Big Brother 12: Week 5 PoV Competition – Spoilers

Power of Veto

Big Brother 12 is heating up as we enter the fifth week of backstabbing and fighting as stress levels run high amongst the HGs. After finding out who Matt nominated last night it was time for the Veto competition which gave the nominees their last chance at safety to stay in the game.

Read on to find out who won and what that means for the game this week.

The Week 5 Power of Veto results for Big Brother 12:

  • Britney won the Veto Competition.

Jump on the live feeds right now to watch the house react to the Veto results. Rachel is pissed at Kathy for eliminating her during the competition and she’s being none too timid letting that be known. Heavens forbid someone beat Rachel! There’s a great screaming match at 3:15PM BBT to watch on Flashback. Rachel is upset for Kathy celebrating a win. Hmm, I guess Rachel never did that…

The players in this week’s PoV competition were Matt as HoH, Rachel and Brendon as the nominees, along with Ragan, Kathy, Britney and Enzo. Ragan joined in after using his Veto Ticket won last week. BB11 favorites Jeff and Jordan returned to host the competition. I guess we’ll see that Wednesday!

The Veto ceremony will be held on Monday so we’ll soon know whether or not the power will be used. Stay close by and we’ll let you know as soon as that happens.

What do you think of the PoV Comp results? Should Britney use the Veto?

Jump on the live feeds and enjoy the drama. Watch it all now live & uncensored.

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  1. Go Britney….Rachel is going HOME…!! Hopefully Brendon can show some “game” now.

  2. LOL. Britney’s 3rd win in a row. Poor Rachel will be blindsided when she goes home.

  3. No talking your way out of this Rachel your only hope is that the twist is true don’t know who said it but who ever leaves this week gets to come back in.

  4. Why does that bitch have to keep winning POV’s? She doesn’t look like she can win anything.

  5. YAH!!!!! OK someone please tell me what is going on in the house right now??? IS Rachel loosing it??? Detail Details to this Rachel hater

  6. Way To Go Britney ! Britany’s so relaxed during these Veto compitions .. while the others are wound up … maybe thats her secret

  7. rachel you are right about one thing, no one in that house wanted either of you to win.

  8. Wow, why are they trying to calm Rachel down and are being nice and consoling her??

    Let her go and get pissed off, I want to see some red extensions get torn off…

    Kathy does have some spark in her…thats that back country mentality she learned so well from Arkansas…….

  9. Brendad can’t say people aren’t playing anymore. Half the house has been on the block, and other have competed. I hear even Kathy threw down today!!

    Big Game Brit!! If she’s not making moves in the house even at her own expense (2-3 Rachel Baths) she’s getting the POV at the right time!!

  10. the thing is BB has never brought on a new big power like this so called switching nom’s without letting us know on the live show. so I really doubt that this power is true and just somebodys imagination.

  11. Say what u want but Brittney is all female in her ways as to what A PAYBACK IS…She is LOVING IT…go Brittney..u awesome little bitch..Could be my

  12. Rachel flipped out… but I am annoyed with Hayden and them being so nice to them. SHE IS GONE! You can stop being nice to her face now. Seriously. lol

  13. rachel went off on kathy for being happy that kathy beat her. she’s acting all holy and she did nothing wrong and just wanted kathy to apologise for rubbing the win in her face. kathy deserved to be happy for winning. now reagon and kathy are in the h o h room making fun of her and her power trips, calling her bipolar. rachel started crying and now her and brendon leave

  14. i want brittany to use the veto to save brendon, i like rachell i just hate her laugh

  15. Regan is the one that is gonna have the breakdown..he needs a xanax or

  16. My baby Brit is gonna sneak up and win this game if she keeps winning POV like she’s the second coming of Janelle.

  17. i’m not saying its true but jules did say this was the most powerful h o h of the season and my gut tells me it’s more than just opening the box.

  18. They have to be kinda nice to Rachel cuz of her jury vote. That is the only reason they are trying to be nice to the biznatch.

  19. I love Britney!! She steps it up when she has to, I think she is playing an amazing game!
    Bye-Bye Rachel! The pouting and drama will be as intense as ever now that neither one of them has any kind of power. I LOVE IT!!

  20. Be quiet about comparing her to janelle who has never won the game, you might jinx Brit. look what happened to Rachel when she compared herslf to Janelle.

  21. i’m also very happy right now that the live cams are not just on bren and rach for once and we can see everything, but watch as i post this, it will change and enzo is talking to hey now about bringing brendon in if he doesn’t goes.

  22. if this is the most powerful HOH..then the POV is more powerful..Is it not?? the HOH nominates but the veto holder decides who stays on the block. This scenrio has not been looked at..or possibly overlooked..

  23. TOO SWEET!!!!! way to go britney! a cheer for you: a w e some awesome awesome hey hey you’re awesome!!! finally the chemistry grad student can go back to her studies she’ll be more effective there than winning bb she’ll be crying her eyes out when she sees brendon’s exit message on thurs. it will be unanimous because it was just her time mha ha ha!

  24. Hey Kristi I thought julie said (it could be the most powerful HOH of the season) my opinion I think she meant with Ragan being voted as the new saboteur he might get HOH also that would be a wicked combo.

  25. matt always walks in and they stop talking about the brendon thing. funny funny funny.

  26. I am getting so frustrated with all these HG’s. Even Brendan. Don’t go and hide and talk smack, tell them in person, make it real and entertaining to the rest of us. Come on now Brit, did you really think Brendan wouldn’t “lie” to save face? How many times have YOU lied or anyone else in the game. I really don’t mind the lying to get ahead in the game, I DO mind the personal attacks. Rachel you made YOUR bed now lie in it, just wished it was without Brendan. If I were his sister or old enough to be his MOM I would be so embarassed how he has been acting. Hell Jeff is cute and he never acted like YOU do. Jordan was a sweet girl though but she stood her ground with Jeff. I can’t watch these feeds right now, I want some smack to face talking NOT these BS bitching behind closed doors. COME ON! I paid 40 dollars for the feeds I want my money’s worth dammit! LOL

  27. that could be true, i just wish i could remember what site i was on last night that they said that shiz about the hg who was voted out is coming back in. they said it had something to do with the fact they didn’t bring anyone else back for the season yet and they have to because that one hg backed out before the show started. this is realy going to bug me.

  28. see matts out again and they start the talk up again about brendon. matt is clueless. they don’t want him anymore.

  29. @matt i was reading all of the responses and they’re all very cool but one kristi said that there would be a twist that the evicted hg will get to go back in? she said that that was a twist do you know if this is true?

  30. They don’t need Brendon..but Matt is strong.. they know this..soo that leaves 3 (Enzo lane Hayden.. against Matt

  31. it sks that hg’s have to still be cordial to rach,she is a vote ya kno,so’s her d bag bf…..aaaaahhhh!!!

  32. my predictions so far have come true! Braychel wouldn’t win pov and Brit won’t use it (well see) LOL

  33. Everyone talks about how they hate Brendon and Rachel. Why do they hate the people who play the game right? The biggest thing is that the game isn’t supposed to be easy. If i go on the show, I would get rid of all the weekest players first and then the game would be a worthwhile challenge in the end to see who really is the best player.

    • thatsg what’s happeing now kind of. Monet annie kristen all sucked. Strong ppl are left minus kat. It’s great for the HG but boring to watch until ppl really start playing hard

  34. there have been other seasons where there was only 13 HG total I’m not sure if an evictee got to come back though. Like in season 6 they had pairs 14 total but brought back kaysar. So u never know with bb

  35. I would love it if the pandora box ment the people that are on the block are actually safe ( not that I want Rachel safe because I want her gone ASAP!!!)
    did the pandora box get open after Matt put B and R up?

