Big Brother 18: The Pants That Launched A Thousand Ships

Big Brother isn’t always a very nice game, but it’s surprising sometimes how the smallest of things can trigger an avalanche of chaos in the house. Last night that small thing was then length of Natalie’s pants. Victor wasn’t a fan. It all takes off from there.

Bronte D'Acquisto and Natalie Negrotti on Big Brother 18

The Revolution has been riding high in Fantasy Land and that cloud dipped a bit lower last night after infighting opened their eyes that maybe all wasn’t as good as they thought. Now Jozea is nervous after a round of arguing left the group in turmoil, something that Bronte was sure to encourage. It was also a rough night for some bad commentary, so steer clear if you’d rather not read about that.

Flashback to 1:30 AM BBT Cams 3/4 on your Live Feeds (get the Free Trial).

Natalie is in the back bedroom along with Bridgette, Bronte, Tiffany, and James. She’s upset and getting support from the group. They joke that it’s time for “girl talk” and James is in hog heaven. Victor’s comments are the topic of discussion.

Natalie explains that Victor said, “eww, I hate when people walk on their pants” as he pointed at her pants which were apparently a little too long for her. Natalie said the pants were from her aunt who passed away. Victor said that has nothing to do with it so she shouldn’t try to make him feel bad about it. There’s the backstory on what set this all off. Now for the reactions.

Move forward to 1:40 AM BBT and you’ll find Jozea who has joined the room. There were Fish beforehand so we missed some of their talk. He’s trying to calm Natalie who says she wouldn’t be upset normally, but it’s a pattern of behavior from Victor. James chimed in about the repeat behavior as well. She says Victor is rude to her daily and she doesn’t like it.

Jozea heads back to the Lounge (1:43AM BBT) where he finds Paul and Victor who were just saying the girls get to make comments but if the guys do it then they are the jerks. He comes in and says that James is fanning the flames back there. Jozea says Bridgette is so annoying and he wants to “punch her in her face.”

Victor goes back to Natalie’s room to get her and apologize. They go to the Lounge and chat it out. Victor says he just meant his comment to be about her risking getting dirt on her pants. Seems a little flimsy of an excuse, but he’s using it. Natalie says he nit picks at her every day and she’s used to people being nice to her. She wants him to stop. They hug it out and she goes back to her bed.

Move again to 1:54AM BBT as Natalie is relaying the conversation to the back bedroom when Paul comes in. James jokes “we’re having girl time” and Bridgette repeats the same thing. Paul gets upset and says he’ll cut off his penis. Bronte gets up and escorts him outside where Victor and Jozea are pacing while huffing and puffing.

If you rewind a minute and move to Cams 1/2 you’ll find Jozea and Victor outside. Victor thinks Jozea is overreacting. Jozea says he’s upset at Bridgette and her “feminist power” thing. Hold that thought. Paul and Bronte have just arrived.

Jozea gets ready to complain about what happened when he came to visit Natalie when Paul interrupts that he’s even more upset. He says he’ll scream if he gets told “it’s girl time” again when he comes in to a room. Paul says he’s “constantly getting s**t on” because he’s not a girl.

Here’s something weird. At 1:56AM BBT Cams 1/2 Bronte asks Victor if he asked Nicole on a date because that’s what James is telling everyone right now in that bedroom. This is definitely not true. My guess is this is part of her preseason strategy to cause chaos using the showmances. The guys all get very upset about James.

Seems like Bridgette has a lot of face-punching coming her way from these guys. Paul exclaims that if Bridgette again tells him “it’s girl time” he’s “going to punch her in the face.” Stay classy, Paul.

Victor says he’ll go squash James’s Nicole date rumor right now. Bronte pleads for him not to do so. That’d be because James didn’t say it and she would be exposed. She’s lucky he didn’t pursue it. Bronte doubles down on her lie and presses on.


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  1. I hope things change and Jozea survives. I want those returnees out and Jozea is the one that will make that happen

  2. Jozea is a like that little fly on the wall. It pesters and pesters then at the first opportunity you whack it. I have seen no real strategy from J, V or P except possible after affects of steroid rage. Bronte is starting way to early and will get caught when she try’s this stuff with people with a brain.

