Big Brother 17 Houseguests Move On Past Audrey Middleton – Updated: Becky Reveals More Details

We’re now on Day 3 of Audrey Watch as the Big Brother 17 Houseguest continues to pull back from the game and rest of house keeping herself in seclusion ahead of Thursday’s eviction.

Audrey Middleton sneaks past Big Brother HGs
Audrey Middleton sneaks past Big Brother HGs – Source: CBS All Access

At this point the Big Brother house has moved on past Audrey Middleton and while the Houseguests have been checking on her well being periodically most of them are now over the situation.

Background info: If you’re just getting caught up on what’s going on. Here are the details you’ll need. On Sunday, Audrey began arguing with Clay, Shelli, and Vanessa. It soon became apparent that they were going to Backdoor her. She worked on a House Flip with James, but when that failed she went in to seclusion and spent roughly eight hours in the DR from Sunday to Monday. This even delayed the PoV meeting by about five hours. Okay, now for the latest.

Yesterday morning we saw James bring Audrey room service with an omelette and OJ, his good deed of the day, he said. This came shortly after Audrey had briefly left her station, Flashback to 10:08AM BBT, in the Have-Not room to get a fresh battery and spend a few minutes in the DR. Along the way Liz tried saying hello, but says she was ignored.

Things were quiet on the Audrey front for most of the rest of the day until the HoH camera arrived and Have-Nots decided it was time to turn the lights on and get some group pictures. Audrey wasn’t budging from under her blanket tent so they went on without her. Shelli even tried talking to her to get her out but she was ignored as well.

The Houseguests seem to have accepted that she won’t be active in the game anymore and is simply filling a seat, well when she shows up, until the round is over on Thursday. But just like us, they don’t have much information on the situation and are trying to guess at what’s happening.

Steve and Liz, Flashback to 2:05PM BBT, wonder if Audrey will be forced to move during lockdowns or Thursday’s house cleaning when they have to go up to the HoH room. Steve mentions that Audrey was not penalized for eating regular food and was given permission by Big Brother. Later Becky mentions Audrey had a 24-36 hour window of being allowed to eat regular food.


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  1. So what kind of reaction will the audience give her when she walks thru the door Thursday?

      • Do you think they’ll replace the audience with CBS employees or is that just a final 5 eviction thing?

      • If she decides to even participate in the eviction episode. I’m waiting until tomorrow during the day to see if she goes to the HOH for lockdown. I don’t know why they didn’t just make her leave the game if she’s not going to go by the rules.

      • I wouldn’t be surprised if she just opted out of the interview with Julie. They’d do the vote and then cut to commercial and then start with the HOH comp. In fact, I kind of wish they would do that. Why give her any more attention?

      • I agree. Get her out quietly and move on. The post eviction interviews are often cringe worthy. Audrey’s would be hide under blanket worthy!

      • Then maybe we could have a longer HoH comp then questions. I would like to see a more physical/endurance HoH comp this week.

      • Heh, it’s like how people on Family Feud are told to always say “good answer!” for even the stupidest responses.

        I wonder if she’ll be functioning enough to do the interview. Will they let her out of it or will she just sit there and stare blankly?

    • Audrey should be greeted with the same attitude she giving the rest of the house…complete silence!

    • I’m wondering if she will walk out the door. She may leave through the DR room and not talk to Julie.

      • I don’t think she will sit for post eviction interview with Julie Chen, as she will not want to answer for her immature and entitled behavior. Shall be very interesting how production is going to deal with her eviction.

    • I don’t think Audrey will walk through the doors Thursday. I think Julie Chen will probably do a special pre-taped exit interview with Audrey in the DR room perhaps, or maybe it was filmed on an empty set of The Talk. That would be the only thing that would explain her absence for such a long period of time, since Becky said she wasn’t ill on the feeds.
      The way CBS has exploited this angle this season, it would be the only way for them to save face. I’m sure Audrey’s recent behavior didn’t exactly fit into their storyline, lol.

  2. I am over Audrey. I wonder if she will even speak to Julie after she is evicted? The crowd should just be dead silent when she walks out.

  3. I’m disappointed in Audrey, but I am very glad she isn’t quitting the game. I realize that isn’t saying much, but in terms of Big Brother’s schedule she is at the very least maintaining that for them.

