Tonight On Big Brother 16: Week 13 Special Episode

Tonight on Big Brother the Final Three Houseguests will face off in Round 1 of the last HoH competition of the season for a shot at the half-million dollar prize. CBS is airing this episode Friday at 8PM ET/PT so don’t let it’s odd night get past you.

Big Brother 16 - Special Episode tonight on CBS
Big Brother 16 Special Episode tonight – Source: CBS

Once Caleb walked out the door on Wednesday’s eviction the F3 HGs were left waiting, but soon the endurance competition was held and it was a pretty cool one. If you’re waiting to see it play out tonight then do not read our spoilers on it, but I will say they lasted longer than last season’s HGs in their comp!

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As for other content, we may get to see the Memory Lane event which took place in the house yesterday morning. The Final 3 sits around and discusses all the big events of the season. Like that time Derrick shut down a big move, or that other time Derrick didn’t let the guys go through with another big move. I’m kidding and sure they can find plenty of events to look over. It might not have been the most wild season, but it’s had its moments.

Jury, Jury, Jury. I know most fans are chomping at the bit for some Jury House action and I am too. Hopefully tonight we get those scenes. I believe the Jury round table might have been held last night which would be cutting it close for getting it include tonight, but maybe we’ll get lucky.

Join us tonight at 8PM ET for this week’s extra episode as we live chat about the show as it airs! Then check us out on Facebook, Twitter, and our Email Updates.

Big Brother Episode 39 Preview:



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  1. I hope they show some of the jury. I also read somewhere that Frankie would love to do an all-star season so he can compete with people on his level. The arrogance of that guy is out of control.

      • He is such a narcissist that I wasn’t sure if he was referring to how well he feels he played the game or just other people who think they are as “famous” as he is.

      • Frankie fully lost me when he told Nicole that this experience was interesting for him since it had been years since he was around “normal people.” The dude has a YouTube channel. He’s not a Hollywood celebrity.

        Frankie could have been a cheer-able HG, but instead he went full-ego elitist. No thanks.

      • I completely agree. I haven’t watched any of his Youtube videos but I can’t imagine they are anywhere close to being as funny as Wil’s.

      • The only reason Frankie’s youtube videos get so many hits is because they all seem to include Ariana. (I haven’t watched them. I just looked at the list.)

      • I actually tried watching a couple (one of him and Ariana going to Disney and a compilation video) just to see if I could find something in him to like. I didn’t find them funny or entertaining at all. Just made me like him even less actually.

      • I tried to watch a few as well when the cast was first revealed. I like to find out as much as I can. I went in the season expecting to dislike him. For the first week or so he was ok (mostly bc he was with Zach) then he got annoying and then after his big reveal I had had enough.

      • Love, love, love Wil’s sagas! ROFLMAO

        I wanted Wil to stay longer in BB14. I thought he was quite entertaining then.

      • Wil’s videos are amazing. My 8 year old son even wanted his episode 1 & 10 songs on his ipod! “And I like being naked! Praise Jesus, I love God.”

      • I loved the 6th video. He is doing a BB parody and a Drunk History parody. And Drunk History is a really funny show on Comedy Central.

      • I don’t remember. I missed last year’s saga, so I watched it after I finished this years. For doing over the top parody, Wil Heuser has a lot of talent!

      • Will was a guest on Rob Cesternino’s Podcast. He’s never heard of Frankie and made a lot of digs about him. It was a good segment and he’s a lot funnier than Frankie.

      • Will who? Wil Heuser has been doing a parody of the entire BB16, so he know who Frankie is. Which Will do you mean? Dr. Will?

      • Just edited. Yes Wil Hauser. Well that’s what he said. Maybe he’s implying that Frankie is really not that great. But he did say he only heard about him during the BB16. He’s being sarcastic?

      • He probably never heard of him before BB16. And, he was probably being sarcastic. Wil is hilarious! Cyril, you’ve got to watch his BB16 Saga! Each one is only a few minutes. Well worth your time!

