‘Big Brother 18’ Live Feeds Week 11: Tuesday Highlights

The Big Brother 18 Live Feeds remained mellow Tuesday until a fight arrived between James and Natalie after a backyard yeller disrupted their trust in one another. Natalie has accepted her fate but the status of Jatalie was thrown in to limbo as questions emerged.

Corey Brooks is waiting out BB18

If you’ve got the Live Feeds (Free Trial) then you can watch all of these moments with the Flashback feature to go back and watch those important conversations or funny scenes you may have missed.

Big Brother 18 Live Feed Highlights – Tuesday, September 6, 2016:

10:45 AM BBT – Victor and Paul are awake though Paul doesn’t last long and goes back to bed.

10:50 AM BBT – Victor camtalks that he needs to make sure he doesn’t go and get evicted a third time.

12:00 PM BBT – Victor has the HoH camera but no HGs to go with it.

12:05 PM BBT – Corey gets up and joins Victor for some pictures and outside time.

1:05 PM BBT – Nicole and Corey are excitedly discussing only have 15 days left in the season. They speculate about a possible fast forward eviction.

1:30 PM BBT – Natalie is making toast and eggs with a heart shape cut out to give to James. James gives Natalie a big hug and thanks her for the breakfast.

1:40 PM BBT – Natalie tells James she’s sure she’s the one going and thinks everyone is being really obvious about their decision. James denies seeing any obvious signs.

2:00 PM BBT – Nicole and Natalie talking about life goals of marriage and kids. Nicole wants it Natalie could take it or leave it.

2:30 PM BBT – Time to cook some food for Victor and Paul as they hang out and chat. Corey and Nicole join and chat. Light conversation.

2:55 PM BBT – Corey is trying to learn from Paul about how to make his app business grow and get big. Paul giving him advice on hard work and dedication.

4:20 PM BBT – James and Natalie are back to stress talking / bickering. She’s upset and convinced she’s going (she is) and still regrets campaigning on his behalf because it worked. She gets pissed. He gets pissed. Rinse and repeat.

4:30 PM BBT – They’re still arguing. Same stuff. Loops.

4:40 PM BBT – James tells Natalie he’ll move to New York after the show. Natalie says she’ll want to just be with her family after the show.

5:45 PM BBT – Everyone has moved outside and hanging around.

5:49 PM BBT – Natalie thinks everyone is afraid she’s going to drop some bombs on her way out like Michelle did (I mean what’s even left to say though?).

6:15 PM BBT – HGs playing a messed up version of would you rather.

6:08 PM BBT – Nicole and Corey talk about how irritated Victor and Paul get when they want to hang out by themselves. Talk turns to how Victor likes Nicole as more than just a friend. Nicole mentions Natalie liking Corey at the start of the game.

6:15 PM BBT – Natalie is sad James hasn’t campaigned for her but she has for him.

6:26 PM BBT – Nicole again says she wants James and Corey in the final 3 with her. Corey says James needs to win HOH to help that happen. Nicole says she’d nominate Paul and Victor if she wins HOH. They seem to be more interested in getting Victor out over Paul. But talk there flip flops. Nicole worries that James will work with Victor and Paul instead of them. Corey says no way.

6:58 PM BBT – Nicole complaining about the guys joking with her. She says there’s truth in jokes.

7:02 PM BBT – Corey and Nicole say they miss Paulie.

7:20 PM BBT – Nicole tells Corey she’s tired of being confronted this season, especially on camera. She doesn’t like having to be sassy. Talk turns to her thinking she has nothing to back up why she should win the game.

7:30 PM BBT – Paul and Victor discuss how over the showmances they are. They talk about how bad Paul needs to win HOH.

8:20 PM BBT – Natalie is crying over going home this week. She decides to join Paul and Corey for a conversation to cheer herself up.

8:30 PM BBT – Nicole is studying for the HOH so she can win and backstab Victor and Corey for James, who she’s most likely had a pregame alliance with.

9:50 PM BBT – Paul and Victor play pool while Nicole and Corey play dominoes. Not much else is going on around the house.

