Big Brother 17 Live Feeds Week 6: Wednesday Night Highlights

The Big Brother 17 houseguests have made it to the halfway point this season and got a feed-outage party, but either Clay or Shelli won’t see any of the second half of the season.

Clay and Shelli spend their last night together in the Big Brother 17 house – Source: CBS All Access

And Wednesday night was spent deciding who should stay and who should go. Vanessa is still pushing for Shelli to stay while a lot of the rest of the house would rather her go. It will all come down to the twins and Austin, though, who have expressed absolute confusion on what they should do.

Big Brother 17 Live Feed Highlights – Wednesday, August 5, 2015:

3:55 PM BBT – Austin and Liz joking around with pretend, choreographed fights.

4:30 PM BBT – Shelli and Clay making out.

6:05 PM BBT – Feeds cut for the halfway party for the Houseguests. Big accomplishment!

8:10 PM BBT – Feeds return.

8:15 PM BBT – Meg and Jackie talking nomination plans. They’d go with Steve and John then Backdoor Vanessa.

8:30 PM BBT – Shelli tells Clay she hopes for a reset in the game this week so they aren’t split up.

8:35 PM BBT – Shelli says there’s supposed to be a twist every week and last season Battle of the Block stopped right before jury (it was after) so she thinks it’s possible they’re at least at jury.

10:05 PM BBT – HGs are playing bowling with empty soda bottles.

11:38 PM BBT – Vanessa and Shelli are talking about why they haven’t done goodbye messages yet. They’re now convincing themselves that there won’t be an eviction tomorrow. John says he did a goodbye message already.

11:41 PM BBT – Vanessa is still pushing for Clay to go to Liz, Julia and Steve. It sounds like they’re again leaning toward keeping Shelli over Clay.

11:45 PM BBT – Vanessa now thinks that John and Shelli are related.

12:09 AM BBT – And now Austin is convincing the twins that it’s not a good idea to keep Shelli.

12:11 AM BBT – Austin tells Steve if he keeps Shelli then everyone will know they’re in an alliance together and will target Austin. Steve tells Austin that it doesn’t matter because it’s only three people. He encourages Austin to vote out Clay.

12:15 AM BBT – Steve has seemingly convinced Austin that Shelli should stay because she would be a bigger target. He says Jackie would definitely put Shelli up (even though Jackie has strong expressed she wants to target Vanessa).

12:20 AM BBT – Liz tells Austin that Clay has given up on staying. He wasn’t even interested in talking to her about why he should stay over Shelli.

12:30 AM BBT – They’ve decided to keep Shelli. But wait, Julia wants Shelli to go. She suggests waiting to see if it’s a double eviction before making their decision. Austin says they can’t wait though because they want to be able to tell James tomorrow that they aren’t going to keep Clay.

12:35 AM BBT – And they’re back to not know what to do. Liz is getting irritated and even pushes Austin off her. She doesn’t want the other side of the house mad at them.

12:46 AM BBT – Austin says if they do keep Shelli they just can’t blindside James. They said that will make them more mad.

12:47 AM BBT – Julia brings up the point that they promised they’d target which half of Clelli was left and she wouldn’t want to target Shelli but wouldn’t mind putting Clay up.

1:50 AM BBT – Vanessa tells John the votes are tied without his support. He acts like he thought it was already decided.

1:58 AM BBT – Clay asking Liz if she and Austin will vote him out so Shelli can stay.

2:25 AM BBT – Austin and the twins agree: evict Clay.

2:50 AM BBT – James is upset to learn that the house is campaigning to keep Shelli. He wants to go tell them he knows, but Meg holds him back saying that’d make sure they voted out Clay.

2:55 AM BBT – Meg, Jackie, and James trying to figure out why Vanessa needed an 8-person alliance again just to betray it again. They realize they should have vetoed Clay and renom’d Vanessa.

3:00 AM BBT – Steve and Clay talk in the Lounge. Steve promises Clay he’ll vote him out.

