Big Brother 12: Week 5 Friday Live Feed Highlights

Nomination Day returned in the Big Brother 12 house and with it came some of the best drama yet this season. Not only were the nominations revealed on Friday night, but Pandora’s Box was opened and the Saboteur has returned! This time last week Rachel and Brendon were busy making love, not war. There’s no time for kissy-face though when the whole house is against you and fighting to throw you out so get ready for war. This is going to be an awesome week!

Read on to find out what happened and be sure to stay close today because the Big Brother PoV Competition is set to take place Saturday afternoon.

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Big Brother 12 Live Feed Highlights – August 6, 2010:

9:00 AM BBT – The HGs are finally waking up after staying up until near dawn after the latest HoH competition. Looks like the Brigade was just too excited to sleep after Matt’s big win.

9:15 AM BBT – Brendon and Matt are already guessing that Pandora’s Box is set to make a return in the house. Oh how right they are! Matt has been locked out of his HoH room which is a pretty strong sign that something is happening.

10:00 AM BBT – Brendon suggests to Rachel that she bribe Matt with her 5K prize from the Veto comp. Um, I don’t think that will save you this week.

11:00 AM BBT – Rachel and Brendon talking major smack about the other HGs and how “terrible and boring” their lives must be. Lots of focus on Britney. Sorry, Rachel, but I’d much rather be around Britney than you two. It’s a major pity-party for Brenchel, hosted by Brenchel.

11:45 AM BBT – Matt reminds Britney and Ragan that they have to pull through for him to win HoH next week because if Brendon gets it then he’s done. They both promise to win.

1:30 PM BBT – Rachel catches Matt and warns him that if he puts both of them up then they’ll just win the Veto and one of them will remain. Matt agrees that will probably happen. Rachel and Ragan get in to a fight when she accuses him of being in an alliance with Matt. It gets pissy!

1:45 PM BBT – Fight breaks out in the kitchen between Ragan and Brendon after Brendon tells people that it was a 2 on 1 fight between Matt and Ragan against Rachel. Keep in mind that Rachel pulled those two in to the Cabana room and then started arguing… Matt sits back grinning and loving the drama that he’s not involved in this time.

2:00 PM BBT – Rachel flat out asks Matt to be on Team Brenchel. Matt dances around the issue. Run, Matt. Run!

3:00 PM BBT – Lockdown is over and the HGs are speculating that it had to do with Pandora’s Box. Ragan guesses there will be an America’s Vote and then mentions that he hopes Jeff and Jordan don’t come back. This man is on the money!

5:00 PM BBT – Matt suggests to The Brigade that they throw the next HoH as long as Brendon isn’t winning and they would be safe with their vote count.

5:30 PM BBT – Matt explains what happened with Pandora’s Box. He came up to the HoH room and had the option to open it, so he did. Matt claims he won a single dollar and that was it. Hmm…

7:00 PM BBTLive Feeds are back and the nominations are in! Brendon and Rachel have been nominated. Brendon is silent, but Rachel is pissed off! She’s making a salad and *bam* hitting the knife down each time as she cuts. Perhaps production should take away sharp objects from the crazy lady.

7:45 PM BBT – Brendon pledges his love for Rachel over money. I suppose this means that if he wins the Veto on Saturday that he’ll use it to save her and not him. Yep, Brendon says that she is his prize and he doesn’t need to win the money, he’s already won. Yack.

9:05 PM BBT – The Saboteur returns! The HGs are gathered in the TV room to watch a message from Ragan, well Ragan in disguise. He acts completely stunned by what’s going on. The HGs are freaking out over what this means and the impact it could have on their plans to evict Brenchel. Don’t worry, gang, this shouldn’t stop that.

12:00 AM BBT – The HGs are released in to the backyard and discover the mock-up for the Veto Competition. It’s a giant bowling lane and not much else. So who’s the best at bowling there?

