Big Brother 19 Live Feeds Week 9: Thursday Night Highlights

After a relatively quiet several days in the Big Brother 19 house, it’s time for the big group to turn on each other and the drama is already starting thanks to a couple of hinky votes that turned messy with plenty of fallout and finger pointing.

Raven and Matthew on Big Brother 19

We’ve got Alex trying to pin her eviction vote on Kevin and we’ve got Matthew and Raven freaking out about actually having to play the game this week on Big Brother. Read on for all the post-HOH details.

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Big Brother 19 Live Feed Highlights – Thursday, August 24, 2017:

8:10 PM BBT – Feeds are back from the HoH comp & HGs are all inside getting cleaned up. Kevin asks Alex if she knows who voted for Matthew to be evicted. Alex says she honestly does not know.

8:12 PM BBT – Kevin tells Christmas he 100 percent knows who Jason is going to nominate and she has nothing to worry about. Kevin tells her that he voted to evict Mark and doesn’t know who was playing games with those votes.

8:18 PM BBT – Jason tells Kevin that one of the votes for Matthew was himself and the other might have been Alex. He tells him not to worry about it. Jason tells Kevin it was planned that way.

8:27 PM BBT – Josh is talking about Kevin spazzing over the vote and thinks it was him. Alex lies and says it was Kevin but that leaves another vote against Matthew. Christmas tells them Kevin swore to her he didn’t do it.

8:33 PM BBT – Alex says she thinks Kevin voted weird and they are finally going to nail him.

8:36 PM BBT – Raven and Alex talking about Kevin needing to be on the block.

8:38 PM BBT – Paul tells Jason that he thinks Raven was the other vote because they wanted to have someone they could point fingers at. Alex says it was 100 percent Kevin and Raven.

8:48 PM BBT – Jason now backtracks with Kevin and tells him he doesn’t think the other vote was Alex and that it must have been Raven.

8:50 PM BBT – Kevin tells Paul that those two votes came from Alex and Jason. Kevin says everyone thinks it was him and Paul says that’s the point. They want someone to blame and target.

8:54 PM BBT – Paul asks Jason if the other vote was Alex. Jason says no and Paul says Kevin just told him it was. Jason says, no, he just told Kevin it wasn’t Alex. They agree that Raven must have been the other vote.

8:57 PM BBT – Matthew thinks one of the votes against him was Kevin and the other was Alex or Jason. Christmas tells Matthew that she’s pretty sure they want Kevin out. Matthew says as long as Kevin is up then it doesn’t matter who is sitting next to him.

9:01 PM BBT – Josh tells Christmas he can tells those rogue votes were Alex and Jason. He said Jason wouldn’t even look him in the eyes. Christmas says they need to let them think they don’t know that. Josh says he thinks he might go up but Christmas says this all feels like they’re trying to use Kevin as a scapegoat and might backdoor him.

9:07 PM BBT – Alex tells Jason they can’t tell anyone else about Jason’s vote other than Paul. She says stick to it being Kevin and Raven. Jason says he already told Kevin. Alex flips out. Alex says for Jason to say he was lying to Kevin to try to get it out of him that he voted for Matthew.

9:20 PM BBT – Kevin explains to Paul that Jason said voting against Matthew was Alex’s idea and Jason probably wasn’t aware that it was to frame him (Kevin). Kevin tells Paul he hasn’t done anything wrong and Paul tells him not to worry.

9:29 PM BBT – Kevin tells Jason to get Josh off his back about the vote. Jason says maybe Josh is pointing fingers ay Kevin because he was the other vote. Kevin says he doesn’t want to look like a chump. Jason tells him to just remain calm.

9:38 PM BBT – Raven tells Matthew she’s bummed because she wanted the HOH room for them. She says now she’s in pain after that competition.

9:50 PM BBT – Jason doing his Cody impersonation.

9:53 PM BBT – Kevin is bummed over everything and Alex asks him why. He says he’s just tired of going out of competitions first.

10:20 PM BBT – Jason says he is going to try and make Raven a HN even though she’s got the never-not pass.

10:25 PM BBT – Raven says she she doesn’t think she could have beat Jason. She expects Kevin to go this week. Raven also says there’s no way Alex and Jason get to the end together.

10:35 PM BBT – Raven and Matthew are sure it was Jason and Kevin who voted against him. They’re annoyed that Kevin even asked Raven how she voted.

11:05 PM BBT – Paul questions Alex about the vote. He lets her know that Jason already told him she did it. Alex denies it and suggests Jason was trying to bait Kevin.

11:10 PM BBT – Alex confirms to Paul the plan is probably to nominate Matthew and Raven while pretending it’s to Backdoor Kevin. Paul says he’ll work on convincing them of that.

11:15 PM BBT – Paul assures Raven that Kevin must have been the other vote and they’re going to try to BD Kevin.

11:25 PM BBT – Paul and Christmas discuss the votes. He’s not worried about those and wants to make sure neither of them are the Noms.

11:40 PM BBT – Kevin and Christmas talk about how there won’t be shields for HGs to hide behind with their game play anymore. Kevin promises he always keeps his word.

11:45 PM BBT – Jason and Alex joke about Jessica putting Ramses up as a pawn and thinking he was safe.

12:05 AM BBT – Alex says she thought Raven was still in the comp at the end and didn’t realize she had dropped right after Paul.

12:40 AM BBT – Jason got his HoH room. HGs come up to see pictures and hear his letter.

1:20 AM BBT – Jason tells the HoH crew that he’s sick of Raven and Matthew. He mentions that Matthew pitched a F5 deal, but Jason says he didn’t promise him anything in return.

1:30 AM BBT – Paul mentions Raven knowing about his band but denies that she attended a concert. (Previously there’s been discussion that she did come to one of his band’s concerts in Little Rock and the two met there and discussed Big Brother.)

1:45 AM BBT – Jason says he realized Raven has been lying about so much and wonders if it’s all fake.

1:50 AM BBT – Jason mentions how DR asked him to say a specific line. Feeds cut.

1:55 AM BBT – Jason says he doesn’t care who goes between Matthew and Raven then suggests they keep Raven. Paul wonders if Matthew would save Raven should he win the Veto.

2:00 AM BBT – Paul asks Jason about the hinky votes. Paul wonders if it really was Raven for the second vote to Jason’s. Jason agrees that it probably was her.

2:10 AM BBT – Christmas and Josh discuss the hinky votes. Josh is certain that it was Alex and Jason (he’s right) and says he doesn’t need anyone to confirm that.

2:15 AM BBT – Paul tells Jason they can get Christmas and Josh to go after Kevin for them. Paul suggests Josh wouldn’t go after either him, Jason, or Alex. Jason agrees.

2:20 AM BBT – Josh tells Christmas that next week they should go after Jason. Christmas agrees.

2:35 AM BBT – Alex tells Jason she may have accidentally voted against Matthew. (Either she’s lying to Jason to CYA or she was confused in the moment of voting.)

2:40 AM BBT – Jason and Alex discuss what he should say when he puts Matthew and Raven on the Block. Jason worries Matthew would be upset at them for sending Raven out so he thinks they should keep Raven and evict Matthew.

2:43 AM BBT – Jason worries that Christmas would come after the two of them. Alex disagrees and thinks she would put up Josh and Raven instead of them.

2:45 AM BBT – Paul checks in with Alex and Jason to let them know he’ll keep working on assuring Matthew and Raven that Kevin is the BD target and they don’t have to worry.

2:55 AM BBT – Josh camtalks that they’re going to get Matthew out this week then they’ll turn on Jason and Alex next week to get one of them out.

3:00 AM BBT – Paul, Alex, and Jason discuss how to handle noms and a renom this week. Paul wants them to keep quiet on plans. He suggests if Kevin is up as a pawn then to give him a hinky vote so he can see what it’s like.

3:05 AM BBT – Kevin joined the talk. He swears to God that it wasn’t him who voted against Matthew. Jason says maybe it was Raven. Alex says unless she messed up, then it wasn’t her either.

3:10 AM BBT – Alex and Jason discuss how secure they feel with Paul and she says she wouldn’t worry if any of them won HoH because they’re watching out for each other.

3:15 AM BBT – Alex tells Jason she’s sure Josh would put up Raven and Christmas.