  36. Kathy is having a field day. If she knew how much smack behind closed doors has been said about her she might whistle a different tune regarding Rachel….maybe not. LOL Damn I wish I had been in the house, I play excellent bowling……I would have won!!! :)

  37. it had to be just luck that the little jerk won pov. she is so sickening! A lot of people don’t like Rachel’s laugh but I’ll tell you, I rather hear her laugh than Britney’s whine every time she talks. Cannot stand the girl. I surly wouldn’t want to be her finance’ the way she is falling all over the brainless wonder Lane. I so hate the way this game is going. The four morons are just lucky things are going their way. I mean, come on! Talk about floaters! At least Rachel talks to their faces and not behind their backs. They are truly cowards. Nice to her face and then run to a room and talk trash about them like little kids. So sickening! I do hate this season. I so hope Brendon wins HOH next week! That’ll shut the morons up! they’ll all be kissing Brendon’s ass, for sure. Kathy is the worst floater in the house, cannot wait until she floats away!

  38. Oh come on Connie……..atleast they could do that gloating in Rachel’s face, she does it to everyone…….hell I want some action here!

  39. did you find out josh? is that why you told matt nevermind? i realy want to know. you don’t want to see me go nuts waiting to find out. lol

  40. haha @ trish…….nd if she use it is tht a good thing ??? so i much would feel reinsured if the brigade member would have one veto but whatever nd earlier someone mentioned secret power what is tht ????

  41. I think the SAB is making up for the missing do not think they bring Hg back ..escecially Rachel..America is loving every minute of watching her with her ass in a sling…Trust me CBS WILL CHECK THIS SITE TO SEE OUR

  42. only popular HG comeback like jessie kaysar (82% of votes) this season doesn’t have popular hg that America loves LOL

  43. After Brenden gets voted out next week I think Matt will form a new alliance with Britney and Regan knowing that he’d be the first member of the Brigade to go out…Adios Big Red

  44. I wish America got to vote out a boring a$$ player like momma kat and then get to vote in a better plyer LOL wishful thinking..

  45. can’t this be the week of double eviction, love it hopefully Brittany does not use it and one goes home!!!!:)

  46. trish… ohoooo I think Rachel will push the buttons later tonite..the blow up is not over…Rachel is not gonna go quietly into the nite..n’ Kathy has told her that she beat her fair n’ square…the confrontations are not over..and I have nooooooo sympathy for Rachel at all..she brought the “ENTIRE” house down on herself…Payback is a bitch..

  47. Wouldn’t it just be “something” if Brendan doesn’t get voted out next week? I have this feeling he haven’t seen the REAL player in him yet, not with Swamp Thang there. I know we have seen him as a wuss, but I wonder how he would play without Big Red’s distraction? Look how good Brit has become without Monet there? Not saying he has game but I never thought Brit did either………;)

  48. also if i remember the site correctly it had something to do with the length of the season also. i could be completely off and the other site was just making up shiz. i don’t know. it’s just bugging me so yea MATT IF YOU KNOW ANYTHING ON THIS SUBJECT AND ARE ALOUD TO TELL US PLEASE CLEAR UP THIS RUJMOR FOR ME. I’m not yelling either so please no comment’s about the caps.

  49. Kristi, are you thinking of what Abbylicious had in a posting from the Friday thread? It said “The finale is set up so there will be 12 evictions, but it changed so there are 13 HGs! So they need to bring 1 back”

  50. rachel like totally like had this like coming. like come on now. like realy no literally like had this coming literally, like come on guys like literally now. ok i’m drunk or i would of been if she said that. lol

  51. Check out this thought. No special power but what if Matt and Rachel are the life long friends and he convinces Brittany to use the Veto on her in the last minutes and makes a deal with her to do it? I am really betting on this.

  52. Rachel is not gong home this week if she does get evicted doesnt she go to the jury house?

  53. hey Kristi I just did a day count and for the game to end in sept. like usual there isn’t enough time now to have someone comeback without having two double evictions.

    • good no one deserves to comeback LOL fuget what I said before lmao I just want this season to be done

  54. she should use it on brendon….hopefully matt will put up kathy and then i hope kathy goes home

  55. no this was on another site yesterday and i already deleted and shredded everything after we did the email stuff. so i can’t figure out which one and there are so many out there and giving this is the only site i post on because MATT has the best one in my opinion, i can’t even narrow it down.

  56. I am just….so happy. I am almost moved to tears!!! Sooooooooo glad Brit won the POV. I know she won’t use it to save either of them!! **doing the happy dance** lol

  57. It would be so nice if someone would win something other than Britney, Matt and Rachel. This season is so boring. Everyone wants Rachel to go, but who’s going to provide the entertainment once she’s gone?

    Admit it, everyone loves to hate someone. :)

  58. oh yeah forgot to add…..since ragan is the saboteur maybe he will try to get the house to use the veto on rachel hmm……………

  59. if you have noticed torch, september isn’t the beginning of the fall season anymore as in years past. that use to be the norm and that isn’t the case anymore. trust me, that there gave me a headache way way back when. it’s all about who you want to premier yea, they could go another week.

  60. neicy you are so sweet, isn’t just totally awesome Brit. won the POV and mama Kat. knoked out Rachel in the first round of the game.

  61. Requirements to winning a POV challenge in BB12: Your given name must begin with B. Everyone else doesn’t stand a chance, lol.

    Guess this means Brendon will have to win next week’s in order to even up the score ;).

  62. Big Red is gone … Drama will start again when Matt backdoors Enzo or Hayden with Britney and Regans help…he needs to do it soon

  63. Oh Gawd Rachel has got to go. I have plenty others I can “hate” in there without her staying. And if my boy Brendan doesn’t change his game and is still a poor cry baby wuss then he can go too. Boy I must be really frustrated to even say that! LOL

  64. I laugh every time i hear people runing Rachel down you dont even realy know her, the things you call her could go for the other two woman in the house to, id rather have Rachel for a friend then either of the other to, friends to your face then run off to the boys to tell all, a real bitch.

  65. OMG, has anyone seen what I saw? Was Matt and Brendan actually talking together in the storage? Did I just “thought” I saw that?

  66. Trish are you running a fever or something talking about your boytoy maybe having to go.

  67. Not all of us have to like Rachel. Just like I don’t care for Brit, there are alot of others who do and good for them. To each their own I say!

  68. I might be Torch. He has frustrated me so much that even I might give up on him. Good looks and fantastic body can only carry on so far. LOL

  69. All that i gotta say is ahahaha….
    Also for Brit winning she will be a target next week so she better win HOH or it will be bye bye Brittany (i hope).

  70. hi out there to everyone. sorry my spelling is so bad today. total lack of sleep. lol but i promise i will get some tonight but probly not until after bbad. i hope they get lots and lots and lots of wine and beer. oh, side note: i had so much fun last night. you guys realy are awsome.



    too bad jeff and jordan had to host it. i hated them last season

  72. I got an idea lets photoshop a picture of Brenden in a liplock with Kristen and send it to Rachel in the jury house.

  73. LOL@Torch. That sounds like an excellent idea. How could we get that done? Hey Matt of this site, could you hook us up with that? LOL

  74. @Trish, I am almost finished, just two quick assignments (due at 11:59pm tonight) left to finish. I got my McFlurry last night too!!