10:20 PM BBT – Alcohol has shown up after a long time missing. (Had there been any since Michelle vomited from drinking too much?)

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  1. James should really quit trying to salvage this nomance, and be done with it. Natalie’s constant harping and criticizing of James is getting pathetic. He needs to grow a pair, she’s just not that into you.

    • James is going to be so sad and pathetic when he gets out and realizes he was played……..wake up James!

    • I read on jokers that James told Nat…
      “you’re not always the center of attention”. Then he said it was just a joke. But like Nicole said there is always some truth to a joke. I have a feeling the DR might be enlightening him.

      • I was so happy when he said that! He should have added they’re not talking about you, they’re talking about everyone.

      • Right, Gnat would always be the proverbial “you” because everything is from only her perspective.

      • God knew what he was doing when he gave me boys. Gnat seems like she is truly high maintenance. Bet her mother had to work hard just to pay for the best for this daughter

      • No doubt. My daughter was spoiled by hubby to the point it caused friction between her and I. When said daughter tried to give me advice about my health, I reminded her that I know for a fact she needed a medical degree to make it effective and that she’d have needed us to help pay for that type of schooling which we did not do! So I coined the phrase to her, “you no pay, you no say, you no like, take a hike!” Covers lots of ground. Evidently, she didn’t take that to heart, so whenever she points out stuff to me, I just walk away. No use arguing with her. She knows everything! :-) Now I’m getting my just dues via her own daughter who’s only 2 1/2 now and giving her some lip service in return! :-) I’m laughing so dang hard now!

  2. I think it is a non issue. I still don’t see a difference in having a pregame alliance and making an alliance on the first day. Agreeing to work together doesn’t necessarily mean you’re automatically going to go to final two. There are 14 other people in the house that are playing as well. Nobody knows what’s going to happen that early in the game let alone before the game. I think it’s just something else for the Nicole/James haters to complain about.

      • I don’t blame Nicole for flip flopping, but I do blame James for giving Nat false hope! What’s a girl to do? :-)

      • How many times have I heard that one this season? Yet, there she was cuddled right up next to him asking him what she should do! Geesh!

      • James gave Nat false hope? This Poor guy thinks he is her “soulmate” as she has repeatedly stated on the live feeds. I think it is Natalie who gave the false hopes

    • Good points. I think I thought it was more of an issue than perhaps it really is. However, I can see how getting that info now over a megaphone from outside would make Vic and Paul think again and it might influence them.

      • Maybe Doofus is the one who should be concerned about it. James specifically stated and to Gnat the other day that he had an alliance with Dingus from day 1. Then last night/this AM, he states that the only alliance he had was the F4 with Jatalie and Dingdoo. It might never be proven to be true, but I’ll always think they had an alliance pre-game and production did a little manipulation that helped them. That is where it made a difference, imo.

      • If production got involved of that would absolutely make a difference. Having a pregame alliance not so much.

      • Even if they didn’t have a pre-show alliance, no one can ever convince me (ever again) that Production doesn’t interfere with the game. And that, my friends, makes me sad and cynical. :(

      • I know! Same feeling here, but I have always felt like they manipulate here and there to get the results they want…unfortunately :(

      • See, I never thought that until this year…and I would have defended it to my death! Oh, how wrong I was. I won’t go so far as to say it’s entirely rigged…but manipulated—definitely. Bums me out. Big time.

      • I believe they suggest things in the DR but the houseguests can make their own decisions. So do they put ideas in their heads? Yes. But what they do with those ideas is up to them.

      • I’m so naive…I didn’t even know THAT went on! But you’re right…it is up to the HG’s what they do with the info. I feel like a big ‘ol goof, though, for thinking that nothing like that was done. Lol..

    • There is a difference. One is knowing someone else and being friends with them on the outside and the other is just meetng someone for the first time.

      • But that’s still isn’t going to affect how 14 other people play the game. Of course they knew each other outside the game. They are vets. They go to a lot of the same functions.

