The Best And Worst Moments Of Big Brother 19 Week 8

It was a predictable and relatively uneventful week in the Big Brother 19 house as the house targeted the one last “outsider,” leaving most viewers longing for something a little more. So don’t be surprised if this week’s edition of Ewws & Ahhs have more ewws than ahhs.

The Best and Worst Moments of Big Brother 19 Week 8

Eww. That Friday Episode: How pointless was that “special” Friday episode of Big Brother 19? Not only did it tout Derrick, hardly a fan-favorite, as a “worth-it” special guest, it was a clip show! We were seriously being forced to watch things we had seen days or a week before. Something tells me CBS ordered that episode pre-season and then producers ran out of ideas to fill the slot. What’s even worst is that meant a Live Feed outage all night Thursday and most of Friday.

Ahh. Derrick Skips Over Raven. The only good part of that episode was Derrick didn’t even waste time talking to Raven. So we had no Raven montage. That really says a lot about her popularity (or lack thereof).

Eww. Christmas Wins HOH. I had hoped Mark could pull out a win to shake things up at least a little that week, but once again the same group keeps the power. So we all knew what was ahead.

Ahh. The HOH Competition. I love seeing new competitions or news spins on competitions. I thought that competition was a little easy, but it was still a fun one.

Eww. The New Twist: That temptation tree is just pointless. There’s only one decent reward on there and that’s the extra veto. I think these players have had enough advantages this season. Let’s get back to basics for at least a couple weeks, jeez.

Ahh. Mark Gets Picked for Veto: At least Mark got a shot to fight for his place in the game this week and couldn’t be straight-up backdoored.

Ahh. Zingbot. It was the return of Zingbot this week and that robot did not hold back. Josh’s and Christmas’ zings were a little harsh, but that’s what roasting is all about I guess.

Eww. Mark Loses the Veto: Well, so much for that. Definitely knew it was going to be a predictable week at this point.

Eww. The Veto Comp: Why did they do the slip and slide competition as a veto? We always get to watch that one play out on the live feeds and it’s always a long and enjoyable one. How disappointing.

Ahh. Mark Campaigns. Mark worked hard all week to survive the week. He made a lot of valid arguments and talked to all the right people. But in the end, Paul wanted Mark gone and what Paul says goes this season. Good fight, Mark, even if it was a bit too late.

Ahh. Endurance Competition. Finally, we get another endurance competition! Of course it played out on the Live Feeds, and this is a spoiler-free post, so that’s all I’m saying.

What did you find as the best and worst moments of Big Brother 19 Week 8?



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  1. Boo boo 😭 Let’s all cry because the house is doing what Paul wants. Everyone did the same during Derrick’s season (which is why he wasn’t a fan favorite). Instead of admiring good game play, we should all lament the fact that Paul has the house right where he wants it. The fact is that Paul has done a great job of positioning himself, and the others have made it as far as they have by sticking to their plan of getting the outsiders out. They are still in the game and the others aren’t, so they have obviously done something right. The reason there hasn’t been much drama is because the outsiders can’t win a comp when they need to. it will pick up now though bc they have to start targeting each other at this point.

    • Derrick was my favorite and in the top 3 all time best players. Derrick controlled the drama and kept the house calm, unlike Paul leading the personal and nasty attacks.

      • Exactly. Derrick didn’t resort to sending his minions to aggravate the other HGs thus annoying all of the other HGs. He just silently manipulated others to take care of those that needed to go. I think Derrick’s play was masterful and I concur that he’s one of the all-time best.

    • You can’t compare Derrick to Paul or Paul to Derrick. Both controlled the house but the difference is Derrick was there and won his first time around and Paul is back for a second season and is still the same nasty ass person he was last year. Paul might be playing the game he is playing a game that no one likes to see played. Worst group of HG’s since BB15.

      • Alex and Jason are a good story at least. They will keep me watching just to see if they can win all the comps and force Paul out.

      • They voted for Matt to leave, which was against Paul’s demands. Hopefully they have the guts to BD Paul. They can do it, they just need to bribe, scare, etc.

      • Then don’t watch! He’s playing the perfect game for what is currently presented to him in the house! Don’t hate the playa – hate the game!

      • I do blame production. No player has been given as much protection and advantages as Paul has.

      • Perfect game? Seriously? He’s a punk, tbh. Inciting all the other HGs to bully others, picking unnecessary fights, throwing Kevin under the bus because he sees how good of a social game he has, etc…Although I do believe at this point he’d win, and I also believe he kind of deserves it, it’s STRICTLY for the fact that anyone of us would’ve led the charge when so many people seemed to hang on our every word like they do Paul’s. Paul is not that good of a player. He’s just gotten too many advantages and has gotten the game handed to him thus far.

