Big Brother 16: Derrick Makes More F2 Promises Than He Can Keep

Derrick Levasseur has been playing the most strategic game of the summer on Big Brother but he may soon be facing his biggest decision yet. With two Final Two deals left in the game someone may have to be betrayed.

Derrick Levasseur on Big Brother 16
Derrick Levasseur on Big Brother 16 – Source: CBS

Derrick and Cody formed their Hitmen alliance long ago this season and it’s paid off ten fold for them. Now both guys sit just one, maybe two steps from locking down as much as $600K between them. Oh but then there’s Victoria.

All season Derrick has nurtured his Victoria-flower. He’s kept her safe and fed her enough attention to make sure she stayed in his corner. She’s solid with him to the end. So what’s Derrick going to do?

Derrick has a few options. I fully expect him to win the Round 2 HoH competition which would put him up against Cody in R3. I do not think Derrick will throw Round 2. Once at R3 Derrick can either go full out to win the final HoH or he could throw it to Cody.

If Derrick throws it to Cody he’s taking a huge gamble. I do believe Cody would take Derrick to the end, but it’s a risk because he’s leaving his fate up to Cody instead of controlling the decision. If Cody were wise then he’d cut Derrick and take Victoria. ‘Dollas before Hollas.’

If Derrick doesn’t throw it and is able to beat Cody then here comes the big, big choice. Cody fully expects Derrick to take him and so does Victoria. Just two nights ago Victoria was threatening Derrick with “you better f**king take me [to F2].” She wasn’t joking, but would she be mad enough to vote against him in Jury?

What’s a guy to do? If he’s smart, and we know Derrick is, then he should take Victoria to the end. It’s an easy, easy, easy win. Five Jurors would not vote for Victoria over Derrick. Not going to happen. But will Derrick want to prove himself by sticking to his original F2 deal and going against a stronger competitor than Victoria?

As part of his move to encourage Caleb to evict Cody at F4 if he had the chance, Derrick told Caleb about Tony & Woo. Last season of Survivor we saw Woo win the equivalent of the Final HoH and have the choice to take Tony, the season’s controlling castaway (basically Derrick and also a cop), or Kass, the weaker troublemaker who betrayed her own alliance over so much that no one would ever vote for her at the end. Woo took Tony because it was a more “honorable” win for him. Woo lost. Woo lost a million dollars on that one decision.

Note: As far as I know, Derrick has not told Cody the Woo story. That wouldn’t be smart to do.

Do you think Derrick would risk that same loss with Woo’s decision fresh in his mind? At the start of the season I thought 110% that Derrick would take Victoria to F2 given the chance. As the summer progressed I started to question that and think maybe, maybe he’d take Cody. I’m torn.

I do not think Cody could beat Derrick in F2, but we have that perfect 20/20 vision of the season and know Derrick’s track record. The Houseguests have only partial information and Cody’s impressive comp win record to consider. Although, from what we’ve heard much of the Jury knows what a strong and commanding game Derrick has played. This is Derrick’s to lose at this point.

What I’d like to see from my fan’s perspective: Derrick wins R2 & R3 then cuts Cody and goes for the easy win with a sure thing sitting next to him. Nothing personal to Cody, but I wouldn’t want to take the slightest risk.

Derrick may throw the third round and let Cody cut Victoria as he also cut Caleb, thus avoiding a bitter Victoria, but giving Cody another feather in his Big Brother cap while gambling that Cody won’t make the smarter choice.

If it comes down to Cody’s choice, let’s just hope for Derrick’s sake that Cody didn’t watch BBCAN2.


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  1. Forget about what we have seen all season, think about this for a second. The pressure is on Derrick to make the right decision. To me the right decision is to take Victoria to final two and if Cody would use his brain, he should take Victoria to final two as well if he wins the final HOH. I am sure all of this is bouncing around in Derricks head like hopped up kids on sugar in a bouncy castle. If Derrick is the final HOH don’t expect him to reveal his choice until the last possible second because I am sure he will be thinking about this the entire time.

    • Totally agree Trapperjohn ! You wanna win 500K? That’s the way to go. …cut throat player, that’s how I like it lol

    • either one should take Vapid Vic to the end Derrick has played a strategic game and Cody won a lot of comps the jury could go either way

      • Yes, It’s probably a toss up now between Derrick/Cody. Cody was already working the Jury on his speeches. First time he said something publicly about what Derrick has been up to. It gave Cody a chance to scrape some votes.