    @Torch….please photoshop the picture and send it out!!! LMAO

  75. @Kristi, we both have had a lack of sleep!!! We should nap it out until tonights BBAD.

  76. i had 2 hours but it was only by accident. fell a sleep with the headphones in my ear and all. i have not a clue how either. i had so much r3d bull and amp in me. lol but i promise i will sleep tonight. just give me til after bbad. if i’m still on here after then, please all, start yelling at me and make me go to bed. ground me if you have to. lol

  77. If by chance Brendon stays n’ does win HOH..Who would he nominate??? BEST GUESS MY PART Matt n’ Regan..

  78. Britney is awesome.

    She better watch herself though, the HGs are taking notice.

  79. Let’s have Rachel put her head between her boobs and kiss her slutty behind GOOD BYE! And good riddance to bad trash.
    Go Britney

  80. I agree with you Connie. That was what Enzo suggested earlier to Lane and Hayden. That “they” let Brendan win HOH next week because they think he would put up Matt and Ragan since Matt put him up and he is fighting with Ragan.

  81. Will do Kristi. lol

    Trish, my McFlurry was excellent.

    Connie, that would be interesting to see who Brenda would put up if she won hoh….I mean Brendon and he. lol

  82. I hope brendon stays he’s so hot and nice to look at ^_^ ray can go she looks like boy George in drag rofl!

  83. I am having probems with the feeds so Poop have they said anything? About noticing Brit winning?

  84. Neicy you are SO bad talking about beautiful Brenda like that…….oppps sorry I meant Brendan! ;)

  85. After Rachel leaves, I want someone to go up to Brendon and say, “Here’s your balls back”.

  86. Oh please with this group-either BB is getting low on who they pick for the show or the house is so dumb. To much brains in the group and no common sense…. Just like Survior they are most likely asking people to come on board. Let’s get some real people back in the game.

  87. Brenden will definately nominate Matt but the Brigade will save him… so either Kathy or Regan will get evicted

  88. Brendon n’ Rachel are going over past things the HG’s may have done ..They need to think into tomorrow n’ make plans….Same with Brittney Kathy Matt Regan n’ so on ‘n so forth..Today is done they all accomplished alot of what they wanted to do..but plans need to be made for the next round..Lets get over today..move on..

  89. neicy i will be up all night if i nap now. lol . torch, i totally have all the tools to do that. give me a couple days and i’ll send that to you. it would be so funny.

  90. I would love what someone suggested earlier, that Ragan says to Big Red on her goodbye speech, to have Ragan say “I am stealing your man bitch”!

  91. I wonder if who ever stays (B/R) will really stay or will who ever stays leave cuz they cant live with out each other??? lol

  92. Trish that would be awesome!! Brit better tell that dumb drag queen where to shove her 5k.

  93. I think Rachel would stay if Brendan got sent to the jury house. Being alone in the jury house for a week by yourself? How would B or R survive? I don’t like Brit but please don’t take that bribe of the 5000. Does Brendan know what she is doing? If he wants to leave instead of her then kick both their butts out. I am almost over him……almost but not yet!

  94. Trish, it will take some time to heal, but I think you can get over Brenda…Brenden. I am here for you. lol

  95. good one Poops!! side note: poop is my favorite word. i’m wierd i know but you guys have probly already figured that out.
    also, if you guys haven’t been watching the live feeds like now, every time matt is not in the room starting last night they meaning hey, lane and enzo) are talking about get matt out and bringing brendon in. i think enzo is smart. i think the final 2 he struck is ligit and he told the brigade he was just goint to infiltrate bren and rach just to bring information back to them. that’s the perfect cover up for a secret alignment.

  96. Erin Rachel thinks she can make anyone do what she wants. They all have done so before but that is when she was HOH and held all the power.

  97. Yep each knows what the other is was decided between them after her argument with Kathy..

  98. BRB gotta reboot, my feeds are not working and I want to know what is going down….lol

  99. good one Poops!! side note: poop is my favorite word. i’m wierd i know but you guys have probly already figured that out.
    also, if you guys haven’t been watching the lf’s like now, every time matt is not in the room starting last night they meaning hey, lane and enzo) are talking about get matt out and bringing brendon in. i think enzo is smart. i think the final 2 he struck is ligit and he told the brigade he was just goint to infiltrate bren and rach just to bring information back to them. that’s the perfect cover up for a secret alignment. sorry guys i spelled something out and you know what happens.

  100. @140 Kaitlin: Britney’s next big move will convince Matt to backdoor Enzo or Hayden…

  101. @Trish I think Brendon is a genuine guy but Im with u Im almost over him. His mind should be on his money not on his love life.I hope he knows hes on BB12 and not the Bachelor.:(

  102. ya know what would be totally bad karma for B&R if in a few weeks they find out their protection didn’t work on that night.

  103. Brittney please stop…I am rolling in laughter here listening to u console Rachel..U ar elying out ur ass..stop please…I am going in other room n’ see what line of bull Brendon is throwing Lane…POOR RACHEL BEING ATTACKED ON A PERSONAL LEVEL…SHE KNOWS ALL ABOUT THAT AS ALL HER EVICTIONS were of a personal nature..none involved game play..

  104. bb wouldn’t let matt do it, but they knew he was putting them up anyways, so i doubt they would let brit or anyone else do it unless she or whoever sighned a contract stating they will stick to their word. but realy dont think bb will let them either way.

  105. @ Kristi thanx so much for the info I hope its not just s@$t talk and they do get rid of Matt and take in Brendon!!! Matt the Mutt has gotta go and make right will the world for the lie about his wife shame on Matt!!!

  106. every one is saying that britney is coming up on janelle for most veto wins but y’all forgot that daniele tied janelle.

  107. @ Torch #151 you are a MESS!!! That would be sooo messed up if Rachel got preggers, and Brendon was stuck with her for the rest of his natural born life!!!

  108. Britney better use this POV are she will live to regret it!!!!! Rachel is a back stabbing crude person!!!! Looks how she treats Brendon & that is a examole of her lifestle.

  109. So glad Brittney won. Hopefully Rachel goes home this week and I will no longer have to hear her fake a$$ laugh.

  110. NO BRIT stop even listening to Swamp Thang! Come on! Just tell her how YOU really feel! You probably won’t need her vote in the jury house anyways because YOU won’t be far beind!

  111. oh that was so funny torch. i’m repeating myself right now but stand behind this. brendon need to win just to keep rachel after the show, granted she would only be there til she spent all his money but i want the poor boy to atleast think it was more than just a showmance. his game would have been so different if she wasn’t in this game at all or maybe not. maybe he would have just latched onto another girl, but i think he does love her.

    repeating myself again. reagon is doing a great job covering his tracks about the sab. i’m realy liking reagon and hope he uses his power well and that bb allows him to do it and us to give him suggestions. no more office supplie and joke store gags.

  112. Ragan is a GREAT SAB. He is NOT throwing any names out there as who it could be, Hayden is sure asking him though!

  113. @Torch did B/R really “do it”. Omg I dunno what to
    say or think about that.They are grown but dose n`t Brendon teach kids to swim, like not really good for his image as for Rachel I m sure if I google her name I will see sumin nasty attached to her.

  114. Brit has won 3 vetos. Matt and Rachel won 2 HOH, and brendon won two vetos. The house needs to step up there game. Its the same winner everytime.

  115. i think james and chelsea hold the record of how much sex. several times a day on every surface they could find including the spinning table.