      • I guess now I have to turn my TV off because you said so,OOOOOHHHH I am scarred. Just a typical Paul supporter and one of them there liberals that thinks the world should be handed to them. Paul is more than likely to win and if you had done your research on these other post’s, you would see what I just said was said by me more than once. Paul is a nasty ass, loud mouth, foul speaking tattooed punk that lives in his Mother’s basement. He incites riots in the house and more than like;y will win. There I said it twice this time, did you catch both times? Now, if you don’t like what I or anyone else post’s on here, you can feel free to flip us off and move on. I promise not one of us would be offended on that gesture. I like a good debate but to listen to someone complain about someone commenting on a person on REALITY TV is beyond me. Then again, maybe this is real life to you too. See I even threw in a Cody reference there.

      • I happen to like Paul in the house but I do agree with almost everything you said. You are so right. That is the reason I watch BB & Survivor every season since they started. Even when I don’t like the person that wins. Like you, I know this is a REALITY SHOW ON TV. That is one reason I like to watch both. I can relax from work and watch other people do crazy things I would never do. I have also agreed with a lot of things you have said.

      • Anyone can disagree with me and if I am wrong I tell I am sorry. Sometimes I get it wrong and they correct me. Again no problem there. Not everyone will agree with who they think wins or feel should win. I am rooting for Alex but her actions have me questioning my support for her. Yes, I didn’t like Paul last season and again this season I don’t care for him but I have stated many times at least he is playing the game and playing the HG’s as well. He will more than likely win unless these people talk.

      • Yes you have. That is one of the reasons I like your comments. I totally agree with you. I do like Paul’s game but like you I have been rooting for Alex. I, too, wonder if she is just playing Paul or has fallen under his spell. I do think Paul is playing a good game but this season reminds me of a season on Survivor where everyone was lead around like blind mice. I am also beginning to like Jason. He is not as country as he seem at first. I was born in Memphis, TN so I am country myself. He does have a brain. He has made some good comments that Alex has shut down.

      • That is why Alex might be going to jury before Jason. Then again, Alex is the only other comp beast left in the house and I could see her winning HOH soon.

    • No one expected Derrick to be able to pull that off. These houseguests are willingly throwing their games to Paul because he is vet.

  2. With Jason as the new HOH, I would really like to see him Back Door Paul this week. Jason is looking ahead and thinking differently than Alex but all it takes is for one person to say that Paul is in their Final 3. Or for someone to figure out that Paul is floating from team to team planting seeds. I am still surprised no one has ever suggested that Paul go up as a pawn. After all, he is in the best spot now more than ever.

    • LOL Matthew just said in the next to last phrase that “this is a spoiler-free post” and you just spoiled the result of the HoH. LOL

      • LOL, yeah he did but I think he was talking about how people got to see the live feeds and see who won HOH.

      • No, look at all the post he make where there are a spoiler, it says “Big Brother 19 Spoilers” in the title. So that readers can avoid these threads if they don’t want to know the spoiler.

        But don’t worry about it anyway, I was just teasing you. It’s not like it’s the 1st time it happens. LOL

    • Like I’ve said before, Paul was approached about the possibility of being a pawn a couple of times and both times he deflected. Yet it didn’t raise any red flags. That’s how dumb these HGs are.

    • We need another banner. Lol. That’s the only way they’ll know he has a F3 with everyone. Because they don’t compare notes.

  3. Cant wait for the day RAVEN gets her boot out of the house…and the jury house will get to deal with her garbage…lol

  4. I can agree with nearly all of your assessments EXCEPT the Zingbot one. I’m so tired of Zingbot. They need to rethink it and do something different. He’s always hard to understand fully and I, personally, think he gets too personal and explicit.

  5. Besides bring Paul back this season, not allowing the fans to view the slip and slide competition is about the worst decision CBS made this year. I was really looking forward to watching that one. There has been so little to enjoy this year; that could have been a highlight for the fans

  6. This is a first, I agree with every ewww and ahhh, lol!

  7. Mark indeed did well by trying to sway people, and I agree that his reasoning was good. The problem is that reasoning only works with reasonable people, and you can’t be considered reasonable if you’re a puppet. Nonetheless, Mark knows that he tried, which was better than, for example, sitting in the bedroom for several days alone even if the outcome was the same.

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