Big Brother 15 Live Feeds: Week 2 Tuesday Daytime Highlights


There’s not a lot going on in the Big Brother 15 house today despite an upcoming eviction. It does sound like some houseguests are starting to realize that Nick is a bigger threat than Elissa so this week’s outcome isn’t as clear cut as Aaryn and Jeremy first thought.

Read about all the moments from the house  on our Live Feeds highlights below. And remember that you can check out any of these moments by using the Live Feeds flashback/archive feature.

Big Brother 15 Live Feed Highlights – Tuesday, July 9, 2013

9:45 AM BBT – Houseguests are waking up.

9:56 AM BBT – Andy and Judd are talking about who to vote out. Judd says he like Nick better than Elissa but he’s a bigger threat and should go.

10:05 AM BBT – Andy continues to tout a Nick eviction in a series of conversations. He seems to be making some interesting points to some of the others.

11:39 AM BBT – Andy and Helen now talking about  how they can go to the end with Aaryn then beat her in a jury vote. Andy negates his whole morning and says they don’t need Elissa.

12:25 PM BBT – Jeremy tells Aaryn she is the strongest girl in the house. As soon as Kaitlin is gone, how long until these two are a thing?

12:43 PM BBT – Aaryn calls Judd a hillbilly. So she’s now moved on to geography insults. But she hasn’t forgotten her racist roots. Earlier she told Howard he looked like a rapper or a football player with his bandana on.

12:55 PM BBT – HOH room is locked. People start freaking out. They’re probably just taking out all the fish Aaryn has killed.

1:29 PM BBT -Spencer continues to bully McCrae about cutting Amanda. McCrae seems to finally be caving in.

1:40 PM BBT – Amanda tells Nick people have said he has a deal with Jeremy and Spencer. He laughs it off.

1:50 PM BBT – Nick tells McCrae if he doesn’t get evicted and wins HOH or MVP he will put up Candice or Helen and not cause any major waves.

1:58 PM BBT – HOH camera time. Aaryn gets a shot of her kissing David’s memory wall photo.

2:45 PM BBT – GinaMarie refers to the black fish swimming at the bottom of the tank to the “back of the bus” during the civil rights movement. Classy.


So Andy and Helen are planning their lives in the house without Elissa, but Andy is still off trying to get Nick out. Some others are starting to wonder if that’s the best idea too. Let’s keep watching the Live Feeds and see what changes ahead of Thursday’s Live evicition.

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  1. Votes for ellisa: Jeremy, Mcrae, Spencer, Howard, Kaitlyn Gina Marie
    Votes for nick: Andy, Judd, Amanda, Candice
    Toss up: Jessie
    Don’t see Nick leaving unless death of Movie Company which would be pretty dumb.

    • Jessie is going to vote however Aaryn wants her too. I don’t see Elissa staying this week. The choice of Nick over Kaitlyn sealed her fate. I just hope the racists don’t last much longer. They do not deserve to be in the game, let alone the jury house. And it would be disgusting to see any of them win the money at the end.

  2. Peta gonna take offense to GinaMarie’s comment.

    Oh, and were you kidding bout all those fish dying :'(

  3. Andy is pretty dumb if he thinks he does not need Elissa. The non-racist needs members to form a strong alliance to counter act the racists and bullies group. Obviously, he does not know how to count if he thinks he has the numbers. We have Jeremy, Aaryn, Gina Marie, Kaitlyn, Spencer. All of these guys will vote his ass out without question. The fact that they call him derogatory names should tell him that his best chance to survive and go deep in this game is to align himself with the non-racist group including Amanda, Judd, Elissa, Helen, Candace, himself (Andy) maybe, McCrae and Howard. What he should be doing is forming strong alliances and protecting those members, not tearing them down or letting them get evicted. And Andy and Helen trust Aaryn? Talk about dumb, very dumb move. They should know by now that they are on the target list of the racists and bullies group so, why do they think they will be safe forming alliances with them even if they agree to it?

    • Amanda has said awful things too!! She may not be as bad but she is just as guilty!!!

      • Considering that Aaryn, Gina Marie, Jeremy and Spencer are pretty bad—-Amanda is loads better than them. So, what is the point get rid of everyone? Given that we have a lesser evil choice, I will take that every day of the week. In real life, you will encounter your share of racists, bullies, douche bags and you have to pick and choose because there are too many of them. You have to pick and choose your battles. Obviously, we cannot make life perfect because it never is! The closest it becomes to perfect is when we deal with the worst of the lot the best we can. That is the reality of it. Booting out the racists and bullies on Big Brother is not easy because there is a number of them this season and the others are too weak minded to stand up and fight them. I will take Amanda because she will probably move to evict some of these riff raff as opposed to Helen and Andy trying to strike deals with Aaryn and Jeremy.