  116. The Brigade is going to split within because of the “S”. Matt/Enzo suppect Ragan/Hayten. Flashback at around 5:40 PT PM.

  117. sorry dany :( that sucks. i think i beat the b/r just last night. sorry to much info but true

  118. Well ok then thanx for all the info Danny and Tourch. Btw Danny sorry to hear that, would really suck. lol

  119. YES! Britney you have always been and will always be my girl! Dude, this chick is amazing! 3 out of 5 POVs!

  120. Danny ur hands must be nvm lol.
    So I really hope that Brit will use Veto on Brendon but she probably wont.

  121. The way i fig it. if the story is true. the HoH will have the power to bring back a evicted hg. i feel it will be hey’s girl toy. just my opinion. Or Amer. will get to choose, then the HoH will get there choice as to go with amer or not. =) just my 2 cents ya’ll.

  122. Well, Britney is definitely playing the game, so who actually knows what she’ll really do.

  123. that must be why Matt the Mutt and enzo the not so great always have there hands down there pants.

  124. Yeah ppl like whats up with Matt and Pandora`s box. Any new info no that I think he got more then
    a dollar hes so full of it.

  125. dany is was a 2 hour nap so we cancel each other out on tha sleeping, but i had realy good reason or ‘multiple’ reasons why i didn’t sleep last night. and yea i ment that in the good way. lol

  126. Brit should sell the POV to Rachel so she can get B/R votes & $5K. It would benefit her. The house can “”vote” out whoever they want and she doesn’t shoulder the blame. Go Britney!

    Since Regan “knows” about Brogade, (last week convo’s /w Kristen) hope he can spill the beans as saboteur AND form power alliance with Brit, B&R & Kathy…otherwise they lose the numbers here.

  127. @Torch she really sucks them back like a heroin addict eh. And she wonders y she never wins lol.
    I would still rather her win over Matt the Mutt.

  128. this is the worst season of BB ever… same people win the competitions, too much deja vu

  129. WOOOHOOOO!! Been on vacation,,, nice to come back and Matt is the HOH,, then he puts up Brachel and my girl Britt wins the POV! It’s a good day the the BB house!!

    Who was that who said Britt had no game..??

    And a big THANKS to Matt for putting them up! Time to break up the most annoying showmance in BB history! And I thought Jessie and whats-her name drove me nuts. Glad to see them go,, hope they take out Rachel.

  130. @Danny yeah Brit is a chatter mouth.
    See if Brendon would just sit and look hot and not talk every one would love him, same with Brit but as soon as they speak it more and more of a turn off. lol

  131. Okay so i want the Brogade to go to the end and i want brenchel out ASAP I hate the power couple and I love all the boys. Besides I cant wait to see them turn on eachother.

  132. OKAY CBS WE HAVE decided we want Ragan to put X’s on Enzo ,Hayden, Lane and Matts’s Photos and get him to convince Britt to save Rachel!!h

  133. Ok we really need to know what is happening with this whole Pandora box/no eviction thing.. can they really put the noms back in the game???

  134. Britney should use her POV on Brendon, Wouldn’t Rachel blow a fuse if that happened. Can’t you just imagine her in the jury house wondering what was going on at the bb house. Maybe someone one else was comforting her man..

  135. kathy is napping..dreaming about the Presidental Accommadation for her effort in the POV Comp..She was thrilled with her status in the game..GJ Kathy..

  136. Brit needs to leave things as they are and let nature take its course.. (hopefully that course is Rachel gone)

  137. ok i wanted rachel to stay for comical reasons, but now i’m wanting rachel to stay to torment britney and i like brit. she has grown on me but everything she says is bs. she has talked more shit on the other hg’s combined. i thought it would die down when monet left but it hasn’t. i still give brit credit for even making rachel think are/were friends and winning the pov’s, but that’s about it at this point.

  138. I noticed that Brendan is laying low and Rachel is all over the place “campaigning” to stay. Yeah Rachel go the route of Andrew and Kristen and look sorry. Trying to Brit with that 5000 what were YOU thinking? You should have thought of this way before now. But we all should be honest here, no matter what B & R do they are targets and always will be as long as they are in the house together. See how much their attitude towards Brendan changes once Red is out. They might actually like him. If he wins HOH they will LOVE HIM. LOL

  139. @Danny good luck with that hope u will find a hottie with a muzzle ahahaha lol.
    Go Regan go start S@#t in the house!!!

  140. I can’t believe how Brendan bowled. How awkward. LOL I would beat all of them at that game, I am great at bowling…..but that face I don’t know…..LOL

  141. Rachel is talking about Brendan getting a really big pair of pants so she can fit in the pocket and they will save her and nominate someone else up there……

  142. This game has become so predictable. Of course Brenchel will get voted out. After that, Kathy and Reagan will get voted out and Brit will be the last girl standing with the Brigade. I think Lane and Hayden will end up taking each other to the final 2 because Enzo is too liked by everyone and Matt will probably will probably get a lot of jury votes because they think his wife is really sick!! Ugh!

  143. Rachel has a alright body but her face? Sorry but her profile does make her look like a guy in drag….sorry

  144. ok i wanted rachel to stay for comical reasons, but now i’m wanting rachel to stay to torment britney and i like brit. she has grown on me but everything she says is bs. she has talked more sh!t on the other hg’s combined. i thought it would die down when monet left but it hasn’t. i still give brit credit for even making rachel think are/were friends and winning the p o v’s, but that’s about it at this point. sorry again for the duplicate. i spelled something out again

  145. BTW kathey looked hot today after the pov ceremony !! im not trying to be funny ,she was smoking hot !!

  146. Awe so sweet when B told R she didn’t need botox well Rachel be careful what u wish for.
    Bye Bye Rach Im gonna steal ur man!!!lol

  147. Hell yeah, this is finally starting to get good. I’m so glad Brendon did not win that POV.

  148. ok dany, this isn’t mine but might offend others so sorry in advance. what do you get when you cross ronald mc’d’s and drag queen?………………… rachel (this was just a joke and did not mean to offend anyone personally)

  149. If looks could kill Kathy would have killed Rachel already…..gotta give Brendan credit, he hasn’t yet jumped ship on that Titantic…

  150. Look at Rachel in the hammock..while Kathy n’ Brittney are on the couch..Rachel should have went to the couch with them (minus her shoulder chip) n’ at least tried to be civil n’ friendly..Brendon does try to interact with the others..Rachel is so full of herself..Now Brendon went to lay with her..get outta here..dumb players..

  151. Hey Y all u guys hating on big boobs??? Like wtf is wrong with a girl having big boobs I get that Rachels looks kinda sloppy but don’t pain all biG tits with the same brush please and thanks

  152. 242- LOL, hey torch. I got kinda bored with the Rachel and Brendon show. I was pissed when Rachel won that HOH, I couldn’t watch that for another week. But now that someone else has the reins, I’M BACK, LOL.

  153. personnelly I use torch because in certain circles in my area that is my name, I rode bike with a couple of clubs then I joined a christian club and the name just stuck if you all want I”ll start using my real name.

  154. I would like to see Rachel get voted out and then not vote out Brendan for several weeks just to drive her crazy in the jury house, lol….

  155. hey chick. missed you. it’s been forever girl.
    dany that’s why i put everyone’s name on here in the contacts and then added the emails. it was getting way to confusing. lol

  156. Rachel n’ Brendon are thinking that if they tell what was said in the HOH room.. it is somehow gonna help one or the other of em..but I don’t think sooo..too little to late R&B..Oh I think all involved know that Matt is not to be trusted..Kathy & Hayden were discussing some of his actions earlier..Dam are there no secrets in that house!!!!