3:34 AM BBT – Steve says he used these very highlight reports to go back and watch Feeds. Gives BBN a shoutout.

4:10 AM BBT – Steve tells Shelli Becky was working on him to evict Shelli.

So it sounds like Shelli will most-likely stay because that’s what Vanessa wants, but if Austin does decide to go the other way, we’re going to be in for some wonderful moments on the Live Feeds. So let’s all hope for that.

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    • If Vanessa truly leaves this week, I think every single person will be playing a different game. They’ll each have a mind of their own at last instead of letting someone else do their thinking for them…laziest group ever. I am enjoying seeing a different side of Becky, a more dominant, resolute Becky.

  1. “2:55 AM BBT – Meg, Jackie, and James trying to figure out why Vanessa
    needed an 8-person alliance again just to betray it again. They realize
    they should have vetoed Clay and renom’d Vanessa.”


    • James ran his mouth all week how he was making a power move and was gonna shake up the house…. it’s like dude, at the end if the day – you got clay out -___- whoop de freakin doo.

      I hope this come back to bite him.

      • I get your point about it just being Clay, but it is definitely a ballsy “power move” though to put the showmance up and get them split up.

        *IF* he makes it to the end, this week will definitely give him something to show the jury as a strong game move. There is no doubt about that.

      • I agree, James made a gutsy move no matter what outcome. Fact of the matter is had he not done this now those two would’ve made it very far, dragging along all the “floaters” and the alliance. Not only has he broken up a showmance, but he has also shaken the 6th sense alliance to the point where they are now turning on each other. Its genius!

      • But wouldn’t anyone from the 6th alliance have been a gutsy move? He could’ve put up Austin /Liz and it’s gutsy. Vanessa and Julia and its gutsy. I have a hard time calling going after the alliance that wants you out gutsy. It’s just logical. I mean sure he could’ve put up Meg and Steve and done some weird voodoo thing I guess. But then again, for this season the move was gutsy.

      • I just think Shelli and Clay put themselves in a bad spot when they decided to flat out lie about having no involvement in getting Jason out. Had it not been for that I feel most certainly it would’ve been Austin and Liz, but since the outsiders took Jason’s eviction personal James had no choice but to send a message.

      • I would agree that IF he makes it to the end – he could definitely have that to show for it. The likelihood of him making it though because of this move without Vetoing Clay and ensuring Shelli went home could be what undoes his ‘power move’ since he made the move but is falling way short by trusting once again the opposite alliance. Still confused why they continue to trust in anything they’re saying. The rule should be- now that I know they’re in an alliance, believe in the opposite of what is coming out of their mouth and do the opposite of what they’re saying we should do: aka target floaters, etc

      • Yeah, they’ve got to realize what is going on by this point in the game. I certainly hope that the “trust” being granted is just for show.

        I really hope we see the floaters float on over to the side of James, Jackie and Meg and make things interesting.

        But i do think Shelli/Clay nom was a stronger move on his part than Van/Shelli. Yes, they’re all allies, but you know Shelli/Clay are going to be more loyal to each other. Splitting them up or splitting up the twins would have been the biggest move anyone could make and I really respect him going right after them. I don’t think he trusts that side of the house at all… but I’m sure he’ll be a priority target when they get power.

    • Now let us hope Meg and Jackie will have some fire in their bellies tonight for an HOH win.

  2. Thank God it’s Thursday! Please, no tricks from production. At this point I’ll settle for either Shelli or Clay being evicted. Nitwit Austin and his twincompoops are so indecisive. We’ll see how many more times they change their minds before the vote tonight.

    • I think somehow they are encouraged to keep on discussing about it since it’s a hot hot hot topic. Or because there’s nothing else to do at the house.

    • Can we get #Twincompoops trending on Twitter?!?!? I’m down to try. Hey, Matt… our girl, KSJB get that happening!! :D

      • I don’t find Vanessa indecisive at all. Hate her/like her – your choice. But, if anything, she has been very decisive this week in her goal to keep Shelli. Now, she plays the game and tells folks what they want to hear, but her goal is clear.