      • Hey Matt, that was pretty funny, but true…you don’t suppose since BB let her get away with turning off the lights, not sleeping where she was suppose to, and eating regular food that they are going to add some kind of twist so she can stay? What are your thoughts?

      • Why would they do that? She would just do this all over again the next time she is up for eviction.

      • My only concern is if she has some type of depression or mental issue’s and that she might try to harm herself after she leave’s. No answer’s from BB leaves a lot to the imagination.

  4. I feel kinda bad for Audrey that she can’t see this is how she will be remembered. This is going to be out there for all time and public record. I don’t know how one would deal with that. She is probably planning what to say later to make herself look better. But even if she has some medical issue going on and that’s why they let her eat, she broke a lot of rules. I mean, I really am at a loss for words as to what to say about her behavior. Its just bizarre. She can’t even bring herself to say I’m ok or ty to her fellow houseguests?

  5. Hmmm…. pouting, withdrawn, not talking to people for days, getting up only to eat and use the bathroom……yep….definitely born a man.

    • What a jerk comment..I am not even sure you were born a man. I have not liked her as a player but you have no right to personally attack her so I am returning the favor.

      • Hmmmmm intersting…you’re reading into an observation and being self righteous. Your actually showing the behavior towards me you’re accusing me of.

      • Funny. And as a mom of 2 sons, I can honestly say it’s SO true. LOL

      • You are a cliche and sound like a child You seem like a self appointed internet police type with zero authority. You are not a moderator you are not an owner of this site and you are nothing to me. I hope you are more vocal and better spoken in real life , especially about your convictions, than you are cowering around a message board anonymously. Your behavior here will not make new ground nor help your community. It makes you, a self appointed representative seem petty, vindictive, and overly dramatic..with a dash of confrontational spitefulness. No one here has attacked you personally so good luck throwing punches in the air. Audrey is seen as an adult representing herself and not a group. She is not seen as a role model or anything else than what see has displayed on Big Brother. Something she signed up for, knew people would be watching, and was well aware of the consequences of her behavior. You use trigger words such as “attack”. You also use words such as “fair” You obviously do not know the definition of either word.

      • Thank you….more for getting the joke than recognizing the spirit of the comment lol

      • Not funny in our community. I have seen people almost killed by people who think it is funny to make fun of LGBT no I am not laughing just like I didn’t laugh at my fellow Marines who beat up gay Marines. I stand by my statement

      • Barefootboyz, when I read it, I never thought about it in that way, making fun of LGBT people. I reread it and, IMO, you would have to be looking for something to get that impression. I honestly think you took it wrong.

      • Here’s an idea…how about trolling the monsters that beat up gay marines instead of people talking on a message board. Your actions are an insult to the victims of an actual hate crime and trying to group people here with the bigots is ridiculous.

      • You have no idea about hate crimes until you have had it done to you. Plus I am not a coward I served my country and am not hiding behind anything. You seem like the troll to me attacking someone who cannot fight back.

      • He wasn’t making fun of the LGBT community. If anything, he was making fun of the male gender. Lighten up. Would it make you feel better if he had said she’s PMS’ing? Stop trying to make something out of nothing.

      • Semper Fi ~~ thank you for your service. My son and daughter-in-law also served in the Marine Corps.

      • Please stop with the pity party. The more your “community” demands entitlement and special treatment from the rest of humanity, the more alienated your “community” will become. If you want equality, just be members of the human race with the rest of us and help those who are less fortunate than yourself. There is plenty of suffering in this world – for all kinds of people.

      • All we ask for is Equal treatment nothing special or entitled about it. Also your name shows how ignorant you are about this country. Your so called god allows this suffering so you continue to believe in fairy tales and I will live in the real world

      • Interesting. This entire thread is about entitlement and special treatment. You pointed out that “gay” marines are beaten up – you don’t seem concerned about the treatment of other marines. You assert that you want equal treatment and then proceed to attack me for my faith. BTW, God didn’t cause the suffering – He warned mankind about the consequences of sin and promised we would reap what we sow. He created us in love and put us in a world that was perfect and we have gone against Him deliberately and incessantly and then have the audacity to blame Him for the result of our actions. Equal treatment – if you would like respect for your worldview and life choices, you might try showing some for others.

      • Two wrongs don’t make a right…..Everyone has a right to their opinion….I don’t think that was a personal attack on ANYONE….Merely an observation….Stop with the sensitivity!! It is what’s wrong with America……

    • hahahha!!!! I agree completely!!! She obviously has some mental issue. As if we didnt already know that!

