The ‘Mean Girls’ Alliance Shows Signs Of Cracking On Big Brother 15

Big Brother 15 Mean Girls Alliance

There are many other names I’d find far more appropriate for this little trio of ladies, but in an effort to keep this discussion clean let’s just call the Big Brother 15 team of Aaryn, Kaitlin, and GinaMarie the “Mean Girls” alliance.

Nearly a week ago I suggested the then pending exit of David would signal Aaryn’s shift to steal Jeremy for her own and oust his late-night naughty buddy, Kaitlin. Now it looks like Aaryn has decided Kaitlin is an obstacle in her path to have Jeremy for herself in this game. Whether or not it’s as a romantic interest is yet to be seen, but Aaryn does think Jeremy should be playing to help her, not Kaitlin.

Flashback on your Feeds to Sunday, 7/7 at 8:30PM BBT to find Aaryn talking privately with GinaMarie in the HoH room. Soon in to this conversation Aaryn reveals to GinaMarie that she wants Kaitlin out. She feels Kaitlin is clouding Jeremy’s mind and focus on the game. “We need to get her out without anyone knowing… between only me and you,” Aaryn said to GinaMarie. “We are gone before her… because she’s his squeeze.” Aaryn repeats that no one can know, but the two of them have to find a way to get her out without Jeremy knowing.

So how could these two manage to secretly get Kaitlin on the block? Enter Andy. Around 8:40PM BBT Andy comes up to the HoH room and talks with Aaryn about the upcoming vote and MVP renom. Andy tells her he wants Candice out, thinking that’s what she wants to hear. When he tells her not to worry about losing an alliance member Aaryn says she’s more worried about Kaitlin staying in the game. Does this sink in and send Andy running back to Helen and Elissa to say they could have an easier way of keeping both of them this week by MVP renom’ing Kaitlin? Nope. Not at all. He remains clueless.

On Monday we saw Elissa submit Nick’s name for the MVP renom instead of Kaitlin, her alternate option according to discussions. I definitely think this is a very risky move and will pose a much bigger challenge for her and her alliance to keep her over Nick. She could have faced off with Kaitlin who would have been a perfectly timed target for Aaryn, GinaMarie, and anyone else they could secretly convince to oppose her so Aaryn could have Jeremy all to herself.

Ah well, opportunity lost. Thanks, Andy. Well, Andy and GinaMarie could both be faulted here. Looking to protect Nick, GinaMarie could have realized Kaitlin going up would mean Nick couldn’t be voted out. If she had relayed this “Aaryn now wants Kaitlin out” message then he could have taken that back to Elissa since he knew she was considering renom’ing him. Whether or not she believed him would have been be up to her, but again, ah well.

The crumbling Mean Girls alliance took a few more hits last night as Aaryn continued to plant the seeds of doubt over Kaitlin in whoever she could get to listen. Jump to 11:20PM BBT 7/8 to hear Aaryn trashing Kaitlin to McCrae & Amanda. She’s again using the complaint that Kaitlin had never seen Big Brother before sequester, angling for the “get out the recruits” line of thinking.

A few hours later Aaryn is back at it with McCrae & Amanda. It seems to be working too. After Aaryn leaves and GM comes over Amanda parrots Aaryn’s complaints that Kaitlin is acting jealous and causing problems with her relationship with Jeremy. GM then repeats Aaryn’s complaints about Kaitlin being a recruit.

Aaryn then grows bold and goes to Jeremy with her Kaitlin complaints. Watch her work on him at 2:15AM BBT. Jeremy deflects most of Aaryn’s concerns and says he told Kaitlin to get over their feud and move on. I don’t think Aaryn is going to convince him to go against Kaitlin anytime soon.

While we won’t see the Mean Girls split up this week, or Jeremy’s rage reaction as a result, it still looks like we’re on the course to destruction with Aaryn feuding with a phantom problem and Kaitlin taking the brunt of Aaryn’s paranoia. Once again this year, there won’t be an all-girls powerhouse alliance. They rarely work in Big Brother, and here’s another case of it.

What do you think of Aaryn and GinaMarie turning on Kaitlin? Do you want to see them split up or stay together in the Big Brother 15 house?



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  1. I think it is obvious, Aaryn would turn on her mother if it helped her get ahead. I cannot wait to see the Julie Chen / Aaryn interview on live television after she is sent packing! My guess is it will be a unanimous vote!

      • That’d be hilarious if Julie handed her a bowl of rice w/ chopsticks as a subtle ‘screw you,’ but then didn’t say a word about it and just carried on with her interview like a pro. Considering Julie gave Jenn a PBJ sandwich (just being nice, not as a joke) on the couch last year we know she could make it happen.

    • Chen is a professional, and there have been house guests she didn’t like before that she had to interview. I’m sure it’s bittersweet, but it’s part of her job. I would get a kick of her offering Arryn rice, though. That would make my life!

      • she spoke of it yesterday on The Talk, and admitted that it upset her the things they were saying about Asians. I wouldn’t blame Julie one bit if she let Aaryn have it, off camera of course. But I think the public will take care of that faster than Julie could.