      • They’re on the same business so I can see him being sarcastic towards Frankie. You know I’ve never watched any of Wil’s video. I think I have to check it out.

      • I re-watched just that part again and he was serious and not being sarcastic about not knowing about him. lol. Check it out.

      • He did say he didn’t know about him before BB16, though. He sure knows who he is now. Wil cracked me up with his comments about Frankie in Rob’s podcast.

    • Frankie could learn a lesson from Tywin Lannister.

      Frankie: I am THE BEST! I will punish you.
      Tywin: Any man who must say ‘I am the best’ is no true winner.
      (sends Frankie to bed without his supper).

    • Hmmmm…is CBS doing some kind of all-star season featuring Gilligan, Barney Fife, Homer Simpson and Skankie’s favorite, Rose Niland? While not as vain and vicious, they all seem as clueless as he is so…people on his own level.

  2. I’m more interested to watch Caleb and Frankesa the most influential and powerful person in the world enters the Jury house,

      • Right !..With his “Take it away Julie crap”..OMG ! He thinks it’s cool?..That was trying too hard, and it was annoying.

      • In his exit interview with Jeff, I admit I only made it through about 8 minutes, Frankie was trying to compare himself with Jeff, by saying they both were eliminated 5th and look how it worked out for Jeff. Sorry Frankie, you are no Jeff.

      • Hey Matt, glad to hear you asked all the right questions when you interviewed Frankie, here’s an exert from the article I was reading today with your name mentioned in it,

        “As for Frankie and his Big Brother legacy, that remains to be seen. Big Brother Network questioned Frankie’s claim that upon his eviction he could control the jury and his warning to his fellow house guests that he would be reconnected with his millions of followers. Perhaps, blogger Matthew Boyer pointed out, Frankie did not realize that he would not have social media access while still in the jury house.” Sarah Field – The inquisitr

        Like I said before and I’m happy to mention again, I’m sure a lot of us fans feel the same way, thanks for always keeping us informed, engaged, and communicating on a site like this from fans from Canada and US alike.

      • I just checked Jeff’s bio on Wiki, and he’s not near what Jeff accomplished in his career…and no thank you, I’m not watching Frankie’s exit interview.

      • I did, but I had a gag-bag next to me. I wanted to see if Jeff would slip in an actual question about his behavior. He didn’t. Wish I hadn’t of watched.

      • Close. I got to the part where Jeff said that it was the last viewer question. Heard the question and then closed my browser, turned off the computer and went and watched a rerun of something I like! :)

      • I’ll take the dare and watch it, I have to admit though I told myself not to watch or watch my food come out of my mouth so this time I’m more prepared and I have a barf can on standby beside my bed, wish me luck and I’ll report back if their’s any sensible information to report back oh and FLdreaming your my hero for making it through 8 mins of it I can only hope I do you proud ha.

  3. They may show a montage of the HGs playing games tonight (hide and seek, lime throwing contest, etc.) They need some kind of footage if they didn’t get enough of the jury. I can’t wait for the jury footage!

  4. Last 4 entries @ Joker’s updates ….

    Fri 9:07 AM BBTFeeds back with no change NT – Scott3325
    Fri 9:02 AM BBTFish . . . NT – Scott3325
    Fri 5:23 AM BBTFeeds back – no change NT – Scott3325
    Fri 5:18 AM BBTFish . . . . . . NT – Scott3325

    So exciting!!!! LOL

    • It’s like the last season of Dexter. I know it’s going to suck but I’m already invested so I may as well see it through to the end.

      • Noo please redroses don’t bring back bad memories. I was hooked on Dexter from Day 1 and reminding of how they ended it still stings and is still fresh in my mind.

      • Ha It’s ok I share the same disappointment as you with the final episode of Dexter. I’ve even started watching back the whole series with a friend who’s never watched it and always heard about it until it got to the last few episodes and I told them to watch it by themselves cause I can’t deal with the ending again without giving anything away and made them watch it on their own and gained a friend who shares the same thought as us but it was still nice to go over through the seasons again.

