The Return of the Big Brother 12 Saboteur and Pandora’s Box

Late last night the Big Brother 12 Saboteur returned to the house. No, it wasn’t Annie, the original Saboteur. Instead it was Ragan who was selected by America’s Vote to revive the fallen Twist and inject some pranks in to the house. You can watch the entire Saboteur II reveal on the Live Feeds Flashback starting at 9:03PM BBT on all cams as the HGs are stunned by the twist’s return.

With the HGs gathered round the screen flickered to life and once again we had the garbled voice and silhouette hiding his identity. The Saboteur thanked Matt for opening Pandora’s Box on Friday then threatened them that his mission was to destroy them all and coast to the half-million dollar prize. Before fading away the Saboteur told them to “watch your back, before I stab you in it!”

Matt was the first to react by laughing and asking, “they’re trying this again?” Britney and Rachel agreed this was a whole new Saboteur and not the return of Annie (they’re right). Enzo proposed that the new Saboteur must have had the option to do it. Hayden proclaims it would be a stupid decision to accept and try to stab everyone in the back. Don’t worry, Hayden, he didn’t mean it literally!

For the next 2 weeks Ragan will try to cover his tracks and trick the other HGs. If he makes it clear to the other side of this challenge he’ll pocket a cool $20K for his efforts. Not too shabby! Unlike Annie, Ragan will still be eligible to win the prize and won’t be removed from the game like Annie would have if she had at Week 5.

What do you think? Should Ragan have rejected the Sabo offer?

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  1. Haha, I bet no one will figure it’s Ragan. Everyone likes him too much. But still I don’t see how this will make the game more interesting. Unless Ragan actually pulls some real pranks unlike Amateur Annie.

  2. I’m with you on this one. Those pranks better be good or at least funny. The cricket noisemaker was weak and pointless. Let’s see something good!

  3. I did not expect him to accept the offer. He is good. Within minutes he already spoke about people looking for someone doing a lot of campaigning (attention towards Rachel). The test will come after this first week when the house finds out it was not Rachel.

  4. I think the sab concept is childish and a poorly designed distractor in the game. What I find untenable is the producer’s construction of the survival challenges. Both were suited to small men. I predicted correctly the winner and 2nd place for both challengers. That isnt luck on my part, its dishonesty on the part of BB to rig 2 challenges in that way….

  5. I’m kinda surprised that he accepted it. I’m just glad Brendan or Rachel didn’t get it. Anyone know what time the Veto is?

  6. I am glad Reagan accepted the offer. I don’t think it’ll help his gameplay but I think it’d stir up some trouble in the house. I think he is the only one smart enough to pull it off!!

  7. I like Ragan to be the saboteur! because he’s the least person you think could be the saboteur, so let’s see how everything unfolds.
    Whoever gets evicted this Thursday starts the jury house??? Anyone knows when the jury house starts???

  8. For $20 grand he’d be stupid *not* to accept. All he’s got to do is last 2 weeks and he gets it.

    AND, he’s still eligible for the half mil.

  9. He should have accepted it, he isn’t going to win, and we all know that, so he may as well take some money while he can….and when they find out, if they do, he is just gone earlier…

  10. I was surprised by how well everyone in the house guessed right about the Saboteur. Britney guessed that America got to vote. Enzo guessed that the new Saboteur would have probably had the option to decline. But they were puzzled by the fact that someone would actually accept it and risk everything for themselves.

  11. I agree Lavena. The way he is playing the game he definitely is not going to win. He’ll probably make it to final 6 but he isn’t going to get any further than that. I would have taken that offer and that $20k in a jiffy. LOL!!

  12. i wish enzo would have got it.

    but FINALLY this will add spice to ragan. too damn nice. but rachel has gotten more burn out of him.

  13. Yeah I agree #10. They had all the pieces put together pretty good. Reagan is in a good position to last 2 more weeks so I understand why he took it. If they were in Reagan’s shoes they would have taken the offer too.

  14. omg im suprised he accepted it i really wanted enzo to win but hey nd whoever said the games are like not challenging ur right its still very boring if u ask me but im happy matt wasnt greedy nd took this chance of putting brenchel up nd the veto comp will tell all haha call me corny but you kno what would be a great sabetour move if the lights go out when hoh has to put in the nomination haha if that is even possible !!!!

  15. I love it!! I voted for Ragan, and I’m glad he took up the challenge of being the saboteur. Can’t wait to see what happens.

