‘Big Brother 18’ Live Feeds: Backyard Shouter Warns Of James & Nicole Alliance

Last night on the Big Brother 18 Feeds we watched as the HGs received a warning from outside the game to watch out for James and Nicole and a suspected preseason alliance that could be closing in on becoming a F2 reality.

HGs listen to a backyard message

With the final noms of the week set we’ve been hearing from Nicole and Corey more of their plans to not only keep James but to turn the game on their F4 allies and move forward with the other remaining Vet player. Could this be part of a secret F2 deal between James and Nicole? Either way the HGs have now been warned from the outside world that it could be coming their way.

Flashback to 12:19 AM BBT 9/7 Cams 3/4 on your Live Feeds (get the Free Trial now).

James is talking with Natalie at the hot tub while Victor and Paul are standing around at the pool table. Suddenly James jumps up and is joined by the other HGs standing in the middle of the yard as they try to hear a nearby fan shouting through a megaphone.

“James… Nicole… pregame… alliance” (confirmed via @BBTooms) can be faintly heard over the Feeds as it’s repeated over and over. Everyone is standing there silent when suddenly Natalie’s mouth drops open and she points to the sky. She’s just understood the message being sent. As Victor starts to repeat what they’re hearing the Feeds cut and we go to Fish as production typically does for these sorts of events.

When things returned at 12:48 AM BBT we’ve got Natalie under the covers in the London bedroom while the rest of the HGs are in the Tokyo bedroom talking about Natalie’s and James arguing in the recent days. We’re not hearing any immediate discussion about what was heard but with Victor and Paul there the potentially interested parties surely know what was being said.

It’s not until several hours later, around 2:45 AM BBT, that we hear anything about it as James and Natalie are again discussing the pending eviction. They’ve been arguing for a long time tonight because apparently things got heated between them during that 30 minutes of down Feeds. I imagine she got pretty upset about the megaphone message and she brings it up again here as she asks if he had a final two or three deal with Nicole or with Nicole & Corey. James promises her he didn’t.

The bigger question here is whether or not this will influence Paul and Victor’s decision to target Natalie for eviction instead of James. But consider again that they have no real course of action even if they do want to try and get James out this week aside from pressuring Nicole and Corey.

Victor can’t vote and Paul is just one of the three votes this week. They’d have to go to Nicole and Corey to get that pressure applied. Considering Nicole suggested to Corey that she’d take James to the end over Corey, well he just might be willing to make the flip but I think that’s a long, long shot here.

Do you think Paul and Victor will take the message in to consideration? Will they believe that James and Nicole have a pregame alliance? We certainly think there’s a possibility that’s going on. Paul mentioned their contracts prohibited them from contacting past HGs but we also know that James and Paulie went to Derrick as they’ve admitted and it wouldn’t be a stretch for Nicole to have done the same despite the prohibition on that move. Also, don’t forget that “ten grand, ten grand, ten grand” bribe promise between Nicole and James. That was sure sketchy. Many eyebrow raising elements here.

Share your thoughts below on what you think this could mean for the Big Brother 18 Houseguests here in the final weeks of the season along with your take on outside forces impacting the game.


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  1. Don’t think this is going to impact eviction. But hey, the feeds get less interesting as the number of HGs wind down. So although this wall shouter’s action disgusts me, at least it spices up some discussion over the feeds

    • Corey and Nicole are in control of who goes, Nicole obviously is aware of her and James’ alliance and no it won’t affect anything. Still can’t believe that dingus is going to win $50k

      • Nicole doesn’t want another girl in the house to keep her wandering Doofus’ eyes.

      • Nicole is so jealous of Corey but I cam see Corey doesn’t care that much for her. Victor is always hugging her and Corey doesn’t care!! I can’t blame him she is annoying!!

    • Probably just a BB producer doing what they have done all season in the DR, Comps & Rigged staging which is influence the game.

  2. Sorry. Looks like more likely a work of someone from production! They have to create controversy to increase ratings! Anyone can throw allegations out there or make empty promises. How could Big Brother allow it if it is not by design? Not everyone is dumb enough to believe this nonsense! This is pre-taped meaning Big Brother can edit and re-tape it even if they wanted and remove that remark assuming someone from the audience actually shouted it! More than likely, it was not someone from the audience who would have been warned before the taping! Nobody can prove it except, production itself who has the most incentive to create controversy!

    • What are you talking about pre-taped? Feeds are live.

      It’s definitely not the work of production. I linked to the actual shouter in the article. This person has done it before. Definitely not part of production.

      As for how it’s allowed, check out an overhead view of the area. The backyard is open air and there’s a neighborhood right on the other side of that area. It’s not difficult. BB shuts down the Feeds and backyard when these things happen. No easy way to prevent other than to higher private security guards to patrol someone else’s private property (which you can’t do).

      • Wasn’t there another situation like this earlier in the season, Matthew? I seem to recall it was with a plane…I don’t remember if it was a sky writer or a banner, but I think the HG were told to go inside because of the disruption. Am I remembering this right?

      • No, I mean earlier…when Frank was still in the house. It was like a plane banner or something like that. They sent all the HG inside if I remember correctly.

      • Yeah I never understand that train of thought. It’s live, and plus that’s BB openly trying to influence the game. No way

    • No, there was much talk last night on another thread regarding production and prior agreement with possibly Nicole and james.

    • Are you suggesting that the live feeds have a delay feature?
      So you think somebody from production or the DR that wanted the very popular Victor and paul to stay in the game decided to rat out the James & Nicole supposed alliance this way?
      I’ve never thought of that before…

      • I don’t think so India. The feeds were cut so quickly when this happened…if production wanted us to see it, they would not have immediately shut down the live feed. I think something like this happened earlier this season as well. Wasn’t there a sky writer or a plane banner that flew over the backyard with a BB message??

      • I wonder if production would want a final 3 of James, Nicole and Corey – I kind of doubt it.
        I’m not saying production is behind this or the blow up doll incident; I was just considering all the evidence :D

      • Oh yeah, I forgot about the blow up doll thing too. No, I’m talking about even earlier…wasn’t there a plane that flew over the backyard with a message banner or something like that??
        Boy oh boy. BB fans are crazy people. How much does it cost to hire a plane to do these kinds of things?? LOL!

    • This was on live feeds, not the show! And believe me as fast as they cut the feeds…I do not think production was happy about the outsider disrupting the game like that.

    • This happens every season. Someone shouts over the fence and a couple times someone used a plane to sky write and flew banners over the back yard warning the HG. I don’t think its production. Just fans who are WAY to invested in Big Brother.

    • Oh, crazy fans do it every season. I know where BB lot is. Radford ave. Studio city. We drove by there one time. You have to keep driving back and forth though and scream with your mega phone like a maniac, but it could be done. They will call the cops on you though, Crazy fans do it every year….we almost did with Andy’s season..lol

      • Remember when they all jumped up and down over that? Like a bunch of kids who were waiting for the food truck to arrive! :-) Make that ice cream truck! :-)

    • Banitap Corey has not did anything if it was not for natalie James would not have used his 2 eviction votes when he had that care package plus natalie was the one behind the scenes that got the ball rolling to help get out paulie plus got out victor only for him to come right back in Corey only agrees with everything nicole does. Plus Corey has zero personality.

      • Matthew you are so correct. I am having such a hard time with Natalie’s personality, that I can’t give her credit for anything. I am blinded by her recent behavior towards James, which has been crappy.

      • Banitap natalie being crappy to jam es is all game play they are going to be great friends outside the house because they live far apart natalie in jersey James in Texas not going to work.

  3. Hey, @gtprods:disqus, just an FYI (because I’m not sure if you saw it or not): Derrick has made it clear on his Twitter that while he DID speak with Paulie & James prior to the beginning of the season, he would NOT characterize it as “coaching.” He also was clear that he did NOT speak to Nicole regarding game play before the season started.

    • Yes, thanks! In fact, Derrick mentioned on Periscope that he met with Nicole for lunch at a certain point and she specifically avoided saying anything about going back into the game, so there’s good reason to believe that Nicole at least followed her contract fairly strictly and didn’t coordinate with anyone before the game.

      • Interesting, I think I remember Nic saying on the feeds that Derrick CALLED her and asked if she knew she was returning…which she then said she played dumb about. Pretty sure she hasn’t said anything about this being an in person lunch. A lunch sounds much more interesting than a phone call.

      • Bingo Dan!! You said before I could. Snakole did tell Corey that Derrick asked her before the season started if she was returning. So either Derrick or Snakole is twisting the truth!!

      • Snakole told Corey that Derrick asked if she was returning to BB and she avoided answering the question. Not sure who ‘He’ is in your comment.