1:00 AM BBT – Rachel is not doing well with the Veto practice and heads inside to go cry. Seriously. Brendon chases after and they have a pity-party again. Rachel says she’s ready to go home. Brendon actually says that Rachel is better at this game than Janelle. Take that back. You take it back right now!

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These nominations were exactly what we expected. Despite the obvious outcome, Brendon and Rachel were furious and stunned that they were nominated. How can you be the biggest threat in the house, tell people to “bring it on,” and then be surprised that they come after you? Why you just have to be Brenchel!

Stay close by today and we’ll let you know the results of the Veto Comp as soon as we find out what happened. Be sure to have your live feeds up and running so you can see what happens in the house uncut and uncensored.

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  1. Wow finally things are heating up.

    Very nice to see Ragan embracing his roll as sab (he’s really the only one with the brains to pull it off anyhow).

    I just don’t get those of you who say Rachel’s such a good player. If she was she wouldn’t be in the position she’s in now. Playing the game is about long term….not just about quick emotional decisions, temper tantrums, and petty threats that ultimately doom your own alliance.

    Big Brother is above all else a social game, if you don’t have social skills you don’t have game.

    So long Brenchel, may the two of you drop off the face of the planet and we never hear from either of you ever again. (and for those of you wishing to troll…NO, I don’t mean I wish them dead).

    Go team ABR!!! (soon to be Team Matt)

  2. Rachel is a strong player I will admit. However she is not only a sore looser but ALSO a sore winner. The comments she made to Kristin when Julie was showing her what the housemates had to say. shows exactly what a mean spireted, vindictive person she is. Brendon had better watch out. When the season is over. Rachel will be stalking him.

  3. Every single one of the nominations have had pity parties for themselves….
    Who cares if she said “bring it on”…
    If she is worried about leaving and KNOWS the whole house wants her out, I think she has a right to wallow…
    Rachels biggest mistake in that house was believing everything she heard…
    Sure she has social skills, it’s just that her social skills are not normal for the other boring ass houseguests.
    All these other guys do is lie to your face and make fun of you behind your back.
    PLEASE bitchney didn’t know Monet long enough to consider her a friend… She just the other bitch in the house to relate to…
    I can’t wait till Brenchel is out of the house so we can see just how boring the last 4 weeks will be…

  4. Thanks Texex!

    I completely agree that Rachel missed the point here of being a gracious winner and a pleasant person. Being HoH one week (or even two) doesn’t protect you when you’re not in power. You have to be a nice enough person (even if just on the surface) and get them to like you. Look at Lane. He hasn’t won anything but he’s a nice guy, fun to be around, and doesn’t spend his days yelling and challenging other HGs. Even Britney who has won 2 Vetos, but no one is targeting her.

    Rachel definitely does not have social skills. At least not the ones you need to get far in this game. She makes enemies because she feels she is superior to everyone else (she says it every day how she is better than the other HGs).

    Lying to the face and talking crap behind the back is what this game is all about. Rachel has it backwards.

  5. didn’t sleep last night which is why i’m tha last and first posts of the threads. hope everyone had a great night!! mine s*cked because i couldn’t sleep. can’t wait for the pov comp and find out who wins. so if i actually fall a sleep and hope i do, keep me up to date all. if not i’ll be back up and keep you posted. happy posting all. MATT love your site and the fact that you don’t censor what you think of the hg’s also.

  6. First time here…I love this site! Thanks for all the humor.
    I think that Ragan should have taken his hoodie off. It is kind of obvious because of that. Just a thought.

  7. dexter i didn’t see that part of the feed. i’ll check it out now. thanks for the info.

  8. @ X-tina

    LOL come to think about it I would love to see the two of them on Amazing Race. It would be quite a different experience than watching J&J. AR really tends to bring out the nasty in couples more than any other reality show I’ve ever seen.

  9. @ Texex
    Totally agree! At least on AR you can actually see their them crumble on eachother, because you can’t blame everyone else for your mistakes…

  10. no i don’t think you could tell it was matt after watching that. he did a good job of covering his tracks yesterday and like i said last night the only thing that might give him away is his “gas” problem. so i hope he can hold it while he’s doing his sab duties. also most of the hg’s as of last night think it is brendon or rachel with most thinking rache. again i hope bb gives him more things to work with than annie had and we the viewers get to give him suggestions.