  157. My middle name is Erin every one calls me Erin my first name is my email..It’s all good though.

  158. Same with mine but ppl always ask me if they r fake. lol.
    If Rachels r fake then she had a bad job and needs to get em fixed lol.

  159. and Trish you are sharp looking I understand the trish dish statment now, and I must say all you ladys in or little group that I have seen are pretty sharp looking.

  160. Ok although it is sickening me it is also very sweet the way Brendan wants to make Matt mad so he will be sent out the door instead of Rachel and Big Red for once is telling him NO. He wants to go and do this for her and she said NO. She wants to spend the week telling him everything she knows about BB.

  161. Hey kristi. Yeah, it’s been a while. Rachel has got to go this week! I’ve really had enough of her. I can’t wait to see how Brendon plays the game when she is gone. I wonder if he’ll get pissed and want revenge, or if he’s gonna sit around crying all the time.

  162. Awwww Torch the Mich baby….Really that email name was made by my oldest son…..he thought it was funny…….lol

  163. sorry dany didn’t think about it til after we all did exchang. lol i’m the ckg one. i sent everyone a few this morning. hope you could see them all.

  164. chick ive been saying all along his game would have been dif if it wasn’t for her. i just like the drama she causes.

  165. @danny perfect, and there is nothing wrong with the fact I’m an exotic dancer either my boobs r real.

  166. I am not going to comment on the whole sitch but just an observation…Doesn’t Brit (as cute as she is) remind you of “those girls” in high School that always thought they were better cuter more popular etc?

  167. trish i’m glad i’m not the only one with natural real BIG boobs. lol how sad is this guys. the f e e d s ars so bad right now, look at our convos. lol

  168. erin cool. glad you joined the group. you single? dany is and he’s a real good guy. you guys should talk if you are single.

  169. @spikesmom Brit is just like a two faced high school girl with a low self talking bout every one else not being a real friend girls like her have and always will be a dime a dozen!!!!

  170. noticed the comment about Matt getting a paper from the box and I remembered to ask something I’ve been wondering if any one knows…..

    I have never seen the HG’s writting anything… are they allowed pen and paper??

  171. @dany n @kristi if dany likes or want sum thing he should go after it him self lol.Thanx Kristi for trying to hook a girl up that is awesome xoxo.

  172. Back to bb ah yeah I guess they arent allowed to have pens n paper so they cant pas notes

  173. erin i’m trying. lol i’m already married and kind of owe dany one. are you single erin?

  174. I’m 99% sure that Brit will NOT use the veto… she would be really dumb to. (okay I think she would be) Rachel NEEDS to GO! I can’t stand her mannerisms! and don’t me started on her fake laugh… she has over stayed her welcome… then maybe her little “BOY” toy could grow a set and turn into a “MAN”

  175. they are afraid they will stab each other with the pens and maybe a good paper and they don’t want them taking notes for future comps.

  176. @Tekeanso Very well said I agree.
    I hope when big red is out the Bren acts like a man a good looking guy like him should now he is hawt and play his role a bit, jus a bit. lol

  177. Lol Dany! Good luck with that!
    If any of the regular posters here have FB feel free to add me. My name is Deana!
    Has anyone on here ever tried out for BB?

  178. hi indy!! we are amusing ourselves. the lf’s are a lil lackluster this evening or night. i think we covered most of the game earlier.

  179. indy pretty good. thanks for asking. i have my second wind, but that could be a bad thing. lol yea dany your just a baby, i would love to be in my 20 again. well maybe not. lol

  180. Be back in 1 hour time to power up and work out i gotta do this twice to keep my abs.
    TTYL BB fans hope to hear more drama when i get back

  181. sorry dany, i posted before i saw you baby comment.

    hey torch, you’ve seen my pic and if you didn’t know how old i was, hold old do you think i would be?

  182. thank you torch!! i never thought i would love the day when i got carded for beer but boy am i now. i show it proudly.

  183. the most annoying thing about Enzo is the way he eats, sounds like his mouth is open the way he smacks his lips.

  184. I wish they would still be talking crap about Rachel as she walked in…..come on grow some balls and talk to their face……..llol

  185. I am no lady……lol so ask all you want……….hehehehehe,…..wait was that Rachel talking for me???? LOL

  186. Hey “youngins”…..don’t be ganging up and be in a group…….I don’t act nor look my age……:)

  187. I really like Brendan & Rachel. I don’t know why people hate them so much. Although Brittany can be funny in the diary room, she talks so much smack behind peoples back that I just want to slap her silly. If she has something to say, say it to the hgs face. I hope it all comes back to bite Brittany in the butt. I would love to see Rachel come back in the house & kick some butt.

  188. I just searched my name on FB and there’s a million Deanas. So if ya want to add me just put in Deana dencel.

  189. i got your back trish, i know i sure as h3ll don’t. lol dany do you realize that you were involved with a married woman who is 9 years your age and lives how many states away. lol what was your ex thinking?

  190. Not gonna lie disappointed Rach is probs going home, cooky players always seem to create more buzz, but alas it looks as not to be. On the bright side I sure hope the brigade eliminates everyone else and make people like Brit Ragan and Kathy feel stupid for not aligning themselves with Rach/Bren and trying to stay under the radar. As Michael Scott would say on the office. Oh how the turntables have……

  191. Damn there goes our fun……..ok gotta do what Matt says…..I sure don’t want to be kicked off this ……Brendan is now trying to talk Rachel into letting him get voted out….. I hate to tell him but they won’t do that no matter what he says to them……that for sure will keep him in, they will think they have him next week for sure……gone…lol

  192. doesn’t it dany. and i am sorry about that, but things work out for a reason. funny tho, my husband was here the entire time and he never thought anything of it. i guess that’s just something you learn with age. yea at the beginning it was just me you and chick. then torch came along. look at how our group has grown!! that reminds me dany werent me you and chick the 3 musketeers back then. how quickly things change. lol

  193. I don’t think there’s any way that Brittany uses that POV. Barring interference from production via random new “power” or the like, Brendon or Rachel is leaving the BB house. The only thing the using the POV would do is tell us which one definitely is going to the jury house.

  194. Gnite danny
    Trish kristi u r staying up right i need to know what is happening with the live feeds

  195. i don’t think brit will use it at this point but things change real quick in this game. brendon needs to get his head in the game. wow
    night torch.
    by dany

  196. How stupid in love are Brendan and Rachel? It doesn’t matter what Brendan wants the others to do, vote him out, I can almost say they won’t do it.

  197. @kristi – Agreed about Brendon. I just don’t understand why he’s in the house anymore. If your goal isn’t 500K, then you need to be gone. I’m all for romance and doing the chivalrous thing… but I don’t think the BB house it the best place to begin a relationship. I think the problem is that the wrong “head” is in the game.

  198. I can’t believe I just heard Rachel ask Brendon, “I’m not a poor sport, am I?” Like really? She rubs her wins in the faces of everybody else, and acts mad, throws stuff, threatens and is rude to everybody when she doesn’t.
    OMG, they make me sick.

  199. yes he is wiz. i’m going to bounce too. catch up on my sleep. i’ll be back tomorrow to catch up on all the bb drama, while watching the race. ttyl you have my email

  200. Britt-Britt is doing a good job winning the POVs, however let’s not compare her to Janelle. She is winning with no pressure of going home – Janelle was fighting to pull herself off the block and secure not getting backsabbed. Let’s see jow Britt-Britt does after Rachel is gone.