3:20 AM BBT – Alex says her and Jason have made it this far only because they have Paul to thank.

3:45 AM BBT – Lights are finally out and HGs are getting some sleep.

There are going to be a lot of surprised Houseguests in the mix here for the next few weeks. Paul has them all secretly pitted against each other and it’s about to pay off, especially for us Feedsters as we get to watch it all blow up around them.

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  1. Alex saying they need to thank Paul for where they’re at… oh honey, if only you knew what was going to happen to you if you or Jason didn’t win HOH!!! Lol

    • I want to respect her for the fact that she’s competitive and wins comps… but she’s been one of the most blind in the house all season and her cattiness towards the HG leaving… blah. Poor jury management. She’s not playing for the win.

      • She’s almost exactly opposite of the person we saw in the first couple of weeks in the house. She had her sights set on winning the game. Period. After week 2 she fell under Paul’s spell and it’s gotten worse over time.

      • She is playing for the win. You have to remember she doesn’t see what we see and she’s trusting in her alliance with Paul and Jason. Thing is Jason has her back and Paul doesn’t. But how would she know this? Somehow nobody has compared notes so everyone believes Paul. Her trusting Paul doesn’t make her a bad player. Cody trusted Jess didn’t he? Jess trusted Cody didn’t she? Matt trusts Raven, Raven trusts Matt. It’s the same thing.

      • I do think it is great that she’s trusting in her allies… or at least Paul. I feel like her downfall is going to be the fact that Jason picks up on some legitimate concerns, but every time he goes to her with one she shuts him down without so much as considering the possibility.

    • The irony is that Paul has Alex to thank because she has helped him to be successful in his games/ploys by protecting him and divulging information from those who attmpted to pull out Paul’s game plays and secrets.

  2. Hearing marks perspective on josh last night it honestly opened my eyes that he may be the unexpected darkhorse of the season. Sure if he is up against alex/jason/or paul he loses but anyone else i think he definitely has a shot because it seems like they all respect him for turning his game around accept for elena/cody. Yes he will need to cut paul and my hope is paul keeps dragging him and at f3 he wins and cuts paul. Josh is very annoying and too agressive but I can recognize in his own way he has turned his game around. Also he seems to have better awareness than most. He is the only one who recognized alex/jason were the 2 votes for mark.

    • I agree. Can’t stand the meatball, but he’s been the most observant in the house and he has himself in a great position right now.

    • The question is, would anyone in that house NOT take Paul with them to F2? Right now the only ones I can think of that wouldn’t would be Matt or Raven should they both make the F3. Other than the Matt, Raven, Paul F3 scenario, I think all of the HGs would take Paul to F2.

      • My scenario was if Maven and Paul were the F3. Matt would take Raven, and Raven would take Matt. At least I’m fairly certain of that anyway. Matt is pretty star-struck with Paul so you never know for sure, lol.

    • I don’t like Josh that much, but I would love to see him be the one to successfully get rid of Paul in the same manner that Steve evicted Vanessa. It was an unexpected opportunity that won the game for Steve. Josh is just as annoying as Vanessa was, just louder. Sadly,few of the others are observant enough to see Paul’s tactics and his control of the game.

  3. Derrick is to thank TBH for the Mega alliances that have formed in 17,18, and 19

    It is the smartest way to play BB you basically cut the game in half because while you take out the outsiders you get to form your smaller group and decide who to go to the final week with f4,3,2.

    I honestly don’t think we will ever see a BB season post BB16 that does not use the mega alliance because why would anyone not. You basically get guaranteed top 8.

    If it aint broken don’t fix it.

    • Agree. What was fun about this season though is all the first week outsiders eventually got into the majority group. Yes they are pauls minions but was interesting to see how josh/alex/jason/kevin went from being shunned to being in the majority alliance.

    • That didn’t really happen this season though. There was talk of Cody, Jessica, Mark, Elena, Matt, Raven, Dominique, Christmas, and Paul, but that blew up the second Cody nominated two of them. I don’t really think Alex/Jason and Matt/Raven were ever aligned. They just had common enemies because Paul convinced them to.

    • It feels like it’s been forever since we haven’t seen a mega alliance. I almost don’t remember what it’s like!!! Lol
      Why is it that BBCan seasons are so much more competitive? (From what I hear at least, never watched them) Is it a casting thing?

  4. So… did Alex make a mistake, or is she lying about the Matthew vote? Did she do it purposely, to blame Kevin?

      • Yep, and when Mark hugged her on his way out, he told her thank you. I’m surprised no other HGs picked up on that, especially Paul since he doesn’t seem to miss much.

      • Josh may have heard it and is keeping it under wraps for now. I mean, he does seem to be wanting to go after Jason and Alex more than ever now. He’s even said he’s certain they both voted to evict Matt. He’s either just speculating but coming off as knowing, or he heard the exchange between Mark and Alex and is just not mentioning that he heard it. Could Josh be a better player than we’ve come to believe? Interesting..

      • Alex is working those jury votes…hopefully for Jason and not her. It’s been frustrating all season to watch her shoot Jason down about Paul and to watch Jason back down to her. I will admit that Alex has helped to keep Jason centered but it’s yet to be seen who her tactics prove to benefit most or are more detrimental to, her or him. It’s past time to start being leery of Paul.

    • Alex DID vote to evict Matt. Why she’s denying it, not sure, unless she doesn’t want paul to know she did something on her own without his prior permission and signed in her blood.
      Have read that Alex and Jason’s votes were to help Mark feel better, that it wasn’t an unanimous vote: 6-0.
      Probably when ‘found out’ then it was trying to: back track, blame Kevin, get paul’s heat off her back, etc. pick one, any one or make one up by yourself.

  5. Down to the nitty gritty. Talk of Matt and Raven as targets under the guise of pawns. Kevin may not be safe but with Jason as HOH Kevin may skip this week after all. I really want these people to shake things up and Paul’s game should be clear to them right now but for some ungodly reason, none of them have picked up on what he says. NOT EVEN JOSH and Josh is keen to pick things up quickly.

    • I want to go in there and shake Alex until she starts to see what is really happening re Paul and that Xmas and Josh are a couple in the game. So easy when you’re sitting out here but this blindness is going to be her downfall and will take Jason down too.

    • In seasons past people have done it (chatted and found out about such things) but the HGs this season are just so overwhelmed by Paul they just can’t imagine him doing anything like that. I think we’re now at the time where they’re going to start seeing the light but it’ll be too little, too late.

    • They all think Paul is their saviour in the game. So they shouldn’t be talking to who he appears to be against. That is their undoing.

      • Exactly. They don’t want to risk being the next Jess and Cody, even if it could benefit their game. There is too much groupthink.

      • and paul also keeping telling his minions not to talk to anyone else or be around them, or they get chewed out, no yelled at, by paul.

  6. Alex is done with good judgement if she ever had. She is now messing up Jason’s games without knowing. I said in an earlier post that Alex wrongly believe that without Paul in the house, she is in trouble water.

  7. Who really thought this game would be boring from now on ? Go ahead, raise your hand and be counted.

    I see great potential for drama in the week to come, these people are just crazy. Good riddance Jess and Cody, they are the one that were making the game sluggish.

    • There has to be drama in the next few weeks as the pairs are broken up.

      But I don’t think Jess and Cody are to necessarily blame for making it sluggish. The groupthink mentality of the house is responsible for that. Any other season, even if there are 1 or 2 major targets, you still would see some game talk and shifts happen over the course of the week and this year there was just none of that. 4 days before eviction, they’ve all made up their mind what they’re doing and looking ahead to the next target ensuring another boring week unless said target wins HOH/Veto.

      • NO, it’s the fact that it took 5 weeks to get rid of both of them, that made the game sluggish. If HGs had voted Jess out instead of Dom, and Cameron had beat Cody on BB or Paul beat Cody to prevent him from coming back, we would have a completely different game.

      • Excitement? All they did was lay in bed. Well they did a few other things but it had nothing to do with playing the game. Zzzzzzz

      • You nailed it here. The groupthink made it extremely boring (although I never thought I would stop watching, lol).

      • and going after Matt and Raven the useless couple, is that a big move that will cause some drama??? OLOLO make me laugh

      • Who care whos going out this week, it’s the gameplay and the drama around it that is interresting.