      • But everyone else comes in fresh. No pre show alliance. That’s an unfair advantage. I use to be a James and Nice fan but after seeing how they are playing this season i’ve changed my mind. Especially Nicole. She is one of the biggest back stabbers in the house. No integrity.

      • So Frank didn’t backstab? Day didn’t backstab? Natalie didn’t backstab? Paul didn’t backstab? James didn’t backstab? I could go on through the entire list of houseguests but you get my point.

      • But that’s like saying Paulie & Tiffany had such a great advantage being siblings. But look where they both are. I like Vic but if abyone got some extra opportunities it was him. And he fought hard & earned them. But they were still additional advantages.

      • If production did things that influenced /manipulated others in a way that helped Dingus/James to further their game knowing they were aligned, it would VERY much affect 14 other people.

      • right!!! if a hg screws up their season we viewers shouldn’t be punished for having to endure them another season

      • Lol I liked all the vets on their original season more than this season. Except Frank cus I never saw his season.

    • The supposed “pre-alliance doesn’t bother me one way or another, probably because all of the players don’t make any kind of impression on me one way or another, they are all blah. The only one that I really care about is Paul, and even then I can’t muster up the energy to care. BB has become staid and boring.

    • This pregame alliance seems weird since James can’t keep his mouth shut. He can’t keep a secret to save his life. Hasn’t anyone else thought of that?

    • Right. She has like “deny and defend” auto-pilot. It’s like she discards any contemplation about what is said and goes directly to “how can I make me look good right now”. She’s gonna miss so much in life.

      • U r joking, right?
        She lied to James,about throwing him under the bus, she’s lied to him about her true feelings. She led him on and now Jamesie is struggling with the truth.

  3. This season and feeds have become increasingly harder to watch due to the immaturity of these couples. All of them are so whiny and look for reasons to bicker with the other.
    As for Nat, it’s not easy telling someone you’re not into them, but she totally looks for reasons to blame James for why they aren’t working. Grow some balls.
    I don’t get the feeds either. For my taste, P and V are infinitely more interesting than the other couples, but they consistently air the childish conversations between the Showmances.
    I hope they have found more intelligent, gamers for this following online season. I have to hypothesize that they didn’t.

    • Agreed, I can’t and haven’t watched for over 2 weeks, except for snippets of Michelle’s meltdown. I can’t take the immaturity of this crowd, instead I’m watching older seasons and it is night and day. I feel like this is the kiddie version of BB.

      • I really hope they’ve cast some strong females for the next season. I can’t stand the airhead, little girl in pigtails act. Even Bridgette played the naïve, sweet & innocent act, when in reality she’s mentally strong & smart.

      • It seems to me that if you are a strong female and show that early on you become a target right away. Unless you are a Janelle or Rachel and can win the comps, you’re in trouble. Strong females need to lay low in the early part of the season, make some alliances with others who aren’t threatened by them and then use their smarts and hopefully comp skills to progress to the end rounds

      • Yup! Oops!! I’ll feel bad about saying that. :(
        Ya’ll have fun. Taking my daughter out to lunch for her 41st birthday.

      • Take care, K…have fun! Can’t believe you’re old enough to have a daughter that’s 41! Did you have her when you were 12?

      • You can not be 60! I was thinking about using my picture as my avatar but after seeing your’s, I think I’ll consider that a little bit longer. You are beautiful and very youthful looking.

      • Oh Karen, thank you much for the wonderful compliment! I can’t take all the credit for youthful looking. My maternal grandmother always looked so young. When she was in her 80’s, she looked like she was in her 60’s! I would love to see your photo. Age is just a number anyway. You’re only as old as you feel. You have a very young attitude, and that is all that matters! Btw, Cyril found your avatar that Mickey stole. Mickey’s real identity is Garry Wood from Toronto, Ontario. How ’bout them apples?