        The Austwins are truly just all over the map. They are all followers. Did you see the BBAD on Tuesday night – in the 1+ hour meeting. The twins just sat there and nod their heads. They offer no real strategy or show any vision of play at all. Then when by themselves when they actually talk, its flip-flop-flip-flop. The only real gameplay that either has offered is Liz “whoring it up” (her words) to wrap Austin around her finger. If it wasn’t for Vanelli and Austin, they would be just like Becky – hardcore floaters.

      • Oh, yeah, I totally agree about the twins. They’re the true definition of the word floaters, IMO, they just happen to be lucky enough to be part of an alliance that wants to keep them safe.

        And I’ll give you Vanessa being decisive this week.

        Unlike her wishy washy HOH reigns…

      • Completely agree on Vanessa – this is her way to pretend things are up for discussion with her. By pretending to brainstorm when in reality she’s got her target in sight and just needs you to think you came up with that target ‘together.’

  3. Ugh…. gonna be a great week if Meg or Jackie wins HOH….otherwise next week is gonna suuuuuuuuk!!!

  4. Please someone explain to me why Meg was crying to Clay? I dont really see them hanging out ever but she was acting like they had a secret showmance and that Shelly showmance was a cover. Is Meg crazy????
    That was so awkward to watch, I could not for the life of me figure it out.

    • I think that was mostly alcohol induced on Meg’s part. But Clay sure didn’t seem to mind it.

      • But actually if you rewinded the scene like I had you could see the confusion in his face when she said what she said but he just got on with it coz he’s afraid to be called dumb by Jason again for not understanding what Meg said. He should say huh and mumble something but to his credits he didn’t. Besides, get drunk in NY with a chick … no horny teenaged boy would say no to that, altho I clearly understand that Clay is no longer a teenager, horny is debatable.

      • Yeah … I rewinded it three times, first to watch Vampire Dentist’s reaction. Second to see the touchy feely action and third to see his face.
        Too much?

    • I don’t know what it was. “That first day we had such a connection then you ran off with your girl”.. what the heck Meg?! Alcohol or not it just seemed completely out of the blue.

    • It was just totally random for me like where did that come from? They have a connection? I enjoyed watching it though because of Jmac’s reaction, that was priceless.

    • Meg was REALLY tipsy after the Veto comp, so the tears were likely fueled by el vino. People are failing to notice that CLAY asked for a hug first and CLAY pulled her in – Meg didn’t initiate that (yes, I’m a Meg fan, but watch the beginning of the convo). From what she said, though, I’m wondering if they didn’t honestly bond in sequester (what they call the spaceship) & create a SUPER secret F2 deal…. Maybe not & Meg was just wishful thinking, but why did Clay ask her not to tell anyone, then?!?!? Things that make you go, “Hmmmmmmm”

      • Exactly! Drunk Meg is feeds GOLD, IMO! She’s hilarious when tipsy. What they didn’t show was drunk JohnnyMac, who was also pretty funny after he got over his crying jag with Clay! Hahaha

  5. I am beginning to root for the evil side now because this side is a sinking ship that cant be rescued. Even if they win HOH who they say they will put up is ridiculous game play!

    • Not really. Steve is kinda an unknown territory in the house and Vampire Dentist is seen as a pawn as usual (they haven’t talked to Becky which I believe she will strongly disagree with the idea).
      Renom Van is an excellent move.
      What boogles my mind is their insistence to trust Judas and want to work with him. Or perhaps because I dislike him that much haha.