      • Well the lunch was some time before the show. A month maybe? So it’s possible that Nicole didn’t know she was coming back by then. Either way, both times Derrick contacted Nicole preseason she denied returning to the show, which suggests that she followed her contract and didn’t tell anyone she would be returning. This should be the final nail in the coffin of the whole “preseason deal” thing, but it’s not like there was any evidence for it in the first place, so I don’t expect anyone to really care.

    • Paulie definitely characterized it as coaching, but that’s fine. James also described the advice Derrick gave him for this season. Derrick isn’t going to burn his friends. So it’s confirmed that all three talked with Derrick recently before going back in.

      • True enough. I guess it’s all about perspective, then, eh? One man’s “advice” can be another man’s “coaching”? :)

      • If I was Derrick and had coached Paulie I would deny it after the way Paulie conducted himself and then melted down, lol

    • I saw the live feeds where this happened, but they cut them very quickly and when they came back up, James & Natalie were fighting pretty heatedly about it. I got tired and went to bed, but I read earlier (at Jokers) that she and James argued about it most of the night.
      I wonder how Paul & Victor feel about it…??

      • I haven’t had a chance to go to Jokers yet – didn’t expect all of this would happen overnight either :D
        I think both Paul and victor wouldn’t mind taking Nicole to the end and probably aren’t even worried about james.
        At another article here James was asking Nat if she’d been using him all season and Nat said she wasn’t that good of an actress.

      • OMG! India she lost her mind on him last night!! Go to Jokers…you can read a lot of it there. ;) I am bummed Nicole is planning on betraying Vic, so I don’t see them working together after this week…that is unless Paul wins HOH and then Nicole’s plans will be foiled. I can see why she would want to be sitting next to James tho b/c his BB game has been so bad this year, she might be able to persuade the jury to vote for her (even though I think most of them don’t like her) based on her BB game as opposed to James who hasn’t done much but follow after Natalie all season.
        We’ll see how it works out. :D

      • I hope Nicorey were just discussing the different scenarios when considering Victor for eviction.
        In a way I think it would be best for Nicole to keep Victor but if Victor is going to stay true to his F2 with Paul then I can see why Nicole would have to consider getting him out; and I don’t want him to go either. He deserves F2 at least.
        Ok, I’m off to Jokers to hear all about Nat’s ‘lover’s quarrel’ with James last night :D

      • I think she knows she doesn’t have a chance against Victor. They even agreed when it gets down to F4 they would be putting each other up. So anxious to see who wins HOH this week and what they’ll do. Nobody is safe except HOH and POV winner.

      • Not gonna do it. Still getting untangled from the last time they said they’d win HoH and Vic won it instead! :-)

      • If Corey throws this comp he deserves to go next.
        Let’s just hope the HOH comp won’t be endurance :D

      • Track and field seems to be his strength and hanging on to something his weakness! Poooor Nic! :-)

      • I am a Nicorey fan and I also was bumbed that she wants to back door Victor. I would like to see Victor and Nicole in final 2…..Don’t hate me.

      • Right there with you! *fistbump* Although, I will say I’m a Nicole fan and now a Vic fan, not necessarily a Corey fan. ;o)

      • Wait for it. Why he even had to confess to the camera he was not gay to his own parents perplexed me. Was he trying to convince them or himself? hahaha

      • I’m still shaking with laughter when Nic got a bit too “frisky” he had to leave the bed quickly before he messed himself! :-)

      • Lots of fighting. I was so mad when the feeds went down so fast. Then waiting to find out what was going on. I didn’t even hear it. James tapped Natalie on the shoulder and they both jumped out of the hot tub and then there was Victor and Paul just standing there and I was thinking WTH.

      • natalie would just blame james for her using him…she would just tell him well you took it upon yourself and i felt bad for not letting you so its your fault…

      • Ha! I just saw that Natalie is upset about being dumped twice on TV lol. She still thinks everything is Nicole’s fault though.

      • I know she says she was in two failed showmances… I can’t help but wonder if Victor knows he was in a showmance with her? I’m thinking he doesn’t! ;)

      • He does. He talked about it with Corey. How he got out after 4 days. This was when Corey was saying he wasn’t going to be in a relationship with Nicole after the show.

      • He said after four days. He never mentions why then but in previous conversations he said it was because they were just too unalike. that she would just want to talk about shopping and clothes and fashion and such and he’s not into that.

      • Nat’s ego has taken a lot of abuse this season.
        All her flirting achieved absolutely nothing but a showmance with James while Nicole is treated like she’s the guys kid sister.
        She suspects James prefers Nicole to stay in the game over her – probably true.
        She was dumped by Victor.
        James won’t self evict so she can stay.
        So when she sees those Vicole videos that will probably be the final insult to her deflated ego.

      • I think that’s part of the reason Natalie is so bummed out; must be a big blow to her ego to be evicted by Victor, the man she tried to have a showmance with.
        Her feelings are probably hurt.

      • Her apology meant nothing to him. Take that to the bank, Nic. If he hadn’t won his way back into the house, she’d have never apologized, me thinks!

      • I don’t think it has anything to do with her being evicted by him – for her, it’s about the fact that he rejected her! Like she’s told James, she “can get any guy” she wants, and yet she got SHOT DOWN *3* times in one summer!!! OUCHIE

      • I doubt very seriously if Natalie can get any kind of man she wants out in the real world either – she’s not that good looking. Flirting with all the guys in the beginning was horrible strategy.

      • I think so too… The way Nat looks at Vic and lights up around him… Just watching her on the Feeds it’s so odvious to me that she wants to be with him still!

  4. There’s no way for BB to prove a pre-game deal. Unless they just ask Nicole. She can’t lie to save her life

  5. Wow all these assumptions. First I would think “if” (and that’s a big if) James and Nicole had a pre F2 deal it would of been talked about by the two of them as they were alone plenty of times on the feeds. Second when they were alone talking they discussed how they were excited to see each other and wanted to work together. That conversation took place after the game started. Third the people screaming with the mega phone happens just about every season and they’re also assuming and have no real evidence. Until the end of the game when Julie can actually ask either one if they had a secret F2 we don’t really know for sure. Just assumptions.

    • Exactly. I personally do not think fans should disrupt the game like that no matter what. James said he was working with Nicole since day 1 and that has furthered all these theories, however, he could simply be referring to the Vet Alliance that started on…hello? Day 1. No one actually knows if they have a pre-game alliance and no one should be outside that house yelling unsubstantiated gossip through a megaphone! At least that is my opinion.

      • I was thinking the same thing TGJ, maybe Nicole & James are still honoring their Vets alliance from the beginning of the show – so no hanky panky there.

      • I agree. No one knows for sure. It is simply gossip and unsubstantiated innuendo. I do know Nicole wants to take James to F3 over Vic & Paul…so I am hoping her plan fails miserably (sorry India) but you know me…I am #TeamVic, so I cannot help but cross my fingers and toes that her plan blows up in her face. :)

      • Aww…it does India. Thank you my friend. :) And if I get my wish and Nicole’s plans explode…well, I will hate that for you too.
        Good to know we will still have #Friendship no matter what happens next week. :)

      • Hahaha! OMG! Speaking of that Mickey person… did you see the whole blow up from yesterday regarding him/her?? HUGE scandalous behavior on Mickey’s part!!

      • i had to block mickey i couldn’t with those book size paragraphs and mispelling of discombobulated wording anymore this season i will unblock after the season is over lol

      • I blocked him too and then I would see that it appeared that he had responded to some of my posts. Of course, I couldn’t see what he wrote so I felt like posting after him ‘Sorry, can’t hear you’, lol

      • Ahahahahahahahahaha, muhahahaha. I got tired of trying to decipher his goings on. Don’t tell him I told you this, k?

      • There was a lot of weird stuff going on yesterday with Mickey using people’s Avatars. Very confusing to say the least so I hope Mickey is banned now.

      • Yay! We love #friendship! This is a great forum to talk and not worry if you don’t agree,… LOVE it!

      • She or Cory may not win the comps they have to win you never know, it could be reversed and Paul and Victor pull in James and vote out Cory.

      • Nicole also told Corey two nights ago that she wants to go to F2 with James since she believes she can’t beat Corey. She asked Corey if he’d be upset even if it was just a game move.

      • Seems she’s getting a bit testy since Corey told her he wasn’t going to date her outside the house!

      • she is getting her head around what the rest of us have known for weeks now…minus the bruce jenner part lol

      • Ahahahaha. I had a friend once who was about to marry a guy I pointed out to her was gay. She didn’t believe me, at least not until after he’d given her two kids and left her for another man. She called me up and said, “don’t you dare tell me you told me so!” hahaha

      • Did Corey tell that to Nicole or Victor? I hope he did tell Nicole so she will realize how he’s been using her. Nice people are so gullible sometimes.