  16. Now Lane, Hayden and Enzo talking about getting Big Red out (they called her bad names, lol) and maybe letting Brendan win HOH next week and they think he would put up Matt and Ragan since Matt put him up and Ragan is fighting with him. Then they think they can get him out the following week. They want Matt and Regan out? Really? Not Kathy the floater? I wouldn’t be surprised if she doesn’t float all the way to the end…..not so dumb after all.

  17. I think Kathy’s playing the best game she can…. she knows she can’t win crap. Floating and letting people think she doesn’t matter…

  18. I also think Matt got more than $1 out of Pandora’s Box. He’d have to have gotten something really good in order for the rest of the house to get something bad.

  19. Hey trish, that’s what I said on the other thread. I did the flashb@ck thing & that’s what I understand. But they probly changed their minds again by now. Lol

  20. knowing what a rat Matt is he probably took the string out himself and there was something else in the box.

  21. anyone know when about/what day brit did the whole, hair extension impression of rachel? I’d really like to watch it on the live feed flash back…

  22. Can someboy come up with a honest reason why Kathy was chosen to be in the BB house?? I am assuming that she is a decent person..but a law enforcement officer that has no energy or drive to stay in a comp?? I personally know a few females that are law enforcement ..actual deputies that go through rigorus training like their ability to lift up to 300 lbs or better (a large male)they are able to climb jump sprint n’run..they have to be flexiable n’ fast on their feet..She (to date) has shown none of these attributes..Could her being there be some kind of twist in the game??? I don’t get it…Or is she just playing the weakest link till later?? I realize that she has had cancer but that was 10 yrs ago (I believe)n’ she surely has regained “some” of her strenght..The woman is totally useless as a game player. Any ideas gyus??

  23. Connie … maybe she can’t stay in a competition because she smokes too much. Yo Kathy, about that cancer……

  24. i couldn’t find anything on kathy before bb12. maybe she is a cop, maybe she did have cancer, but she smokes like crazy. at this point i think she is just that annoying guest who won’t leave after dinner even if you say hey, we are turning in early, have work to do, want to have sex with my spouce. or maybe a ghost or poltergeist that gh or ghostbusters cant get out.

  25. Yes because he is tenderhearted & I know they will cut him to the core!!!!!! Rachel that is if she stays, but then again he is adult enough he will handle it. I still wish it would have been enzo as he would have us in stiches with his pranks!!

  26. maybe Kathy is in law enforcement…but sits behind a desk all day ansering phones and doing the paperwork…she surely couldn’t be a beatcop…unless she lives in a totally boring non corrupt little town with nothing criminal going on.

  27. nooo Don’t think sooo I SMOKE N’ AM IN MY LATE 50’S ..but I can totally move (fast) when I have too..She is simply not trying to win a comp bottom line..soo that is why I am questioning her presence in the house..something don’t jive …hmmmm

  28. did someone say, last night, that Kathy made a deal with all the HG’s that she would drop first and be the havenot for the week?? or did I just imagine that?

  29. Connie, maybe it’s just Kathy’s strategy .. to never win a competition in hopes it won’t put any sort of target on her back. It almost seems like Ragan is the same way even if he’s been one of the last two standing twice now.

  30. yeah she is (supposedly) a cop cause I was on some site that had people from her home town commenting about her..nothing bad but it still don’t set right..

  31. i love how reagon is playing the sab right now. he’s just being his normal self with just a touch more digs at people. can’t wait til he does something huge

  32. People have mentioned that the brigade wants Matt out. What happened that caused them to turn on him?

  33. I think laying back on the comps is part of Kathy’s game, she can’t be that bad every time for every challenge.

  34. Being a cancer survivor I know first hand that your immune system is severely damaged and weakened. She was sick and on an IV before the caramel comp. Maybe she is sluggish person to begin with. Usually BB always casts a weak link. I am guessing it may be the combination if the 3.

  35. wow! this was exciting to say the least last night after dark. looking forward to more of that.

  36. Then why in the heck is she still smoking? That can’t help anything. Kinda makes it hard to have any sympathy for her. Maybe it’s a vanity thing and she’s afraid she’ll blow up if she quits… like I did… 45 lbs when I quit after 35 years.

  37. i agree being ill can make you weak and sluggish. but i can’t see any dr letting her compete on a show like this if her health was that much of an issue. the liability issue alone for bb but i could be wrong. wouldn’t be the first and just my opinion.