    • Exactly. Not that I want to root for the evil side but yes, their game play talk is a bit too naive at times. That’s why I’m truly rooting for Jackie to win this next HOH, so that we can see some real game play from that side of the house. Jackie can be the one to save that shinking ship. She’s resolute on targetting Vanessa. Too bad Jackie is just 1 person. Meg seems too nice and wants to be liked at all times, like when she told Vanessa the other night “Vote how you feel, vote for Shelli to stay.” And then James with “I want everyone to vote how they want.” Meanwhile Vanessa is going around telling everyone that James is bullying everyone for their vote.

  6. Clay and Meg scene was a bit scandalous. How about that?…Clay’s “real mom” is really gonna pissed about this.

    • It took him almost 6 weeks to make out with Shelli. Give him some credits. Probably a day coz it’s Meg after all.

  7. If James only wanted to split up the couple then he had a successful HOH. But since he wanted Shelli out and he may not get it then it was only partially successful. I don’t care who goes but I think Clay going is a waste of an HOH. Shelli is the 1 who wins comps and strategizes.

    • All true. Just have to disagree with PereBear a little. I am hoping Shelli will stay. That will be far more interesting going forward from a game perspective than with Clay there. Also, it is a dish that James deserves for not putting up Liz or Van as replacement nom to guarantee his target goes. If James had put up Van, the week would have been far more interesting

  8. It really kills me, how every season there is one player that floats there way to the end of the game.. this years winner is Steve–without a doubt! This “Ian Terry Wannabe” has no social game at all, he might have some BB knowledge but is certainly not sharing much with other HG. Now, here we are nearing the eviction deadline and it looks like the house could be at a divide with Steve being the swing vote–or not. In fact he makes it seem that he is on board with James’ side to vote out Shelli when in fact he is completely on board to keep Shelli as he feels more loyal to Vanessa and their so-called F2 deal… pretty pathetic. At just after 4am Shelli gets up to use the bathroom and Steve is there and starts mentioning what James was telling him–Shelli cuts him off stating how James is “bullying everyone to vote her out”!!?? Excuse me? Really? What the hell has Vanessa been doing then? It sure looks to me like she has been “Bullying” people to vote to keep Shelli in the game.. she has pretty much Bullied Austin in to this.. and I’m really not sure why Austin is so afraid of Vanessa, especially since he is the one with a twin under each arm and controls 3 votes in the house. Again, I find myself shaking my head and then I realize–these HG are idiots.. all the good players have gone home–or at least the ones that actually had a brain but failed to use it at the right time–so I guess, in a way, they are all idiots! Although I would love for Meg to finally step up to play the game and win the next HOH, it appears Jackie is the one that has her target set on winning, which would also be good for that side of the house. The problem for Jackie (and James) is they are the likely targets this week if the other side regains the power. Johnny Mac is a sure vote for Clay and it seems like Becky has now decided playing both sides was getting too dangerous and has made like she is with James/Jackie and Meg–I’ll believe that when I see it too!

    For me, this Thursday’s eviction and new HOH can’t come soon enough–it has been a very slow week, since we knew from the start that either Clay or Shelli would be going home and that was locked solid when James won the POV so the rest of the time it has been the Vanessa show once again, playing the game way too hard and has now firmly planted the cross-hairs square between her eyes for next week!

    • When you said that Steve is a floater but you also said he made it seem to be on board with James but he’s loyal to Vanessa and their F2 deal … for me it kinda shows he’s not a floater and he kinda plays the games smart. Besides lately he’s been spreading lies and trying to create conflicts between HGs.
      I never see him as a floater or an outsider. He’s a dangerous player.

      • Steve is a socially awkward individual. Vanessa is using that to her advantage. She spends time with him, talking game and for someone like Steve who is always on the outside looking in, he will be loyal to Vanessa.

      • If i were in the house this is def one of the things I’d work on….the relationship with outsiders but not hang out with them 100% of the time. Never be guilty by association.

      • He’s not a dangerous player in my opinion…he has no social game…comes across creepy…has not physical game hasn’t come close in any comp….casting dropped the ball on this recruit….he might know the game but he doesn’t know how to play it….like many of us if we were put in there.