    • I’m surprised the tension she caused between Tiff and James hasn’t been brought back to her. It might though…

      • I hope that comes out soon. She had no reason to do that, it just hurts her game more than helps. Even though I’m sure she thinks it helps more than hurts.

      • Don’t worry… I’m pretty sure from what we’ve seen it’s the same ol’ DaVonne and soon as conflict comes her way she won’t be able to keep herself and her disrespect for others contained…. She’s only one big conflict away from being voted out.

      • She must think it will help her game or she wouldn’t have done it. I think…

    • Maybe it’s just me, but this is the first season BB After Dark is on my cable system and it seems as if Thursday is taking longer to get here. This is the first time in a long while where I can’t wait for eviction night!

      • No it’s not just you. This is the 3rd year that BBAD has been on Pop t.v. It was a different network the season after Season 14, but forget which one that is now…just that it was different than Showtime that used to air the show. POP used to sensor the cussing the first two years, which caused you to miss out on the rest of someone’s conversation. Thank goodness they did away with the censoring and just put a disclaimer at the beginning that it’s for mature audiences. This season production did back to back comps all at once than spreading them out like usual. And without Battle of the Block, it makes for fast game play but slow in the lag until eviction night…basically all you get now is talking from Sunday until Thurs…these hgs don’t freakin go to bed early either. Jozea needs to have that trap shut for good, especially for someone who has never watched BB, doesn’t plan on watching any of the other seasons after this and thinks he knows how the game should be played than how it is! He believes he’s playing the movie 300! Seriously???

      • If Jozea doesn’t get evicted tonight I will have lost all my faith in the Big Brother houseguests. He and his supporters are so sure that Paulie will be evicted. This could be an epic eviction if the votes go the right way.

  3. Bronte’s tricks and lies get under my skin because they are impossible to prove but then these people are so gullible and shallow they don’t question it for a second. I get that lying is part of the game but I’ve never liked the whole lying just to lie strategy.

    • not impossible to prove. if jozea was good at the game, he would keep that knowledge of nat saying she had no idea about this convo bronte said happened. time will only tell if he himself realizes bronte lied or if he exposes it before he goes out the door thurs. but i too dislike lies like that

      • When it’s all words, it comes down to he said, she said. And while people can vouch for someone, it’s not quite the same as proof. Maybe it’s not 100% impossible but it’s hard to really be totally sure.

  4. Oh I love it when they get caught. Especially when the person (Bronte) is not on the block. They have to wait and usually something else happens and they get over it. Only bad if it happens on Wed or Thu right before new HOH battle.

    • For someone SO incredibly intelligent (as she constantly reminds us, over and over AND over again!) she has zero common sense.

      She’s a teacher… making racist comments… a lot.

      (said in my best Hermione voice) “What an idiot”.

      She’s the freaking queen of the “fucktard’s”.

  5. Bronte & Jozea are racist as hell. We haven’t seen people like this since the days of Aaryn & Jeremy.

    • I agree about Jozea. That comment about Day was crazy. She wasn’t voted out last time because she was black but because of her loud mouth arguing. I haven’t heard Bronte’s but sure I will soon enough.

    • Don’t take me wrong, I’m a gay Asian man, but a lil comment bout Korea/Hong Kong regarding Asian people doesn’t mean that person is racist. Coz in my experience a lot of Westerners think all Asians look the same and funnily enough a lot of Asians think most Westerners look the same as well.
      It’s just the spur of the moment thing, booze and not sleeping and conniving and try to make his/her point. So perhaps we don’t judge people too harshly.
      If they keep behaving like that on daily basis then yeah that’s a different story.

      • There’s also the idea that if this is what they spout when they’re drunk, they’re probably thinking it when they’re sober.

      • Nobody’s perfect and we always say things that upset others. Like Corey and his old tweets and the gay comment. I am gay and I know what he means without being offended. Heck, Katy Perry has a song called “U R So Gay”.
        We can’t be offended by lil things people say all the time. I probably offend some people with this comment.

      • I wish more people had your attitude and understanding. I don’t tend to get offended by every racial or prejudicial comment, but I know others do so that’s how I gauge things like this.