      • Yes I’m surprised there’s not more comments on how smart of a move that was by Cody. He FINALLY spilled the beans about what he knows to be true. That everyone thought Derrick was loyal to them but he really was only loyal to Cody. Smart boy that Cody. I still think Derrick has the ”secret weapon” though by telling some of the people ahead of the vote that they’re going home (and he even comforts them). An even smarter move by Derrick!

      • I asked that question during the live show..was Cody throwing Derrick under the bus? I still am not sure if Derrick knew what Cody was going to say. Am I correct to assume that you think Derrick was surprised?

      • Dan G. said He doesn’t believe Derrick will endorse something like that. ” Derrick must be digging his finger nails while Cody was going on and on about their alliance since day2″..he said.

      • Agreed. It was the first time somebody actually shined a light on Derrick and he sure didn’t like being in it! If you look carefully at his eyes during the speech you can also see what Cody’s intentions are, and you can see Derrick’s reaction to it (a lot is revealed in the eyes).

      • Matt, I think you might give Cody a little more credit then he deserves. I don’t think he intentionally outed Derrick, but rather it was a jab at beast mode, I did however see Derricks reaction and agree with you there

      • Quite possible. I have been saying for most of the season however that if you studied and watches Cody’s body language, his eye movement, and his facial reactions, he’s smarter than you might give him credit for. I think he used Derrick’s strategy, and I think going into the last HoH he’s battling particularly hard wouldn’t you say?

      • Cody told Derrick beforehand that he was going to tell them about hitmen in his speech to Caleb and Derrick approved. He knew and he was on board.

      • Peter I feel as you do. Cody let it slip that he and Derick had alliance and also, how did he phrase that something like’ there was a lot going under the table’ that you didn’t know about. I felt Cody was very arrogant at that point and trying to put BMC down even more.

      • Cody is an immature, conceited, self-consuming juvenile who craves constant tactile affection which includes feeling his ‘mini package’ constantly. His nasal drainage problem (maybe it’s just a habit) is disgusting and should have been taken care of before entering the BB house.

        I loved Victoria as a ‘floater’.

        Derrick’s got it all together ~ he never faltered. I hope he takes Victoria to the final 2 and he wins.

      • I used to think he was lacking mental skills, but he’s shown that he can be strategic. It would have been even better if he’d shown it earlier, but I guess he was afraid to rock the BB boat.

      • In a 8 then 5 person alliance there was no need to “rock the boat.” frankie found that out the hard way.

      • Totally agree. No way Derrick knew Cody was throwing that out there. He covers well but I think he was probably cringing. I was (for him). Derrick still has Vic in the house and he doesn’t need her lit up like a roman candle. But you can’t unring a bell so roll with it, esp’ly if you’re taking Vic. Then – so what if she gets mad? She’s not a vote anyway, right? But Cody is. The days btwn tonight and finale night may get tough. Wondering how he will break it to Cody or if he will wait til the FInale?

      • I was watching Victoria closely while Cody made his speech about the Hitmen and she seemed to wilt when she realized Derrick had been playing her.

      • Apparently, Derrick told Victoria in week 5 that he and Cody had an alliance. She just didn’t know the alliance had a name.

      • Foxfire, how exactly did Derrick play Victoria? Did he ver promise her she’d win? He floated her to an F3 spot, without winning anything ( except the 1 comp Derrick gave her) nor having any sort of social game? Don’t get me wrong, I kinda like Vicky, but don’t think she was played anymore then she benefited. Because of Derrick she just may end up with 50K in her hand.

      • Not sure how long it will take me to finish my homework Peter, but I’ll get busy writing my essay to answer your question as soon as I can.

      • Cody’s “confession” to Caleb during his eviction was twofold. He was trying to relieve himself of the blame for evicting Caleb by explaining that he had been in an alliance all along with Derrick, thereby possibly securing Caleb’s jury vote for himself. Also, he made sure to bring out the fact that there was a lot going on behind the scenes (implying that Derrick’s hands was not so bloodless).

      • I don’t think he was surprised. I think he told Cody to say it to give the impression that he (they) had a plan and hoping it shows him as loyal all along.

      • During the live feeds Cody told Derrick he was going to mention their F2 deal, but Derrick advised him against. Still went ahead with it anyway. So, no, he was not surprised.

      • 9/16/14–11:30 PM BBT – Derrick doesn’t want Cody to mention the Hitmen, but Cody says he already put it in his goodbye message.

        Pretty sure they had a whole conversation about mentioning the hitmen.

      • Hmmm; what I heard was that Derrick put it in HIS goodbye message, and he gave his blessing for Cody to reveal it during his evict Caleb speech.