  6. It just doesn’t make sense for her to act like this, everyone is trying to be nice and include her in everything. The only one who’s excluding her is herself. Maybe she wasn’t mentally ready for something like Big Brother?

    • I agree. I’ve heard some of the other HGs talk about Audrey and stating that she doesn’t really socialize outside of the house. I wonder if that’s why everything with her is game talk, because she doesn’t feel comfortable making genuine connections with the others.

    • People should stop judging her and other houseguests so harshly. We don’t know what it’s like inside there and I heard from several past hgs that being cooped up in there does mess with ur head. IMO while her game was terrible… Clay, Shelli and Vanessa are to blame b/c as Audrey said, the other side of the house hated her and her “allies” refused to be seen with her. If they truly wanted to keep her in check, they should have tried being there for her more. People get paranoid in there. Who could she talk to about anything if neither side is talking to her?

      • Like Shelli said, Audrey had 3 weeks where she could have just relaxed and skated through, but she was constantly bugging them with her paranoia and stirring up a lot of unnecessary drama. It was nothing BUT incessant loose talk and suspicion and intrigue nonstop, 24/7.

  7. This is what CBS and BB get for doing their normal stunt casting. I don’t doubt that she was someone they wanted on the show because it is a hot button issue. They really need to do a more thorough job with the psych evaluations before letting people into the house.

    • It’s not like this hasn’t been a problem in the past(Scott(?) season 4,Willie Hantz season 14) You’d think the producers would be more careful.

      • I agree. They always seem to cast HGs based on the possibility of garnering more ratings. I seems like it rarely works out for them.

      • It would be nice if they have some kind of formula to avoid something like this to happen, or a predictor, It’s impossible. Casting is not a simple task.

      • I nominate you to take over as Lead Casting Director for BB. ;) Either you or David! LOL

      • Hey Red, There’s another Rose here in this board. Sometimes I get confused between the two of you. Do you know her? Hmmm Some kind of Rose. It’s not Rose Hill, cuz that’s a cemetery here in LA.

      • Excellent memory, KSJB! I knew it was someone I really enjoyed last year and this year!!

      • She has shown up a few times this year. Her family is from England, if I remember correctly, although I may be wrong.. Maybe that’s why the name.

      • Right here..right here. I was reading this part of the thread, and I thought K was so serious….then baam!..the twin

      • Redroses and EnglishRose. They were separated at birth and don’t know it yet, so don’t tell.

      • Ok, I came in for lunch as I’ve been pulling weeds. I have bug spray with deet and sunscreen on. Now my eyes are burning from laugh crying. Gotta wash, reapply. The weeds are calling my name. Not weed is calling my name, get it right.

      • It’s EnglishRose. She was here last year under a different name, but I can’t remember what it was now. Sorry, EnglishRose!!!!

    • Well said, do you know how many people would have loved to have been picked to be on BB, now they have to wait another year!

    • There will be a lot of upset people, but what recourse do the HGs or we have except to complain a little and carry on. There are always those who threaten to quit in such instances, but this is just a game, and no matter how bad it has gotten or disappointed I am, I’ve always seen it through to the end. Of course, now I didn’t watch Season 15 due to family illnesses. From what I hear, that one might have pushed me over the quitter edge.

    • Please NO! She needs to go. I don’t see a positive outcome if there is a twist in letting her stay. Even if she was sick/ill, she is just being plain rude to the others. They don’t owe her anything. I hope she doesn’t feel she is entitled to special treatment. Time to go and thank goodness this happened now, before the jury house. Could you image Audrey in the jury house?

    • I’d like to know why there was no BB Takeover this week? Hoping one isn’t coming to keep Audrey in the game, lol. I wouldn’t think so, but they have pandered to her all game so far to keep her there, it wouldn’t surprise me.

  8. I swear, if I hear that god awful take over audio coming through the PA just before Audrey gets evicted, I think I just might lose it.

  9. I have no patience for Audrey. CBS may act like she’s doing them a favor by sharing her unique journey, but that’s simply not the case. Production was scouting potential applicants in the transgender community months ago. They obviously wanted a transgender houseguest, likely to coincide with Caitlyn Jenner’s headline making announcement, which had been scheduled for this summer months in advance. A friend of mine, who is not only transgendered but also a BB super fan, got scouted through her YouTube channel and invited to audition. She very nearly got on the show. As it seems unlikely that BB would feature two transgender houseguests in the same season, I can only assume Audrey took her “spot.” There were other transgendered people who were asked to audition as well. Google it. So Audrey isn’t just taking up the spot of someone who would like to play this game, she’s also taking up a spot that could have been filled by many other transgendered men and women who would have loved to play this game and share their story.