  38. kristi @50 I agree with you…if she was just coming off of any type of treatment I can’t see how her Doc or BB would allow her to be on the show, disclaimer or not…and what about her family/firends, don’t you think they would have tried to talk her out of it…I have worked with cancer patients for years and can tell you that they have no energy after treatments. So maybe she had cancer years ago…why smoke and invite it back for a second round…unless she just doesn’t care and figures she will complete her bucketlist and maybe being on BB was on that list.

  39. nooo if she was in any way shape form or fashion of being sick she would not have been cast..too risky for CBS..She had cancer.. so do u think that she is a plant for the AMC in order to raise awareness n’ money?? FAR FETCHED BUT POSSIBLE..For instance..the longer she stays on the show CBS will match her weekly bonus pay n’ donate to the AMC..stranger things have happened..Look at Jerry he was 70 but he got in the comps n’ tried to be a player…but she ain’t even trying..

  40. I want to see rach on her knees begging the POV winner to use it on her & I would love for it to be Kathy or Brit…since she hates any woman around “her man”….I can’t believe she hasn’t been down on her knees yet….bet its a record for her.
    The skank needs to go!!!

  41. The reason I said that was cause there are all kinds (to many to count) OF EVENTS N’ GAMES GOING ON TO RAISE MONEY especially for breast cancer.. I don’t know but I still say there is something not on the up n’ up with her..

  42. I agree Connie. But remember Reny was similar. Slow and no one wanted her on their team.

  43. Does everyone know for sure from the live feeds that Regan accepted the sab job? Or they are assuming he did? If so, there is a chance he declined and Enzo said yes. I was watching the after dark from last night and they were both shady.

  44. YEAH BUT RENY TRIED..LOL that is what I am saying Kathy ain’t trying n’ is not hiding the fact…so go

  45. My thoughts on the entire saboteur angle and the “fixed” HOH competition are as follows: Right now the house guests believe Rachel is the saboteur. As soon as she’s out they will logically believe Matt to be it because he only received one dollar, as far as they know. They’ll continue to think Pandora’s box means something good comes from something bad. Like I said, logically, Matt would be the one getting the good by cashing in on the prize the saboteur will get while the house will get the bad. Matt’s lie about his wife has stirred up way too much controversy outside of the house and the network needs to get him out. This “fixed” HOH competition guaranteed Matt the win and the way everything else played out will guarantee he gets booted as the guilty party. Pretty crafty.

  46. I think that whoever takes the job of America’s player or Sabouteur in this case is there to make money in the short run. Dan in BB10 won $500,000 and did the hugging of Jessie. So why shouldn’t Ragan take $20,000 for 2 weeks, who wouldn’t. However, game play was a huge risk. I also think that if I am Rachel/Brendon I would play up that I am Sab b/c they already are in dire position, why not mess with other H/G game!!!!

  47. nooo Marissa Matt told Regan earlier today that after SOME sneaky questioning OF R&B that neither were the SAB…

  48. i would love to see Ragan take shoelaces out of someon’s sneakers (Brendon, Hayden etc) or maybe have deoderant bottle be the smell of something nasty (skunk, fart etc.) LOL That would be funny

  49. I just read that BB was tops in the ratings Thursday night. The producers know that the train wreck – AKA Rachel – is what’s creating all the controversy and keeping people tuned in – love her or hate her. I predict something will happen that she won’t go this week. If she goes, they risk losing viewers – like me – that are watching for the dramz. If she stays, all the folks that hate her will continue to watch so that they can keep talking smack about her.

  50. @ 66 Tim, I felt that they’d already done something too similar with the surf boards. It was only a theory I was hoping would be the truth. lol

  51. @Torch I agree with you, I think he got more then a dollar and if he told the house what he did really get I’m sure we would all say that that would be a dumb move.
    I liked Matt at first but what he said about his wife was way to low and he thinks hes so smart to think that up well buddy other people could easily come up with the pity idea, but shockingly in that house, HGs don’t ever suggest harm on there loved ones for profit. I lost all respect for Matt after that and his wife should leave him if he doesn’t win!!!

  52. NOOO REMEMBER LAST YEAR WHEN JEFF WAS SET TO GO n’ there was an uproar but it happened…possibly CBS wants to see the R&B set split up so to see how the one left fares on their on..Look at J&J the split happened n’ Jordon won…

  53. Good for Ragan! It will be interesting to see what pranks he pulls on the house……….As for the house, specifically, Brenchal, I am so sick of watching them! I like Brendon for the most part, he seems to be a good guy, but he and Rachel together are sickening. Especially now that they are both on the block, she has done nothing but whine and cry and pout and basically be a bitch. They both have totally segregated themselves from the other housemates and are only making things worse on themselves. God, please, send Rachel home next week and see if Brendon can play a decent game alone!!!