      • I think she’s gotten a few hints and Vic probably told her in no uncertain words! Vic’s good like that. Just have to watch his eyes, like Nic’s good at doing! :-)

      • I hope he did tell her, did you hear about this on Jokers or on the feeds? Most people aren’t aware that victor told Nicole about Corey. I think he needs to.I can see Victor getting Corey out next and I hope Nicole votes him out lol.

      • He didn’t vocalize it to her. It’s one of those, “you had to have been there” type things. Jokers didn’t pick up on it! They only post what they hear! :-)

      • So Victor did kind of tell Nicole? I hope so! I did see a little bit of difference between them on BBAD so I hope she’s seeing the light where this cad is concerned.

      • She’s just starting to figure it all out. May not be in the Vic of time, but we’ll see! LOL

      • “Vic of time” Ahahahahahha :D
        I hope the DR helps Nic figure it out and banish Corey from her bed kingdom.

      • Can you picture how much her figuring this out would change the whole game
        At this point?? Come on Nicole, get with it sister!!

      • Sorta. I think everything was just getting to her too. They’re back to being friends again as if the convo never took place.

      • I saw that on the live feeds too Matthew… I also agree with her observation. I think the BEST shot Nicole has is taking James and that is b/c she can lobby to the jurors that she has actually played BB this season whereas James cannot really say the same. He has spent most of this season following Natalie and praying she drops him a few crumbs of affection here and there. While I feel bad for James b/c he got hoodwinked by a master manipulator, I do not feel sorry enough for him to watch him be handed 50K (much less 500K) for not playing the game! IMO, Vic, Paul…even Corey are more deserving to sit in the F2 than James.

      • when did you see it? I want to flashback. I hope she wakes up and doesn’t find out until after the show.

      • Oh it was on live feeds a few nights ago. Ask Matt Boyer…he’s admin for BBN and he could probably give you the exact time and date Nic & Corey had the conversation. It was like the night before last if I recall correctly. However, live feeds sometimes run together in my head (lol) that is why I don’t trust my own dates! :)

    • Of course it’s based on assumption since none of us were there for these preseason talks with other HGs that were also prohibited but they’ve admitted to doing. As for what they might say when alone about a F2 they without doubt had their ten grand talk.

      As for post game confirmation for whether or not they did have a deal that will never happen as it’d be a direct violation of their contract, just as why they’d never explicitly state in the house.

      • But what they can say is they had a F2 from day one. And once again people can assume. I’m not directing my comment to you Matt. You’re reporting what you see and read. I’m talking about the viewing audience making assumptions. Just like every year we hear production made this happen. Always assuming but never any facts. As far as that 10 grand talk so many players have talked about if I win I’ll give you this or buy you that. I think it was an innocent conversation about a gift to the F4. It wasn’t just those two. It was talked about all 4. If it wasn’t innocent I don’t think they would of discussed it on camera. JMO

      • Actually Lavendargirl, I think Nic and James got into trouble for that conversation b/c they were told to stop and then called into the DR.

        However, for the record,. I am not saying yes or no to any and all conspiracy theories (lol) so do not flame me anyone! ;) LOL!

    • Nail head meet hammer. Lavendargirl got it correct on the first try. First Nicole is not that smart to think of a pre game alliance and James does not have the initiate to do it. he only “started to play Big Brother” this last week after HOH. Every year this happens remember season 8 with Eric and the banner saying not to trust him and another houseguest and then Eric was evicted. I think production had a cease and desist letter drafted to the pilot who flew that banner that year as they got the ID numbers.

    • Lol..if they had a pregame alliance, it would make sense for them to NOT talk about it on the feeds, because it’s cheating.

      • We all know James will throw HOH anyway so he won’t have to make waves and pick a side. With Natalie gone he’s pretty harmless so I think whoever he’s sitting by on Thursday he’ll be safe. It sucks bc I really want him gone but I think if he’s sitting by Paul or Vic the temptation will be too high for Nicole and Corey to keep him, and viceversa if James is sitting by Nicole or Corey they might keep James too just to tear apart Nicorey. I really really hope and pray to the BB gods that Paul wins HOH and nominates James and Nicole. Either leaving would be awesome, especially Nicole but even James would be cool, I can’t stand either of them.

      • We are getting to the point where the Veto may hold more power than the HOH. If they put Cory up against James and Nicole wins Veto than Paul would have to put Victor up and Cory and Nicole would have the vote….But it could go the other way as well.

  6. So here is my question kind of unrelated, i know this isn’t a soap opera, but I watched last night when Victor told Paul that he was worried about Nicole getting hurt when the game is over and Cory wants nothing to do with her, why doesn’t he say something to her? Do you think it would blow up his game?

    • In this case I think victor should tell Nicole what Corey said. I believe he would break the news gently and be her friend if she struggles with a broken heart. Corey is not behaving as a gentleman should and is probably only using Nicole.

      • I never wanted to believe that but I know you are right. I think he cares about her as a friend but wants to be single.

      • Corey has probably had women throwing themselves at him for a long time now. Not that I understand why they would do that but I suppose some women would consider him a good match since he comes from money.
        That’s the only explanation I can think of for why Corey would treat a sweet girl like Nicole in such a callous manner.

      • hahahahahahahahaha omg if i could choose a fan from this site to win 500k instead of a houseguest it just went to you joni!!! i am loling so much

      • Dayum…I sure could use it for my future lypo butt lift myself! Damn saggy thing is about to drag me down nowadays! :-)

      • For me, this goes beyond game and strays into Gnat/James territory. I adore Nicole (as a person, if not always as a BB player) and I think Vic does, too, which is why this is something that’s on his mind. He strikes me as an honorable man and, aside from his obvious crush on Nic, doesn’t want to see her get hurt again knowing how hurt she was after the Hayden split. I think he should tell her, too, since he was the one having that conversation with Corey. I think his hesitation is in that he knows Nic trusts Corey 100% and wouldn’t want to blow up Corey’s game BECAUSE of being honorable, even though he & Paul could definitely take advantage of the fallout and have Nic targeting Corey.

      • I agree Heather. It bothers him b/c he likes her, but if he told her and she believes Corey…the entire thing could totally blow up in Vic’s face and then he will be embroiled in a “he said-she said” situation; something he has successfully managed to avoid the entire season.

      • Absolutely agree with you. It bothers him, for sure. But, it’s like out here in the real world – if you tell your best friend that her man is a piece of trash, you’re normally wasting your breath because YOU wind up looking like the Bitter Betty (until much, much later, of course)! Someone heavily involved with another does not ever take it well when someone else trashes their SO, even if it’s true.

      • So True. Been there, done that. All a friend can do is patiently wait and be there when they finally realize what happened……

      • Victor has been an honorable man I agree, unlike Corey. BUT, it would be a good game move as well for Victor…just saying :D

      • He’s definitely using her India. He told Vic straight out he has no plans to leave the BB house in a relationship with her.

      • I just read somewhere that Corey is getting jealous of Victor – maybe it’s a big act with Corey about not having a relationship with Nicole after the game and he’s just trying to throw off VP.
        We’ll know after the game :D

      • Corey is acting like most men do…they want something more when they realize someone else wants it too. It’s Darwinian theory… It won’t last outside the house. He made it real clear…he said at the wrap party he will be single. Can’t get any clearer than that imo.

      • No you can’t.
        Hey that’s fine if Corey wants to be single at the after party, Victor will be there to escort her and I doubt anybody wants to talk to Corey anyway.
        I’d love to see Vicole have a good time at the party while Corey is a wallflower. :D

    • I saw that too. That is exactly why I luv Vic so much! He’s a flirt, but he isn’t a user. Corey is totally using Nicole and has told Vic he will have nothing to do with her once he leaves the BB house… However, and here is the funny thing…once Corey managed to somehow get a clue Vic might be interested in Nicole…Has anyone else but me noticed how attentive he has been to her this last week on the live feeds? It is almost like he wants her more now that Vic might be interested. Nicorey were even discussing how Vuic liked her (Nicole) last night on the feeds… I almost feel sorry for Nicole b/c she obviously likes Corey, but he does not feel the same about her and she will definitely feel stupid once she sees all of the conversations he has had behind her back.

      • Yep I noticed that too. I’m hoping Vic and Nicole get together! It’s kinda like a soap opera love triangle when you’re rooting for the underdog (Vic) to end up with the girl!