      • Actually Cody talked about doing it to derrick. Derrick did not want him to say that. Cody said I am telling the hitman thing. So no surprise. Derrick knew it was coming.

      • I don’t know how I missed that if it has been discussed on the site, but BigBrotherOG just had a very similar post. Thanks, Jean.

      • NO, Derrick was not surprised. I heard them talk about outing the Hitmen before Cody evicted Caleb. He had Derrick’s blessing.

      • That really makes sense. It would be a risky move for him to do it otherwise because it seems to me it would have been an obvious betrayal.

      • Ok Now it is established that Derrick knew about it. However, he is against it, and I don’t blame him. I think we can agree that it was a great plan on Cody’s part

      • Once again, Victoria finds out that Derrick is playing her and she seems not to even care. I want to see Derrick and Cody in the F2. Not a fan of floaters making it to the end, and that is what Victoria is…rode Derrick’s coat tails all the way.

      • I agree with you! Victoria did absolutely nothing all summer, aisde from whine and eat cornflakes. Handing a bottomfeeder $50K is unfair to ALL of the houseguest who really played the game this summer.

      • Just when did this game get played fairly? It’s about strategy and maneuvering, Derrick seen early in the game that she didn’t really connect with anyone, brought her into his fold and used her ( to both their benefit) to get to this point. If this was about FairPlay, Donnie would be sitting in the F2…

      • “Unfair” to the extent that some houseguest came to play other – like victoria – were at summercamp.

      • REALLY! I would disagree it was a smart move. It’s more desperation. Yes he was part of the “HITMEN” but, carried out the orders and wishes of Derrick. Never made a decision or move on his own. Remember what Derrick said to Cody, the first time Cody wanted to go after Frankie, and it wasn’t part of Derrick’s strategy. “You better put your big boy pants on to make a move like that!” And what happened? Cody picked who Derrick thought was a threat to his game . So IMHO, Cody isn’t really that much different than Victoria, he too was carried by Derrick. He has just won HOH a couple of more times.

      • For the record victoria was never HOH. Moreover, suggesting that Cody “isn’t really that much different than victoria” means you must not have been watching the show all summer.
        Additionally, Cody took out Donny, kept Britney and Amber calm before both of them were evicted and he voted both christine and frankie out of the house!
        Alternatively, victoria was handed a POV by caleb and she won one BOB competition.

      • That can be taking in different ways though. The jury knowing that all along Derrick has been the reason they were evicted, then playing with them, then getting them out. That he has played everyone but sneaking and doing it. From my read the jury knew and didn’t like it. I think if he takes Cody he can kiss the money goodbye. At least Cody was playing hard. And genuinely played up front.

      • I still think the best (and most surprising) ending of this season would be if Victoria, as one of the final 2, wins the money. I would laugh out loud if that happened, particularly if that meant Derrick wasn’t given the big prize as he has anticipated he would get all season long. I’m hoping for a little “payback” from the jurors. By now they should realize that Derrick was behind their evictions.

      • It is possible. I don’t feel she ”deserves” the money over Cody & Derrick, but I do think that it would be the best outcome simply because it will hopefully change how future contestants play the game…

      • I can understand that some people don’t want to see Victoria in the F2, but I have to be honest, there’s just something about that scenario. I really, really like….that jaw dropping ending?!!!.lol

      • I don’t believe that spilling the beans about the Hit man was at all intended to out Derrick, but that Cody was boasting to Caleb, almost like thumbing his nose at him. See, you thought you were one of us, but we just played ya.

      • but wouldn’t it be funny if the jurors voted for Victoria to win? Just because she didn’t piss anyone off!!

    • Not everyone feels that the ”strategic” way is the ”right” way. Some people feel the ”right” way is the ”loyal” way. As I mentioned before, I think there’s a good argument as to why either approach is the ”right” way regardless of outcome…

      • That is exactly Derricks dilemma!! Will the majority of the jury think taking Victoria is a smart move or a disloyal move?

      • I agree. I think the BB16 jury will remember all the rancor derrick made about “loyalty” this summer. If he takes victoria he will be viewed as a weasel. Based on what I’ve seen of derrick this summer – he will embrace that term.

      • Derrick is definitely playing the “right” way for his game, but there is no genuine “loyal” involved. His aim is to win, no matter what. He’ll step over whatever bodies he has to on his way to the end, with no guilt whatsoever. To him, and to many of his fans, the ends justify the means. Me? I guess I’m more old school. I like to see strategy and skills, but not at the expense of decent human values. JMO.

