Tonight On Big Brother 18: Veto Competition & Ceremony

Big Brother 18 is back tonight with an all-new Power of Veto competition that puts James and Natalie’s survival on the line ahead of Thursday’s eviction vote.

James and Natalie get in a last goodbye

Victor and Paul aligned with their new partners Nicole and Corey to target Natalie and James. Now comes their chance to lock down the noms and send one of them out the Big Brother door.

We’ve got an individual performance competition coming up tonight with a MacGyver theme for a little cross promotional marketing out of CBS there for their new show. HGs were pretty excited about the challenge when it was over so we’re looking forward to seeing how it plays out. From their talks it sounds like everyone had to use parts and pieces around to direct water and reach a goal.

With the next eviction just around the corner the real game has moved days past tonight’s events and a target has been set. Plenty of drama as a result so be sure to read through the site here and catch up on all the craziness.

Can’t wait for the spoilers? Check out what happened at the Veto comp & ceremony this week.

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  1. Poor James. Hopefully he will have gained some wisdom from his relationship with Natalie.

  2. Just waiting to see what kind of edit they give Gnat this week. Will they show all of her whining, berating James and throwing him UTB?. They’ve been showing her in a rather favorable light to date. Hope they show the real Gnat

    • Agreed. I noticed how the editing dept made Paulie look as good as they could until they just could not hide was a jerk he was anymore…so it will be interesting to see what side of Natalie will be aired. :)

  3. Hey Cyril, I was just wondering if you are still watching TAR Canada, next week is the finale :( I like all the remaining teems and will be happy for whichever one wins.

  4. I hope all of America gets to see what a user Natalie is and how she has treated James since they were nominated. She has been horribly passive/aggressive, borderline cruel at times. I swear, if BB production makes her look like a victim so America feels sorry for her…I’ll scream!

      • Yep but they’ve been pretty boring all season. Only a few times did it happen where I didn’t want to turn them off. Can’t wait for this new online season. Anxious to see how it is.

  5. Natalie said she put her trust in wrong people, meaning Corey and Nicole…I read that on Jokers and just watched it. Vic and Paul assumed she meant just James?

  6. Natalie keeps talking about being betrayed. But what about her betrayal first when she was trying to talk James into voting Corey out when they had a F4 deal then? That’s when the trust was broken. So she needs to blame herself and not everyone else.

    • I wondered why, on BBAD, they all had ripped shirts…and some people had a lot of soot on their face. James and Paul had a LOT of soot on their faces. I wonder if they put it on themselves.

      • Yeah, but that made sense once I heard what the theme was. I figured things were blowing up in their faces.

  7. I seriously think people have underestimated Corey’s intelligence, lol. That was a legit puzzle he solved in just little over 6 minutes. His ADD must be giving everyone a false impression.

    • They ran out of time to solve the puzzle, so the thing blew up. The soot, i am sure was put on by production, was to show that they got blown up. Nic had it too

  8. Hey Cyril, I asked you this earlier but I’m not sure if you saw it or not. I was wondering if you are still watching TAR Canada. Next week is the finale :-(

  9. Seriously? OMG, Natalie. Cyril, Capt., what would you do if a girl you thought had feelings for you, acted like that?

      • Which is a shame, because he’s genuinely a nice guy. But he needs a girl who loves him for him, something he probably won’t find in the BB House. That kind of relationship is only 3 in a million. (Jeff/Jordan, Brendan/Rachel, Dominic/Danielle)

      • NO, I don’t. Remember, you convince me to start watch it 2 years ago. I only seen 4 seasons of US TAR so far.

      • I personally do not care for men who are too needy or seem desperate. James is a bit of a leech when it comes to Natalie and sometimes people need a little bit of space.

    • If it was a guy and he did that I would first slap him and since I would get thrown out I would finish beating him up before I left. LOL

    • I feel sorry for him, but I seriously don’t think that she yelled it, screamed it, or was mean about it. She just told him how she felt and was using the ‘not talk to me again’ as a way to stress how much she distrusts Nicole and Corey. Maybe it’s how or where I grew up and don’t find it mean willed at all.

      • I realize that, but what was shown was the day of veto comp, and hopes went down the drain.

      • Ahh, thanks for the info. Regardless, she had a calm voice, etc. I’m not sure where everyone is getting her reaming him about this. I understand people are tired of hearing her talk about it, but what else does she have to talk about. ? It got her on the block…

      • I’m not saying you’re wrong, or dismissing your opinion. I hope you don;t feel that way. I should have worded my post differently. I respect your opinion!

      • Oh, not at all! I respect yours and most here, too! We’re all good :). and you said it just fine.

      • Oh definitely! I only get upset when someone tries jamming their opinion down my throat over and over, and are mean about it. I respect all opinions, but that doesn’t mean it’s mine. :)

      • I was in so much pain…I probably should have taken the season off. I actually really liked Natalie. I could relate a lot to her when she felt bad about her body image. I shouldn’t have even commented this year!

      • I hope your pain isn’t as bad as it was during BB. Your up votes got confusing. At times you seemed for a house guest and then shortly after you would up vote a negative post about the same person. I could also be over dosing on reading all of the comments!

  10. Natalie was a little harsh with James. I am happy he realize why he us there in the first place.

    • I actually love that she told him if he chooses Nicole and Corey that she will never speak to him. If James stays, then I hope he works with Victor to get rid of Nicole, if production allows it. Nat tells America in the DR that James is her soulmate and she really loves him. I think if he wins half a million she may really like him and if he doesn’t she’ll move on.

  11. Corey was the only one who opened the door, walked into the room and went straight to the pipes without even checking to see what he was supposed to do first. He barely opened the lockers and immediately started to pour water down to get the key. I believe Corey was told what to do before he walked in so he could win the Veto and Nicole won’t be in danger.
    Corey is dumber than he looks and I doubt he figured all that out on his own.

    • I’ll admit, it is a little suspicious. And DR talked Nat out of nominating Nicole and Corey. She said it many times on the feeds.

      • It could be editing, but they showed everyone else walking in and looking around before figuring it out. Corey just walked straight to the pipes and finish in a little over 6 minutes.

      • True, but I know he was talking about owning a boat on the feeds (during the BBAD time slot) that night, so that probably explains it. He’s probably seen things like that before.

  12. Okay, so here’s the basic plan for what Nat-Nat’s speech will look like tomorrow. She basically plans to blow everyone up, saying that Nicorey lied to her and she should have never trusted them. She will then point out (rather stupidly) that she will never be able to beat Vic in comps, but she will be beat everyone else. (face palm) But wait, it gets better, because then she starts complaining how everyone has picked on her all season long and how she wants to call Nicole out for teasing her both “on and off camera.” (Um… what??? You’re never off camera!)

    So, yeah, basically, her plan is to show America just what a little brat she is and now good she is at playing the victim.

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