      • Vic and Nicole have 15 days left to backstab Corey – make it happen AG, we want a Vicole love match :D

      • LOl! India, I truly <3 you! Wish it could happen, but unfortunately, I think Nicole is just way too wrapped up in Corey. It's sad coz I think she is going to be left feeling really betrayed when she sees some of his one on one conversations with the guys.

      • There a little bit of good news concerning Nicorey.
        Nicole asked C. if he would mind too much if she didn’t take him to the finale. He said no.
        I don’t even believe Nicorey have a final 2 yet which is weird.
        If Victor goes up on the block he needs to spill the beans to Nicole about what Corey said to him.

      • Where did you see he said no? I saw that conversation on live feeds and he told her he wouldn’t talk to her anymore if she did that. He later said he was joking, but I don’t think so…

      • After her always saying to him this season that he’s the only one she trusts in the house. Hmmmm.

      • I saw parts of it on BBAD. The camera was jumping around to different rooms so I might’ve missed a few things. She definitely did ask him and I vaguely recall him saying that to her.

      • Remember him saying, “Oh myyyy gawwwwd, Nicole!” He always draws out his syllables when he’s upset!

      • He later said he was joking about it, but his *kneejerk* reaction to her saying that was to tell her he would never talk to her again. I saw that conversation while it was happening on live feeds so it didn’t suddenly jump like it does on BBAD sometimes.

      • No disrespect to Nicole but I would like to see Vic with someone classy, and definitely not in the house. Nicole’s dirty feet seem to drive him crazy. Keep your eye on the game Vic

      • i wanna see vic with the 500k and then i dun wanna know who hooks up with who or why or how or anything lol

      • I’m laughing so hard right now…Hard-to-type! OMG! You kill me! You really do! Please…JenCity GinaMarie?? UGH! Did you have to troll the bottom of the barrel Joni. Maybe you’d like to fix him up with Aaryn next.

        Oh wait.. *snaps fingers* That’s right. He’s not in her color wheel!! ;)

      • She found her catch and snatched him, taking him to the altar, so wouldn’t have suggested her. Okay, so maybe Danielle, BB14? I hear she’s still looking to mate! :-)

      • You mean Dan G’s pet?? ;) Oh gosh…please no!
        Oh how about Porsche from BB 13… she thought she was expensive and classy! ;)

        wait can you be expensive AND classy?? lol!

        Well, at least her name is classy. hehe

      • LOL! I know, they do. Did you hear him the other night when she asked to feed the fish?? He asked her if she would wash her feet first!! hahahahha! I about died.

      • Have you seen the bottom of her feet, they’re nasty especially when she wants to step on your pillow! Hope Vic is not so fastidious in those tender moments if you catch my drift.

      • I have, he’s usually wearing something on his feet. He actually said that at one point. He’s a clean boy.

      • Victor needs to have a back-up plan in case he’s on the block with Paul. Nicole would be a good 2nd choice to get to the end. Of course she’ll lose to him while Paul might win over Vic.
        I hate to say it but victor needs to get rid of Paul before Paul gets rid of him.

      • Sorry, Vic is too good for her. What woman dirty’s a house after someone sweat to clean. She’s a pig.

      • Once again, it’s not just you. I haven’t been watching feeds much, but what I’ve seen on whatever BBAD I’ve watched and seen here, Corey has SUDDENLY found his “affection” for Nicole all over again. That irritates me to no end because it’s so dishonorable and just plain Gnat-like of him It’s one thing if he was using Nicole for the physical and kept that info to himself (still disgusting, but he has to live with himself & what he’s done), but the fact that he made it clear to Vic and THEN starts acting like he’s into her when it looks like Vic might move in? Downright despicable, where I come from. And it points to his lack of maturity – a grown-up would quit leading someone on regardless of whether or not he stood to lose a bedmate.

      • Corey is such an entitled A$$.
        I hope Nicole can see through his act, with a little help from victor.

      • You nailed it… He is entitled and that’s driven me crazy about him from day 1! I haven’t liked him the whole season and at this point as long as anyone but him is in F2 I’m

      • You can tell he considers women to only be something to use in the BB house. He’s probably the same way at home.

      • Yep-yep-yep, Heather. He is suddenly all “Oh Nicole”… and he has been playing the cold fish for a bit now, trying to distance himself because as he put it “He was not leaving this house in a relationship” end quote.
        But now…all the sudden…he is totally into her again. Nah. He’s doing that b/c he sees Vic might be interested. It’s classic MAN behavior. They don’t want someone until they think someone else is encroaching on their territory. Hello Corey?? Caveman much??

      • It’s all about the thrill of the chase for some of these boys. I think it’s coded on the Y Chromosome & it’s what I like to call “Y Chromosome Poisoning.” Hahahahaha Dude – let her go because you don’t want anything to do with her in the real world and she deserves better than to be used by you and tossed aside afterwards. At least Vic would treat her like a human being, not just a sex toy.

      • It’s based on testosterone levels. When another male comes into play, it’s Darwinian theory…protect what is yours, even if you do not want it. Corey sees Vic as a threat, therefore, he has hovered around Nicole this week to protect and stake his claim. Psych 101. :) Not a hatred of the male species. ;)

      • Yep, like I said yesterday – Testosterone Poisoning. Hahaha I get the point you’re making, though. It goes WAY back and isn’t necessarily something that is thought about on a conscious level.

      • Do you hate men? I feel you last point is human behavior. I’ve seen women countless times desire a man or show affection after they see him with other women.
        I’m not trying to argue, but looking through your comments, they seem quite derogatory towards males.
        I’m not justifying Corey’s behavior, but let’s call it like it is, none of these people, maybe except for Vic, are a real catch.

      • What?? Youre kidding right? No, I do not hate men. What I was referring to is called Darwinian theory and it is based on the desire to stake your claim when you feel it is being threatened. Men often react in this fashion because of testosterone levels…it’s a scientific thing, not a hate thing.

        Oh and FYI…check my posts…one of my fave players of all time: Evel Dick! Not exactly a popular choice with a lot of women…But yeah..I’m a man hater!! Wow! How did you get that from that post??

      • Okay, I am going to try this again… I replied to this comment an hour ago through my notifications, but since it did not post, I am going to reply again.

        I am still smh at this comment b/c it is bizarre!

        Man hater?? Really?? Wow! I honestly don’t know how you can come up with this assumption after reading just a couple of posts by me. What I said about Corey is not based on hating men. I do not now, nor have I ever hate men! LOL! Wow…my brother would laugh so hard at hearing that. Anyhow, my comments about Corey were based on aspects of Darwinian theory. The desire to stake a claim on property (and/or people) when you feel your claim may be jeopardized by another dominant opponent. It is Psych 101…based on the scientific fact that men engage in this behavior more than women because they produce much higher levels of testosterone than women do. You can blame my BSD in Psychology for my observation, not a hatred of the male species!

        Oh and had you checked my posts a little more diligently, you would have discovered my fave HGs of all time: Evel Dick & Dr. Will…Trust me, ED is not a HG most women are fans of.

        SMH. Wow. I am still blown away by this comment tho. I have never had anyone call me a man hater before…

      • I don’t have time to diligently read through your posts, but if you read my initial post, I didn’t say you hated men, I ASKED if you did.
        I only know that you had two different comments that didn’t read very favorable to men. ‘Classic MAN behavior’ doesn’t sound very complimentary towards males.

      • If you see too I capitalized the MAN part b/c in many psychological theories certain behaviors are more assigned to males than females. This is one of those behaviors…staking your claim to something when another dominant (usually male) starts showing an interest. It is a psychological observation…and you were the one to mention how you “looked through my comments” so I can only take that as you said it.

        I’m not going to argue about this either, but you really should not make an observation like that based on one post. Just my opinion…but I do not think anyone would have appreciated being asked a question like that.

      • I noticed it right away. He’s such a jerk. But Nicole should never have put herself in this position. Technically, she should not be upset. She set her own self up for a hurting.

      • Well, she did put herself in the position to be hurt…however, being a POS kind of person who uses people like that is not okay. Vic feels bad and I think he wants to tell her, but he also does not want to be caught in the middle should Nicole believe Corey over him (which is a real possibility b/c she is so enamored). I feel bad for Nicole as a person…but I am angry with her as a gamer b/c she wants to hurt my boy Vic. I feel like I’m stuck in the middle as well. ;)

      • Personally, my feelings about POS,karma will butt them in the butt.

        As far as Nicole, she has been silly staking a claim over Corey. Showing no pride whatsoever, she has continually refused to see his shenanigans. She has never guarded her heart. She has only acted like they are in a real relationship when they are in fact playing a game on national tv. You have to remember they whispered a lot in the beginning so he may have been totally honest with her and it went in one ear and out the other.