      • Thank you. People tend to be offended by smallest things nowadays. Honestly, I used to be like that, but then I realized that first it’s not healthy since it caused so much anger and second I reacted with offending others which were worse probably. So yeah.

      • You got that right! When all their inhibitions are gone, the mouth shows their true colors.

      • I refer to her stabs as ignorant misconception remarks. Just shows herself more than what she was intending to convey.

      • I think it was somewhere like Georgia. I believe last season he said he was adopted.

      • He was adopted by a Caucasian couple in South Carolina because his father could not take care of him after his mother died. He calls them Mom and Dad now.

      • He spent the first 1/2 of his life in a boys home in South Carolina after his mother passed away from cancer. He didn’t arrive in Texas until he became a corrections officer.

      • thanks for your point of view and glad to hear you dont take offense, and i agree that the words used need to be taken into to account w the person intensions. i struggle w politically correct words at times, but absolutely mean no offense at all when i mess up. I think w looking at all these people have said and letting the world know how they feel, what they believe, and how right they are, then this particular situation does cause judgement bc its just another demonstration of a less than appealing character quality which i believe to be mean comments at james.

      • I think Bronte is trying so damn hard to persuade others to dislike/nominate/target James so she resorts to all kinds of ways, including “belittle” him. I don’t think it has struck her yet that she might be saying some racist remarks until someone sane points it out to her.

      • I am not a HG and I am not on trial so I won’t answer that. You can answer it yourself whatever way that pleases you.

      • I used to work in HR and when someone would file a sexual harassment claim the rule of thumb was it wasn’t how it was meant it was how it made the other person feel. Maybe it’s the same here? Everyone has their Achilles heel though

      • Oh goodness I hope not Lora. Our society is messed up enough with policies and procedures based on feelings, opinions and subjective standards… I’m with Luki3n on this one, to say that sometimes the bigger person just needs to breathe, relax, and move on unless the aggressor simply can’t contain themselves (like in season 15 with most of the cast).

      • Preach! People are too sensitive. People are so afraid of saying the wrong thing that often times they say nothing.

    • Yeah, it’s not pretty.

      I do have one question though. Exactly what heritage is Bronte from? She’s not “just white”, I’m pretty sure there’s something else there. I’ve noticed the foundation she uses makes her face look lighter than the rest of her body. At first I thought it was just picking the wrong shade but now with the race comments I’m wondering if it’s intentional for some reason.

      • It’s probably to cover up imperfections on her face that would make her even uglier if left uncovered.

        Bronte = definition of butterface

      • Eh. I’m not all that impressed with the rest of her either, but I suppose that’s true :P

      • I’ve dubbed her as “saurusackof…” can’t finish rest of it here. Hate mean girls.

      • It is awful, isn’t it? When she looks like that in the DR it’s all I can focus on. Though I guess that saves my ears from her voice so….

      • On BBAD last night Bronte and Natalie were discussing speaking Spanish at home when growing up

    • Josea an Bronte are far worse than either Aaryn or Jeremy. Aaryn was just so ignorant the she actually did not even get the things she was saying were racist even after it was explained to her whereas Josea an Bronte are proud of the fact they are racist. Along with Paul an his sick violent tendecies they are a sick threesome. Bad bad casting!

  6. People been complainin’ bout these recruits who know nuthin’ bout Big Sister (yeah baby) … but they actually make it fun and exciting, right?
    Otherwise we end up with ten Van Vans and 5 Lil Stevies and a Shelli, what’s the fun in that?

      • But he tries too much and wastes food. Next time whatever food he wastes should be taken from his food allocation for the day, that will teach him a lesson, think about all the children in Africa, Jamessssss-uhhhhhh.

      • Maybe you should think about the starving children in your own country before those on another continent.

      • Of course. It’s always racist to think of your own country before other countries. You’re supposed to ignore your own and “awww” all over foreign lands with problems.

        (yep, that’s a tiny bit of sarcasm)

      • Not sure you are serious or being wittily funny but you know I was joking, right? I have been saying “think of African children” for years but this is the first time I got a reaction like that, oh well gotta have the first for everything so I thank you.

      • Well I am from Asia not from the States so I was taken aback a lil bit with your comment, that’s all. But well, just know I was kidding.

      • Sorry about that. I did have some poster’s remorse after hitting the post button.

