany was anoying with all the crying & paranoia & hiding in corners wearing sunglasses/hats.

      • I hope Michelle grows up and gets help after this. She has serious self esstem issues and has to constantly dog others to make herself feel better about herself. She even talks about how jealous of a person she is and how she can’t enjoy living out her dream of being on BB because all she thinks about is how she’s a “fat lard on tv” … If she wasn’t so darn mean, I’d feel kinda sorry for her

      • It is a little pathetic that she needs constant affirmation that she is not fat or ugly and that people will like her. She says she doesn’t have friends or a social life. It’s understandable why some people might tend to avoid her. She puts out a lot of negativity.

      • When she talks about not having friends I’m sitting here like “I BET YOU DONT!” That alone should clue her in to the fact that the issue is HER.

      • James has a strategy to lay low right now to not be a target but wins if he needs to. He leaves the room when mean girls/guys talk and looks out for Nat.

  11. I think Day is going bye bye. Unless something drastically changes before the veto ceremony. And that very well could happen. But even if it’s a tie Paul is not going to piss off his hero Paulie so Day will go. And Natalie promised Bridgette she wouldn’t vote her out. And now that Paulie told Paul the girls are working together ( which is a joke since Day and Nicole can’t stand each other) and Bridgette is after the girls I think he wants Day gone too.

    • I can always depend on your update LG………….so how’s David? Is he coming back to the house?

      • That’s what I said the other day… For her to get back doored, then come back in with the round trip ticket AND win HOH would be AWESOME! Talk about drama and scrambling!

      • Even if she gets it, I think the whole house is voting for her so, it won’t make a difference.

    • The girls could stick together… they have the numbers. But they’re too concerned with having a boyfriend! I figured Bridgette would still be after James since he broke his word and took out her puppet master!

      • The girls made that alliance in the beginning and it could of been strong. But they’re too catty. And Day broke that up by lying about Tiffany being after Frank. She is a s&it stirrer and needs to go. As far as Bridgette she hasn’t got a clue.

  12. PAulia has been absolutely overplaying the game. It is about time that he gets caught

    • Yup. Vanessa overplayed, and look at what happened to her. They all caught on. But most importantly, Steve caught on. History will repeat itself.

      • If Paul wasn’t so loud I would almost wonder if he was this season’s Steve?

  13. Paulie is pretty much turning into Frank 2.0 LOL he’s running the game for now but little does he know people are planning on a vote flip and he’ll be left blindsided. I hope so because I want Paulie out. However, Da’Vonne is over-emotional so I’m sure she’ll screw it up!

  14. They are already flip flopping between Day and Bridge leaving this week depite Day not even being on the block yet… So once Day is actually on the block and she starts doing her rounds? Paulie might be underestimating how hard it’s going to be to get Day out!

  15. I know how stupid can they be. Day should have gone home before Frank. As Frank told James, it wasn’t just him, it was the hypocrite Da’Vonne. All that talk about how she wants her child to view her. She could start by wearing shirts that don’t always show her bra straps and cleavage. I say they kick her behind out this week.

    • News flash: women have boobs! You are concerned about cleavage & bra straps??? Oh the horror!!!

  16. Day will probably leave this week and then the HGs will go back their original targets. I just don’t see a revolt against Paulie happening; at least not yet

  17. Care package #2, Eliminate Two Eviction Votes, should go to Da’Vonne. How would that work for you, Paulie?

    • She may be gone before the package is delivered! It’s not going to be delivered until Friday.

    • The next care package should go to the HOH. The current HOH getting it and being forced to use it while HOH would blow the house up! :)

  18. BRIDGET #2 Care Package, they are using her as a pawn each week, she has no friends in that house and she needs a lil assurance , help, and love. Da won’t be able to use it bcz it ends after eviction!!!!

  19. Can anyone tell me what Corey is trying to prove with Nicole? I remember during the premier he said he wanted a bromance. ?

  20. Exactly. If a house guest does not want to play the game and make moves—there is
    no reason to reward them with $500,000.00 for doing nothing! Boring as it may be, Paulie is, atleast, playing and I would rather he evict all the floaters.

  21. If it comes to a tie,the smart thing for Paul do would be to evict Da’Vonne. All of his allies are voting against her, so it’ll show them that he is with them where if he evicts Bridgette it makes them question him. He also will be able to strike a deal with Bridgette and she is much more likely to be loyal to him than Da’Vonne.

  22. I am just SO DISGUSTED that Paulie is running the house with Paul following him around like his damn minion. Can this season be any more predicitable? Hope thes hg’s wake up and get the double P’s out! Hate em both!

    • I kind of agree. I would put Pauline and Corey up and if any of them comes off the block I wil put up Nicole. I can’t believe people are not shaking up the game. Say what u want about James but he does make the big moves every chance he gets.

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