      • Well that’s one way to look at it for sure. Allow me propose another perspective. Derrick is in fact loyal to his alliance, and only betrays them when he has to for the sake of his game. When he could’ve ditched powerful rivals (like Caleb and Frankie) earlier on he talked his alliance out of it. When he was given the chance to jump ship and team up with Nicole & Hayden, he talked it out with Cody and felt that loyalty to their alliance was better. It’s only when given no choice but to vote out an alliance member did he choose to do so. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t think he’s Mr.Nice Guy, but I do think he’s got loyalty that isn’t mentioned simply because he’s obviously focussed on winning moreso than anything else.

      • Oh my, I hope you realize not all of us view the world in such a manner… In fact, I’d like to think that money shows how much integrity does matter to a person (admittedly many people love money more than integrity, but again, not everyone thinks this way).

      • I personally have never cared about money. Money is a material thing and it never really has anything good come from it. My bills are paid and food is in my stomache from my paycheck. My family is taken care of and that is all that matter’s. I have people I work with who will work 24/7 if they think they can make a dollar or two more every year. I live on a 40 hour week paycheck and anything over that is a bonus and goes into savings for a rainy day.

  2. If I were either Cody or Derrick and had the F2 choice to make, I would take Vic. In my opinion, from the outside looking in, it is the safest and surest route to the $500,000. Woo was foolish, although I really liked the guy. I’m a woman. I’ve never been wrong. Trust me. :) lol As Matt said “dollas before hollas”. And I say “herd dat”, Matt.

      • Why is it a scumbag move? He had an alliance with Cody since day 2 and with Victoria since day 2. Just because we didn’t hear Derrick and Victoria name their alliance, doesn’t mean that it didn’t exist. So, taking either one is loyal to that person since day 2. The only difference is in the mind of a viewer as to whether or not they like Victoria or Cody better. From Derrick’s perspective, it’s either. JMO

      • Have you been watching all summer? victoria was a complete joke to every house guest – including derrick. It’s a scumbag move on the part of derrick because he allowed victoria to float the entire game because she was a vote for him.
        Moreover, at least Cody played the game, won competitions and took out big players. Alternatively, victoria ate cornflakes, played with her extensions and applied makeup (in massive quantities).
        As for your comment about the “mind of the viewer” it has to do with who got in there and played the game! victoria was a complete waste of space in the BB House. She may as well have been a stuffed animal. Alternatively, Cody worked with derrick all summer in order to get them to where they are now – final 3.

      • I would argue that Victoria also worked with Derrick all summer in order to gt them to where they are now – final 3. She sat on that block 9 times and survived. She worked as the shield. The only best strategy for the game is the one that gets you to F2 and gets the jury to vote for you to win. We have yet to see who had the best strategy this season, since it changes every year.

        Also, how was she a floater? She didn’t change loyalties, depending on who was in power. Frankie was more of a floater than Victoria. Victoria stayed loyal to one person the entire game. That is not floating.

        Winning comps doesn’t mean anything other than it’s one way to get to F2. There are other ways. She has played the game according to her own strategy, which was to latch on to someone that would protect her. Who are we to judge that, that is not a valid strategy, just because it isn’t as entertaining?

      • THANK YOU for that description of a floater or not a floater. Seems that people throw the term around without having a clue what it means in the game. Victoria was NOT a floater, as you correctly pointed out.

      • Victoria sat on the block because she was told to do so. She won nothing and REALLY had not alternatives.
        I agree with your definition of a floater. However, there’s more than one definition in the BB House. The other type of floater is one who sits back and allows another houseguest to take all the heat, win comps, etc and she then benifits from those efforts. That was victoria’s game. She’s a floater.
        Finanlly, victoria had no strategy in the BB House. She was completely vapid and clueless all summer. Moreover, she was entertaining – however I was not laughing with her!

      • I don’t see one being a bigger scumbag move than the other. Derrick has played for his family. I’m honestly not sure if I have ever heard what Cody would do with the money, although he is very close with is family, too. I think both would feel guilt for their Hitman alliance if they took Vic. But you can’t let guilt dictate a decision such as this. The whole purpose was to win $500,000. They gotta get by Vic first, though.

      • victoria has done NOTHING in the BB house all summer to deserve a final 3 spot. Would you like to disagree with that? Based on their game play all summer – derrick and Cody deserve to sit in the final two. May the best man win.