  54. Possibly Connie. I just can’t imagine anybody creating such psycho entertainment as she does and it kinda sounds boring.

  55. I prefer that Rachel goes first.. but as long as it’s one of em I will be happy..Brendon is really showing his ignorant side ..some people call it “love” BUT I CALL IT STUPIDITY…

  56. If I were the other hgs, I’d vote Brendon out first just so they could inflict a whole week of torture on Rachel. Now THAT would be good!

  57. Rachel would not handle the situation well at all if Brendon left…She has nobody if he leaves..she has alienated everybody..If Brendon stays he has a chance cause he has interacted with n’ tried to get to know the other HG’s she totally put herself above them cause she thinks she is better than they are..the HGs know this sooo it would be a smart move on her part to want to get outta there..

  58. This season of Big Brother has more story lines than a best selling novel. (1) Who makes a four person alliance in week one and is not discovered going into week six. (2) Truly the Stanford “stockholm syndrom” is truly in play–Annie evicted 10-0; Monet 7-2; Andrew 8-0; Kristen 7-0. (3) Showmance never makes it to final 2. (4) All the girls evicted.
    Lastly, hasn’t it occured to Ragan, Brit, & Kathy that after Brenchel is evicted, they are next!!!!!

  59. Brittney knows her time is coming..She has said that she won’t win..She said this to Enzo Lane n’I believe Regan n’ possibly Matt was there..But she did make the statement..

  60. @Torch lol ” Matt the Mutt” is perfect for him.
    @ Connie I think Brendon thinks he is in love but yeah its so sad cuz he is acting like he is wearing the panties in that relationship and Rachel is the dominate male.
    Call me old fashioned but I like my man to be masculine. In saying that I hope whatever happens that they both find happiness with or with out each-other.

  61. Yeah take the 20g’s if u can get em..u may next out the door…Monet took her 10 grand..SURE BRING IT ON..lmao

  62. AM sure Brendon’s mama is a decent woman n’ wants what’s best for her boy.. Cause she will kick his ass after she kicks Rachel’s to the curb..hmmmm hmmm like to there for

  63. Veto players are supposedly Matt, Rachel, Brendon, Britney, Enzo, Kathy, and Ragan (thanks to last week’s POV contest where he got the Veto ticket).

  64. I’m not sure but I don’t think he will last. He hasn’t done to much in the house. I think it should have been Lane. For some reason he is holding back and they probably wouldn’t notice he was the sabatour. I’m referring to Lane. I think Ragan is a great person and will last a long while in the house. No offense toward him.

  65. So far my vote is with Lane to win the paper.
    I like kathy but she isn’t trying at all to win so if I still watch this show after this week I will be rooting for Lane and Regan cuz Regan is a underdog.
    As for Brit I want to like her she can be funny at times but she also makes me sick I went to high school with girls like her and I don’t think this is just game play I think she is like this in her real life. So Brit should try to have one face not two…

  66. I hope that noms stay the same cause I want to see how Brenchel act then…my guess is Brenda will boo hoo to her that she should campaign cause he has no balls, and she will secretly campaign against him and say that that is what bitch boy wants

  67. Did anyone notice that when Kathy was wearing her Sheriff’s uniform that she was a sergeant. She probably has a desk job at the jail because she was talking about working with the prisoners.

  68. Can someone please give me the latest? Matt won HOH. Who are the noms? and Have they done POV yet? Thanks. I’m slightly behind here.

  69. I cant stand Matt…but Brittany has to go! I’m so sick of her on BBAD!!!
    Did they think that giving this BORE an excess of air time would please the viewers? I can only speak for myself, but I say PUKE! Enough of her. I hope she gets blind sided and WHOOPSIE Brit…you’re outta here and PS…YOUALL AINT ALL THAT!!!

  70. If anyone notices, Ragan’s silhouette has an outline on his right shoulder showing he is wearing a hoodie. When BB reveals the saboteur, Ragan is wearing a hoodie (as he usually does). Someone might pick up on this!

  71. What BB should do is bring Evil Dick and have him shake up the house because these people are boring. At least last year there was plenty of excitement.

  72. nawwww I requested ED to visit last season soo he could wipe the floor with Nast Natty but no luck…lol

  73. Brenchel ruin the whole season. From dayone it has been about them and everyone else working to get them out. When they leave then the cutthroat will start. Brigade will dismantle cuz Matt has his own plans.

