Tonight On Big Brother 18: Veto Competition & Ceremony

Get ready for the “Sting of the Zing” tonight on Big Brother 18 when the sharp tongued robot Zingbot returns to the BB house for a chance to put these Houseguests back in their place. Oh, and there’s a Veto comp in there too.

Zingbot on Big Brother 18

Paulie and Corey were sent to the Block in Sunday’s episode after Victor discovered he was being mislead. Now the nominees have a chance to win their way off the Block to avoid potential eviction this week, but the other HGs will be fighting to stop that from happening.

When Zingbot returns he’s ready to announce his candidacy “but first” the HGs will face a crapshoot competition with the annual prize swap challenge complete with the cash, prizes, and a few costumes and punishments to go with it.

It’s been a busy weekend in the house with a lot of emotions and muted campaigning as the game has moved on past the Veto and Houseguests are getting ready for Thursday’s eviction.

Can’t wait for the spoilers? Check out what happened at the Veto comp & ceremony this week.

Remember that tonight is the first of three straight nights of Big Brother on CBS with Friday’s bonus mystery episode at 8/7c so clear your schedule and get ready for a lot of Big Brother 18.

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  1. Hope there is no Frankie, or Kathy Griffin, or the like appearing with Zingbot. He doesn’t need a sidekick; just bring the zings!

    • This has been the longest week ever. Can’t imagine what the hgs are feeling right now. Poor Natalie is totally stressing out with paulie in the house.

      • You think that has something to do with why she is sick? I guess it could be stress related on top of her cycle and her neck pain. I hadn’t thought about it.

      • I think because of her small stature and Paulie’s size, combines with his antics, really frightened her, which I’m has stressed her badly.

      • I do not know if this is true because in today’s episode she hugged Paulie when he was upset. It does not seem like she is stressed. Plus Paullie is going home this week. She has nothing to be stressed out about now. Plus she has James , Victor, and Paul who will defend her.

      • It was very contentious when Paulie was confronted on inappropriate comments relative to Natalie ‘s anatomy.

    • Agreed on all. But why are they bringing stupid Jessie back for Friday? He’s had two seasons plus other guest star roles. ENOUGH. There are so man other former house guests who are actually likable.

  2. I watched Codys trailer, after that a video of the family played. They look like nice people, happy, normal. I feel bad for all the bashing they got for Paulies actions. He obviously made himself into the person that he is. I just hope he is gone tomorrow one way or another. Giving Paul all my votes for co-HOH. I just want to see him make at least one decision in this game.

  3. Read this on Jokers

    Paulie states that Bridgett & Michelle did damage, cant understand how they did damage on strong bonded guys NT
    08/17/16 04:41 AM

    Paulie, let us sit you down and explain things to you while I’m laughing at you!

  4. Can’t wait to hear zingbot tonight! Need some excitement I have to FF through BBAD all the voices are so annoying, Nichole is the worst, I like Paul but can’t he shut up for a few minuets. Michelle and those seeds, I wonder why she doesn’t have a belly ache. Can’t wait for Paulie to be out the door, he makes everyone “uncomfortable”.

  5. Nicole hanging on Corey is just ridiculous, telling him how hhhhhooooooooott he is, fingerings him, yuk.

    Make me barth…….

  6. Allright, let’s do this. Can somebody volonteer to translate the Zingbot zing for those of us who can’t understand half of what he says ?

  7. I’m not a guy so forgive me if this is a dumb question but why does Paulie and Corey pull on their man parts all the time. They are not wearing slim jeans so everything should be free moving so I don’t get it

  8. I’ll be honest – I’m mostly looking forward to seeing what Zingbot has to say. That’s the fun for this episode.

    • It’s happened on the feeds, but I don’t think they’ve ever aired something like that before.

  9. He never trusted you Paul because you run from room to room vomiting info like a 2yr old tattletale

  10. i did laugh at nat saying james doesnt like her for her chest. lol pretty sure thats a huge reason why, he’s a major horn dog

  11. Favorite Zingbot comments… Victor’s, Michelle’s (who, in case anyone missed it, did her fake crying thing), Nicole’s, and Paul’s (CLASSIC!).

    Paulie’s was actually pretty tame, so good one on BB production.

  12. Happy Victor, has the power. It’s true Victor, yep Paulie sent you packing. Turn about is fair play.

  13. omg Paulie’s punishment.. It didn’t look that bad watching him on feeds doing it, but today, when it’s being explained to him the punishment, and looking at his face..was bad. lol

  14. So why aren’t they showing Paulie refusing to do the pies, yelling at production, and threatening to leave.

    • He cries at the thought of not having his boy around, but not when Zakiyah left? Makes me want to go, Hmmmmm mm!