  3. For as much as I wanna see Derrick taking Victoria or better yet Cody taking Victoria to the F2 for the entertainment value, I don’t think it’s going to happen. Those two Derrick/Cody have built a true bond which is hard to do and we seldom see it on Big Brother. I think Derrick has an edge over Cody on Jury votes, but Cody has a good chance too. It will be interesting to watch the two argue their case to the Jury….the Finale is probably the best episode of this season. lol

      • You’re really sounding fatalistic! We’ll all see each other again next summer on the Biggest, Boldest, most Twisted summer of Big Brother ever! (Where 16 models, actors, and minor celebs tell you their part time jobs so that you don’t know they’re already wealthy and just on this show for the TnA factor and to boost their own profiles). ;)

      • Unless all of reality tv changes it won’t happen. There’s too many corporate execs who believe if they just keep ”adding” to sensationalism of it all then it can only get better….sigh. Next season’s gimmick? Probably talking pets who compete on behalf of the houseguests.

      • Matt, do you insist on using those big words that I have to hunt the definition of? That’s not anything like femme fatale is it? lol

      • Well tomorrow I’m the keynote speaker at a training conference in front hundreads of people where I’ll probably look dumb beyond belief….so I might as well try to sound smart while I can! ;)

      • Pastor Cyril could come and make an, ahem, appearance, if you need a distraction. Seriously, I would feel humbled to sit in the audience, as I’m sure many have. :)

      • Hey how’d my mom hack into your account and start sending messages?!! lol. Thank Karen, even when we disagree you are encouraging and I very much appreciate it! If you ever want to become a publicity manager, my company currently doesn’t have one! ;)

      • She’s a sweet lady, your Mom. lol Thanks for the offer, but if I would, by chance, ever have to represent someone like Frankie, I’d be fired, and I’ve really never embraced the idea of being fired.

      • Oh my, ellablue, we need to lay off feeding his ego. He may not feel the need to post with us(in Frankies words) “normal people” any longer. :(

    • If Cody didn’t care about the $500,000 then he would not have outed the Hitmen and Derrick the way he did when Caleb was evicted. Cody wants jury votes too and his message was “don;t give Derrick all the credit for what has gone on in this house”.

      I think Caleb in particular will vote for Cody based on his comp record. I don;t know about the rest of them. They seem to like Derrick more.

      • Considering that Frankie put Cody on the block and C. realized he was at the bottom of the alliance I’ve enjoyed watching him fight to make it to the finale. At least he’s interesting to watch as he gets there. I’m hoping the BB brass will strongly encourage a Derrick/Cody finale too.

    • Sorry, Cyril, I don’t see a ‘true bond’ between Cody and Derrick. Maybe on Cody’s side, but not Derrick’s. Derrick will take Vic to final 2, Cody will take Derrick to final 2, Vic will take Derrick to final 2.

      • That’s cool with me. That’s one scenario I want to see. Derrick taking Victoria, or vice versa.

  4. The “right” thing for Derrick to do is take Cody due to their close friendship and solid F2 alliance. The “most guaranteed” way to win is to take Victoria. He has a very big decision to make, I can’t wait to watch the DR sessions to see what he is thinking right now.

    • ”Right” might not be the ”right” word… The ”loyal” thing to do would be for Derrick to take Cody, and for Cody/Victoria to take Derrick”. The ”strategic” thing to do is for everyone to take Victoria, and for Victoria to take Cody. Which of these is the ”right” thing? Depends on whom you ask. I personally feel there’s a good argument as to why both of these would be the ”right” thing.

    • Not sure why this is even a question. The goal is to win $500,000. After an entire season of playing the house, why would Derrick risk the money to be loyal to Cody. Derrick is fully aware of where loyalty got Caleb.

    • Why is it “right” for Derrick to take Cody over Victoria? He has a solid alliance with her, too. The only people that Derrick are really loyal to are his family. The “right” think for Derrick to do for his game is get to the F2 and win, regardless of who is beside him. Of course, that’s also the right thing to do for the other two, too.

  5. Difficult to say. All season Derrick has been telling us that his family is his #1 priority, which would mean Victoria is the right F2 choice. But he also values loyalty, which would mean Cody in F2. On paper, he values family loyalty over “new friend” loyalty, so the smart money is on Victoria in F2. But it’s a much more complex decision when you’re in the house. Either way, Derrick FTW! (And Donny for AFP… please!)

  6. Let us also hope Cody did not watch this past season of Survivor Cagayan and saw the mistake that Woo made by deciding to bring Tony into the F2. Woo won the final challenge and had his own fate in his hands but because of Loyalty he decided to bring Tony into the final 2 knowing full well he could not beat Tony.
    If Cody wants to win he cannot bring Derrick to F2 with him if he Cody wins R3 of the HOH competition. But if he is ok with just 50k then he should definitely bring Derrick.