      • He won the trombolist oh hell I won’t google it. But he did win something. As for social skill, not everyone is a smooth talker like Jeff and see how that got him in. He falls right in the geek type and I read somewhere that Liz or Julia fancied him coz her type was a geek.
        When they do the casting they must cast all types of people:
        Bimbo – Meg
        Lesbian – Vanessa
        Gay – Jason
        Asian – James (a countrified Asian)
        African American – Day
        Ken Doll – Clay
        Judas – Austin
        Annoying twins – Julia & Liz
        Vampire – Vampire Dentist
        Jock – Jeff
        Jerk – Jace (sorry!)
        Cougar with big white teeth / independent woman – Shelli
        Athlete type / Survivor – Becky
        Geek – Lil Stevie
        The Spring break girl who will take off her bra – Jackie
        and Audrey, the hot topic at the moment.

      • I should say if I I was a HG I would play it really well but then again I’m a terribly emotional guy and probably lose it and be the first one to be eliminated.

  9. As much as I want Shelli out, nothing gets on my nerves more than a HG asking to be evicted. It completely disrespects the game and all the actual fans who would love to be on the show but are passed over for recruits who think they are signing up for a charity.

    • Clay is being honest to himself that Shelli is a better competitor than him. Altho I suspect he does that to maintain his America’s sweetheart image. A knight in shining armor (or a shirtless living Ken Doll) sacrifices himself to save his cougar (or puma I forget which) … America will go auuwww and fall in love with him.

      • Or people will see a dumb little boy who gave up his chance at 500k for a woman he has known for 6 weeks and will most likely never see again. Now do I actually think Clay could win the game: No. ButI can’t respect someone who is pretty much quitting.

      • True, he’s supposed to be an athlete, quitting or giving up shouldn’t be in his vocabulary.

      • He’s also supposedly in love with the girl, so it’s kinda clouding his judgment.
        It’s hard to play using the brain when heart interferes. Besides, as you stated, he’s all about brawn, not brain.

      • I think Clay is in love with any pretty girl who will snuggle up with him. And honestly, if Clay truly wanted to ensure Shelly stayed in the game, he would self evict. Problem solved. Taking the route he is, he leaves the option of him staying wide open and maintains his knight in shining armor persona. Granted, I don’t think Clay is actually conscious of any of this.

      • First of all, with his look and body, I don’t think it’s ever hard for him to find any pretty girl to snuggle up with. After BB I think plenty of pretty girls will literally throw themselves at him.
        Secondly, can a House Guest self evict? Sorry I am a first time watcher, I dunno the rule. Besides, there could be consequences that we don’t know if he self evicts.
        Lastly, in one of his interviews before entering the BB House, he was asked this question:
        Does he prefer being hated by America but winning 500k or prefer being loved by America but losing the money?
        His answer? Loved by America but losing the money.
        So yeah, he’s conscious about his good guy or America’s sweetheart image.
        And it came to no surprise to me when he decided to ask others to vote himself out to save Shelli.

      • House guests have self evicted in the past. It’s called quitting. I’m sure there are consequences, as they would be breaking their contract.

      • They lose their stipend and their return airfare. Basically they get nothing and have to find their own way home.

      • Well, many surely feel the same with you. But there’s a big chance he’ll gonna stick around anyway so you can fume at him for whatever ‘dumb’ decision he’ll surely make hehe.

    • Yeah, I definitely don’t respect someone who just quits, but I definitely think that Shelli has a better shot at winning this thing without him, than he does without her. I think this is just a case of seeing the writing on the wall and hoping at least one of them can win rather than it being a case of him just giving up on the game and quitting.

  10. Ok… I’ve been struggling with this detail.

    Granted, I realize that Clay and Shelli really made the other side mad by trying too hard to play both sides.

    But there have been mentions of wanting to split them up before jury because one of them would always vote for the other.

    What about the 3 headed monster????

    My priority would be getting Liz out of there before jury… Sorry Austin.