        What part of Asia? I’ve done a bit of traveling in your part of the world.

      • You’re joking, right? Vic eats every 3 hours! Does he have a larger “allotment”?

    • Oh I love their ignorance on the game, but that doesn’t excuse the unnecessary nastiness and foolish crap. Getting to watch Jozea be blindsided can be plenty of fun without anyone being an a-hole to him.

      • Yeah but in every story even in reality show they must have villains to boil the pot and keep people talking and essentially watching.
        Corey been saying that the production must have been edging the girls to flirt with him (to counteract his gay accusation?)
        I wonder if there’s a truth in there somewhere, and these guys could have been guided to behave certain ways.
        That lie from Bronte regarding James … to be honest I am a bit surprised, is she that conniving or has she been misled?

      • I’ll LMFAO if Julie tells him “Jozea, YOU can hit the road.” He had no chance of DR interference to keep him in the game after he made that comment about Julie.

      • He told Julie last week on Wednesday night’s show that she could “hit the road.” He said it in the DR

  7. Paul- complete jackass
    Jozea- condescending douche
    Bronte- Aaryn Gries Jr
    Victor- GinaMarie Zimmerman Jr.

    Hate all four of them. Gameplay is one thing. Apparently these idiots never watched season 15

    • I know Paul and Jozea only watched season 16, so they have no idea who they’re acting like or the trouble it’ll get them into.

      PS Love Roxas and KH ♡

  8. Matt I did watched the flashback..My question is, Where did they find these hoodlums?…and Victor..omg. He’s dumb happy.

    • I think before they recruit people they must make a storyboard of the entire season first and create certain roles with it, then they will recruit people to fill in those roles.

      • A lot of good players in the house, but I think Production hit a jackpot casting these three stooges. Jozea is blowing up BB social media. Probably the most hated and dumbest player in BB history. Polarizing..Then you have Paul and Victor. lol

      • Have you seen the show Unreal? Even though it’s supposed to be modeled
        after the Bachelor/ Bachelorette, it fits Big Brother to a T. They’ve
        got a storyboard up behind the scenes in the production room with
        nicknames/roles replacing actual names and what’s supposed to go down
        during the season—fights, etc. Yup, there’s a storyboard for sure.

      • No, haven’t watched that one. Perhaps will google it later hehe. Thanks for the info.

      • I watch that show. Love it! I think that show exposes what happens behind the scenes in every “reality” show.

      • Absolutely! Especially with BB, I can imagine the producers and their handlers puppeteering the HGs to say crazy things on camera and manipulating them like Quinn and Rachel would. Good stuff.

      • Hi SS, Cheryl here. Love the show Unreal. It rocks.And I believe you about a might be storyboard for BB.

  9. Seriously, did they do background checks on the houseguests this year? I would be afraid to be locked up in a house with some of these people.

  10. oh my word, all this from natalies pants being too long for victor’s taste? these people would fit right in w my psych pts. so irrational. heeheehee. this season rocks on the entertainment and laugh factor. honestly, the 4 and their nasty mean comments to all turned me off early on and it makes me no never mind now. i am done w them. the sooner the go, the better. would rather not hear anymore meanness. its get old quick for me. go back to just being clueless to the game thinking yall are running things, and paul…take it like a man. dont be a punk and welcome to biiiiiggg brother dude.

  11. Please Big brother, try to find more mature people for next season. Bronte is a little troublemaker and I hope she is gone soon. I don’t really care for the newbies from either side of the alliance, so I hope the vets make it to the end.

  12. Bye Josez…too cocky. Next should be Paul. He also is a bit bossy. Then Bronte. After they rid those 3. It would be truly”Game On”.

  13. I’ve been laughing my butt off at these people. Some of these dudes have the mental capacity of a toad. Bringing HG into this game who have no clue about the game is pretty entertaining for us though. I hope the surprise lasts until tomorrow evening. Every blindside is good drama in that house.

  14. Natalie is used to ppl being nice to her? So she wants victor to stop. Wtf kind of crap is that. Get over it retard. Girls are so stupid. Your playing a mental game in there with strangers , and
    u whine and cry cuz he said your pants were 2 long. Dumb ass girl.

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