  7. well may not be likely But Victoria may be the one to chose a final 2 partner…it could happen…

    • She might just win let us agree she was not doing too bad in that Before and After HOH competition that Derrick won with his 420 tiebreaker answer!!!

      • Unfortunately for Vic, the second part of the Final HOH is always partially athletic-based, partially puzzle-based. Now, I know Victoria is a pathetic competitor all around but those are probably her 2 biggest weaknesses because it completely eliminates the luck factor. If Vic could just jump ahead to part 3, she could win because it’s a guessing game but I don’t see any possible chance for Victoria winning part 2 (unless Derrick has a medical emergency mid-comp)

  8. I may be jinxing Cody/Derrick/Victoria but did yall notice that (as of yet) the winner of BB 15 has not hosted a comp…?????

    • So are you saying Victoria is the winner of BB16? I know Derrick and Cody hosted comps if my memory is not playing tricks on me but I cannot recall Victoria ever hosting a comp, I could be wrong though.

    • You can see some of BB15 out there doing blogs and podcasts on BB16, but none of them have done anything this season associated with CBS. I could be wrong, but I suspect CBS just wants the entire season of BB15 to disappear.

      • More like the lost revenue from corporate sponsors who said ”Do it again and kiss our 10million dollar contracts goodbye!”… Big Brother really needs to get back to basics and STOP with all the models, actors, and minor celebs who only use the show for TnA factor and to boost their own profiles!

    • I think the network has tried really hard to bury last season’s memories from the fan base… Supposedly many of the cast from last season aren’t even invited to many of the ”touring parties” that reality shows have.

  9. Derrick’s best move -> Win part 2 and 3 and cut Cody. Cody is just one vote. There’s another 8 and Victoria most likely and hardly could even get a couple votes

    Cody’s best move -> Win part 3, take Victoria. BBCAN2 style. It will be a landslide. Will he do it though? Nah! He’s gonna take Derrick and lose! It’s been a while since someone takes the other to final 2 and loses. When was it the last time that happened? BB6? BB9? I can’t wait.

    Victoria’s best move ->Eh! Why bother! Praying that Derrick is willing to grant her 50k or praying that Cody gains some sorta brain in that head of his.

  10. Victoria still has a shot at round 2! The comp is mostly physical with an easy memory challenge like the HoH order or evictees order. She won’t have any problems with the mental part and let’s get real Derrick and Victoria are pretty much on the same level when it comes to something physical. Remember on the slippery HoH, LMAO!

    • Derrick says he has a photographic memory and we all know he is way better at physical comps than Victoria.

  11. just me talking But I do believe that Derrick will throw the comp to Victoria…I believe that he wants Victoria and Cody to battle it out and the winner choses a final 2 partner. That has been his style all season “Let somebody else do it”. Or should I have said “Let it appear that somebody else did it”….

    • If he does and the light bulb does not go off in Cody’s brain..then Cody doesn’t deserve to be in F2. Cody got really pissed the other night when Derrick put the thought in Cody’s head that he may lose but he would do his best.

    • That would be interesting, since Victoria asked him to throw it to her and he said no. I got the feeling that he was trying to mist her into throwing it. I think that mist might have actually worked, too. I guess we’ll find out soon, though!

  12. So incredibly stupid for anyone to throw a competition at the final hour. There’s absolutely no reason to risk it and let your fate be decided by another, and I’m sure Derrick will not throw the comp. However, I’m sure he’s provideing lip service to Cody in case he loses the comp as a show of good faith to say, “Hey, I threw the comp for you; now take me to F2.” That’s called smart insurance. I will be a little surprised if he does win and takes Cody to F2. It’s not a sure thing like if he were to take Victoria, but I’m pretty sure he’ll still win—just not by a landslide (I don’t think).

  13. So are the darts the Houseguests were given access to certain days of the week ever going to come into play? Was there a competition that used them that I missed?

      • Wow, is that really true? I can’t help but think it was for a competition they could practice for but didn’t end up doing for unknown reasons. Although it’s weird they would let them practice every week instead of just once. Maybe it WAS just for an advertisement.

  14. I think Derrick already tipped us off in his DR session when he said the only back he has is his own. TO me that means he will cut anyone loose to win the $500,000, even Cody.