      • So Mickey is a male troll named Garry Wood from Toronto, Ontario and is a Tennessee Vols fan. I read where you were talking about him. Sounds like you would make a good detective. Are you sure you chose in the right profession? I have a vision of a beautiful, classy, Bond-type gal. lol

      • After lunch, I did a little shopping to pass the time and went to pick up my grandchildren from school and took them to eat. I’ve got some catching up to do. :(

      • You know, I would never say that in public, yet I said it on here. :(
        After the initial shock, my husband would get a kick out of me saying that. I really do have better manners. I love that you gals get my sense of humor and know that I was not intending to be crude.

      • I need to come up with a something for my hubster. He doesn’t like whenever I call him Mr. Oblivious instead of Mr. Obvious! :-)

      • Yes, they do need to lay low, but that is true of every player in the beginning, you come on too strong and it rubs people the wrong way. You can be a strong female without having to play the cutsie tootsie role without being a total dingbat.

      • Right look at Bronte, Bridg, Mich and Nat, they ran in with Girl Power etc. and went out all chirpie. Now Nat is all Paulie Jr. if I cant win Im going home. James kept her off the block FOREVER and now its HE made me put up Vic & Paul, my one decision was his blame him not me, miserable little witch

      • no one ever told her no one can make you do anything you choose not to do…people only do to you what you allow…pathetic…

      • Also pathetic is, who would we be looking at if theses ones were evicted early on, Tiffany, Josea, Bronte, DaVonne, God which is worse GAG

      • She’s yet to learn that people will treat you in the same vein as you treat them! Rah, rah, rah and a ree, ree, ree! Kick ball change and start again! :-)

      • I was thinking of auditioning for BB and if I ever made it, honestly that would be my strategy. Kind of a Johnny Mac type of strategy. Use the social game early on then win comps and make moves when it comes time.

      • That’ll always work against complacent people such as the ones we’ve seen this season! Hasn’t seemed to work for Paul and Vic yet! They don’t carry the American Sympathy card in their wallets! What’s in your wallet? :-)

      • Ha thanks. Pretty sure I missed the cut for 19, I’m thinking about 20. Not sure what my chances of making it would be but I’ve got a story, a strategy, and a good reason to want to win $500k. We’ll see.

  4. Nicole doesn’t want to be sassy? Here’s a novelty, get a f*cking personality Nicole. You would think BB is asking her to rob a bank, not play for 1/2 million, GTFOOH Nicole!

  5. Watching Gnat and James relationship over the summer reminds me of Peanuts where Lucy torments Charlie Brown by repeatedly pulling the football away every time he gets close to kicking it. Gnat is definitely Lucy, with her sweet/nasty interactions with James. Perhaps James should have read up on his Peanuts’ strips before this season. To my knowledge, Charlie Brown has never been able to kick that football, do you hear that James?

    • Love your analogy. It’s like James will never get kisses from Nat every time he expects them. He is so blind that he couldn’t see that he won’t stand a chance at doing things with Nat that a love-struck couple would do together. He’s just a hopeless puppy that follows her around, hoping that there’s a relationship in the future for them after this season is over, despite how Nat’s true colors are obviously revealed in a way that pulls up red flags for him to acknowledge that they aren’t compatible as a couple.

      • He did say he couldn’t believe someone like her would fall for a guy like him. She hasn’t on purpose yet! LOLOL

    • OMG! So funny…so sad, but so true too. It almost makes me feel sorry for James, but I just can’t b/c I just think he should’ve known better.

      • I would love to take him fishing some time! And I don’t even fish! But I sure know how I’d reel him in, hook, line and sinker! :-)

  6. Man i hope one of p/v wins this season.I know they have there flaws but i honestly feel there the only two left that have played big brother for what it is. Maybe nicole as well but she has gotten very lucky with being behind shields to protect her this season. Paul needs to win this hoh coming up otherwise p/v are screwed lol.

    • Paul & Victor have definitely both played the best games & most entertaining. I’d be happy with either of them winning.