      • That was sad to watch… I do; however, remember he wasn’t remorseful to Zakiyah’s feelings. I dislike his behavior and antics in the game and I do want to see him apologize for his behavior (treatment of females, not having any sportsmanship, his tantrums….). I felt bad for him and do want him to see the way he behaved and learn… something. The same with Zakiyah. Yes he is human but I wonder if it was someone else in the same position would he be remorseful to them?

      • I agree with you 100% his actions were uncalled for. But I don’t like to see anyone broken down. I can’t stand Natalie or Paul and I would feel the same about them.

    • Remember one time they interrupted a nomination ceremony. But I can’t remember what season and what it was. But it was a punishment.

      • Yeah, I couldn’t think of it, either, but I knew it was the Nomination Ceremony. I’m talking about the Veto Meeting.

    • I hated it. When did he become the victim. He has very bloody hands and several people evicted because of him. Suck it up!!

    • Tend to agree, but the depth of his douchebaggery is such that “lovable victim” is an easier story to tell in a 5-min vignette. I really wish they’d shown the weird “butterflies are spirits reaching out to you” clip w/ James asking if he was okay.

  15. I couldn’t stop smiling with those Zings. Paulie has the worst punishment, and his tears are not for his bud Corey, but for his sore loser self.
    I agree with Nicole, doofus does look good in his patriotard.

    • The unitards tend to suit the muscular boys very well in this game.

      It’s just lucky for Corey that the Curse of the BB Costume was lifted several seasons ago.

  16. I near bout died when Zing Bot was talking about baby news. I thought Paulie was gonna pee his pants at the thought of Zakiyah with a bun in the oven.

  17. I’m sore amazed. I didn’t expect that they’d show the whole surly poor sport saga…but I sure didn’t expect it to be as whitewashed as that. I’m more than a little disgusted with editing right now. At least Matthew and Branden have been reporting things the way they really are…and BBAD has been giving a real portrayal…and of course the feedsters have seen what the truth is. I think they could pick up some ratings with ‘Paulie the Villian’ as opposed to ‘Paulie the Victim’…but what do I know? I’m only a viewer.
    Sorry, I just can’t excuse poor sportsmanship. When Paulie stopped being the leader, he wanted to take his ball and go home. But not to the Jury home…no—because he’s claustrophobic. Nope. Poor sport. That’s what America should have seen…since we’re the ones voting for them. He’s not even waving his stupid little flag anymore while his pies bake. And I notice that when Corey is in bed with Nic, he isn’t wearing his eagle and Zingbot thing on his hands anymore either—-what’s up? Even Paul is wearing his outside costume INSIDE.
    Paulie’s edit was lovely. I’m sure his family appreciated it greatly.

    • I agree 1000 percent. They gave him this wonderful edit that made him look like the poor guy that nobody understands. They were all mean to him and upset him.
      I just do not understand, it seems like they do not want to show his true colors.
      I see why people that only watch the broadcast shows vote differently.

    • So you have a problem with the editing. Did you want to see more of what a db he is, to make us feel like he deserves every s**t that’s coming to him. They already showed us on Sunday They showed us what kind of a db he is.Tonight, the edit was a lighter side..maybe they want us to feel more sensitive?…but wait maybe they’ll show us the claustrophobic/aunt cancer, and all his bs on Thursday. They will insert it if he gets evicted. What if he has the RT and he becomes a hero and win.(i’m having a nightmare ok) Editing is hard lol

      • Cyril…tears are coming down my face. I’m barely able to breathe, which is making my poor cat freak out. OMG, you are so flipping funny! Wikiliki. Drek.

  18. Hated watching this Veto because of Zingbot. I am not a fan of Zingbot, it has such an annoying voice.

    • Today was the best Wednesday episode. The Veto ceremonies are usually boring, especially since I come to this page and know what is going to happen. Tonight was fun to watch. I find Zinbot’s voice less annoying than Nicole’s.

  19. I think Michelle or Paul may win the package, but I have been giving all of my votes to Victor. I wanted him to come back in the game for exactly what he’s doing this week.

  20. Has anyone talked about the fact that Nicole did not know Hawaii was considered a U.S. bona-fide state?

  21. I’m really, truly disgusted about how production decided to completely lie about what actually happened in the house.

    It makes me wonder what else they’re lying about?

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