  11. Brendon is a very needy guy. He’s constantly apologizing to Rachel when they have an argument. It doesn’t matter if he’s 100% right either.The guy really has no self esteem or common sense for that matter. Basically, he’s a friggin mess!!

    On a completely other subject. I’m watching BBAD. Some of the guys are sitting at the kitchen table talking. Enzo sees an ant crawling on the table. He says “Ants? How do they get up on the table?” LMFAO……………they jump up there Enzo! Yikes!!

  12. Ehy is bren even on the show? Last night he stated if he won veto he would save Rach. Idiot. These two won’t last mins together after the show.

  13. Thanks so much for the website…great to be able to check regularly for the updates. Rachel must have been a spoiled brat growing up…the way she acts with the whining and temper tantrums. Brendon is too much of a wuss, just play the game, liked you both in the beginning but then it became too sappy between the two of them. Brendon will have a long stressful life if he sticks with her. Wish Kristen was in the jury house, would love to see her and Rachel spend a week together there. Hate that we have to wait so long to see the jury house. BB needs an aftershow to show the reactions of the players as to how everyone played the game. Would love to see Brendon’s reaction to himself after Hayden admitted the alliance to Kristen after she was evicted. Love this site!!!

  14. Now that Rachel and Brendon are on the block, ready to be split apart from each other. We will see Rachel evil side of her this week. Just hope that they do not win the POV, and one of them take theirself off the block so a pawn will have to go up.

  15. Brendon needs to stop apologizing to Boobzilla. It doesn’t matter who’s right, she’s pissed at him when something doesn’t go right for her.

    I can’t WAIT for her to walk out the door!!!!!!

  16. i sooooo want rachel to go i hate her and i don’t use that word very much. brendon CAN NOT win pov

  17. So do you all think that Brendon is acting like he love Rachel so that she will not put him on the block if she had won HOH again?

  18. This is going to be an awesome week…no more Roachel or no more Brendumb makes me happy! Does anyone know if they’ve had the veto comp yet? I’m checking back all day to find out who won. Too exiting…can’t stand it!!!!!!

  19. veto will be later today…not before 5 pm bb time

    Last week it was around 5PM BBT, but the weeks before it was closer to 1-2PM BBT. We’ll see what happens today. Last week may have been behind schedule due to a press tour during the comp. – Matt

  20. Yes I believe they think they are really in love.
    I just found this forum & it is great!

  21. pretty, despite the fact the brendon said he as going to get the girls out and use them in his bio, i think he actually has true feelings for her. if not why would you put up with that for this long now. he knows she’s a sinking ship but he stands by her side and takes up for her.poor guy i feel realy sorry for him. i think his game would have been way different and better if he didn’t fall so quick.

  22. I would love to see Rachell stay just 1 more week in the house. Curious to see how she would act without Bren. I think Bren is dull and keeping him in the house won’t make for good tv.

  23. hey kristi !! u are as bad as me !! i slept 2 hours !! went to bed at 4:30 am est and woke up at 7:00 am est !!! haha

  24. i agree with you cameo !!for our viewing pleasure it would be best if rachel stayed this week !!!

  25. Wow Brendan & Rachel sex again!!! I hope that something good happens this week and Brandon & Rachael stay in the house!!!