    • Agreed. I wonder if the backyard message about James & Nic is eating at them a bit? I cannot imagine that would not send Paul into a conspiracy theory frenzy! I don’t think people should interfere like that, but since it already happened, I hope Vic & Paul give the idea of Nicole betraying them some serious consideration now. They did mention last night how important it was for Paul to win the next HOH…so that is a step up from a couple days ago when Paul was saying best case scenario was letting Nicole win. *fingers crossed* #GoSittingDucks

      • I find it very strange Paul and Victor just let what they heard roll off their chest. Are they becoming too comfortable…trusting in this F4 alliance. It seems Snakole and Corey are pulling the wool right over their eyes!!

      • I think production forbid the Hg from discussing it…however, as I said in my post, I cannot imagine how hearing something like that would not have Paul thinking about it, even if production told him not to. He’s just too cynical not to give it some thought imo. Also, the boys are now talking about how important it is to win the next HOH, where before they seemed content to just let Nicole or Corey have it.

      • They need to quit talking about winning HOH and start studying. Snakole and Corey are studying and making plans for next week while Paul and Victor are playing pool and sitting in the hot tub. They’re getting too comfortable and easing off the gas at the wrong time.

    • LOL re Meech!! Someone commented before that Natalie is like the guy in relationships. I agree. She told James she’s had many, many crushes on guys. She told Nicole she could “take or leave” marriage & children. I think she likes the “hunt” the pursuit of a guy & then gets bored when the chase is over & they get clingy. Then she twists it around & makes them feel like they did something wrong to make the relationship sour. Sounds like a dude to me.

      • She definitely protesteth too much w/her complaints about Paulie. He’s a douche, but she never mentioned his flirting with her until she decided to use the info to get under James’ skin. And from what they showed of it (Paulie & Nat hiding under a bed together, Nat putting her boobs in his face to show her “boob wrinkles” etc.) she wasn’t all innocent victim in that.

      • Me either…that’s a new one even for this ol gal! I thought I heard everything. Evidently not! Still a work in progress! :-)

      • It was a conversation that her Nicole and I think meech were having early on that Paulie was thoroughly enjoying and eventually proceeded to ask questions about. And yeah Natalie did walk up and practically shove her boobs in Paulie’s face.

        Not that I’m defending Paulie’s actions. I still think he’s a misogynistic tool and his comment about her breasts was uncalled for but she is the queen of playing victim.

    • We just got rid of whiny meech and now Natalie has stepped up the whining game to fill those shoes. Only amusing thing here is that Paulie now has to put up with both of them in jury.

  7. So tired of Gnat’s endless dribble. The only time I want to hear what she has to say is when she talks with Julie on Thursday, and then just to hear how she is going to spin things. Good thing that it is not a 2 hour show cause she could talk and talk

  8. I think James is worried that Gnat might say something in jury that could result in him losing a vote or two IF he made it to F2.

    • He’s never going to make it to F2. Anyone (James) who thinks he will (James), is delusional (James).

      • Me either, but I seriously hope James does not make F2. That would be such BS. He’s done nothing to deserve that. Seriously…nothing.

      • well now he did climb out of a suit case at the beginning of the show….ofc it was more impressive when frank did it as he was much taller…yea you’re right he did nada…

      • Hahahaha! Wow, I forgot about that… hehe. However, you’re right Frank getting out of the case is much more impressive so…yep so sorry James, still not impressed.

    • Didn’t I read earlier that the jury wanted him targeted? I think he lost Da’s vote. Z and Paulie definitely won’t vote for him because he had a hand in both their evictions. Idk at all about Bridgette. The jury also hates Nicole. They’ll be really mad when they watch him throw that wall comp to her.

      • I hope they show it to them. The jury doesn’t see everything. That’s another way that Production can manipulate; what they choose to show or not show the jury. I’m not sure if the jurors are free to discuss everything or not.

      • I don’t believe they are but yeah I was pretty mad they didn’t show Michelle and Paulie’s kiss..I was dying to see Z’s reaction

      • I hope that girl is in her own room far, far away from Paulie. If she isn’t, she is more pathetic than he is, if that is possible.

