Diary Room: Adam Poch’s Player Rankings: Big Brother 18 – Week 1

Wow – what a week! Usually the first week is a little dry as people are trying to get to know each other – but with the returning players coming in & the twists this season for Big Brother 18, it was GAME ON from day 1! I am loving the BB Roadkill addition to this season because it gives more power to people that are not HoH. Hopefully it does not go the way of last season’s BB Takeover anytime soon – since this twist is actually good!

Adam Poch during Big Brother 13

It’s Day 14 inside the Big Brother house, and we have already had our first eviction. Poor Glenn, I guess I was wrong about him making it to the final 3 in my preseason predictions. But he is not back in the real world yet, so we will see him (or another evicted HG) coming back. It would just suck if they wait too long, and Glenn has to sit in sequester for weeks & then NOT make it back in. We can speculate all we want.. BUT FIRST… let’s get to the Bacon / Tofu rankings for Week 1

(Remember: these rankings are based on gameplay and game related actions & words – all the extra stuff they talked about on the feeds that do not relate to the game are not included.)

Frank Eudy- 5 Strips of Bacon – I am not a huge fan of the mixed casts – but Frank was a player I rooted for on Season 14 – and he has come back a little smarter. His social game is good – as he is not just talking to one person. He is making side allies – and winning the first BB Roadkill challenge – then putting up Paul as another nominee was a smart move.

Paul Abrahamian – 4 Strips of Bacon – as with my preseason prediction of Paul, I am giving him way too much credit because of his Heavy Metal background & killer beard. But when you are on the block and you win the Veto – you will always get Bacon from me!

Nicole Franzel – 3 Strips of Bacon – Despite “The Freakazoids” losing the first 3 challenges, Nicole still ended up with the power of HoH. Her “wishy washy” act this time around is just that, an act. She really wanted the HoH but did not want the other people on her team to know she wanted it. She was also critical in forming the 8pack alliance – learning form her mistake last time, and not being part of the Bomb Squad.

Victor Arroyo – 2 strips of Bacon – Victor single handed won the first competition of the summer keeping him & the rest of Team Unicorn (dunt dunt dah!) safe for the first 2 evictions. The rest of his game has been pretty bad. Sure – he has a solid alliance of him, Jozea, and Paul – but they are also setting themselves up to be the early targets. I did want to give Victor an extra strip of bacon for taking off his shirt in the middle of his conversation with Nicole – but took it away because while doing so – he also outed his alliance’s plans.

Da’Vonne Rogers – 2 strips of Bacon – of all the returnees, she is the only one to not make it to at least jury last time. Her mouth got her in a lot of trouble last year – but with this group of loudmouths, she has learned from her & their mistakes and listens more than talks. She gets info, or gets others to get info, and brings it back to her group. With “meat shields” & enamored newbies, she is poised to go far. BUT – will she be able to bite her tongue long enough???

Zakiyah Everette & Michelle Meyer – 1 strip of Bacon to share – These 2 superfans did not learn from previous season player’s mistakes – knowingly & willingly teamed up with the Vets. Sure – this puts them in the early majority and will keep them safe for a little while. Will they turn on the vets before the vets turn on them? We’ll see.

Now on to the Tofu earners this week on Big Brother 18.



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  1. I like the rankings this week. The only one I probably would change would be Victor. The guy is brainless. Why would you give away all you alliances info to the enemy? Does taking your shirt off somehow negate your stupidity in Victorland? Plus he was also dumb enough to be the first streaker of the season. Fun to watch but the naked people tend to go home early… just my opinion ;)

    • ACTUALLY – the streakers all go far (except Jace BB17). Ian won, Cowboy was 2nd, Zach was 3rd.

      • Forgot all about Ian lol (or maybe I just mentally blocked it out) but you are right. Cowboy was so long ago he wasn’t even in my thought process and should have been.

    • Victor is made of 98% Man-whore and 2% creep. His constant fixation on the ladies every time he talked in the first ep was beyond gross.
      After watching him pet and stroke himself after taking his shirt off for Nicole, all I could think was that I’m pretty sure he’s overcompensating. Big time.

  2. Did you miss Vanessa’s melt down the first week because she was lonely? Seems to me she regrouped pretty well, ran the house most of the season and TOOK Steve and Liz to the Final Three.. Just one question away from the $500,000. Come Thursday, Day and Zak will be branded the “traitors” that sent Jozea home. None of the “8-Pack”, nor Paulie will put Tiffany on the block and as of last night James, Nicole, Corey and even Bridgette have been mentioned as targets by the other side except Jozea who will be not nominating anyone ever.

    If either Day or Zak go on the block, we’ll see who’s is the weak link(s) in the Fatal Five then and those two will be begging tiff to be a comp beast like her sister and save them with either a veto or the Roadkill comp.She will save anyone in the Fatal Five, one-way or the other. But if James or Frank go up, bye-bye. Sorry Adam. Liked u as a HG but as an analyst you leave a lot to be desired. Five pieces of Tofu for YOU.