  26. i haven’t been to bed yet and doubt i thank you amp and r3d bull. going to need it last night was crazy

  27. I picked Annie as the original saboteur simply based on the shadow she projected. It seemed to be a petite feminine figure…
    You can actually SEE the shadow of Regan’s hood in the picture of his saboteur shot! I feel like it’s obvious to anyone who’s able to get over the initial shock of the “face” and simply LOOK at who’s talking to them…

  28. They all think it’s Rachel??
    Hey, no one ever claimed these houseguests were very bright…

  29. thanks matt !!…for making me look bad !! i hope u are wrong so i can rub it your face !! haha lol

  30. Ditto Christina & Matt ~ I agree rachel can be a pain but what do the othe HG do? Lay around and do nothing. Talked about rachael for 2 hours last night minimum. What will they do when the “2” are gone? Nice kathy and Britney. Brit was even talking about her own Mother and mocking her!…at least rachael says it to their face! Does kathy think they really like her? They mock her too. I think the jury house will be more interesting than the BB house! The comps might heat up when people have to start fighting for their life~ hope so. Still love BB and wish it were on oin the winter also!

  31. actually kim they all think they are smart. but i think street smarts get you further in the game than book smarts, which they all have. or say they do,,,,granted some do

  32. It surprises me how many people want Rachel to leave. What on earth will be interesting if she leaves? This is a boring bunch of people and if not for her, there wouldn’t be anything happening. I hope she stays, wins HOH and sets the house on its ear by putting up 2 brigade members. And I don’t even like Rachel, but I see her entertainment value.

  33. well said dcoop..except the part about putting the brigade,let get kathy and brendon out first !

  34. i don’t want rachel to leave right now. even with all her quirks, she’s been the only entertaining thing in the house. but that doesn’t mean i want her to win. just stay in the house and annoy the others so i can laugh.

  35. Ditto Kristi. And I agree about getting Brendon out Dany. That’s what will make it even better because she will be even more psycho.

  36. Finally some excitement in the BB12 house! Let’s go team ABR>>> this chick needs to go NOW.

    BTW, Matt, LOVE this site! Thanks so much!

  37. almost forgot dany, i wouldn’t want them to get rid of the gummie bears yet for

  38. kristi,im not into rachel anymore! lol i just want her to stay for entertainment value….only ! lol

  39. Poor Kathy she kept asking why would rach throw her under the bus by stating she should be on the block (as a replacement). Kathy will be shocked when she watches the tapes of EVERYONE suggesting she go a the block every single week (either as the 1st choice or replacement). Also to hear how just about everyone thinks she’s the weak link in the house.
    I like her but she doesn’t seem to be the sharpest knife in the drawer. But hey, she’s still in the game – at least until Rach/Bren are out.

  40. mid morning post..The plan after putting up R&B was to get Brendon out first but the plans changed when Rachel went beserk n’ had her tantrum..Rachel (for once) should have kept her mouth shut..She is most assuredly the choice of the house to be evicted this week..

  41. It will not get boring because the brigade will soon have to turn on each other…Brittney has said that she does not expect to win so she is just waiting her turn to go,,not to say that she won’t ask for votes but she knows how the cards are laying..

  42. good for you dany, you are growing.
    kathy may be the biggest floater in bb history. i’m sorry but i would love for rach or bren to get off the block and kathy put up than out.

  43. Good morning my BB posters! Or should I say afternooon. Anyways today will have more drama then ever in the BB house! After the pov it’s gonna get NASTY! If Brendon wins and saves the pov on Rachel I will be soo mad!!! He will deserve to go home then! Ugh.

  44. @ Indygirl 62 – I hear ya… I will be sooo mad @ Brendon if he saves her… I want her out so we can see him REALLY play for a “prize”

  45. hi indy!! i’m not sure afternoon works for me. it’s been 30 hours now with no sleep. oh well. lol wont be the first or the last.

  46. Good Morning all. I am starting to lose my “obession” with Brendan. He is so lost that he can’t see what is up. I hope he is a different player once Rachel is gone. I hope to hell he doesn’t use the veto on her if he wins it.

  47. hi trish. i hope brendon hasn’t realy lost that much focus. this is a game. he came here to win money. plus doesn’t he know if he wins this game there is a better chance rachel will stay around long enough to spend all that money.

  48. @ Trish

    If Brendon wins, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if he did save Rachel. His mind is so warped around her.

  49. @Kristi girl you need to sleep!! Take a nice long nap!