  201. I would love to see Lane & Brendon in the final 2. I think Bren would fight with Rach out….. but ultimately I think Lane should win….. floaters do get far in this game….like it or not….

  202. I would love to sit here and read everyone’s post, but there is just too many not BB related. Can someone, anyone, Matt, please tell me whatever happened to the “long lost friends” I haven’t heard anything since the first episode and it’s driving me crazy

  203. the life-long friends thing was something the saboteur (Annie) said to the HG’s. Since then, they have wondered if it’s true, as the saboteur lied about other things.

    CBS never said anything about it, but it has created buzz about who they could be if it’s true

  204. @360
    I am no Matt but I think Annie was just telling everyone that to try and sabotage the game and make the houseguests a little paranoid. I don’t think it was actually true.

  205. I’m actually looking forward to watching BB this week, now that I know(hope) Rachel will go. The thought of having to see and hear her stopped me from buying the live feeds.

  206. Abby2 Correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t Julie Chen mention at first part of the game? idk.

  207. Go Britters! I love seeing all the new Britney fans supporting her. Brit was my girl from day one thanks to her sharp wit and self confidence. Britney is the type of girl that other girls hate because they are JEALLLLLOUS.

  208. I am still playing catch up after a month from traveling for fun and family problems.. But i have not liked racheal since i saw her on the show 2 weeks ago..others i can take or leave but her!!! I hope Brit does not use the POV this week. she is a good player and deserves to be there.

  209. @ Samantha – no disrespect but people did not like Britney at first because of her high school behavior. Remember when she and Monet were outside in the bathing suits and how they were “picking” apart the other hgs. People with self-confidence do not usually have to talk down about other people. I will say that she has picked up her game with the POV wins and I like the way she is playing different sides of the house against each other. I would like to see how far she can go, however if she does not align and somehow crack the brigade she is going to be on the outside looking in.

  210. Brit actually won a veto to ensure her safety before. I think it was week 2. Im glad there is more britany fans out there, but there are haters as well.

  211. Yes, even with the wicked witch almost for sure gone, there is still a lot of game to play. Brittles is “high school” but so are most adults when it comes to this game!! I think brittles is 5 cans short of a six-pack! She will go far if she doesn’t fall for all the B.S. the other players will be feedin’ her.

  212. I thought that Julie mentioned it too (the long lost friends thing)…and I am so confused about that!

  213. I think the stronger players need to stay in the game get rid of the weakest some of these players are not doing anything and are floating along. Keep Rachel! Get rid of Kathy she’s uesless! I like Brittany!

  214. Is Rachel still in high school? She sure acts like it. Britney talks a lot but she probably made a deal with Rachel. But she doesn’t have the umph to use the veto.

  215. couldn’t sleep, so got back on, and this is just my opinion, but think “thi’s was a lil extreme. night all happy posting

  216. Please tell me everyone just laughed their heads off at Brit and Ragan’s little hate-fest they just had. Hahaha

  217. No need to be confused Julie did mention that there were people who were friends, however I do not thionk she has mentioned since the eviction of Annie or Andrew which leads me to believe that one of them were half of the friendship. Maybe after this potential Pandora’s Box disaster the friendship angle may be the next hurdle.

  218. I will say that Kathy is the only one who has voted against the house. I would not quite count her out yet.

  219. The fall of Brenchel is coming. Britney is great at Povs, but she will not win this game if she only has Lane as an alliance. The ladies are outnumbered and will eventually all get evicted.

  220. I don’t get how someone who knows this game (Rachel) up and down, could act as if shes a victim being on the block – and would just give up. Be cool about it. You got the fame you wanted. I’m sure some schmuck will give you 10g’s and free Botox to show up to their rally car race or some crap!

  221. Yeah i want to know who in the house knew each other before or was that just Annie making s@$t up?


  223. Fo sho they all phony well Lane should win hes not as fake as the rest of them well Bren is hot but dumb as f

  224. I am so tired of Kathy and all the floaters in the game over the years. Floaters and their shifting alliances need to go. Let the REAL players play the game.

  225. Brendon needs to leave the house on medical terms.

    He needs to have his testicles surgically attached.

  226. sorry guys, last one for the night, but after reading many other threads, i’m going to revise my post and say this was way extreme. no personal attacks. yes off topic a bit but only while not much was going on in the house (alot of which stemmed from topics of people in the house but not all, i agree) and as things happend we got back on topic. no disrespect matt intended and from a loyal fan of your site who tries to keep personal attacks against other posters, bb and cbs civil as much as i can, like several other of your loyal posters, because i personally know how much hard work you put into providing us with a site like this. again, no disrespect intended. just an opinion from a loyal fan of your site.

  227. what is the problem with two people who found each other in the house and like each other I mean that is not what this game is about and everyone talks about how they want them out. FOR WHAT REASON?? they have been playing the game they have spoken to everyone you dont see them talk as much crap about everyone as everyone else has talked about them behind their backs. Ragan is turning into the rest of the house he had his own mind in the beginning but he’s letting brittany influence him It just kills me everytime you hear him he sounds like the rest of them. I’d just like to know what the big deal is about Rachel and Brendan?? what??

  228. Brit and Kathy-mother and daughter. At least that’s what I think. Watch Brit’s actions and think about it.

  229. @Deesa

    Rachel and Brendan were targets at first because they were an early, exposed alliance. It only makes sense to get rid of them first, However, as time progressed, Rachel has caused a lot of drama in the house (Ragan just listed off all of the people who have had confrontations in the house and all of those confrontations involved Rachel). And I don’t think Ragan is letting Britney influence him. I like Ragan and all, but in all honesty, I’m sure he can be just as catty outside of the Big Brother house.

  230. This is a tough one. Either Rachel or Brendon would make strong partners, so saving either one of them would make her a friend of both of them – since their loyalty runs deep.

  231. I agree I think tha Brit and Kathy are relatated. But then I think that lane can be Brit’s soon to be brother in=law that is why the get along. Just thinking that is all.And I am pleased that Brit won now the game can got on!!

  232. Britney should tell Rachel she is going to use the POV on her, then not use it, and tell her Matt said je would replace her with lane.

  233. Kathy and the rest of the guys, except for Matt/Breb, can not buy a win. I guess thanks to their alliance, the guys do not have to win anything to go forward in the game.

  234. Wow what did I miss? Did the house get really mad at Brachel? I left with Brendan wanting to ask to be voted off for Rachel now she is giving him info for the next POV……I think Rachel leaving has lift some fire in Brendan’s game FINALLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!

  235. Although I am not crazy about Rachel, I do think her being eliminated will make the show boring. All these other people are boring. They just run around the house kissing up to the current HOH. Especially Britney who has done well in POV’s but is very dishonest by trying to use Kathy but acting like her best friend. Kathy needs to go. Lane, Hayden and Matt have no game play and are sooooo boring.