      • I agree. It would have been great for the trans community to have a player who truly played the game.

    • Exactly, i said the same thing! CBS is a little to fast for this one. Always trying to be on top and be the first. Shame on them and shame on her for coming on the show.

  10. all these years I’ve been trying to get to play BB and rejected because of my age (69) and they pick someone like this that really doesn’t want to play ==makes me sick

  11. Have I missed something with her getting up to get a fresh battery? Why does she need a battery?

  12. Bye Felicia….She really needs to grow-up. It’s a game, last I checked.

  13. I’m sorry but considering the fact that Audrey is ignoring Big Brother, shouldn’t she be expelled?

    • They gave her permission to break the rules. They are enabling her temper tantrum.

      • BB has actually not done Audrey any favours by letting her carry on this way. I suspect they were trying to be “delicate” in how they handled the situation, but they should have just let her walk. I suspect that is what her several hours in the DR were about, and BB talked her into going back into the house. It’s really unfortunate for Audrey. Yes, she totally screwed up her game, but she is now going out looking even worse.

    • I think CBS is letting her take all the figurative rope she needs to ‘hang’ herself on tonight’s show. She has treated BB and her fellow houseguests very badly. Maybe evict her in a pretaped segment for Thursday’s show. I wonder if they will bother giving her an exit interview with Julie Chen.

  14. If she really is OK, she’s doing an awfully good job of playing the “poor me” card. She’ll leave the BB house (either under her own steam or otherwise), but I’d bet she will not use the front door, face a normal audience, or talk to Julie. She’s lost enough face already, after all; she doesn’t have much left to lose! Once she’s out, count on her to go home and bad mouth and spread lies about BB and all the houseguests. Just so incredibly immature.

  15. I am disappointed in Audrey. I mean she is going home this week. The least she could do is stir up trouble and walk out gracefully. But she isn’t. Going to do that sadly.

  16. I believe Audrey needs some psychological counseling, she is very unstable, the sooner she is out of that house the better.

  17. Audrey has no grounds to blame her behavior on the way she was treated by the HGs, who are clearly trying to be nice to her. She did this to herself.

  18. I suspect that Audrey will be wheeled out, strapped to a dolly, all covered up looking like a cross between linus and hannibal lecter

  19. I think when she went in to this self-imposed seclusion and stopped participating, she should have been made to leave. I tried to give her the benefit of the doubt and was hoping that maybe her behavior was because she was sick. But the more I’m reading, the more I think she’s being a brat. The non-participation alone should be breach of contract (unless it’s a real illness).

    • In the feeds she said she is ok not a medical issue. She is just a brat that didnt get her way.

      • Thank you for telling me. I don’t get feeds. I’m living vicariously through those of you who do. And agree with you that she’s being a brat. Among other things. ;)

  20. Too bad Audrey decided to make Big Brother all about Audrey by her continuous pouting and drama queen antics.

  21. I despise poor sports like her on this show and on Survivor. Yes, while not technically removing herself from the game she has quit. She knew what this game was about. Why take up a spot on a show that so many other people would kill to be on? Disgraceful. They should have let her just quit if that’s in fact what she wanted to do.

    • If she had panic attacks that is a very good reason to be holed up like that. Panic attacks are extremely scary and because of that fear of not knowing what is going they can get worse. I want to wait and find the facts before judging.

      • If Audrey is prone to panic attacks, seems like a poor personal choice to come on a show like BB.

      • Panic attacks can be triggered for different reasons. Not eating right as well as exhaustion can be triggers.

  22. Let’s hope the game gets alot more interesting once Audrey leaves. This house, right now, is boring as heck!! At this point, I wouldn’t mind listening to some of Vanessa’s ramblings!! Did I just say that?

    • Well since Audrey isn’t doing plotting there has to be a new target here.


      • I would like to see people shift their attention to Shay and Austin. God, I hate Austin. But Shay are more dangerous.