      • and every bit of it is scripted by CBS….sad how you all forget that.

      • You’re right there…and they are probably getting a lot of attention and viewers over all this.

      • Aren’t the ratings the lowest in BB history though? I’m not saying that the racist comments are completely to blame but I’m sure people have tuned out because of them

      • It’s funny…that there’s a lot of talk about BB having lower ratings…but it’s still the most watched show of the night. I think that less people are watching tv now.

      • Not that so many are watching LESS TV. It’s more that there are now so many MORE choices.

        Cable channels take many millions of viewers away from broadcast TV. So do streaming internet services.

      • I guess that I should’ve said that less people are watching broadcast tv…lol.

        Not sure how much more cable tv is pulling away though. I’ve had the same cable channels for years now and the cable/premuim channel shows that I watch don’t butt up against BB. But stuff like Netflix/Hulu surely pulls alot of viewers away. Heck…I notice my kids just watching stuff on youtube and playing on the internet during prime time instead of watching tv.

        So…is there a reason to be concerned with lower ratings for BB? I don’t think so as long as they are doing well vs. other broadcast tv shows.

      • its to bad CBS doesnt stand by these people in stead they trow them under the bus. Two of them are now jobless, way to ge CBS not we tax payers are going to have to take care of them with unemployment…

      • So Amanda is making racist comments but not that much so it’s okay? None of it is okay. She is not loads better, she’s just as bad.

      • The thing with Amanda though is she doing it infront of the people while talking, not really as bad idk depends on the people there saying it to they prob obviously knows it a joke but Aaryn, and GinaMarie though are doing it behind their back and not like a playful joke at all.

      • Well I think it’s just as bad saying it in front of people. To me it makes it worse.

      • And Amanda is usually joking. Also makes self deprecating jokes about herself since she Jewish!

        More for comedic effect than meant as hurtful. Kind of reminds me of Joan Rivers style.

      • So everyone is bad and racist so, we should just cuddle the racists and bullies in the house right? It is the lesser of evils thing—-if you cannot figure the difference, nobody can help you! At some point, you have to pick and choose your side. This is reality TV but, still does not excuse the blatant racists. I do not have 24/7 coverage to hear everything but, I have heard enough of Gina Marie, Jeremy, Aaryn and Spencer to know they are the worst of the lot. You can have them as your favorites if you wish. That is your right but, I believe majority of Americans are decent people and will vote MVP to help those who will evict the nastiest racists and bullies in the house. Count me in that group and that is the very reason I voted Elissa for MVP. When she goes, Amanda will get my vote for MVP because nobody else will stand up to the racists and bullies except her. I know if enough viewers vote for the enemies of the racists and bullies on the show—-we will be rid of them the sooner the better. That you can count on. When people are pissed—they will act on it. That is guaranteed! Gina Marie, Aaryn, Jeremy and Spencer will get their comeuppance soon enough!

      • If you READ my post I did not say the racists were my favorite…in fact I said quite the opposite! You voting for another racist for MVP (Amanda) now what does that make you???

      • If I recall, you said it is the right of anybody to pick who they want to! I have said repeatedly that I will vote for the enemies of the racists and bullies and I will just do that! Obviously, you have no problem defending the worst of the lot and what does that make you? Just throwing the same garbage argument back at you. My goal is to get the worst of the racists and bullies out the soonest and will not apologize for that! Gina Marie, Aaryn, Jeremy and Spencer will get booted out and if it is Amanda who does it or someone else is fine with me. The sooner the better.

      • Well I’m not going to argue with you anymore until you learn how to read. I don’t know how to be any clearer. I DON’T support the racists. You voting for Amanda DO!!! There are others in the house that want all of them gone that are not racists like Helen, Candace, McCrae, Howard, etc.

      • Howard is in an alliance with the racists, so why give him the MVP? That makes no sense to me. He is very disappointing. Watching the feeds of him upstairs talking to Aaryn, on his knees on the floor by the foot of the bed while Aaryn was in the bed made me physically sick. How could he do that?? Also, Helen blindly trusts Howard, so giving her the MVP would also not be the smartest thing, IMO. Maybe Candice would be the best. I have no idea what she would do.

      • I’m not sure what comments Amanda made. I can’t watch the feeds 24/7 so i must have missed it (have to sleep sometime ;). Could someone clue me in to what she has said that was derogatory.