      • Agreed, there’s a lot of speculation about the two of them doing it in there but after the fight they had and all the stuff that came out, I’d certainly hope Z would have more respect for herself than that

  9. OMG! When will Gnat shut up with the whining , already? And when will Jamsie stop with the begging, already? I haven’t dissed Noc much, but seriously—SHE’S gonna stat whining now TOO? Girls, girls, you’re both pretty! SHUT IT.

  10. This season is ridiculous. Please please please find more mature HGs next time around. I can’t believe I was ever a fan of James and Nat with how they are acting now – they are way too old to be acting like they’re in middle school. Vic and Paul better take these suckas out!

    • agree, this was was the season of ridiculousness…i almost can’t with any of the hg’s left…hope its vic in the end and i hope the new cast for all acess bb are no where close to being as messed up as this one was..but if it is there’s always survivor…

  11. Ugh, some BB fans are the worst. It isn’t enough to kill any intelligent online discussion with your stupid conspiracy theories, now you have to try to ruin the actual game as well by shouting them at the houseguests? What’s next? James and Nicole orchestrated 9/11? James and Nicole are secrety the puppetmasters controlling the US government? James and Nicole are alien invaders in cunning human disguises? These are all equally credible theories, people!

  12. The one thing I don’t like is the fact that outside sources can influence the game. Whether or not they had a pregame deal, I say let them play the game and find out the truth after the fact. I for one do not think they had a pregame deal but if they did, then Production should void any winnings they get and give to the last two who was voted out prior to the F2 if it turns out to be Nicole and James. You all do realize there is some sort of well for lack of words “LAW” that prohibits production and the winners.

    • I have been on the “no preseason deal” side all along, even when I heard signs of bribery involved. As for outside sources, I think BB does a good enough job of keeping that to a minimum unless they actually want it to impact the game

    • I agree Willie. No one knows for sure if that is true and no fan should ever be allowed (or want to) disrupt the game with unsubstantiated innuendo. Wasn’t there another outside message this season…like a sky writer or something like that?

      • I think the sky writer was a marriage proposal and had nothing to do with the game at all. Keep in mind there is a lot more people that do not watch this show than there is that do. GEEZ some people take this game WAY too serious.

      • Hey, I’m sending subliminal messages to the HG’s.Whenever they make a good move or win HoH/Veto, they’re listening to me. Whenever they do something dumb, they’re ignoring me. James for one I can’t get thru to.

      • My last reply wasn’t in any shape or form directed at you or your comment. I just got a little fed up with all of this pregame alliance crap that NO ONE CAN PROVE.

  13. Ugh. James, Natalie, bicker, make up, bicker, make up. Will this week just end? I couldn’t care less about their relationship during or after the game. I just want to get back to the damn game already.

  14. Love that Paul and Victor have a stronger relationship than the two showmances….I just hope my boy pulls out this hoh because him and Vic are in trouble if not

      • I agree but I think Victor would be the one targeted. Plus once one goes the other is as good as gone

      • He IS the target. Nicole and Corey were talking about it last night or maybe it was the night before. Ugh. Live feeds sometimes run together in my mind. Anyhoo… they (Nicorey) agree that Vic needs to go first.

      • I know, right. They also mentioned how Victor seems to like Nicole more than just a friend… I use to think that was cute. Not so much now, especially since they are making fun of him for it!

      • Ugh I figured. I hope anyone but them wins hoh. I’m rooting for Paul but I wouldn’t even mind it if James could pull out a win because he’s a loner who can be swayed. I wish Vic could play but here’s hoping he cranks out the veto

  15. Natalie actually wants James to say that he will leave the game so she can stay…Its where she is going with the pitty me attitude…James when they were first nominated was all for helping Natalie to stay..but as the week progressed he did begin to see the real Natalie…Every time she talks about being poor her 3 jobs her poor family its a hint to James that she needs the money more than he does and he should insist on going and let her try to win…Natalie is an experienced user of men I don’t care what anybody says.. This would not be her first “rodeo” in using a man to get to her goal…there have been bitches on BB but I think she is in the top 5 very close to #1…

      • Neither wanted the other HGs to know they lived in the same area and knew some of the same people.. I am not sure how that bit of info came to light….I think maybe Paulie blurted it out in one of his rants.. Paulie was as right about her as she was about him…

    • “Pity me” is her strategy, and everyone caught onto that in the swinging ropes comp when she tried to guilt Victor into dropping.