  236. I would jut like to say this about Rachel.If someone breaks in to your place and steals your stuff or mugs you on the street to support their meth addiction, can they just claim it is a “lifestyle” choice and that will make it okay? I enjoy difference and diversity. I have even enjoyed Rachel (in kind of a guilty rubber-necking past a car wreck kind of way). We all judge and are judged everyday, whether we know it or not. We instantly make subconscious judgments about people based on appearance, dress, speech, attitude, and a hundred other things. That’s probably some primal friend-or-foe evolutionary thing. Does the random stranger in the elevator pose a threat? Is the guy with a Confederate flag and gun rack in his pick-up a racist? Should I be wary of a group of teenagers with the their pants around their knees and looking like gangbangers? Yes, assumptions can be wrong, but we all make them. But to go on a reality show (especially one that is broadcast 24/7) you are inviting an even higher level of scrutiny and judgment, and all people going on a show like BB are attention seekers in one form or another. These people put themselves under the microscope. No normal person would want millions of strangers debating their personal characteristics on the internet. But they chose this, and if someone comes across poorly, that is their own fault. But sometimes, reality show or not,a crazy Ho is just a crazy Ho.

  237. she should but dont count the coupe le ta out just yet wouldnt that b a hoot if brittany takes rachel off and then branden or roachel win the coupe laute and nominated matt and hayden

  238. Finally! Brenchel is going to be separated!!! Can’t wait for that to happen. I hope that it’s Rachel that gets the boot.

  239. Did anyone see Lane & Brit talking about his future wife on BBAD last night?! So funny!! I just wish Lane would remove his hat so we could see his facial expressions.

  240. Why don’t we get four different cams on the live feed. I see one scene on Showtime and live feed has four cams showing another scene, all the same!

  241. If Britiny doesn’t use veto on Rachel and Rachel goes home all the fun will go out of the house and I can catch up on my sleep.

  242. I think Brendon should go and Rachel should stsy another week! She has really been the only entertainment thus far. And I think it would be grest watching her without Brendon!

  243. britney needs 3 more pov wins to bet janelle and danielle pov record. then she’ll become a big brother legend.

  244. Big brother should Stop rigging this show!. On the two HoH that Matt won. The competitions greatly favored small lightweight guys… Since matt is more athletic and competitive than ragan, Matt won!.. SHAME ON YOU BIG BROTHER- Rig Brother ! .. Btw, Kathy is Britney’s mom.. They are both from the same state…They have a “life long ” relationship in that they have known each other all of Britney’s life !!….duh !! – Kathy did not really vote against the house – Kathy voted with her daughter Britney in a failed attempt to keep Britney’s friend Monet in the house!!!

  245. Britney should not use the POV. Leave the nomination the same. Rachel needs to go home next. Like she said “Bring it on”

  246. I think Brittany will be smart not to use it and let Brandon go home and watch the insanity begin. Brandon better run she is crazy!!!

  247. the sad reality of this game so far, the people we seem to dislike the most are the same people that are winning. The folks who are skating by on other’s glory, will most likely be around for a while (Kathy, Lane, Enzo, Hayden, I know he won once, Ragan). Britney, Rachel, Brendon and Matt are the real winners and I for one would like to see each of them stay in the game for that reason only. Also, those who want Rachel gone will miss the drama, this house will become BORING.

  248. the other night on AD they, Kathy,Regan,Britney and Hayden were talking abt home etc. Kathy started talking abt where she lives and Britney started to say something too, and didnt catch it all but she said down the road from where you live? did anyone else hear this? I took it to mean kathy lives down the street from where Britney lives? this was weird, and it went to commercial.. did anyone else see/hear this? just wondering abt it? they almost hav to be connected some how.

  249. OK,this is what I think needs to happen. Rachel needs to come back, Brendan wins HOH, puts 2 of the four guy alliance up, one goes home. Then we have even field, Britney/Kathy, Brendon/Rachel, Matt/Ragan, Enzo/Hayden or Lane. I also think Britney/Kathy are mother/daughter.

  250. The live feed has been on “We’ll be right back” for about 30 min. I wonder if the “unexpected” is happening.

  251. I don’t care for Rachel but I have to say I don’t care for any of the HGs this season. I think that this season would have been the most boring season ever without Rachel. I would like something to spark my interest.

  252. @ 423… Julie stated that this week would be a game changer. I am thinking the R&B are staying and someone from the “B” will be veto out by the PB!

  253. Cathy needs to know that Rachel is the one who kept her there last week. Britney and everyone else wanted to throw Cathy under the bus and use the veto to send her home and she would have used it until Rachel said she wasnt putting up Cathy she was putting up Lane. I wish Rachel had kept her mouth shut and after Brit used the veto she placed Lane on the block. I hate Britney, Matt, Ragan, Lane and Haden. I want Brendon or Cathy to win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Britney and Ragan make me sick just hearing their voices.

  254. I used to like Britney, but she is so damn negative!! I can’t stand to hear her talk anymore. She is just a big ball of negativity; she’s nasty. From the beginning, all she did was talk about the other house guests to Monet. She gets too personal. She’s just damn hater! And now that she won a few things, she’s getting cocky. But her day is coming back around. She messed up and told Lane she wants to take out Matt. And Lane told the rest of the Brigade. Not to mention that she’s been keeping close to the sabetour (Ragan). At first, I was happy she began to turn things around for herself after Money left. But now she’s just down right disgusting with many of her comments about people in the house. And ever since Ragan started hanging out with Britney, he’s become so negative, too. He started off as this nice, positive guy and now he’s being such a jerk. He also looks like the punk, who’s joined the pack of bullies because it’s the cool thing to do in the house. Don’t like Ragan anymore either.

  255. @425…Ok, that sparks my interest but what does PB stand for? I can just see Rachel speaking to everyone with a vengence. Might be a little loud that evening.

  256. I think brit should use the veto…Rachel is childish and that laugh will drive you crazy but Brit is so ugly inside it creeps me out. This is a lieing, sneaky, munipulative game but brit is just a ugly (ick) makes me feel dirty . I want to wash my hands after I hear that girl. And Ragan is not far behind her. Kathy is ok but boring and has no clue Kristin and all the rest would have and will through her under the bus in a second. So without Rachel the show is a big bore..snooze

  257. I heard brit say she wants brendon out which leads me to believe she may keep or save rachel but I think the veto should remain the same as matt put them up and let see what plays out

  258. hi big brother,why did you not bring out the hooker girl / she’s still in the big brother house why do you leave already you already won the hoh /go a way no stop make out with the guy do no yet ?…& your not going to get the million ?

  259. I too can not stand Britney!.. I want Brendon and Rachel to stay in the House, but I want Brendon to dump her! .. Look at the BB biographies. Kathy and Britney are from the same state!. Arizona or Arkansas!.. They are mother and daughter. – Enzo. Lane and Kathy are all sorry and they need to Go!!

  260. I think Brittany should not use the veto and on either one of them.. I think they both need to GO!!!!

  261. take brendon off the block put kathy up then back door kathy thats the only way rachel and brendon can stay in the house together. MAKE IT HAPPEN BB

  262. I cant stand Britney and Ragan. Rachel has a very annoying attitude and laugh too. My faves are Brendan, Enzo, Hayden, and Matt. The rest are total losers.

  263. I don’t think Britney should use the veto and put a target on her own back. If I have to watch Brenden & Rachel make out one more time I will scream and then throw up! It is time for one of them to go. Either one is fine, but Rachel seems a bit smarter than Brenden. I have no other favorites in the game. The only one I can tolerate is Ragan. Matt should just go away! He is the worse human being in BB history!

  264. Britney has to use it, and back door Kathy. Britney will not make it with the brigade still in the hopuse. They will back door her. Enzo,Lane and Hayden will come out strong later. They just letting Matt hang himself even if they r in alliance.