    But recently Cody has been laying it pretty think about how loyal he is too Derrick and how he thinks if Derrick wins its a win for him too. BS! There is no way Cody is going to be happy about Derrick getting a check 10 times bigger than his own because he let Victoria go and took Derrick to the final 2.

    Derrick and Cody are playing each other – and Victoria. I think Victoria is a lock for 2nd place no matter who wins the HOH.

  15. I like it when they take someone to the end who at least played the game, so Victoria at the end is just a slap in the face to all who at least tried. She’s so dumb she needs to be told how to put one foot in front of the other. While Cody is also dumb, he’s at least played, when Derrick told him to. So I would like to see Cody in second place, but the problem is, will the jury vote for Derrick’s amazing game, or will they be bitter and throw their votes to someone who doesn’t deserve to win in any shape or form?

    • I would normally agree with you in such a case but this time, I can’t. If Derrick takes Vic, I’m not mad at him. To me, because he has played such a near perfect game so far, I believe she was part of his strategy as long as he could protect her so it isn’t just an “easy out” for him – know what I mean? He doesn’t just happen to have a choice. Had he just randomly made it to the end with a similarly good competitor, then, yes, taking her would be an “easy out”. But him having her under his control most of the game – I can’t fault him for that. I think it’s smart. And Derrick’s smart.

      • That has been his strategy with Victoria since early in the game. There’s no other explanation for why he’d work so hard to keep her around.

      • Hey when it’s time to eat you always need a Goat for sacrificial purpose or else there’d be no dinner, which is why Derrick kept Victoria around for so long when everyone wanted her out time and time again till it was too late for jurors to realize that there was purpose for Victoria to be hanging around at the end which was to be a Goat, IMO.

  16. I remember Cody talking about BBCAN2 so I’m pretty sure he watched it! It would be pretty damn hilarious if Cody pulled a Jon 2.0 and chose Victoria over Derrick!

  17. TrapperjohnMD

    You are 110% correct I know it’s going to be rough decision… What everyone needs to understand he’s there for the WIN not second place.

    I think friends would understand . But, this is BB and there are no friends when it comes to that much money. He’s a cop a very dangerous job trying to make enough money to take care of his family just in case he does not make it home one night. He would not be buying makeup like Frankie and everyone else could use the money to help family and to pay bills like all of us. I have watched him play all summer and he did what he needed to do… He will now as well !!!!

    NOT CUT THROAT Cyril Axel making the best decision for his little girl…….

  18. If Victoria somehow (cough cough) were to pull off the win against Derrick, and win round 3 (again, cough cough). she would take Cody and win the whole thing. I’d hate to see that happen since I think Derrick ran a near perfect game, but as a fan, that would be epic!

    • Victoria has been steadfastly loyal to Derrick. If she were to win round 3, she would not hesitate (with her eyes open bright and wide and a big smirk on her lips) to choose Derrick. Her loyalty/admiration for Derrick would win out against any logical thought of taking Cody to the f2. LOL ~ sure Vic wins, and I’m on the next shuttle to the moon!!

      • Caleb has already been there. JK with ya Cuddles. Thank you for being a part of making this a very enjoyable summer for me. :D

      • Sooo Disqus how come I just got the above post from KSJB in my email tonight, Sun. 9/21??? All replies to my posts today were in my email this evening! HMMMMMMM …

        So K, please clarify that “JK” = joke?

        And you’re very welcome. I wasn’t around that much all summer, but I sure made up for it today! Thanx for being a very pleasant presence for me and for all who post on this site.

      • Just kidding about Caleb had already been to the moon. Sarcasm because he has done just about everything else, according to him. :) I had received posts late like that also. I choose not to even get them in my email anymore. Enjoy your day, Cuddles. I will be busy next couple of days and won’t be on much. Hope to Wed, though, and maybe I’ll see you here.

      • Yes, Caleb certainly is a miracle … so many life experiences in such a short time (26 years or so)! Makes one wonder about living life to the fullest! I did enjoy his antics and stories and I do respect and thank him for serving our country.

        So JK means kidding? or joke? just want to get it right. Thanx KSJB.

      • I thought I remembered someone use J/K (just kidding). But it probably is one of those Karen’s world of insane acronyms. :) And, yes Cuddles, I agree. Caleb has been a “unique” character, but I have made sure to give him shout outs for his service.

      • AHA!!! now I get it … J/K = just kidding! That ‘slash’ made all the difference to my feeble mind. thanx K!

  19. Big Brother needs to change things up for next season. These players pretty much know most of the BB tricks and games and twists! LOL

    • Thank you! I’ve been saying that all season. They need to borrow some tricks from BB in other countries and/or take those twists and change them up. Anything, but the status quo that we’ve had to endure!