  74. I am glad Ragen took the challenge, maybe it will spice the game up. Getting boring ………

  75. Remember when there was talk about what CBS was looking for in a houseguest? If they found that certain type person, they (CBS) would then help them and coach them. Sometimes I wonder what Rach and Bren are being paid to perform this showmance soap opera for ratings.

  76. I could not go along with CBS making me look to be a slut n’ the man a total whipped puss….I could not go for that… money or not..if they wanted to portray me as average everyday female fine..but not a slut…lol

  77. Regan has to stay to weeks without being found out only ttghen does he get the money..BUT “STAYING” IS THE KEY WORD..

  78. Connie, it all happened tooooo fast. Ten minutes after they are in the house they are in love with each other? Plleeaassee!! It’s just always struck me as suspicious.

  79. Hey, blackgirl, I love reading your posts!! You always leave me with a smile on my face. How are you feeling about the Brigade? Sounds like they are already turning on each other if they are talking about getting rid of Matt.

  80. I KNOW..IT WAS STUPID…She is 27 n’ he is 31 (??)..N’ BOTH ARE MAKING FOOLS OUT OF THEMSELVES ON NATIONAL TV…duh!!!! GO FIGURE THAT ONE..THEY AIN’T TEENAGERS..they both should rethink their actions..but for one it’s too late..

  81. My prediction is Ragan will have accepted the Saboteur offer. Who has won the Power Of Veto today? Please keep me posted on that one.
    Kevin Silvestris
    Worcester, MA

  82. Roxie I like the Brigade but Matt is the best of them and he aint stupid so good luck trying to get him out. Fandom is all Zorro, check it out.

  83. Have him talk to Rachel she thinks hes agaist her now, and let him tell her they think she is the sab

  84. All this talk about Rachel and Brendon being paid to act like fools is starting to make a little sense. Maybe they are not being paid, but rather influenced to act a certain way. I mean, who in their right mind would continue to say “you’re not coming in between me and my man” every time someone is voted off? Rachel is either pretending, or she is actually just messed up.

  85. It’s hard to believe that there would be enough money to make ME act anything like Brenchel. They are completely nauseating. I don’t have Live Feeds, but record BB After Dark. I find myself fast forwarding through the saccharin sweet Brenchel video, otherwise I’ll be vomiting up my breakfast.

  86. blackgirl – Yeah, been to Fandom – it is all Zorro and some new person named Toby – do you think they will ever go away?

  87. yep Rachel was messed up before BB cause can’t nobody acct that dumb or trashy without experience to back theirself up

  88. Has anyone heard any more about the “long lost friend” thing? I hate when they say something on the first episode and then you hear nothing else of it

  89. Yeah, blackgirl, Matt is Mensa smart. He pretty much keeps his ear to the ground and soaks in what is happening.

  90. Someone on the Big Brother Production Team should be fired for thinking of bringing back the saboteur. Pulling pranks just doesn’t make sense when ur this far into the game

  91. welll possibly..Brendon won POV Rachel got excited jumped humped him he fell broke his back and the paramedics are taking him out…or Jeff n’ Jordon shwed up..Rachel got excited jumped hump Jeff ..Brendon was trying to pull her off ..fell backwards n’ broke his back..the paramedics are taking him out as we speak….just an

  92. I think they made a good choice for the Saboteur; however, they should have asked Ragen to remove his “hooded” shirt. The definition of his top garment is easy to spot and should be a dead give away. Bummer!

  93. I’m glad Ragan is the Saboteur, i feel like he will do a great job as a Saboteur.

  94. OR>>>> Rachel won POV jumped humped Regan ..he enjoyed it so much he decided to go straight n’ CBS is looking for a secret gay guy to replace..hmmm

  95. i guess i picked a ggod time to wake up from my nap, but than we’ll be backa again. uhg

  96. i can tell u guys rachel def did not win pov !! she looked pissed those 10 seconds that the feeds were on her !!

  97. brit won, yea don’t see her changing the nominations. wonder if it is true that who ever get’s voted out get’s to come back in.

  98. I just read that Brit won POV & Jeff & Jordan hosted POV bye bye Rach! LOL Unless Ragan tries to stir things up as Sab!

  99. Go Britney….hopefully Rechnal goes home…. she is actually being nice to Brendon for a change saying that she wants him to stay and fight.

  100. 3 POV for mean girl Britt. Way to go girl. Monet leaving was the best thing for her game.

  101. i wonder what the mystery power is… i hope that rachel gets evicted then gets to come back – can you imagine the turmoil?!!