  265. @torch – i hope so too! that coup d’etat would be freakin’ awesome!
    i just love it, i know CBS is goin’ to find SOME way on that wed show to
    shake up the house! right when they all think rachel is out the door, the sab strikes again!

    @kristi – i think kathy was just happy that she won SOMEthing – period! beating rach was just a bonus, never realized how catty kathy was til this week!

    @hand87 – isn’t it possible that they will save brendon ( to fool him into thinking there is an fake alliance with hay & enzo) and put up kathy as a pawn?

    @torch – that would be WICKED to have a new HOH and cancel out Matt’s nom’s…he would be so p’od! his hands would HAVE to come outta his shorts then! *zing* (hee!)

    @Trish – I’ve never heard Bren talk so much smack since BB12 started! These HG’s all back talk it’s crazy! Even Lane now & Ragan this week, wow!

    @indy – oh i would LOVE that, not b/c Rach would be safe, but b/c the UNexpected happens which means those freakin’ loafers coasters wafers floaters would get OFF their butts and PLAY the game properly! they’d always be on their TOES and never overconfident!

    @goldenmist- i heartily concur! i so hope brendon wins HOH next week too, it would def put a new spin on the brigade, b/c then THEY will be on the hotseat, one beside matt, b/c ya dun noe he’s an automatic nom!

    @nic – I am too! I think it’ll be a collection of boo’s and cheers! lol. I’m sure the writers are goin’ to have Chenbot ask a whole bunch of q’s about her hair, her brendon, her mouth, and her power trips! they’re gonna put her on da spot!

    @trish -(67) swamp thang!? ROFL, dat is hilarious chika! u can’t wait til ms. “i am vegas” leaves!

  266. hey Jadelle check your email I sent ya something and matt won’t use the diamond power of veto unless neccisary

  267. @trish (90) gasp! did you really say dat about beautiful bren? yes then you must be dang frustrated! lol. strangle or snuggle bren pendulum swings both ways sista! :P

    @torch (104) scandalous! salacious! saucy! i love it guy! kudos and now make dat happen!
    if we send a wee lil postcard to rachel at the BB house will they accept? :P hee*

    @poops – yeah we “sent” him some via a letter from his mom that WIZ wrote up on wed’s boards on this site, it was hilarious and we decided to send titleist golf balls in a nice white wicker basket! :P hee* _zing!>

    @PA (208) oh wow LOVE dat! b/w her & her man, oh no oh no you didn’t! :P lol

  268. hey torch am catching up! diamond powerof veto? what the hell is dat? ol, oh my gosh 2 more boards to go b4 i’m caught up! lol..i’m skimming at this pt thanks ! :)

  269. hey jadelle at the top of this page under the big heading where it says forum click on it and register there our little group has a sit there called loyalbbfans thats where we are at.

  270. If I was Hayden, Lane & Enzo I’d be raiding Matt’s(HG)luggage for clues on whats going on about the pandoras box. They already suspect something but ignoring it.

  271. What about Britney being two-faced, lying, attacks people (Brendan & Rachael) based on appearance. Really, their family and friends are watching…

  272. I agree, Brittany is definetly a backstabber and Brittany please leave your hair alone and quit picking at everything thing on your body. It’s like watching a monkey clean themselves.

  273. Nit Wit Brit won POV?? What a two face biyotch! I can’t stand her! Now BB12 will be boring to watch once Rachel leaves (assuming shes leaving) I know she is annoying but everyone else in there is boring this season.
    We want drama BB!!!!
    Matt is also annoying and he needs to leave as well. Too bad he’s safe for the next two weeks.
    Goodbye Rachel! Sad to see you leave. I hope you stay but you probably will be voted out Now BB may lose some ratings.

  274. I would love Brendon and Rachel more if they were only friends and not a couple. He’s a wimp around her but I love her fire and he’s loyalty. I think Brendon will go farther in the game without her but Matt will choose for him to leave next week with his power unless Brendon wins HOH.

  275. Brendon is so lnlove it’s actually scary :| i think Rachel doesn’t care much for Brendon , seriously she’s going around campaigning and bribing and doing whatever it takes to stay. ( not saying that’s wrong ) I’m just saying that she’s purposely letting Brendon take himself out of the game for her just so she can win. She’s not even telling him to try and stay , yet she goes around hoping for votes. Idk I hope Brendon cones to his sences and remembers he came to play bb and win the money. Not fall oblige with a reheaf bitch who first/rarely days “I love you” or shows the same amount of live Brendon has. He is truly a nice caring guy who deserves better

  276. No i THINK IT TIME to break up this couple up so, tired of all the making out want to see people playing the game Bye Rachel she is bad news only playing Brendon for a fool…….

  277. Com’on people, everyone knows that if Rachel goes , so goes all the drama. Big Brother ain’t gonna let that happen. If Brendon stays he could be the bigger threat, as he is less hated. So it’s bye bye Brendon.

  278. hell no should not use it leave the momations the same . let rachel and brendon fright it out two stay . and watch one of them walk out the door .

  279. I think Britney should use the veto just to take the 5K away from Rachel. I think Britney should go to Matt and ask, who do you want to go home and tell him what they have offered her, she should take one of them off the block, knowing the other is going home, and take the money from them.

    • britany is THE bitchest, and she talks about rachael??? i do not like her, she whines as much as anybody.

  280. @418….NOOOO that honor goes to Nasty Natty of last season..Rachel is a marshmallow compared to Nasty Nat..

  281. The only reason Rachel used the word “love” was in “her small mind” that nobody would want to split her n’ Brendon up..and also TO THE BEST OF MY KNOWLEDGE until that shouting match occured Rachel had never told Brendon that she loved him..Rachel is a user of men..bottom is part of her profession as an escort..

  282. OMG….how nice the brittney won the pov now brenchel is on the block………….rachel so needs to leave so brendon can get back in this game…………………brittney should use the pov on brendon to piss rachel off(i hate this bitch effing boobcity)

  283. No, I dont think Britney should use the Veto. I just hope everyone votes to get rid of Rachel. She is such a *itch, maybe with her gone, Brendan can start playing his game without that constant distraction,and her annoying laugh.

  284. Am I the only one who knows that Rachel leaving means snooz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!after all BB is about ratings. So BB get your thinking caps on time a wasting. Stop the madness and figure out a way to keep Rachel in the house please!!!!!!!!!!!please or you will lose me and all my million face book friends!

  285. Result of Pandora Box – Brendon amd Rachel will be taken off of the block and they can not be nominated again until two more weeks. !!- Kathy IS Britney’s mom !.. They try to hide it . Notice every time something good or bad happens with Nritner, Kathy is the first to hug her…- Kathy and Britney have similar biographers on BB.

  286. Goldenmisty, sorry but no one will be kissing Brendon’s feet or anything else… he deserves to go with Rachael…..They can’t take the heat now that they are not in charge… they will be fools if they let him in with them after Rachael is gone…. Let him be alone. Let him go to bed by himself and dream that he is with her and ………..!!!!!!!!

  287. Britney is NO Danielle, neither is she a Janelle!!.. Those were two smart and classy ladies!.. Britney is a silly country loud-mouth.!

  288. Does anyone know who the 2 people in the house that know each other? I think its Lane and Britney.

  289. Funny been keeping an eye on Brit and Lane….Is there still someone related or long time friends in the house. Sometimes watch the way they look at each other.

  290. I watch BB after dark and Lane is always consoling Brit and she said last night when she fought with Brendon, I always cry and he said I know you always do. Sounds like friends to me.



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