      • Comments like this one are why I’m confused about your comment above about it being boring when Cody and Jessica were there. There was constant drama with them on the show. Yeah, they were boring as a couple but the drama they created (or Josh, or Paul created) was some decent entertainment. Until things got ugly, that is.

      • Absolutely, I’ve never been one to complain about the entertainment part of the show.

        But there are lots of people complaining all the time that it is boring this year or it would be boring the rest of the year because Jody is out. And I disagree with them. What I’m saying is been bad players and having been help by twist, these 2 made the game sluggish for 5 weeks. Right now game is on and will move at faster pace.

        The other things is that we are down to 8 peoples, so 6 of them will be kick out in the next 4 weeks. So does it matter that Matt will be the one this week or next week or the week after. No. So it is completely ridiculous to say that it will be boring because they are going after Matt this week.

      • Raven will do a total melt down when put on the block…Its gonna make her so sick that we have to hear 24/7 that she is likely to die before the end of the season on national TV or the feeds and that is why she should not be voted out….That is probably what u and the rest of us have to look forward to this coming week…

      • oh no, Medics will be called in, ambulance to the back yard with light flashing and whistles and horns blaring!!

      • That’s exactly why they need to go. Who wants to watch them eating or screwing? That’s all they do.

      • Hahaha hey have you watched feeds yet? I just got up a little over an hour ago. Watched feeds until 5am. What is wrong with me? Lol

      • It is so addictive, right? You think just 5 minutes more and just keep going. Nothing much gets done when I’m home.

      • Well Survivor probably starts the next week, so that’s like a gradual withdrawl, less intense. We should be able to handle that without attending too many BBAnonymous meetings

      • Yeah Survivor usually starts on the same night BB ends. At least Survivor is only on once a week and no feeds. I get my life back. Lol

      • Lanza, Lanza, Lanza….So you were bored for 2 months, yet you’ve watched over 20 episodes and posted every day. Why would you torment yourself?

    • So agree,Cody and Jess cast a pall over the whole BB house,like walking on egg shells around those two.

    • Viewers had to wait for 2 months to have an exciting game. I really would have preferred miscellaneous of drama every week back and forth with no straight forward prediction. That wouldn’t be boring.
      Even as it stands, One can still predict the coming week following the scenario of who wins HOH.

    • Oh it is still boring. There weren’t any big moves this whole season. I don’t see this winner going down in history as one of the greats. Paul played the best game but had friendship bracelets at the start that kept all those who would jump on his train, and set up a mini army of minions. Then he had 3 weeks of safety. Biggest move I saw this season was getting rid of ramsy. Stupid on Jess part but, evidently this year is full of terrible game players.

  8. That was an unuusal move from Alex, she usually is upfront with where her vote will go. Thing is she could have just said she was giving Mark a sympathy vote knowing he was getting voted out anyways and would anyone have cared? If she makes it to f2 it could help with jury votes for her, but was there any other motive she had? I missed the live feeds.

    • SMH at the thought of someone in jury allowing their vote to be swayed by a sympathy vote for them when they were evicted.

      • True, unless they look at it as less sympathy vote and more going against Paul and trying to shake things up. And didn’t Nicole basically win last year because one of the deciding votes was because it was time for a female to win? Not always good reasoning…

      • That is the exact point of my comment and a great example, TruBlue, of the stupidity of some jurors.

      • Especially since there’s only half a brain between all the HouseGuest’s except Paul.

      • Right, but if the choice is between two people who are pretty equal, then that might help. Just maybe Paul won’t make it to F2

  9. Alex may have overplayed her hand,not sure lying about what she did,why not just say Mark was going out in a classy way and did not want him to get zero votes…not voting for Mark would had least kept up a pretense we are all on the same page but she has now put Jason in a tough spot and now they are going to be target #1 and #2 next week with very little wiggle room for either of the them,most likely one of them will be going home next week,maybe both..

      • I’m sure she gets paid very well for it. You would just think by this time she’d have better ‘radar’ for the type that are all talk

      • Unless we were there for these interview, we can’t really say. Maybe the others that she rejected were worse than this bunch.

      • After watching the video of Raven and her mother’s Ellen appearance (I think that is what it was from), I can see why she might have been selected. If I had seen it before seeing her on the show, she would have fooled me.

      • She does, I think she is directed to cast specific types and the ones that want the money are not normally the characters that Grodner wants.

      • Jess & Cody might have come to play, but they were horrible player that didn’t understand the game.

      • The only reason it is now considered horrible is because almost all the players are afraid to make big moves, and a vet turned them into public enemy #1. Since Cody was never going to ride the Paul train, he and all those around him became #1 threat, because it threaten Paul’s game. Cody obviously understood a big part of the game and was trying to eliminate a big threat early. One of the biggest bone head moves is to keep a vet in the game. They almost always win in the end.

        No one has thought about taking out Paul, all are complacent to losing to him.

      • They were horrible because when things didn’t go their way, they would isolate themselves more and more, which only made their position in the house worse. If they had any social game and didn’t constantly isolate themselves, they might have still been in the game and maybe in a good spot in the house

      • I disagree. It wouldn’t have mattered. We have Matt and Raven who have totally isolated themselves and they are still in it just floating along going wherever it takes them.

        Once Cody went after Paul and put Xmas up, there was no way Cody could get back into the game. Jess got caught up in the middle and stuck by. They automatically became public enemy #1 because they would never follow Paul and Paul knew it.

        If Paul didn’t have safety and was voted out then, Cody might have trusted his group more and it might have been a whole different ball game. Cody was not one to shy from conflict and wasn’t ever going to be a floater.

      • At least Cody will get America’s Favorite Player. I get solice from that. Cody was screwed by Paul and CBS for giving Paul a free 3 weeks of freedom….never happened before but BB needed Paul to win the game so gave him many advantages.

      • I don’t believe for a minute that Cofy will get AFP, not that it would bother me if he does. Personally, l’m voting for Mark.

    • What did the people say during casting? I’d be willing to bet some of them talked about showmances. And ever since Branchel, that’s mostly what the show is concerned about. How else can you explain Julie’s gushing over racist Jody?

      • With Raven I’m certain they saw a sweet lil ole southern gal who is suffering from a disease. They didn’t realize she suffers from Munchausen’s syndrome and is a scammer who self harms.

      • They should put that in the ads. “Big Brother: We’ve created more lasting couples than The Bachelor.”

      • yuck. Remember Amanda and McFilthy? Or the passionate love of Austin and the thick twin? How about Caleb the Stalker and the Girl Who Knew She Was Too Pretty to Play BB?

      • Nicole and other house guests have said on live feeds that Robyn talks about showmances and selects some people specifically because she thinks they will hook up. It usually cuts to fish once this talk starts.

    • I believe most of the time they can tell who just wants fame and who wants the money. The problem is that Robyn wants the same character types every season. Characters aren’t there for the $500k. They want fame, showmances, summer vacation, social media followers, etc. They need to cast age 28 and up. People with families, college bills, whatever. Stop picking kids, sexy, quirky.. Don’t force in a gay person just to check that box, skip southerners next season, go with east and west coast . Basically rip up the cast receipe, fire Robyn Kass, fire Allison Grodner and all other producers. Get new talent to renovate this show.

      • Replace zingbot, revise games, somehow keep the strong players and get rid of those not playing. Such as: get some many points for winning comp, so many points for this and that. Points OFF for sleeping, lying around, eating too much or at most times, showmances (well at least sexual contact to leave used condoms around, haha).
        Have food comps like before, short brain teaser, physical tasks, mental mixers, etc to earn and lost points.
        The object would be to get rid of the player(s) who are NOT pulling it’s weight: one player, two players or no players evicted each week.
        End up with HGs actually participating in the game.

      • Zingbot was the best part of this season. And they have revised a lot of games. And the twists kept everyone wondering what is going to happen. I like this season.

      • I love Zingbot and the comps this season are pretty good. A point system is a good idea! That could combat against throwing comps. I use to enjoy voting on the slop meal for the week. Really good ideas.

      • I believe the majority of these people are over 28. And it seems to be doing just fine in the ratings. Higher than ever. Renewed again. I find it entertaining. JMO

      • Sometimes I think watching the live feeds is bad for me. If I didn’t watch them, I would probably like this season.

