This Week On Big Brother 18: Two-Night Premiere & Live Feeds Launch

This week on Big Brother 18 the start of the season arrives with a two-night premiere event beginning on Wednesday, June 22nd at 8/7c with a two-hour show followed by a one hour episode the following night, Thursday at 9/8c. Once we get through that settle in because your Big Brother Live Feeds will kick off at 10PM PT (1AM ET) after the west coast broadcast.

Big Brother 18 starts June 22, 2016 on CBS
Big Brother 18 season premiere on June 22, 2016 – Source: CBS/YouTube

You’ve met the new Big Brother 18 cast of Houseguests, learned about the pending “mystery guests,” toured the completely redesigned house, and now we’re just waiting for Julie Chen to deliver that inaugural “but first” to lead us in to a new summer of BB18 fun.

Houseguests moved in last Wednesday which means they’ll have been there a full cycle by the time the Feeds turn on Thursday night so I wouldn’t be surprised to see one of them evicted right off the bat. That probably wouldn’t happen until the second show though while Wednesday night will be filled with meeting the Houseguests who discover magical Big Brother keys around their workplace or home before scurrying off to pack and head to Los Angeles.

Once the two-night premiere concludes we’ll get ready for the real action from our beloved Live Feeds which start Thursday night at 10PM PT (6/24 at 1AM ET) along with Big Brother After Dark.

If you haven’t yet signed up for your Feeds then now is the time to do that so you’re ready to go. Subscriptions for Feeds, which are again part of the All Access service from CBS, will cost you $5.99/month after your Free Trial (1 week). Read our guide to using your Feeds on multiple platforms.

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With the Feeds in go mode we could get a rush of Big Brother spoilers catching us up on what’s been going on since the HGs moved in last week. That should settle us in to our regular routine of nominations, Veto comps and meetings, and all the scheming we’ll look forward to all summer.

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  1. I wish BB started in Jan. when it is a less busy time for those of us who garden and have outdoor chores that keep us so busy that we don’t have time to enjoy the entire experience available. I’m sure CBS has their reasons for it being in the summer. I mean, geez, it wouldn’t be BB without all of those bikini clad bodies.

    • #BBCAN does quite well – they start in February – and they don’t have a lot of bikini-clad bodies. They do have a hot tub outside, but their “yard” is all inside, including their pool. Doesn’t affect the quality of the show one bit, I’m a huge fan!

      • I’ve never watched BBCan, but hope to one day. I was just being a little sarcastic about the half nude bodies. I’m absolutely sure BB would have just as good ratings without all that.

      • There are ways you can watch both the old shows online and when the new season starts up in February if you’re watching from the US, just make sure to use adblock and good virus protection software. I think you would love it.

      • Their yard is not inside its outside Its rained on them many times Plus you can see the sky and trees coming over the building Also remember the plane skywriter ?

      • On Big Brother Canada, their yard is indeed inside. The hot tub/smoking area is outside, but the yard is a big warehouse type room.

      • Do you remember Jeff Schroeder’s (first?) season; he was always watering the plants they had in planter boxes in the back yard? ?

    • I think there are far more people who are more available to watch live feeds in the summer than there are in the winter. I know I sound like an a-hole for saying this but I’m just being honest, BB is not going to cater to summer gardeners/choresmen. That’s an incredibly small faction of the population compared to kids, young adults, teachers, other govt. employees who have summers off.

      • Yo, yo. Oh, I know you are correct. I was just thinking out loud. Wishful thinking never hurts. I enjoy my outside work and one day I may not be able to. There are just many summer days when I have no idea what is going on on BB. That’s my life. Nice to see you, Yo.

      • well I could let myself b offended by yo’s post, but I won’t. must b city folk. lol. gardening aside, summer is generally the time when people are busier. that’s why I love this site. I’m updated and clued in to great satisfaction. happy gardening ksjb. my mouth is watering just thinking about all the yummy veggies you could be harvesting.

      • That is a very sweet post, Talula. There are people who have no idea how laborious and time-consuming summer work such as lawns, gardens, flower beds, etc. can be. I’m not complaining; I wouldn’t wish for it to be different, while I stuff my mouth with my fresh zucchini bread. Thank you.:)

      • oh my word, zucchini!!! yum yum. I just saved a zucchini pancake recipe. I love love love plain roasted zucchini. anyway, I know the yard work way too well. I procrastinated mowing this weekend bc it’s sooo hot and humid.

      • Hope you aren’t in Arizona. Whew, I shouldn’t complain about my 90’s.
        Zucchini fried with squash and vidalia onions is delish, too.

      • Oh my gosh K and Talula—stop talking about the wonderful foods and flowers! I wish I had the patience for the incredible amount of time it takes to plant and water and weed; and water and weed; and water and weed; and make sure no insects eat my beautiful heirloom tomatoes! I could NEVER do what you do, K—or you, Talula! However, I’m more than able to eat your yummy goodness…and enjoy your beautiful flowers! So, how can I get in touch with both of you, so that I may take part of the bounty you’ve worked so hard to give to me? You can watch the show while you’re baking my zucchini bread, can’t you?

      • LMBO! I think BB should let all of the HGs out for a day to come to our homes(Talula and mine) for a good deed day. I’m first, Talula, OK? I have 2 weedeaters, a blower, a tractor, a riding mower and a push mower. If they can figure out how to fuel them, start them and operate them. So that’s 6. Out of the other 6, that we know currently, I’d take 3 over to my parents’s garden and let them use the tiller and hoe, maybe another to pick the veggies( but my Mom would be worried senseless that they might pick them too early), break beans and shuck corn. Two of the others could use my tank sprayers, one for the Japanese beetles eating holes in my calla lilies, roses, crepe myrtles and hostas and the other for the weeds constantly growing in and around my flower beds. The last one can do my daily chore of deadheading my balloon flowers and 15 rose bushes. Someone has to do some watering because it’s in the mid 90’s here and I’m going to be in the kitchen making Sharona some zucchini bread. Now who has the pull to make it happen? Git er done!

      • Oh, dear me…I was thinking that perhaps some of the watchers who could DVR the episodes might help you!. You see, I’m disabled; so I could watch anytime of the year; so unfortunately, that would never be a problem for me. As I said earlier—certainly you could bake and watch at the same time…

      • You are the epitome of class, K. Honestly. As well as generous. Much more than I could ever be.
        How is David’s virus? Hope you’re helping him as much as you possibly can…again—goes to your generosity.

      • Talula Bell, I’m Karen or K whichever you prefer and I’m from East Tn. I remember seeing you last year, now we have officially met. Let’s have some fun. A little snark included and necessary at times. lol

      • I crave them in the winter and spring when all that is available around here are those hard things with no acid or taste whatsoever.

  2. I got the feeds. But on my smartphone, there is no option that says “live feeds.” Will that change once the feeds actually go live? I know was able to watch them on my tablet device last year, but I never tired on my smartphone before.

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