    @trish I’m kinda feeling the same way. Brendon has my been my vote from day 1. But if he doesn’t get his head out of Rachels a** then I’m done with him! I’m gonna break up with him! Lol

  50. Hey Kristi, get some sleep girl! LOL Hey Indygirl you mean Brendan has been cheating on me with you???!!! LOL I agree though, if he wins the Veto and takes Rachel off the block he deserves to go to the jury house and I will be completely done with him!!!

  51. Morning/Afternoon peeps! Just for pure entertainment value only, I’d like to see Rachael win POV and save herself. Agree with comments about Kathy. She needs to go – she does nothing and is a little snake-in-the-grassy, IMO.

  52. indy, to many r3d bulls to sleep. i’ll do that tonight and dany dumped rachel so your won’t be alone. lol

  53. I have loved Brendon from day one also – he is totally missing the point hangin’ out with the biotch…if she goes (WHEN, hopefully) he will get down and dirty in the right way

  54. Let’s hope neither of them wins POV. It will be a great week to see both of the squirm. Go team Matt you Brenchel slayer you.

  55. Anyone else notice that everytime a girl gets evicted Rachel accuses them of trying to steal her man. Is she that stupid? No one else wanted Brendon except her. Is she really that insecure about herself? Grow up and stop being a little 12 year old jealous girl who just got her first boyfriend and she thinks everyone else wants him!!!

  56. the only thing that annoys me about Matt (in the house, that is) is that he can’t get his hand out of his shorts….I will root for him otherwise on his quest

  57. If (and when I hope) Rachel goes out the door that Brit has a goodbye message that is funny and she says “I am going to steal your man” lol……ooopppsss maybe not. This is jury week. Hey with Ragan being SAB I know everyone will think it is Brachel and poor Brendan will be in trouble next week…..everyone will think he is it and just doing stuff to get revenge………good thinking CBS…….but I don’t like it……:(

  58. ok the matt hands thing i don’t get either. homer simpson pulls it off. heck my grandpa and my nephew do did it also, but in paps and my nephs case just the tips of the fingers down the waistband of their pants or diaper. matt’s entire hand is down there and looks like he has hand holding everything.

  59. There is no way I would want to see Rachel or Brendan on Amazing Race! I love AR and could not stomach watching them race around the world. The housequest I dislike the most is Brendan. He is very much aware the cameras are rolling. He is a Fake. His personality could make him the next “Bachelor”. Look how nasty Jake was in the interview with Vienna. True colors coming out! I think Brendan is contoling his true colors. Yeah, one of them will leave this week!!!

  60. your not missing anything everyone is trying to wake up. this is early for them. i wonder what’s in store for them today. did they ever get beer or wine last night?

  61. CBS obviously really likes Brenchel, Brenchel helps the ratings a lot, and because one of them will obviously go to jury this week I think production will pull a big stunt. Maybe when Matt opened Pandora’s Box, it not only unleashed the Saboteur, but also blocked the weeks eviction? So whoever is evicted this week, when they leave the house, right before they go to the hall with Julie, maybe they will be locked in the little room and sent back into the house, just in time to win HOH?

  62. It would be so cool if Rachel was evicted (she is my favorite) and everyone is yelling and swearing at her when she leaves, and she screams I AM VEGAS, and once she leaves Julie comes back on the screen and she is like “Matt, opening Pandoras Box not only unleashed a Saboteur, but, also, canceled any evictions from this week” then Rachel comes running back inside!!! And her and Brendon kiss and Rachel wins HOH and evicts Matt.

  63. Will be so so glad when the POV is done and we can find out who got it. I just dont want them slipping through the cracks on this one. If one of them wins veto then of course they would take them self off however with the whole sab thing. I would hate for the HG to change their mind if one of them comes off because they think the replacement nom is the sab. So hopefully Noms stay the same and one of these two hoohahs can take a hike.

  64. Brenden must have his “boob goggles” on, because he really can’t see what a ugly skank Rachel really is! Last night on BBAD when she was putting make up on to cover those big honkin zits, I nearly threw up! Hope thr skank goes this week!