      • I agree. But then we’d miss so much. Lol. I’m rooting for Alex and Jason for F2. He’s such a nice guy and she’s a spitfire gamer. But if they go then I’ll just relax and not care who wins.

    • Haha I was watching this last night. She was rolling her eyes because Raven wouldn’t shut up and Matt and his stupid laugh.

  10. Finally, with Mark gone, it’s game up to the finale. Just waiting for a complete jury to announce the final winner.
    No one left in the house has the permutation to beat Paul when put on the block till f2/3.

    • Well both pairs, Joshmas and Jalex are both planning to cut paul at f3. They don’t realize that may be too late. But again, neither are taking Paul to f2.

      • Before F3, Jalex would have been splitted. That’s a major house/Paul’s target coming week. Joshmas are not bonded well enough for F2 alliance. They are more concerned with achieving F3 with Paul after which anything could play out.
        I won’t be surprise to see that they will be satisfied at that point to have gotten that far.

      • Alex will win the next HOH. So her and Jason will be fine. And Josh and Santa have a very tight bond.

      • Yes, Joshmas do have a tight bond. They haven’t plan f2 together without Paul. Jalex obviously are each other’s ride or die. That’s why they are target.
        But why are you so certain that Alex will win HOH next week? Are you also certain about Jason the week after?
        I understand you are TeamAlex. But winning competition alone wont take both of them to the final. It makes a threat and a target instead.
        First Alex need to listen little more to Jason, stop believing too much in Paul, then they need to work out the right permutation to backdoor Paul with the right person to put on the block beside him on the block if they want to get to final.
        If only they had known they would have thought of keeping Mark. Marlena made the same mistake when they were obvious targets.

      • When have they said this? On the live feeds? I haven’t heard it on the TV broadcasts nor have I read about it on the daily highlights here.

      • Xmas had said that at F3, she will just watch Josh and Paul battle out themselves while she goes to the the final with whoever.

      • Ok, well MG said they are “both planning to cut paul at f3” and I had not heard that. Doesn’t sound like that’s what was said.

      • Josh will cut Paul but Santa will throw her game away for Paul. And Jason and Alex will take each other.

  11. Matthew has no one to blame but himself. He only talks to Paul and Christmas and expects Jason to keep Maven intact? He should know better.

  12. I read on Jokers that Josh has been hiding under a blanket and eating. What normally is the punishment for a half not eating? I heard people talk about penalty votes but since he is not on the block how would that work?

  13. Mark and Josh are like two crazy brothers in a house. A senior who tolerates and expects overblown behaviour from a younger one, and A junior who goes erratic on his senior like it’s his privilege, realises and later fire up knowing he is protected and has to be tolerated.

  14. WTF. This IS The Worst Season Of Big Brother EVER!!
    Why not save any remaining costs for Comps, give them to a Charity, and just hand Paul the damned Check…
    This Season HAD the potential of being one of the Best Seasons of BB, but that ended with Paul returning and Cameron leaving…
    Blah blah blah, such a completely wasted Season.

    • I wonder how many HGs are going to be embarrassed when they watch this back and see how the blindly followed for ONLY the reason that he was a vet. Yeah, he knows how to play the game but I’d be embarrassed if I had done that, especially when it cost me the game.

      • I think these people are going to defend their game play until their last breath. These left overs seem like that type of people.

      • Christmas will blame her broken foot while forgetting that it got broken while she was galloping around the back yard on the back of a man who left a pregnant wife at home.
        Raven will blame her plethora of diseases.
        Matt will blame Captain Crunch and Unlucky Charms.
        Alex will claim her comp wins and delude herself into believing she gave hilarious DR sessions when all she did was wag her head, read off of cue cards, and speak in what I refer to as the Diary Room Cadence. She will ignore her innate b!tchiness and lousy jury management in it’s entirety.
        Kevin will forget the drool lines he left up and down Christmas’s tatts.
        Likewise, Jason will forget his Plan ‘A’ was to engage in a showmance and he didn’t have a Plan ‘B’ after his wife tied his nuts in a knot.
        Josh lacks the capacity for embarrassment.

        When all else fails this Casting Disaster of Epic Proportions and general all around group of sad sacks will revert to same old, same old and blame it all on Cody and Jessica.

      • The evicted HGs in opposition to Paul all said other HGs were afraid to make a big move or go against Paul and they are his minions.
        Many of the remaining HG that are in the alliance will center their excuses around Cody and Jessica.
        Alex could point that she was the strongest ally to Paul for the final but got betrayed along the line.
        Josh will maintain that loyalty with the right alliance took him far, and he couln’t stand being oppressed.
        Christmas will praise the alliance for carrying her far as she could not take part in competition with her injured leg.
        Jason would say he never got the right chance to combine with the ready people as others were not to be trusted. He wouldn’t want to take the blame of listening too much to Alex.
        Kevin would simply say the entire house (except Jody and Marlena) was blind to Paul and He (Kevin) wasn’t strong in competition inorder to control the game.
        Matt will perhaps say it wasn’t in him to backstab members of his alliance, and didn’t want to jeopardize Raven’s chances of winning the money to help her take care of her numerous diseases.
        Raven will say she was looking to the vet to take her to the final, so she wasn’t going to stir up any move.

  15. “3:20 AM BBT – Alex says her and Jason have made it this far only because they have Paul to thank.”

    Sums up the season for all the others

  16. Jessica’s campaigning for people to vote Cody for AFP . She’s asking to not split the votes between her and Cody, give them all to him. Girl bye! How stupid is this chick?? You give up your 10grand in jury AND your potential 25grand! You don’t even know this fool! Omg Smh. What the hell?? Why did she come on the show?? She should have done The Bachelor! With the other stupidest women in the US!

    • Meh… I don’t have a problem with that. It’s smart.

      I’m not a Jody fan, but I will defend some of their actions in the game. She didn’t give up her 10 grand at jury. Let’s face it, Cody was a cancer to anybody who associated with him. She was with him since day 1 so she was going to get thrown out of the house regardless just like Marlena followed him out the door. She didn’t do anything in my eye that actively threw away her spot in the jury. The only thing she could have done to save her jury spot would be to get someone else as the renom when she used the halting hex and save it for the next week, but when she was left on the block, her hand was forced and she made the right move.

      Now she is out of the house and could campaign for herself, but she’s going to be “out of sight, out of mind” by the end of the season to most casual fans and probably doesn’t stand much of a chance of winning anyway. If she and Cody combined have enough fans that she can help him win, it does make sense even if they split up the day he walks out of the jury house and she isn’t going to see any of the money.

      • The fact she is actually campaigning I don’t like. She’s probably recruiting people who don’t even watch the show which is unfair.

      • Oh, makes sense. I wonder what percentage of viewers would actually vote for her. I can’t see why anyone would but maybe I’m missing something.

      • Take a look at the number of twitter followers for Dominique, Ramsee, and then Jessica… She has a LOT of fans and followers. She’s got over 70,000 followers.

      • No, I am not sure the exact number she came in with, but when I first noticed, it was around 10,000.

      • I really don’t know. But, considering what’s LEFT the house and what’s left IN the house, not sure about much choice either way.

      • If one of them wins, its just not a good look for the show. Cody wasn’t a good sport about anything! Walking on top of that table was such a symbolic and blatant form of disrespect. I commented that night, “damn why did that table have to be so strong??” Lol

      • Didn’t you notice that no-one even stood up for him? Paul’s purpose to standing was only to get in his way. Cody was told that before the voting. No-one standing up was total disrespect also.

      • I did see Mark attempt to stand up. He looked around then sat back down. Either he looked around and saw no one else standing up or he was told to sit down as he attempted to stand up.

      • The fact that all the house guests decided in advance not to stand doesn’t bother you? Paul’s purpose of standing was to get in his way doesn’t bother you? None of that is disrespectful to you?

      • No because he’s a sore loser and poor sport. He was antisocial to the entire cast and looked down upon them as if he’s superior. He’s used intimidation as strategy, that’s barbaric to me, there’s NOTHING Cody exhibited in this game I respect.

      • He walked out on the houseguests not the show. How he does it could be his message to them all. Someone else was destroying the pots and pans which didn’t belong to Cody.
        “Disrespect for ????”