    • You know that his assessment was based on players’ performances this week? If Tiffany pulls whatever you are saying there he may award her with five bacons next week.
      Plus Tiffany was the first one to lose the first challenge in like 3 seconds. I was like … damn girl Van Van could last forever!
      I agree with him, even tho my fave gets tofu and it sucks but I agree.

  3. I think Michelle and Zak might be in an ok position for several weeks. The vets want the non 8 pack newbies out first and the newbies want the vets out first. Michelle and Zak seem to be forming strong bonds with Nicole and Davonne, which might keep them safe when/if the 8 pack starts evicting each other -Nicole, Michelle, Davonne and Zak would make a great final 4!

    • That’s why they get Bacon this week – despite not doing anything more than following the power. They are safe for now

  4. I don’t believe that Vanrssa and Tiffnay’s crying is a complete act. They are sisters and may both have some kind of mental illness. It could just run in the family. James is playing similar to last season and he needs to be careful about feeling bad for voting out people, or at least talking about it.

  5. “These 2 superfans did not learn from previous season player’s mistakes” – It’s easier to remember previous players’ mistakes when you are that player who made those mistakes. I hope they’re teaming up with the vets now for the majority and will work against them later.

  6. 30 hours or so to go – very excited and always enjoy reading Adam’s Rankings. There is none more deserving of the Golden Tofurkey than “He” (we all know who He is). Good one!

    • He’s like a Tofu Turducken! Trifecta of things that leave a bad taste. Goodbye Josea. I’m sure you have some “savior” things you should be doing anyways.

  7. One player I think being underrated right now is natalie. Sure she isn’t the smartest one out there, but more importantly she is well liked by the house and nice to everyone. She also avoids drama pretty well. She is currently on the outs of the majority alliance, but most likley it will crumble before they decide to target her. She is not a huge threat, but still seems fairly athletic to do well in competitions. Unless crazy stuff happens she seems to be a lock to go far.

    Day also seems to be playing a lot better this year. in lot less drama. seems to be making good alliances. Least threatening of the vets.

    Michelle and zak also positioned well.

    Players that seem to be in a lot of danger are Nicole, Tiffany, Paul, Victor, Bronte.

    In the middle are Frank, James, Bridggete, corey, and paulie

    • I disagree so much with Frank being just in the middle. He has a couple of alliances and I think has been attacking this game from all angles in all the right ways. Playing hard yet not making himself a bigger target than just returning player. He’s playing very smart.

  8. Zakiyah successfully jumped ship on the revolution to become a valuable member of the majority i dont think she gets enough credit. And natalie is smarter than i thought but her correct assessments get overshadowed by the strong delusional shadows of paul and jozea. Paulie definitely diserves tofu for agreeing to be a pawn and STILL not being in the main alliance. Poor guys

    • Allying with the vets is good for now, but down the road they will team up and take her out easily. In my opinion the newbies would have been smartest to take the vets out first since they will be comp beasts who will stick together over new players.

  9. Good to have you back Adam. Love your analysis. Though I will give Paul an extra tofu for being a bit cocky with his revolution alliance. But that’s just me.

  10. Such a terrible player, I don’t know why he feels the need to give Players ranking each week.

    • Sorry you did not like my gameplay. And sorry you do not like my rankings. We are all Big Brother fans and we all have our own opinions. These are just my opinions. Who do you like so far & why?

      • There are times to apologize Adam, this isn’t one of those times. Stay well my friend, and keep the fun going. I enjoy your bacon loving/tofu hating ways. Cheers!

      • Thanks for your time and effort that you put in this blog every week. I love reading it. It’s greatly appreciated.

    • Why do you feel the need to read it and comment on it then, Bryce? If you want to be critical of something, start with the decision you are making.

  11. So happy to see you back Adam ! Always fun anticipating what you are going to say about each house guest and with this group, each week should get more interesting. Your rankings are on point this week couldn’t agree with you more especially with the Tofu winner of the week. I have only been watching Big Brother from Season 13 until the present and he by far is the WORST and I’ve had my fair share of peeps I did not Ike! He takes the win though!! Can’t wait for next weeks rank :)

  12. If winning veto counts for a lot, then HOH should rarely be more than one spot out of first IMO. I mean, at some point, a lousy player or two get lucky, so I can see those players sitting a little farther behind. But I think in the case of Nicole, second would be closer to appropriate. Frank is in a great position and has made all the right moves so far. He’s likable, socially he is nailing it, he’s competitive, and has a good poker face. Statigically he’s in a very good place and has options. The early favorite, and playing like a pro so far. Good on ya Frank!

    • Winning Veto alone is not what gets Paul the accolades this week. Its winning Veto when you are on the block. You are safe that week and can potentially win HOH flipping the power back. Best night sleep in BB Housr is when you win thay Veto while on the block.

      • I wasn’t disagreeing about winning the veto. I just thought Nicole should probably be second. If veto is good, HOH is great. That’s all. If she didn’t win, there’s a solid chance she would have been going home this week based on what we heard up to this point. Pulling yourself off the block is great. Not being on the block because you are HOH is certainly better.

  13. Josea is as bad as disgusting frankie But at lease Frank kept his pant on I cant stomach looking at his nasty ASS

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