  7. Wait til they find out about the fast forward next Monday. Nic nor James was able to figure that out when Paul and Corey were talking about it. Gonna love it when they’re blindsided before they figure it out too late! :-)

    • I hope Vic realizes he’s in trouble. I really like him and think he has played the most honest game this season… and yes, before anyone flames me…I know that is not necessarily how BB is played! LOL! ;) But, I can still have my opinion and I just like how Victor has handled himself, always classy, despite being evicted…twice!

      • Yeh, baby! I’ll always respect a guy who plays a game clean and still be a mean sob at the same time! :-)

      • i don’t think vic will catch it in time i hope he does, but he doesn’t think shady…

      • LMAO! Exactly. That is Paul’s main purpose in this alliance. He better get to steppin up his job performance b/c he is slippin… ;)

      • LOL! You crack me up! Paul better get back on duty coz Vic is far too nice (naïve) to see the way the winds are a’shiftin… Paul is a skeptic, a cynic and an all round rude dude…he should be able to spot the blindside a comin. If he doesn’t Vic needs to fire him as BB social game coordinator. Haha!

      • Paul’s too busy planning his meet and greets after the season and how he’s going to leverage his time on BB to help his business. Getting very disappointed with him

      • I hope he realizes…He’s pretty craft. I cannot imagine he did not hear that fan with the megaphone last night and NOT think about the possibility. I am definitely not saying the pregame alliance between James and Nic is true, however, I have to think just hearing of a possible alliance like that will make Paul suspicious.

      • Hahahahaha! OMG Joni…you are too funny! Yeah, hopefully he gets his head back in the game soon b/c if not…he and Vic are in deep trouble.

      • I know…and I agree with Joni, thinking shady is Paul’s job! He better start minding his J.O.B. and make sure he and Vic are safe and win that darned HOH!!

      • “He doesn’t think shady. Spot on..That’s Victor, and that’s a little disadvantage when playing this game. Paul is the shadiest Hg there. He’s got to be thinking now about their future. Also..Vic is ‘one lucky guy, and I hope he continues his lucky streak.

      • I agree. I think Vic sees people as he sees himself. If you give your word you keep it. In RL, that’s great…not such a good trait in BB house. Paul needs to step it up and spot the blindside coming b/c that is his J.O.B. in this alliance imo.

        Oh and on another note… Cy, I see you are still using the noose… Haven’t you been able to get your old avatar back after being hi-jacked yesterday??!!

      • Oh TGJ! That’s the first thing I did this morning was fix my avatar. I did something with my account yesterday, reacting to what this a hole did to me. Now some how my file is corrupted and wont let me change my avatar. lol I gave up frustrated. I’ll try to fix it later. …my avatar, that’s how I felt yesterday, or I wanna give it to somebody. lol My privacy got invaded, you know..

      • lol. Thanks. I actually opened up a topic last night on Disqus about my case. So far I have a couple of responses, and none of them worked…Ha!.., I don’t give up easily.

      • I can’t even find my topic. Have you browsed on Disqus site? I get a notification/alert when someone responds.They have so many channels, it’s confusing. I never hang around on their site. until yesterday. You should start browsing, it’s overwhelming.

      • I have browsed on Disqus but I still can’t figure it out. I wish they had a place where I could type in your name and it would guide me to your discussion.

      • India, I think it is deleted b/c Matthew Boyer was alerted by Sharona last night of the hijacking and took care of it. However, I was witness to it and it was re-donk-u-lous! The Mickey person was inundating this site with so much nonsense…I swear, it was frustrating!

      • What in the world got into Mickey. I’m just afraid he/she will do this to other accounts (like mine.)
        I was looking for Cyril’s Disqus discussion that he started and I can’t figure out how to find it. I don’t understand how someone can highjack your account this way.

      • I don’t either. I do know we all need to be on the look out for each other from now on…as soon as we start seeing weird posts from our friends–whom we KNOW would never post gibberish–and try to contact them if we can. We need to keep each other safe. This SUCKS!

      • Good idea Sharona although I hope M. won’t make a new account and come back and mess with people again. Who would’ve thought Mickey would turn out to be some kind of computer expert smh.

      • Certainly not me! I still can’t believe he/she/it did that. I kept telling everyone to cut him some slack…English wasn’t his first language…he wasn’t hurting anyone…now I feel like I’m responsible for letting this person get away with a lot—when other people kept saying, ‘he’s a troll; someone ban him! He’s an idiot!’ I felt like he was being bullied, so I kept sticking up for him…for weeks. Then our Cyril gets hurt. Sometimes I can be too trusting. I guess I need to be more aloof (?), but I don’t like to see people treated badly.

      • Sharona, you have nothing to feel bad about! Being a kind person is an admirable quality, not a shameful one. One of the reasons I gave the Mickey a chance was b/c of the way I saw people talking to him/her as well. I thought it seemed a bit mean when they would say “what medications are you on?” et cetera… However, what he/she did to Cy…well, there is no excuse for that behavior. I admire your kindness here. You voice your opinions in a way that opens the debate, but without insulting other members with nasty or rude comments.

        I had someone ask me if I hated men yesterday…and it really bugged me and made me doubt the integrity of my posts here for a moment. (India helped me with that… :) But, I honestly I wanted to go off on that person, Sharon and sling insults, but I tried to keep my response insult free..and that is b/c so many people here (and you are one of them) are classy in their replies. I want to adhere to that level of respect and act in the same manner. So, be proud for helping to set a bar here…and if people sink beneath that bar…that is on them, not you.

        Just my opinion of course..but I stand by it. :)

      • Thank you, TGJ. I have to admit, there have been times when I’ve been bullied by people on this site (not this year), and the human in me ran off at the mouth…and I immediately felt badly and deleted my posts and apologized. And when that happened, K (KSJB) came to my defense and didn’t let that person get away with the bullying. That’s what a good friend does. She’s a gem!
        I appreciate that you see I TRY not to be insulting. I can be pretty snarky—but I’d never attack anyone. EVER. I’ve been on the receiving end of that type of behavior–in life–and there’s absolutely no excuse for it. None. I think that’s why I went into the career I did…I worked with kids. I was an actress for years, then eventually started a Children’s Theatre. I had a really successful career…but doing show for kids—especially abused children—was more gratifying than anything I’d ever done in my life.
        Anyway…someone accused you of being a man hater? WTH? Lol…I’m not sure I’d have been able to keep my response classy. JK. Good for you! Take the high road!
        Thank you again for all the kind words. I can’t begin to tell you how much they mean to me. Seriously. You make me want to cry. :)
        I’m so glad you joined our family!

      • First off Sharona, don’t blame yourself; how were we to know whether or not s/he was really language challenged or just a troll?
        The blame should be firmly placed on the moderators that ignored numerous complaints about this person talking gibberish. Since the mods didn’t do anything I just assumed Mickey was all right – I trusted the mods to protect us from trolls.
        Plus, I hate blocking people because it drives me nuts when I see all those ‘this person has been blocked’ in all the conversations so I didn’t block Mickey earlier as I should have when s/he wouldn’t deal straight with me about her/his language barrier.
        I hope Cyrus has been able to get his computer problems straightened out as I’m afraid some of his important financial documents might have been breeched. I wish someone would let me know just how far the damage was in this instance because I’m scared.
        Thanks Sharona, and don’t worry about anything. It’s not your fault at all.

      • Thank you, India. That means a lot to me. :)
        I hope he gets everything straightened out, too. That cyber identity theft crap isn’t something to take lightly. If you don’t use the same passwords on Disqus as you do on Facebook, you should be OK. If you do, I’d change it ASAP. I’m sure Mickey won’t do anything to you, but it might not be a bad idea to change passwords on Disqus every year—and keep it separate from Facebook. Since I’m no longer on Facebook, I’m not worried…but I have a different password for everything and NONE of them are remotely similar. Plus, I change them frequently. It’s a pain in the butt, but it can help keep you safe.
        So if you are really worried, change your password on Disqus and you should be OK. OK? :)

      • Thanks Sharona, that makes me feel better. I don’t have Facebook linked up to Disqus as far as I know. It’s beyond belief that M. was able to get that info from someone commenting here. We use Norton so I think we should be pretty safe.
        I hope the HOH endurance comp will be available to the live feeders..can’t wait till tonight :D

      • Norton is really good. YES, the comp will be shown to the feedsters. Starts at 10. Can’t wait for tonight either!!

      • Finally caught up on everything at Jokers. Natalie has successfully friend zoned james and he has accepted his fate stoically. I still expect him to show up in NY after the season though.
        Jokers didn’t have much about the fight at all and everything went to feeds but apparently James hurt Natalie’s feelings horribly.