  102. After the argument, and telling people a while back that he does not trust them, it would be too obvious if he were to ruin her eviction.

  103. hmmm hmmm Rachel is getting back what she dished out…totally awesome…give it to her guys she deserves it n’ more..

  104. Bluh bluh bluh. Can’t ya tell il thrilled.

    Kristi I’m glad you took my advice and took a nap!

    Where are all the regular posters from? Just wondering if I have any friendly neighbors!

  105. Go Kathy – Stand up for what you believe it…. Go ABR…payback is a bitch…you wanted it “brought on”. The HGs are bringin’ IT!

  106. Britney just said she will take Rachel off the block!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

  107. Here’s a thought. What if the pandora box was the 2 people he put up on the box are safe and he has to put up 2 more people and vote right away? That would be a twist!

  108. Thank you Indy. I fell a sleep with the headphones in for 2 hours and woke up right when the feeds came back up. I’m glad Kathy took up for herself, but wow & reagon saying she is manic or bibpolar. Wow!

  109. Abby I don’t where you heard that but it must have changed. The Brigade told Brit they want the nominations to stay. They want Rachel out!

  110. She won’t take Rachel off. If she did that would be the dumbest play! She would for sure have a target on her back

  111. OH please shut up RACHEL…NOBOBY BUYING THE PITY STORY…GET OUT..TODAY WOULD BE A GOOD DAY FOR U TO GO…dam ..she is manic n’ pathetic

  112. I am over Brendan for now. If he acts different next week without Rachel and plays good I will like him. Right now “lust” not love has him so beyond reasoning it is pathetic. Brit needs to stop lying herself. She knows damn well she has told everyone lies as well, she knows that the whole damn house has lied to one another at one time or another. Big Deal. But for her to think she hasn’t and to put Brendan down because he is lying to protect himself right now……please girlfriend you have played both sides and you need a reality check…… now!

  113. @62 Marissa, how do you think the competition was fixed? I have heard the theory that Brendon was saying but its nonsense just him pouting over not winning. I think that a show like this cannot fix the competitions if there is a cash prize.

  114. All who hate Brendon and Rachel but love Britney needs to think. If she send them home. The Brigade has no intention on keeping her. She and Kathy is next. Regan won’t neven keep her. She has better chance w/ a secret alliance with B/R and hoping to be in the final three then w/ the boys. Only using her.

  115. Now that Brit has the “POV” she can avenge her friend Monet’s exit and not use it. Rachel has found Chima’s box of crazy pills now that she knows something is coming between her and “her man” (eviction). I think Brit could have won every HOH and POV except the Hot Dog one. I think she is smartest player in the game. Also, I think if Brendon goes this wk, Racher will hit the RED panic button and DOR.

    But remember once Rachel is gone, so is the show and ratings for this season….it will be non stop boring with all the guys.

  116. I agree Steve I think with rachel gone it will be a yawn fest….Brit will have no one to cut down!!

  117. I think Rachel is super annoying but she is DRAMA and if she leaves it will be boring. I agree with Steve and Yellow she needs to stay some how…..did I just say that lol!

  118. I think Enzo is the funniest house guest….I really was hoping he would win americas vote.

  119. britany is not taking rach off the block. she has to many people left in the house to impress. besides she wants to be queeny herself with all the guys. little does she know that kathy will be next and then herself.
    she may be smart in some ways but she is dumb if she thinks those guys are going to keep her.

  120. The outcome of the H.O.H and the veto great…I LOVE the choose for the saboteur !!! Now we will all see some fancy playing.It’s about time to get Brendon and Rachel on the block !!! Regan is the best person to “BRING IT ON ” !!! Way to go Regan…..

  121. britany has talked about everyone (especially the girls) in the house since day 1. she is still making up stories like she tells all the guys what she says to brendan and rach and she never said them at all. but no one seems to think she is a lair. she even made fun of her mother on “after dark” last night. what kind of a person is she????

  122. oonce the girls are all gone it will be yawn’s ville. we have the pleasure of listening to bad language and watching Matt and enso play in their pants and then there is Ragen who puts fumes in to the house, gee when brendan is gone who is going to cook? crazy!

  123. the reason people believe the HOH was fixed is that you dont have 2 HOH endurance competitions that favor the same attributes. I predicted 1st and 2nd place for both of the two endurance competitions. That wasnt luck, it was just obvious that they both favored small men. That is not fair, it was fine for the first competition, but the same skill set should not have been needed for the paint can endurance. It sure looks like BB is giving Matt preferenial treatment, plus they allowed his outside people to write letters which endorse his lie??? unbelievable!!!