      • I know!!! This show has been on so long and some of the players that have watched and studied this game for so long know all the tricks! Expect the “unexpected” doesn’t seem to work anymore! LOL

      • Problem is that 16 seasons in, many of those who joined the show are now so aware of what’s to come. I guess that was the reason why there were more recruits this season because Cody and Caleb among others never really have a clue on how the game works. But tit should have been more of a learning journey to them the same way Jon Pardy did in Canada’s BB.

      • Yes, bring back the houseguests’ power to nominate each other and remove their power to vote to evict. Bring back the rule that prevents houseguests to openly discuss nominations.

        Bring back the food and luxury tasks, and most of all, let the public vote to save and evict their favorites.

        What will definitely throw them a curveball is to hear Big Brother actually talking to them and not just a prerecorded voice.

  20. I’ve seen people commenting that Derrick’s more loyal to Cody than Victoria. I don’t understand that comment. He’s been loyal to both of them. He’s been in separate alliances with both of them since the beginning of the game. Yes, he’s talked more game with Cody, than with Victoria, but Cody has been in power more often and has had the ear of the other people in power every week, except Christine/Nicole HOH. But, that doesn’t mean that he’s been any less loyal to Victoria.

    Derrick’s only true loyalty is to his family, not the people left in the house with him.

    • Whatever! He’s playing BB which has absolutely nothing to do with his family.
      Moreover, he’s in the final 3 thanks to his alliance with Cody. The same cannot be said about his “association” with victoria. I’m not going to even call that an alliance because victoria was useless the entire game.

      • Derrick’s family has everything to do with how he’s played BB. It’s his driving force.

        See my other reply to you for my thoughts on the rest of your comment.

      • Derrick used his daughter to pull at the heartstrings of the other houseguest and to make him appear to be an “up-standing” guy.
        Alternatively, he lauged at devin when he used his daughter for the same purposes. That’s TOTAL hypocracy to me.
        Moreover, derrick’s driving force in the game is GREED. I’m not suggesting that greed is a wrong motivation in the BB House. However, I will go on record and note that it’s not noble.

      • I think it’s different in both cases for Devin and Derrick. Devin was using his daughter to guilt tripping his fellow housemates for him to win any sort of argument. That and his lack of social game cost him his place in the house.

        In contrast, Derrick didn’t use his daughter for any sort of gain at all. He just let them know that he’s in this house for his family and never see the need to shove that info to everyone else’s throats the way Devin did.

      • I disagree. derrick went on ALL summer long about his daughter’s college fund etc, etc.
        That said – fortunately for derrick he is not devin! devin had no social game and his inability to connect with people caused him to exit early.

      • In what world is wanting to win money for your family not noble? Yeah talking about a college fund for his daughter made Derrick sound real greedy.

      • no she was not useless…her eviction votes were those that Derrick chose for her…otherwise Derrick nor Victoria would be in final 3…I firmly believe that,,,

  21. I want cody to win Derrick has this snideness (is that a word)about him I really think he gives cops a bad name He was always the one that told the HGs to throw comps. he lies about how he likes a person to their face and then tell the others what to do to that person. He always had to have the whole house vote the same way ~ is that really how a cop does things? Controlling is what I call him

    • He’s cowardly. Always hiding behind the shirt tails of the other HGs. I understand that’s part of his sneaky “No blood on my hands, I want everyone to like me at the end” strategy, but I don’t like this as a new trend for BB players.

      • Wow. This man puts his life on the line to keep people like you safe and you call him a coward for how he’s playing a GAME. Smh.

      • It’s the way he plays the game. A back-stabbing, cowardly, cruel, ruthless, liar. I like to see people win without resorting to those types of tactics. It may work for him, but I don’t have to like it. I think he lowers the public’s opinion of cops. BTW I grew up as daughter to a cop, sister to a cop, niece and grand-niece to multiple cops, and friend to the cops I knew while working for prosecuting attorneys. I have nothing but love and respect for them. God bless them all.

  22. One important point to consider: Cody was the one who got to FIRST “out” the Hitmen Alliance — not Derrick! Furthermore, he outed it to Caleb, who will now bring that back to jury. In the eye’s of the Jurors now — Cody might look more instrumental in the Hitmen than Derrick sine CODY announced it to the Caleb, and thus the jury, and used it to oust Caleb. Derrick could not have liked that at all. Remember, the jurors aren’t watching feeds. Cody may have elevated himself from their smaller perspectives.

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