      • Oh the update has probably already timed out…they update so regularly if you don’t catch it it’ll be gone in a few hours. This fight happened all last night and into the wee hours of the morn, until I think like 4 or 5 am. Just trust me, India, it was bad and I think Nat hurt James as much, if not more, than James hurt her. She is just angry and upset she is being evicted and James has become her (verbal) punching bag all week!

        It’s not pretty.

      • Apparently they’ve edited the actual fight and only showed them discussing things AFTER the fight happened. Do you remember what Nat said to James? Whatever it was he now accepts he’s in the friend zone.
        James accused Nat of using him which she denies. Without the feeds I can’t tell if she’s being truthful with him or not.
        I know one thing, if I were Nat I would’ve already gone off on James a long time ago because I wouldn’t be able to stand somebody following me around all day long. For the past 3 days James has been pestering her about the status of their relationship so whatever she did to make him see it was just a friendship worked.
        Then he said ‘why didn’t you tell me from the beginning that we were just friends?’ which is a very good question. Natalie did lead him on I believe, and didn’t realize James couldn’t tell the difference between flirting and wanting a romantic relationship.
        Now if James were a rich oilman from Texas Nat would run off to Vegas right after the finale to marry him lol.
        It’s all so sad but we all knew this would happen eventually.

      • Hahaha! India, you’re funny. No, she was just blasting him for messing up her game with his advice to hook up with Nicole & Corey. Plus, she accused him of having a deal with Nicole, beyond what he is admitting. She also told him not to come to NY b/c she is going to want to have time with just her friends and family… I mean she went on and on, basically backtracking on much of what she told him this season. I mean she told James he was her soulmate, India. That is more than just a little leading, dont you think? I’m aggravated with Corey and he has said nothing near as misleading as that!

      • Soul Mate? that’s pretty bad I agree.
        I wish she would quit blaming James for the Victor decision too. There was absolutely nothing wrong with getting Victor out and how were they to know Victor would return the same day and their game would be tanked. They were just unlucky. Even if Nat did get her way and Corey had been voted out paulie would’ve returned instead so she’d still be in dire straits.
        If James and Nicole do have a secret F2 I think it’ll be hilarious when Nat finds this out Hahaha!
        Nicole has managed to frustrate all of Nat’s plans so far and I think that’s what bothering her the most.

      • Agreed. Plus, I think she sees how attentive Vic is to Nicole and imo, Nat still has a thing for Victor. Her nominating him was a bit of revenge too…just my opinion mind you, but it kind of makes sense too. Dont ya think?

      • I didn’t think of that but if Natalie has noticed all the teasing and flirting going on between Vicole that’s just another reason to feel rejected and hurt. Nat has to hate Nicole with a purple passion right now lol.

      • Oh btw…Do I come off as a man hater to you?? I know that sounds like a bizarre question, but I actually had someone ask me here if I hated men???

      • Lol, no you don’t come across as a man hater but your accuser is extremely rude to say so.
        What’s the first letter of their name? Just block them if they become too belligerent.

      • I’m sad
        Cryil…in my personal life I am going through identify thef. Federal government cleared my identity and it was proven stolen. Next day State of CA says you owe 2033.25 from 2014. It’s my first letter missing my middle name and it has my adopted last name from hell on it, which I can prove is not me. So, 9/8 is the day was told levy or lien on my bank account. All because I filled out an application 8 yrs ago. Lived in house, shady people stole my identity. Wasn’t good enough I paid almost all they mortgage for rent and saved them from foreclosure. It even more mind blowing and complicated story. So, I feel your pain, Cyril.

      • Ohhhhh dear! So sorry that happened to you. I know how much harder it would be to clear your name than it had been for the thieves to take it and sully it.

      • Guess what Cyril. I have had a sneaking suspicion for a while that Garry Wood from Toronto, Ontario, who is posting on Facebook, is actually Mickey. Look at the Facebook posting above. Out of all context to any of the conversations, he says “ayt least i can still comment on here lol” He also has a rather distasteful avatar! This Garry Wood has always repeated himself and misspelled like crazy, so yes, I was suspicious.

      • Really? Interesting…That person was a real pest yesterday and what they did with Cyril’s avatar and identity…scandalous!

      • It is scandalous! If you look at Garry Wood’s Facebook postings, sometimes he posts intelligently, sometimes very annoyingly, like repeating everything in a conspiracy theory mishmash. It’s just like Mickey was doing on BBN. I really do think it’s him!

      • What? Oh cool.I guess I could have been a detective in another life, ha ha. I am just glad Cyril found the little db after I gave him some clues!

      • Awesome jkmeme! You & Sharona should pair up to track down and ban all the trolls on the site! We’d be free and clear of them in days! ;)

      • Ahh thanks TGJ! Sharona is the best though. She has lots more experience. I just sat back and observed a lot of conversations and put 2 and 2 together. Always love your insightful comments about the houseguests!

      • I told jkmeme that the two of you need to pair up to track down and get banned all the trolls on this site. Between the two of you, we should be troll free in a matter of days! ;)

      • I’ve been searching Gary Wood on FB. There’s a lot of them. I’m curious. lol ..what’s his avatar?..and how did you end up finding Gary Wood?

      • I always use my tablet instead of my computer. Above Disqus, there are Facebook posts. Garry Wood’s avatar is a brown animal of some kind and inserted into the avatar is the word ” shitty”. (Sorry for the cuss word, but that’s what is says!) I thought everyone could see Facebook posts below Matt’s articles. Sorry for the confusion.

      • Ok Cy, you take that noose and go hang it around that little turd’s neck! Ooh, am I bloodthirsty or what?

      • Just to warn you guys. Be alert, because he/she will be back with a different name/account..just watch. Unless she copy/paste, she’s so identifiable, her ewok speak is very unique. lol

      • Hahaha! I know. As soon as I unblocked Cy…I knew it wasn’t you. I was like Ugh…this is the Mickey person! How the bleep did they get Cyril’s identity??!!

      • You know who’s good on identifying an impostor?… Sharona I’m not kidding. lol. There was this rude poster name Isaiah years ago, and one time that person showed up here with a different name, posting rude comments/Isaiah style..and she called him out..”Is that you Isaiah?..she was right! lol

      • So sorry you had to go through that and thanks for the warning. When I saw the noose, I was reminded of an old episode of Archie Bunker wherein he was getting so incredibly bored listening to Edith that he pantomimed tying a noose around his own neck and hanging himself – tongue out, eyes crossed .. so funny. Anyway …..good luck.

      • I must say that was one of the funniest acts ever, I remember being alone at the time and just laughed like crazy all by myself and the image kept coming back over the years and I’d just laugh all over again.

      • My dad was Archie and my poor Mom was Edith. LOL! Mom was actually very intelligent (had her Master’s degree in Business Administration), but my dad was factory worker, who grew up in an incredibly racist home. He was talented, but not very bright. He was pretty jealous of her and treated her like Edith. And she put up with it. My brother and I would call them Archie and Edith to their faces—they had no idea what we were talking about—they didn’t watch TV shows like that—also, they were in bed very early.
        Years later, after they had retired and finally had seen “All in the Family” in re-runs, my Mom called me laughing hysterically and said, “THAT’S why you and Russell called me and your Father, Edith and Archie?!” I laughed and said, “Well, we were really making fun of Dad. What do you think?” She laughed and laughed until she was crying. I said, “So I take it you agree?” She just laughed. She never answered…but she didn’t have to. Lol!

      • I guess we all have things we “put up with” … my husband certainly does (no kidding and I appreciate it every day)! Thanks for sharing the warm Mom story.

      • I’m still waiting on the government to send me my check for when the Chinese confiscated my identity from OPM. I don’t see that happening. So I got Lifelock and Panda Security for life! So far, so good!

      • Oh wow, that happened to you? Lifelock is awesome. I was busy last night changing all my password and stuff that’s connected to Cyril. I have to, when something is compromised. I’m also considering deleting some account…it’s a hassle.

      • It did…and to hubby too, who still works for the govt. They confiscated his Verizon acct, changed passwords and type of phones. Took awhile to get that straightened out once and for all, but it was sooo darn scary the whole time. Then we get a letter from the govt offering us free protection. We both said, to heck with that. We want the money in “check” form. We’re both computer nerds so you can understand what kind of “protection” they were going to have us settle for! If they had what we now have, they wouldn’t have gotten hacked into! LOLOL

      • Wow Joni, seriously?? Man oh man, makes me worried coz I am such an internet illiterate… I am probably open to all kinds of things b/c I store my information, passwords etc… Yikes! Scared now.