  124. my granddaughter loves bb and watches with us.
    her name is suzy Q and will be on here once in a while.

  125. Ragan will do very well and collect a cool 20K after he’s voted out in about 4 weeks. He has NO chance of winning the entire competition, so this was a good move for him. He doesn’t gather a lot of attention and isn’t a threat to anyone, so he’ll make the 20K, easy. And, I hope he comes up with some great pranks for the rest of the HGs. I hope he can nail Raunchel with something before her very timely exit this week.

  126. I agree with Kathryn that both endurance competitions were geared to smaller people. No way a tall person could take getting hit in head by paint brush when the smaller person had it go over their head (Matt). I don’t really care who wins but it is terrible that Matt said his wife had some disease. There is Karma in this world and I would hate to think that this lie might curse his wife in the future!

  127. Steve, its not just their heads… think of a big person’s feet, first on the short surf board, and some surf boards had less room sticking out than others. and then the paint can rim. Size 12 feet had more difficulty than smaller feet. I immediately predicted both first two finishes…

  128. Kathryn that is also true. Why didn’t they have to hang on a rope ala BB11 or swing around in a wide circle around the backyard on a small seat?

    My other question to you is: when was the last time an endurance contest lasted a little more than an hour?

  129. I think Ragen did a good job on wanting to be the new Sab. because the HGs wont realize or think that it is him, there might think its a girl again or go after Brendon and Kathy again. Finally some strew up in the house

  130. I agree with A. However, after this week there will only be 2 girls..Notice they are rather short..So the HGs, unless they are totally clueless, have to figure it is either Matt or Ragan (both small dudes)…Also, Matt does not wear a hoodie, only Ragan does. Thus, after evicting Rachel, Brendan, Lane, Enzo, are too tall….Just Saying!

  131. @Jarett, I think he should take the bugs from the Have Not Room and put em in rake’s salad and the watch her go High School over that!!

  132. Please America! I can’t stand Ragan… He’s always picking at himself, not to mention the worm like zit Christine pulled from his back. Take a bath dude! Your a filthy pig! Then his boy sex jokes I’m sure really impressed Julie. He’s always talking about his boy sex, just gross! He’s a creep who needs to go through a car wash. Then talking about having his butthole bleached… creepy! I have a gay friend who wouldn’t be my friend if he talked like this pig.

  133. i think regan should say yes because nobody will its him. and i hope does something better than annie because thatbwas stpind will the stink bos

  134. hi big brother,can you bring out the hooker girl ?…already won the head of the household /bring the girl out because keeps kissing guy just leave already because another people has to play the next you already hoh / go away now ?…

  135. 12:14 AM PT After talking to Matt at the round table she goes to bed and really broke out crying. Although I have written awful things about her I feel rather sad to hear the emotions coming from her tears! :(

  136. 12:20 PM so much for feeling bad. MS R turn the conversation around to Mr B and he is now pissed at Matt. Today will be very emotional!!!!

  137. Is it just me or is the Sab not really going to affect the game? The last message said Bren threw the POV. What? If Ragan (as Sab)
    continues to throw Brenchel under the bus, his role of Sab will be wasted. In other words, Ragan is kicking Brenchel when they have already lost. Why not shed light on the Brigade or the other HGs? Otherwise his role is wasted…..Just saying!!

  138. OMG, Matt gets the diamond POV!!!! Wow Big Brother why don’t you just give him Final Two right now..

    Both endurance comps were meant for him and now you give him safety for the next two weeks.
    And this for a guy who lies about a diseasee his wife has….WOW!!!WOW!!!WOW!!!

  139. I think Ragan was the best choice for saboteur. He is the last person they would ever suspect. I think he should write the the brigade is at the helm (hayden-enzo-lane-matt). That would get some heads rolling once they see that.

  140. the sabeteur should lock brendon and rachel in seperate rooms for 24 hours or play rachel laugh all night for 3 days

  141. try to drive a wig between racheal and her man by planning something of hers in the house where she can,t find it and where she well have the house turn on here and send the bolly crying home this week and make sure the her boy toy does win the veto

  142. The Big Brother house better wake up and smell who is the most dangerous person to be in the house. It is Matt. A genious with a diabolical mind and soul and will say and do whatever it takes to make himself a winner. Ragan should use his powers to influence others to turn against Matt. And try every week to get his name in the nomination to convict by the Hoh* Ragan go after Matt with full force. And aslo protect Brendon and Rachel. I very much care for Brandon and Rachel and Ragan too*Matt is a very evil and narcistic individual* He must be forced out of the show soon!