  23. The fact BB gave her permission to eat regular food and sleep on the ground tells me it was a medical issue and the set doctor told her to rest and eat regularly. BB has never allowed a HG to not obey rules without a reason before so I doubt they are doing so here.

    • Her reason is she is transgender and has to be treated differently. It was not a medical issue she said she is fine in the feeds.

      • Being fine and not having a medical issue are two different things. She told Shelli it was major panic Attacks. I know people who get them and they can be extremely scary and can take a lot out of someone. I am sure BB gave her permission to eat because of these panic attacks and based on what a doctor said. I understand people want to speculate and say she feels entitled and what not but I think judging someone without knowing all the facts is wrong and inconsiderate. Hopefully later she can explain what happened but lets treat her with some respect because she deserves that.

      • I hope they explain, or let her explain, on tomorrow’s show. I don’t watch the feeds, but if she was actually having panic attacks I can understand her behavior and the special treatment she’s been receiving. The first time I had one I went to the ER because I didn’t know what was wrong with me and thought I might be dying. They’re seriously scary! That being said, I don’t know why she’d stay in the house if that’s really what she’s dealing with

      • I am sure she will be allowed to explain if she wants to but I am not sure she will want to. I personally think she will have to or people will speculate and say she is being a spoiled sport and just not following the rules.

    • I think it’s more a legal issue. If there’s even the slightest chance she’s not OK, they don’t want her to come back and say she was ill and wasn’t treated well. Hope her psychological health isn’t this poor when she’s not on the show – doesn’t make her look like a very well-adjusted person.

  24. Thoughts:
    – Audrey has checked out. She’s feigning illness to hide from everyone.
    – Hope John can start playing without Shelli and Clay
    – Hopefully James and Meg will grow a brain and start targeting the twins and/or Austin
    – Want either Jason or John to win but I think they’re gonna go home.
    – I think Vanessa or Steve will be the next target

  25. At this point the feeds are so boring I would even watch sexual assault oh wait Austin does that every second of the day.

  26. Audrey screwed up her game, big time! And honestly, I’m one of her biggest supporters (I don’t know her personally, just to make that clear) but even I think she deserves to go home. I just HOPE she doesn’t recieve much (hopefully none) hateful comments! She failed miserably in the game, but it has nothing to do with her outside the house and I know just how much meanful comments can truly hurt someone, I’d hate to see happening to her something similar to kaitlyn (The Bachelorette, if you watched the men tell all, you know what I mean). Wow, I sound like Shelli right now, E-M-O-T-I-O-N-A-L

  27. Will she be at the eviction meeting? Will she interview with Julie afterward? Why doesn’t she just pull herself from the game at this point? Or why doesn’t BB just pull her? Are they trying to save face somehow because she is trans? I think this will backfire big time on BB.

    • Yes. Yes. Wants the money they get paid and if she quits she doesnt get it. They wont pull her because of public outrage for expelling a protected class. Yes because she is trans they have to treat her differently due to public opinion. I agree it will backfire on them.

  28. Unless you were in that house and know for certain what happened in the diary room and why she went in there hold your judgements. She told Shelli tonight it was major panic attacks.

    • The problem is we’ll never know what happened in the DR. I just hope we get the truth (either way) and that production doesn’t manipulate the situation.

    • Audrey didn’t have major panic attacks when she was orchestrating getting Jase out of the house the first week. Seemed not to be bothered at all at managing someone else’s eviction.

      • Your right after being confronted the first week she played dead. That was a strategy move on her part. This time could very well be different. Who gives us the right to say she didn’t have a panic attack and seeked medical help in the DR from it. If she did get help in the DR regarding panik attacks that is a reason she was in there so long and why BB allowed her to eat regular food. I for one don’t think BB would allow her to eat regular food unless something happened. What we have to realize is that no one wanted to talk to her. She even tried to go in the HOH room and was told to get out so people didn’t know they were working together. Feeling like your alone and have No one can be multiplied in the BB house so yes I believe she could have had panic attacks this week and was told by a doctor to rest and eat regularly. I feel bad she was made to feel all alone like that but she played the game all wrong and will be evicted for it. I just think we should not judge her situation unless we know all the facts and right now we don’t.

  29. Self-inflicted. There are others truly suffering in this world who had no say in their circumstances.

  30. Rather than have a whole of drama surrounding Audrey they should just announce at the beginning of the show that Audrey was evicted from the and have an endurance comp for HoH with luxury prizes instead.

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