Big Brother 16 Final HoH Round 2 Preview

One down and two to go on Big Brother 16. The Final HoH competitions are underway with Round 1 having been completed on Wednesday night and now that winner awaits who will take it in Round 2.

Victoria has a secret to share with Cody
Victoria has a secret to share with Cody – Source: CBS

If you’re getting caught up on what’s happened so far, be sure to check out the HoH Round 1 spoilers and if you need details on how these rounds work I’ve got that spelled out here.

Next up in Round 2 the two players who dropped out of the hang gliding themed endurance comp will face off in a competition that we expect to feature memory recall of the entire season with a strong physical challenge behind it. These are typically not easy comps and the added-in physical element is enough to get your heart pumping and up the stress factor.

Looking back over last season’s schedule of events, the second HoH round was held two nights after the F4 eviction show. That worked out to a Saturday night last season, but would be a Friday night this time around. While we don’t know for sure if it’ll be tonight or tomorrow, I would be ready to keep an eye out tonight for the spoilers just in case. Here’s what BB15’s Round 2 looked like:

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Derrick will be up against Victoria in this round and my goodness, is there any doubt here? Well, maybe something is going on. Derrick immediately started setting the stage for a R2 loss after R1 when he told Cody to not be mad if he lost in the next round. Seriously. Cody didn’t take that well and went off. Oh, he was alone and talking to himself, but I think we might have to count that by Cody standards.

Later on Wednesday night Victoria suggested Derrick throw R2 to her, but he said no. Derrick suggested he had a better chance at winning against Cody in R3 with the suggestion being that he’d take her along. That’s an entirely separate discussion on its own though.

Last night Derrick and Victoria again discussed throwing it, but this time it was with her taking a fall. I suspect Victoria would do it, but come on, Derrick! Victoria maxed out her 17 minutes in the mash-up challenge while you took a third of the time. She did get second in the soccer Veto comp which is good and she won a BotB, but that’s been it, right? I don’t see the issue here for Derrick.

Will Derrick throw Round 2 to Victoria? I really don’t think he will nor do I think he could. What if they both maxed out their times?? What if Derrick somehow managed to take 35 minutes to organize the next comp’s answers and Victoria took 34 mins, don’t we think Cody would notice and get pissed?

This isn’t the time to be screwing around or making bold Boogie-esque F3 comp moves. (If you haven’t seen BB7 All-Stars, that clip is definitely worth watching. Yes, he won it all after that move.)

Derrick needs to win this and keep Cody’s confidence in him strong. Shaking that bond now could get Cody thinking of an alternative F2 that I don’t believe Cody wants, even if it means he would lose.

What do you think will happen? Will Derrick throw the comp or handily beat out Victoria? HGs didn’t keep her around all reason for nothing. Now it’s time to see if it was a smart gamble.

We’ll have the spoilers for you as soon as the comp happens, so keep checking in for updates.


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  1. Well to be fair, Boogie’s move didn’t actually help him at all. He won parts 2 and 3 and that’s why he won; Janelle would most likely have taken Erika. Worked for Richard Hatch though in the original Survivor, which is where Boogie borrowed it from.

    And it’d be a bad move for Derrick to throw part 2, I think. He should take part 2 and then throw part 3.

    • There is no way in the world derrick should throw either comp. To insinuate he should is ignorant

      • You are absolutely right! Throwing any comp in the f3 is very risky and Derrick is not about to take that chance….He is guning for the $550,000 no matter what! I would like to see Cody win the final comp and take Victoria to f2. That would certainly be a hoot!

      • Well, except he probably should. If he wins and takes Victoria he risks losing the vote of Cody and the respect of the jury (hypothetically) and if he takes Cody he risks losing the vote of Victoria/Jocasta, and he could view that is costly since he thinks some people will vote for Cody.

  2. I just don’t know about this whole “throwing the comp” thing.. It’s WAY too late for that. Derrick needs to get his ish together and win this! It’s just too risky to throw it at this point.

    • Derrick was asking Victoria last night about she thinks Caleb felt about his eviction. Vic told him she thinks Cody’s speech gave Caleb the impression that both of them were behind his eviction. Derrick is clearly worried about Caleb’s jury vote. So I think he is also worried about Vic’s vote to if he has to evict her.

      • Yea, i see what you’re saying… it’s just hard to believe if he were to lose to Victoria in R2… but it might make a tad bit of since to throw it to Cody in R3.. It is a HUGE risk, but i really think Cody would keep his word to Derrick.

      • Good he needs to worry, I saw him on BBAD, while showering he looked stressed! Yes he does not have blood on his hand everyone else does because of him so now the jury will see that and really have to think whom really will get the big $, at this point Cody would be my choice before Victoria or Derrick!