  65. Cyndie#83 I agree, the only thing admirable about Brendan is that he is fine looking and that can get you so far. He is a whiney sore loser.

  66. Best site ever Matt! Great work :)

    Everyone should try the live feeds, they are awesome.

  67. Abby: I think that would be the best thing ever!!! I doubt it would actually happen…but you just made me believe for a minute there! lol !

  68. if rachel wins veto and stays who do you think would go home? Brendon or a replacement nom …do you think it would be kathy?

  69. just finished watching last nite’s “after dark”, and all i know is, if brendon is an example of America’s future scientists – this country is SCREWED!!

    he’s going to use the veto on rachel if he wins it?? he’s a TOTAL SMUCK.

    rachel was crying and whining and telling him “no.. i don’t want you to do that — use it on yourself – i’ll never be able to make it in the house without you”.. sniff. sniff. blah. blah. blah.

    rachel is there to PLAY THE GAME – period. and right now she’s making her moves against brendon – and she’s WINNING!

    she’ll be her normal, scheming self without him and might actually do quite well! she knows that tugging at brendon’s heart strings (because he’s REALLY does love her) will GET HIM to use the veto on HER instead of himself. she knows EXACTLY what she’s doing – and sadly brendon is too stupid to see it.

    he said – and i quote – “i’m going to use the veto on you to prove to EVERYBODY that i can TAKE CARE OF YOU” – OMG – REALLY brendon? so, so sad.

    GO HOME brendon – bb is not a love fest. geez.

  70. @ Trish It would be funnier if Ragans goodbye message said “I’m gonna steal your man!”

  71. Ok, just because there on the block I’m still nervous one will come off and the replacement will go home. I have to say I would like to see brendan go so that rachel will have a holy fit. If she leaves we will be totally bored out of our minds, the only other trouble maker that I don’t trust is matt, I think he will sink the brigaid in a heartbeat. Although enzo is often funnym

  72. I do not understand the hate fir Brendon. Any grown mature women would love to be in a relationship with Brendon. He’s very loving towards Racheal And treats her like a man that knows how to have a healty relationship. He is also very reasonable and he does call her out when she starts acting caddy. Regarding Brittany she is the kind of girl that hangs with the boys while talking crap about the girls. I have no respect for her or her gameplay. Kathy is useless. Matt and Reagan have no game play at all. Lane’s just there. Enzo and Hayden I like but not much game play there either. Biggest player in the house is Racheal.

  73. what was up with Enzo hanging with Brendon and Rachel last night.Is he playing both sides now.

  74. #101 – Janie
    it’s not the way brendon treats rachel that urks me…
    it’s the way he ALLOWS her to treat him. she talks to him like crap – underminds him constantly – talks down to him repeatedly – calls him stupid on national tv… it’s sickening the way he takes her abuse.

  75. “Any grown mature women would love to be in a relationship with Brendon.”


    That’s so ludicrous I’m speechless.

  76. Saying “Any grown mature women would love to be in a relationship with Brendon.” is the same as saying “Any grown mature man would love to be in a relationship with Boobzilla.”

    I can tell you for a fact, THAT isn’t true.

  77. #102 holly dog
    as i was watching, i felt like enzo was just gathering info for the brigade – not looking for an alliance with brendon & rachel.

  78. Most men would be like Hayden told Kristen, They would not want a relationship with Rachel, they would just like to hit it and forget it!

  79. i have a POV question. ok, Brendon and Rachel are on the block.Matt’s the HOH. Lets say Britney wins POV this week. Hypothetically(sp), lets say she (for some god awful reason) save Rachel. Matt has to nominate another person. My question is- could Matt put Britney up for eviction?

  80. (i hate rachel)- TY. Im a BB newbie. thats what i thought but wasn’t sure if using it to save someone would put u up at risk.

  81. does the live feed cover the “new saboteur” message. if so, what time did they watch the message?