      • Jessica, is that really you? Jk, yeah, see your point except she is no longer in game. America’s favorite was intended to be just that anyways. It’s not a comp to be played.

      • Lol. Too funny. After all the unfair advantages that CBS and Big Brother gave to Paul…..there are not unfair advantages now after that.

      • Can we really trust the results of America’s favorite player anyway? If Paul gets the boot early, they may give it to him regardless if he has the most votes.

      • Looking at polls from other sites, she’s pretty popular. This is the only site I have seen that has Paul on top.

      • I will admit that I love that Jessica didn’t take any crap from Cody. She would be great in [certain] male-dominated business fields. :)

      • So, this is the second season Paul has been on the show and he has 92.5K followers on twiiter. Jessica has been out of the house only a few weeks and already has 72.5K followers. I am not saying I trust CBS with their voting either, but she’s got a huge following.

      • Probably because she is beautiful (on the outside); try to find out how many of those followers are men… She was really nasty to other HG’s. Rude and totally uncaring/uninterested in anyone but herself and her little baby. Jody was kept there as long as possible for ratings – people love the drama and love hating the villains.

      • His advantage was voted on just like Jessica’s. (Halting Hex). Hg’s have still had plenty of time and chances to target him, even after any unfair advantage you think he had. Basically, I just think it would be interesting to see who was fan favorite without ‘buying’ votes.

      • Do you really think that BB production didn’t have a hand in giving Paul the safety at the beginning? It was all a setup to raise ratings.

      • I think the advantage was he got America’s vote because he was the most known and viewers were still reeling from his loss to Nicole. But that advantage expired long ago in more ways than one. If he couldn’t hold his own he would have been out by now. So whether there was an incentive offered for him to return or not, he still had play everything right to stay.

      • Completely agree… but they could have given Paul any of the hexes and they gave him the one with 3 weeks of safety.

      • Yep, that could have been a contingency for him to agree to sign up again. Maybe it wasn’t worth it to him to return unless he had a decent chance to stay at least that amount of time. Or as you said, CBS, chose that because of ratings. Or, none of the above, haha, no clue. But that doesn’t seem like same kind of advantage as Jessica manipulating votes outside of the house, imo. And it did seem Cody and Jessica were on production’s fave list too, so seemed bakanced inside the house. But again, just speculation on my part.

      • I agree with everything you said. I thought it was funny when Raven was in the DR last night, I almost forgot what she looked like.

      • Amen, TruBlue! I should’ve just kept reading instead of stopping to comment. You said it much better than I, and I could’ve just upvoted your posts! :)

      • Omg. Give it a rest. The three week saftey? What about the gift wrapped presents bestowed upon Jody??? Yet they still could barely make to jury. How bout for a change we start evaluating good game play from bad instead of singing that old played out tune. Lets develop a new talking point??

      • 3 weeks of safety was actually 4 evictions. During those 4 evictions, he could still play for HOH and Veto comps. No other player in BB history has been given an advantage like that. Plus he was given friendship bracelets to hand out to help him make alliances at the beginning of the game to take the target off his back.

      • That’s not true, a vet was given 5 weeks safety before and was evicted right after do to not maximising the opportunity like Paul has done. Cody was EVICTED and CAME BACK TO THE LUXURY OF AN HOH, a halting hex and still lacked the skill to gain some sort of levity in the game. There stupid period! Paul is good period! Proof being, he’s there, they arent!

      • What vet was given 5 weeks of safety? Cody didn’t have the halting hex, Jessica did. You get really worked up about this, you going to be ok?

      • I asked at the top. I don’t remember the name. Jessica had the hex of coarse, but Cody benefited from it. That’s a moot point. Also, I’m not “worked up” just making my point.

      • So, Cody won HOH and won the battle back, plus won, then benefited from Jessica’s hex. I don’t remember Cody being handed safety from 4 evictions, do you?

      • Cody could have been handed six weeks safety and still would be stupid enough to screw it up. They’d be waiting week 7 to get him out. Whether Paul had 3 weeks safety or not, he certainly possessed the intelligence to manoeuvre hishis way around Cody’s poorly vetted and constructed “backdoor” plan, I have no doubt about it. How many blocks has Paul been on since then?? Come up with any excuse you need to comfort the fact that Paul is nearly flawlessly dominating this game. Whatever eases your viewing pleasure. I understand.

      • My original point, not to get off track, is that Paul was handed safety for 4 evictions, he was given bracelets to hand out to help make alliances. That is all a fact…. you can’t dispute that.

        I am not a Jody fan, I would rather see someone get their thumb out of their butt and start playing. I just don’t like when they call something a “reality” show and then it’s rigged towards one person for ratings.

      • No no no…. I am sure Paul’s a great guy in person. I just think the advantage he was given sucks. Don’t misunderstand my points.

      • Again, Paul has to sustain his position. If he weren’t worthy, if HGs didn’t like him, he’d have been gone a long time ago. Contrarily, Cody and Jessica were 2 of the most anti-social, stuck-up, and hateful people I’ve ever seen. Ugh, I’d hate having them in my house.

      • Sending one vet into a house versus 16 new players is an inherent disadvantage against the vet and unheard of. To even that out Paul got 3 weeks to be safe. Seems fair enough to me.

      • Reasoning with some of these folks is pointless when it comes to Paul.

      • These shows are all scripted. They have writers. I also don’t understand the hatred toward Paul. He has played phenomenally well and should have won LAST year. Three weeks of safety – so what? If he were an a-hole like Cody or Jessica, his butt would’ve been sent out the door immediately after his safety ended. And the bracelets – again, so what? Who cares about a piece of braided whatever? It wasn’t gold. He could’ve just come in and pointed at 8 people: “You, You, You,…; let’s be friends?” What’s the difference? I’m sorry, but people who complain and complain about all that sound like whining little tattle-tale brats that no one likes/who doesn’t know how to make friends.

      • You should really stop sucking Paul’s dick. It is gross. Although he looks the type to really be gay. Ugh….the poor gay community has that creep too.

      • When I’m done, shove it up your cun+. I knew you were stupid but I didn’t you were a bi+ch too. The “gross” “creep” is you for making a comment like that you douche bag.

      • Oh stop your whining. You are a bore. And your nasty misogynist language is not shocking at all. You are a nasty individual. Sorry your life sucks so much. Not my problem though. Go find someone who cares……if you can…..Yieks.

      • You must be mistaking me for your dick. I would bet a million it’s small, and you dont get any because you can’t find anything better to do than come to this site and pick fights with people that don’t agree with you, I see you do it all the time. You’re trying to compensate for lack of here. You’re pathetic. You’re not even capable of having a civil and intelligent debate like most people here. You have to resort to being petty and vulgar telling people to suck dicks in shi+. Paul has a big one, i see the bulge through his shorts, that’s why you’re so mad, you’re jealous. The difference between MR and the others is, I am capable of having a healthy debate or curse your azz out, I’m a flexible commenter, doesn’t bother me, both works for me. I treat intelligent commenters with respect and talk to you like the pig you are. You don’t deserve respect.

      • Pick fights? You better go back to the beginning when all I did was make a statement and your dumb ass replied to ME. You chose to talk with me. I don’t want to talk with you, you stupid idiot. So until you get your story straight, leave me alone you dirty cock sucker.

      • You are absolutely right. I did make an error and responded to your stupid comment originally. I had you mixed up with another guy, as soon as your reply came back, I IMMEDIATELY realized it was your ignorant ass and that I had made a terrible mistake. No one else is as classless as you. It won’t happen again. I made up an acronym for your name to help me remember. BOB stands for Big Ole BI+CH. Its fitting. P.s You sure like to talk about dick and cock sucking don’t you?? Hmmnn? Interesting. I’ve figured out why ur so hostile, it’s a common personality trait of a closet case. It’s ok though, nothing to be ashamed of. Go ahead suck a few, you’ll be much less of an azzhole.;-)

      • I am also not in the closet. I am out and proud. Perhaps you are the one that needs to check yourself. Anyway it was fun going back and forth. I was mostly just kidding. If you weren’t that is cool. I hope you have a great one. Not sure how the heck this all started but it must have been about TV or politics…..which I will admit is ridiculous on my part.