      • Even after that last season/episode (wtf?!?!?) Dexter still has a rating of 9.0/10 on IMDB. I saw that and was like “wait, what?”

      • Ha I know my jaw dropped on that one but I guess it is what it is either way though one of the rarest and most unique show to come out that time regardless of how it ended.

  5. This is the first season where I am not interested in seeing tonight’s show. I will watch, but if it is just reruns of what has already aired, I am going to change the channel to TV Land…..hey, I might get to watch Gunsmoke or Bonanza.

    • Donny is a great guy but has already won some decent money,myself will be voting for Zach each day,one of the most entertaining house guests of this season,never dull,not even for one second.

  6. Matt thank you for your blogs. I have enjoyed reading them and getting info that I missed on the live feeds etc.

  7. frankie is so disgusting and so full of himself Imshocked the guys did not hit him for all the time he made passes at them and all the kisses and hugs men dont do that unless there GAY

  8. Depending on what happens on my end here, I may not be able to watch the show live tonight with you guys. Keep my seat warm while I’m away. :)

  9. Ok, so I guess after tonight show, we are going to have to start weaning ourself slowly until the finale. No show Sunday, no show Tuesday. Severe withdrawal.

  10. So if Derrick wins and picks who he’s taking someone is going to be blindsided. They both think he’d take them. And what a shock if Cody wins and takes Victoria.

      • Hey Cyril, nice too see you too. Now you stop wasting your money on Frankie’s knarely short, shorts. you probably will wear them better but still.

      • Hey..thanks for telling me the links of BB online.

        Will they have Survivor there too?.Cant wait for Survivor. There were some postings on Fandom

      • I will keep u posted if I find one. Survivor looks so good. No redemption island. I believe what you are using now will work for Survivor too. Look me up on FB.

      • Yeah, I read all their infos. Interesting pairs. A Police woman, fire fighters, beauty queen and of course the twins. hehe

  11. I hope this detours everyone from voting for Frankie to be America’s Favorite Player. Team Donny…Keep voting!

  12. Is this the episode tonight? Memory lane? Ok !..I’m gonna check Ebay for minute and see if there’s anymore of Frankie’s little shorts….be back.

  13. Someone please poke my eyes out, I am covering my ears….no more Frankie, Charity my a$$. Thank you Zack, for helping me recover.

  14. If we didn’t want to see this mess the first time around, I’m not sure what made production think we wanted to see this mess again.

      • this way everyone watches on Wed. and the ratings will go up, because tonight’s show was pretty much a waste

      • I wanted to say thanks to you and your team as well for all the hard work and dedication you guys have put into this site over the summer. I wanted to say that after reading the thanks you gave to all us fans in your article: Big Brother 16: Final HoH – Two Comps Down & One To Go posted on September 20, 2014 at 2:55pm EDT. I know we all appreciate it

    • Going to be an awful lot to show on Wednesday. All 3 parts of HOH, the eviction the jury round table then the live part.

  15. This episode of Big Brother has been brought to you by the upcoming horror thriller, Anabelle, the mother of all Big Brothers. :D

  16. This episode of Big Brother has been brought to you by the upcoming horror thriller, Anabelle, the mother of all Big Brothers. :D

  17. This episode of Big Brother has been brought to you by the upcoming horror thriller, Anabelle, the mother of all Big Brothers. :D

  18. “I mean obviously I worked really really hard to be here because I’m one of the final 3, and they don’t know what’s coming at them.” (I nearly peed myself laughing)…

  19. This may have been the worst use of network television time ever. That’s 60 minutes of my life I’ll never get back. Might as well have not bothered. Would much rather have seen the Jury House.
    As an aside, based on the reasons Cody gave Caleb for choosing to evict him, should he win round 3 of this last HOH he will absolutely have to take Victoria to final 2 or be proven a liar to Caleb.

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