Tonight On Big Brother 18: Power of Veto Competition & Ceremony – Update: Sneak Peek Clips

Tonight on Big Brother 18 the newbies face their first Power of Veto competition while the Vets know just what to expect. Well, maybe not with this new challenge.

Big Brother 18 Episode 4 Veto players

With three HGs on the Block and Nicole as HoH joining them only two more players will be added to the Veto comp in tonight’s show. With the full list ready they’ll head out back for a little dog themed comp called “Dog Gone Dizzy.”

Paul was just added to the Block by Frank’s secret nomination and now he’s got a chance to set himself free, but that’s if Paulie or Jozea don’t get the win for themselves. By the end of the night we’ll see the Veto play out and what happened at the Veto Ceremony.

Of course if you’ve been following our spoilers then you already know who won the Veto and what happened with it. That all leads up to the final nominees of the week to face Thursday night’s eviction. It’s been a fun week.

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Update: CBS shared two preview clips from the start of tonight’s show. We’ve got Frank laughing about the Revolution’s clueless guessing and then more of them suspecting it was Michelle. Jozea promises us he’ll be safe this week too.


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  1. Can’t hardly wait for this week to be over. It’s so draining and addictive at the same time, and that’s from a watcher in the sofa haha. How are they feeling in the house? No wonder everyone goes cuckoo.

  2. Btw, I have the impression that Day has been playing manipulation games with James and Tiffany after she tried to do that with Frank regarding Paulie and Zakiyah. Also with Fatal Five and the guys and the Vets and the newbies in the 8 Pack.
    Really Mama Day … you are working too hard, before you know it, you could turn to Audrey.

  3. I wonder what the housemates think of Brexit?
    Bronte: They all can go to Hong Kong! (sorry Hong Kong belongs to China now)
    Victor: Oh think of all the food and the ladies and especially the food!!!
    Jozea: I can be their Messiah since they don’t want to end up with the Caucasians! (Europe, you mean?)
    Frank: D’oh … because I fart too much?
    James: They should join us for ladies talk!
    Day: Oh God these people! I have to live with these people!
    Tiffany: But why? But why? Will they exit me as well?
    Paul: I will pull their eggs and dump them on their heads, fry them, spit on them and serve them to them with poison.
    Paulie: Auwww shucksssss … you wanna cuddle? (YESSS PLEASEEEE!!!)

    • Considering they are mostly all in their 20’s and American, they probably think it’s a bad idea… not that they could give you a reason why.

    • This was the topic of conversation actually across the pond in the UK version the other day, only one was legitimately concerned while the rest seems clueless.

      At least it’s not legally binding…yet. :D

  4. I wish the competitions would be kept private so we could watch the show without knowing who won. I do lie spoilers, but it is not as much fun watching tonight, when I already know Paul won.

    • The competitions are kept private but the live feeds are not. If you don’t want to know the result … easy, don’t come to sites like this and read the feeds and spoilers. That’s what I do come Thursday if I haven’t watched the live show. I will wait until I watch it first before coming to here so I won’t be spoiled of anything.

      • I watch BBAD and I saw Paul wearing the veto necklace. I meant for the producers to tell the house guests not to mention it while the cameras are on until after the actual show airs.

      • They can’t do that because they need the HGs to talk about it coz that sells the live feeds. All the scheming and stuff.
        If they can’t talk about the Veto, they can’t have game talk, so what are they going to talk about? More goat stories from Corey?

      • lol. That is why Corey is quite most of the time. His stories are booooring.

  5. There’s a BB18 sneak peek on Entertainment Tonight coming up before the top of the hour. :D

  6. Dear BB announcer, stop making “returner” happen.

    It’s not gonna happen. :(

  7. Poor Jozea… When he watch this when he is out of the house, he is going to be so hurt. Dumbarse…

  8. I can. Not. STAND Paul (and Jozea). Is there a BB crash course before they enter the house?

    • All incoming housemates every year are supposed to watch a recent season for them to get an idea on how the game is played.

      • Ahh. It’s evident a few of them didn’t watch. I suppose when you are the all knowing, there is no need to.

  9. I think jozea works in a salon because its a place with lots of mirrors, so he can look at himself all day.

  10. Why is he a Pisces? Yes, Pisces are observant but most are quiet, they live in fantasy land but they do not think they are god like. I feel he may not have had enough attention growing up (or may be too much, bless his heart).

  11. Jose, regarding scenarios, i do not think that word means what you thinks it means.

  12. Our Branden, put a video of his pug watching the veto comp:

    twitter dot com/branden628/status/748316348598591489

  13. tiff and cody getting together. sounds like a vanessa strategy replay going for the strongest player

  14. road kill secret replacement, I like that . don’t like bridgette going up .

    • Oh if you watch the feeds you would be happy. Paul, Victor, Jozea and Bronte are turning her into the mean girl.

      • Thanks for the fill in. So Frank put her up. an 8 packer picking off the others one by one.

      • I got the feeds last night and wow an I a happy camper. Wish I had done this many seasons ago. Its a whole new world. Thank You for the recommendation Lavendergirl

      • I chatted there last HOH Room night till 3am, That was fun. Going to decide where to chat during show. If its too crowded a rooms over there, stuff goes wizzing by too fast to read, let alone comment.

  15. Who is this alliance? Other than Paul, the rest of the house is sick of his mouth and attitude.

  16. Jozea’s edit magnified his dumbness. A set up for the greatest and humiliating fall of a HG for tomorrow. lol

  17. I hope 8-pack crumbles because otherwise it will be boring watching them pick off everyone else and then watch the veterans crush the competitions and win the whole thing.

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