  143. i think ragan should do something towards rachel, for example steal her underwear , cut her hair while she is asleep, give brandon a hickey while he is asleep .

  144. I agree with Sarah, Ragan should hide Rachels underwear it would send her crazy and create more drama in the house. OR hide the cutlery!!!

  145. Well I deffinetly think that Ragan is going to be a great saboteur, he has the right… show, he knows how to put off a little act that he is not the saboteur, Annie on the other hand unfortunately didn’t I do hope that Ragan does a better job than Annie did! She could’ve pulled it off if she wouldn’t had made so many enemies on week one, therefore I think that Ragan will be a better saboteur! Well that is just my entilded opinion, everyone should leave thier own it’s very good to see/hear what other people think.!(:

  146. Matt is slime for telling such a lie. He demeans the poor souls who are really fighting for their lives! Brittney is just another Linsay Lohan mean girl. Do you really believe America loves you? Wake up little girl! Rachel is annoying with her stupid laugh and he look at me attitude, but she has more heart than could ever hope to have. I feel bad for your fiance Brittney. You are a witch.

  147. I think it just adds humor to the what now has got to becoming a boring time in the house when we don’t see them at showtime.

  148. Matt or no Matt, the diamond veto is just a dumb twist to add. It puts too much power in only one person’s hands,since he hasn’t told his so called “Brigade” alliance.The best thing the sabatuer could do is “out” the brigade. Give Rachel and Brendan a break. and go after everyone else.Bring all the “floaters” out front for ALL to see.

    • I agree with Mendy Henry. Also, after watching tonight’s show (Aug 18), I can’t believe how Ragan behaved when Rachel returned. What a horses ass. He re-inforced everything hateful in the world today. He is playing a personal game with all the HGs, including Brenchel. He rec’d SAB and will get $20 grand and he is the most awful HG in the history of BB.

      And he and Matt will be sitting together at Final 2. BTW, nice POV comp tonight geared to Ragan,,,,are you really A COLLEGE PROF????WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  149. I agree with Mendy Henry. Think about it, Lane and Enzo have done nothing in this game except sleep, eat, play pool, and act gross. Yet they have a great chance at Final Four. Good job BB, make sure Rachel is on eviction block since day one, and let these non-players have a chance at the money…Really not fair BB.

  150. Now that Brendon is HOH, I just hope he nominates Brit and Ragan, leaving Matt off and noms stay the same…It could force Matt into using Diamond POV…

    On the other hand, if Bren puts up Matt..then Kathy and Brit probably end up on block and Kathy goes home..What if Matt using Diamond POV brings Rachel back into the house…WOW

  151. I think Ragan is probably the worst choice for SAB….I gotta believe another HG actually won(Enzo) and they turned it down.

    Ragan was way to personal as SAB against Brenchel when he should have messed up 4 male alliance or Matt and their game.

  152. Ragan is a very poor choice. He is not stable emotionally’and it doesn’t take much to set him off. He is to week and wimpy and he cries at the drop of a hat. It’s like he has no backbone. To depressed to much. These are some of my personal opinions. He should not be SAB. I think it was the money that made him say yes.

  153. I agree with Carol. Ragan is just a big baby but when the shoe is on the other foot, he accuses others of being immature.

    Thanks BB for such a poor choice as SAB. Plus,
    he allows his personal agenda get in the way of doing SAB stuff.

    CBS must not need the money: they just gave Ragan POV so he gets his $20Gs. Unbelievable.

    Also, now that Rachel is gone: Matt and Ragan final 2: evil vs. immaturity?

    • I did like Annie better than Regan, but she onviously wasn’t better considering she got voted out the first week.

      • ragan is too much of a cry baby… but tonight he got rachael good on the screamin mach.. he dogged the hell out of her and put her in her place, however i really liked rachaels game play… I did not like the way she called people bitches and used her “bitchey” ways always making brendon stick up for her and do her dirty work and go behind her and pick up her broken pieces. she had the brains and he has the physical assests!

  154. make the house guest beleave that someone in the house is the sabatier and that they want to take out one of the house guests and to have them put up on the choping block. and that this person is saying things behide there backs and wants them out now. and to have the house guest turn on eother.and to make matt give up his dimond power of veto. becuase he has it thats what pan doras box had in side it thats why matt cant tell anyone in the house about it or he will loose the money if he dosent pull it off. good luck regan stay postive.


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