Big Brother 18 Spoilers: Promo Confirms Four Mystery Houseguests

We’ve known it was coming and it’s all but been confirmed by CBS until now with the latest Big Brother 18 spoilers revealing we should definitely be expecting four mystery Houseguests. They’ll soon be joining the first twelve fresh faces, but the mystery of their identities will continue on a bit longer.

Big Brother 18 Features Four Mystery Houseguests
Big Brother 18 Features Four Mystery Houseguests – Source: Global

Thanks to the quick work of @LisaBreezy we’ve got a new promo commercial from Global, the Canadian home of CBS’s Big Brother series, that highlights the upcoming season’s twist of those yet to be officially confirmed returning players.

To clarify, the commercial doesn’t actually say the “mystery guests” are returning veteran Houseguests and could in theory be just regular people, celebrities, or even talking animals. But yeah, the obvious answer is it’s returning players since that’s what the spoilers have indicated and that’s what production does so that’s what we should expect.

Here’s the new Big Brother 18 promo focusing on two of the season’s first twists:

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#BB18 commercial with "mystery guests"

— Lisa (@LisaBreezy) June 18, 2016

Both the mystery HGs and the sibling HGs are highlighted here as Paulie Calafiore and Tiffany Rousso get front and center attention. It’s interesting that they go with “Paul” for Paulie since there’s another Paul (Paul Abrahamian) already and our media kits were sure to differentiate them, but that’s nothing important gamewise. Also, two of the rumored four returnees are featured in the ad!

If you can’t wait to find out who those returning players are rumored to be then check out our Big Brother spoilers for that twist. We should get the official confirmation from CBS either the first or second night of the two-night season premiere starting on Wednesday, June 22nd at 8PM ET/PT!

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  1. I think Vanessa and Cody will be returning due to having siblings on the show.

    • I hope not. At one point Vanessa was rumored to return, but that rumor has been almost debunked. We won’t know for sure until the premiere.

    • Cody is not returning. He is well active on Snapchat. If he returned, he’d already be in sequester by last Wednesday, and not be active on social media.

    • I know, right?! That silhouette looks exactly like Shelli. That was the first name that popped up in my head when I saw it. I was like, “to be honest, that looks like Shelli’s body type.” but it could be someone else. I hope one of the girls is Vanessa, but it’s probably not, neither of the silhouettes look like her.

  2. I think 3 of the silhouettes are Cody, Vanessa, and Howard. The far left silhouette could be any number of girls.

      • Wow…really? He’s not going to win Survivor again. Or he better not. If the castaways are smart that season, they will get him out quick. I love Survivor!

  3. You guys do know that the easiest way to try and figure it out is to see who’s on social media and who’s not right? The houseguests have already moved in and they’re playing the game, so whoever is still on Twitter or on Instagram is not going to be in

      • Sometimes sure, but the best way to try and figure it out is to always look on social media. I think there’s gonna be a returnee from each of the past 4 seasons

    • Ya Nicole is one of names I have heard, her mama day james and someone in season 14

  4. The silhouettes look like Shelli, Cody, Da’Vonne, and Russell (BB11) respectively, but I’m betting they were just stock photos used to represent the idea of 4 returnees and not actually supposed to mean the returnees are the silhouettes themselves.

    And now we have to wait even longer for a ‘real’ all-stars season. Nicole, James, Da’Vonne, and Frank? Is this really the best we can do, Big Brother?

    • I don’t think James is one of them. I think it’ll be a BB15 houseguest to make it a returnee from each of the past 4 seasons

      • I think they will avoid anyone from season 15 because of the stigma surrounding that season.

    • Cody is not returning. He is well active on Snapchat. If he returned, he’d already be in sequester by last Wednesday, and not be active on social media.

  5. the 4 HG’s are:

    Frank (BB14)
    Nicole (BB16)
    Da’Vonne & James (BB17)

    from TOO MANY Sources to name them All, lol …☺…

    • I really, really hope Frank is one of the returnees. He deserves a second chance…he played a great game in BB14. His problem was that he trusted Dan. The way he kept pulling himself off of the block was amazingly exciting to watch.

  6. In the picture it shows Cody, Shelli, Liz and someone else I cannot put a name to. You can tell this by comparing the sillhouettes to their individual indoor cast photos. I haven’t studied Cody yet but his build appears to match. Not exactly confirmed yet, as CBS might’ve just picked random sillhouettes.

    • The silhouettes are not to be trusted as the promo editors just used the promotional photos of past alumni for this commercial. The Canadian broadcaster of BBUS knows nothing more than what has already been revealed (12 newbies and a 99-day season, etc) and may have just been banking on that to include in their copy the bit about “four mystery guests”. Only CBS knows what’s truly up.

      Whoever made this commercial may as well get fired if his wording on the copy will end up misleading the audience in anyway.

  7. The silhouettes have nothing to do with the returnees. Da’Vonne is pretty much confirmed along with Frank. Nicole is rumored alot and so has James.

    Why these may be true:
    Da’Vonne: Hasn’t posted on Twitter since the 8th and IG since last week.
    James: Pulled from all of his viewing parties a few weeks ago for the BB18 premiere.
    Frank: Hasn’t tweeted since June 5th.

    Nicole has just been rumored. She hasn’t tweeted in a few days but she isn’t an avid tweeter.

    • I don’t think James is on, his brother’s wedding was the same day the cast was originally gonna be revealed. Idk why they’d make up a wedding as an excuse to “trick” the viewers tho

  8. What if the silhouettes are just random generic silhouettes cooked up by the art department and they don’t actually belong to any of the returning players?

    • They are awfully specific to be random. They even did the strands of hair. However, they may not be the exact people coming back.

      • I kind of agree with Destroyah…I think they’re just either stock or generic images. But you could be right, The.

      • Yes, if graphic design were still done by hand, it would be a lot of trouble to keep the strands of hair. However, in the age of computer and digital art, the strands of hair don’t mean anything, creating a silhouette from a model standing in front of a white background is as simple as sliding a few bars in Photoshop.

      • I like how using a magic wand to carefully select the outline or if lucky, merely press Shift+Left Click on the thumbnail of layer helps simplify the process of creating one. :D

    • Yep. It’s just the graphics the media team had available. I’d bet good money these aren’t the real outlines. Plus, the commercial was from Global (Canadian carrier of BB) and not CBS.

  9. Just matching up, one of the silhouettes is definitely Cody, another is Shelli. I *think* another is Liz from last year and I’m not sure about the bald looking guy.

  10. I think the sibling twist will be in play much like the twin twist from last year…if either of the siblings lasts five evictions, Vanessa and/or Cody come back in the game. Can’t wait to see the premiere!

  11. whoever the ‘returnees are’ I hope the houseguests evict them immediately and if they are coaches, rebel and ignore their asses. there’s no such thing as ‘coaching’ in this kind of game, let the players play and those that have had a turn, move on.

  12. whoa. my hat is off to all who looked at mystery guests pic and got players from that. it didn’t cross my mind. just figured it was a fake pic. going back and looking again after reading posts, didn’t help either. I just hope BB doesn’t call back any player who they seem to love and I actually find annoying.

  13. if the returning house guests are Vanessa and anyone who’s already been on twice, I’ll vomit.

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