      • Rewatch the feeds today at around 4:50 BB time when her and Aaryn were in the HOH. Amanda was telling Aaryn to be more aware of her comments because people are taking offense to it. Amanda even admitted that she talks like that also but says it jokingly and everyone knows she’s joking. Aaryn was saying she picks up things that others say sometimes and starts saying them. Like Amanda making jokes about being jewed over and Aaryn says now she says that sometimes but doesn’t mean it in a racist way. She also has a point when she says everyone jokes about her being blonde and calling her Barbie. Which just because she’s white it’s kind of similar. There making fun of a white girl.

      • I agree regarding Amanda and what I have also heard her say at different times since this season started. I was rather surprised that she was the one to mention it to Aaryn since she has been guilty herself. Even if people say it to your face I don’t think that makes it right. Please believe that I don’t condone any of these people or what any of them have said, but through the years there have been all kinds of remarks made by people based on ethnicity, religion, race, sex, fat, skinny, tall, short, etc. Even Aaryn’s reference to blond jokes which I am sure seems like nothing compared to all others to some people, but I feel that no matter what is said by people if you fall into any of the categories they have to hurt. I happen to be a tall girl and when I was young suffered all kinds of things said to me that hurt me deeply. I hated being tall because of all the comments. I ended up being very shy and wished that I could cut part of my long legs off. I know it sounds crazy, but is true. Only when I got older did I finally realize I couldn’t help how I was made. I don’t understand why people don’t think before they open their mouth and realize that by any remark you are hurting somebody. It would be a perfect world if we could stop everyone from being mean, but I don’t see that happening. Each and every day that I read an article that has comments listed I am subjected to reading comments that I can’t believe people are making. I know these people feel they can say whatever they want because they are hiding behind a computer. I sometimes wonder if the Internet while wonderful in so many ways are actually teaching the younger generation that it is okay to say anything because it is seen all the time. I’m not sure if I explained this correctly as I am not the greatest writer, but it’s jmho of how I feel.

      • Very nice post. Your story is a good example of why we should be mindful of what we say because words hurt. I suspect it’s easier to type unkind things since we don’t have to look that person in the eye. There are no consequences to pounding out words on a keyboard. I have to include myself in the category of “not always thinking before typing”. A well explained reason for a response is much better than a knee jerk reaction made in haste. Thanks for the reminder.

      • Amanda is Jewish and would NEVER use that term. Jeremy is the one who keeps using that very offensive term. Amanda has said some stuff that made me cringe, but in that house, it just seems to the the norm.

  4. Maybe they should add some piranha to the fishtank. But i doubt if they could survive that house either.

  5. tbh STRATEGICALLY, it would be good to take aaryn to the end (if ur helen or andy) as long as

    1. she knows ur taking her

    2. you get rid of jeremy, gm, and kaitlin before jury (at least 2)

    3. you make sure to keep jessie, candice, howard(for endurance and cause he dont like aaryn), and judd (people who dont exactly like aaryn) in while

    4. removing MC(exception of howard) along with amanda quickly with 2 or 3 of them in jury

    • If you want to win this game then take Aaryn to the end with you. Do not think any of these house guests would vote for her to win. Sure fire way to win the money if you can stand her that long!

  6. i alway thought americans were cool, until i watched this season of BB… no high definition tv, racist and homophobic comments, and what’s up with all the smoking… these people are just stupid morons…

  7. The BB producers think the racist comments are good for the ratings which is why they will never expel the bigots from the house.

    • I completely disagree, Julie Chen talked about the comments on the view and how she pretty upset with it all. Personally, Im glad they showed it, you actually get to see how they actually are in past seasons big brother actually didn’t show a lot of bad stuff because it would of hurt people image a lot more. I think they actually stepped up this time.

      • Julie is the host, not the producer. Her comments were heartbreaking but she does not have the authority to remove the bigots and racists.

      • I don’t believe any contestants will be removed from BB 15. Btw, she’s married to Leslie Moonves, President and CEO of CBS.

    • Exactly right. He’s too nice. You need a mean side to win at Big Brother. Not Racism Mean — just “mean”

  8. Again tonight Jeremy using Racist slurs on of all people alissa I mean CBS what kind of show are you running? the only person worth watching is Alissa and they might send her home, then the boys all the Bigots foul mouthed men left not even worth turning on, the filth thats comes out of jeremy,Spencers mouth makes you ill. They disrespect females and talk trash to them, and your camera men ZOOMING in when Jeremy is having sex???????? BB gone PORN X RATED. CBS your a loser this year, and they cheat in games and it is not even looked into???? Shame on you CBS again a rigged show this year.

  9. Well, I guess someone has told Candice that Aryan has made racial remarks about her. Aryan, of course, is saying that she didn’t mean any harm and that she said the racial remarks in a joking way. She said she never meant any harm. Hahahaha, what a joke.