  2. I think Elissa is gonna be evicted this week and then she’ll somehow be voted back in later.

    • I wasn’t a Rachel fan AT ALL, but I like Elissa because she is the underdog. She doesn’t seem to be annoying either. I doubt they will put her back in. Viewers get outraged when stuff like that happens. I’d love it though! Now I have to decide who to root for when Elissa leaves. Helen is boring. It may have been someone from the MC expect Jeremy is a part of that so, no thanks. Not many options left. Heck , I may root for Kaitlyn just because Aaryn doesn’t like her.

      • After Elissa leaves, Candace is the biggest underdog. I’m voting for her to win MVP this week. She has no one in the BB house.

  3. Aaryn. So funny. “Between us!” then runs to everyone and tells them she wants K out, including Jeremy. She’s an idiot.

  4. just wondering how BB can codon all the hate an prejudice things they have said an still keep them the rules are meant for everyone ask Paula Dean, Baldwin, Mel Gibson an other why r these 3 so special?

    • agreed, the same thing happened in the UK version and the hg’s were kicked out, it was really bad, resulted in lawsuits and criminal charges.

      • They probably are stuck between a rock and hard place with this cast. They would empty half the house if they booted them.

      • oh yeah, at least half, glad I don’t have to make those decisions.

  5. How smart is it to get rid of an alliance member so soon out of jealously? If Kaitlin goes, then she only has GinaMarie and Jeremy to rely on for votes if she’s on the block. Sure, Jeremy might get the MC to help keep her in…OR evict her. That’s assuming that the MC doesn’t tire of his bullying and evict him before her. The MC has already said that they need to get rid of the girls first. She may need Kaitlins vote sooner than she thinks. She’s cutting her own throat. Not that i’m unhappy about that.

  6. howard is gonna CAVE in…. .judd, howard, amanda, mccrea, andy and candice … 7 VOTES to evict NICK!!!! let jeremy and kaitlyn come after them, it won’t matter if they stick together..

  7. Ok how likley is it that Aaryn is next on the block? I feel like almost whole house wants her gone

    • It’s 100% likely as long as Jeremy is not the next HOH…and with that, I’m now sure that somehow Jeremy will be the next HOH…

      • Me too! Sometimes I can’t decide who I hate more between Aryan or Knuckle-Dragger. They are so despicable! I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that they get married after BB.

  8. I can’t wait for the time Aaryn is evicted and the studio audience boos when she comes out!!! :D

  9. Every time Aaryn makes one of her comments I keep getting this mental image of Colton from Survivor. This sort of privileged caucasian child who thinks minorities are only good for the help. Would love to have a segment with Aaryn’s parents. I want to know where her twisted sensibilities come from.

  10. I hope Elissa gets to stay and wins HOH and MVP. Then would like to see her put Jeremy, Aaryn and GinaMarie up for eviction, plus have all 3 of them be the have nots for the week. That would make my day!!!

    • Sure she is. If you call letting Jeremy tell her what to do, letting him sleep in HER HOH bed (with his petting partner), being blind to the fact that he wanted her to be HOH so he didn’t get blood on his hands just yet, wanting to get rid of an alliance member after only 2 evictions, putting someone on the block out of petty jealousy instead of strategy, pissing off most of the house, not being able to see she’s being played by the MC crew, and saying bigoted things to tick the fans off (who vote for MVP)….then yea, she’s playing a good game. (massive eye roll)

    • Um, Aaryn has NO “fans”….this is how I can tell that you are either a troll or fellow KKK member.

      • You sound just as racist as the houseguests. Everyone has the right to like or dislike someone. Just because you don’t agree with them doesnt’ make them a troll.

      • I’ts not a question of agree or disagree. We could disagree with the color of a dress, the taste of food but racism and homophobia go far beyond that. i do agree that names calling isn.t a good way to get an opinion accross.

      • So that makes it ok to call them a troll? Like I said no better then the houseguests!

      • Sorry if my response didn’t come accross as it should of, cause i was agreing with you…sorry

  11. Just today, In HOH rm., Aaryn was talking about the white fish swimming on top and the black fish swimming on the bottom. GM say’s ” like the back of the bus”..I really thought that they might be tipped off by CBS because of the backlash they’ve been receiving, but they continue to make this ignorant remarks, It’s mind blowing.

    • Add Jessie to the list. While her comment wasn’t quite as bad as some, her saying Amanda must be jewish because she has money, isn’t exactly nice. Stereotype much Jessie?

      • Some people say that this type of behavior is not new to BB, that it happened in the past seasons. I’ve watched all BB seasons and this one is LOADED.

  12. I want all the ignorant idiots to magically disappear and be replaced by legitimate thinking human beings.

  13. That’s part of the problem with BB this year. The players are all pretty clueless. How can they not see there is an alliance among the boys? Candice has it figured out but then they do nothing about it Instead, they talk openly with the guys in the alliance. Half of the house seems blinded by some pettiness involving Elissa and the other half is scared to death of the bully Jeremy.

    • They probably should require everyone playing Big Brother to pass a simple IQ test where they have to reach a minimum to be a contestant. I am pretty sure a lot if not all the racists and bullies would have a hard time getting a 150 IQ rating. In addition, those who cannot thinking using their heads have no business being in the game. The complaint year after year is the contestants are clueless how to play the game and last year, the complaint is the veterans Janine, Dan, Mike Boogie and Britney had the advantage because they knew how to play the game. A newbie geek ended up winning it which shows you need to use your head to win this. Again, we have the newbies not being able to play the game without telling them what to do. And IQ test probably is needed to weed out those that should not be taken in to play this game.

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