    She’s got what could be seen as a strong connection to 2 players. If she gets to the end, Julia and Austin would both give her a vote. She’d definitely reciprocate a vote for Julia and maybe Austin. I’d want her gone right away!

      • Julia thinks much more for herself than perhaps Austin would like. I haven’t seen much in terms of interaction between these three since J came into the game, but my sense was that Julia thinks of Austin in much the same way you do #bb17

  11. I get that lying, manipulating, and backstabbing is all part of big brother. What I feel is a true character flaw in a hg is when a hg will lie to themselves about the lies, backstabbing, and manipulations they have done. That is why listening to Clelli conversations when they tell each othere how honest they hAve been aND how much integrity they hAve had is really an insight into their true character. These are not people I would trust in the real world.

    • I think they’re trying to convince themselves the integrity and character as it relates to BB…they might be saying we are pussy cats compared to some previous HG’s

      • There have been some true villains in the past, Amanda comes to mind, but in relation to the current hgs, Clelli are in the top 3 of backstabbing liars. That’s all fine and dandy, part of the game, until they become indignant about being found out and not owning it to themselves. I wouldn’t expect them to come clean to the house but their private conversations are what really show who they are in life.

    • And, when it comes to Vanessa, she appears to do it so easily and naturally, after she stresses herself out in convincing herself first .. But, once she pulls the trigger, she actually believes it to be so …
      That is why people like her, and Derrick, if they can remove the personal guilty from their game, will be successful .. Seriously, it is just a game for $500,000 and nobody is literally going to die once they are evicted from the game …

      • I wouldn’t trust vanessa outside of the house either, when she is talking with ChellI she does the same as far as deflecting her lies and manipulations and when she isn’t in control of someone she walks around with a depressed, woe is me look on her face. But Derrick was very different, he played everyone 24/7 and in his diary room talks he owned everything he did. He never claimed innocence and would say he is playing for the 500k. I don’t remember him demonizing people like we see now. Vanessa claiming James was bullying really pissed me off because James is standing strong and explaining why he wants shelli to go home but has been very respectful to vanessa. It is vanessa who does the bullying.

  12. Meg lost her inhibitions while in a drunken stupor. Clay took advantage of her state of mind … enjoyed the embrace (even rubbed his arm against her left breast) and then whispered ‘don’t tell anyone about this’. I didn’t like Clay from the moment he stepped into the BB house, and he hasn’t proved me wrong.

    • Clay didn’t take advantage of Meg. Meg was the one throwing herself at him. Let’s not get it twisted here.

      • Sorry about that; I got a bit overzealous. Clay knew EXACTLY what was happening and he didn’t try to stop it. He’s setting himself up for a piece if he stays.

    • I think ‘don’t tell anyone about this’ referred to his plea to ask Meg to vote him out, not about the hug and whatever they actually were doing.
      He’s not that evil or jerk, you know.

  13. Where’s the thread that says Clay’s and Shelli’s mouths will no longer be on each other’s the rest of the season after tonight’s eviction of Shelli?

  14. This keep the bigger target thing they’re trying to do will bite them on the ass, coz that target will stay longer in the game and probably will win the 500k.

    • And that’s EXACTLY why most fans are PEEVED off at them for being so blasted DUMB about this vote! It’s BB101 – GET OUT THE STRONGEST COMPETITORS, SPLIT UP THE SHOWMANCE, and NEVER, EVER vote based on personal feelings for someone!!!

  15. Hey Clay, can you just make out your check to me, since you really didn’t want it that much?

      • He’ll be getting $6k as of today. He doesn’t seem all that worried about paying his college debts if he was willing to want Shelli to stay instead of him, so why not send it to me? Remember, he believes this game is for charity for the Big Brother/ Big Sister organization.

      • If Shelli wins and they stay a couple, he might get some of that dough though, so it’s kinda a bet. How do you know that he’s getting 6k?
        Didn’t he mention to other HGs (when Jeff was still around) that before BB he was put in a nice house, given nice clothes and a car and got paid money. Do you have any ideas what’s his talking about? Coz my mind would think of negative thing hahaha.