  10. I cannot fathom how horrible most of these people are. Aaryn, GinaMarie, Spencer, and Jeremy are the worst. I cannot wait until they get sent home! Hopefully before jury!

  11. I must be missing something. Aaryn told Elissa she put her up because she is making waves in teh house. Nick called Elissa the wicked witch. I watched the show and after dark and Elissa is almost a wall flower in this game. What waves? How is she the wicked witch? It seems to me she is almost to nice and too honest. She hasn’t even tried any trickery to keep herself in the game really. Why not tell Aaryn it was Nick who told her to put up David? Why not try to makes some real waves hoping to save herself?

    • As much as I like Elissa, she just does not know how to play this game. She had MVP twice and blew it. Big mistake was telling people she had it which put a bigger target on her back. Also, it removed the suspicion on others. See, she could have insinuated that someone else had MVP and maybe, it would have stick. That would have stirred the house more than threatening Nick to put him up. She should have kept her mouth shut and opened it only to stir the pot some against her enemies obviously. Will that prevent her from being evicted? Probably not because the racists and bullies group have already decided she was their target. However, it would have been interesting if Elissa were to have succeeded in seeding doubt about the racists and bullies group’s members loyalties to each other. Then, they would be going after each other when Elissa leaves. Oh, well, we have to wait for someone else to take out these garbage is the coming weeks.

      • I agree Elissa did not make good choices while being MVP. Since BB put her in imo they automatically put a huge target on her back. Even without the crew we got I think at least some players would automatically be against a sibling of any previous player who had a huge following. I just think the combination of bringing a sibling who already had a huge following along with the MVP twist was not a great idea. The concept may have worked if the person brought in was not recognized and also played the game better than Elissa has played it. I know it is early in the game and a lot can happen. Nothing against Elissa and I think she will be happier once she is away from this game. I have watched since Season 1 and just would like to see things improve some way/some how.

  12. I was so disappointed and annoyed with the “Live Feeds” and the way that they constantly cut away to the Fish Tank with a “We’ll Be Back” message, that I called CBS and, thankfully, they issued me a full refund for my paid season subscription. It was SO NOT WORTH IT ! You can’t believe how many subscribers are complaining there about these HG’s and the crappy camera work and constant “technical problems”….like all 4 cams in one room, rather than giving you 4 separate views to choose from. They lead you to believe that you, as the viewer, will have real flexibility to view multiple areas of the house, but it’s not so….VERY disappointing ! With this group I’ve decided that the 3 weekly shows will be MORE than enough. Now I’m only watching because I dislike them and want the pleasure of seeing them voted out. I honestly wish that NONE of these folks would win the $500,000 !

  13. If Nick were to go, there would be no show to watch. I think he relishes the chance to be on the block. gives him time to pursue his acting career. if his two alliances turn on him, that would be a shame, I don’t see anyone else worth watching.

  14. It would have been nice to put Kim who won Survivor a couple of seasons back into the Big Brother house. She showed you can play a very good social game without the useless, hurtful language these racists and bullies group is showing everyone this season. She was also a beast in competitions and probably can also win competitions in Big Brother. Consider the fact that the competitions they had to endure in Survivor was harder. The complaint I know will come that she should not be in the Big Brother house because she has already won a reality show. Probably not going to happen but, CBS casting needs a dramatic overhaul. Atleast, require everyone to pass an IQ test and get 150 which I believe is just average. If they cannot pass that then, they should not be picked up as a contestant and I am sure they probably have thousands applying to play on Big Brother.

    • There would be a bunch of geniuses if everyone had an IQ of 150…lol. But I see what you mean…although you never know how people are going to act in social settings. And contestants will try to give answers that they think BB wants to hear.

    • An average IQ is one around 100. The range for average is 90-109. 130 & above is Mensa.

      Not one of these house clowns come close to Mensa.

  15. On BBAD last night, Jessie was telling some of the hgs about a dream that she had. In my opinion, her recap of the dream was like watching paint dry. Anyway, in the recap, Jessie said that this cute guy that she either just met or was dating, was dancing with his retarded brother (or person). Aryan asked if the retarded (might not have said retarded) person had down syndrome. Jessie said yes. Aryan proceeded to bury her face in a pillow and laugh. Where the hell did they find these idiots!

  16. Another thing, why is Andy trying to deny that he is gay? I know many of you like Andy, but I think he is a little weasel. I believe this idiot said that he once dated a playboy playmate. Right…..Andy…..please!

    • I haven’t seen one thing about Andy saying he isn’t gay. That’s completely ridiculous. You must have heard something way out of context.

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