  82. Hmmmm, that WOULD be an interesting twist though, wouldn’t it?

    Maybe not make the Veto holder eligible for eviction, but some other bad thing happen to them. Put them in solitary for a day, make them a Have-Not, something…

  83. I saw the first 15 minutes of BB1 and thought it was stupid. Then somebody got me watching BB5 and I’ve been a fan ever since!

  84. stacy around 9:10pm. i watched it and if i didn’t know it was reagon i still wouldn’t

  85. Thanx kristi- off to watch. BTW, LOVED the argument with Ragan & Boobzilla/Her man- HATE THEMMMMM

  86. This is the first season I’ve watched of BB, and now I’m hooked. I started watching it because I went to school with Britney and she was kind of ignorant and I hoped that she would learn about other people that weren’t raised in Arkansas. She is a really great backstabber, and I see that’s coming in handy. Thanks Matt for the updates! If not for you I would go crazy! Although I will admit not getting the live feeds is a drag.

  87. aah the feeds are back on and i missed what is being said…does anyone know what happened?


    Next ALL-CAPS message will be deleted. No need to yell. It’s rude. – Matt

  89. BG, that sounds good on the face of it, but I think that would make the Veto holder more powerful than the HoH.

  90. i agree kristi! lol.

    but remember – rach doesn’t use that ‘derogatory’ word! she prefers ‘trifin’ ho!’ lol

  91. I just started watching the f eeds yesterday, and it’s unbelievable to me how much they’re saying “We’ll be right back!” It makes me sad.

  92. sarah: get used to it! lol! i wont pay for the feeds next year because of that exact reason. they always cut it at ‘the good parts’…that’s what we are paying for for crying out loud!

  93. Hmm I have an idea…. Since Julie said this HOH was going to be very powerful I think it would be interesting if they gave Matt something… for example, someone wins the POV and takes someone down he puts someone back up… like normal…. DOUBLE EVICTION! But…. Matt has to immediately nominate the two people. And they get voted out.

  94. i want to know what that game was they played yesterday that wont be shown until sunday

  95. Question: if Ragan stays for 2 weeks and wins the $20,000, is he then done in the game or can he still compete for the big prize?

  96. Matt, I believe Ragan will still compete after the two weeks. Don’t know if BB will inform the other HGs though. I hope not

  97. he stays in the game i think, and can continue to be the sab until is voted out. but has to last 2 weeks to get the 20g’s. MATT correct me if i’m wrong

  98. Brendon is a sad example as “a man”. sooo whipped. How does someone LOVE someone, really, after a few weeks? I never hear her say it back.

    Plus, according to him, he is bad-ass is every sport on earth. Can’t stand him. Cute, but does not has a set of ballz, at all. JMHO

  99. Is there more to pandora’s box? I find it hard to believe Matt opened it for only one $ unless they said money and it was only a dolar. But Matt lies so anyone know anything????

  100. so i think the brigade just desided to replace matt with brendon and get our brit at some time soon. if i heard correctly. i picked the convo up in the middle

  101. I don’t think so Kristi… I got that Enzo is planning a final 6 with Kathy and Brit… and the brigade. As it is now.

  102. we are not realy sure. they didn’t show him open it on the lf’s so we will find out i’m hoping tomorrow

  103. Brendan has been hurt so much in past relationships that he is so looking for love. I don’t really blame him. Rachel is so playing him that is why she never tells him she loves him. I agree about what someone said in another thread, everyone has a pity party when they are nominated. Look at Britney and Monet, Kristen, Andrew. So don’t blame Rachel or Brendan for the way they feel. I mean they have had to live in a house where everyone has been gunning for them since week one when they had not won anything yet. I don’t care for Rachel and I want her to go but I do feel sorry for her. If Brendan doesn’t change after she is gone then I will no longer have any respect for him. I barely have any now. I can’t stand to see how he is with Rachel.

  104. hey torch. sarah, i picked it up in the middle of the convo so i could be wrong. i’ll flash back and listen. give me a few. torch i sent you some mail also there is a new thread up peeps

  105. no, you are right. they want it to be the brigade + kathy and brit…they want to get rid of rach, brendon, ragan, and matt.