    • What, after she just said that she asked DR about leaving the game, now she wants James to. What a wicked person.

    • Yeah, she is a piece of work alright. Did anyone see how she also mentioned to James how she has had TWO showmance breakups this season? Boo-Hoo! In one move, she reminded James he was never her first choice while adding more self-pity in her overflowing pittypot!
      My question is this… Does Vic know he was in a showmance with her this season?? hahaha. I don’t think he does. ;)

    • By tonight I think Natalie will have progressed to demanding that James self evict since everything is all his fault.

  16. I really do not like House Guests Like Natalie and like Paulie . . who are all up when the getting is good . . but when it starts going down hill . . .instead of taking responsibility for how they themselves played the game . . they try to blame others . . and then want to quit and run home once they realize they are going to be evicted. It is called good sportsmanship. And by the Natalie . . .please do not think that the reason James is staying and you are going is simply because YOU supposedly told Victor & Paul to save James! Since when do you think they are doing what you tell them !!!!! YOU are going because all 4 left want you gone . . .they don’t trust you and they have watched the way you have used James all season. We all have.

    • Absolutely. Jeez, Vic has been evicted TWICE and never whined about it or tried to throw anyone UTB because of it. He handled himself with class…However, after watching Nat and Paulie all summer, I do not think that is a quality either of them possess.

      • Ummm…I seem to remember Vic being an *ss when he nominated Michelle and Z. Also he was pretty much blaming his eviction of 9 to 1 on them. That was not a classy moment for him but even with that said I like Vic the most out of the bunch that is left…n I guess Paul too when he’s not acting like such a mean girl.

      • Yeah, he did make a sh***y nom speech and throw the beads at Meech and Z, I put that down to the Paulie effect that pervaded the guys in the earlier rounds. He has definitely cleaned up his act since and hopefully is embarrassed by what he did.

    • I never heard Natalie tell Victor and Paul to save James…I must have missed that talk…I did see/hear where she was throwing James OTB…

      • That actually is not a lie. She did go up to Vic & Paul and tell them to evict her instead of James… however, both guys think she was trying to use reverse psychology on them and blew it off as Natalie trying to manipulate them! Which is what she was most likely trying to do…

      • She did. It occurred the day after she first threw James UTB with them. After she left, Vic was like “What the hell was that? First she throws him UTB, then she campaigns for us to keep him!” Paul in all his cynicism chalked it up to reverse psychology. haha

  17. “James tells Natalie that he will move to NY after the show”
    James still doesn’t get it I’m afraid. I would hate to see james turn into a stalker

  18. Why on earth are Paul and victor not questioning the james/Nicole pre game alliance. They cannot be that dumb it doesn’t make sense that they aren’t worried and pissed

    • They can be pissed next week. Guys just aren’t emotional creatures like women are. Boys will be boys! :-)

  19. And it is james fault that her game got screwed because he is in a pre game alliance with Nicole and was only thinking about their game not Natalie. He certainly influenced her into the decision I am not a fan of Natalie james Nicole or Cory so I’m not saying this cause I like Natalie

  20. They were dumb enough to get talked into voting out nat instead of james falling right into Nicole’s plan and if they don’t think they have a pre game alliance they are all morons.

    • Yeah I think any time two players work together to their mutual benefit, that’s proof of a pregame alliance. James and Natalie have a pregame alliance, Paul and Vic have a pregame alliance, pregame alliances for everyone!

  21. It is so ridiculous that people are trying to make something out of nothing… especially since it’s speculation regarding Nicole & James having a pregame alliance/agreement. What about people who come in as couples Rachel/Brendon, Jordan/Jeff, Danielle/Dick to name a few. They all had a pregame alliance. Come on people this is nonsense.

  22. Vic and Paul didn’t know each other before the game. I’m not a moron Big difference between that and alliances formed inside the game.

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