      • AGAIN, WHO is the whiner here, bob? You are a classic projectionist – dumping your flaws onto others. See a psychiatrist. I’m sure anyone that has to be around you will be eternally grateful.

    • I think Cody is probably winning AFP? I really don’t know tbh. Probably if someone wakes up and goes for Paul they’ll probably win it LOL

      • I am counting on you and Cy to be right about this. I’m not liking the results on these polls and hope the Cody love dies down over the next few weeks.

      • Glad to see last night that TPUTS opted for the clip on Jason’s family instead of showing the robot and Elena in the jury house. Such good taste shown on that broadcast, no jury clip and Julie didn’t talk to Raven.

      • Jason’s wife is beautiful and seems so down to earth normal. I got home late as the football game was away so I didn’t get to watch the show until early this AM and then went to Jokers. The thought of Raven winning HOH made my skin crawl and I know my BP was going up so I had to skip ahead to slow my heart rate. Pitiful, huh? lol I was a little irritated that Alex wouldn’t just simply give it to Jason, but I guess she was trying to improve her resume for the jury.

      • Glad he stood his ground or hot dog bun. Actually that’s the order I’m hoping for — Jason HoH this week, Alex the next.

      • At this point I still don’t have a favorite. All I know for sure is that I want Raven and Matt out and then let the chips fall. I think Alex did Jason wrong by placing that hinky vote for Matt. It could end up hurting Jason. Kevin isn’t that fond of Alex, imo, but there is a mutual friendship between Jason and Kevin. I think Alex was intentionally trying to damage their relationship. She is trying to say that she might have accidentally voted for Matt, but I don’t believe that for a second. This is just the impression I got from what I read on Jokers and BBN. The feeds might have revealed something different.

      • I think they were trying to rattle Matt with the votes. I don’t believe that Alex had any intention other than that. Kevin did like Alex, that is why he has been so upset by her behavior towards him recently. She turned against him. It’s unfortunate cos he would have been in Jalex’s corner down the road. It seems Alex has been developing cataracts since she got into the house, her vision getting cloudier every week. Why can’t she see what we see, lol?

      • If that’s what they discussed on feeds, I’ll believe it. Otherwise, I think Alex was playing Jason and Kevin and it backfired after Jason told Kevin it was him and possibly Alex. Alex never thought Jason would tell him. That’s why she had to admit that she might have accidentally voted for Matt. Maybe it will become more clear to me if I’m wrong.

      • He is very popular. Our votes don’t count so whomever BB chooses to give it to and it may be Cody or Jess. I think one of nicer players left should get it such as Kevin or Jason.

      • Yes! Cody will def win America’s Foremost Poophead. :)
        Hey, I was going to say something really bad! ;D

    • She’ll get the benefit of some of that money with Cody. I’m just glad she’s spreading the word not to split the votes. Paul is SO obsessed with Cody, that’s why we have to vote him as AFP. Paul and his dogs would be so pissed! It would be great. Plus, Cody is the only one who tried to get Paul out then truly never cared about all their attacks.

      • Paul obsessed with Cody?? What planet are you from?? All of that comment is utterly ridiculous! I digress. (Not even worth it)

      • So what?? He rags on him because he left them with the most material! They’re all trying to make sense of “what was that”. I’d talk about his dumbazz too. They’re bored. What else is there to do. Plus he’s going to see it eventually, it’d motivate me even more.

      • Cody wasn’t obsessed, he wanted a vet who won 2nd place just last summer out of the game. They all should have wanted that but these people were cast specifically to support Paul. Big Brother hates that Nicole won and Paul was definitly robbed, but handing him this season doesn’t make him a good player.

      • It wasn’t just about him being a vet…He said he hated his personality, thought he was loud and annoying, and thought he seemed untrustworthy on the show. If it was just about him being a vet, that would be understandable.

      • If I were to say, I hate Jolima, that doesn’t mean I am obsessed with her. Does it? Now, if I have a meeting in my room about how I can get under Jolima’s skin and push Jolima to snap, that’s a bit more obsessive.

      • But WHY would you hate me (figuratively speaking lol)

        I think it goes both ways…Cody obsessively hated Paul, Paul obsessively wanted Cody out of the house.

      • Also, I see Paul as trying to apply big time psychological warefare. He just wanted Cody OUT, by any means necessary

      • All of that is about Paul’s game play. Let’s be honest, Paul is an aquired taste, either you love him or hate him. He’s loud, obnoxious, crude, annoying as hell, never shuts up, and too animated. MANY fans hate Paul

      • Like I said, some love him and some hate him. I was a Paul fan last summer but I can’t stand him this summer. Paul with power is very evil.

      • It sure would be! These players are a mess, there would be drama galore but it would be entertaining drama for us. We would probably get blindsides instead of “back doors” every single eviction.

      • Back dooring someone used to be entertaining, but when it’s done week after week, and the person doesn’t have a chance to play to defend themselves, it gets lame.

      • Agreed. I think the 1st 1/4 of the game there should be enough people to just put up 2 that you don’t like. They shouldn’t need to be laser focused on 1 specific person every single week.

      • Well, bust out the popcorn and listen to the other HGs go after each other lol…Glass half full ;)

      • Better how? I’d be so bored without Paul. I’ll say – this year’s cast is miles better than last year’s. I could be friends with Paul, Jason, Alex, Kevin, Christmas, probably Josh, too. I think last year, Paul and James were about it for my friends’ list. lol

      • Disliking someone before you meet them and talking about them constantly are two different things.

      • You’re right, I forgot to add that Cody was constantly talking about Paul and getting off on the fact that he’s “beaten him every time” they faced off against each other.

      • You don’t watch the live feeds? Paul CONSTANTLY talks about Cody even though he’s been gone a week. He re-tells the same stories about him and lies about what happened. Everyone was fondly reminiscing about harassing Cody. Paul ranted about him Wednesday evening into Thursday and got into a crazy argument with Mark because he finally said Cody has been gone a week, why do you keep talking about him.
        So yes, Paul is absolutely obsessed with Cody. As a casual viewer watching just the sanitized episodes, you miss what really goes on with these people. You can find a lot on YouTube. It will be an eye opener for you.

      • You can also find it on Joker Big Brother. They have talked extensively about how Paul has obsessed about Cody.

      • Every season that’s what they do. They talk smack about evicted HG’s. It doesn’t bother me. They do it all the time…it’s boring.

      • I see it! Their bored! I’d talk about him too with the bounds of material he left them. I’d talk S about him every chance I get, that wouldn’t make me “OBSESSED” with him, that’s absurd! It’s nothing else to do in there! Are you “OBSESSED” with the The Big Brother Network?? Probably not, you just frequently visit.

      • Some day’s (like today) I am obsessed with the big brother network. Today is like molasses for me. He keeps talking about the same material. He’s definitely obsessed. Cody may need a restraining order against Paul.

      • I shouldn’t be, but even I’m still upset about Cody. He’s a Marine and as a Marine, he represents our country. What he does at home or privately is his business, but I think he should behave his best in public. His arrogance was just on another level; I wondered if he was acting. But he told Jessica he has few friends and strained familial relationships b/c of his personality. Well, straighten up, Marine! Maybe he has PTSD and shouldn’t have even been on the show. I’d have respect for him if he asked for help instead of degrading everyone in sight.

      • She shouldn’t. He is behind in child support, it needs to go towards his child, not his high maintenance ho he must met on a reality show.

      • How do you know if he’s behind in child support? I know he said he wanted to earn enough money to fix his truck. He spoke nice of his daughter’s mom. He doesn’t seem like the dead beat type.

      • He didn’t marry her. He talked about it was a brief fling in between deployments or something like that.
        I’m going to excuse myself from this topic. I don’t want to talk about his child support since I don’t know anything about it.

  17. Alex said something last episode that I found pretty funny. She said she was pissed that Nicole won over Paul last season and I bet CBS was too, and they got screwed because Natalie only voted for her because she wanted a girl to win. I think they brought him back because he deserved to win last season.

  18. Why does it seem that the people who end up on the show, the so called big brother fans, generally turn out to be the worst game players? They are too obsessed with how they will portrayed or try too hard to be liked by America.

    • The majority aren’t BB fans. BB recruits people based on looks and these people want their 15 minutes of fame. They don’t give a crap about BB.