  106. Apparently the twist behind Pandora’s Box is that is unleashes the new Saboteur and cancels the eviciton for the week! So whoever is evicted will return! The finale is set up so there will be 12 evictions, but it changed so there are 13 HGs! So they need to bring 1 back, and hopefully Rachel will be evicted this week but then return and win HOH.

    • And you heard this where? Stop being delusional. Rachel or Brenden thankfully will be gone next week. Get over it.

  107. So it sounds like the POV players have been chosen. Beyond the obvious b,r,m who are the other 2?


  109. When R&B go, the rest of the HGs will turn on each other like rabid dogs…wonder how long the Ape Brigade will hold, as their hatred of R&B is the one thing that held them together. I agree about Brit…whined like a baby when she was on the block; back-stabbing and two-faced when she knows she’s safe…if she knows she is being used by the others, it’s one thing, bit if she is clueless about the guys, she is just downright meanspirited and bitchy. Has anyone won POV yet?? Hope it’s RorB!! Just to see the expressions on everyone’s faces. HA HA HA HA HA HA (Kathy’s laugh is more annoying than Rachel’s).

  110. Britney won POV – Rachel asking Brendon to stay and fight after she is evicted…. Woo Hoo!!

  111. Brit won? Sweet…better than the skank and the spineless. I wonder what all the mindless Brenchel sheep….uhhh fans will do now?

  112. Good Day BB Post-ers! 9 Crew! Wazzup!
    @Matt – seriously I thought we dealt with the caps yesterday….and last week….there are other ways to emphasize your point! many characters on da keyboard!

    @kristi – no sleep for the weary eh? it’s all good! nuff posts to keep u occupied! i missed so much today! did the pov comp already happen? gotta get back on da road no time to read posts til l8r!

    @dany – yes i wish for Rach to stay for entertainment value indeed!

    Hollaz to Kristi, Dany, Steph, Indy & crew! :)

    I will read and do my usual mass posting replies in several hours! Sounds like it was a HOT day for drama! Keep the posts coming ppls’ I need to get caught up!

  113. This is gonna be ” Kiss Saa Week ” for big red bottle,& we,all waited a long long time for this one !!!! You go Britt, don’t do something stupid, remember Big Red wanted Lane up if you used the POV last week. Send that Whore Home with that ugly ass face of hers. I feel sorry for all her family. It’s ME-ME-Me with that WHORE. But there is always a twist so again she just might slide threw. CBS needs to get her out & fast.


    I also find it interesting that its always about ‘throwing’ HOH comps and the like.

    That was hardly an issue in past seasons as everyone was always aggressive to win and take charge. oh well

  115. also, I have never witnessed two people who don’t want to play the game for the initial goal (money) in all the seasons of BB.

    They are both more concerned with losing eachother than anything! They are really annoying.
    By Rachel saying she doesnt care about the money from Brendon sayinhg he would take herr off the block

    these two are pathetic!!!!!!!!

  116. Can someone please confirm this whole pandoras box cancels out this eviction thing.. seriously i don’t know how much longer i can stand rachel. how can anyone like her or put up with her bull.. she is using Brendan she is a suck. And how stupid can you be when you think a compliment is someone making fun of you.. Hellllooooo

  117. WOW,Just finished reading all the sites and all the comments!!! I wished I could budget the Live Feed, oh well, got ya all for that! This is a great site Matt! OK I do not think it would be boring w/o her. There is alot of game to play here. Raskankal will be fine, she will use this to the fullest extent possible. So,for all ya boobzilla fans out there, you’ll see her on the talk shows, Tia Tequila remake, etc etc. Trust me on this one. Dork for brains, Matt is still there, Brit, doesn’t sit well with alot of folks etc.. ALOT of game left! No worries!

  118. Beth, I do not think Kathy was fake. I only wish she could have stayed in the BB house and Won!

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