      • Wowwwww! Seriously? That little bleep!! Grr! So obnoxious that this situation is causing you such a mess. Wow. Sick Sharona on the Mickey again…that should take care of him/her! ;)

      • Oh I know! You have to feel violated. That is so disrespectful.
        You know…at first I didn’t understand what was happening b/c all I saw was that somehow you had been blocked on my list…and I was like…WTF?? So…I unblocked (you) and realized it was not you at all. We were discussing what to do when Sharona rode in on a white horse and immediately championed your cause to Mathew! (It is good to have friends like that…I have to say it). She was “on fire” mad too and immediately had the Mickey person blocked and deleted off the site! Whew! Man remind me never–and I mean never pi$$ off Sharona! ;) LOL!
        I am sorry you went through that Cy. I hope you get it all straightened out too. Until then…we will have to think of you as the hangman… haha! ;)

      • Yeah, you better listen to TGJ…you know how I can get. Don’t piss me off! LMAO! If only she knew how NON-confrontational I really am.

      • LOL! I didn’t do anything except alert Matthew. I’d have done the same for (almost) anyone. :)

      • No, what you did was stick up for your friend…and rightfully so! This has caused Cy a huge headache and you helped to alleviate some of that stress. That is #Friendship ;) Just remind me to never-ever make you mad at me mama bear! ;) LOL!

      • Cyril a noose avatar? Why? Honestly? I like the balance between Vic and Paul. Light and dark.

      • Victor needs Paul to do the shady dishonest work. He thinks people promise things and they will do it. I want him to wake up or he will be the next one gone unless he wins Veto.

      • If one more person says to me “That’s the way you play BB, you’re suppose to lie” I think I’ll scream.

      • Hahaha! I know right? You CAN play BB and not lie. Look at Evel Dick…now, I know he was not always the nicest HG (and yes, that is understating so no one flame me for my opinion plz), but no one can say he didn’t play an honest game. He NEVER lied, but still managed to win the 500K. So, it IS possible.

      • I would have loved him coming back to play BB14, but that’s when he found out about his ill health and they disqualified him.

      • Yep. He found out he was HIV positive actually. Just came out and admitted it like two or three years ago. I admire that he is talking about it considering the ego on ED…. Speaking of season 14…he was definitely missed. RR would have never gotten away with half of her histrionics with Dick in the house! ;) LOL!

      • You better believe it! He’d have told her to suck it up cupcake! :-) He announced it on Couple’s Therapy too.

      • Right? I so wanted to see how ED played with a good guy/hero like Jeff and a masculine, but whiny Brenden.. lol! I was bummed when he left.

      • Yep, and had to leave early because his blood test results came back. But they also were hoping he’d return on Season 14 as well…but nope.

      • Yep…Oh, I see why you gave me the” BB14?” comment now. It’s b/c I said “speaking of season 14…” lol! I said that b/c you said it first Joni!! I answered your post before I thought about it and later went…wait ED did not come back in season 14! Too funny!

      • I don’t think they will ever allow anyone with a disease in the house. That’s probably why they do all the tests.

      • Yeah, probably not. I can see why. Too bad…I would still love to see ED come back…and yeah, Samsara, I know you don’t like him, but that is what is fun about this forum, we all have our opinions.

        Think how boring this place would be if we all agreed all the time! #snoozefest LOL!

      • Actually it was BB13, Joni. I know that’s what you meant right? :) BB14 was Dan, Boogie, Janelle and Brittany returning as coaches.

      • Oh really? I did not know that. Well look at that. You really can learn something new every day. :) Damn, now that would have been #epic… ED, Mike Boogie, Dan G. and I would def pick Janelle over Brittany… In fact, it would have been even better b/c do you remember how Janelle flirted with ED in season 8 during that veto comp where she hosted it?? lol! Damn, wish he could have taken part in that. #Belatedlybummed

      • I am so glad Evel D left. Never liked him. I did like his daughter the second time she came back without him there.

      • He wasn’t my cup of tea then either, but he got my heart strings to play on Couples Therapy show and sort of endeared me to him. Okay so I’m a masochist sometimes. Haha

      • I did see him on a VH1 show, but don’t remember the name. That’s where I found out why he left the show.

      • Yeah, Samsara, not many women do like ED…I guess I really began liking him b/c he owned his game play. He never tried to pretend to be something he wasn’t. I had to respect that and then the way he kept trying to win Dani over throughout the season…well, I just warmed to him more and more. We al have our faves right? We can’t all agree. Jeez, how boring would that be?? LOL!

      • Sometimes I couldn’t stand him but he was entertaining to me and I wanted him to stay and then found myself thinking that he absolutely should win. I’m happy he did and it was well deserved, imo.

      • IMO too K. There were times he was rude..yeah, but he is one of the few people to play BB and win without lying. If anything, when he and Dani were OTB together, he made himself such a pest, it is a miracle he did not go home that week! LOL!

      • I don’t know how I would have felt about him if I’d been a live feeder back then, if there were live feeds(Season 8, right), or read a site like Jokers. It for sure changes perspective. I didn’t even know these sites existed until I accidentally happened upon this one 3 seasons ago. Boy have my eyes been opened!

      • I have seen ED on other things and he seems much nicer outside the BB house, so I bet there were scenes production deleted b/c it didn’t fit his rude/crude persona. They showed some of them, but I am sure there were others as well. Just like I am sure they might have toned down some of his rants.. ;) LOL! I think he is a bit of both personas. :)

      • I watched him on Couple’s Therapy, I think that is what it was called. I’ll have to say that he is the reason I watched it and he didn’t disappoint. I think he is a nice guy, he is just very blunt and subtlety and tact are not a huge part of his personality.

      • Exactly, K! I saw parts of that on youtube. Imo, you have to kind of appreciate that aspect of a personality (which I do) and be able to accept and hold your own with someone like ED. My brother is a bit like him (very blunt), that is why I don’t find him so outrageous. I grew up with it. :)

      • My husband is a lot like that, but he has a good heart. I didn’t grow up with that type of personality and it took me time and a lot of patience to learn how to react without overreacting.

      • I don’t think Dick was as clean of a player as you remember TGJ. Recall when he backstabbed Eric & Jessica (and their final four deal) during the double eviction? I agree that he owned his gameplay 100%, but he was dishonest when he needed in order to win the game. He sure was a great player.

      • You know what Dan, looking back, I think you may be right. I think ED did tell Jessica she was safe before voting her out. I can’t remember the details (long time ago) but I believe you are right on that point now that I think about it.
        Okay, I stand corrected…you cannot win BB without lying at least once! LOL! However, (as we both agree) he owned his decision and did not try and make himself out to be a good guy. That was what I respected most about his game play.

      • Totally agree on ED owning his gameplay. He was a true fan of the game and played hard the whole way through. I really enjoyed his cam talking sessions…BB could use some more players like him.

      • That’s the way you play BB, you’re supposed to lie” Sorry, couldn’t help it, I’m listening ;-)

      • Hey, there are those of us who like people who play clean games. The fact that Jeff and Jordan are so popular is proof of that.

      • I can appreciate that saturn0205, but not everyone sees it that way and that’s okay. I can admire a variety of strategies… I actually like Evel Dick, and yes, I know a lot of people do not, but imo, he played an honest game. He did not lie, cheat or backstab to win. However,I can also admire Dr. Will and Boogie who did nothing but twist the truth to suit their needs. I think it is owning your strategy and admitting to it. If you are going to lie cheat and backstab…admit it, no be proud of it like Will and Boogie were…and if you are going to be honest…be brutally honest like Ed, so other HG are almost too intimidated by you to try and evict you each week! lol! Or you can be like Jordan…sweet and nice, and everyone likes you…that is so hard though…good luck! She is utterly unique and totally deserving of her win! Whatever the strategy a HG uses…I just like to see them owning it. Don’t pretend to be something you are not! You know what I mean?

      • Exactly! imo, one of the, if not THE best alliances in BB history! But they owned their behavior and did not try and act like anything than what they were…charming jacka$$es!

    • Look Jonigirl, I read on BB TWITTER the following which almost sent me in cardiac arrest and left my mouth wide open

      Nicole — I’m going to ask Production for a snake ( confirmation of my suspicion that Nicole is working directly with BB)

      Natalie — I’m never going to date again
      James — what, you’ve been dating in here?
      Natalie –yes. (Shut my mouth, she thinks she’s been dating, lol such denial and lying. This girl says anything out of her mouth)

    • The other thing

      Natalie thought kissing James on national tv was embarrassing, but Lordy, her ass is hanging out of that swimsuit on national tv. No modesty whatsoever.