  19. Why is it that the house guest who are huge big brother fans, end up making some of the worst players? They are too obsessed with America liking them and how they are percieved.

  20. Jason should really re-evaluate his alliance with Alex. It’s very telling that she had to be talked into jumping off the comp when it was only the 2 of them up there. Here excuse that she wanted a 3rd HOH was terrible. Jason had 1 HOH and it only lasted like 20 minutes right? And he had to promise not to nominate her and pick her for veto? She’s not taking him to final 2.

    • Exactly! Alex has been cancelled imo for at least a week now… I’m rooting for Jason this week to make a big move, but sadly I think he’s going to stick with his BB wife.

      • I think so too. Alex will easily beat him into submission if he doesn’t stand his ground. I’m surprised his wife said Alex is good for his game. She must only watch the sanitized episodes and not the live feeds.

      • Yes, sadly I think you’re right. He needs to get a BB divorce ASAP
        Missed you while you were gone.

      • Been missing ya chica, you good down there? The hurricane hitting you at all?

      • Gurl… got all our supplies yesterday and been bringing all my plants inside and lining the yard with sandbags earlier today between rain bands… bracing for that bastard to make land fall soon! It’s a damn mess down here… and it’s little man’s first hurricane so he’s been pretty anxious all day.

      • Oh lawdy, please stay safe!! Is little man anxious scared or excited scared? Does that even make sense. I know we would get excited if a big snowstorm was coming our way, very different from a hurricane, they are scary!! The wind howling and debris flying around. My thoughts and prayers are with ya girl. Keep me posted!!

      • He’s more excited scared only bc he doesn’t know what to expect lol. We’re a little south east of Houston, closer to the coast, so we aren’t going to get it head on but we’re getting the back end of it which is pretty bad in itself… my folks came to stay with us for the weekend bc we have a generator over here so I’m fully prepared to be annoyed with every single person in this house once the power goes out lol…. but thank you for asking.. I need all the comic relief I can get right now ;)

      • Jaysus, you are going to be pulling your hair out at some point gurl, I’m feeling ya. Tell everyone you need to take breaks. Hopefully the wifi doesn’t go out on you but it probably will. Get all those devices juiced up to 100% now before it’s too late, I’m sure you are on top of all that. Again, good luck and keep me posted! ❤️💋

      • Hey chica, just thinking ’bout ya. Hope you made it through the night in one piece. 💚💋 How’s the little man doing with all the weather “excitement”?

      • Hey Fiddle, we survived so far lol… we thankfully still have power, which I’m suprised about since from our backyard I can hear ppls generators running the next street over. It’s just been heavy rain off and on all day with multiple tornado warnings. Last night was pretty rough wind wise but thankfully no blown out windows. Little man slept through the entire thing! I always joke with him that he’s such a heavy sleeper he could sleep through a hurricane and now it really is true lol… I don’t see how the heck he did bc that wind was howling last night… thanks for checking on us… you’re the best!

      • Ohhhh, the luxury of being so young and have the ability to sleep through everything, I do envy him! I’m so glad to hear you guys made it through it one piece. Big hugs and kisses and sending you good weather vibes. *mwah💋

      • Oh girl, over the past 12 hours things went from calm to critical. Thankfully our house hasn’t taken on water yet but we had to leave at 3 this morning to go get my father in law from his house. Water up to our waist at his house. He’s lived there for over 40 years and his land/house has never flooded. It’s a nightmare down here.

      • I was just getting ready to come looking for you to see what your situation was/is. I’m watching it right now on the news, so scary and very sad. I wish I could do something to help you, water is so dangerous and very damaging. Thank you for letting me know your sitch, I really appreciate it. I know you and your family are taking all precautions but let me say, please be careful, don’t take risks, protect your family, especially your little man. God bless girl, I’m with you in heart and soul.💋💛💙💜💚❤️

      • You’re so sweet Fiddle! We are so blessed that our home and all of our family is safe. My father in law only lives about 3 miles away from us and the difference in flooding between here and there is astonishing. Everything he owns is ruined.. cars, furniture, clothes, appliances, it’s all ruined. It’s so sad.. all we can do is watch the news and pray it doesn’t get worse.. the rain just won’t stop! I’ll keep you posted though, hopefully the worst is over. Love u my friend <3

      • Ohhhh, that breaks my heart YG, I’m so sorry for your FIL’s loss, I’m tearing up hearing you say that. He’s alive and at this point, that’s what matters, everything else is replaceable, he isn’t. Hold on tight to each other. If you need to vent or just chat, let me know, I’m here for you girl. Keep me posted. Love you too my friend! 💚

      • You’re so sweet Fiddle, you always brighten my day 😊 My FIL is alot like my husband, very laid-back and go with the flow, nothing really bothers them.. he just keeps saying, “Eh, it’s just stuff, it can all be replaced, everything will work out.” Which is true, I think we are mostly just thankful everyone is ok and that our family members that are out of a home now at least have other family that have taken them in.. alot of ppl unfortunately don’t have that which breaks my heart even more. And yes we are about 25 mins from Houston. We’re between Houston and Galveston. Idk if you saw on the news they were showing the city of Dickinson where the Cajun Navy showed up to start doing rescues yesterday bc their houses were literally to the roof top with water, well we live in the town right next to them. It’s been a nightmare but this is why I love Texas so much, everyone banning together help each other out no matter anyone’s differences.. it’s a humbling and heartwarming experience in the middle of so much devastation. Thank you so much for keeping in touch mi amiga, it really is appreciated… I’ll keep you posted 💙💙💙

      • Yes, I was watching them doing rescues in Dickinson yesterday. I was so hoping you weren’t in that area. It broke my heart. Not sure if you saw when they did a live rescue of a woman and her elderly parents, her mom had Alzheimer’s. I can’t even begin to imagine. Both of my parents succumbed to Alzheimer’s. The thought of having to deal with such a tragedy (hurricane/flooding) on top of having to deal with a parent who isn’t at full capacity really hit home for me.
        Sounds like your dad has the right frame of mind. Good for him! I have to ask you a question, how do you feel about your Governor? He seems like a very caring man. Is that all a facade or is he one of the good guys?

      • TBH I don’t care for him one way or the other but that’s just bc I really don’t trust any politicians regardless if they’re Rep. or Dem. Lol. But I think he has our best interest at heart, however I think Mayor Turner of Houston made the best call of not mass evacuating us. The experience of Rita where more ppl died trying to leave and getting stranded on the side of the road, no gas, no water, dying of heat exhaustion was a literal hell on earth. It took us 23 hours to go from Houston to Austin which is normally only a 3 hour drive. I have never felt more desperate and helpless in my life. I think I seriously cried for the entire last 10 hours of that ride. After an experience like that many of us said never again. It’s safer to be stuck on your roof (if it comes to that) than stuck on the road.

      • LOL That was kind of my thought as well, he’s a politician.
        Good Lord YG, that must have been so harrowing, being on the road for so long for such a short journey. You must have been beside yourself girl. I’m just glad you are all safe. Keep me updated mi amiga! 💚💚💚💚

      • Hola chica!! What’s the latest with everyone? Sounds like you are still getting rain, are you guys holding up and staying dry? Big hugs, big kisses and lots prayers going your way mi amiaga! ❤️💋💚💋💙💋💛💋

      • Hey girl, it’s been a crazy day… Our AC went out last night along with the power.. the winds and heavy rain blew the transformer. Power company came this morning so we have power now but still no AC. We have a family friend that came over to work on it but all the supply stores that have the part he needs to fix it are closed. About to head over to my FIL’s now to start clearing things out and ripping out the walls… I’m already ready for a cold shower and my bed lol… TTYL 💙💙💋💋

      • OMG Thank goodness you are okay, I was very scared you guys had succumbed to the weather, rain, wind etc. So happy to hear you are okay!! Please stay safe amiga, I need my commenting buddy to get through all of this is one piece along with her family. Give your little man kisses and big kisses and hugs to all of you. 💋💚

      • Here for my daily check in chica! How are you guys doing today? Probably hard at work on your FIL’s house? I love seeing all the people come together down there in Texas and helping out their fellow man/neighbor. Strangers helping strangers. It warms my heart and helps remind me that there are good people in this country. Do you feel a little bit better now that some sunshine has come out? Big ((((HUGS)))))💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚 and kisses💋💋💋💋💋💋. Just a couple of gifs to make you laugh and or brighten your day.