  3. I think it would be stupid for either of them to throw this comp but its not like Derrick to talk about a comp like this. Does he really believe Victoria is going to beat him? Its just too unbelievable.

    The only reason for Derrick to throw the comp is to avoid having to get blood on his hands by evicting Victoria after telling her all this time he “has her back”. That’s been his way the entire season. Maybe he thinks the jury vote would be close if he is sitting next to Cody and he doesn’t want to lose her vote.

    But what if Cody wins the HOH and Victoria tells Cody Derrick was going to take her to the final 2? Would this be enough to turn Cody against Derrick?

    I still think either Cody or Derrick is going to take Victoria to the end no matter what they are saying to each other. The HOH winner would have to be thinking how it would feel to lose because he did not take Victoria.

    • Caleb told Jeff in his exit interview that if anyone took Victoria as the easy win, the bomb squad members of the jury had a pact of voting for Victoria.

  4. Derrick hasn’t won enough comps all season to be throwing them now. I mean I think most of the jury members are aware and of and respect the type of game he has played, but he’s got to be considering the fact that he might be seen as a bit of a floater if they haven’t compared notes on him. Throwing comps and letting someone who has won several take you to the end might not be the greatest strategy at this point.
    I realize Cody has made some enemies in the jury, but if he can convince them that it was his game to get threats out and that it wasn’t personal, that could be a game winning argument depending on the mood of a jury.
    That said, I think Derrick wins. Just playing devil’s advocate for a bit.

  5. I just find it funny that they even think it is possible that Derrick could throw this, like even if he tried. He has his own competitive streak that will prevent him from meandering (I mean, we weren’t shown his veto board, but I feel like he seemed to have the most of it done and was just probably triple checking). Also, overplanning of these next two smells exactly like all the failed attempts to throw BOBs early in the season, they just can’t do accomplish those missions. Now, do I think he will try and throw part 3 just so he doesn’t have to be the one to cut Victoria? Yes, probably. That might be done with Cody’s okay because Cody likely knows no matter how well he and Victoria are getting along now (he has this whole she’s the Hitmen’s little sister but he also adds in that she was never in danger through Derrick’s efforts) that she is not going to vote for him over Derrick.

    • Derrick said before the veto comp that he didn’t want to win it. I’m pretty sure that if he had been working on his board at all, they would have shown it. My guess is that we only saw Cody’s and Victoria’s boards because Derrick wasn’t doing anything, i.e., no footage to show.

      • Too many to count? LOL It’s really hard to say. There are the obvious ones, like getting off the log when he wasn’t struggling, putting his hands in his pocket, when he gave Frankie the HOH and the bomb wire cutting veto. I’m sure that there are more, since I think it was part of his strategy this season. The problem is that since we haven’t seen him really try very often, we don’t know if he’s any good or not.

      • Exactly! (Too many to count/keep track of.) I don’t like nor respect Derrick’s game play, even if it ultimately results in his winning the 500k. When people call him one of the best BB competitors of all time (or the best), I’m not sure that’s a compliment just because he will most likely wind up with lots of money. What really got to me was how he sat back and said nothing during Frankie’s ridiculous and shameful “I’m the best and most powerful” speech, while Cody and Caleb responded with gusto. Great game play on Derrick’s part? Perhaps, but so hard to watch.

    • “I mean, we weren’t shown his veto board, but I feel like he seemed to
      have the most of it done and was just probably triple checking”

      You mean the most recent veto comp with the police theme? Actually, they showed Derrick doing nothing with his board. He threw it.

      • He did say (if I am not mistaken, that he didn’t have to win this one!) Don’t quote me but I think he said something to this respect!

      • That is true, he said something to that effect. It was a veto he didn’t have to win, and he definitely did not want to win it because he had promised Caleb he would take him off the block if he won.

  6. I don’t think Derrick is actually looking to throw it. I think it was a part of his campaign to make himself look weak to Cody. Cody has to be thinking that Victoria would be easier to beat and that Derrick might have a chance of winning it all.

  7. I think that Victoria has a final two with both of them. I think she has had an alliance with Cody just like she has with Derrick. And Big Brother whats us to have the biggest shocker this year. Remember they control which conversations that are on video.

  8. If Derrick wins R2/R3comp, no matter who he decides to take to the end, they would both vote for him to win it all, IMO.

  9. I have said repeatedly that Victoria is not as dense and unknowing as she portrays herself to be….She knows more about the “game” than she professes..

  10. I think Derrick and Cody should be the final2! Its rediculous to think the jury would vote Vic but they all don’t seem that bright and might be mad at Derrick like the middl;e school kids they are and deprive someone who deserves to win!

  11. Woohoo! Look at Victoria getting all up close and personal with Cody in that picture. Derrick’s going to be jealous!

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