Thank You For A Great Big Brother 16 Season!

The Big Brother 16 has come to an end after an exciting season of highs and lows but an extremely entertaining one none the less. As we wrap up the last few parts of the summer show I wanted to take a moment to thank all of you for joining us.

Big Brother 16 on CBS
Big Brother 16 season – Source: CBS

Coming off a tumultuous season I wasn’t sure what we’d get this time around but a mostly solid cast came together and moved things along while, for the most part, dodging issues of the past round. The twists were a mix of core game impacting and side show distractions though I’m still not sure why it’d be considered the “most twisted season ever.” All the same I appreciated all the extra content Battle of the Block and Team America gave us to discuss each week.

The drama may have been mild at times, but it was certainly there and plenty of strategic moves kept the season rolling. Along with getting to see an absolutely great player take home the win I’ll remember this season as my first chance to be part of a live eviction audience thanks to CBS’s invitation and your efforts to make us a standout in the crowd. That was an absolute dream come true for this fan.

Readership took a healthy leap up here on the site this season and I’d like to thank Branden, Adam Poch, and Judd Daugherty for contributing a season of hard work and dedicated writing to help make that happen. We truly appreciate your support by visiting us, recommending our site to your Big Brother fan friends, and especially going through us to get your Live Feed subscriptions!

With confirmation that Big Brother 17 will be here next summer plus another season ordered by CBS on top of that we’re confident that we’ve got a lot of fun left ahead of us for our favorite reality series. Luckily it’s not the only reality series we cover though and there’s a lot to do in the off-season.

Next up we’re covering the just-started Survivor season at Big Brother Canada will return in the spring and we’ve got an entire BBCAN site dedicated to that right here at Big Brother Network. There will also be American Idol fun to be had with our coverage at

Of course I’ll continue to cover news, updates, and any drama that follows the Big Brother 16 crew outside of the house as they return to their regular lives. Last season kept us thoroughly entertained in the off-season and I’m guessing we’ll have plenty to discuss from this season’s HGs as well.

Thank you again. Your readership and contribution to the discussions are what make this site so great as we continue to grow and expand our coverage and community every season. Be sure to join us on Facebook, Twitter, and get our Email Updates so you don’t miss any of the fun we’re sharing!

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  1. Thank you, Matthew Boyer, for your terrific work! Loved your insight and humor. And thanks to everyone who posted and played along with me—even when I was ranting and raving! I can’t wait until next year to renew friendships (and rivalries). :) Again, terrific job, Matt!

  2. I’ve been a HUGE Big Brother fan for years and honestly just discovered your site this season. I love the mix of recaps and analysis. You become my first stop every morning to catch up on what’s been gonig on with the game. Thanks for much for helping provide a great summer and enhancing my enjoyment of the show. Already can’t wait for next year!!

  3. Hi Matthew, As usual, another great job !. Just curious, Have you guys consider setting up another site for Amazing Race? I think it’ll be a success. …thanks.

  4. I have been a stalker of the site all season and wanted to thank you for all the update and spoilers. Also a big thanks to all the other people who did post their comments as sometimes I enjoy these as much as I enjoy the articles! See you next year! Now on to SURVIVOR! :)

  5. Great work and thank you for keeping us BB fans so well informed. This is without question The BBBB. Bestest Big Brother Blog.

  6. Thank you for all the Big Brother coverage Matthew Boyer! I discovered this site this season and have been checking the site from that day on. From the news and mixture of humor this site makes the Big Brother fandom even more awesome then it already is. Can’t wait for next summer! :)

  7. I’ve been a BB fan for many years,but this is my first year on this site. I am so glad I found it. I’ll be back next year for sure. Thanks Matt. See you all next summer!

  8. It’s been a lot of fun! Thank you!!!!

    I’ll have to check out the other sites you have going. Gotta say, give me the Voice over AI any day though… lol

  9. Thank you Matthew! As I said to Adam, this place feels like home for the summer. The best part of BB to me is interacting with other fans of the show. Thank you for making that possible! Hope to talk with some of you about survivor this season as well!

  10. Thank you, Matt, for making this season so enjoyable for us. I agree with Sharona – there were times the frustrating HGs could have made us climb the ceiling, but you kept us firmly on earth with your insights and humor.

    Quick final spoiler from TVGuide: [Donny] is off to the CBS daytime drama The Bold and the Beautiful, where he’ll appear in scenes on Oct. 30-31 that’ll riff on the paranoia Donny caused on Big Brother — he was so humble and down-home nice that the other houseguests suspected he was really a genius doctor from Harvard or an undercover super soldier. The soap’s supervising producer Casey Kasprzyk, a longtime Big Brother fan, has also hired twelve other Big Brother houseguests for roles on the soap’s Halloween episode, including BB16 players Amber, Zach, Cody, Caleb, Nicole, Hayden and Devin (what? no Frankie??), plus past Big Brother favorites Brendon, Rachel, Elissa, Jeff and Jordan.

  11. Thanx Matt … for your great blogging and providing this site for us to post on. I wasn’t aware that this existed until this year or I would have been here sooner. I’ve met some new friends and acquaintances here and look forward to more years of sharing our common experiences.

  12. Great job Matt and thank you. I really enjoyed your thorough posts, knowledge, accuracy of information and pleasant nature. I like this site also because of the commenters which are great. Thanks to Brenden,Adam and Judd for their entertaining and spot on posts as well.

  13. Thank you, Matt, for all of your dedication and hard work you put into this site every year. I am a huge BB fan, I enjoyed communicating with everyone whether it was to agree or disagree. I hope we, as feedsters, helped those who were not able to see what went on in the house 24/7. just watching thru the week on CBS does not give you near what you need to know. I will check out Survivor/Fandom as I am a Survivor fan as well. See everyone back here next summer!

  14. Thank you Matt.
    You need to try to involved the other crew (Branden, Adam and Judd) with the BB Can site. Hopefully this one will grow also as it did here.
    I’m getting my arm twist to watch Amazing Race. But there no place to discuss that. I know someone mention that here once and you sounded like you thought it was good idea, so I’m telling you, go for it. I’ll support you.

    • I’ve been looking for a good site for The Amazing Race for years now. I still haven’t found any. The best I can find is the Entertainment Weekly recap. It’s not much and the recaps are sketchy at best, but the discussion page is usually quite lively. The Survivor recap is fun too.

  15. I realize I’m real late posting this but better late than never. I really wish to thank you Matthew for all your hard work. You were always on point and delivered in a very timely matter. Even though I didn’t post each day I did make this website my first stop every morning to catch up on BB. I used to visit a couple of other sites but realized everything I needed to know could be found here so thank you. I will be back next year. :)

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