      • 😂😂😂 Those gifs are everything!!
        Our AC is fixed, I made a trip to our local Salvation Army this morning to drop off clothes and toys, the insurance adjuster is at my FIL’s now AND the sun is shining! Today is an amazing day my friend! 😎🌞🌈💜💙

      • You are making me cry… did I deserve all that praise. Thank you and I’ve done nothing, you and the good people of Texas are the ones that need to be praised for being AMAZING peeps. Keep me updated girl, I look forward to it. Love ya ❤️

      • What’s the latest mi amiga, are things easing up for you and yours? I’m still watching people being rescued, with their pets no less, Those poor little helpless fur people. Are you going to be able or even want to watch the show tonight or are you kind of beyond BB at this point with Harvey taking over your life the way it has? Another random gif, just to make you smile girl.{{{{{{HUGS}}}}}} and kisses💋💋💋

      • Hey you, we must have been writing each other at the same time :) I’m thankful for our local news channels covering so much of what’s going on, but dealing with it day in and day out its nice to watch some mindless trash tv in the evenings to decompress. I can’t believe they are still rescuing ppl, this is really worse than anyone ever thought it could get. I love seeing all the animals get rescued, from the dogs and cats to the cattle and horses.. it makes me happy to see that ppl haven’t forgotten about them :)

      • Hey girl heyyyy! Hope you’re having a wonderful day :) So get this, I finally got to go to the grocery store this morning and these bastards at Kroger are trying to sell a dozen damn eggs for 5.59 and a gallon of milk for 6 bucks! I was pissed, I can’t believe they are trying to take advantage of ppl right now! Other than that, just been working on clearing out the house still… it’s been miserable today bc that little cool front we had yesterday is long gone lol back to Texas heat and humidity ugh… Well, hopefully I’ll be able to watch BB tonight, we’ve been having 24/7 local news coverage on CBS, NBC and ABC so I haven’t been able to watch any shows other than what’s on cable.

      • Hey hey hey gurl! Whaaat in da hail? That’s some serious price gouging. Your Governor was talking about it the other day, not only is it wrong, IT’S ILLEGAL. You should call the authorities, not even sure where you call for something like that but he really made of point of saying that people will be prosecuted if they do price gauge and try and take advantage of others in this time of need. That’s all kinds of phuc*ked up!!!
        Ughhh, the humidity is a killer, we are so spoiled here in Utah. I don’t think I would ever be able to live where there is humidity. I’ve lived in Florida and NY and both of them were awful. I think NY was even worse than FL was, in the humidity dept but not in the cray cray dept. LOL
        Maybe I’ll see you round on some of the blogs today, if you have the time of course, if not…..keep your eye on the prize (the end of Harvey) and stay strong for your family.

      • I know, the employee’s at the store tried to say the reason for the price hike was bc they had to transfer the food from another Kroger store… that makes zero sense… I told the girl, “Look, I know this isn’t your fault and your only doing your job, but you need to tell your boss that yall can get in big trouble legally if someone reports yall”… ridiculous! Oh and I just found out this afternoon little man won’t be going back to school till at least the 11th bc most of the buildings have some kind of damage… girl you already know he’s so happy lol… I’ll probably be on the boards off and on all afternoon, I’m finished cleaning for the day, my back and feet need the break today!

  21. Paul’s plan is working to a tee. His biggest choice left is really a no brainer. He has Alex and Jason in one pocket, and Xmas and Josh in the other. The obvious choice for final three would be J & C. Alex is a bigger threat in comps and Jason in comps and jury votes. Paul also has Kevin playing to please him, and that is getting his word spread and the info pouring in. Like him or hate him, Paul is using his experience and playing a hell of a game. If Jason and Alex get split up in the next two weeks, it’s game over, and Paul wins. If Josh and Christmas get split up, it’s game over, and Jason wins. You heard it here first!

    • Neda from BBC. She was given the safety and the second her safety was gone they had a DE and she went home/Jury & was nominated by someone (Sindy “with an “s”) she was close to but others got in her ear so she put Neda up.
      Instead of sitting back and enjoying her safety, Neda continued to play the game but played it a little tooooo hard. She set herself up for failure unfortunately.
      Plus the safety went to her head. She was an excellent player both seasons.

  22. Jason is allowing Alex to ruin his game. I really hope Jason wins veto this week and the next. Next week Alex should go home.

      • So true. Now they need to switch roles and she needs to listen to him cos his eyes appear to be wider open than hers at this point.

      • Probably, but I think he would have made better choices and won more comps if Alex wouldn’t have been his safety. he has to throw comps and volunteer to be a pawn while playing with her. Alone he may have tried harder to win.

      • Could be. I think though that he was more loose lipped and gullible early on and could have ended up in a situation more like Mark if he had not teamed up with Alex. However, he is turning it on now, seems motivated. He still needs to be careful what he says to whom tho. I actually was thinking he might be only one who would try to get Paul out this week. But so far, doesn’t look that way.

      • Yes, I can see how you would see that but, I don’t think he would be definitely gone if he wasn’t teamed up with Alex.
        He was never a physical threat up until recently, and he is well liked within the house. So I politely disagree and I wouldn’t say Alex is the only reason Jason is still in the house. Alex didn’t win veto or HOH for him when he needed it (without knowing he needed it.)
        I mean if you think about it, “the house” would be a completely different house/game if not for Paul “carrying” (for lack of better words) each and everyone of the remaining HGs (aside from Kevin)
        So in my opinion, Paul is the only reason all of them are in the position they are in. Paul cleared the path and made everyone follow his lead. Paul is “playing with everyone” he wants to be “playing with” and when he “doesn’t want to play” with them anymore, Paul makes “them the next target” and they go!
        Regardless of Jasons “partnership” with Alex, none of the HGs that have been the HOH would’ve wanted to see him go.
        Make sense?

    • I agree! I have been saying that forever now. Alex is screwing up his game big time! At this point he is the “best of the worst,” so I am going to root for him because he is a good person, he is a positive person, he is funny, he really loves his wife, is a great daddy to his son and we saw his emotions when he found out he was having another baby. So he is a good guy! I would be happy if he won the game & he wouldn’t be completely undeserving like someone like Raven, Matt, Christmas or Josh, Alex, Christmas because they are big jerks! LOL but, unfortunately I don’t think he is going to make it to the end.

  23. BTW…the one thing Raven did not lie about was going to one of Paul’s concerts and meeting him. There is a photo somewhere of her with him in it, his arm around her, showing they did actually meet, even though Paul says he doesn’t remember ever meeting her.

  24. OMG these HGs are unbelievably stupid!! Seriously! So stupid it’s truly laughable! The way they think and play, one would think it was season one and they knew nothing about BB!!!!!
    AND howwwwww does Paul talk to every “duo” or HG every5 minutes & NEVER MESS UP ONCE!!
    I mean, good for him! LOL he is a master manipulator and is the perfect liar! But then again, he is playing against a bunch of “mindless morons” who seem to have NEVER watched BB (or any other reality TV show ever!)
    This group is UNREAL! These are not difficult people to fool!

  25. A few things I noticed/have questions about……………
    ••Jason says in the DR room they told him to say a specific line… Feeds cut! What up with that???
    ••Poor Kevin, he seemed very down during the live show on Thursday & clearly is still upset. I guess he’s just missing home? & likely sick of these idiots!? Poor guy I feel bad for him!
    ••Who knew Josh would be right about something LOL the hinky votes
    ••Paul tells Alex & Jason -Josh will go after Christmas & Raven, & they believe him!! Do they NOT see that Josh and Christmas are close/a team!? Seriously, how are these people so dumb!?!?
    ••Alex is saying she might’ve mixed up the names during the eviction! If she serious? Or is she just trying to cover her butt?
    ••Did Alex & Jason plan to actually throw those votes in for Matt just to stir up the house? And they did it without Paul’s permission?? Wow, they actually made their own move!?
    I think that’s it for now 😉😉

  26. “1:50 AM BBT – Jason mentions how DR asked him to say a specific line. Feeds cut.”

    What was that speculation from viewers? Oh yeah, that the show is rigged.

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