      • He’s talking about what he got for modeling. Houseguests get $1k per week they’re there.

      • Oh well … his mumbling is really distracting. I remembered I rewinded that scene twice I still didn’t get what he said, coz he and Jeff were talking about Jeff’s friend who was a sport recruiter or something then suddenly he mentioned that. I know he’s a model since I saw the pictures.
        So the winner gets 500k + 13k as well?

      • I think the 500k wipes out the weekly stipend unless they get a cash award in a comp which will be added to that. Jury members all will receive 14k a piece as they’ll have been playing BB for 14 weeks at that point. His mumbling has been great entertainment for sure! hahaha Clay is also pursuing a masters in Sports Management, so Jeff was able to find something to talk with Clay about! LOL

  16. I’m still hoping they vote out Shelli, That girls ego is getting on my last nerve. It’s been fun watching her squirm. She had a hand in all of the evictions so far and no matter how much she denies it she can’t change that.

  17. Watch Vanessa vote to evict Shelli tonight and no one will know it was her that did since she’s been campaigning to all who will listen to vote Clay out!

    • Depends on who wins next HOH comp. If remaining 6th sense win, it likely would be M/J/J/B in trouble. Next HOH is critical for both sides & the direction of the game is at a big turning point

    • Sixth Sense alliance has 5 members plus 3 snitches makes it 8 against 3 on the other side, Jackie, James and Meg. James cannot play for HOH this coming week so, Jackie and Meg against 8 other players? Odds favor the Sixth Sense alliance and there is a good chance Jackie or James is going to be evicted next! Jackie needs to win the next HOH or they will be on the chopping block!

  18. Has Meg commented on the large scar (about 6 inches) on her knee? I’ve noticed her walking with a limp. Anyone know the story?

  19. WTF is with Vanessa and her fixation on people being related? She didn’t think the failed twin twist was enough? Is appearing paranoid like a conspiracy theory nut a strategy or is she really paranoid like a conspiracy theory nut?

  20. 2:55 AM BBT – Meg, Jackie, and James trying to figure out why Vanessa needed an 8-person alliance again just to betray it again. They realize they should have vetoed Clay and renom’d Vanessa.

    James, Jackie and Meg are really slow. Vanessa lied to their faces twice. First is the promise to backdoor Austin which turned into a backdoor Jason instead. An 8 person alliance that Vanessa forms to which she has no loyalties at all. Give these guys a road map to find their way!

    • I don’t like those three at all myself, but Jackie is the one who gets it. Her problem is that Meg and James are, as you say, really slow. I’d be pretty disappointed if those three take control of the game because other than Jackie, they are pissing in the wind, so to speak. Not the brightest bulbs in the chandelier.

      • Pissing in the wind is a great move, coz their pisses can hit on other HGs’ faces to make them blink and ewww so they are gonna lose the HoH competition. Hahaha sorry I can’t help it.
        I like JCrew of course.

  21. According to Shelli, James trying to get votes for his side of the house is bullying. When Shelli does it, it’s campaigning. God I hate her. I can’t stand these people who can only play the game when they are winning and fall apart when they are losing. If she makes it to the end, something is seriously wrong with this game.

  22. Next time on big brother, Vanessa: “I’m starting to suspect that Julia and Liz are related”

  23. HG’s should be able to vote out whoever the heck they want to..this crap of going by what the HOH wants is ridiculous. Do what is best for their game..but, if they do..they are often put up the very next week. That is why last season was so boring..we always knew what the vote was going to be.

  24. The HG tend not to think too strategically in regards to their voting. Why isn’t the fact that Shelli is better at competitions stressed more for her being voted out? On top of that, Vanessa campaigning for Shelli should be another red flag to the HG. Taking Shelli out would make much more sense for everyone else’s game.

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