      • I know. Makes you wonder why she voices her convictions but does the exact opposite of them. She’s young and still has some growing up to do! :-)

  8. I think Vic needs to stick with what he wants, his original target James. It’s his HOH. Being steered toward Nat I get. She is a tough competitor. But, James is slippery and a ball face liar. The guy has been a troll all season collecting money. Vic gut is right. Now, if he can get Corey to see he is nothing to Nicole, but a speed bump newbie..she wants James..

  9. Victor needs to have a serious talk with Corey alone and convince him that what was said could be true. They need to talk about Nicole wanting Natalie instead of James to go so badly. Corey and Paul also want her out, but now it’s the time to change their minds just in case.

    • Totally agree Samsara! If Vic does not do something to change the way the tide is turning he is going to find his bum back OTB! I am not in favor with outside influences disrupting the game, but Paul had better think about what that crazy fan said last night and consider the possibility that Nicole might be gunning for them despite what she says. However getting Corey on board…well, we all know he is not really into Nicole. He’s said as much in the live feeds, but I’m not sure if Vic could convince him to jump ship. Corey just isn’t a thinker…
      Paul needs to win that HOH! End of story.

      • This week Corey and Nicole will vote out Natalie so it won’t matter who Paul votes for. She will still go. I don’t like Paul and if Nicole and Corey wanted him out, I will be fine with that, but Paul needs to win to keep Vic safe next week. Paul is not as great in HOH comps as he thinks he is though. Getting rid of Nicole next week is the best plan.

      • I know. It doesn’t matter what Vic wants this week (although he has been manipulated this week, much to my chagrin) he and Paul do not have the votes no matter what THEY want. They DO, however, need to realize how the wind is shifting and recognize they are in danger. Paul should see it. He’s the shady, cynical member of SittingDucks! Vic is the honest (sometimes too nice) comp beast… Paul needs to step it up and sniff out this danger before they are both OTB.

  10. I think the bigger question here is Why CBS has decided to turn a blind eye and allow these defiant HGs to breech their signed contracts??? Paulie, James and Nicole should’ve ALL been ejected from this game as soon as these pregame deals came to light. The fact that these players were allowed to remain in the game is outrageous! This undermines productions credibility and the integrity of the game itself. Fans are not stupid, We notice how unfair and over produced this show has become over the years and we are sick of it. Something definitely needs to change.

    • I believe production has something to do with these alleged deals. None of us know this to be true , but if it is, then I think the producers are well aware.

  11. There is no doubt in my mind that James and Nicole made a pre-game alliance to get to F2. That is why she is pushing so hard for Nat to go..plus..she is jealous of Natalie. Nicole wants the guys all to herself..the way she has slept her way thru the season is true..like Michelle said..lots of undercover sex from Nicole and Corey…she has used Corey the same way James has used Natalie…this is not all Nat’s fault..they have BOTH used each other thru this game..If Paul and Vic don’t realize the importance of that message last night..they will not make it to F2.

    • Think for a second about the concept of James and Nicole having a pre-season alliance. To make it work, together they had to have set their sights on one singular goal: to reach F2 together. That wouldn’t allow much emotion to be spent elsewhere – no varying off the course for any reason – including a real romance. Showmances possible – to a point – as in “let’s each latch on to someone we can use to propel us through the game, knowing full well at the end we will cut them with no regrets.” Sounds cold, but that’s what it would take. If that happens in the next two weeks, then James and Nicole will deserve to win.

      • I understand it is speculation, but based on some evidence, just not enough to prove it as fact. I think their intention was to do what they could when they could to keep each other in the game as long as they could without harming their own game, of course, a little help from production here and there was beneficial.

      • Of course it would leave emotion for elsewhere…it would be a strong alliance they never have to speak of, other than a quick convo here and there. Hence why they both were able to have their own strong allies as well. It ruins the game and it’s not fair.

  12. (face palm) Why do people insist on doing this year after year? It forces the feeds to go down and ruins the core concept of the game. These HGs are in isolation for a reason! Besides, we have no confirmation that there even is an alliance, so whoever did that is just going off of a popular rumor / conspiracy theory that’s floating among fans who hate Nicole and James, who would literally do anything to ruin their games out of spite. That’s the worst possible thing a fan can do, in my opinion.

    Please, CBS, I beg you to move the house and the stage next year to the middle of your lot, away from anyone who can interfere with the game.

    • I find the idea that Nicole and James had an pre-season alliance intriguing. If they did, kudos to them for being able to pull it off during and after 3 months of living in a house with a dozen other people, all with their eye on a $500K prize. If it ever turns out to be true, James and Nicole will wind up being two of the best players BB has ever had in one season.

  13. Personally I don’t care, get this game over with. I’m ready for the new season to start, I can’t watch Nicole whine and Nat talk about herself for another second.

  14. It’s all talk until someone actually does something, for example James wins and then sends Nicole 10 grand. CBS/Production absolutely cannot in any way be complicit with anything that makes the game less than honest, or else they are defrauding the public.

    • I’m not a believer in the BB conspiracy theories, but I also don’t believe that CBS gives two hoots about defrauding the public.

      • i think before they called it defrauding they would use “creative license” to explain any “perceived manipulations” therefore releasing themselves of any liability..

      • No doubt there is a different standard for manipulations than say having jury members who are getting bribes, but CBS should care because the public will stop watching. Not to mention the “Tiffany Network” will not want to take a black eye for a couple of reality show contestants.

  15. If I had a megaphone and lived near the studio, I would shout over the fence that Paulie is coming back tomorrow in another jury buy back thingy. I mean, that’s as reasonable as any other conspiracy theory, right?

  16. Once the money is in their hands, there is no way BB or anybody else can tell them how to spend it. Get real!

  17. And Nicole and james didn’t really offer 10,000 to each their final four either right. Figment of the imagination. It’s 500k james and Nicole already have and are cheating

  18. Hardcore Natalie fans kill me. They are complaining because James threw her under the bus, but don’t care that she threw James under the bus just days ago. It’s all just one sided with them lol. They both have made bad moves and now they are both paying for it

    • They’re dismissing the same behavior of Day, but screamed for Day to go cause she was blowing up people’s game

    • James is very unethical and used poor Natalie with his supposed ‘clout’ because this wasn’t his first rodeo.

      Natalie will be very right never to speak to him again.

      Remember Natalie – by the time you are reading this the game has finished. But you played a good and honest game. You made a mistake trusting James but you will be okay.

  19. I don’t think this person should’ve done that… however, Paul and Victor should have taken that as a warning to keep Natalie. They’re really screwing up here by evicting her over James because I feel like Nicorey is going to get James and go against Victor and Paul. Natalie is much more likely to come after Nicorey

  20. Is there any chance that this was done by the show “production” and just made to look like a fane was doing it. Wouldn’t there be a fence or something around the house to stop anyone from walking in.

    • If you have a megaphone, you don’t have to be on their property. I don’t know the setup, but I am sure it’s not in the middle of the desert and public property or streets are probably not that far away.

      • You’d think they would have a security guard that could alert the DR when kids with megaphones were driving by spilling BB secrets to the HG’s.
        I would like to think they have security guards protecting them at least.

      • They do have security, but Production is quicker than them.They warn them right away and ask them to go inside the house and they get locked up. There’s really not much they can do as it only takes a min or so for the crazy fans to get their message across. Whether it’s by air or land. lol I’m not sure if it affects the game that much. It just makes them more paranoid, that’s what happens.

      • Omg, did you see corey when he walked into the room, he never looked at the floor to see what he needed, he just went for the wall. Another example of production coaching this game.

      • You’d think! They seem kinda cheap, tho as far as the house and provisions go ..I would think they would at least give them some decent food. Yuk.

      • With all the kooks in CA anything could happen to the hapless houseguests if they don’t have adequate security.

  21. Stuff like this makes me happy :)
    I don’t understand why Nicole is top on the popularity poll. I’m over listening to her. I want Paul or Victor to get to the end, with her or not though.

  22. That’s why I hate returnees. They cheat to win. Derrick was an excellent manipulator. He maneuvered his way around sticky situations to not even touch the block up until Cody won final HOH. These cheaters(Nicole & James) get a second opportunity to play the game, and they solidify a pre-game alliance. Enter a house to form two showmances, and join an 8 man alliance in the beginning of the game knowing their a F2 already. I’m a fan of BB but watching this season makes me feel like not even watching no more BB in the future.

  23. Did anyone else notice that Corey walked straight to the correct pipe without even looking at the manhole cover in the POV comp?

  24. I’m sorry I been to the big brother studio before and I just don’t see how someone on the outside can be heard in that yard even with a megaphone. They would have had to have been inside cbs studios.

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